Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 22, 1967 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1967
Page 9
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Johnson is Trying to Be a New Man By JAMES MARLOW (AP News Analyst) WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson will have been in the White House four years as of Wednesday. If he had to leave right now he would probably feel terribly frustrated, disappointed and ineffectual. Much he could have done or tried to do about problems at home he couldn't do because of the Vietnamese war which has engulfed his time, thought and energy. If his problems had stayed home, he might now have one of the greatest records. But now suddenly, instead of succumbing to gloom or despair, he is trying to be a new Johnson by creating a fresh image of himself in the public eye. He has been on the defensive these past two years because of antiwar criticism. Yet, if any president ever yearned to be approved, it was Johnson. It showed repeatedly in his tone, words, face and gestures. Still, he will not bend to the critics. The result: He is a man in a straight jacket. He has refused to abandon or tone down the war; to make concessions without reciprocal concessions from North Vietnam; or to intensify it so much Red China might feel compelled to get in, which might mean World War III. Since he wants so much to be a successful president, and a popular one, why hasn't he yielded to his critics? He has given an answer which probably satisfies none of them: He will fulfill his obligations as he sees them. His first White House year, 1964, was taken mostly with trying to win election to the presidency on his own and preparing domestic programs for 1965 if elected. Vietnam was a growing major problem then, but not all-consuming. In 1965 Congress, under his leadership which meant political mastery, produced the most fruitful legislation in American history. But by the end of 1965 this country was up to its neck in the war. This showed vividly in 1966 wh«»n Johnson no longer could pay all his attention to domestic problems. That year Congress did a half-baked job. It's doing the same this year. Diverted by the war, Johnson has lost his political mastery. Now he is like a man alone. Members of his own party have turned against him. One is threatening to run against him for the nomination in 1968. And public confidence as measured by the Harris poll shows him at an all-time low of 23 per cent. It seems certain Johnson will try for re-election. It also seems certain he has realized his defensiveness is dumping him towards disaster. And it seems certain he has decided to change his ways and become aggressive. That's his natural condition anyway. He's out of place playing meek and mild. In the usual sense he is a poor speaker, especially when reading from prepared speeches or glued to the presidential rostrum at Times Herald, Carroll, la. Wednesday, Nov. 22, 1967 9 Dynamic Pillows 7293 Manning School News Watch everybody respond to the dynamic, modern design, colors o£ these pillows. 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He got himself He has wired for army officers, tens of thousands of party members, tens of thousands of others who had no politics at all. Mrs' Ginzburg's turn came in February, when she was ex pelled that the party, arrestec and interrogated as an "agen of international imperialism.' To her astonishment, her inter rogator told her "it is known t the investigators that you be longed to a secret terrorist or ganization among the editoria staff of Red Tartary." The> sent her off to the cellar o Black Lake Prison, warned t( confess all. It was a hell for her and the swarms of other women cas into the lightless dungeon with her. There were sophistioatei forms of torture: the "standinL cell," in which the walled-in prisoner, in a tiny cubicle belov ground, could only stand uprigh with arms at her side; the "con veyor belt," in which prisoner were interrogated for days am nights without food or sleep, bj shifts of NKVD men, until th victims would, in delirium, sigi any wild accusation at all There was filth, and the wors slop for food. And there were the Olympian ironies. Stalin, in his ma< quest for power, purged the pur gers. Henryk Yagoda, th dread NKVD chief, went to hi doom and Nikolai Yehov too his place. His frightful regim spilled the blood of untold thou sands and sent other untol thousands to living hell in th frozen north. There was the ex Vol. 9 Published by the Studtnfs of th* Manning Community High School No. 15 Capacity crowds heard Rodg- irs and Hammerstein's "Car- oisel", presented by