Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 22, 1967 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1967
Page 10
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Daily Record 10 Times Herald, Carroll, la. Wednesday, Nov. 22, 1967 Chicago Grain Court House Applications to Wed— Lowell G. Janninp. 22. Cnr- roll. ;ind Julia A. Junker, 19, Glutton. Real Estate Transfers— Marjorie H. Wai?. 1o Paul A. Walz.'lxM 24 and part of Lot 25. Block 3. Rolling Hills Addition 1o Carroll. .John S. and Hulda Bernlioltz 10 Bierl Supply Co.. Lot 7. Block 2. Thomas Second Addition lo Carroll. Hospitals ST. ANTHONY HOSPITAL Admissions— Mrs. Henry Frank. Lake View Gail Hoffman. Carroll Mrs. E 1 i 2 a b e t h Morlan, Scranton Mrs. Leonard Neitzcl, Audubon Kirhard Toms. Glidden Dismissals— Miss Carmen C. Collison, Carroll Mrs. Valentino Tuel and baby. Coon Rapids Mrs. R o s c Muhlenbruch, Coon Rapids Tonya Sou tli. Coon Rapids William Scliahen. Defiance Mrs. Donald Petschauer, Carnarvon Miss Mary Lynne Manford, Manilla Mrs. Arthur Schutes and baby. Dedham Eugene J. Walker, Scranton Miss Dawn M. Pietig, Carroll Adam Emineck, Ralston Birth- Mr, and Mrs. John Bolan, 111, Carroll, a daughter, Monday CRAWFORD COUNTY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Denison Admissions- Thomas Powers. Defiance Robert Powers, Defiance Francis Powers, Defiance Lori Flora. Denison Mrs. Donald Diclcnberg, Schleswig Marcus Stegcniann, Schleswig Mrs. Ronald Salisbury, Denison Mrs. Joyce Chase. Dow City Mrs. Arthur Nicholson, Ute Dismissals— Mr. Robert, Schwoeble, Midwestern College Miss Roberta Gaylor, Midwestern College Mrs. Patrick Houston and baby, Denison Clarence Schillerberg Birth- Mr, and Mrs. Donald Hielen- bcrg, Schlcswig, a daughter MANNING GENERAL HOSPITAL Admission Nov. 20— Floyd Laccy, Gray Birth- Mr, and Mrs. K c n n c I h Harms, Lake View, a son, Monday Birth BIRTH- OMAHA — Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Matt. Omaha, their 13th child and seventh daughter, Wednesday at Archbishop Bergan Hospital, Omaha. Mrs. Matt is the for m e r Dorothy Cupps. Grandparents are Mrs. H. A. Matt of Carroll and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Cupps of DCS Moines. Carroll Markets GRAIN Soybeans, No. 2 $2.4R! Corn, No. 2 yellow l.OOi Oats 70 ' Ttirso MnrhrM Ar« Furnished by Tho Humphrey (.ruin < nrnpuny lllffh Low 12:30 « I IK AT M.-irch M:iy July rnitN I Vr M;i re h MMV .Inly OATS Chicago Livestock MM nil M;iv .lulv 1 !.11 I2:i - 7l) :1 70 . 71 70 14 70 in**. 117 '„ 71 71 ' 7<) : 70 IV- 1MV1 M.-u-cli ... .. '1 1X", MMV 121'•, Juiv . n>:t',! MM 1U:\\S M.-iy ST.] 11. MM HKAN MKAI, " I in 71 !IO 113'i n:^;i 117", 11KI-H 121 Vi •J.T.\ Vi 7 1 r.a 270 'i 274 1,4 71 .HO 7.T-10 Corner Hwy. 30 And Quint Ave. Carroll WE'LL BE CLOSED THANKSGIVING DAY LIL DUFFER Corner Hwy. 30 and Quint Ave. * Vietnam (Continued From Page 1) Irossps pounded suspected troop ronccntralions 12 miles northeast of Dak To, suspected enemy support bases and infiltration and withdrawal routes 16 miles west-southwest of Dak To, purl a suspected enemy area 15 miles north-northeast of Dak To. Elsewhere in South Vietnam, a multibrigade force of U.S. 25th Division and South Vietnamese troops pressed a new operation in the Viet Cong-infested Iron Triangle north of Saigon. U.S. headquarters reported two company-size actions 20 and 31 miles northwest of Saigon Tuesday, with five U.S. infantrymen killed and 34 wounded. Enemy casualties were not