The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 30, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1930
Page 3
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THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE PISE THREE How to Make the Old Car RUN 7 HERE is a simple way today, to get rid of the squeaks and rumbles and rattles thati make a car seem old before its time. If you want to keep your car from getting squeaky and "wheezy", £o keep it from wearing out in "middle- life"-rdon't have your car meiWy Have your car Aiemite-ed! There's a vast difference—80% of repair bills can be eliminated by the proper kind of lubrication. ; Alemite-ing , To protect your interests ind our own, we use a special Alemite Chassis Lubricant and a special service called "Alemite-ing". The word "Alemite- ing". (trade-marked)'means to have your car lubricated with nothing but genuine Alemite lubricants. Pure, solidified oil that stands up under 3,000 pounds pressure 1 —average "grease", breaks down under" 200 pounds pressufjk. The Complete JAlemite-irig Service 1. Genuine AlemjteChassisLubricant is forced into the heart of every chassis bearing on your car. Elimin ates burnt out bearings and rattles. 2. With the Alemite Gear Flusher, we thoroughly dean out your differential and transmission, removing aligns, dirt and any chips of steel.. We then f orcein genuine Alemite Gear Lubricant. This will give you Ito 1J-J more : miles per gallon of gasoline, due tc freer running—-nd gives easy gear shift even in coldest weather. 3. Springs are sprayed with Alemite, : Graphite Penetrating Oil. in penetrating, it spreads a thin iayei; of graphite between spring leaves, eliminating spring squeaks—makes "your car ride easier.- This kind; of service regularly will greatly reduce repair bills, and. best of all, give a smooth-running car as long as you keep it. Try this service —try it todayi i I' i I h 1 -i Lineback & Sons The tyre & Batri Men PHONE as TIPTOX, IND. I SHAM'S VH.LK. Mr. and- Mrs. Ralph Phillips and daughter Colleen entertained .of Mrs. near Goldsmith and Mr. and Mrs. .Wayne Cunningham and daughter; were I Sunday dinner guests Velma Pratt. Tuesday ni.ulit Mrs. Phillips' sister. Mrs. Omer Tavey and son Gene of Columbus. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Spaulding and daughter Mary Martha, entertained at Sunday dinner Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Henderson and children of nea.r Windfall. Mr. and Mrs. Uly Duncan and children entertained Sunday afternoon Wilford Gross :ot Kokomo, Lucy Holllingswortli near Russiaville. Mrs. Vern Paul, ' Perry Barr, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tyner.j Mr. and Mrs! Ora Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gross.: Walter James, son I of : Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tolle spent Saturday '• with Mrs. A. N. Stand- erford of Kokomo. Mrs. John Cage and children' of East Hopewell >and attended the exhibit at the Ross school building in the afternoon. Mrs.' Lula Cage and' daughters Virginia and Anna Mary spent Sunday afternoon* with Mrs. Mont Hawkins" and daughters of East Hopewell. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hoffman and daughter Velma : entertained, at dinner Sunday Gladys Puckett and Edith and Fra.nkie McDaniels of Kokomo, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Huggler s and sons -of near Paclcson and Elmira Rush. • Mr. and Mrs. Clark Hawkins and Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Clapper of Kokomo and L Mr. and Mrs. Clark Hutto and children were Sunday dinner guests . of Mrs. Mary Hawkins and son Ed. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith were' Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and. Mrs. George Patters of near Groomsvillo. Mr. and Mrsl Earl Jackson entertained a number^ of little friends in honor of their daughter Alma's nineteenth birthday anniversary and Rosemary Keith's ,i of. Kokomo, seventh birthday anniversary. Those: to enjoy the dinner were: Mary. Jarrett, Betty Rose 1 -Dark,.' Marylin Warner, Virginia^ Hutto, Anna Mae Hamilton, Ollie Mae Ayres, Jean~McCoy, Florence Richey, Rosemary Keith and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Richey of Kokomo. Alma . and RosemSry received many nice gifts. The afternoon was spent in playing, games. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hutto and children were" Sunday dinner guests- of Mrs. Hutto's parents Mr. and Mrs." Paris Stafford of Fairfield. Mr. and Mrs. Lora Wilburn spent Saturday with-.; friends at Indianapolis. ' Mr. and Mrs. Ross Broyles and children were Sunday; dinner guests of Mrs. Broyles' father, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Samsel of Peru. Commencement exercises will be held Saturday evening at Ithe M. E. church with' Albert Stump of Indianapolis giving the ad- j dress. ' .. I . Mr. John Huttd spent Friday until Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Homer Emehiser and son of Kokomo. CGeorge Kirkpatrick who is.suf­ fering, with Plurisy. .and rheumatism was not so well Monday. , Mrs. Mae Stephens of Rich| mond and son Paul, of Dayton Mrs. Cunningham was the | winner of the game.- Refreshments .were served at close of the evening: Mr. and Mrs. Dale Land . of Kokomo were the Sunday evening- supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Miller and son Gene: Baccalaureate services were held at the [ f M. E. church Sunday evening' with the following program at 7:30 p. m.: March, "Poet's Dream;" by the orchestra; song, congregation, .; "There's a Wideness In God's Mercy"; prayer, ReV. W. E. Montgomery; Walse, orchestra; solo, "My Task," Elizabeth Batchelor; ad-i djdiss,, "Life's Task," Rev. W. E. '• Montgomery; be'nediction, • W. E. Montgomery; march, "Activity," j| orchestra, j Mr. and Mrs. George Graff and children were the Sunday dinner guests of Mr. Graff's sister and family, Mr. and -Mrs. John Durham of Elwood! CURTISYILliE. Mrs. Minnie Hamilton was the jo., were Saturday night and Sun- Sunday dinner guest of Mr. audi day dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Carlf Hamilton and daugh -j Lora Wilburn. Other dinner guests Mrs. Uly Duncan, is! slowly int-- Jake Fretz. ter of East Hopewell. Frank [Adams and son Don and Marion. entertained at Sunday dinner Mr. and Mrs. Buhl Shrader of near Greentown and Mr. and Mrs. John Rarey of Kokomo. ' Mr. and Mrs. Park Fretz and daughters of Kokomo were the dinner guests Sunday of Mr. Fretz's parents Mr. and Mrs. proving after a siege; of stomach j Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cage and and bowel trouble. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph : Day were-Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wilburn. The grades'of the- school -will have an entertainment Thursday afternoon at the gymnasium. Parents and everyone invited to come. The Senior class play will De given Tuesday evening in the gumr nasium. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wilburn entertained at a bridge party Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. ; Mrs. Sada Hendrick'son were din-i Ralph Henderson near Windfall, of ! ner guests Friday of Mr. and j Mr. and MrS. Ross Cunningham. .lI^aam.aTcoaitiaMiMWl^ I whidifciw EHNMLawaMowmiitM 7. AM* Sunday school attendance 65; collection S3.10. -Godfrey W'eismiller and family, William Weismiller and family, Roma . Lewellyn and family.- Ora ' Hinds and family, spent Sunday ! at Elwood; with Mrs. Minnie Hinds and daughter Rena. Another' daughter; Mrs. Arl Russell and, family of- Brownsville spent the day. with her mother. f Claude Goodwin • and 'wife spent Sunday at Tipton with Herbert Simmons and wife. j I Jasper Marshall of Wabash spent the week'end here with relatives. Earl. Gregg and wife of Elwood spent Thursday here as dinner guests of A. T. Snooks and wife. Merl Thomas and family spent Sunday near Elwood with Ray Walker and family. Frank Dunlap and family of Elwood spent Sunday here with Mrs. .Lydia Dunlap. Mrs'.' Lola Hagin of Philadelphia' arrived here Friday for a visit with her father, W. O.'Tyner and other relatives. Mrs. William: Jones spent Mon^ day at Windfall, with her mother, Mrs. Mary Ann Brown. Jesse Goins ; spent Sunday ' at Alexandria with his brother, Oscar. -•[.'