The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE 8E5 Brooklyn Dodgers' Owner Sees Sf. Louis Leading Al Finish BY GEOUGK KIIIKSEV United Press SlalT Coirespouile'U NEW YORK, ,lan. 5. (UP)—Tlie way the National l^ngui? pennant race shapes tip right now the St. Louis Cardinals will win the pennant, Larry MnePhnil. (lift Fuehrer of Platbtish, prnllcled today. "I picked the Cardinals to win List 5'enr and they came close after finishing sixth in 1938," he said. "Well, I pick them right bnck to win in 1940. I bellere the Cincinnati Keds will be the runnfre-up. Tliey were 10 games out in front at one time last season and they won by 4l'j games. And they haven't hurt themselves any since thc-n. 'The scramble for third will be and PflriifjoiiM {angle-on the c'kl this fall. Por (heir rivalry'dates bnek I'aithercst of any on the tribal cnrd. Tlie jjiKskfn sport had its inception here way buck In 1813. Snm Costcn, a rising young attorney who bl.izcd a brilliant football trull under Dan McCiugln at- VnnderbUt, couldn'i resist tho appeal of tlie C\.. nn Tl,-' C T • i resounding oash of foot «n football U P 01 ' » "dl' OC<1SOn 1 Oniglll after-his u^dua'tioii. So he herded lv '' ' ~ ' ' ' a mere handful of small but eager- eyed boys and first showed them what- the oval was for. Five teams wrre played that year and I'am- goultl wns among them. Ueprcscnta- tlves from the two schools have BLTTErBVILLH. TARK.T COURIER With Busy Schedule Of Games Ahead l.UXOEA, Jan. fl.—'Hie I.uxora Panthers nnd I'.inlherctte upon , v • — — ..*..~u.* ...n^ i their 1940 basketball se'i'inn ir, bwoi banging way at each other'nlgm Rt Ucllnnd Mo ,,'«'C the every venr .since, v,'Iili exception of.llollnnd high school raiw in ', two. In thoso days each team play- double header ed lhe other twice, one nt home sklfcn twlii bills arc on lhe nnd a ret im engagement. complete list ,"" J!,L,,,,i ,!. the first ten years It was nip i Coach Marvin to gain advantage. The games usually were elnsc, hard fought und packed and jammed with notion, thrills nnd spills. But hi the Inst rtcfiitle and a half the Chicks pulled away from their rivals. In fnct they have beaten them In all but three meetings since 192-1. and one was a 6-6 deadlock. In 1936 the chicks plied tip the largest score—64 points—since Ihe series begun, Jack Dale, head man ol lhe llull- Giants, mid Pirates nil in tlie same boat. They all have (Iiclr problems and I can't see any of the four-winning the pennant unless they should be improved materially by trades or rookies between the time the season The Cardinals' big problem is thc'.r infield, in MncPhnil's opinion. "If they had Brooklyn's Infield they'd run away with (he pennant," he said. "Die Dodgers have the best Infield in the majors and I don't bar the Yanks. Durocher is the best shortstop in the gumc, Camflll Is better than Dalilgrcn and Uivngetto Is as good as Rolfc. I concede Gordon an edge over Coscarat but not much nnd there's no other second baseman who cnn .compare with either. "The Cardinals need a shortstop or, if they piny Jimmy Brown at short, they'll need a second baseman. Neither Mize at first nor Gutlerldgc at third is good defensively. But it's a good thing the Cards tire weak in the infield or we wouldn't have any race in our league. They have the best outfield of Medwick, Moore and Slaughter, tind Pndgett looks like he'll be able to handle the cntch- ing .okay. The way Cooper, Ln- nier, McGce and a couple of other rookies are coining around their "Why should 1 play Blythcvlllc?" he nruges. "Why pit n MO-pound (cum ngnlust n bunch weighing 50 Slwwnee Indians, Manila I>ions, defcndint' county chnmplons mid Hie Os 1 -eo)n indlnns. Prospects loom cxcep 11 o n a 11 y brtylu fcr another crack girl sex- tette, but coach Sanderson Is none