The Eagle from Bryan, Texas on November 9, 1912 · Page 1
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The Eagle from Bryan, Texas · Page 1

Bryan, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1912
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Zbc IBryan H^ailv JÊaglc and Pilot Vol. ITIVII. No. 301. BRYAN, TEXAS, SATURDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER &, 1912. PRICE: M.OO PER YEAR IT IS mPORTAST that you buy your groceries and market during the month of November where you will positively get the best goods and prompt, satisfactory service. Por your special baking, for Thanksgiving preparations, for cold weather food demands, we are prepared to servo vou to special advantage. Phone 23 or 150 and begin your month's trade with HARDY ^tWTO^ The market carries all kinds of Fresh Meats, Flah and Oysters. Phone 119 will get the butcher and quick delivery. ' ÎWO FOfiTs ciPïuiiEo mn HT m NTO W! SWIi ISiG Bulgarian and Allied Armies Gradually Tightening the Coila Around Turkey. Count In a Few States Not pleted Yet and Results Very Close. Com- [Hy As«ociato(t ] Sofia, Nov. 9.- The ISulgarlan army iusleging ,A.ndrianoplo raptured two of the outer line forts defending the city after a desperate artillery duel majority. The districts ....... ..... . . . nn^ rsatmrfoH In [By A»Bocl.i,ted Press,] Boise, Idaho, Nov. 9, The returns early today sliow Taft in the lead hy MUrOi MALDNEy IIESIgNS Important Meeting of City Council, Election for Bond Issu to Pave Main Street Ordered. should render the violator liable to a fine of from $5 to $25. IP piTutp nn rr rvmilT Ilf resignation of Mayor Maloney. na ull I 5 uH tl l A lu III it I*® tendered and accepted, Alderman Walker being now mayor pro tern, and will continue to serve as mayor until Mr. Maloney’s successor Is elected. The following resolutions were adopted and the meeting adjourned: "Whereas, the Hon. J. T. Maloney has been selected by the voters to serve as the next Judge of Brazos county; and. The ctly council met tn regular aes- 4ttion last night wijjh all officers present, and some'Wry Important matters were passed upon. Alderman Jenkins moved that an election be called that $25,000 In bonds might be issued for the purpose of paving Main street on the front foot plan, and that $10,000 might be voted for the erection of a todny. The Bulgarians lost heavily. , not reported may place Idaho in the Wilson column. Both Armlet Sustain Heavy Lottes. [By Associated Pre»«. 1 l^skup, Nov. 9. In a battle which resulted in the capture of Perope by, the Servians, they lost 2500 killed or. • wounded and the Turks suffered 6000 ^ casualties. The battlefield is still cov- California early this morning, ert'd with corpses. Roosevelt Has Lead In California. [By Associated Press,] San fYancisco, Nov, 9.-—Roosevelt 609 votes ahead of Wilson In “GROCERIES New Fall Boods Arriving Daily. We are Well Kquipped to Serve You —GOODS FRESH— Will Appreciate - Your (jrocery Account. DAVID REID & CO. ff Proipt Sinrici and Cosrtious Attentisi Phones 54 iii 78 Iowa Electa Republican Governor. [By Associated Press,] Des Moines, Iowa, Nov. 9, Com- England to Protect Her Intereata. [By Associated ITess.] Malta, Nov. 9. hour British battle- piete returns from all counties todaj ships and one cruiser left today for Constantinople. city water tower and the boring of a regret at his leaving us. as well new well, which will soon be an absolute necessity on account of the vast increase in the quantity of water consumed. The motion prevailed. Bulgarians Hammering Tchatalja. [By Associated Press.] Vienna, Nov. 9.—Dispatches re- Whereas.' this has necessitated his Bulgarians severing his official connection wlthj®^® attacking with all their strength us In the city council; therefore belt poslfions at Tchatalja. “Resolved, That while we are pleased to know of his official advancement, we wish to express to him ¡and the fall of the^e vital defenses Is only a matter of liours. The resignation of Dr. Sims, the as our aprpeclatlon of his faithful attention to the duties of the office, ef his impartial and courteous treatment of us in particular, and the citizens of Bryan as a whole. We hope that he city health officer, who stated that his „^^y be blessed with good health, so practice did not give him sufficient j ho will be enabled to give Brazos time to attend to the office, was accepted. Upon motion of Alderman Walker, the city sanitary committee was empowered to employ a health officer and see that in the future he should be vigorously supported and that the laws should be carried out to the letter. The firemen reported that they are short of dependable hose, and Alderman Levy made a motion that 400 feet of good hose be purchased. The motion carried. The Important question