The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 1, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Thursday, May 1, 1930
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Entered as second class matter. Oct. 4, 1895, at'post office at Tipton, IndJ.lunder the act of March 5, 1S79 VOLUME XXXV, XO. I :">. TIPTON, INDIANA, THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 1, l»30i THE PRIMARY Republicans Will Have the Twenty-six Inspectors Necessary. SUPPLIES ARE READY / Bar.k Failure Has X6 Terror for Transylvaninn Peasants ! Bucharest, May 1. —- Primi-. tive niHhods succeeded in recovering for two Trnnsylvanian peasant money they, had deposited in n liank which failed. The two men demanded their money from the. cashier, hut wore told that payment was impossible. •• \ nderstanding. that here was a .man. who had taken their money-some years before under, n promise i<"> safeguard it and now refused to pay it hack, ths men drew long knives and cf-i i'l-rird the cashier the alternative of being stabbed or paying ihe money. The cashier paid, and the peasants bowed politely and withdrew. Prediction Made That But Small Per Cent of Vote Will Be Cast. . COUNTY WEALTH IS PILING UP PROMISES ON Enraged Father Held as Slayer ARE RECEIVED Contract for State Road Improvement Will Be Let -'This Fall. ROUTE IS DETERMINED Understood Grade Will Be Made .and Bridges Started Before Winter. Fourth Report of Assessors Boosts Total of Personal Property. j Definite status of the Hub j Highway improvement east of j Tipton was established Thursday j by the visit of Mayor Lee F. Griffith, Jesse Addleman and J Dudley Fielding to !the state "highr j way commission. They were told J that the road would not be con- jetructed this year but that the j contract would b.e let this fall, ] that grading would be done and The county chairmen of the two parties have certified to the board of election commissioners the 1 lists of o'flieials who will con-; duct the primary election in this couniy next Tuesday, May G. Tin's year the Republicans have all the inspectors of the county, -whosoI duly it is to receive the supply of; ballots and other equipment of, the county clerk and these are all. ready to deliver Saturday. | The officials who will have: charge are as follows: . | CICERO TOWNSHIP. ! | ' Precinct 1.—Inspector, Homer' • i more changes -in plans will he MeCullough.:-Judges' .T. E. Booth.! Tl,e "°n >s of assessors, who made to delay the- road longer. William Ryan Sr. Clerks. Lela! nnve been combing the county, Under these arrangements, the James, Stella Boyd. Sheriffs, .les-' navfi fiIe(1 their fourth bi-weekly j Hub should he completed tb Else Askren. Marion Parr. report with County Assessor J wood and through to- the Alexan- Precinei 2. Inspector. Claude' Frank S. \ Push who has totalled j dria road one year from {next Mock. Judges. Rosa MrCro;i\\ H' e reports and forwarded the ; fall. These plans are substantially James w. Russell. Clerks. Eula figures to the State Board of Tax j what has been known here Kinder, Kathryn Essig. Sheriffs.I Commissioners. One more report | through rumors for several days. Greel Zimmerman. Chester Pril-i is due, and this will show the to- liman. ^ 'tal value of the personal property Precinct .1.—Inspector. J. N. i of Tipton county outside railroad Russell. Judges. W. E. Wells, j and pipe lines and other utilities, James Sowers. Clerks. Ethel j whose values are fixed by -he NEXT REPORT IS FINAL I bridges started before winter, sets - ' j in. This is the program of the • commission and it is hoped no Williams. Lucy Elliott. Sheriffs.! state- -board. The George Krumanaker. Clark. Prorini't i.-^-Inspector .J' aal report Thomas'must be filed; between the 13th land lSth of May-by the assessors. N. U .'j The fourth bi-weekly totals, Lebo. Judges. Fred Conk,. James j which do not include the assess- O. Groves. Clerks. Kite Snyder. 'meats made in Prairie township , Maggie Purr. Sheriffs. Lincoln '. during the past two weeks, make Flake, Dorse L. Glass. ; little changes in the averages of Precinct a.-—Inspector. S. 1). j Rouls. Judges. Lewis Foster; Joseph D. -Mason. Clerks, Carrie I personal property of ^he county, j The report shows that to date S27 sets of ; farm implements hav- i inga total value^ of $112,125 or an average of better 'than: $135' per set have been listed by the assessors. The assessors have'iisted 1,766 i automobiles having a'total value Jot $423,637 or an average value iffs. William Rose, John Hartman. | of $239 ^ car i Brecinct 7.