the vocal department of Manning High chool on Friday and Saturday evenings, Nov. 17 and 18. Gary A. Linder, vocal in- itructor, directed the performances. The cast was headed by raig Ruhde, Gwen Tank, Pam r oley, Kathy Felker, Anne Mueller, Dick Hornberger and barrel Baker. Others were )avid J. Schroeder, Bonnie Cruse, Clinton Chandler, Paul liatt, John Hornberger, Marva Jensen, Debra Weis, Mary Hiatt, Bronwen Morris, Peggy Bennett, Francine Kruse, Vernon Hansen, Mike Zerwas, Vlark McNutt, Susann Opperman, Kent Rutz and Richard Mahnke. Barbara Wiese and Jo Ann Dethlefs were accompanists for he two act musical. Paula Beck was chairman of the art work; Sue Irlmeier of makeup; Kathy Potthoff, wardrobe; David W. Schroeder, advertis- ng; Mary Hiatt, props. Jake Kuker did the show's special art. Arlen Schrum was stage manager, assisted by Linda lase; Kelly Pratt handled the spot-light and Allen Rohe the [eneral lighting. Additional chorus members, with other cast members named above were D. W. Schroeder, John Detlefsen, Keith Joens and Danny Weis. Following the final curtain, the cast presented a bouquet of roses to Miss Tank and a gift to Craig Ruhde, who are ending their four years of high school musical singing at Manning High School. On Monday, Nev. 27, Mrs. Jean Hudson,, with her Shorthand II and office practice classes will go to Des Moines to visit the American Institute of Business and tour its new dormitory facilities. The group will also visit B a n k e r s' Life and the lowa-Des tional Bank. Moines Na- The Atlantic basketball teams will come to Manning on Tuesday evening, Nov. 28. The reserve game begins at 6:30. Manilla plays here Sat., Dec. 2. 2. Vic Onstad will present a "Chalk Talk" art assembly program at Manning High School at 8:35 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Nov. 29. Supt. Robert Melick, Principals C. H. Brotherton and Wayne Curlile, and a number of Manning instructors will attend an ISEA Salary Seminar in Denison on Saturday, Dec. 2. Supt. Robert Melick plans t« attend the 52nd annual Conference of School Administrators, sponsored by the University of Iowa at Iowa City on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 28 and 29. Despite the excellent harvest weather Nov. 9 and 10, parents turned out in record numbers to attend the fall parent4eacher conferences of Manning High School. Eighty-seven per cent of the requested conferences were held. In all, 179 individual meetings took place with 86 families represented, or 63 per cent of the families of high school students. High school administrators have commended the parents for their efforts in making the conferences a success. Imagine yourself back in the days of Thomas Edison listen- the world, he tries to add 3 instruments to his highly valuable collection of ancient musical inventions. A hearty thank you to Mr. Parkinson for his very interesting informative demonstration from the student body of M.H.S. The pigskin season for MHS is now over. Sportsminded people are turning their eyes from the gridiron to the hardcourt. November 13 basketball practice began with 28 boys reporting. Among these are eight returning lettermen. This adds up to what everyone hopes is a successful season. Coach Pierson voiced his opinion, "Six of our eight lettermen were starters last year at one time or another. From this we have game experience and hope to improve last year's 9-11 record.' The roster includes lettermen Darrell Ohde, John Detlefsen, Gary Kuhl, Kelly Pratt, Dale M o e 11 e r, Dennis Rowedder, David Schroeder, and Larry Stangl. Other members are Seniors: David Kuhn and Den-? nis Dammann; j juniors: Lyle Karsten, Darrell Baker, John Hornberger, and Bob Case; Sophomores: Curtis Struve, Lyle Mundt, Lance Lage, Clyde Fielweber, Russell Ranniger, Gaylin R a n n i g e r, Bob Sturm; Freshmen: Don Rowedder, Kent Rutz, Vernon Hansen,, Allen Grimm, Mike Stangl, Greg Schultz, and Mark Frisinger. This year Coach Pierson thinks the Coon Valley Conference will be fairly well balanced with Glidden and Guthrie' Center the two teams to beat.' The Exira Vikings are the conference champs. Manilla, here,' on December 2 will be the first | conference game for the Bulldogs. This game is preceded by two non-conference games with Carroll, Nov. 21, and Atlantic on Nov. 28. Both games are in Manning. i The Iowa Tests of Educational Development are given at the beginning of each school year to check on educational growth and development. If students do their very best the results can .prove' to be very valuable. The teachers can see where each individual is pro- grossing satisfactorily and where he is developing more slowly. The information can also help to make future educational plans. Too many times these tests aren't taken seriously. The students should realize that they are given for a reason. 