The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 7, 1985 · Page 59
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 59

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 7, 1985
Page 59
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Saturday The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, April 7,1985 Page 19 fc David." 9 Action-Packed Cllffhangers (10) 10-11 Magazine: Etc. a The Making Of Space A be. hlnd-lhe-scenes look at the making, of * the ministries "Space." Interviews with James . Mlchener, James Garner, Beau Bridges and Michael York. Host: Blair Brown. (N) Dangermouse (U) NHL Hockey Division Semifinals Game 3 (Time Tentative) 7:00 aOOX&a Dlffrent Strokes • Six members of the' American ' Olympic gold medal team play - themselves In this story about gymnasts. (R) dXDffi Austin City Limits Featured: Earl Thomas Conley ("Fire and Smoke," "Heavenly Bodies/' "Chance of Lovln' You"); Vince Gill ("Turn Me Loose"). 7 ®®ea®l3 T.J. Hooker' Hooker Is determined to clear the name of a slain cop after a > large sum of money is found among his personal effects. (R) (CO 8 Kansas City's Weather: The Wind And Rain Qe©(lO)(B<B Charles In Charge Working couple Jill and , Stan Pembroke hire 19-year-old' college student Charles to move In and help with their three children. (R) a Only When I Laugh (9) Movie ** "Sole Survivor" (1969) Vince Edwards, Richard Basehart. The lone survivor of a plane crash aids the investigation of the accident 17 years later. 9 Movie * "Border Phantom" (1937) Bob Steele. An honest cowboy helps exonerate a girl accused of killing her uncle. a Movie " "Harmony Trail" (1944) Ken Maynard, Eddie Dean. A marshal and three friends search for a gang of - bank robbers. 4 Switch Q| Black Sheep Squadron (C) Movie "* "Moonrunners" (1975) James Mltchum, Kiel Martin. 'PG' (HBO) Movie *** "Splash" (1984) Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah.'PG' O Movie **• "My Favorite Brunette" (1947) Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour. A mysterious woman persuades a baby photographer to become a super-sleuth. (E) USFL Football Oakland Invaders at Birmingham Stallions 7:05 (B Movie *** "Monte Walsh" (1970) Lee Marvin, Jeanne Moreau. A tough cowboy finds his greatest challenge in life is • adjusting to. the lifestyle of a tamer West. 7:30 BOaCDa A Chipmunk Reunion Animated. Alvin, Simon and Theodore are reunited with their mother and, through a series of flashbacks, they learn why they were put up for adoption. , O MISL Soccer Minnesota Strikers at Kansas City Comets OO@(ENB E • R Shelnfeld asks Eve to testify on his behalf In a malpractice suit; a date rape case rocks the emergency room. (R) O The Bounder A penniless Howard persuades a bank manager to Invest in a diamond hunting expedition. 7:35 (D) Mouseterplece Theater • 8:00 OOfKDCD Gimme A Break Nell's efforts to discourage Grandpa Kanlskl from marrying an heiress are thwarted by the woman's father, who insists on the union. (R) (I)®© Movie **" "The Lost Weekend" (1945) Ray Milland, Jane Wyman. An alcoholic's life turns out to be brutal and nearly hopeless. ®GD1MD©'3 Love Boat Doc's romantic plans are quashed when his ex-wife's fiance boards the ship; a .recent divorcee shares a secret with Judy; a woman learns startling Information about her travel-companion '- uncle. (R) (CO " OO@90<»(EMB Alrwolf Caitlln and Santlnl are stranded In the middle of a Central American desert with' a group of high school students. O Mystery! "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes" Holmes and Watson are baffled by a case Involving a murder weapon 'they have discovered whose trace is undetectable. (CO 9 Star Trek a Austin City Limits Featured: - Earl Thomas Conley ("Fire and Smoke," "Heavenly Bodies," "Chance of Lovln' Yoii"); Vince Gill ("Turn Me Loose"). . 4 Movie * "Frankenstein's Daughter" (1959) John Ashley, Sandra Knight. Dr. Frankenstein's son continues his father's bizarre experiments' and ' creates a daughter for the monster. a Movie ** "Carson City" (1952) Randolph Scott, Raymond Massey. Two brothers become rivals over the construction of a railroad in 1870. (D) Einstein - Birth Of Consciousness (S) Movie *• "Hard To Hold" (1984) Rick Springfield, Janet Elber. 