of street privileges was taken up and it was •decided that the street privilege license for each wagon or vehicle should be $100 cash In advance annually, and $25 cash in advance annually for foot vendors. It was expressly ruled that the aforesaid license should not apply to the farmers of the sunounding country who wished to come in to market their products. The violators of the above ordinance shall be fined not less than $5 nor more than $25. A reduction of 2 per cent on the insurance key rate is allowed where a standing reward of $100 is offered for the arrest and conviction of anyone guilty of arson within the corporate limits. The council ordered that this be done and proper notices posted. Alderman Jenkins caled attention to the fact that violations of the gasoline ordinance were frequent, and the council ordered that the fire marshal's inspection report of any violation county, in his new official capacity, as efficient service as he has rendered the city in the past. “Resolved, That the city secretary be instructed to present a copy of this resolution to Mr. Maloney, that a copy be inserted in the records of the city, and that a copy be furnished our city paper for publication. “Bryan, Texas, Nov. 8, 1912.“ m JOiSON WANTED A LARGE GELL Two Strongholds Surrender. [By An.-sociateC f’resit.] .-Vthens, Nov. 9.—The capitulation of the Turkish fortresst-< of Salonlki and K.'-.rabtirum vk^s t .;ned last night. Twenty-five thousa:\J Turks surrendered. End of War May Be Near, [By Asso.-iated Press.! I.ondon, Nov. 9. The end of the Balkan war now seems reasonably near. The surrender of Salonikf leaves only three renters, Scutari. .Monastlr and Janina, in the western field of operations in the hands of the Turks. Turks Claim a Victory. [Pv Associated Preas ) rorislantinople, Nov. 9.—The Turkish garrison of Adrianople claims to have severely defeated the Bulgarians in a two days' battle In the vicinity (it Maras. assures the election of George W. Clarke, republican, as governor by mor than 3900. jlRRESTEO FDR H KILLING TWENÎÏ-FIÏE ÏEADS UGO AGGIOENT AT RAILROAD GROSSING Horse and Buggy Driven by Negro Struck Causing a Serious Smash-Up. The H. & T. C. soundbound 2:45 train this afternoon struck a horse and buggy driven by a negro, Aaron i Gibbs of Roan’s Prairie, at the cross* , ing near the stock pens, totally det- ____________ ! molishing the buggy and throwing the I horse and negro drwn Into the deep [By Awoclated Pre«.] ; \\ orth, Texas, Nov. 9. Kd j aegro suffered scalp wounds Howard, arrested in California ‘ and it is impossible yet to determine chargi’d w'lth a killing twenty-five i the extent of his injuries. The horse years ago, rea.hed here today. He ad-!** «'**1 Probably die. , , ,,,, , . , The train whistled but the negro rnits the killing of Joe Greenburg, but ' . , ^ misjudged Its distance, pleads self-defense. He surrendered i ______. ______ to free his conscience of a cloud, he says. Fort of a residence for David Reid. Plams may be seen at the above address, at the discretion of the owner. 'WHAT BRYAN SHOULD DO FOR ITS YOUNG MEN" The last of the seri«8 of sermon» for young men preached at the Ft«it Methodist church will be delivered Sunday at 7:3 p. m. The subject will be "What Bryan Should Do for Ita Young Men,” The sermon will be of especial interest to the older men of Bryan as well as to its young men. These sermons have been beard by large numbers of young men and have proved of much general interest. T SNEED'S SEGOND TRIAL SET FOR MONDAT GAL ON TRE WITNESS STANO Riot Was Started In Chicago Jail i I Because Johnson Was Not Locked In Negro Section. [By Associated Press.] Chicago, Nov. 9.—Disorder among the white prisoners in the county Jail, when they learned Jack Johnson, the pugilist, had not been locked up in the negro section, became so great today that his removal to the negro section was necessarj'. Johnson objected to this. His request for a larger cell was denied. Special Car Monday Morning. There will be a special car leave Bryan Monday morning at 6 o’clock over the interurban for College Station for the convenience of the people of Bryan desiring to catch the excur- sian train to the footbal game at Houston. SENATOR RAILEÏ TIRE OF ANSWERING ROMORS [By Associated Press.] ! Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 9.—For the I first time in public, Ortie .McManlgal Now In Fort Worth To Be Tried for began telling his story as a govem- Kitiing Capt. A. G. Boyce. Sr. | ment witness today. He asserted he always tried to protect [)eopl!