—Inspector, Frank ' ' Benthy. Judges,- Dick Groves, Perry Adair. Clerks. Dessie James, Sadie Johnson. Sheriffs, ; county and they also found 170 ! mules with a total value of $13,] 050. Average for horses is better Tritlschuh. Adeline Jtaco'is. j Sheriffs. Marble Richards, Kelleyj Havens. Precinct 6.—Inspector. L. GJ Seright. Judges. Hohart Kinder;! I. H. Woodruff. Clerks, Mary Holiday, Wilriia. Smyser. Sher-; The Tipton men also' learned that the route from Tipton to Elwood has been decided. The road will go east along the present right of way to within a quarter of a mile west of the Windfall pike hear Hobbs. The. route then angles northeast across the Nickel Plate tracks and through the Heron farm to the north part of Hobbs and comes down to the tracks again, one block east of the.north and south road through the town. The new route then follows the north side of the Nickel Plate tracks into Elwood- iMembers of the -commission stated that plans had been made to build the road this year but that revenues would not permit it. The matter of money has delayed several projects; it was stated. j The value of horses assessed so far is $177,018 the assessors har: ing found 2,636 animals in the Vincent CaUse, retired contractor (right),being questioned bjf Assistant District Attorney Nicholas Paski, Mew York, after he was arrested on charges of killing his son and injuring his wife land four other- children. • Galise used a gun, axe, knife and ice pick in inflicting wholesale [Vengeance upon family when, he became j violently insane upon learning that his wife and children planned to leave him. (Internationa) Newsreel! his his MONTH OF MAY Cool Spell Due From „IGth to 14tb, But Heavy Frost Is Unlikely. Vclo fiamiJ. R:«'n: Hi-con! . fcr Miii(ip:aii EnM.I:<junkrs Athens, May 1.—In connection -with the recent earthquakes in Volo the directorate of the Athens Observatory paii- Iishes interesting figures showing, among other thinir.';, th it the Aegean basin - holds the post-war European record for earthquakes. In the last seven years this area" has experienced no 1 ^3 than 55S shocks. The seismic period began' twelve years ago and has affected mainly the westorn part of Asia Minor, th' Greek Peninsula asd Crete. MAY DAY IS BY SOME AM i- -.'ice ir Many Countries I Fully Prepared for Livj ! Trouble. RAINFALL IS NORMAL j COMPARATIVELY QUIET Month Contains One of the Most Important Days of Entire Year. '- I jfjj NEWS AND NOTES Communists the World Over Stage Demonstrations, ! Few Hurt. The weather forecast' furnish- j -; ' ed the Tribune tor the month «.-t'. Answers Filed in $50,000 Daina&e Suit Sent Here From Frankfort. TWENTY- FIVE YEARS AGO Union Delivery System Was j Underlings of Capone pis- Started in Tipton by J. J. Kessler.' STILL IN OPERATION covered in Bis Liquoif Conspiracy, TWENTY-FIVE TAKEN AM, KIXDS OP i HOGS. Milt Hittle. Mike Moulden, Precinct S.—Inspector, Walter Kinder, fudges. William Speck- baugh, John Langan. Clerks, Laura Webster, Rosa Coppock. Sheriffs, Allen Pickett. Robert Coy. MADISON TOWNSHIP. Precinct 1.—Inspector, George ' thnfh S67 and better than $77 for I miles. I The assessors have so-far listed | 4,420 milch cows having a value 'of SS05.SS1 and 4,065 other cattle with a total value of $150, Wilkins. Judges, Bert Edward Miller. Clerks,. Minnie j Dickover, Arzula Weaver. ' i ' Precinct 2.—-Inspector, O. A. Burkett. Judges, Fred Cook; Ed DelHnger. Clerks, Chester A. Powell, George! Zittinger. Precinct 3. —^-Inspector, A. T. Snook. Judges, Otis Colbert,'Os- i car Vanness. Clerks, Prank But' ner, Henry Holler. Precinct 4.—Inspector, Schuyler Doan. Judges, Carl Floyd, Ora ! Beeson. Clerks, Emma Holliday. i Leeson Jackson. JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP. Precinct 1.—rlnspector, A. N. i Foster.' Judges, Frank Aldridge, i S. A. Porter. Clerks. B. E. Maf haffey, W. JC . Hinkle. , Precinct 2.—-Inspector, T. D. Campbell. Judges, ijhad Mozin- i go, E. O. Quick. - Olerks, E. L. ; Webb, Carmel Tunis! '.Precinct S.— H,nsp<ictorj Frank -Gossan). ; Judges, J6hn McWhirt, Ernest ^Foster. Clerks, . Mary , Plowne; . Lafe I Beaver. *ii!^Bctv4.^raiii«ctori !Dr.