'PG' (CO 8:30 QOOCDffi Under One Roof Spencer has an ulterior motive for hiring a history, teacher to tutor him at home. a Movie **• "Love Happy" (1950) Marx Brothers, Marilyn Monroe. A beautiful but dangerous criminal keeps four men on their toes. 9:00 aiMDGDa Hunter Rick and Dee Dee track down a mute ex- con who is determined to murder each of the jurors who originally sent him to prison. @X£8aD©l3 Finder Of Lost . Loves An actor on the brink of success asks Daisy to find the woman who gave him his self- confidence, and a young oil ty- * coon asks Gary to find 'the foster family he lost track of after running away from home. (CO Oe®(10)®ffl Cover Up Danl's beachfront home becomes the scene of a murder and the object of a search for stolen property by an assortment of crooks and government , agents. (R) a Seeing Things Louie sets out to Investigate a home for the elderly that may not be as Ideal as It appears. (9) News 9 Star Trek Movie ** "Raku Fire" (1977) Eileen Atkins, Trudy Young. A middle-aged woman's plans to assume control of her life go awry when she receives an unexpected visit from her niece. (C) Mpvie *** "Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life" (1983) John Cleese, Michael Palln. 'R' (D) Five Mile Creek (HBO) Second City 25th Anniversary Alumni pf Chicago's Second City comedy troupe entertain an audience at the Vic Theatre with Improvlsatlonal sketches. Performers: Ed Asner, Jim Belushi, Mary Gross, Betty Thomas, Harold Ramis, George Wendt. Cohosts: film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel. 9:05 |B High Chaparral 9:30 (U) Cover Story 9:50 (DQDQD Music In Time 10:00 CD' Eile _ vie " "The Youth Of Peter The Great" (Part 2 of 2) (1981) Dmitry Zolotukhln, Natalia Bondarchuk. A two-part Soviet-East German co-production covering the young life of the Russian ruler, first as prince ("The Young Peter the Great"), later as czar ("The Great Beginning"). (9) Twilight Zone 9 G.I. Brides 4 Movie ** "The Savage Curse" (1974) George Chaklrls, Jenny Agutter. A man learns two disturbing facts about his missing •••, brother's girlfriend: every man Harold Gould, best known as Rboda's father on "Rhoda," is featured as Spencer's grandfather in NBC's "Under One Roof." The show, which airs at 8:30 p.m., is a spinoff of the canceled "Spencer." who falls in love with her disappears and her protective uncle is obsessed with the works of Edgar Allen Poe. a Benny Hill (D) Movie "* 'The Secret Life Of Walter-Mltty" (1947) Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo. A meek man burdened with -domestic attachments conjures up illusions of himself as a hero. (HBO) The Hitchhiker A woman is abandoned by her former college friends after they break an oath of loyalty. David Dukes, Susan Blakely. a Success 'N' Life (E) SportsCenter (U) Movie ** "Ladles And Gentleman, The Fabulous Stains" (1981) Diane Lane, Ray Winstone. The meteoric rise of a trio of punk-rockers leads ultimately to their- selling out in the big- money world of the music industry. 'R' (S) Movie " "Killpoint" (1984) Leo Fong, Richard Roundtree. 'R' 10:05 a Night Tracks: Chartbusters 10:15 a The Printer 10:30 OOCKDGB Saturday Night Live Host: Howard Cosell. dXSQD Monty Python's Flying Circus A housing project, an 18- level motorway interchange, the power of hypnosis, and the Olympic Hlde-and-Seek Final. GDGDa®" ABC News (CO 8 Movie **• "Topper" (1937) Cary Grant, Constance Bennett. A married couple become unwilling ghosts after being Involved in an auto accident, a Sadat Traces the life of Egypt's late president Anwar al- Sadat. Stars Louis Gossett Jr. as Sadat, Barry Morse as Menachem Begin, Nehemiah Persoff as Leonid Brezhnev and Christopher Lee as the Shah of Iran. (Part 1 of 2) a®a Sadat Traces the life of Egypt's late president Anwar al- Sadat. Stars Louis Gossett Jr. as Sadat, Barry Morse as Menachem Begin, Nehemiah Persoff as Leonid Brezhnev and Christopher Lee as the Shah of Iran, a Movie *** "The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravltz" (1974) Richard Dreyfuss, Michel ine Lanctot. Based on Mordecal Rlchler's novel. A Jewish teenager in 1940s Montreal comes of age while hustling In various schemes he hopes will result in financial windfalls. (9) Movie «" "King Of Comedy" (1982) Robert De Niro, Jerry Lewis. A failing comedian plans to kidnap a well-known talk show host. (10) Hee Haw Featured: Loretta Lynn, Ronnie McDowell, Sawyer Brown, Grandpa Jones. a Tonight At Ferlinghettl's a Solid Gold Host: Rick Dees. Cohost: David Hasselhoff. Guests: Julian Lennon, Madonna, Survivor, Lee Greenwood, Stephanie Mills, Barry Manllow, Pointer Sisters (video). (R) a Movie * "Track Of The Moonbeast" (1976) Chase Cordell, Donna Leigh Drake.'' A young scientist, struck by an asteroid chunk that crashed on the moon, turns into a llzardllke creature at night. (HBO) Movie "* "Blame It On Rio" (1984) Michael Calne, Joseph Bologna. 