-’8 lives (By Associated Press.] j • SK • , --------Fort Worth, Texas, .Nov. 9,—John Beal Sneed was brought to Fort Worth today to await his second trial Visiting Minister at Baptist Church. Rev. W, H. Gibson of the Baptist General Convention will preach at the Monday on a charge of killing Al. G.; nrat Baptist church In this city to- Boyce, Sr., last January. He says he'morrow at both the morning and is feeling weight since ■:ie and has gained in is arrest in Amarillo. Mi. UMENSETTEi OEIID evening services. Rev. Gibson is an able minister and all who hear him will bo both edified and helped spiritually. Did Not Wish To Be “Impudent,” Considered the Matter of His Resignation His Own Affair. but American Beauty When you buy a sack of flour you want to know that you are not taking chances of it being good- You want to know that it will not only make good biscuit and cakes, but light bread as well. In other words, you want to know that it will suit you in every respect. That's why we are selling so much American Beauty. You know that when you buy a sack of American Beauty it is going to please you and you will not be worried with sending it back. Order a sack today and you will have solved the problem of having good bread. Bell Bros. THREE WAPONS Phones 111 and 179 The Quality Grocers [By Associated Pre«] Gainesville, T^exas, Nov. 9-.-’-Senator Bailey, referrjtig to^>-'tumor that he would resign the United States senate, said today he was tired of answering rumors. That if he decided to resign he would, if he did not decide to resign he would not resign, and that he considered it entirely his own business. He said be did not mean toTe “Impudent," but was worried to death by rumors. FIGRT RETWEEN MEXIGANS AND OFF 1 IL S [By Associated Press.] El Paso, Texas, Nov, 9,—Captain Hughes received a call for the aid of state rangers today from Port Stockton, where several Mexicans were killed and three badly wounded in a fight last night with peace officers. DALLAS PATROLMAN Why Shorten Your Life Worrying About Groceries and Service.? The Freshest Groceries —====—AND:==^ ■ ■ Promptest Service to be Had Give us a trial and you will be convinced. r pur L<at fmmed Ha i offering s departme Prompt Delivery hand, and èction at pr SANDERS BROS, Phones 104 and 512 KILLED A NEGRO [By Associated Press.] Dallas, Texas, Nov. 9.—Patrolman W. Johnson shot and klled Zack Bolden, a negro, today when the latter tried to shoot a fellow officer who attempted to arrest Bolden, .Mr. George Umensotter died at hie hom»‘ in this city at 9:10 o’clock last night after a long Illness. Mr. Umen- setter was a native of Ohio and was 68 years of age. He came to Br>an with his family several years ago, and while very quiet and of a retiring %v ture, was a gentleman in every sense of the word and made warm friends of all with whom he came in contact. He was married to Miss Sarah Vaughn at Sherman, Texas, in 18T5, and his good wife preceded him several years ago. He is survived by four ehidren, viz.: Mrs. D. F. Trapp, Mrs. George Mobley and Miss Dora Umensetter of this city and Car! Umensetter of Nevada. The remains will be shipped to Palestine tonight and laid to rest In that city tomorrow morning at 9:^0 o’clock under the auspices of the Masonio lodge of which he was a member. The bereaved family have the sympathy of all in their great sorrow- Bids Wanted. Sealed bids will be received at the store of David Held & Co. until 6 p. ni. on the 21st day of November, 1912, for the erection and completion Football A. & M. vs. University of DKLAHOMA Houston Nov. 11th. Game called 3 P. M. General Admission $1.00 Reserved Seats SO cents Box Seats $2,50 Reserved seats and Box on sale at College Station. Mail orders addressed to Joe Utay, Mgr-fwiil be filled. All orders for Box seats must be made at once as they w'ill be sold immediately. Electric Iron $2.78 As a special introductory price we have been given 12 Fanficld Irons to be sold at $1.22 less than regular price. These Irons bear the usual guarantee. Terms 50c cash, balance on time. BRYAN POWER CO. Phone 401 Little Albert Mathis Dead. iLittle Albert Mathis, the stx-year- oM son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Mathis of Reliance, who was accidentally shot on last Saturday, has succumbed to his Injuries and passed quietly to rest at 10 o’clock last night. He was buried at 4 o’clock this afternoon at old Tryon Baptist church. Mr. and Mrm Mathis have the profound sympathy of neighbors and friends In theid deep bereavement. THE PIANO OF TODAY Is the Player Piano, the Player Piano of today. THE CROWN COMBINOLA is It’s everybody’s piano truly, for it makes possible anybody’s rendering the masterpieces like a finished musician. With the CROWN COMBINOLA you can have a whole orchestra, comprising, a harp, guitar, banjo, bell chimes and picalo. Nothing equals it in player pianos. You should call at our store and hear it play. BEST PIANOS, BEST PRICES, BEST TERMS E. F. PARKS

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