The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 30, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE is your Quality & n d only Chevrolet^c "with tin CfltHit that these'operations are putting the government permanently into business. We wish to assure you that on this point every commodity organization fs set upon a: basis where, as it gains financial strength .and experience, it can and will become entirely independent of government- aid or supervision. In all these organizations provision is made for the •Farm Board "having a voice 7 in their .policies only so long as they are' indebted to it. j 1 The natural opposition which so many ot you hav'ej felt in ,the past against interference-or dictation on the part of lyoiir banker or financial backer! is quite as ^pronounced on • the part of the '.farmer as the case of those engaged in other lines of industry, thus affording constant incentive to work away from it! as rapidly as possible. ' | Thoosands of Acres Will Be 1 Put in This Week if L Weather Holds. COUNTY'S CHIEF CROP 12 YEARS AGO Corn planting, which lias been reported from scattered, localities j .to. the public, for; the past,' two weeks, -is now .' * . 'Mrs. William Barnes of Hobbs received a letter stating her son, William bad been included m a group of men selected for overseas duty. City Clerk C ft. Law was instructed to advertise for bids for the construction bt 15 tables for tlie Tipton park. ' *•'' .* * W. A. Phai'es made an offer of .$25. toward providing a drinking fountain for tile courthouse base- meiit. and a gate to partition the corridor, so that the fountain and toilets would be open at all hours well under way in this county and There's no greater assurance of used car value than the Chevrolet red "OK that counts" tag, found only on the used car stocks of Chevrolet dealers. This tag guarantees that the car bearing it has been carefully checked and thoroughly reconditioned by expert mechanics. If you want reliable transportation . —insist upon a used car "with an OK that counts." NIGHT CLUB OWNER SLAIN. Fatally Shot by Two ,Mcn ns He Enters Elevator With Wife. 2 OF • New York, April j 30.—Harry Block, age thirty-six, reputed partner in a number of" night club enterprises, was fatally shot by two men be and his -wife were about to ascend in an elevator to their apartment in West Seventyrthird street. The great reception accorded the new Chevrolet since its introduction, January 1st, has brought unusually large numbers of fine used cars to our showrooms'. To make room for further trade-ins we must clear- bur stocks at once. Therefore we are offering these spectacular values for three days only . .'.typical selections from our used car stocks. Buy now and profit by these extraordinary savings. Look at these bargains! 30ACH- upers an $425 World Bank Directors Will Fix Terms of International. Loan. i020 CHEVROLET COWTE — Just as clean 'as. a pin inside and outJ 'with good motor, brand new (ires, bumpers and sparo tire: only a little over li.CMKi miles . lftifi CHRYSLER "Ii" SPORT ' ROADSTER— r N:-w two-tone Duco .panic motor and tires A-l shape: a real buy for oiijly $400 ;•' SPORT tone Duco $275 J!l"7 CHEVROLET COACH- Motor just overhauled, •!;ood tires and new kat covers : $185 1020 CHEVROLET COACH— Fully reconditioned, bumpers and live oversize new tires;. sec this one before . you buy for ! 1927 ESSEX SEDAN — In .excellent, shape: tires- good, motor A-l shape: upholstering like new, tor ]f)2U CHEVROLET COUPE—A real barg.-iin for three days only; perfect condition; a demonstration will- convince you $350 $175 Buy "OK" used cars from your Chevrolet Dealer LEGGE SCORES. (Continued From Page 1.) ine to a very sharp decline in the consumption of lumber in the country. It is perhaps natural for is to think of this" in'the terms it steel, concrete, and other sub- ititutes that have taken the pla-e of lumber in many forms of oon- The farmer's struggle lias been one of meeting the payments on the mortgage, a struggle in which he has failed in a very large number of cases. After many years of discussion and deliberation. Congress finally passed the Agricultural Marketing Act, which many cf yon people are now branding as •struction, but the facts are that : socialistic, or anarchistic, audi over fifty per -cent of the decline i complaining of interference with, in lumber buying as compared io jor necessitating some readjust­ ee higher records of years past j meht in the present system of estsUed in- reduced farm . handling certain commodities, purchasing.^^^ | Nearly ten years of discussion, One modern improvement en i -controversy and compromise led Wiiich the farmer has\vej)t strict-j Congress, in its wisdom, lo de|v up-to-date is the farm mort- i clarc that permanent solution of gage. Most of them have that. • the agricultural problem: lies ;n collective action on the part of | country so largely by special fav- the farmers. It crdated the Farm prs. Board to help producers organize The Agricultural Marketing for such action, both as to pro- Act supplies the means necessary duction and marketing of their i to help the farmer, help - himself their i to •crops, the purpose being to en-lout of his present . major econo- able them to put !their industry mic difficulties. His" success _will Notice! On May 1st, we assume management of the Tipton Ice Plant andi ask all patrons to place ice cards in a conspicuous place and prepare ice boxers early Thursday morning to insure prompt service. , " :' I" ...