Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 30, 1963 · Page 6
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 6

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 30, 1963
Page 6
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Your Problems bv Ann Landers — Alice Raynesford Is United in Marriage Sunday with Joe Brownrigg I Page 6 'Garden f'ltv Tolngrnm | Friday, August 30, 1963 DEAR ANN LANDERS: Our 2;) \cai old daughter \\as iiiar- nei| last vj,rin};. She is expert- in;! n baby in November. Jiolli she and her hu,'.ban<l June I\MI more years of college. .Sim is working on ber rnasler'.s decree, lie on Ills I'll. I). I,asl week my daughter told mi; thai she and her husband h;ac decided lo give up 'heir child for adaption. She f-ays 'lie doctor will hiindle all the details and she is not going lo e\en see (he bnby. Her reason for d.'iinc Ibis is that both she and her husband wanl to finish their education and wilb a baby it would lie impossible. I n in 'horrified and have told her so. but I can't seem fo reach her. These are intelligent, decent young people, Ann. They would be wonderful parents. I have offered In take the baby and she said. "\o, if we see the baby we would want to k 'ep it." Please help me persuade her against doing this terrible l.iing. i\'0 WORDS LEFT Dear No Words: Your observation that "They would b ( . wonderful parents' 1 is incorrect. The prime requisite for successful parenthood is to wanl a child. /.y. They are both above average in intelligence but when we leave tlir.m alone for more than lo minutes they try to kill each other. The girl is l.'i and the boy is l(i. Tn listen lo (hem bicker and pick at each other you'd think they were fi and 4. If something isn't done about their fighting soon my husband threatens to move to a hotel Last night when we c a m e home from a meeting 11m girl had a bloody nose and the boy showed us a handful of hair lhal she had [Milled out of his bend. The mirror in the dining room was cracked. She had thrown something a I. him and missed. The worship service for the j marriage of Alice Raynesford,; 120fi Pinecrest, and Joe Brown- HKK. lola, took place Sunday afternoon August 25, in the First Methodist Church. The Rev. H.P. Woertendyke, die bride's grandfather, was the minister. Dr. and Mrs. .1.1). Raynesford. Harden City, arc parents of the bride. The bridegroom is the son of Mrs. James Brownrigg, lola, and the late Mr. Brownrigg. Thc bride was escorted to meet her bridegroom by her father and given in marriage by her parents. Music for the worship service included a prelude of praise and meditation and a congregational hymn. The processional was "Hymn To Joy" by Beethoven. The Recessional March by Asp-1 er was introduced by a peal of Rounds and Queens for eight bells on the church carillon. Mrs. I've talked lo them till I'm blue in the face. I've threaten- Joe Vanderweidc was organist, ed, begg-i'd and punislwd in every possible way. Nothing helps. My best friend who is smart woman says it's for a brother and a sister lo h a v e disagreements. Please help. — BATTLE WEARY Dear Weary: It is natural for a brother and a sister to have disagreements, but your I w o are trying to kill each other. The bride greeted guests in the I a very «own which she had chosen to natural fashion of peau do soie and imported French Chaiitilly lace. Hep ; floor-length controlled hell skirt, j edged with scallops containing i hand-appiiqucd lace, extended into a sweep train from a lifted front hemline. A bateau neckline and traditional buttoned sleeves Such hostility is a symptom styled the fitted lace bodice. Her in the mid-teens ; double veil of silk illusion, also of deep-seeded decent" (emotional