Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 7, 1957 · Page 20
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 20

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 20
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TWENTY I -Announcements 2-Automottv« I'ACATIONERS, hive thft home tt itw* follow you u hi te you are aw ay rojij home. You can hav* the Cumber- and News or Evening Times rustled my where in Ihc Slates (or Cc :opy; Sunday Tftnei for lOc ixr copy. Before you take your trip Phone the 1 Itncft-Neu'B Circulation Departme !*A 1-4600 to order your paper. FAI.l, IN LINK «nd »ave lime with (iltxo linoleum coating. No more vjxing. e«sy lo clean. Rownbaum'* SAFE BUY USED CARS Finest Selection in Town 2—^Automotive Fnternational Harvester kutooriied Dealei Motor rrnekt Pai-ra Tractor* 4 Machinery THE LIGHT t, DECKER CO. 115 S Centr« SI, PBOIU PA 1-HOO CMC True** COM Tractors & MacWnerv /Veto Holland .,' Farm Equipment COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICK rOR ALL UAUtS After We Sell—W< Serael Collins G.M.C. Truck Co. RT W EAST PHONE PA Z-3M* 50 Plym. 4-door. 56 Mere. Mon(. 1-door. 56 Kord 'i ton pkup., 4 with 2000 miles. 55 Ford Fairlane 2-door. 54 Merc. Mont. H. T 53 Olds 2-dr. 88 5) Clirys. Wind. 4-door. 51 Merc. 4-door. 50 Pontiae 4 door TOWING 24 - HOUR I WVV I I NO SERVICE TAYLOR, PA 2-7979 FQWING 2Q4 Service Moore PA 4-6440 —SJV-O.OUD-MOTORS _ 1955 BUICK 2 DR. n. II. DYN. IS3< OLDS. 3 DR. R. If. Hyp. 1554 BUICK 2 DR. R. II. DYN. IS5J BUICK « DR. R, II I9i3 PO.NT. 1 DR. R. H. ||VD. Froslburg, Jtd. Bank Financing AT OUR OFFICE 30-month 5% Interest ON ALL '5J MODELS 57 Ford Fl. Viet. "500" loaded 56 Chev. Bel Air Sdn. 56 Pont. 2 Dr. ll.T. R.H. Hud. 56 Plym. V-8 Sedan, nice 56 Pont. 4-di. H. T., Sdn 56 tiuick H. T. K&H. dyn. 56 Chev. V-8 Sta. W, 4-dr. 55 Pont. Conv. F equip. Sharp 56 Ford 4 D. S. Wagon, nice 56 Ford Sdn. HH, F'matic 56 Ford Conv. RH, F'matic 55 Btu'cfe Spec. ll.T., R.H. dun f5 ford Viet. Rtt., sharp! 55 Chev. V-8 11. T. H&H. PG >5 Pout. HT, R&H. Hud >5 DeSoto Hip, R&H )5 Merc. Sdn. RH. M'matic >5 Pontiae Sdn., R&li Hyd 55 'Olds. Sdn. R.H., P S.,P B >5 Chev. "6" Sedan U&D )•? BuicK Sup. HT, loaded >4 Butck Cerit^H'dtop, wee '4 ftambler Sta. Wag. RH OD >4 Buick Sup. 4 dr., loaded >4 Pl.ym. s<i. R, H, nice >4 Chrysler sd., ft. // >4 POJK. HT, K, H, //yd. )4 Ford Sdw. Landed RH ) J Chev. Sdn. R.H., P G )3 Chrys. Sdn. R & U i3 Merc. Sdn. R }]., M-Matic •>3 Packard Sdn., R&H I 3 , F?rd S. Wag., RH, F'matic )3 Olds Super 88, RH, Hud. )3 Buwk Sup. Riv. RH, Dyn >3 Cadillac Sdn., tike new >3 Buick Spl. 2-Dr. RH •2 Buick Sup. HT.R H., Dyn >2 Cad. Cpe. R&H, hyd. '2 Plym Hjrdtop, RH t Olds. Sup. "8S" H'C <l Chev. Sdn. R H., P G <1 Pont. S. Wag. RH, Hyd 1 Fora sed., R&H >0 Cad. HT, R &!1, kyd. •0 Olds 88 Sdn., R&H, hyd. Red's Used Cars 22 GREENE ST. PA 2-8150 TIRE SALE! iO:13. full treaded J7.49 t. p, t. SmithYTfiongTe ^ MOTORS 2 S. Centre PA 4-6464, PA 4-6J66 _M6n. — Sat. ~ S-9 P. M. ~~- Best Used Cars Hare Mo tor Sales Vms. at Orchard PA 2-4664 speed Jo Down Payment Except Good Credit on Any Car Up to $850! Cumberland Lincoln-Mercury 828 N. Mechanic St. Phone PA 4-0460 COLLINS Studebaker-Pockord Certified Used Cars 195S Pack. Sup. HT Automatic Transmission, beautiful black and while finish, backup lights, interior spotless. 15,000 actual miles. 1953 Ford V8 Sta. Wag. N'ew engine, only 12,000 miles. New lires with "Life-Guard 1 lubes, hocal one owner. 1956 Studebaker Champ Dr. sedan, Overdrive, Undercoat. 16,000 actual miles. Local one owner. 17 Cadillac Sdn. DeVflfe (new) 41000 off 57 Chevrolet 4-dr. It*I Hk* new *2395 57 Plym. Savoy 3-dr S199: 56 Oltis M, 4 dr. HT S2395 56 Chev, 210, red * while. Beauty $1595 56 Cadillac Cp*. IKVillr, loaded $3995 " rorfl 4 Dr. 1119! J&Hicfc _1 sir, MT._ KyerylWn s S1995 Ford r»irttQt. real sb*rp 91595 5S Bukk r«nl., loaded »1995 53 Olds "88", r*al sharp 55 Ford Cuitom, RAH S5 Ponllac 2 Dr. fill. Hyd 11595 5* Chev. 210. A beauty s 993 54 rord Country Sdn, « P*i«. 