loo optimistic over his boys. "We have two veteran euards In Virginia Hills and Virginia Gee, . (o build a combination from such Inste," Oliver - Today's Sport Parade Hounds more und take changes on , '« ' permanent injury? All they have x, C ',jL gotten out of the game.s for the ,, „ , ! i e . ' l.OS ANGKI.ES, Jan. r> (UP) — America's biggest, racing 'owner is through. No longer will the -unfamiliar ween and while .silks come leai- itij; aeross the finish line—last, Oliver Hmvly has disbanded his ttr.ble-because of Jealousy. His horses finally became funnier ihfin he vviw. Manny, pride of Die i.'nrdy Mable and the only homo ever to be quoted at 10,000 to 1 in Hie Kentucky Derby, ban been scld! Gone Is Crete, who only lacked blnnkei disqualification to win several blc races. And gone, too, IB school-' mom, who tnught plenty of bettors sad lessons, and Miss Chnso. who went to tlie post six time-' mil. loving it so well, stayed there six times. Silting In his Hollywood'.' home L , - u ' •""' VHBUJJU wet', todny Oliver Hardy nibbled on the hills twice nil-county, two veteran sugar he had hoarded for the use fpiwds, Dltsey Sllllmon, whom or his thoroughbreds, and kept he scribes sometimes call dtminu- plying me with old carrots that live dynnmito, nnd n streamlined wouldn't, have passed muster In cenler, Glndy Leigh," Sanderson llie third act cf Tobacco Rond reports. "Arcund these we will try I "If lhe carrots aren't |o your "help your sell n< bite of u " n 5' l)01111 ' 15 " . past few years have been terrible beatings. Alter each lilythevllle game I have to start the season all , n> ' rd - Stnnlleld nnd »'"' , fonvtl « ls ' Muy Bcl!e Polcct lo « aid, .,,„, ; , , '°rwnrds develop ns I ve slloll!d lvl " our sllnre o sar e season a ,, over asaln. Usually several of my i ,,?! c . scnson ti cvo1 '' ,, . uest bojs have been hurt so badly ' , ns '"*' toys toam that the have be ill)0ut thc slll! illest that I have been overwhelmingly lopsided, arn e •—" •.--••va LHU- .-^jmt pitching will be plenty good| makes football a great game, enough." Brooklyn's crying need is power In the outfield and MacPhail is dangling heavy bnit before several clubs, tittcmp'lng to get n, hard- hitting outfielder. He believes there Is a chance the Dodgers may be able to swing some sort of a denl. He bollcves the Glonts 1 big headache will be the pitching, that the Pirates can't hope to get organized into contenders in Frankie Frlsch's first year, and that the Cubs -. have gaps to plug at shortstop, behind the bat and In the outfield. "Tlie Bees, like most of us, need pitching." , said MacPliall, "and 'the Phillies have nothing 'more than two good pitchers In Higbe and Mulcahy and a fair outfielder In Arnovtch." Passing Liberalized, Time For Pulling Ball In Play Reduced VUP)-Four football rule" changes The Dope Bucket By J. P. FKIENU meeting of the r conin (e Forward passing a--s PROMISE—If you cross your heart and hope to die it you tell it, I'll let iou in on o few secrets about the Biythevllle High school Chickasaw football schedule. Head Coach Joe Dildy wouldn't lei me have even a teeny-weeny peep until I had looked him square In the eyes, raised my right hand and solemnly pledged not to brenthe it to a soul. He gave as his reason for not wanting it made public right now that it wasn't actually corapleted. At least two dates are on the doubtful side and he wants to have everything ironed out and on the dotted line before releasing I did as requested, but had my fingers crossed. And everyone knows that crossed ringers put the evil-eye on all pledges. Then, too he said not to print it. Even though I-am itching to spill the whole thing, I'll not violate his confidence. Instead, I'll just give a few hints without calling the names he isn't decided on, and