Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on November 30, 1977 · Page 10
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 10

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1977
Page 10
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Deerfield Dunks Weskan PEANUTS- Garden City Telegram Wednesday, November 30. 1977 Page 11 DEERFIELD — Deerfield roared to a 10-point lead in the opening period here Tuesday night, then coasted to 53-38 season-opening win over Weskan. The Spartans, members of the Santa Fe Trail League, raced to a 14-4 lead in the first eight minutes, saw it trimmed to 22-15 at intermission, then relieved all doubts with a 13-7 outburst in the third frame. Cimarron Pins Montezuma, 48-38 MONTEZUMA — Cimafron's Blue Jays overcame a sluggish start and rolled up a 48-38 season- opening victory over non- conference host Montezuma here Tuesday night. Cimarron, which was led by Joe Lee's 16 points, trailed 6-4 at the end of the initial period. But the Blue Jays caught fire during the next eight minutes, pouring in 15 points to Mon- tezums's eight for a 19-14 intermission advantage. Cimarron then limited the Indians to 24 points in the second half while slowing pulling away. Montezuma, which stepped off the football field just last Saturday, committed 17 personal fouls and hit two free throws. Cimarron was guilty of 10 fouls and sank 16 charily shots. Rocky Fairbairn backed up Lee with 14 points. Troy Hawk, the Indians' sophomore quarterback, made the transition to the hardcourt in a hurry, sinking 21 points to lead all scorers. The Cimarron junior varsity also won, 40-29, behind Bob Slapleton's nine points. Kent Kinnamon had eight for Montezuma. Montezuma travels to Sublette next Tuesday, while Cimarron goes to Ashland. Montezuma — 38 Friesen Thomas Musz 'McCune Hawk Kinnamon Totals Cimarron — 48 Joe Lee Giddens Payne Toolhaker Fairbairn Lacy Totals 2024 1143 2024 5 6 2 21 3 10 Deerfield connected on 21-58 field goal attempts for 38 percent, and on 11-32 from the free throw line for a cool 34 percent. Weskan hit only 10-41 from the floor for 24 percent and 18-43 from the charity stripe for 42 percent. The game was marred by 21 turnovers 16 by Deerfield, and 58 personal fouls. The Spartans claimed 40 rebounds, Weskan 18. Williams paced the Spartans with 14 points, while Jeff Pettz added 10 and Kevin Novack eight. Darryl Welch had 16 points for the losers. The Weskan junior varsity chalked up a 20-14 victory, while its girls defeated Deerfield, 43-38. Sherry Raney popped in 18 points, and her sister, Connie, 12 for the Weskan girls. Jodie Butler had 13 and Brenda Pettz 12 for the Spartans. Deerfield hosts non- conference foe Healy Friday night. Deerfield Williams Kraft Unruh Pettz Novack Grauberger Skipton Skipton horton Totals Weskan Crolinger Mole Welch Sexson Husbard Newell Cox Totals Deerfield Welkan 21 — 53 6 2 4 14 1254 3147 4 2 4 10 3258 2034 1 3 4 1 3 5 1 4 1 32 53 2 2 0 11 /MA'AM MAV I SEE KOUK BOX OF LITTLE GOLD STARS ? LOOU)! LOOK AT 'EM ALL! LOOK HOW 5MINV THEY ARE! 7/ ' It JO TME NEXT TIME STICK SOME ON PAPERS, MA'AM l£T ME KNOIO... MOOSE- 38 7 5 0 2155 5 6 3 16 1042 [LOOK. AT THESE I It's COSTING QS A FORTUNE XTgFEEP THAT ELEPHANT/ 044 0303 0151 10 18 26 38 14 8 13 18 53 4 11 7 16 38 LIVE EVERY NITE GRAIN BIN "POLITE FORCE" 9:00 to 1:00 ^/MILLER 1 COME BACK HERHf BLONDIE 0020 18 2 17 38 4 8 0 16 1032 4 2 1 10 0232 6 2 1 14 1224 16 16 10 48 WATCH FOR OPENING Montezuma Cimarron 6 8 12 12 38 4 15 14 15 48 Chiefs Cornerback Hopes to Be Traded KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Veteran cornerback Emmitt Thomas says he's tired of his role as a second- stringer after two games and he won't return to the Kansas City Chiefs for a 