54 Merc, bd, top ha* er«rjtfatal 54 ford Ranch Wafdi 11115 54 Ford Ciulomliae 4 Dr. 11195 M Chev. Bel Air, Cream pu(f. PG S109S S* BiiirV Super, loaded ,. IU95 33 Bultk i Dr. Sharp ff »J 5J Ch«* 1 Dr. RH I J« 5? Pontiae CaUlina. Shar> $ MS 51 Bnlck 4 dr. * CIS 51 Pljrm&uth. r«*, «tfcrp $ t# 53 Cbe*. J or *dr. . f 495 51 rord 2 «T 4 dr I W M Ford V-« 2 or 4 drs. t 295 10 Chevrolel 2 or 4 dra S 295 « Pontiae S.W , f 95 TRUCKS 55 Ford pickup V-> »11»5 S* Ford 1 ton pickup , » 895 54 Chev. Panel like new .. . t 83 53 Fora IU Ion slake S J95 53 Dodie pickup ..rr.... > 7S5 53 Chev. 2 T Dump S 755 51 Dodo P"»el ...««M SJ Fort Courier & tts SI Dod,« Pickup ( SM 51 Ctt». Track walk-lx • «> 51 Srude. 2 ton van .. „ I 495 49 lBt'1 IW tan. fitaki Bed;. S 492 43 Chev. 14 Ion .. .. , 255 49 International dump 1595 •18 International »i T. pickup . s 1SS « Ford Ptaip I Ion. Slit. j 295 47 DodR« PHUP 15 ton t 19: 4fi Slude., good shape f 19; Many Others lo Cbooj* From fS Down On Car* Up To >700 BANK TERMS 100% Guarantee See Max, or Buckwheat for the Best Deal in Town HAROLD'S McMullen jtwy at Custard Stand 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. Dial PA «-067U 73 Henderson Ave. Weekdays 'til 9 50 FORD 1/2 TON V-8 PANEL 4 Forward Speed Transmission. A-l. THOMPSON BUICK Cad Car Lot: Dial PA 2-1424 EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY. JUNE 7, 1957 2—Automotive !H CHEVROLET BELA1R FCI.LY EQUIPPED, siMjtr .Jim Raupach's Garage 443 N. Mechanic SI. PA 2-422' Co! iin's Garage STUDEBAKER-PACKARP FA 4-1541 Sot GULICK'S — BANK RATES — 61 FORD Conv. $395 Hed, Whit. Walls. Ne» To? 53 PLYM Wagon $795 Alt Metal 1 Dr. Ready For Work 50 BUICK Spl. $199 • Dr. Rttl. Hum Very Uood 53 FORD $595 Dr. Green. HfcH, Sharp 54 HUDSON $395 Sup«r Jet 4 Dr. K4FI. A Nice Ofl« 49 CHEV $195 Dr. Black SM.O. Dlx. Griginil. (20 More) 56 THOMAS ST. PA 2-1401 Plymouth Station Waion Chevrolet 2 Dr.. R*H 48 Dodge <«,s ton pk-uu (2) 52 Chev. y, Ion pic up. Dingle Esso Station F-yette fc Cireene PA 4-OMI CHRYSLER '53 Cadilloc A local one owner 4 door sedan 62 series, with a 210 h.p. V-8 engine. Finished in a perfect dark green lacquer. The equipment includes a loiich-iune radio, (win mderscal heater, defrosters, :inted glass, dual range hydra- malic, back up lights, turn signals, courtesy lights, undercoat, air foam seats, good tuneless whilewaH tires and lot of other small items that go with any well equipped luxury automobile. Call us at PA 4-3841 Cor a demonstration today. It's priced at just J1595 56 Piym. 4 door V-8 $1895 Plym. 2 door 1195 5i Ford 2 dr 1093 55 Chrysler Windsor. Green. 1993 53 DeSolo Hardtop Plymouth 4 dr Dial PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker 2-Autofnottr* 95i CADILLAC hardtop, pOM'er alter. Iruj, power brakes, tulronlc eye «M!«wall», jrey and while. Phone PA 7-2242. MclNTYRE'S DOUBLE VALUE Bonded— 100 % I-YEAR GUARANTY No Mileage Restriction TODAY'S SPECIALS 53 KORD %T. PKUP. $090 53 DODGE HT. PNL. $690 OK USED CARS 56 CHEV. C'orvelle 56 CHEV, 18) 4 door 210 56 CHEV, (8) Bel Air 2 dr. 056 CHEV. (81 2 door "210" 56 PONTIAC 4 door "870" 55 CHEV. 18) Bel Air 4 door 55 CHEV. (8) 4 door, overdrive 55 CHEV. (8) Hardtop Bel Air 55 PLYMOUTH 4 door 55 FORD (8) 4 door Customline 55 KORD (8) 2 door Customline 55 FOUD (8) 4 door Customline 54 CHEV. 4 door 210 54 OLDS Hardtop Coupe 53 CHEV. Hardtop Bel Air 53 CHEV. 4 door Bel Air 53 HUDSON 4 door Super Jet 53 FORD 4 door Station Wagon 52 OLDS 4 door Super 88 52 PONTIAC 4 door Ch. DLv 52 STUDE. (8) 4 door 52 CHEV. Station Wagon 51 PONTIAC 2 door T H R I F T Y 55 Ford Hardtop, RH, Kom. . $1695 55 Chev. Z-dr. RH, PG 11495 'A Ford 4 dr., REI. $1 13 Buifk Spec, 4-dr,, nil J il Ford Vk-L. HH. J 55 >«. £»»'• Sdr- n«. PS. PB. Hyd. SIID5 t2 Plymouth S, Wagon, RH 5735 ODizr Beauties '54 BUICK 2 DR. IUV. ll.T. Radio, licaler. power steering, dyna- Ilo, beautiful 2 lone blue finish act oft l>y wliitewall ilres. Here's a car with aH the cla»s ot a Cadillac, all the ixmer ol a slot* cur and alt the cfn- cqualed comfort of a Buick. Priced like Chevrolet, looki like a million. ONLY $1695 '53 MERCURY 4-DR. SDN. Radio, healer, Mercumatlc, steaming •lack hnlsh, excellent tires and smooth olid performance. U you like Mer "rj's, you'll love this one. Thrifty AutoSoles Open Evenings till 9 305 S. Centre PA Z-1T71. PA 2-1772 5« CHEV. 55 GMC . 