> W. - J «ages ,Vr >enz 'Rode, *lby: Icierlrs. Nina; Wal- Castor. I 2!)2 ' there being more milch cows than all other cattle. (Continued on Page 21. I -ice Horlacher, Clinton County Assessor Picked 821 Mushrooms. • • — * Every so often a new type appears and the latest according to reports from Frankfort is a township assessor of Clinton county, named Lee Horlacher. •Horlacher came into Frankfort and reported having picked an automobile full of mushrooms. According to his 'story he secured SZ1 of the edible fungus. J. J. Kessler who operates a trucking line and auto parts establishment, recalled Thursday that twenty-five years ago May 1, 190!i, he began operating the Union Delivery system in Tipton. The Union Delivery, one of the very few in the state to operate successfully is still in operation j and the amount of merchandise ,delivered to Tipton homes during the quarter of a century would he so large as to be almost incomprehensible. Mr. Kessler operated the business for some time and then sold j ^ on nj . moro l Chicago, May 1.—Federal ficials mhved .rapidly today complete' ,h <Jir roundup I of ! twenty-five reputed member j one of' Alph<|nse Capono's ale syndicate subsidiaries, who May, is one -wliUJli- w.ill please persons of tin's no ini- i seasonable Weather is predicted, j A. cool snell due between ' the : — * -.. i 10th and 14th -will send the tern- | peratnres down but-no damaging! frosts are scheduled for ; the per- j iod. • •••'.•*'•'-'-.'' ' I . ! Rainfall for the month is ex-f - - l ' ; pected to be about normal with" no unusual s.torms. y. . The month contains/one" of the ; most important days celshrat9d in the United States, this being ' Mother's Day, which-' this year will be on Sunday, May 11, the i day always- being the second Sim- . day in the month. A red carna-': tion fnr mothers living and a | white one for mothers who have crossed the Bar. ; Chicago. May 1.—CommunixM the world over held their anniml I May day d"monstrations Timr*- ! (lay, using the occasion to show '.' ; growth: and strength of their ! movemenc. ! In miost of the countries polite FORECLOSE MORTGAGE' an<1 in some cases the military. ; took precautionary measures to : ki 'ip the demonstrations within i ; boundsj and to prevent disorders. Thursday in the Tipton Circuit! Hundreds of arrests anil tem• - ,.; . , „ ! porary I detentions marked Japan- court answers were fcit-e. by Hez, > . ' 1 I ese observance of Ihe day. which. M. Cohee. former president o£[ thej howpveK was seneraIIy or „ pr , v American ; National I Bank ofj More than SO .000 persons partiri- Frankfort and the j Employers J pated in empire-wide demon- Liability .Assurance Corporation. strations. Three incipient demonstrations, one in IPiris and two in the suburbs, were suppressed quickly and u. number of other on his bond, in the $50,000 dam-; age suit .broncht against Cohee j ' defend-! n y police^. Altogether about onc- , ants. The answers are general 11 fifth of the 600.000 workers in , The pleasant period of spring- j denial of all charges made in thej tn0 m ain industries like weather which opens the i complaint. I jf av dalv .strike, but . . . . * of!o "the S of I Johol were SoTiet \ ing : of'the Bank of Frankfort'. In; [r n j on celebrated with great pro- bank's' affairs by the former; ( . ess j on s; of workmen, housewives. yesterday on charges in a 510,000,000 !i- acy.. ; - | . . i tor the arrests ofj the were l indicted late of engaging quor conspii Warrants defendants, j all Sicilians, based on indictments that Contained 200. counts aiid set forth seventeen alleged overt acts! in furtherance of the conspira-cv-. i' - '••''- i The manufacture and distrib.i-, than 400,000 |gal-; it to James M. Hopkins, a form-, , om . of liqi]0 i. ?ince j an , larj J x , er merchant and, former member " of the <tfty council. Hopkins-op- Dutch Queen Opens the World's Largest Canal Lock That Takes Any Boat Afloat The Hague, May 1.—What is, which will enable 60,000-ton Unsaid to be the world's largest lock, ers to reach Amsterdam. The lock is 1,312* feet long and 164 feet lirarJ BMU^ was opened by Queen Wilhelmina Tuesday at Ymuiden, where the great North Sea Canal cuts across North Holland to Amsterdam. The Queen herself-operated the switch controlling the machinery which set the gigantic engineering \work in • motion. Watching the ceremony were the 'Prince Consort, Princess i Juliana, members ot the Dutch . Cabinet and officials from all parts of the country. . 