everything will be hunky-dory. So. with in conscience as clear as a mcasle infected face, I can proceed The Chicks will play ' eleven games, six, and possibly seven ire carded for Haley Field' and. quite naturally, the others will be away. (I figured that out nil by myself,) They open at Crump stadium in Memphis against Charley Jamieson's Tech High Yellow' jackets Then follow ten consecutive tilts with members of the Big 15. There possibly will be two newcomers to the list .though they are the question marks. Another team return? after an absence of one season Paragould Is one of three of last year's opponents to be dropped They wind up the season against Forrest City on Turkey Day. Arkansas' Big Three are included But don't ask me where they come In the schedule and in what order Now that It Is finished I feel better. For I dldnt tell 0 thing Not a thlngl * • » FINJS—Ji's going to-be like having ice cream ana-Just a half piece of cake to miss seeing Blythevlllc bit, or wrap yourself up a blanket There is only one thing you caul have. Thnt 1.1 my racing silk." Then, like a man exhibiting » great treasure, Hardy unlocked three doors, twirled the dials on a safe, look n peck to sec that lhe burglar alarm was In order and tenderly, carefully, lifted out n bit of green and white silk. There was a suggestion of (curs In his eyes as he urrolicd the silk. l made a movement, as If to handle li, nnd he looked nt me ns If 1 were Stnn Lnurcl. "Careful," Hardy said, 'careful. What Is left of this shirt cost, me $18.000. Thnt rims to nlmost $3.000 a yard, nnd no man In tlie world but me hns ever paid such a price." Actually, the silk Jockey shirt cost Hardy more than that. Because the $10,000 he put Into his slnble (luring two years of sensational failure doqs not include the wagers he made,on his own horses ns n proud owner. "There never was a time thnt a horse of mine went to the post" Hardy ndmils, "that I did. Jiql expect, him to win, even if he.' were running ngninst Senblscuit," '\Vnr Admiral, Johnstown, Kayak 11 and Chnlledon." Thc record books show that Mr. Hardy's faitli never was justified. All of the horses mentioned i above were beaten at. one time or nu- cthcr, but never by nn 'animal bearing the big O. H. on the-back of his Jockey's silks. Hardy Insist. 1 ; that, the phrase "Also Rnn" was Invented Just because of his stable, and Mint the only thing that kept his horses from holding their own with the greatest thoroughbreds on the turf was the slnrter. "If they hml done away with the stnrter," lie says, "I 'woiild PALM SPRINGS ml inn •; Joc G1 i |lol ' I > 1 . The "chalicnjfcr went' lmve , C ! 011C ""''Wit- My , horses J_ALM bl RINGS, Cnl., Jnn. 5 to the cnnvns four, times before the WC1C thc et ' unl ° r "»>' imt11 the time came to run." Our conversation wns Interrupt- , I Invariably received an extra kick jut of them. The Bulldogs, though lacking In size ami perhaps age, were not minus the old "college try." N'ot once have I ever seen a Bulldog team quit to a Maroon nnd White oiltlit. They always played the string out, Last year was" a shining example. Trailing by more than 50 points and biffed and banged Jrom post to post, they suddenly started clicking late In the third quarter nnd in a few minutes pnssed for a touchdown. They whooped and hollered ns If that were the deciding Issue, instead of being burled In a toplieavy count. That's the spirit that makes for great men out of boys with great hearts. And that's the spirit that , small, mind you, In Marvin Wilson. Uelton Morris. Leonard Ellison and Emory Koch nt guards; •Fred George. Junior Morris, B O Wilsons nnd Ned Pordecccy nt forwards; Charles Hicks, Raymond Cecil and Billy Rogers at center. They like it nnd should get goln.