55 FORD 54 CHEV. 53 CHEV. 51 FORD 50 CHEV. 49 CKEV. 41 INT. TRUCKS Sedan Delivery Ton Pickup Sedan Delivery 2 Ton Dump 2 Ton Chassis 2 Ton Chassis Save $1000 1957 NASH Ambassador Super "8" 4-Door Sedan Completely equipped, including power steering, power brakes Radio and Hydramatie. Driven less than 2,000 miles Was $3866 Now $2866 M.G.K. Motor Co. 221 GLENN ST. DIAL PA 2-2300 Cab Cab 2 T. Van. New Motor 2 Ton Chassis & Cab Ton Pickup Open 9-9 Phone PA 4-4400 DOUBLE VALUE Buy with assurance Drive with confidence 219 N. Mechanic St. ipment Re ar Entrance N. Centre at Bow MclNTYRE CHEVROLET FOLLOW THE TREND Buy a. Late Model in the Fine Car Field. 56 Buick Special ——'•- ..u.mvy K*O Looking for safety with econo- Lincoln Hardtop 1295 my? Try this spotless 2-tone blue PIvmntith 4 Hr 'jj^iu-ith Ri-!if>»-nw«r-u t _:__,-_ T-O-W-I-N-G! 24 Hour Service :HAS. GURLEY PA 2-4846 GLEN-ROY OLDSMOBILE Henderson at Frederick St Phone PA 4-6685 K-Motors—La Vale GUARANTEE USED CARS Chevrolet 2 dr. (6) BH Chevrolet Belair < dr. (B> Chevrolet Belsir 4 dr. (8> Oldsmobile Conv. Cpe Rl( OWsmohile Holiday .loaded) Cpe Ford Fa.rlane Sedan 2 dr. Plvmouth z <t r . Sedan CJevrolel 4 dr. Sertan HH Chevrolet 4 dr. Sedan HI! Chevrolet 1 dr. Sedan Buick Super 4 dr. Sedan Phone PA 4-0159 Clearance Sale! D Chevrolet 2 Dr. . «2 0 Ford 2 Dr "si » Plymouth 4 Dr. . 9 Chevrolet 2 Dr. 3 Chevrolet 2 Dr. . 1 Nash 2 Dr 1 Mercury Conv. ... S Chevrolel 4 Dr. TRUCKS 4 Chevrolet HT. H.. Hyo". 1 Chevrolet 4T. Ril! 0 Chevrolet ^T. Heater Cumberland Motor Sal Skilled Radiator Service Bchade's Mech * Val. PA 2-05UU 55 Chrysler $2250 WINDSOR DLX. CONV. PS. PB. AT. Timed KlaM. Crash In Jtrunient panel, RH, back up and «if oal bghls. l-owB«r, 16,000 miles. LONACON1NG MOTORS Lonaconing, Md. Dial HO 3-350: iliac "Cat." fiT, RH. Hyd. JIS95 DEREMER'S GARAGE RicJseler RE «.JJ10 ~PENN T -NfAH GAS MISERS Cost less to buy And less to run Tont Gr«« Actual Miles. Oel Ifit lt,ti fcr, that mer.t, reclize tGTEH on tttete vonter . —y Ihtjr.iches with pny- lp;r and pa, mileape to fagti re /eltj pall tar be/on »o» PER MONTil ttl .>. Rambler "6" sdn. rjww) 'Jt Rambler "6" SI. WaK- < '37 Rambler V-8 sdn. <new> •j^ Willys Jeep <-Wl> truck V»S Rambler "fi" sdn. Rambler "6" sta. waje H6 . S35 ... S179 lW Don ' 1 d ^l 29| Mop financ PENN-MAR MOTOR CO. * Start mini tmlav. One g. W« do il all. .. S29 .. S 6 st OPP. AS-p Snper ,\Tl PA 4-07JO Open '(il 3:3< TODAY'S SPECIAL 50 PLYM 4 door sedan Rodio ond Heater $189.89 Woody Gur ley's USED CAR LOT 213 flREENE ST. PA 2-0202 Direct factory Dealer /or Ramblers • Jeeps • Hudsons Metropolitans .VARSOR'S PARK. LaVALE PA 1 63*0 950 CHEVROLET 4 DOOR SEDAN Power Glide. SHARP $395 HI-WAY MOTORS McMullen llwj., 200 >ds. t>ejor.<) Circle Inn. PA 2-505S -— 55 Ford Plane 4d, NELSON AUTO SALES *. V«. fitjprcfjci Cor« TOTOMAC. RIDliKLEY RE 8-9390 ~-—~~~-— 54 OLDS "88" 4-DOOR SEDAN Radio, Healer, Hydramatic. Extra Clean BANK TERMS fully guaranteed! STEINLA''S 8 S. Mechanic PA 4-2600 1952 DOJIRE Ct5n6NEt~SEDAN S10 Down. (!J Monlb Fftone PA 4'»lel after 5 p.m. Syncromesh transmission -• "• » - . . . nijj •••-•• MJ u«-i vjiitc-ll (,1 ailillllSblOJl Chrysler New Yorker .. 935 This 220 h.p. V8 has top zip and Chevrolet 4 dr 7tf3 economy. WW tirps Iil-<. n nu . 53 53 Chevrolet 4 dr 52 Buick Hardtop . ...'..'. 30 Chrysler Wind. Cl. Cpe. 395 Your family will appreclat'iT'the 48 Stude. 