'The only untoward feature was that the Labor member of the Amsterdam City Gorernment refused to witness the Inauguration for- fear of the ContmnnlsU. For tea; yaan the beat of Hoi Und'e eMtneerlag ^brains' hare bMB^fdletlito the •ndertakiag, wide, a s again the 1,000 -foot length and 110 -foot width of the Gatun lock on .the Panama Canal. Not only will the new lock and the deepened canal make Amsterdam^ available for the- biggest ships, but the development leaves an ample margin i in~ case the proportions of liners .are increased in the future. The North Sea Canal, from Kmulden to A'm^ sterdam, was lopened In 1876, but twenty rearV'la^ a new lock had to be b*lli^|^'tue,of thetncreaal lng alaelflU ^ri ^tt allowed. lo| OO0-to«^u^?7OOSf^ ih;len»t|; tw&JauittwL ButlLJuoi erated the business successfully for a few years when, it was purchased by the late Henry Holloway. Holloway was in charge of the business at the time of his death and it was sold by his administrator to Lester Emehiser and_ Waiter Haley, who were in charge, for several yearsand sold the business to Walter Fuller, the latter selling it " to the present owner,. George Andrews who is making a success of .the business. A union delivery . system was started by Dave Bohanan in Tipton" 35 years ago, but for some reason; it did not prosper and for a number of years after "it was discontinued each store did its own delivering of merchandise. When Mr. Kessler started, the projegt practically every retail merchant entered into an agreement tb use the service and several have been with it ever since It started. Henry Holloway Is the of the several owners who is. deceased and all ot the others with 1!)26, was charged in the true bills, which named as the princH pal defendants Charles 'Argento,; Joseph rone. Almauza and Frank WORKING STREETS. Windfall Will Soon Have provcnicnt Program Co.niplcileil. Ba -I lin- "Walter Swfiier, paving contractor of Portland, who "bad the contract for paying several { streets in Windfall last fall, has ja force of men at wo^fc now completing observed a the down- month will continue for the first!' This is a. case sent here Tromi to wn part of Paris was almfst four days, with increasing cloudi-.i Clinton county on change "f; normal i in appearance except lor ness bringing, rainfall about the ! venue and grows out of the clop-: lhe complete observance of ta *i* 4th or 5th. Tliundershowers nnd .Mn 'S of the Bank of Frankfore. Iuf rabs overcast skies can be expected I its complaint against Cohee the Moscow and the entire from the 5th to 9th,' with a drop j in temperatures about the 10th, which will make the"- gardener look with anxiety at his. plants and also cause the housewife to cover her flowering plants. Warmer weather starting the 15th will bring a period, of ' fine weather which, will endure ' for.' four or five days, departing with j slight rainfall which will bring ! another drop in temperatures, j Temperatures will not be • so.! pleasant front tho'20tli to 23rd.-.- j Starting about the 2-lth the; temperature will mouiit and for three days real'spring wenthor will endure. This may be followed by a sultry wave for the last three days of the. moBth advanced heat being general throughout the middle west. The month taken as a. .whole will he above -the. average as to favorable weather conditions for outside work according to the forecast. • . ' . " On the 30th of the month. Memorial Day-will be'observed in ail sections arid loving., hands will place garlands of fiowers on graves of loved ones, this being j the streets, i lasf fall • oh a| |The work stopped ccount of the early freezing weather: The streets to be finished East and Wek Sherman, North Independence land', work Mr. Swlhier. will rush and Windfall residents will debris caused i - terials left on The streets and South McOlel- thei he glad of the clearing u^ of jthe |by the dirt and ma- tho sidewalks. [ I president. I j soldiers. Young Pioneers and the. -. An answer in - denial! was •' also j ( .| T u mn J population, filed in the case of the State ofj There was violence in Ans- Indiana on the relation of AUha ; tra n a> police breaking up a small Porisler-Tansey against Luther• procession at Sydney and arreit- Tansey in which the girl wife islj n s: seventeen participants, charging a fraudulent marriage 1 Bands of unemployed seized and "asking .