known. The operation, code-named Atlanta, was launched Sunday but announcement of it was delayed until today for security reasons. In the air war over North Vietnam, U.S. pilots flew a total of 126 missions Tuesday, but after six days of heavy raids around Hanoi and Haiphong, the northeast monsoons limited most of the strikes to the southern panhandle. j Navy pilots got close to Hai| phong in one strike, hitting the Kicn An airfield six miles southwest, of the port city for the second time this week. The fliers from the carrier Intrepid reported hits on support buildings. Other Intrepid pilots attacked a complex of three bridges five miles northwest of Thanh Hoa in central North Vietnam and said they wrecked or badly damaged all three. i There was no report of any U.S. planes lost in Tuesday's raids. In noncombat activity, Vietnamese soldiers have cleared nearly 2.5 million square yards of the Pineapple Forest, long a Viet Cong sanctuary, 20 miles south of Da Nang. Backed by U.S. Marines and soldiers, the South Vietnamese plowed up the dense forest for the past throe weeks. They reported destroying 1,100 yards of trenches, 300 yards of tunnels, 50 caves and 55 fighting holes in the area. *4, V /x^-"> •••;•'•>. ':•: .•:•:••'• .<N ArVE BRAND NEW 1968 LAUNDRY TWINS We bought right, and are passing the savings on to you! NOW ENJOY THIS WONDERFUL PAIR FOR AS LOW AS $1350 Per Month JUST LOOK AT ALL THE CONVENIENCES YOU GET AT THIS LOW PRICE! THE WASHER • 2 speeds, 5 cycles to wash every load • No Press cycle eliminate* ironing of Permanent Press • Soak cycle for automatic prewashing • Giant 16 Ib. capacity • Exclusive Spiralator® washing action • Double-action filter . THE DRYER • 3 cycles... Timed, No Press and special Dewrinkle cycle « 3 heat selections to match drying to fabric • No Press cycle eliminates ironing • End of cycle reminder signal • Easy to clean up-front lint filter COAST TO COAST STORE ELMER FRIEDMAN — DUANE TAPHORN CHICAGO (AP) — Butcher hog prices advanced 25 cents a hundredweight at the Chicago Stockyards Wednesday. Receipts tola led 6,000 head. Mixed 1-2 butchers weighing 190 to 225 pounds scld at 18.50 to 19.50 but around 350 head of 200 to 215 pound weights took the top prices of 19.75 to 19.85. Mixed 1-3 butchers scaling 220 to 240 pounds brought 17.75 to 18.50. Sows scaling 350 to 400 pounds and grading 1-3 went at 15.00 t* 15.50. Slaughter steer and heifer prices were steady and cattle receipts totaled 7,000 head. Prime 1,200 to 1,325 pound slaughter steers went at 28.00 to 28.50 and high choice and prime 1,100 to 1,325 pounds kinds brought 27.50 to 28.00 while choice 950 to 1,400 pound kinds sold at 26.50 to 27.50 and mixed good and choice 950 t« 1,125 pound weights went at 25.75 to 26.50. High choice and prime slaughter heifers scaling 900 to 1,000 pounds sold at 26.25 to 26.40. Wooled slaughter lamb prices were steady and sheep receipts totaled 400 head. Choice and prime 90 to 115 pound wooled * Security (Continued From Page 1) slaughter lambs s«ld at 23.00 to 24.00 with mixed good and choice kinds going for 21.00 to 23.00. CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Hogs 6,000; butchers steady to 25 higher; 1-2 190-225 Ib butchers 18.50-19.50, around 350 head 200215 Ibs 19.75-19.85; 1-3 220-240 Ibs 17.75-18.50; 2-3 240-260 Ibs 17.00-17.75; sows steady to 25 higher; 1-3 350-400 Ib sows 15.0015.50; 2-3 450-500 Ibs 14.00-14.75. Cattle 7,000; calves none; slaughter steers and heifers