The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 30, 1930 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE EIGHT THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE sk any Standard Oil service station attendant to s LHIS simple test shows clearly that New Iso-Vis does not thin out or "break down" in the crankcase no matter how many miles you drive. To motorists accustomed to find oil thin and diluted after a - few hundred miles of driving, New Iso-Vis brings a new conception of motor oil quality. It is important to realize that 90 percent of the "thinning out" in your crankcase takes place during the first 200 miles after changing your oil. By overcoming this thinning out Iso- Vis assures you of lubrication not only when your oil is fresh but right up until the time you change. New Iso-Vis actually is as heavy, after a long period of use, as it was the day you put it in the crankcase. Remember, too—it reduces carbon deposit far below most premium priced more "body" an oil has, the slower the little ball falls in the tube. Notice the difference between used IsorVis and any other, oil drained from the crankcase: oils and lubrication over a wider' range of engine temperatures. You can get New Iso-Vis from any Standard Oil dealer or service station. Fill your crankcase today and enjoy more economical and efficient motor lubrication than you'veever had before. SAVE MONEY on carbon removal. New Iso-Vis reduces the carbon nuisance. and Mrs; Chas.: Manship, were Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Posey, daughter Juanita. and son Charles Richard, of Tipton. ' ( Mr. and Mrs. M. Ai Bower were Sunday afternoon guests of Mrs. E. M. Bower and daughter.Ina of Arcadia. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gunst, Sr. were Mr. and Mrs. Everett Pardon and daughters of Lapel.; ' > Maurice.Rs.insey of Goldsmith, was'the week end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ramsey and sister Licille. Ged, Manwarring who is quite ill with gall duct trouble and complications, is still reported to be ^holding his own. His sister Mrs.,Gertrude Twaddle of Battle- creek, Mich.-, is assisting in caring for him. , Mrs. Late Devariey and son Clarence of Arcadia were Tuesday guests of Mrs. Frank Hunter. Hailie Gustin of Hobbs was the Sunday dinner guest of his mother, Mrs. Sam Ramsey. Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Emma Davis and family were: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Minneman and daughter Joan, ; of Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McCloskey of Logansport and Mr. and Mrs. Walter McFatridge of Kokomo. (Howard Davis ,' returned home with Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey for| the summer and George Davis with Mr. and Mrs. McFatridge for a short visit. Mr. and Mrs. Shirl Long, son Joe and daughter Thelraa, visited Saturday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Webb and family of Alexandria. [ .George Walton of Greencastle visited the week end ' with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Shirl Walton and family^ Mr. and Mrs. John Scott were Indianapolis visitors Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Melt Hartnian of | Noblesville were Saturday guests of Mrs: Josie Long and daughter | high, school, was held: in the school house gym. The room was beautifully decorated with apple blossoms,- the color schenie being of red and white. Colors of the association were carried throughout; the tables were lighted with red candles and the room made a very beautiful appearance. The program was as follows: "Memorial," Rev. Austin.Smith; .Introduction of Toastma'ster, i Roy Henderson^ and Welcome by the president, .Ray Wiggins.' "Response" by George Dunn; "Sentiment," Rev. L. F. Ulmer; solo "Happy Days," Miss Alma McNeal; ; toast, "It Is Here," Hugh. Shirk; fancy toe dimes, by little Nancy: Jane Sylvester of Indianapolis; reading, "School Days," 0. W. Coxiri of El wood; "The Alumni, and Why We Have It," Roy Henderson; illustrated song, Will Leonard; toast, |Tlien Arid Now," Glen Whisler of Marlon;^ song by the alumni male