Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on February 8, 1972 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1972
Page 3
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-AM. On Liquor Question ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, TUBS., FEB. 8, 1972 Page 3 18 Vs. 19 Arguments Raging A person may fib to hide loneliness By Abigail Van Buren Co im by Chtcata T «btsiM -N. Y. Ntwt Synd,, lnc.1 DEAR ABBY: There is a woman in our office who tells the most outrageous lies! She claims she has a gentleman friend. [But nobody has erer met him.] She said he gave her a bracelet for Christnus which is too "good" to wear to the office. She says he lives "ou; of town," and occasionally on Monday mornings she will report that he was here for the weekend, or she's been "thire" to visit him. This woman is no teen-aged kid. She is in her forties. Is she sick? How can we et her know she isn't kidding anybody? THE GIRLS AT THE OFFICE DEAR GIRLS: She's mt necessarily sick, but she must be pathetically lonely to fabricate such tales. To let her know she Isn't kidding anytody would be very unkind. Why not let her think you beleve her? It wouldn't cost you anything. DEAR ABBY: My exhusband is coming to visit our children soon. He is now named to the woman who caused our divorce. At the time o' our divorce he told me that he loved this woman above everything else in the world. When he wrote to say hat he was coming, he asked me to get him a "date" while le is here. Should I? NO NAME, PLEASE DEAR NO NAME: Yei. With a psychiatrist. DEAR ABBY: My eRest daughter is being married ' scon and I am going to gke her the nicest wedding I can afford. I am a divorcee wlh seven other children to raise, so I am on a very tight budget. I sent invitations only to adults because it is costing me $7 a plate, but now I am getting "acceptances" bad from people who are including their children. [Mostly on tie bridegroom's side. J Abby, I just can't afford to have any more people. I don't want to make any snemies, but how can I handle this? NEEDS ADVICE DEAR NEEDS: Write, or telephone those who have "accepted" for their children, and explain that your budget , allows on)y for adults. They should respect your frankness as well as your determination to stay within your budget. And if they don't, they'll make better enemies than friends. DEAR ABBY: In answer to "WONDERING," who wanted to know if it was "normal" for a boy in the eighth grade to kiss his mother goodby every morning: I learned 'i the value of the habit of kissing goodby yery early in life.?;* ;; -I was 10 wherflmy father,^ policeman, went to work jone Thanksgiving Eve and never returned. My mother had forgotten to kiss him goodby that day, and it took her years to get over it. My son is now married and has two children. HE still kisses me hello and goodby, and he is teaching his children to do the same. And if MY husband ever stops kissing me goodby, I shall start WONDERING, ALSO DEAR ABBY: Please tell your readers that holding one's aand over the telephone doesn't always block out the sound. I know a very dear little old lady. Her children live out of the state so I telephone her daily to chat with her. She is very alert, well-informed and has a wonderful sense of humor at 86. Several days ago I called and one of her daughters answered the telephone. After the usual "how are you's, etc." she said, "I suppose you'd like to talk to Mother," whereupon I replied, "Yes, if she's not busy." Then she apparently placed her hand over the telephone, but I heard her say, "Mom, it's your gabby friend. I'll give you 5 minutes, then I'll ring the doorbell and you say we have to go." I managed to be pleasant, but I felt very foolish not to have been suspicious of that doorbell routine. It had occurred each time this daughter was in town. WISER NOW DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) The emotionally explosive issue of whether Iowans should have the legal right to buy and drink liquor and beer at age 18 or 19 > was up for decision in the Iowa House Tuesday. Indications were that House Nixon Sends Message on Environment WASHINGTON (AP) - President Nixon sent Congress a special environmental message today proposing half a dozen new legislative measures including a tax on air-polluting sulfur emissions. Other proposals made by the President would: — Ask the United Nations to establish a special environment fund, which would reach $100 million over five years and the United States would support the funding. — Encourage states to start controlling the location of highways and airports by 1975 or else start losing federal aid for such projects. — Discourage construction on the dwindling lands bordering lakes, rivers and oceans by restricting tax advantages. — Control the land-disposal of toxic wastes through state regulation under federal guidelines. — Control soil runoff from construction projects, again through federal guidelines and state regulation. — Make it a federal offense subject to criminal penalties tor the first time to harm animals listed as endangered species, and extend legal protec^ tion to species "headftl for the endangered list. At the same time, Nixon announced a complete ban on the use of all poisons to control predatory animals on federal Taridi' Poisons have