'R' a John Ankerberg 10:45 (1XBQD13 Movie *** "A Man Alone" (1955) Ray Milland, Mary Murphy. A gunflghter finds refuge at a sheriff's quarantined home. a Movie *** "A New Leaf" (1971) Walter Matthau, Elaine May. The plans of a down-and- out playboy to marry and murder a wealthy girl go astray when he realizes that her good- natured, Innocent ways appeal to him. 10:50 (C) Movie "* "Romancing The Stone" (1984) Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner. 'PG' 11:00 9 The Prisoner a David Sussklnd Scheduled: owners of Italian restaurants and food critic Gael Greene, a Africa: The Silent Cry (E) Top Rank Boxing 11:05 a Night Tracks 11:30 (10) Entertainment This Week Featured: Sheila E. a Puffin' On The Hits Lip-synced renditions of "Cool It Now," "Surf City," "Little Darlln'," "Robert DeNiro's Waiting," "Only You" and "Girls on Film." 4 News a International Prison Ministry 11:40 (S) Movie " "Moscow On The Hudson" (1984) Robin Williams, Maria Conchita Alonso. 'R' (CO 12:00 OO€B Wrestling a Star Search Guests: David Blrney, Tom Jones. (R) ©Taxi a Nashville Music 4 Music Video Clips a Conversation With Fred Lewis (U) Night Flight "Take Off To Sex In Videos" A look at sexual exploitation in music videos. 12:05 a Night Tracks 12:15 (HBO) Movie " "Gulag" (1985) David Keith, Malcolm McDowell. 12:30 8 This Week In Country Music Performance by Janie Frlcke. Interviews and stories with Charley Pride, NIcoleHe Larson, Minnie Pearl and Roy Acuff. a Sadat An older and wiser Sadat (Louis Gossett Jr.) becomes disillusioned with war after the death of his brother and considers that peace might be possible, Co-stars Madolyn Smith, Barry Morse, Nehemiah Persoff, Christopher Lee. (Part 2 of 2) 8 Hollywood "Single Beds & Double Standards" The scandalous Fatty Arbuckle murder trial forces producers to clean up their industry. (9)(10) Tales From The Dark- side a Entertainment This Week Featured: Sheila E. JDPuttln'OnTheHlts a The Millionaire Maker 12:40 (C) Movie ** "Tender Cousins" (1983) Thierry Tevinl, Anja Shute. 'R' 12:45 3X4X3)13 News a America's Choice 1:00 a America's Top Ten (9) Wall Street Journal Report (10) News 4 Music Video Clips 8 Essence Zola Levitt (E) SportsCenter (U) Night Flight ^ 1:05 a Night Tracks 1:30 aa News 8 ABC News (CC) (9) Editor's Desk a Start Of Something Big Host Steve Allen looks at how successful people and popular things got started. This week: William Shatner, Jane Seymour, Billy Dee Williams, Janet Leigh; the croissant, rice at weddings, shopping carts, a Jewish Voice Broadcast (U) Night Flight 1:40 (S) Movie • "Forever Emmanuelle" (1975) Annie-Belle, Emmanuelle Arsan. 'R' 2:00 (9) Independent News 4 Music Video Clips a TOO Club (E) SuperBouts Of Tne '80s (U) Night Flight 2:05 a Night Tracks 2:15 (C) Movie ••* "Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life" (1983) John Cleese, Michael Palln. 'R' 2:30 (9) Movie •• "The Frozen Dead" (1967) Dana Andrews, Anna Polk. A German scientist attempts to bring back the Hitlafc. regime by thawing out Nazi deep-freeze volunteers. a Movie *** "The Incredible Sarah" (1976) Glenda Jackson, Daniel Massey. The legendary Sarah Bernhardt becomes an internationally famous stage actress known and loved on both sides of the Atlantic. (HBO) Movie *" "Yentl" (1983) Barbra Streisand, Mandy Patin- kln. 'PG' 3:00 a News 4 Music Video Clips (E) Swimming And Diving (U) Night Flight 3:05 a Night Tracks 3:15 (S) The Rebellious Jukebox 3:30 a Heritage Singers 4:00 4 Music Video Clips 4:30 (9) Movietone News < a Three Stooges Liberate hot attraction NEW YORK (AP) - Liberace, that sequined king of show biz, has outdone himself. * He has topped his own ticket selling record at Radio City Music Hall by grossing over $2 million for his upcoming engagement at the art deco concert hall through April 21. For the best in home entertainment THINK! and CLARK'S T.V.and Communications 2140 S. 9th Salina 825-7172

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