12th season. "When you've played somewhere for 11 seasons and then, all of a sudden they sit you down, it's time to look elsewhere," said Thomas, who ranks second in interceptions among active players in the National Football League. Thomas said he does not want to retire and hopes to be traded. Thomas said he is not bitter about the decision of Coach Tom Beltis to start Tim Collier, a second-year player, ahead of him at right cornerback. Thomas has seen only limited duty in the last two Chiefs' games and says he wants to play, preferably for a winner. "I feel like I can play— there's only one guy in our backfield who can outrun me. I've lost some quickness, but I can still play," he said. Thomas, who has 55 career interceptions for the Chiefs, was not specific about where he would like to play. "It will be a winner though. I'm not going to any loser." Kansas City is 2-9 for the season. Thomas is in the final year of a three-year contract and cannot sign as a free agent because he is not in the option year of his contract. Bettis expressed surprise at Thomas' attitude and said it was news to him if the Chiefs were trying to trade him. "That's a strange one on me. I was not aware of it at all," said Beltis, who was named interim coach when Paul Wiggin was fired earlier this month. Bowling Results 'THE GOOD SPORT' We will specialize in Trophies, T-shirts and Lettering! Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer National Lazy U def. Time Tool Rental, 3-1, 2967-2770; Cliff's Sprinklers def. Ray's Market, 3-1, 2850-2748; Dart Inn def. Geier's Elect., 3-1, 2970-2842; Birkle Bldrs. def. Pepsi Cola, 4-0,2994-2790. HMO Game Ind. Men — Greg Upchurch, Lazy U., 577. Hi-30 Series Ind. Men — Butch Penka, Lazy U., 222. Team HI-10 Game—Dart Inn, 1039. Team HI-30 Series — Birkle Bldrs., 2994. Blue Jay Zotz def. Uncertains, 3-1, 1558-1394; Happy Go Luckies def. Gutterettes, 3-1, 1598-1568; Go Getters def. Six Pins, 2-2, 1549-1479; Impossibles def. Nitwits, 3-1, 1528-1468; Ding-a-Lings def. Hustlers, 31,1440-1399. HI-10 Game Ind. Women — Glenda Lewis, Impossibles, and Lynn Dempsey, Zotz, both 206. Hi-30 Series Ind. Women — Glenda Lewis, Impossibles, 547. Team HMO Game — Zotz, 605. Team HI-30 Series — Happy Go Luckies, 1598. Bobcats Blake Const, def. Kinney Glass, 4-0, 2918-2654; Booterie def. S.W. Bell Trouble Shooters, 4-0, 2741-2679; C4C Vinyl Tops def. 3-7-10 Kids, 4-0, 2855- 2667; G.C. Farm Equip, def. B4R Electric, 3-1, 2770-2700; Stanion Wholesale def. Gigot Irrigation, 3-1,28802875. • HI-10 Game Ind. Men — John Farmer, 3-7-10 Kids, 192. HI-30 Series Ind. Men — John Farmer, 3-7-10 Kids, 527. , Team HMO Game — Gigot Irrigation, 1063. 'Team HI-30 Series — Blake Const., 2918. Hits & Misses Lords & Ladies def. Dart's Cafe, 3-1, 2335-2274; KIUL def. Smith Asphalt, 4-0, 2242-2152; B&E's split Hustlers, 2-2,21662135; Bunglers def. Four Z's, 3-1, 23042262; Boozers def. Hens & Eggs, 3-1, 2192-2156. 'HMO Game Ind. Women — Mary Creeden, KIUL, 181. Men - Dennis Zlrkel, Four Z's, 221. HI-3* Series Ind. Women — Mary Creeden, KIUL, 464. Men - Dennis Zlrkel, Four Z's, 574. ,'Team HMO Game—KIUL, 811. ••Team HI-30 Series — Lords & Ladies, 2335. Prairie Mixed Henry Hall def. Bowl Weevils, 3-1, 2348-2316; Elms Motel def. Hilts Inc., 4-0, 2396-2267; Fanslers Bandag def. Sunrise Natural, 3-1, 2351-2167; Geier Const, def. Town & Country, 3-1, 2304-2205; Birkle Bldrs. def. Mathews Trucks, 3-1, 24132256; Naab Const, def. Machine Supply, 3-1, 2317-2059; K&L Tank def. Cliff's Sprinkler, 3-1, 2270-2146; B&M Const, def. Chappel Const., 3-1,2290-2208. HI-10 Game Ind. Women — Cheryl Ochs, Bowl Weevils, 208. Men — Jerry Birkle, Birkle Bldrs., 231. HI-30 Series Ind. Women — Carol Kauffman, Birkle Bldrs., 532. Men — John