{ about mid-season." Thc schedule follows: Jnn. 5—Holland, Mo., there. Jan. 9—Blnckwaler, here Jan. 1—Dei, there. Jon. 1G—Shtuviiec, there. Jan. • 19-Osccoln, here. Jnn. 23—Manila, here. Jnn. 20—Marlon, there Jnn. 30—Wilson, here. Feb. 3—Kelser, there. Feb. G—Osceoln, there. Feb. 8—Marion, here. Feb. 0—Holland. Mo., here. Feb. 13—Slmwnec, here Feb. 18—Mnniln, there Feb. 20-WIison. Feb. 23—Blackwatcr, there. County tournament. Annstrong Retains ' Welterweight Title ST. LOUIS, Mo., Jan. 5 <Ut')— Henry Armstrong , retnined his world welterweight t^tle tod.ny /ificr a fifth round knockout victory'over the books today after a hree-dav ' " , ""™ ' ">rce times In the ,, and land- Uecond nnd „ .„„, ed several ineflcctlv challenger was saved hi the fourth round down for n count of s seconds " "i Tho knockout blow, n shcrt right "In the future," (lie commlltee ' ,4°°L!,° £* r()[w ' ™ s ljlnced J ust ^ SheT^ hth-gibl'S ^ >«4^$ iSTU be- Jclilnrt lhe scrlmmnge line will be the loss of a down. The change was made to encourage n more liberal point of short forward pusses . Armstrong weighed and ed at this point by the arrival ol tlie postmnn with the daily racing form with tomorrow's entries. We phoned In u nice parlay on Manny and Crete. Caruthersville To Play Sikeston Quints - — CARUTHEHSVILLE. Mo., Jan o, scries of windmill —Thc Caruthersville high school Tigers cage team will resume'Its 1340 bnskctbnll schedule here tonight when Conch Jack Hopke's "A" and "B" teams meet two boys' teams from Sikeston In o doublc- and ^ header. The Caruthersville girls' tcnm, conclicd by Mrs. Lenore behind the scrimmage line. But, three-eighths ol an inch" •t he passer, after he hns faded, of one-half Inch in dlnmet back mid been trapped, Inteii- thc point parallel to the b .tonally throws the ball to nn in- Penalty for lOURhlne a '"nnsser' 5™',"' concnw "* Mrs eligible man who is on or behind will be enforced" c,the placeo " *' Wl " rCS " mC " >Clr 1£H ° the line of scrimmage. In crder to thc previous dow ,R>r" erly when ^ ,"? t TllCSday , "' 8lU when tho save ynrdnge, the penalty will be a pass wns completed olercept- ""' ^ """ r "" lfr l'L,T, C "t, r ° r ., all , !mc " tloni> ">- «> «"e penally KM enfor ed from ^ m .- Jris meet Cooter a doublchender. - . A GOOD SHOT straight for the head pin Arcadia Club has always ueen the favorite shot In Arkansas. Let this friendly whiskey glide down your throat and you don't need a "spare" to tell you here's jour favorite shot, Arcadia Club's smooth, hourly hearty flavor scores a "strike" every time. And Arcndia Club quality costs no more rTn >.• ,. GE& COMPANY Exclusive Distributors for Arkansas,' Utllc Rock, Pine Bluff, Dermott, Fort Smith S THE HOUSE OF^MEAD Gomes 1940! Comes Leap Year! Comes Love! And the best dressed bachelors wearing clothes from Mead's will rate the most proposals. So plan now , . . on getting set in . . . MEAD'S LEAP YEAR Mansfield SUITS REDUCED TO $O1 75 REDUCED TO 75 26 Mansfield TOPCOATS $ 19 7S $ 22 75 It's no news (hat (he costs of waolcns are higher. Already wholesale prices have re- fleeted (his uplrend, and when I he spring season opens there is no doubt that prices generally will be somewhat higher. We assure you now, however, that our increases will he absolutely no more than necessary. Meanwhile, you can supply your needs in this Leap Year Sale at prices that arc well below last fall's prices, "livery si/.e, model, pailern, fabric and color is available. We urge your early attendance for the best selections. Entire stock of Hart Schaffner & Marx. SUITS - TOPCOATS REDUCED TO 75 Bostonian SHOES nc K . S7.50 Uetiucctl to 1 Lot Fleece Windbreakers Maroon & Gray 1 Lot of Corduroy JACKETS Small Sixes Only .r As Usual the Best Is Always At MEAD'S 315 •MAIN -315

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