steady; prime 1,200-1,325 Ib slaughter steers yield grade 3 and 4 28.00-28.50; high choice and prime 1,100-1,325 Ibs 17.5028.00; choice 950-1,400 Ibs yield grade 2 to 4 26.50-27.50; high choice and prime 900- 1,000 Ib slaughter heifers yield grade 3 and 4 26.25-26.40; choice 8501,000 Ibs yield grade 2 to 4 25.2526.25. Sheep 400; wooled slaughter lambs and ewes steady; choice and prime 90 - 115 Ib wooled slaughter lambs and ewes steady; choice and prime 90-115 Ib wooled slaughter lambs 23.0024.00; mixed good and choice 21.00-23.00. —Make disabled widows and widowers eligible for benefits equal to 82 Vz per cent of the deceased spouse's primary entitlement. —Qualify blind people for Social Security disability coverage even if they are able to work. Another major section of the bill completely rewrites House provisions aimed at cutting down the cost of the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program. But the Senate measure retains the objective of getting many welfare recipients into jobs and off the relief rolls. It kills a freeze provision in the House bill that would limit federal AFDC aid in the future to the same proportion of its children which a state had on the rolls in January 1967. House provisions that would compel parents and children over 16 who are out of school to take training and work or lose their welfare payments are softened by the Senate language. The Senate bill sets up several categories of persons who could not be required to work such as mothers with preschool children but would retain compulsory work features for many others. In addition to the substantial changes in nearly all Social Security cash benefits, it proposes many revisions in the medicare program inaugurated only last year, in the medicaid program of assistance to medically indigent persons and in public welfare aid. Administration supporters easily turned back Republican efforts Tuesday to cut the scope of the Senate bill down to the House's version. The House had voted for a benefit increase of at least 12% per cent and a $50 monthly minimum. lowan Hurt in 'Chute Mishap LAKEHURST, N.J. (AP)-An lowan and another man lay injured and a third man is dead in the wake of an accident during Navy parachute training Tuesday. The Navy said the injured- Airman Apprentice Harvey E. Meyer, 20, of Clinton, Iowa, and Staff Sgt. Terry C. Mullet*, 29, a Marine parachute instructor of Alexander, N.Y.—were hospitalized in fair condition. Meyer and Mullett jumped from a Navy plane at a height of 3,000 feet, the Navy said." Their parachutes opened, but the men collided about 150 feet above the ground. * Pacifists (Continued From Page 1) ment rejected the medicines because they were originally intended for the North Vietnamese and ordered the yacht out of South Vietnamese waters. One of the pacifists, Harrison Butterworth, 48, a professor .of English at Ohio University, stalled an attempt to tow the Phoenix out of Da Nang bay Tuesday night by swimming ashore. Butterworth was captured by U.S. Marines early today along a section of beach that is considered to be under Viet Cong control. Carrying a life preserver, he was brought to Da Nang where he told Lt. Gen. Hoang Xuan Lam, the area military commander, that the group intended to sail south toward Saigon. Butterworth told Lam he made the swim-in because he felt the pacifists had been dealing only with minor military officials and he wanted to talk to the top government representative in Da Nang. AUCTION SATURDAY, NOV. 25 Sale Starts at 12:00 LIVESTOCK SELLS AT 1:00 The local livestock run is just getting into full swing. If you need good fresh livestock, be sure to attend this sale. If you have livestock to sell just give us a call and we will be glad to look at them for you. The demand is real good. We also had a very good pig sale Saturday. 