4 door -— ' • 46 Buick 4 door PA 4-3840 Potomac Motors-55 Buick Century HT Open Evenings 6:30 to 8:30 v ' , • . „„,! <"AD»r-ir ur friends "'I rave about this and GARAGE popu iar Century sports car and 7D3| economy. WW tires [ike new. 895 Radio—Red Liner Speedometer 193 safety and comfort of this rug- 195 gedly built car. Cor. S. George and Harrison Sts say - " Wn y. il ' s Just like new Radio — Twin-Turbine variable PI VMOI III—I pitch D *»aflow. WW tires. It's a I L_ I / V IW U I M r ' c h black and white with match- in? COrdOVPPn [p^thrr anrt ni.lnn GULICK'S BANK RATES — ing cordovcen leather and nylon 5 — Auto Repair* $«r»k» interior. Buy this rugged Buick " KJOPTM PMH and get away from the bounce „, „ and jounce of the cheap light Hendersot, Ave cars forever. 55 FORD R.H. K'Mallc; Ne""ww«lls. Nice 54 Buick Special HT. Been looking for one of those 1495 " Once in a Blue Moon" cars? The local owner coddled this one 55 CHEV And Ivorj L.Ncw. 1295 * Dr. 29.000 55 .PLYM ' 1295 VB 4 Dr. H&DcI. I.. Blue Orir Pjinl "lean 1 night. S.Shilt. 54 PONT "8" 995 1 Dr. nix. Chletliin. KH. Hjd Low Mites. Verj Clean Origina]. 52 DODGE 495 ( Dr.. Rdll. Gyro Trans. Nice. TICK YOUR CHOICE MAKE AND MODKL 57 Cadillac 33 Cadillac <'pe. 52 Cadillac "60" 45 Cadillac Sdn. "M ilulrV Ct- Sdn. H MuicV H. Top >3 Bnick Con>-. .il Buick I.. N>vr 50 Uuick Spl. Sdn. 50 Buick Sdn. 3« Oicv. 55 Oitv. 55 Cliev. 55 Chev. 56 Ford PicX S5 Ford Viet. <2> 1 —»-.. o4 Kord a VicL 4 dr. Sdn. 51 Cu«l. » a dr. 53 Cusl. fi O. Hr. 51 Fcrrl Cusl, ft .. Cher. 2 dr. SS.' 53 Chev. B. Air .. . S3 <^ice. PB, PS. 51 Cust". "6 1 " 1 ; 53 Chtv. 510. 4 cir. 50 Fort! Cust y Che*, p. Glide 55 HcHhon Wasp 51 Chev. 2 dr. SS "• •"-'- • 51 Chev. SL. Dlx. SO Chev. Piekup I dr. SL. t" Oodre Pickup >3 Packard "300 • 56 Plj mouth i dr. 55 PlSTVi. Sav. SS. 51 Dymouth 4 dr. >2 Pont. 2 At. SS. COME SEE 51 Kaiser 4 dr. X5 Mere. IT. Too 54 Merc. II. Top 34 Merc. 4 dr. 51 Olds. M 4 dr 58 Pom. HT, 4 dr. M I'onl. VS 4 dr. 5( Por.1. H. Top r>l Ponl. 1 dr. Hv. 52 Ponl. Cata. ' 55 Plvm. Vfl 4 dr. 53 Plym. \Vaeon .« Ponl. Hyd « 51 Sludr. V8 AT. and your friends will think it's new. Imagine this glistening black sport model in front of your home with new white wall tires. Has everything including Buick's "Million Dollar Safety Ride." Your family will enjoy being in this class. 53 Buick Super Sedan Do you know what makes I he u - Buicl; Super famous? Just drive Reasonable roomy model known everywhere for its comfort, safety and luxury. Has everything most new cars have and a lot more than many. Priced within everybody's budget. 53 Pontiae Sedan Here is one of those Chieftan Del.uxe "8" Sedans that put Pon- tone green — matching inferior ie. 55 Ford Fl. 4 dr. ->5 Fairlane 2 dr. 55 Ford Fl. SS. 55 Ford Ml. S 55 Ford CUM. 55 Ford Wagon 55 F'lane 2 dr. AT - ----- 8 s < v1i. SStiac on lhe ma P- A beautiful FAHM Klgbl'i G»r»gft rhACTORS MACMI.VEnV . Billo. Pllt« PA H170' TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR CAR GULICK'S On The Corncr—N'exl To r3sso I S. Centre at Williams St. PA 2-3050 PA 2-KO) * - . Radio, good tires. A took at the clean bright chrome will convince you of the care given this car. More luxury than many new cars bu within the price range of every body. BUY A BETTER • . USED CAR AT Thompson Buick "Where Quality is Beytnd the COME SAVE llTdl'ou^"^ *"' PA 2-8400 LOT PA 2-U24 HOSPITAL BEDS, WMEKLCBAIR8, WALKERS CKU'fCHES PA 2-«i*4 Pile Bro> Rl. S McMullen Hwj 3 ROOM OFFICE SUITF. KtrM Floor, Law lildg. AvatteWcjJuljMii. l'hon« PA J-6230 >KKP CHEEK LAKK -JioOefa~iuf nished cottage. All conveniences. Wll Ham Klgnl. 817 Hr»dilock Road, cily. AS SUMMER COTTACK: HaaiTFarin Residence along Soulh Branch be '?»' J-ewli. WUIUm Millenson, Spring field, w. Va. ONLY $995 Many More AHLBURN'S CHEVROLET CO. 55 Plymouth Belveoere Club Sdo. 11575 &J Ford CUitomllne 2-dr. Srfn. S1195 54 Chev. 4-dr. Station Wagon PG 1 5J BeSoto CUJI. Conv t 51 Ford Dlx. 2-dr. Sdn, .. J 37 = OTHERS AHLBURN'S Chevrolet Co. Phone 26 Hy.ndman, Pa 1956 CIIEVnOLET OU.MP TKUCK Phone Frostburg 762-W-l ~' 19i5 . will sacrifice for SI550. In excellent condition. Can be seen anytime at Davis Garage, Fllntslone, Md. GR 8 1950 INDIAN SCOT MOTOHCYCLE 5,«W .Mitcage. excellent Condition Contact Park St. Esso. 1951 FOKP VICTOrUA ilint Cdriditlorir An outslandlnff-vahM 819 Maryland Avc^ 5> A 4-6717 last PLYMOUTH rijoorsavoyrBadto". Heater, Whitewalls. Sports lone paint. Privately owned. Low mileage IJ17 Williams St.. PA 4-0951. evenin E =3 CHEVROLET vi Ton Pickup. Radio, neater. 