$1,000 damages. Tan- lue c j t y administrator's hottko sey denies all of,the jcharge of -, n ,j t ], e : re( j fl aK W as hoisted \n the complaint and the' case w-'iHj Liberty Square, he given an early trial ( date. The | ^ brilliant sunshine ushered in wife resides at Cicero jwith. her - jf a y ,i a y at Berlin and celebrat- 'parents' and the defendant is said - n rs were astir early. Communist* to be at. the home of his parents,; w j tn hands and banners marched Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Tansey near; f rom various assembly points in Atlanta.. . ' _ ! the suburbs to the, Lusgarten, A request of the executors of where >i>eakers addressed the will of the iate Henry B. Kin-. , ,-nwds. der-.was filed asking permission j _\r iy day in recent years ha* to rent the land to a son Charles, ceased to have great Importance B. Kinder, which was granted by; for worirers of the British ISIPS. the court.. • -[The Libor patty and SoclIn: the case of Foutch Vs. Ounh, n |iat.~; use :it more as an occasion and others,-judgment was ren-jf or editorials tfi"an participation in tht- minor demonstrations of th>- Communists. S : . Tal ' immunists were arrested and s number injured In L^i'ge, Belgium, after 300 to 400 war taken; started marching toward a prison Court and j w jth the supposed intention of dered against the defendant William Gunn in the sum of $1,184 and attorneys fees of $175. Foreclosure of a mortgage given to secure the payment of a note on which the judgment was ordered by the one of-the beautiful customs' of j George F. Ross was appointed re-,( r e e i ni ; one of t,heir friends. Po- thei American peopled f Continued .on Page 2). lice and gendarmes barred i way. the fight following. the French Must Seek for a New President \ Next Year as Douthergue Is Retiring Prairie Kntortaliwient. were completed all but the curbings : when the-, work had to stop. I In the exception 6t Mr. Hopkins are still residing An Tipton. Lester Emehig'er, who took a position on the fire i department after selling the aystMi^ and: who .was so bad- Ir^laJarMji'ln the fire at the Clt- la^^lbittpnal bank building, is %iil^»^lnlnr£his^ ^r^im-fno ^ot5^ i School Program. ; The Patrons of the 'Tipton schools and others interested jaro ^sked to iWeepjIn mind thef Physical {Training, Exhibit to bilglVln Friday .night kt the gym W khe' of .thelr.< trachera.jBfiery-' 9 Paris, May 1.—The question of j who will succeed Gaston Don- mergue as President of the Re-' public when his seven-year term expires In-May, 1?31, has alrady begun to arouse considerable com mnnt and- campaigning. While the ( position o'f - the President 1st largely one of dignity, it also has Gpnslderable political importance as the President, who presides over -the- Council of Minisfers; can use.this Infuuence to .direct poU icy, |and "with^hlm lies; the choice lot' the Pjemjer., Conslderabl rim T pbrtance^therefore,-Is attached-to Jt^ipoiittoB:"/; - ^.?;;'2rl~.? <v ^he election of the PrestdAtla ^t**8enat^sltMagii^ 5 * i * The entertainment' announced to be given by the Christian En- he called to-make the crioice next',| eaT or society at the Normanda year. i, ; Christian charch Friday nlttht by K was hoped that President j Bncs Dowling of Advance, la to Doumergue would -consent to re-! he given at the Prairie school main for anqther seven i years as the "prisoner of the Elysee." as M. Polncare .once described his position there. Marcel flu tin in the-Echo de Paris this morning, however, says; he Is absolutely sure M.. Doumergue wllll not seek re-election. '• ! , ! lit Was believed.: too; j that _M. Polncare might , In certain circumstances; consent to return to thfe: post whkb he left after the war t to re-enter politicaJ at. Hu- 'tin-iaays^M; Polncare will in no -«p«e; COBfwnt' to. Uke the - Presf- -ip»'j«Ten'r...if'-: he-'Is re- auditorium instead of the church. Mr. Dowling is a magician and entertainer and promises a tine* entertainment. The «nterta#n* raent' is sponsored by the Christian Endeavor society. i: f: Funeral service* for Oliver Thatcher,;who died at als aoaa* near Grooawvllai Woiaooiair' will be aoM PrMay alter— <• aj^ St»0 o'cloekat the Uaallf I tist eaareh aa« will a*:< fcV ta» f Ky ^jatr. -'yialfcHi-'i

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