40 Ibs. pigs brought. $17 to $17.50 per head, 110 Ib. pigs brought $21 to $22 per head. Sell the auction way and receive full value for your livestock. CATTLE 11 Hereford steers, from one farm, choice quality. 5 Hereford heifers. Wt. 400 to 450 |bs. 14 Yearling Hereford heifers. Wt. 700 Ibs. 14 Mixed steers and heifers. Wt. 500 to 550 Ibs. 4 Angus steers. Wt. 500 Ibs. 6 Steers and heifers. Wt. 550 to 700 Ibs. 14 Choice Angus steers and heifers. No better grown. They top the market every year. Wt. 450 to 500 Ibs. 4 Choice Angus cows. Top quality. 75 Western steers. Wt. 425 to 475 Ibs. 12 Choice Angus cows. 1 Load of Westren heifers. HOGS 23 Good feeder pigs. 30 Good pigs. 21 Small pigs. 2 Red boars. 1 Spotted boar. 2 Good sows if they do not farrow before Saturday. SHEEP 8 Good ewes. 10 Fat lambs. MISCELLANEOUS Some furniture. Several small articles. 100 bales of good hay. Farmers Sale Co. Incorporated C. W. Bedford, Manager, Phone 9876 Barn—Phone 2572 Late Stock Quotations; N.Y. Market NEW YORK (AP) — Noon stock quotations Wednesday: AlliedCh 39% Int T&T 114% AlliedStrs 37% Interst P 21 Am Can 49% la E1L&P 23% AmChain 37 7 /s Iowa 111 G 25V4 AmCrysS 22^ la P&L 28% AmHome 54 7 / 8 KG P&L 32'/4 Am Mot 11% Kn'cott 42% AmSmelt 66% Krsge SS 78V4 AmStd 25% Leh PrtC 11% AmSugar 29% Loch Air 49% Am T&T 51 Martin 19% AmTob 31% Maytag 37'/4 Anaconda 46% M'dith 28 Armour 33V4 Mobil 41% Atchison 27V 8 M Wrd 21% AtlRich 96 Morrell 41% Avco 48 Ntl D'ry 34% BeatFds 59 Nat Gyp 41V4 BendixAv 46 ] /4 NY Cent 70% Beth Stl 32 NAm Rk 35V 2 Bo'nf Air 91% N Nat G 47% Borden 33V4 Penney 61V4 Brunswik 12% Pa RR 57 CaseJI 15% Pep Cola 37% Chrysler 52% Phill Pet 57% CollinsRa 91% Proct G 83% ConEdis 32% Qk Oats 80% CornProd 39% RCA 58% Curtis Wr 26 Rey Tob 40% Deere 51% Safewy 21% duPont 150 Sear Rob 56 J /4 East Kod 138V4 Sher'tn 26% Eltra Cp 33V4 Sinclr Oil 65% Fairmont 17V4 Sou Pac 27% FooteMin 27% Std Brds 34% Ford Mot 50% S Oil Cal 57% Fruehauf 39% S Oil Ind 52 GmbleSk 27% S Oil NJ 65% Gen Elec 104 Sunray 35% GenFds 66% Swift Co 30% Gen Mot 80% Texaco 79% GenPCm 13% Textron 46V4 GenT&El 44V4 TRW 92 Goodrich 67% Un Elec 22% Goodyear 46% Un Pac 37% Gt WestS 43% Uniroy 44V 4 G'hound 21% Uni Air L 67% Hershey 26 Unit Air 83% Homestk 50% US Gyp 72% I.C.Ind 66% US Steel 41 IBM 614 WU Tel 31V4 Int Harv 33% Westg El 74% Int Resist 52 W'wrth 25% Int Salt 40% NEW YORK (AP) — A continued stock market rally was running out of gas early this afternoon ahead in the first hour when the ticket tape ran three minutes late and the Dow Jones industrial average was up 6.25. The Dow industrials at noon had cut the gain to 2.26 at 873.21. Traders began evening - up their positions after the early rally as they prepared for what will be a four-day Thanksgiving weekend for many Wall Streeters. The stock exchanges will be closed Thursday but open Friday. Brokers said that the early strength was the usual continuation of a rally from the day before but that profits were taken and caution was the watchword as the initial buying wave exhausted itself. Gains outnumbered losses by more than 2 to 1. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks at noon was up 2.0 at 314.3 with industrials up 2.3, rails up 1.6 and utilities up 1.0. New confidence was germinating in Wall Street following the shock of British devaluation. The move to straighten out monetary confusion in the United States by combining the proposed 10 per cent income surtax with substantial cuts in government spending sat well with the financial community. Speculative activity switched to Brunswick which rose about a point as it dominated the list on volume. Annual Firemen's Banquet Served (Times Herald News Service) MANNING — One hundred eleven men registered for the annual Firemen's Banquet served Saturday evening at the American Legion Hall by the American Legion Auxiliary. Past firemen from Ralston, Neb.; Spirit Lake, Audubon, Carroll, Botna, Manilla, Irwin and Halbur were present, as well as volunteer fire fighters from Manning. Township trustees also attended. Additional gcests were city officials, doctors and dentists; and the presidents of the Chamber of Commerce and Jaycees. William F. Ohde, fire chief, was master of ceremonies, introducing the guests. A social evening was enjoyed after the banquet. VISITING RELATIVES (Times Herald News Service) AUBURN — Mrs. Dora Briley of Wall, S. D., is visiting here with her aunt, Mrs. Lottie Gorman, and at Yetter with her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Williamson. Deaths, Funerals MRS. ANNA MCDONALD IRWIN — Mrs. Anna McDonald, 76, of Irwin died Nov. 21 at the hospital in Harlan, where she had been a patient since Nov. 4. Her funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday in the Irwin Methodist Church with burial in Oak Hill Cemetery. The Rev. Nancy Nichols will officiate. Friends may call after 3 p.m. Thursday at the Ohde Funeral Home in Manilla. Mrs. McDonald, daughter of Yule Gifts On Display At Auxiliary Christmas gift items purchased by the American Legion Auxiliary for the Veterans Gift Shop project were on display at the November meeting of Maurice Dunn Unit No. 7 Tuesday night at Legion Hall. The assigned articles were bought by Mrs. LuVern Olberding, rehabilitation chairman, and will be sent to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Iowa City. Mrs. Arnold Witt conducted the meeting, during which $20.00 was voted as a donation to the Iowa Soldiers Home at Marshalltown. Plans were discussed for the next meeting of the Carroll County Auxiliary which will be held here in January. Mrs. Ralph Hoffmann, Mrs. Olberding and Mrs. Vincent Stangl y:ere named to head the committee for thait meeting. Mrs. Stangl was in charge of the annual Blue Book Quiz. The door prize was •awarded to Mrs. Delbert Scott. The business session was preceded by a pot luck dinner, served under co-chairmanship of Mrs. Kenneth Schwarzenbach and Mrs. John Beyerink Jr. The table centerpiece was symbolic of harvest time. Members will have a 50-cent gift exchange at the Christmas party in conjunction with their Dec. 19 meeting. The committee will include Mrs. Miles Hedges, Mrs. Clarence Pluck- hahn and Mrs. William Frank. Iowa Copter Pilot Killed in Vietnam DAVENPORT (AP) — Mrs. Naomi Utter of Davenport received word Tuesday that her son WO Mike Utter, 22, a helicopter pilot, has died of injuries suffered in a helicopter crash in Vietnam. Mrs. Utter was told Tuesday morning her son was injured; later in the day she was informed he had died of his injuries. B, Utter had been in Vietnam since