problems. When a boy and a girl al 15 and 10 arc so full of hostility that they must resort to physical violence, it means they both need professional help. * * * tw;> "intelligent, people don't qualify. Of course, it's a dreadful thing they lire considering and they will probably regret it later, but this is their decision to make. I earnestly hope — with you, myj dear — that they will change their minds, but now that you've! I-.PAD let them know how you feel, slay! , DEAR m i 0 ( j( ' IM>.V who kissed his sweetheart * •*••* w '"' '" s eycs °' )cri ~ *•'"''• wns DEAR ANN LANDERS: We j ™;» *™ £ V"Z'l T have two lecniigers who a r c | sl( | ercf , it pcI . fccUy normu |. , driving their father and me era- i c | on ., remember appliqued with lace, fell from a braided peau do soie crown. Decorating the reception table was her cascade bouquet of white roses and blue tulle. Identical gowns of blue crVsla- lene were worn by thc maid of honor, Anne Bowman. Derby, an<| bridesmaid, Lela Kay Lowe, Citv. Fashioned after Photo by Curtis SluJio MR. AND MRS. JOE BROWNRIGS Alice Raynesford drive to Boston where they will ENURESIS * (). 1 have an<l ftrandfitn tfho wets thr bed. A The doctor lays he is in- Kitod hrtillh. What can ic« A do lo help? A. Having eliminated physi- ^ cal cause;, of cnurcsis (bcd- w welling), help may conic — from suggestion. Try to dispel ™ possible worry the child may _ hiivc about expressing uggres- 9 sivc feelings. Sometimes enu- rcsis is H sign of unccrlninly ^ in lhe child—that his "plumbing" is not quite right. Most .cases can be helped through 1 adult understanding and cn- I coiiragcmcnl, although some leases arc admittedly very dif- 1 ficnll lo correct. Hnuresis I which appears in a'child after I un operation is likely to he I un especially difficult prob- 1cm. , LEG BLISTERS (f. I have water Misters on my leu*. The blisters, ir/n'r/i until last year occurred only during summer months, hurst anil make lores, What cttitsus this? \. ' r here could be many possible causes (including scnsi- livily to sunlight or ultraviolet light), but surely you have sought medical advice by now. If you huven'l—do so. CALL — llinl's nil — »ml we'll pick U|> ond deliver jour prescription. anything. Rather than ever seeing mention it and m a k c me self-conscious, my brainy wife simply brushed my eyelids with her fingertips. What I believed was a gesture of tenderness was a signal to turn off the headlights. So please print this letter and give the girl a helping hand. I floorrlength boil skirts and appli- ques of the bridal lace. They wore matching lace mitts and braided rrystalene crowns with small veils. Their honeymoon will include a visit lo Suches, Ga., where Mr. his summer. be: Warren Hall, 14 Bus we 11 Street, Boston 15, Mass., 02215. Serving his-brother as best, man _ was Jim Brownrigg, Tola. Guests were escorted by ushers Robert i RaVnosford, brother of the bride,' rnd Lorrin Lowe, Garden City; Bud Fretz, nephew of the bride[?roof, lola; and John Durling, Kiowa. Prominent In th c reception in' Mrs. Brownrigg attended Kan- sas Stale University where she was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta social sorority. During the past yea r she attended Baker University, from which Mr. Brownrigg was graduated Ihis spring. He will be a firsl-year student in the Boston University School of Theology. Former Garden Citian Marries Topeka Bride G. G. (Joe) who were think my wife's system is infin- Fellowship Hall were two white | ]\lr. and Mrs. itely more romantic than say- i crystallete covered punch tables' Biles, Hutchinson, ing "What are voti lookinc at ! centered by a third blue-covered Garden City residents until 1938 Bub?" - BLINDED BY ' ''" " ' ' " ' ""' and