4 speed transmission. Good lircs. nial RE 8-9548, evenings. 554 CADILLAC Coupe^ 10,000 actual miles. One oivner. Like brand new. _Pllone PA 4-3048 after 7 p. m. ' CADILI^C "62" Senes 4 door Sedan. BH. Hydramatic,- Orifjinal Black (imsh. Motor, transmission just overhauled. Real Bargain' 49 LINCOLN Cosmopolitan 4 door sedan, radio, healer. Power winrtows. * lone paint, whilewall tires. Many- other extras. Extra clean car. !" GEORGE MOTOR CO., PA 3-3456 1950 FORD 4 DOOrf Original owner. PA 4-5773 GUARANTEED USED CAR5 K -MOTORS, LAVALE DHL PA 40159 953 RAMBLER 4~5oor sedan, l-own- Wine'o "st: pfaT pf 4*S ' 1531 FORD 2 noon vs. RADIO. HEATER CHEAP APFLV 327 BEDFORD ST. I93t CHEVROLET 1 oor 34.000 miles. S79S. Rev. Jame, Taie Mi Greene St. PA 4-lMl^ 4—Autc Clou GLASS INSTALLED (WHILE YOU WAIT) BEERMAN AUTO PARTS 513-52) N Mechanic PA 4-0250 —Business OpportuniHe* -- .npCERY and Meat Market in Om bcrland. Doine a good business, but -iusl sell Hue (o ill health. Proof ol ... ...... UMt ,„ ,,, |, edl amount of business done, only to t crested parlies. For details »i _ Box 860-AX, f/a Times-News. Of GAS STATION lor Iea7e7"iiorl im torird. Owner wants to vacate June 15th. PA 2-9780, PA 2-5027. 11—For R«* ...AKHDVSR 30' x 50', 4 miles fron Cumberland. Ml. Pleasant (laid o! 40 fast. $30 month. PA 4-4272. ITOHEnOOM on Virginia Ave. with large parking Lot In rear. Suitable for business a: storage. Phone PA 2 12-Apartmcnt* 646 WASHINGTON - Attractive fur nished or unfurnished.' Comblnalloi living-dining, Bedroom. Kitcbtn, blta Suitable permanent couple. 13-Furnished Apartments Two and Three Roam KurmsHod Apartments. PA 4-387 SMITH' apartments, K*lly Blvd. 1, * ^ room*: sleeping rooms by »e«k Utilities PA Z-8100. PA 4-2498. 4 KUHN'ISHKM rooms, first lloor Private porch. 2 or 3 persons, Park St. 14-Unturniihed Apartment* I2S VIRGINIA AVE., second lloor, . rooms, batli. porch. Immediate pos session. Good condition. Wi month Glen Watson. PA 2-4040, THRKK rooms. Is: floor. IJath, and eleclrip. S28.jO_per monlji. 890 spcTfy Terrace., Phone PA 2-7195. MODERN 4 ROOMS, bath; second lloor in centrally Jocaled apartinen building. Recently redecorated. Dia "A 4-3646. ;f.WLY PAINTED three rooms Pri, j^le, second floor. 10 Fourth SI. Dia HOOMS. kitchenette, porch, pri, ate bath, heat furnished. EaraKe South Cumberland, dial PA 4-3330 PRIVATE THREE ROOMS AND BATH APPLY 176 THOMAS ST THREE ROOMS AND BATH nvate Entrance, One or Two Adult Phone PA 2-2860 LA VALE — Second Floor; Modern Rooms, Bath. Heal 1 Gas. Private entrance. Adults. Dial PA 2-7946 THREE room apartment in Cresap town, recently relinished. Avallabl June jjth. Phone PA 4-OIG4. -MODERN APARTMENT. 3 ROOMS First Floor, Heal Furnished Apply: <27 Arch St. 3-HOOA1S. privale bath, private trance, porch. $22.50 month. PA 2-1570 or PA 2-2823. FOUR rooms with bath, all uliliiie" lurnislied. Apply 13 • I.ainr Ave. he l^cenlla.m. and 7 p m 15-Furnished Roomi BROOKS HOTEL Rooms bT~day" week. Under new management Hurley Pcnnington. owner. L1UIIT HOUSEKEEPING RoDinTomiu site bain. Adult. Apply! 451 Hender son Ave. LARGE BED Living Room willi FriEi dalrc. Private entrance. Dial * PA 2-7511. 17 Prospect Square. 17-Room ond Board SLKEI'ING ROOM with or wilhou meals.- single or double:—Dial—PA 18-Houses For Rent « CRESAP ST. _ S rooms, hath. S25 month. Glenn Watson. Dial PA 2-4040. S CRESAP ST. - S rooms. iTTa..,, ?., f° rclle *- Good condition. Glenn ll'alson. CA 2-4040. I9-Wantcd to Rent WANTED - 2 OH 3 BEDROOM HOUSE OR APARTMENT PHONE PA 2-1699. it ED ,,~ 2 ° r 3 "frlroom home Phone Allesany B.lllistles RE 8-9MO Extension 311. Dale Weston, afle~ 4;30 Foil Cumberland Hotel 20-For Sale Miscellaneous RENTAL-FLOOR SANDERS Try "Pennstj" Route M Narrows Dial PA 1-7300 frf* gasp Parking/ w« «n nu e,,, •«<> Repair !