-.'- . . \ If you have t>een missed on our - ..regular run, please Phone No. 12 and we will make prompt delivery. 1 i ( LISTEN FOR THE BELL ON THE HORSE on economic parity with other industries. In that j legislation Congress definitely committed this country to the principle of cooperative marketing of farm products. The Farm Board believas (bat principle is sound and the only one that really will give the farmer a chaiice_to get his fair share of the national income. The - country generally and business men for the most; part gave their'approval of the Agricultural Marketing Act before it became a law. I am.sorry to say. that there has been considerable evi- depend largely on his own :willingness to do his part. The Farni Board is going to give every assistance permitted by the law. Its purpose is to help agriculture, not to hurt some one else. ' Strictly in accordance with Hie law the Board is i assisting in organization of large scale commodity -epoperatives, made up of state, regional \ and local farmers cooperatives. Through -these central commodity associations producers are expected to control a sufficient volume of the different products of the farm to have TOTAL IS $300,000,00 (4 if the weather holds, thousands of ^cres will be put in this crop during the planting, season. Most farmers desire to plant corn in j County Superintendent E. L the forepart of May, although Mitchell announced that Mary •some plant in April and run risk; DeWitt-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Erfsig Durr was confined to his home south of ifobbs with a severe attack of mumps. Political Annouu ccmeatK. The Tribune, from now unf til the date-ot the.primary election, -will carry political announcements in this column payment for the same must be made in advance. • For Judge. As a candidate for the Republican nomination for judge of the Tipton-circuit court,.I hereby respectfully solicit your support. | S. A. CULVER. [ For County Treasurer, j I am a candidate for the nomination of treasurer of Tipton county, subject to the Republican primary, May 6, 193Q. I shall aip- preciate any assistance given me in my campaign. TIIOS. B. BARTHOLOMEW.! Paris, April and conditions 30.^-The of term's dence. the past several months j bargaining power < in marketing that'entirely too many of your! them. These agencies are not he- members were for the principle I mg formed-to sot asldd the law or-cooperation only so long as it:of supply and demand and artificially raise the prices to the consumer^but rather to engage in a merchandising program that reflects.-prices to. their', grower members that are in harmony with the actual value of the products based da; the. potential buying demand.-' ; -.'•_;]' • r: •.•'..'•••". -A; ••. The/nio'Bt; impoiiant function of this' collective' action• by farmer* is to.brlng:productldW^ kina;and ampunt', rtote >^i^|^^i^^fe ^ff3 'i.^^y* didn't work. I do not recall in years gone by of hearing you businegs men making . any : such - complaint against government aid that was extended - to the manufacturing industry," to transportation> -and: to finance. And .these all played their part in adding- to the-disadvantages of the farmer, a*, did also' the preferential / treatment- to labor- through immigration re-, striction-'and other 'measures. \' We .are' not;.ponfp'laining about .what • the\ government has .-.done tdr.otbera but ft ooaajseemtoin* bi|fe.^netlcUHei f oa.httb wskemm the issuance in nine countries of the first German annuity loan in! an amount sufficient to yield' 5300,000,000 under the Young plan! will be discussed by banking j representatives of the countries interested at a meeting called by Gates W. McGarrah, president of the Bank for International ] Settlements, to be held at Brussels on < Thnrsday. This meeting! Whiclv will probably occupy at. most two days, will be, in a manner, preliminary and consultative)' as any decisions the bankers will be subject to approval by the governors of the banks of ^ssue and of the- treasuries of the various i countries. The amounts which can be successfully floated in' each market will be one of the questions discussed, and jit is understood that the American share will be about one-thii-d, or S100,- 000,000. . [ In calling this meeting, Mr. McGarrah is- anticipating the ratification of the Young plan by Italy and Great Britaiii and is using.the interval until these ratifications are forthcoming for doing all tiie preparatory, work, so that no time will be wasted after the bank comes into legal operation. * : , ^leanwhile, the bankers'at the Brussels meeting will push forward the work / of preparing the first bond issue. . i . The bonds will be issued in the national currency of each of the nine countries and rate of interest will be the same m all, out the bonds - will' not properly, speaking, be international. Germany, will according to the terms of The Hague settlement, participate in; the proceeds-of the loan to the amount of 1100,00.0,000. of i frost damage. Tipton county, 'with its Kit!,400 acres of land, this seasb.n will plant in the neighborhood .of, 75.,000 acres in corn, aiid the aci;e- may even go