LOVE' ca k e tnhlc. Serving the four-tier i ed cake were Carol Calhoon and Mrs. Virgil Hands Jr., Garden City; and Mary Fretz, Tola, niece of the bridegroom. Pouring To learn the knack of feeling i P lln ch were Mrs. O.II. Armstrong comfortable with the opposite! Wheat Ridge, Colo, aunt of the Dear Blinded; I agree let's hope she sees this. announce the marriage of their son, Bertram Robert Biles, to Linnea Carol White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace M. White, Topeka. The Rev. David McGowan,! a Manhattan, minister of the Pres- j she Winton Hinkle, Emporia; Brian and Blake Biles, Hutchinson, brothers of the bridegroom; , e sex, send for Ann Landers' hndc : ? nd Mrs. Elizabeth Fretz, bvlcl . ian Campus Center at Kan- High School booklet, "How To Be Date|I»l a . sister of the bridegroom.' sa ' s state University, performed „„_ ,..„,' Bait." enclosing with your re- Other reception assistants were: Ul(J so j emnization of lhe vow in ! fh i" "Vh « B:ll Brookshire, Eric; and Stan Byller, Manhattan. The bride is a senior at Kansas State University and is a member of Kappa Delta sorority e to People program, is a graduate of Coldwater the Coldwater First Mrs. Ronald Roth, Holcomn: Lil- lia n Shechy, Yondolan clauscn -1 church Aug 11 Karla Hooper, Mrs. Paul Frank, j ' vows Methodist Mrs. Esther Lowe, Mrs. Bueford Roper, all of Garden City; Diane Percival, TesiCott. Bernadine Silts; Garden City, attended the | guest book. Gifts were opened j for the couple by Jaqueline Ul- j rich and Nancy Ewalt, bolb of Holcomb. Mr. and Mri. Brownrigg will Musicians were organist, Don Booth and soloist Duane Deyoe, both of Coldwater. Attendants for the bride 'were Mrs. Larry Erickson. Manhattan; Karla M. White, Topeka; and Dolores White, Coldwater. B r idegroom's attendants were orner Bttttr', Tlwoujli 'Hc.lth i Knowledge^ TROPICAL, FREEZE 1 can (& ounces) frozen orange concentrate 1 can (1 2/3 cups) undiluted evaporated milk '4 cup lemon juice Va cup ;band was graduated this month from Kansas State University. He was a resident of Maitlaticl E. Smith Scholarship House anil participaled in the People to People program and Midwest Model United Nations. He is a 1958 graduate of Garden City High School. fCLUNGMYNE ' ; PHARMACY 109 Grant BR6.-6762 quest 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your .problems. Send them to her 'n cars of tho Garden Cily Telegram enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Adoption \Announced ' Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Miller of Deerfield announce the adoption of a baby boy, Larry Wayne, who is 10 days old. : Maternal grandparents arc Mr. : and Mrs. Henry W o I f f, 30-1 N. i loth, and the- paternal gramlpnr- , enls are Mr. and Mrs. Ted Mill- ( , cr. Deerfield. j Set the orange concentrate outside thc freezer to thaw. Pour j |N NESS C|TY ,, i Mrs. Miller is the former Carol milk into refrigerator trav and place in. ice cube section to freeze',,/%",''!' fl | r - and Alrs Wolff, Garden City, and was a until soft crysials freeze ihrourf, the milk. : SlSA!™? 1 M^^ teacher in Lincoln School here. ame COLE EN KAY is lh e name chosen by Mr. and Mrs. Pete Burgardt, 201 N. llth, for their daughter. Her birthday is Aug. 22. Jo Ellen Wampler Honored At Gunnison Music Camp. Mr. and Mr*. Troy Moody and '• son, Archie, 1511 N. 8th, returned Tuesday evening from their vacation in the Ozarks. They also j visited Mr. Moody's mother, Mrs. Beulah Moody, Texarkana, Ark., and attended a famiy reunion; and fish-fry at the Texarkana State Park, Sunday. Mrs. Geraldlne Grove and son, Ted, LaMesa, Calif., left Monday | from Arvada, Colo., lo visil with i lier daughter and family, Mr. and | Mrs. Jim (Sylvia) Sleele, Linda! and Jamie. Mrs. Grove and sonj Slave been visiting her parents, Dr. and Mrs. T. P. Wadley, 1002 Safford, and friends for several days. Linda Steel, great-granddaughter of the Wadleys, had been here enjoying the great swimming pool and Richardson zoo. She returned to Arvada with the Groves. Mr- and Mrs. Clay Weldon, Pierceville, are expecting their daughters to arrive tonight from Leavenworth to spend the Labor Day weekend with them. Miss Elsie Weldon is dietitian at Veterans Hospital at Wadsworth and Miss Hazel Jo Weldon will teach music in the elementary schools at Leavenworth. The girls have | an apartment together. Calendar of Social Events F1UDAY HIGH SCHOOL CASUAL — 7:30 - 10:.'iO Civic CentPr. SATURDAY JUNIOR COLLEGE — 7:30 -10:30 p.:n Civic Center. Sl'NDAT DEMOLAY — 2 p.m. Masonic Temple. Instalation ot officers. Public invited. MONDAY ELK LADIES BRIDGE — 2 p.m. Elk Hall. Hostesses Mrs. Harold Kleysteuber, Mrs. Lawrence Strack- leiolm. WESLEYAN SERVICE GUILD — p.m. picnic at C.D. Walker home, 914 X. 2nd. Bring table service and a salad or vegetable casserole. Hostess. Miss Ruth Walker. TIJF.SDAT EAGLES AUXILIARY — 8 p.m. Aerie home. OLD TIMERS CLUB — 1-4 p.m. Civic Center. JUNIOR COLLEGE — 9-10:30 p.m. Get-art|uainted danre. Civic Center. HAPPY HOMEMAKERS HDU — 1:30 p.m. Mrs. Louis Lefort, Rt t. EASTERN STAR — 7 p.m. Masonic Temple. Covered dish supper. Pnst matrons and patrons night. 8 p.m. meeting. EUPHRADES STUDY CLUB — 2:30 p.m. Mrs. E.E. Webb, 207 N. 1st WEDNESDAY UNIQUE STUDY CLUB — 9:30 a.m. coffee, Mrs. Nellie Dewey, 607 N. 5th. PTERCEVILLE FEDERATED WO,MAN'S CLUB — 2 p.m. Mrs. Mytes McGehee, Pierceville. JUNIOR HIGH 9th Grade — 7-9 p.m. Civic Center. Dance and movie, 'The John Glenn Story." Mrs. Scoff Entertains HDU Mrs. Effie Scott, 1007 Conkllng, was hostess recently to the August meeting of the Essex Home Demonstralion Unit. A travelogue of Europe was given by Mrs. Raymond Kester, who showed slides and told of her trip. Kathy York and Wanda Largent gave a demonstration on dairy foods and made salads. Special gifts were received by Mrs. Guy Rhodes and Mrs. Kenneth Armstrong. Mrs. Harry Reed, 513 N. 10th, will be hostess for the Sept. 11 meeting at 2 p.m. Jo Ellen Wampler 17-year-old' daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John, Wampler, 701 E. Hackberry, received many honors at the 30th annual Gunnison Music Camp which she altended Aug. 10-24! at Gunnison, Colo. i She had two hours of honors band under William D. Reveli,: daily; three hours in the symphony band for directors and college students under the same director; two hours in the director's choral ensemble for directca-s and college students with supervisors Glenn Hanson and LaVera Venturo and two hours in the symphony orchestra for directors, college and high school students with Guy Frascr Harrison 1 as director. | All registrants were placed byj audition in the specific organizations in which they participated. Mis* Wampler, a senior at Garden City High School, plays tic bassoon and just completed her j fifth nuisic cam.p. She attended j three years at Hays and this j camp was her second summer' at Gunnison. j This music camp is sponsored by Western State College of Colo- Miss Kelts Honored with Bridal Party Miss Sharon Kells was honored with a pre-nuptial shower lasl Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Tony Geier, 610 N. 12th. Miss Kells, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Kells, 501 Olive will be married Saturday to Edward Kraus. Hostesses were Mrs. Geier and Kathy, Mrs. Pete Bergkamp and Pat and Mrs. Gene Embree. Games were played and th e winners presented their prizes to the honoree. Twinkling lights and sprays of lily