January and was scheduled to return to the United States next month. INFANT BAPTIZED John Charles Parkis, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parkis of Carroll, was baptized Sunday afternoon in SS. Peter and Paul Church by the Rev. Jerome Cosgrove. Sponsors were the baby's great-uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Fiala of Omaha. Dinner guests in the Parkis home were the baby's sponsors and their daughter Nancy; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Timmerman; great- great-grandmother, Mrs. Elizab e t h Harmeyer; great-aunt, Mrs. Leo Collison; Mrs. Rose Mary Stangl and daughter Lisa; and John's brother, Michael, all of Carroll. Watch inr ..* your . weight? Serve more MANNING COTTAGB CHEESE Ask For It At Your Nearby Grocery MANNING CREAMERY it's low in calories Soren and Karen Carlson, was born at Harlan July 18, 1891, and had always lived in the Irwin area. She was married Feb. 24, 1915, to Arthur Earl McDonald, who died on May 25, 1956. She was a member of the Irwin Methodist Church, the Alta Circle of the church and of the American Legion Auxiliary. Surviving are two sons, Ward H. of Kaneohe, Hawaii, and Robert D., Des Moines; a daughter, Mrs. John (Leona) Knorr, Des Moines; ten grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; a sister, Mrs. C. B. (Mary) Jensen, Des Moines; and a brother, Hans Carlson of Stockton, Calif. Besides her husband, she was precedel in death by a daughter, Mrs. Richard (Alice) Rice; a sister, Christianne; and five brothers, Jess Peter in 1887; Carl, James, Jess and Otto Carlson. ALFRED L. POMEROY Alfred L. Pomeroy of Dallas, Tex., a native of Dedham and a former resident of Carroll, died Nov. 17 after a long illness. Services were held Monday at the Lamar and Smith Chapel in Dallas, Tex. Mr. Pomeroy is survived by his wife, Beryl, of 423 East Sixth, Dallas; five sons, Alfred Jr., Thomas, Donald, Joe and James, all of Dallas; four daughters, Adeline and Gloria of Salt Lake City, Utah; Mary and Fay of Dallas; his mother, Mrs. Minnie Pomeroy of St. Anthony Nursing Home, Carroll; two brothers, J. Merle and Harold Pomeroy, Dedham; and three sisters, Vera Parker, Council Bluffs; Margaret Flook, Coon Rapids; and Thelma Koester, Breda. MRS. OLIVE FAIR (Times Herald News Service) LAKE CITY - Mrs. Olive Pair, 95, Lake City, died here Tuesday night, Nov. 21, at Stewart Memorial Hospital after a short illness. Funeral arrangements are pending at the Huffman Memorial Chapel. Mrs. Fair is survived by a sister, Mrs. Irma Taylor of Mclntosh, S.D., nieces and nephews. Donald Pick Buys Poen Farm Donald Pick of Auburn was successful bidder at the public auction of the Will W. Poen estate farm in Sac County on Nov. 20. Purchase price for the 160-acre improved farm was $452.00 per acre. The farm is located four miles west and one and one-fourth miles south of Auburn. Albrecht and McCrea Wall Lake, were auctioneers. £2, •^^j^^^^Bj VIEW«MASTER Full-Color Stereo Pictures VIEW-MASTER Packets Each packet contains 21 full- color stereo scenes (3 reels). VIEW-MASTER Standard Viewer complete with one S17K special 7-scene reel | /o Endless enjoyment for the whole family. Entertaining, educational. Choose from a wide variety of exciting subjects covering travel, adventure, cartoons, seen- ics, fairy tales and others. VIEW, MASTER "It's Just Like Real!" VISIT OUR COUNTER TODAf HALBIG PHOTO SHOP CARROLL, IOWA

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