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Every- j one will get much more out of; the results if they listen carefully and take into consideration how important the tests are. Tablecloth TRUE-FLEX 54x54 — Reg. 98c Limit 2 With Coupon 66 sound with a microphone around his neck, enabling him to roam free of the rostrum, and at last week's news conference put on his most impressive performance, talking off the cuff and gesturing earnestly instead of mechanically. A week ago he visited military camps from coast to coast, defending the war, attacking his critics. On Sepff. 29 in a talk broadcast nationwide he explained the war and the reasons for being in it. There was nothing defensive about it. He has overdone other things in the past and may overdo the aggressive bit. Last week he brought back the two top American officials in Vietnam: Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker and Gen. William C. Westmoreland, the U.S. commander. Johnson's desire to confer with them was the reason given for their return. There may have been another one, too: To spread'good cheer about Vietnam. The two men made repeated public, statements and appearances. Despite all their statements, all they really said was they're optimistic about the war. They could have stayed in Vietnam and said all that in a letter. ecution of Yezhov himself and : !?6 to the number one hit of the rise of Lavrenty Beria as Stalin's final hangman. And for Mrs. Ginzburg, in the depth of nowhere in Kolyma, there was the acid satisfaction of seeing her original NKVD tormentor, the major who conducted her early interrogation, dying from his own suffering and begging a crust of bread from her for his last meal. There can be little question, in this 50th jubilee year of Communist power in the Soviet Union, that a document of historical significance has been produced which —in spite of Mrs. Ginzburg's own absolution of it—will stand for a long time as a powerful indictment of the Soviet system. HOLIDAY VISITORS (Times Herald News Service) WALL LAKE — Dr. and Mrs. Ken Brotherton and children Tom, John and Susan of Pittsford, N. Y., came Saturday to spend Thanksgiving in the Howard Brotherton home. Expected to arrive Wednesday for the holiday weekend are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jungk and son Jeffrey of Ames; Janet Brotherton of Newton and Mark Ellis of Cedar Falls. the year! The number one hit you say? Thomas Edison? This was only part of the scene Nov. 14 as the students of M.H.S. were taken on a historical musical tour of the world. Mr. Parkinson, an avid collector of historical musical instruments, is now continuing the work started by his grandfather in 1855 and taken up by his father later on. Included in Mr. Parkinson's collection are some 400 different musical instruments from all. over the world — the oldest dating back into the period before Christ, During his lecture, Mr. Parkinson played German records made 200 years ago. "The Runaway Automobile" by Thomas Edison, the first record with spoken words, was played on a very old record player. Mr. Parkinson himself played several selections, including an opera song, on a 328-year-old bass cello. , A Chinese violin, a Swedish no-string violin, an African modified bow, a. blind man's drum, a thumb piano from Africa, and a Norwegian table violin played with a feather were all demonstrated. Mr. Parkinson closed by explaining that each year, \vith the help of scouts sent all over 3 Issues Pass; Another Fails By The Associated Press Three school bond issues were approved but a plan to finance a courthouse was rejected in local Iowa elections Tuesday. Marion County voters turned out 86.5 per cent against a proposal to issue $750,000 in bonds to build a new courthouse at. the north edge of Knoxville. The ?ount was 915 for and 5,728 against the issue. In Marshalltown, the vote was 2,849 for and 1,539 against a $540,000 bond issue to build a new elementary school and add classrooms to two others. The approval margin was 64.9 per cent. Eastern Allamakee County School District voters approved a $260,000 bond issue to build a new elementary school at New Albin and buy and develop an athletic field and playground in Lansing. The tally was 700 to 223. Colfax Community School District is to get an elementary classroom building and a high school addition through a $298,700 bond issue approved by a 631-327 vote. 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