*• xnt Schwinn Bicycles Reo Lawn Mowers Everything loi "the bicyclt and lawn mower lit Vet's Bicycle I Mower Supplr » Queen City P'vinenl PA 2-668: ~~ o» By selecting your family plot NOW, you can enjoy this* advantages: Low. prices. Easy Terms, Best selection!. Perpetual Care! I1LI.CREST BURIAL PARK PA «-2332 T i W WASHER SERVICE Ap«. Kenmore. Easy, Ma;ta|, 4,« c ]? 5l ? e ""^ y L 'o" OR "TORE"' 419 Henderson Ave. — -.-:-— HAPPY HILLS FARMS MTU McFARLAND AUTO SHOP Gallon «0c >i Gallon 42c Phone PA 4-1Z1S 503 Pine Ave. Plus Jug Deposit At Your Local Grocers •REE KITCHEN Planning and R PA 4-0730, or shop our°showroorn a « M« our modern Kitchen Dispijij. 1ROCERY «, Meat Market doini: „.... business. For full information abou location, amount o[ biisitir.ii and reason for sellinc, write Box 855-AX c>o Times-'* Established Business^ STOCK FOR SALE BELOW COST Maeblnerjr IT Elulpment Cort Depreciation niA! PA o /OH SALE— RrsUurAnt centrally tor a I cd. hiHv rnuippfrl. uiih *\ r cond ImmtiR. Tttibcr Real KsUlc, PA 2 62,10. 9-Electricol Work, Fixtures ELECTRIC WORK Motor KcpairinE. Wirlnj and Futures QUEKN CITY ELECTRIC CO Frederick St. PHone PA 2-1133 Nothing Free Bui it htvt some mlshly iharp <-arj ELECTRIC WORK FREE ESTIMATED O,N W1BINO Sterling Electric Co., Inc. 00 NCENTRE ST PA 2-4800 Tj>--finBnc,n3, Money Loam Finance Plumbing & Heating —McKAIG" LOANS in a HURRY! ON ARTICLES OP VALUE -Also Unredeemed VaTue»~ CUMBERLAND LOAN to. 42 N. Mechanic St. THRIFT PLAN j SL > ot m Phone PA «-03» LOANS ON VOUB SIGNATURE OXLV UP TO H50C TAMIUV FINANCE CORPORATION 40 North Mechanic Street' Pnjin PA 4-3SOO AUTO ' LOANS and Inicki at real sivlnss. 50 cnoosc rrora, •« Ic- '42 models, n down payments, bank terms. Triple Lakes Auto Mort m. 220, Triple Lakei, PA <.<sj[ National Loan, 20J S. George 1 DIAL PA 4-6622 Have you tried Orrie Sensahaugh's new Bulldozer; Hydraulic controlled including angle ot blade. PA 1-5953. USED POULTRY EWIPME.VY 5 feeders. Metal .Vests. Electric Sla .Batteries. FinuhinK Batteries, nain bncllcrs. nt»Mir.F Sections. Electric Incubator. 100 Turkey Crates. •"• J.VTKRNATrOXAI. "ISO" TRUCK .- l.VTEKNATIONAL 1'4 TON •3« IKTEBN-AT1OSAI. 2!i TO.V Set neac-Mountcd Ford Cultivators CIIARLF^ ROWXEE Ijitc Koon Rd f-ltOXF. BEDFORD VALLEY 451 Sove 20 % On Bottled Gas PA 2-7900 BENNETTS Unpointed Furniture w* aivi si,n affix Try "Pennsy" Save,! Katltt tt Ktrrois Tri, tail Din PA 1-7300 fAKAKEETS U L?on» SI P7IOM RE S-S119 PUPPIES-Cocker Spaniels. Mrs. 0 -c old Meek. Po Summit. Phon . . pey Kennels at Vale "5 Frosthurg ll&VW-l. Try Our Delicious Country Butter, Langer's Grocery USED POWER MOWERS $25 & UT COSGROVE'S 52 N. Centre ACATIOXEnS. e«s follow x-ou If» home town 20-For Sale Miteellancow WALLPAPER—MaJu MlrcllOB <t bo Expert papcrhaofiDg, low cost. PA I lilt !ai tamplei. [littler Wljtltld Low Prices! Spouting, Spout- inc, Fixtures, Roof Paints! Liberty Hardware Co. » N. Liberty St. I'hone PA 2-7140 KOOL VENT ALUMINUM AWNINGS Welch (nsulalloo PrM KsUmal'H . Ashb? 1110 Frottbun 640 KF.W 1957 blond Motorola lli-KI, »2J9 \'alue, will sell cheap. Records free. 243 Massachusetts Ave. Complete Home Furnishing WOLF'S Baltimore Stree' TRI-STATE MEMORIAL CO, —Monuments & Markers— Everlasting Guarantee ID Wriiinj Cresaptown ['A 4-1540, Piedmont 206^1 VEGETAULK PLANTS Fjne quality, [hick tlcm lomyloes. pep- P*rs, bv-e«t poiaioes, cabbage, eic. lharp's Sc«d Siore> I'A 2 6147. Factory Display The famous K.mball Pianos Price Reasonable FURiViTC/RE STOHE Itelnhart's 17 BaltJJtiore SI, KING'S TACIKLi; SHOP 243 VA AVE FISHERMAN'S HEADQUARTERS Open daily 8-S Also -Mon-Wed-Fri 6-9 flEOISTKIlED COl.T'S DEAl.F.ll Top Soil, any amount. Landscaping. Dial PA 2-0896 Bai^Parakeets & Supplies Marty's, 439 N. Mech. PA 2-7011 WALLPAPER Cocbran Paints Sanders Rented QUENTIN M RICE Open ? days week S a. 19 L*ln, Ar.. . to 12 p 1956 OLDSMOBILK HOLIDAV 2 Tone Blue, Radio, Heater While Sidewall Tires. Phone PA 2-2326 PLASTERBOARD—All Sizes Try: "Pennsy" Route. 