beyond this mark, as some wheat land will be plowed or has been plowed for corn planting. This .means' that within the neighborhood of. a $2,000,000 corn crop will be raised in the county d,uring the present season, the corn crop, being - tUo- main crop of the county. Each year Tipton-couuty'is producing., more and .better corn on! the Isanie acreage and, the county'! is jhcconiing known'as one of Uiej finpst corn producing counties .'in;' the middle west. This has been! la redely through the-annual coin j shows and the movement of .cdrt-j cation among the Corn growers'.! At the present time there are men, in the county who lnive a. demand; for seed corn raised on ; Ihol*' farms. ' ; -, ' . ' j At the-last international .'corn; show- iu Chicago, the coiiniy came| j into the limelight by corn 'from j (lis county winning some of the; l| first prizes. >. - .. i On the county farm., planting j jslarted Tuesday morning and 91 j acres of the crop will be raised! there this year. I lloy Hewitt of .Sharpsvillc. had made, the highest grade in the county in'the Stb grade examination having an average of !>S.9%'.-' . * * * o Jcilui UoHowadol w;is advertising a five room house-'with good igarden-spot and poultry yard. Stetson Appointed. Indianapolis. Anril :!i>. — Paul Clifford Stetson) superintendent of scjinols at Daytoii. O., for the l;*.st nine years. Will be. superin iendenf of thc-'Iiidiaiiapolis school sysrem bt'giiining. August. 1. His appointment w;is made with assurance? (if jhis acceptance .by the city board: of_ school coinnlissioii-' ers-Tuesday- night. SEEKS SOURCE (Continued From Page 3.) ution of the mystery is that} gas fumes from metal pots in ; The'-Tribune building have caused • tliis : inconvenience in the citv-j building. These pots " were mov- j edj Recently to an addition near- j cr| the- city- building but for years they,-were located in -the, press ropiii and employes' were never made ill. i iSee physical training;".exhibit at gym, Friday, 7:30 ( m.; 10c and 20c admission.! ,' c 7 i -so Kilchn Tint Enamel For Woodwork and Walls Brighten Up Your Painted ; Walls With This Superior Washable Enamel. Blue Front bsr2ig Store TIPTON, IND. "A Good Place to Trade" For County Clerk. I hereby announce myself asi a candidate for the nomination (or clerk of the Tipton circuit court, subject to the decision of the Democratic voters at the primary election to be held May 6, 19.10. PARKER DUNHAM J I have announced as a Democratic candidate for the nomination for clerk of the Tipton circuit court, subject to the prim;xy election May 6, 1930. Any support given me will: be sincerely appreciated. JOHN F. HEATH For Trustee. I hereby announce myself a^ candidate' for the nomination for trustee of Cicero township, subject to the decision of the Democrat voters at the primary election to be held Tuesday May! 6, 1930. -I : j REC: L. "HASKETTL I ani a candidate 1 for the Democratic nomination for trustee! of Cicero township and will appreciate any aid that is given me| in my campaign and in the primary election. JOHN C. BOZELll I am a candidate for the Republican nominal ion; for trustee j of Liherty townsbiij. Your support at the primary. May «, 1930. will be fully appreciated. M-irmoi: ROLER. Drake Beauty Parfor Graduate of Iitiinlxiw Academy Call 15 for Appointment Second Floor, Mni-onic Bldg. M. & N. SHOE STORE Nothing Over $4.98 COURTESY OUK MOTTO Ij wish to announce my candidacy for the nomination for! county assessor, subject to the primary to be held May 6, 1930. It is impossible In's'fi' all my fi'ietuls and I take this opportunity of soliciting your support ami will assure you that 1 will 'do! everything jiossible to merit the support vou may give inc. Roy C. Osier Democratic Candidate for ] County Assessor - Insurance of All Kinds Life — Auto — Accident Protection for Whatever Tour Personal or Business Xccds May! Be. LEE F. OEIFFTH INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 57. W. A. Pumphrey, D. C. CHIROPRACTOR Olllco Over Foster Jewelry Store. Phone 25 Tipton, Ind. Mr. and Mrs., George Jung of Frankfott-.were here Iwednesday attending to business matters and greeting friends. | Mr. Jung is- the Frankfprt . representative of the Elveib 'product made at the Aill pre«t farms M. HAAS & SONS SPECIAI, * VALUE . ipiijEE V.;. With every purchase of a pint"or more-of Jap-A>Lac. Tlie fibre board" wastebasket (50c value) is unfimslicd so that you ^can enamel and stencil it any colors 1 you like. The Blue ihrd stenciLs ($1.00 value) can also be used for breakfast sets, walls and . other places, i . ' i •This offer is good for limited time only. J. P. SMITH Lumber Co. Phone 72. LOANS $25 to $300—Your Own Sccar ity—Quick and Confidential Peoples Loan & Credit Co. Rni. 4, Masonic Kldg. Jf. Mmin. See— , YOUNG & MASON Suits and Funiiihin^ 6 East Jefferson St. Clothing and Furnishings Dr.LLHicks (Jhiroprmctor " | Automobile Insurance •;, FULL COVERAGE / Fire Theft Y Windstorm Collision ^ropertjr Damage /.Piblic Liapflity , PersbrU^ Adjustment of RADIO SERVICE Wo <3o Anywhere — Aerial Work—Full Line Acccamriea McJunkin Sadio Shop Phone SOX7. Our New S|>rin|f Woofeas Arm Arriving—Coine-an* Bee Taoi CHARLES FOVCH Tailor and Men's Aov - 108 North Mala • I. " We Trade foe Y6»r OW !•! NEB Weet J«ff< ACES

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