Naab, Naab Const., 556. Team HMO Game—Naab Const., 887. Team HI-30 Series — Birkle Bldrs., 2413. ACROSS 1 Fish sauce 5 Biblical "fool" 9 Leather moccasin 12 South American Indian 13 Black 14 Chalice 15 Dash 16 Confined 17 "Diamond -" 18 Soft mineral 19 Ancient 20 Symbol in music 21 Irish sea god 23 Gold in Corot 25 Esoteric 28 One taking a lease 32 Goad 33 Panama gum tree 34 Ancient Aramaic language 37 Mentally dull 39 New: comb. form 40 High hill 41 Late singer 44 Biblical name 46 Noise of surf on shore 50 Central American tree 51 Exchange premium 52 Mental concept 53 Husing or Williams 54 Become lively Avg. solution 55 Snares 56 Sharp tool 57 To corner 58 American novelist DOWN 1 Incite 2 Girl's name 3 Of an epoch (rare) 4 Ending 5 Recount 6 Second son of Adam 7 Large vulture 8 Hill-builder time: ZZmin. PIPHALAIBPOPE 11-30 Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 9 Become boring 10 French girlfriend 11 Young elephant 20 Coinciding 22 — Dorado 24 Note in the scale 25 Goddess of the harvest 26 Shout 27 The heart 29 Child's toy 30 Finial 31 Dosage of absorbed radiation 35 Symbol in Lloyd's registry 36 Eel 37 To caress 38 Toward 41 Greek letter 42 Wild goat 43 Knob 45 Ireland 47 River in Germany 48 Head (Fr.) 49 Comfortable 51 Likely OKAY-•• OPEN THE DOOR/ ) WELL,SO MAYBE ITS STILL il( YOU PROMISED TO FIX TME BACK SNUFFY SMITH WWII THIS \HAUNTED? DADBURN OC HOUSE ) BV WHO? IS HRUNTED I! BEETLE BAILEY IT'S ASKING TOO MUCH JUST A MINUTE, I'LL SEE VES, IF IT'S NOT ASKING TOO MUCH YOU WANT TO SEE THE GENERAL? HAGAK THE HORRIBLE WONDER CALL PUT A JELUEP APPLE IN HIS , POCKET/ TH€RYATTS- Tornado Heritage Homes def. Max's Gang, 4-0, 2840-2711; Berry Tractor def. Johnson Plumbing, Wi-Vh, 2701-2690; Goulds Pump def. Walls I.G.A., 2-2, 2701-2692; Corral Club def. Birkle Bldrs., 3-1, 28352785. HMO Game Ind. Women — Brenda Myers, Gould Pump, 200. HI-30 Series Ind. Women — Brenda Myers, Gould Pump, 538. Team HI-10 Game—Corral Club, 1002. Team Hi-30 Series — Heritage Homes, 2840. Gillan's Garden Center Presents SANTA'S FOREST at GHIan's True Value Hardware COLORADO FRESH CUT PINE ft FIR Won't shad needles. Flocking available. Open 10 AM. 9 P.M. NORTH OF 5 POINTS Garden City 25 J2 41 so 56 26 27 42 21 43 39 51 54 44 2J 24 40 20 38 m 52 58 49 MORE THAN ANYTHING/ MOMMY, PO YOU LOVE ME I LOVE ALL OF MV CHILPREN MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WOffLP-S I LOVE YOU , PAPPY, EVEN IFMCWMY POESN'T DOONESBURY- SOWHAT'S ITHOIWT BEEN GOING YOU KNEW, Z 1 . DOWN WHILE lOe/RS GETTING 'UEWERE READY FOR OUR AttJAy, ANNUAL SIXTIES MARK 1 ? REVIVAL PARTY! FAR. FREAKIN' OUT! UHKT CAN I DO 70 HELP? IF you HAVE NO OBJECTIONS, my DC/NTV3U TAKE CHARGE OF THE- REFRESHMENTS'? DONE! UHAT SHOULD I UM.. I QET? SAME DUNNO.. AS LAST WHAT'D VJB SERVE? / 6RANOLA AND DRUGS. I OH, RIGHT.. THAT WAS A LITTLE. LEAN. 1V6ETSOME COLESLAW, TOO. STEVE CANYON- CRYPTOQUIP 11-30 BDVENO TVENO-WVENO NPDDO DTEPGGB WPEG Yesterday's Cryptoqulp- CAT WITH NINE LIVES LIVES WITH TACT. © 1977 King Features Syndicate, Inc. Today's Cryptoqulp clue: P equals I The Cryptoqulp is a simple substitution cipher in which each letter used stands for another. If you think that X equals O, it will equal 0 throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words, and words using an apostrophe can give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is accomplished by trial and error. LEI6HTON OLSOW AMP PIPELINE POLLY ARE LIFTED FROM THE ROOF OF THE BURNIN6 WAREHOUSE BV THE CARfiO BOOM ANDNETOFA FREIGHTER THE EXHAUSTED PRISONERS ARE DEPOSITED ON THE FREIGHTER. DECK AND NEITHER STEVE NOR OLSON REALIZE CANYON HAS RESCUED HIS OWN STEPSON / WE STILL HAVE TO FIND THE SABOTEURS

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