quartet, composed of Will Leonard, Max Steckle, Jack Honnold and Marion Henderson; reading by Q. W. furnished hour by a Coxin. Music was throughout the supper three-piece orchresta composed of Dorsie Brunson at the piano, Marion Henderson, saxophone, and Edward Davis of .Tijiton, trap drum. The evening was an enjoyable one and different members expressed their sentiments as to it being the most enjoyable alumni affair they had ever attended in Atlanta. Sunday^ dinner guesi 's of Mr. and Mrs. Will Cravens, were Mr. and MrS. Ed Harrison son*»'Rosco'e, near Hobbs.:' Roscoe Jwho has been quite ill for several weeks is still confined to-his bed. Eugene Perkins is ^staying * this; week to assist in the care of him. ) Mrs.'Chas. Newbold of Eaton, p., is spending the week with her parents, Mr. and' Mrs. j • James Meyncke and her sister Mrs.: A lan Wright' and family. | Mr.j and Mrs. Ed Lane visited Wednesday with Mr. arid Mrs. George Phillips of Indianapolis. Mr. Phillips suffered a stroke of paralysis three weeks/, ago and since that time has been practically j helpless. His daughter Mrs. kathryn Hutchins, Ft. Wayne, fs assisting in.caring for hini. I Sunday dinner guests ' of Dr. and Mrs. F. P.- McDanieis and son JameS; were Mr. and Mrs.-Lowell Whisler and son Donald Eugene, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Whisler and daughter Betty of. Marion, I and Mr-and Mrs. Garland Twaddle and daughter Lorene of Battlecreek, i Mich., and Mr. and Mrs, ters Cleo Swing and two daugh- of Noblesville. .' Mrs. James Winton was a Tip- but it is worse on end of cigar ton visitor Saturday. Chas Long of Bloomirigton visited Patty Ann New Palatine is also affected By our new refining processes— giving it an efficiency] which is exceeded only by New Iso-Vis. The price is 25 cents a quart. <r Motor Oh STANDARD OIL V " O M PAN Y, vanaJ Glossbrenner, Mrs. Martha Ann Cravens and Gwendolyn Cravens of Indianapolis, Jack Bfown and Miss Mary Marjory Brown of An-j derson, Mrs. Pete Gue of Gary,| and Mrs. Archie Stultz of Atlan ta. ' Sunday dinner guests of. Mrs. I Rebecca Aldridge a Cora, were Mrs,. ATLAXTA-AMJIUGHT. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gerts-: ner of Cincinnati, (J., are visit-, ing with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bouse j and other relatives and friends, j '' Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Swing and quite ill for seyeral weeks, is Archfe Stultz of Niles,- Mich., very much improved at this time, spent'the week end at his home Mrs. John Coverdale is caring /here. ^ ' ! for her. \ ''• j Mrs. Pete Gue arid daughter <j>f " Gary motored home Sunday morning after a -week 's visit here Mr. and Mrs: Pete Lee andi daughter '-Nellie were Sunday uests of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Cook faipily of; NoTilesville were Sun-| o1 Tipton. day afternoon guests of Mrs. Liz-; Mrs. Lissie Boll of Elwood vis- zie ; Ha-uffman. ' • ited Saturday and Sunday with Tuneral services orj Israel Eh- 1 her mother Mrs. Elizabeth Still- Sunday aft-! weI1 man Which were held ernoon at the Dunkajra church j Sunday dinner guests, of Mr. arid cemetry east of I Arcadia j and Mrs. Frank SUtt Jr., were •we 're attended by Mr. and, Mrs'.'Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gurtsner of Kauffmaii r Cincinnati, O., and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bryan, A. G. . and Mrs. I Flora Phenis ta*'" I "' | i Kenneth McCarty of Kalama- : [Mr. and Mrs. A.--D. Whisler of] zoo, Mich., returned home Sunday New Hope were Sunday! guests ofj morning after visiting the week- jirs. Elle|n Whisler and Mrs.: end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs Francis Titus]. | |Robert : McCarty, and brother, of Atlui-! ; Ed Bouse south of Atlanta. Aire. Mary King who has been Victor. with her mother, |Mrs. - Archie Stultz arid brother' Gene. i . Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ramsey, daughter Helen and son Garland, visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roller., and Mr. and Mrs. John Ailer of kokomo. Elmer Snyder of Indianapolis was the Saturday over night guest of Mr. and Mrs. George Snyder of Albright community. Mrs. Chas Muryhy who has been quite ill with the 'flu for_tlie past three weeks . is much irii- proved though still confined to her bed. . i_ ; i Monday dinner guests of. Mr- Betty. ' . ' 1 Mr. and Mrs. John . Leonard j were Indianapolis visitors Tuesday and Wednesday. Julia Ann and Philip Walton were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Paul near Tipton. Sunday dinner guests of Dan Achenhach and Mrs. Pearl Cox and son Thomas, were Mr. and Mrs. Everett Morgan and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Reisinger of Indianapolis. Monday dinner and supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bouse were Mr. and Mrs. 1 Vincent Gertsner of Cincinnati, 0., ; and Mr. arid Mrs. Frank,Stitt and daughter Marjory. The Gleaner class,of the Atlanta M. E. .Sunday school met Friday evening in the church basement. The business session was presided over by the president, Ray Wiggins; opened «'by prayer by Rev. L. F. Ulmer; song, "Count Your Blessings." Final plans were made for serving the Alumni banquet. A splendid business and social everting was spent. Light refreshments 1 were served. Guests of the evening, were Mr. and Mrs. George -Riebeling and family of Albright* Allen enjoyed a happy evening. -The annual 'banquet, of the alumni association of the Atlanta Huntington, Mr. and Williams and Will Shawl of Tipton, and Mr. and Mrs.jVern Stage of -Bluffton, O. Evening . guest was Mrs. Carl Aldridge of Ind'f anapblis. ' Mrs. Addie Wibel from Thursday until Sunday with his wife Mrs. Azza Long and tlauphter Estelle. Mr. Lorig*came to -attend ' the commencement held at- Cicero Thursday evening, his daughter being a graduate of; the Atlanta high school. | Cliickenpqx in Atlanta still car-| ries: on, Billy and Betty Endicotti being the.latest victims. . . ] i Mrs. Lucy Reynolds of -Ar-i cadia was the Thursday guest of her mother, Mrs. George Ha-' wortli. ' . *V ' Thursday evening guests of Mrs 1 .-Elizebth Jordan, wore Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Jordan of-Indianapolis and Miss Isabelle Shorter of Arcadia. Mrs. Lee Gasho and Daughter Grace Anne were Tuesday dinner guests of Mr...arid Mrs. Ed Lane. Mrl and Mrs. Gen. HawoTth were Sunday dinner guostsof Mr: and ;Mrs. Gilbert Meeks-and. family j near Tipton. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Paul of'.near Tipton, were: Monday afternoon jof Arcadia, |gu^ti ot Mr. and Mrs^'Shirl* Wai- Jaughter Mrs. Car.l was the Sunday' dinner guest ofi; to ri a: nt l family. Their son Eddie Dr. and Mrs. O. A. family. Miss Mary Jordan visited with her mpther for Muncie,. Sunday, Hughes and ji Walton accompanied thom - ; and F wiill li-emain- with anil -Mrs., Floyd of Arcadia, Eolicli for the summer. Mrs.; Richard McNew .of Elwood "-"••-•=• <Y^— - : where shejlgr! and brothers Leo and Cleo. the| When; returning horiie , l"st-.Sun- i day, in the city of Ehyood, a commeir- man stepped from an alley.' (Tidal teacher'in Atlanta . high | rectly! in front of his machine school left Saturday- -tiff her honie j which knocked him down, breaking ! one rib. Aside 'from bruises will attend normal during summer. - , . Mrs. Marie Mitchell, ... the war against Spitting is a crusade of decency • • • join it. Smoke CERTIFIED CREMO! Do yon remember the old, filthy cigar shop where the man in the windowroHed the leaves with dirty fingers... and spit on the ends? More than half of all cigars made in this country are! still made by hand, and therefore subject to the risk of spit! The modern CREMO METHOD of manufacture protects] you against this abomination—gives you the finest cigar quality plus the cleanliness of Certified food! ! | Chevrolet Now on Display In Our Show Room—East Jefferson St. < Jbr Economical Transportation $5,000 M^AM^^flg^---^ AntMMbUc Values ir. Danville: Mr. and Mrs. Keniieth Ehman visited ' Sunday afterrioon with Mrs. Levi Winton at the Noblesville hospital. - ' . Mr. and Mrs. Planalp visited Monday with Mrs. C iss Sells at the M. E. hospital at Indianapolis. . Hope and- Joe Wiggins visited oVer the week end with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Cochran of New Hope community. ; : ' Mr. ajid Mrs. Jamefc Shorter of Indianapolis, called on their mother, 'Mrs. Elizab;th Jordan Saturday morning. Mrs. Bernie Miller and daughters, Jo Ann. and Mary Evelyn, .were'Elwood visitors! Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe | Fox and daughter Norma Jean were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fox aid -family. 1 Mr. and; Mrs,. Ray Wiggins were Sunday dinner guests of ,Mr. and Mrs: Rea Sinimonds west of New Hope. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Allan Wright were Mrs. Chas. Newbold of Eaton, Ohio, Mrs'. Bertha Parker of Arcadia and Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Meyncke ^Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gasho and- daughter Grace Anne, >visited Sunday with: Mn. Kate Roberts of Noblesville; who- Is quite ill wlt,h rhenmatlsm.' 'Week. 6nd guests op Mr. knd yUrn. Marlon Plekett nnd son Lawrenc»,.,were. , Mr.-and Mrs. Ar r thurO'Connflr. and M^rs. Elmer Perkins and: sons, Harold and he I was not injured otherwise. Rifchard reported the accident to the police and was released on his own recognizance. Anderson Herald reported the man snffered a scull fracture, which wis a mis- i. • -take. .. i • Saturday and Sunday guests of Mr^; Hailie Baden, were-Mr. and Mrs: Aubrey CUbson of Indianapolis L and Mr. and- Mrs: Clarence Baden of Tipton. ^ ~' Miss iVivian Lively of Indianapolis,; was the "week end guest of her'parents, Mr. and 'Mrs. John Lively! east of Atlanta. : Mr.; arid Mrs. Hafloy Sylvester and! daughters. Nancy-Jane, and Betty Joe of Indianapolis were Saturday evening guests of Mr." and: Mrs. Shirl Walton and fam- .15 , Monday and Tuesday guests of CUBS' Sells and family; were. Mr. andi Mrs. Ed Wisenstein and Mrs Marie boherty of Chicago. All visited:with Mrs. Sells at the M E.i Hospital at Indianapolis. They found Mrs: Sells fairlv good. The attending surgeon had intended to i operate ; Tuesday, ;but postponed the same because .Mrs: Sells' condition, was such that, it was: deemed advisable to wait un- itil later. • Mrs. .Sells was taken to the hospital two weeks ago after. rani acute attack of kidney trou^ bkll • j ! , : •-. > Rev. Austin SmithmotorcfL With'-Mr. and Mrs.-Frank. Goings Ito Hopewell Sunday where they attended 'the funeral services of 'Misa Hoback SuiTday* afternoon. •: Miss looldia; Mount was a' Tlp- Mrs Basey live west of Arcadia, I ice. The entire service will be giv- Mrs.-Marv'Mount"was.the Tues-.| en over to special program. This Will j will he a real worthwhile pro- j gram. All.are invited. Dr. L. C. Bentjeyv district su- day. guest of Mr. and Mrs. Hartmah of Tipton.. , j Mrs. Pearl LykenR and daugh-l over- 1 perintendent preached a splendid sermon at the M: tei- Jo Aiiri were. Monday night guests of Mrs. Susie Jackson and son Hugh. Mrs! Geo.-. Haworth was the Saturday, dinner guest of her sister -Mrs. Emmett Washington of Noblesville.' M. K. Cliurcb. E. church Sat- ' urday evening after which he conducted the first quarterly conference of the year, i Prayer service and Junior ) League Thursday j 7:30 p. m. Both | young and old are urged to at!tend. | . (liy, F. Ulmer, Pastor.) I choir membersl are urged to be Sunday school, 0:30 a. m. M. present at rehearsal jThursdajr at A. Ste'qkel, Supt. Preaching 10:30-' s:l5 p. m. Every: member should a.-m. Subject: "The .Blessing of ! U e. present. Being Poor." .Eptverth League, 6:45 p. m. Rev. and Mrs. L. F. TJlmer and Walter Jordan atjtended the Pas- meeting at You have a special invitation to I tors and Stewards this seryice. . I Kokomo TuesdayJ Church Talent Night will be observed at the 7:30 p. m. serv- Tribuue classified ada paj. iton visitor Monday. Mrs IKern -Applegate and son EdwArd of^picpro, were* the [Thursday guesU-.of. Mrs. ; Ellen wailiit Isler and Mrs.jFrancis Titus., [W' Nan^;iin|f'T»id son' Ei "Br;»if *iman" Traction Garage ATLANTA, INDIANA Why Worry About Motor Tronble—Tell It to Us— We 7 Don't Worry—Best of Equipment, i 0.= inm i9 \i V..

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