The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1936
Page 5
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER -17, • 1936 •BLYTHEVILLE,-<ABK.) COURIER NEWS Mussolini Achieves Strong Position in European Aftairs IU STEWART BKOWN United Tress Staff Correspondent ROME (UP)VTlie year' now • expiring witnessed Ihc foundation c! a now Roiimu Empire ftnd henceforth Italian calendars will designate 1936 as "Year I of the Empire." The' will and determined courage of Premier Benito Mussolini, in tlie face of international opposition, gave Italy its new empire. Upon King Victor Einnmnucl the Italian dictator conferred the title of Emperor of , Ethiopia and upon" himself the Mile of Empire Founder! Italy's conquest of Haile Selassie's hordes, initiated on Oct. 3, 1935, and completed on May S, 1936, added 350^000 square miles of territory to Italy's possessions. Three times the size fo Italy, tills rich territory has a popiilation of 8,000,000 and unlimited natural resources. The No, 1 event of the year, therefore, was the conquest of luhiopia. No. 2 'event was Italy's alliance wilh Germany. The latter deydopment was brought about by England's and France's bitter opposition to Mussolini's colonial war in violation Covenant. of the League Year Bcjan Darkly This year, which has proved so lucky for Italy, did not begin so propitiously for Mussolini and his Black Shirt Legions. At the close of 1935 bis armies' in Africa were „ — --- ------ hmireds of .miles from Addis I against England aud 'tlie resent- Tops In Take-offs Italy nnd Genii Any havo-taken tihinl restored (he jiiOliw lire to Is old parity of 00 to llio pound lcilliiB and ip to tho ilolliir. This neasure Ims brought n revival in .ourlst (raffle which nmy tide Iho It looks like a stunt but it may be a common Fight at alrpoit throughout tho coimirj if low powered planes come Into general use. One handicap of , economy planes has been Inability lo develop speed enough in a short run lo raise the, ship off the ground. At Miami, Pla., Hike Murphy did it this way—zooming into the air from the top of a speeding auto on which a take-off platform had been built, humiliated England, which throughout. the conflict had opposed Italy's campaign. At one ^TV> HijrinK (he-war England concentrated more 'than- 600,000 tons win- vessels In the Meditcrran- n. . • ' reeling in Italy was , bitter 206 W. Main KENS Y «baba, the League of Nations was threatening an oil embargo, and Bold reserves of Ihc Bank of Italy (because of sanctions) .were fast dwindling. " Mussolini threatened military resistance, which would " have meant war in Europe if the League, France still smnr carried outfits project for an oil ations they had embargo against Italj\ Millions of Incensed at Italians came lo the rescue of the trance's. failure treasury by contributing their gold wedding rings and trinkets to provide gold for war purchases. The amount received never has "been revealed, but undoubtedly it tided tho government over a dangerous financial crisis and united the country as it rjiver"has been united since the auvent of Fasc- .isin..., . i; ', January Offenses Started The African • campaign had reached War Communique No. 85 when the - present year dawned. Tnere was talk of offensives on both (he northern and southern fronts, and rumors of the possibility of war in Europe. On Jan. 12, Gen. Rudo.lio Graziani initiated his offensive on the southern, front and on Jan. 22 he captured Nehgejlj. A few days later, on Jan. 25, Marshal' Pietro Badoglio started . his offensive on the northern front and after four days' righting routed' the Ethiopians in the Battle of the Tem4 Men, killing 5,000. The first part of February was spent in large scale preparations for new advances on both fronts, while the League of Nations was hesitating over the application of an oil emoargo. The United States adopted an independent policy of neutrality and the League' abandoned its plans for sanctions. ^ Two Decisive Battles In tlie middle of February Gen. Badoglio met and after five days' fighting defeated Has Mulughieta and .his army of 80,000 warriors, killing about 0,000. He followed up Ihis victory, on Feb.' 29 with., a Second Battle of Tembien, routing Rases Kassa and Se^um, in which the Ethiopians lost almost 15,000 men. The morale of the Ethiopians v;ns shaken, and tlie Italians prepared during March for new advances at Lake Aschianghi against Hie Ethiopians personally led by Hnilc Selassie. The Emperor wn badly defeated ami fled toward Dessye, leaving 7,000 men on the battlefield. On April 1 another Italian column occupied Gondar and by April <l all the Ethiopian forces on the northern front were in full retreat. On April 15 Italians occupied Dessye, former headquarters of the Emperor's northern army, and by April 25 the Italians were in complete control of the Lake" Tana region. Drive Toward Andis Ababa At the end of April Graziani took Sassabench and crushed Ras Natihu. while Badoglio was pushing southward from Dessye toward Addis Ababa. After wallowing through mud and bumping over roads unfit even for camels, Badoglio, on the afternoon of !