• Clarence Belew and family of Frarikton spent Sunday here with Peter Parr; and family. Harry Parr and family spent Sunday at Dundee with Lester Hillans and fanjily. Mrs. Anna Marshall and son, spent the week end at Noblesville. with 1 Aubrey Wann arid wife. ' .Miss Cleva Decker of Elwood spent the. week end 1iere with Miss Vivian Wann. Misses Wann and Decker and Mrs. Mildred Hagin of .Philadelphia attended'the Alumni banquet at Windfall Saturday night. ^ Clyde Kinder and wife and Clifford Yarling and wife visited at Muncie Sunday with J. W. Meyers and'family. James Henderson and wife of Kokomo spent the week end here with Noah Brown and wife. Miss Escaline Gough of Summitville spent the week end here with Miss Verla Swinford and attended the alumni banquet' at Windfall Saturday night. Mrs. Salem Cook spent Saturday at Elwood with Mrs. Pansy Leavell and family. Conway Walker and wife of Elwood and Paul Hinds .were the Sunday' guests of John Ramey and wife, j- j j Roscoe Edwards; and wife and Salem Cook and wife visited at Alexandria .Sunday' with ' Hugh Woods and wife. 1 ' ' .• ! . Miss; Bernice Weismiller''. and. Mrs; William i-| JWeismiiler attend-, ed the^umni banquet' at; Wind-f fall Saturdax.;night. ';.;^i. ; ' ' ". .Mii. ..Hertert ISi^imons of Tip-! tori#^!i»nt"'.:j^ Claude/Ooodwln :and- iwlfe: U - Carl Hofer.and family;of^Alex^ andria and;l^^ >Hortofl:^ •^--.VJ »iV ..»;,;.-.-^«.^- : ^«vti.uC-i;»:i:..: : .V"h ; .,v.'. A vour ciearette ? YOU'RE PARTICULAR about the other things that are so intimate a'part of your personality. What about your cigarettes? There.are several hundred grades of leaf tobacco* What kind of cigarette do you smoke? ' If you smoke Camels you smoke the choicest tobaccos grown. For the famous Camel blend is based on the use of tobaccos of superlative quality. It is only, from them that yon can expect that smooth,' rich; mellow mildness and that fragrance and aroma found in such perfection in Camels. I j ' '. " r - ' • ' "V- ; •' ' We buy the right tobaccos .... the very choicest delicate leaves of Turkish, and Domestic. In their curing and preparation we use the most modern and scientific methods. And we alone possess, the knowledge of the marvelous Camel blend. That's why Camel is able tip furnish real cigarette pleasure to more millions than have ever given their patronage to any other cigarette. Don't deny yourself the luxury of ( t- were therSuhday -gutfttB of E.vF. Wannrand.wlte. ^\ -1 Int ^iiii" .of^-Nplsles^: IrXiriMh hta^rotkw 1 1 it Omit, ^ 01910. ft. J. t^mati, TalMtw WitM«Mi.S«a«a. N. C er's father, Wi.O. Tyner'alnd wife ' ^Sunday guests ! of. W. O. Tyrier and wife' were Paul' , Hinds .and family of' Ric.hmond. ^Hrs..'- Mil dred Hagin of Phiiadelp hla, j Boone Leavell - a "nd familyi 'and Ralph Tyneir and:.' Miss :Br rina Hollenbe^k'b( v^oomingtoh'. ' Friday' 'jnorning-i affcer| a? anccess-! fut year-wlti ^ primary.-teacher; atid/ HIBS • - Cleva; Decker^ principal JTheirir was given Thursday evening jand i 'F.1, NEVADA-HOPBWBIA. -Viola. Wiggings, of. Kokomo, j J' '.'•';-! .--'"' " ' ' i was ' the Sunday afternoon guest \i „ , ~ ._• '- ^ . - • J '••of- Mrs.. Jane Barkley and family. L| ; Mr. tod, Mrs. Theodore Davis j - Mtg -^ eU Renner .,s ouife ill at and Charles Beatty spent jfrom,^.. , ]ome or ier s , 8tert Mra . | T .. N ; Sand4y; evening unt.l Monday ev-. H i amiUon Jr " , ; i -•; eiilng with .Mr. and Mrs. Howard, ...... „, . .. „ .. U tt " . J :- ; "... j . -. ., ; 'V«rnott- Shrader; Jpe Beatty, ', k -•"-V'•'-'•' ,'"' t: (Phyllis-:.! Shrader; > and .' Melissa ! Mrs. Francis Precsang-returned ••. • . »-!„ i i - •;• . , . r-. . :ShTader, of, Kokomo, were Sun- tp hen home in Kokomo Thursday; •• , . . ' • • , "''^ ' f ii T. v. '. t-: : -i*?day dinner guestsiot- Viola 1 and after/spending a few days with har \r ••— :--,-.„ - - -• :-~ -.'i v. - " Emmnck-Hannah. . ' i aughter,. Mrs.; Fred Henderson ' j '../..i. .."i . Jnd^d " lit'' ' ' ;; ' • Ml Y M r s- Uhl Hutto and - 5 ' - -•---•- ; '--'-•'"•• '•"'-'-A-: danghters, :-'of Sliarpsyilie,. . and Sunday ev- Mrs. Tu- -.••Unls -Henderson. '• ''• i '"'- 1 ^^^^^^^^•y^r^i^mi^ : Pickett ; and Suiiman. 355; loss, 17. Brooksburg, 112; loss, Martinsville, 4*944; gain Dugger, 1,383; loss, 296 Linton, 5,077; loss, 779. Valparaiso, $8,049; gain 1 .Chesterton, 2,230; gain Odon, 9S1; loss, 4. Spencer, 2,176; gain, 11| Decker, 46SL loss, 2*32, Bloom field, 2^94; gain. |4 2 2. Tks Cartlarills •Mhool . closed ilia rajBalDrdax dinner ,guritts>- Use Tribune classifli aak 3J7. 49. 135. 626.

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