10 Narrows Dial PA J.J3W f'f* fgty Parkinyl BEAT THE HEAT! Air Conditioners WARD AI RE 1-ton dlx, 220 volls. Reg. $229.95 »6 NOW $199.88 SERVEL ELDORADO ton. Reg. $229.95 NOW $179.77 WESTINGHOUSE 14-ton, 110 volt, Reg, $319.95 NOW $269.88 WESTINGHOUSE ton For Casement Window One Only! Reg. 5329.95 NOW $279.88 Vacuum Cleaners TANK TYPE With attachments. Reg. $59.95 NOW 547.88 CANISTER TYPE With attachments; Heg. $59.95 NOW 547.88 Montgomery Ward Baltimore Street at George PA 2-3700 HOMEUTE CHAD* SAWS JERSEY COW, TB and Bar,gs~~ie!t7cT Laying hens and pullet*. Phone PA 1-5517. Up- only CIlOSLEY n.l cu. n.~SheTi right Deeplreeze. Retailed S25Q. Unmarred. PA 4-5773. Asphalt i Asbestos Hoot Coalins WiN no t c rack, c rumb] e pr_shrin)£, 5 Gallons 12,65 ^ LIBERTY HARDWARE CO a? _N. Liberty st Phoa* PA 1-71W and S«rvic« Davia _Fliatstot>». Md. P&OM GH V42M Plants — £all and dwarf, 20c each, 52.25 doien, Urge _variety. I^e Moore. 4S5 Central Ave LEAVING Towtt-Will sell Tappan g inge ch«ap, A-l condition. S, nith. Bowling Green. PA 4-2477. GE AUTOMATIC WA5UEH FHIG1DAIHE AUTOMATIC DRYER PHONE PA 2-0474 — merman's Lock i fcyt Made — Eaten Mi K f Mechanic Si. Luggage Shop urerz Sharpened PA 2- KITZMILLER MEMORIALS MONUMENTS and MARKERS All th« best marbte nod jcranil* Including "Rock of Aces" fianlia »ad "B*xr« Q ailfl Mernori B u** Twl'ck A George St*. PA 2-4300, 2-33SI "3K WHAT TOO *UT~ "51 Fin}. H Tractor w/JKwer 55 AC _WD4S w/3-14 Plow 3* Ford w/Industrial Loader H. G. BENDErt Phone ME 4 3271 Meyursdale. Pa (OSP1TAI. Bed; als suite consisting buffet, chitta c]osct. . I'hone Frost-burg (able and I3S-M. Wringer RoJlk PA 4-ZJ4I ~~Af\' cJ« j~~Ti n 1 —^i ».w.v b.t.i.. ^«~- 40 Howard House Tra,ler DIAL PA 2-47B2 comes, have Pholoslalie tropic• now. Don't risfc loss of only copies < valuable papers, Cumberland Hn^ra crs. 11B S. Mechanic. PA 4-1622. ELLIOTT Addressing Machine with a cessorics including aiitomalic card feed. 108 Victor Vis'ble Files. Ex- ccllcnt contlilion. Total COM Si JSO. sell to Television. 5-JOO. USKD Kch-iriator Refrigerator. 9 ci It. ?*5. Alnytax Gas Range Hfct- nc S100. Crosley Uefripcraiov 535. Srrvei (^as Hcfrigcr^tor with t'recxcr Chesl S50. Gas Refrigerator 5^5. Magic Cher Apartment Stic Ga* Range S35. Kenmore A mom a lie \Va*her and malchin* Gas IJryer. )iV«r new Kelvinalor 10 cu. fi. Chest T>p^ Home Freezer. Square Tub Ma>ta« Washer, late moderns. Terms'., able: Green llartmnn Appliances N. Centre St. r>,\ ^-0730. PLYWOOD Interior Exterior Marino Try "Pennsy" ROBH « Narrows Oial PA 1-7300 rr*t cat? farkinet Homemade Pizza Pie tome delivery. PA 20BU 6 p.m.-i a , m . Storm Windows Completely Installed As Low As ... M 3 George St. L _PA*-tOM EW and Used Mobile Home7r~Wc UVf furniture In trade. Kellers Trailer Sslej and Furniture Store. M. l.oudon. Pa. EMpire 9 3282 'gJOROLA Iflgh fidelity Console Phonograph. Blonde. 20- watt ampI* n C f Bl «1«» s ^ ali ' :rs - XfJf'ar 5239.95 Only S199.95 including $30 di.mond needle. SrcXe's Sluslc Store. 52 N Centre. PECIAL Scwini machines adjusted fn ' Eteetrtfy «nd Buj Salcp PA Z-8430. 2-A794 FOR SALE PA 2-3040 »ctpoinl Electric Range. 