been used by livestock grazers on federal lands, especially to control coyotes which attack sheep. In other executive actions, Nixon said he has ordered the development of occupational health standards to protect farm workers from pesticide poisoning, and has ordered the preparation of new insulation standards for federally aided multiple dwellings to conserve energy. He added that federal tax policy is being "clarified" concerning tax exemption for the financing— by industry— of facilities to recycle industrial wastes. Nixon reminded Congress that 18 of his 20 major environmental legislative proposals last year are still awaiting action. "Last year," he said, "was, quite properly, a year of consideration of these measures by the Congress. members planned to stick by their guns and after listening to a certain amount of impassioned oratory, vote again to grant young people drinking rights along with all other adult rights at age 18. The House passed the majority rights bill originally during the first week of the current session. The Senate passed it after prolonged debate last week but first attached several amendments, including one to make the minimum legal drinking age 19 instead of 18. The bill would reduce from 21 to 18 the age when Iowans reach their majority and would invest them with all the rights and responsibilities that go with adulthood. These include the right to vote, sign contracts, marry Congratulations. You just saved $5 by doing your own income tax. And all it cost you was three long, sleepless nights. And a slight case of heartburn. 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They'll sit you down over a free cup of coffee and show you some things about your income tax that you might never have known existed. Furthermore, if your return is audited we will accompany you, at no extra cost, to the Internal Revenue Service and explain how your return was prepared, even though we will not act as your legal representative. This means that H & R Block is ready to offer you year 'round tax service for just one low fee a year, with no extra charge for audits and estimates. H & R Block's charges start at $5 and the average cost was under $12.50 for the 7 million families we served last year. Which is somewhat less than what you paid. Not to mention the fact that aggravation isn't tax deductible. And we are. DON'T LET AN AMATEUR DO HAR BLOCK'S JOB. H&R Block. The income tax people. Mon. Thru Frl. 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. — Sat. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY without parental consent, join with others in incorporating state banks, hold most public offices and provided they can meet the educational requirements, be licensed as doctors, lawyers, osteopaths, architects and a host of other occupations. The only issue that sparked any truly heated debate In either house was the matter of whether young people should be allowed to drink legally at age 18 or make them wait until age 19 for the privilege. House Republicans and Democrats both caucused to discuss the drinking age issue Monday and leaders reported afterward a majority of members in both parties favored age 18. Democratic Floor Leader Dale Cochran, Eagle Grove, said "at least three-fourths" of his party's 37 House members Indicated they would vote to reject the Senate's 19-year-old amendment. Republican Leader Andrew Varley, Stuart, said "a majority" of the House's 63 Republicans would stick with 18 as the minimum legal drinking age. Several House members said that when they discussed the matter with the home folks over the weekend, they found opinion sharply divided. Rep. Richard Drake, R-Muscatine, said sentiment among his constituents seemed to be "more contradictory and confusing than on any other issue that has come up. "I've had some people say 'I won't vote for you if you go for 18' and others that say *I won't vote for you If you vote for 19.' " Rep. John Camp, R-Bryant, agreed that most of the House favored age 18 as the minimum drinking age, but predicted age 19 would prevail when the bill winds up In a Senate-House conference committee. The sharp dispute on the 18 vs. 19-year-old drinking issue has had its echoes in the running exchange between Lt, Gov. Roger Jepsen and Gov. Robert Ray, who are expected to vie for the Republican nomination for governor. Jepsen has said he favors age 19 as the minimum legal drinking age because thousands of young people are still in high school at age 18. Ray told a news conference lie leaned toward going along with the House version but took sharp issue when a newspaper headline said he "favors" drinking at age 18. He doesn't "favor" people drinking at any age but thinks 18-year-olds should have the legal right to do it if they are given all other adult rights, Ray said. The Senate's other amendments included one to allow a juvenile court judge to order a person adjudged delinquent while he was still a minor to remain on probation under juvenile court jurisdiction until he reached the age of 19. Another would allow young people who are wards of the state, either in foster homes or a state juvenile home, to continue to receive state aid beyond the age of 18 until they have completed high school or vocational training. 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