\?ay 5, entered Addis Ababa. With the pccupallpn of Addis Ababa, Mussolini called the na- 'tloh into Ihc public squares and announced.: "Ethiopia .is Italian." The rejoicing continued throughout the night. On May 9 the victory was consolidated wilh an announcemeiv of the annexation.' of Ethiopia, and the proclamation pf King Victor Emmanuel as Emperor. The war had lasted hardly seven months and had cost Italy the lives, o .about 3,000 men. K>'en the. inos optimistic experts had predicted It would take Italy at least (w years to conquer Ethiopia. " Annexation of Ethiopia Eo\erel nicnf continued to smoulder until tlie League lifted sanctions some .wo months : after the end of the war. When sanctions were lifted July 15, Italy prepared to resume its old position in European affairs, but found England and France still smarting from humili- received. Britain's and their foreign policies. Powerful Allies Formed German}, Au^lna Himgarj and Albania recognized Italy's annexation of Ethiopia and they today form a block of 125,000,000 citizens opposed to the spread of Communism in Europe. ' • ifussolini virtually took Italy out of the League' of Nations in October .when the ^League refused to unseat the Ethiopian delegation. Italy has pot oiiiclaliy resigned, but officials say they have no intention of .returning until tlie League expels the Elhiopians and shows signs of becoming a more "realistic" institution. During the summer Mussolini "orgct," Mussolini promoted a sel- 'lement of the long quarrel he- jJ4iiu*iia uuu . to "forgive and pm fcvcr!> l b'ds for the return 1 of normal relations between England and Italy, .climaxing them with a peace appeal in ills speech twcen Germany and Austria and then proceeded to make friends with Germany. At first Mussolini ;nly flirted with Germany in the Viopes .England, and .France would etlle old differences with him in a friendly manner. Failing in this, I French Relations • Hurt .fussolinl,,.preceded to. The civil war m : Spam has sign sweeping agreements- with- brought a crisis in Italy's rela- 3ermany which intimately linked lions with Russia, and France. '» Milan on Nov. 1. This speech ^ougM a response from England • and at the present time the two nations are negotiating an accord on tile. Mediterranean. LUTES GROCERY AND MARKET! Phone 161 We Deliver For Goodness Sake! Get Acquainted with our Meat Dept. 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Mussolini scv- tal limes during the year boasted he could nut 8.000,000 soldiers Into lie field overnight. /:• • Since the conclusion of the African war, Mussolini has. consolidated Ijis relations with )tls allies, '\«sli'la and .Hungary, There have "Jren a scries of visits between the three allies, culminating -with the visit tp Italy of Admiral Nicholas Hoily, Regent of-Hungary, ot'tnc end of November. ' Financial Status Secret Throughout tlie year; Mussolini's political program has been marked wilh notable successes. Not so much Is known nbput, his fuian- lal and economic situation. Tlie war cost milliards of lire and •nnny more milliards will be needed to develop thiy cmn'f ' lie beginning of sanctions -• tho government ceased publishing II- nnndnl '. and economic statistics; therefore no relln}t1n data' exists to lake any comparisons/ Hi" On Oct. 5, following the devolution of the French franc, 1 Musso- goveriimciit. over difficult days, Open All Night ROAD AND WRECKER SERVICFV Phone 633 Tom Little Chevrolet Co : Tho model of the moon lltn tibwryutory, Los :Angcles, is seen by spoctogrnphj iiml, spectators have llw Illusion of being in n position (ioo.mfles nbovo (he nioon, ... PULL THROUGH MUD, MUCK or SNOW WITHOUT CHAINS Latest and best for QQ( passenger cars and OO trucks.Prices start 14 A WEEK TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. HlylhevJHc, Ark. We Challenge Comparison OF GLASTONBURY SILVER Wilh Any Other' Plated Silverware on (ho Market The •wQiijnu \v)io receives ii 'ijet of tliis beautiful silver- for Ghi'!.3tt)iii8 is lucky incjecd! 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