1 F.l-cl tcfriBcraiors, 9x12 Ru*. Base Cabir Vashlng my where in Ihe Stales'lor 5 6c*'j#r £py; Sunday Times for 10c per copy wire wu lake your trip Phone thi »A "ifiiw*^ £Si"'*,. t i°.1 Dp P a rtment We Loan Money Oni WatelM, Dlarnon-1s Open til » Soutter, J«tl,r« 131 'N'. K«chnio combines, an n'tc''Tn9'cr < a^l'c'r a with blade "• J -' HD5 Allij Chalmers with blade n-1 Caterpillar *iUj winch Model HD5 Allis Chalmcrt with winch Model RC Oclrac »-»h blade Model HG42 Oetrac Model HG-6« Ctelrac .Model 75 h. t>. General Motors Diewl I Power Unit Sec the NEW MODEL OOI industrial Crawler with loader DIESEL REPAIR Sf.RVICK, INJECTOR SERVICE. WE PIS' AND BUSH ALL MAKES OF TRACKS. COCI/RA.V FAtlSf EOUtPME.VT CO. SOMERSET, PA. " *M» 3o USED Refrigerator*. $u to lino- " ' Warch'^c. Franklin St. PA 2-6770 4 RIDING HORSES All gaiied Sec: JACK Liquor Store, 10 N. Centre St 20-For Sol* USEO BUILDING MATERIAL, New Ic Used Bathroom Fixtures Cumberland Salvage [)i«l PA 4-OW WEDDING Invitation*. annoUBC«m«Dt*. pklnv, mitcoet. F*ect«ral , Z57 ColumbU » PA 1-MU. AUTO Insurince to cover St»U L»w M2.U Also Workmen'! CamffaaOam. Plz*. Glenn WttKD PA W040. USED TAPE RECORDERS Enterprise Amusement Co. 110 N CENTRE HI DIA1 «;OTT-AT WATER MOTORS. WHIRLr WIND BOATS, BOAT THA1LERS, * MAKING EQUIPMENT. BOAT KITS - MARINE PAINTS BOATHAVEN WARWICK li CREENWAY. PA 1-«51« 25c 40c Yes, We have 'em Sweet Potato Plants Of)e The best variety. Dozen *-UW Giant Zinnias Beautiful, top quality. Dozen Scarlet §age Really Nice, Dozen "OXHEART" BEEFSTEAK" "YELLOW" TOMATO PLANTS rlut nil the uttfsl uarlttlet SMITH GARDENS 1120 Shades Lane PA 4-H58 USED Restaurant Equipment Bought and Sold. Dave Gunler Food Consul- t»nt.—LaValtr Md.—Dlal-PA M2M. Complete line Deltox Rugs, Magee Carpets Burkey's Floor Covering BEDFORD ROAD PA l-Wl It's a Steal! Dresses 25 at 1 for 55 <Re£. $15 value) 100 Jl 2 lor Sli !Ree. 525 value) FREE ,Pair of Shorts (uith S15 purchase) Shop in "Atr-conrtttfontd" com/orf SYKES STYLE SHOP KO MO- Ave. UaUy 11 >. m. t p Phone PA J-15TO lEPOSSESSED Singer Electric Consol* may be purchased for balance due. Singer Co., a Baltimore St. OME GHOWN vegetable plants. All varieties. John W. Hare. 823 Lafayette Ave. RANGE, Refrigerator, living room, bedroom suites; desk, tables, television, rocker, Ottoman, cedar chest, lawn mower. PA -Mil3, roUTH BED. hlstl chair, !eraale~JVf: akeet, H4 years old with cage PA 2-0526 after 3:30 ,,. ' * GARAGE DOOR. 8 <l~ >; 7 ft: storrn door, 2'S" x 6'S". 2 12 It. rolls fencing. Phone PA 2-8239. ::ASII REGISTER, National STc'tSc; 4 drawer. S7S. Single drawer National S60. Modern metal dcik with PICNIC TABLES We Give S&H Green Stamps TRY "PENNSY" DIAL PA 2-7300 53 Schult 35' Housetrailer DIAL PA 2-7732 LADIES SUMMER Blouses 25C skirl. Jj>c. dresses Sl.oo. S | IC , u , , 3 * Dial PA lien aitr 10:30 a m Reed Farm. CcmsolidRiioD Frostburg. Md. Village! JEW i USED TVaclors. mowers" rakes. Image harvesters, pldtuo bal' «re, hay conditioner,. G« the Btsl ^r L«, ,| : R. D. slither.,, j 0 h" neere Sales i Strpice, Menndate Pa. Phone MErcnrr 4-3453. SHUFFLEBOARD. 4K25 * three f,, . Dial PA ^".se "an-ejter, hay pick^ head. Mower. Perfect <ir,di- 3 SHOW CASES APPLY FEDERAL BAKKRY 801 BALTIMORE ST. room FOUR FRESH COWS with ™' CS Mountain calveV » n>«l'- Ot Ktl- Electri Hh n. complete v^ith ttachment. Brand ne>v: S19.M. For free home demonstration PA wsio Ilc Portable cledrT Singer sewing $30. PA 4-6523 Very Special Wool Wilton Broadloom Sale SALE" PR'I'CE $9?9s s q . Yd. 'ii' 2 * M 'irtihs in AH popular colors. all Jo w-ai| instaiTatlons by expert Only ot Millenson's can you jwd a value like this! MILLENSON'S 317 Virginia Ave. PA 2.3930 BUSINESS . MACHINES Sales & Service — Typewriters — Adding Machines — Cash Registers . BUY OR RENT Keyser Office Supply Co Victor Machine Aqencu W. Va. Phone GARAGE DOORS Steel. Wood. Alnminnm. S«* In opcntlon. Try "V'.nnsif 1 Bonle « Narrow. Dial pj» 'ret fa,, Pirtlnf FORMICA »X>R COUNTER COPi Try "Pennsv" n Ninvtvi Dial PA 1-7300 rrt, la,, Par*),,/ PUPPIES " MeMe'i Kennels, Rejdlcrrd Coclccr Spantcts. PA 2-1691. TOP SOIL & Phono CO 4-4188 JA'SCO JALOUSIES STORM WINDOWS STORM DOORS AWNINGS , by Good """sckeeping JOHN E. SHARP & CO McMullen Highway PA 2-7620 REGULATION size Pool Table In lair . evenings. Polled Hertford Top " RKG1STF.RED « T™ *i |> <mi »"«»; nn llorner. Phone Bcdforfl 61-X 36' Sparfon House Trailer" jrtHmmMHi PA 2-2942 ENI.ARGER, Sxf Durke A ,I»me.. Can- »|w Mnt, ciwkj. ifoo^r vacuum. "" "' tim ° dei Ov

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