of the valley were featured on the serving table which was covered with a ruffled skirt of blue net over a blue cloth. Blue and white chrysanthemums in a Madonna vase centered the table. Miniature white cakes decorated with miniature blue rosettes and punch were served. Mrs. Pete Bergkamp made the blue and white mints. Special guests were Mrs. Earnest Kells, mother of the bride- elect; Mrs. Ralph Kraus, mother of the future bridegroom; Mrs. T.H. Stillwell and Mrs. Bill Watson, grandmothers of the honoree. Other guests present were Mmes. George Deslongchamp, Albert Meier, Herbert Brecheisen, Richard Quint, Wayne Pickett, David Rintoul, LeRoy Anderson, Norbert Kraus, Harold Keller, Homer Pierce Jr., Al Radigan and Helen Angeles. Sending gifts but unable to attend were Mmes. Al Regan, L.L. Solze, S.G. Wasinger, Carl Connors, Tom Norris, Duane Slaley, Edythe Smith, Phyllis Johnston, Laura Bebermeyer, Elizabeth Meier and Beulah Gooden. Jo Ellen Wampler rado at Gunnison and jnedls ar* served at the college cafeteria*. Members live in the college dormitories. The students Union, game room, grill and book store are open each day and a dance followed each evening's program. Roxie Smith, Holcomb, and Louise Wampler, 710 N. 7th, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Wampler to Gunnison to hear the final concert in which Jo Ellen participated, r CALL Don's Service, 8th and Laurel, for prompt T.V. Radio Stereo. We service all brands. BR 6-3011. —30adv CALL Don's Service, 8lb «m Pour frozon ""ilk into large bowl. Whip it with egg beater until tS^ew^Ttf^Uer''^!^" 10 stiff or about 2 minutes. Add lemon, juice. Continue whipping until; jj very stiff. Mix the sugrar with orange and fold into whipped milk . Laurel, for prompt T.V. Radio ' w j( n spoon Put into two small or on* large refrigerator trays. Put Stem,. We service all brands. BR ti-liOll. — SOadv New In Garden City A COMPLETE LOAN SERVICE LOANS from 525.00 to $1,000.00 or MORE Meet Our Manager A liberal loan policy with prompt, friendly, one-day service. to consolidate indebtedness and reduce monthly payments, to pay tax^ss, medical or personal expenses, or for any worthy purpose. Loan plans to suit your convenience. Loans made by mail or telephone to all surrounding areas. RAY KANTOLA Your Money Man Use the MP 1 • 1 & 1 Plan 1 Phone Call 1 Visit 1 Place to Pay FINANCECO:, INC '422 North Main Garden.City. Kansas Dial BR 6-7669 ; Other Mid-Plains offices in Kansas: Gtpat Bend, McPherson, Liberal, Hutchinson, 'Aanhattan in freezer 2 or 3 hours or overnight. WENDY ADAMS Holcomb (Send your favorite recipe to Itif Cook'» Corner. Each reeip* which is pu'-'ished will earn • Si prize for the contributor. Recip«« will be judged on the basis ot reader interest or originality. They mav be taken from a cook book or magazine, but the tourer ih.-ujld be given and sh -ild not be a current iisue.) BE SAFE-BUY ALL DRUGS FROM A PHARMACIST AT NORRIS DRUG NON-PRESCRIPTION DRUGS ARE POTENT, TOO "I guess I con take this medicine freely," Martha thought. "It't not on prescription." On prescription or otherwise, Martha, drugs should be used carefully. Your doctor and our pharmacists know that medicines can help you or really harm you if not used wisely! IN MONTEZUMA, Mr. and Mrs Roy Yardley Jr., have named thei r new son Brian Todd, Date of his birth is Aug. 24. In HOLCOMB, Trent Paul was selected as the name for the new son of Mr. and Mrs. Beverly Nichols. Date of his birth is Aug 16. CALL Don's Service, 8th and Laurel, for prompt T.V .Radio Stereo. We service all brands. BR G-3011. —SOadv Call Don's Service 8th & Laurel FOR PROMPT TV • RADIO • STEREO SERVICE All Brands Pho. 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