Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 6, 1957 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 6, 1957
Page 20
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Eieht Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Wife's Kalamazoo Friends Need Not Help Pay Rent Dear Ann: My wife of eight .months has some daffy ideas, but the last one is a prize. She tells me I'm the one who's nuts, so I'll leave it up to you. We live in a nice flat in a good Neighborhood. The rent is $75 a •month (plus utilities) and although the bedroom is small, it's still a bargain. Last week my wife told me she found a beautiful apartment, two bedrooms, private entrance, and a little patio in the rear—all for $150 a month. I asked how she thought we could afford such rent and she said it was easy. She knows two gentlemen who are looking for a place to live. They would share the second bedrQom and pay S40 a month each. I asked who these gentlemen were and she said she used to know them in Kalamazoo. I haven't seen these guys but I don't like the idea much' already. She says I'm out of my mind. Am I? — ALWAYS WRONG Married only eight months and the bride has already rounded up a couple old friends from Kalamazoo to help raise her standard of living? You have a right to object to this traffic in your home. In fact, if you O.'K. it, someone ought to drop a butterfly net over you. Tell the little woman no dice. If the Kalamazooloos decided to move out after a few months you'd be boy"—here's an "old . fashioned stuck with the high rental. Then . you'd have to start scratching for new roomers or move back- to the old flea-bag. Stay where you are. * * * Dear Ann:'My wife .and I have been married two years. She married-outside her religion. Her parents have been very nice about it, but her maiden aunt persists in filling her head with notions of juiit and horror. Our first child was born last week. The baby is healthy and normal in every respect, but he has a red birthmark the size of a nickel, on the side of his face. This, aunt has told my wife it's a punishment for marrying outside her religion. She says the dark red mark is symbolic of the wine she siped in the other church during tJjf ceremony. She claims the child will carry this mark forever. My wife is ordinarily a smart subject? If anyone can straighten her out, You can.—TIRED MAN Your wife should tell her aunt to pick up her voodoo drums and move on. There's no connection between your child's birthmark and wine sipped anywhere. Birthmarks can happen to anyone. Mary Sunshine is also mistaken on another score. The child needn't carry this mark _forever. This sounds like a portwine stain and can probably be completely removed by a good dermatologist.'.Excellent new techniques have been* developed in recent years. Look into this. » » * Dear Ann: I work in an office, and my desk is .right by the door which seems to be a convenient stopping place for e'veryone. I hate to sound like a crabby old man, but my problem is getting me down. I'm considered the jolly type and all day long people come by to borrow MY directory, MY stapler, MY scissors and MY stamps, because they misplace theirs. But the thing that burns me up the most is when-they want to borrow my pen. I'm an old-fashioned bird who still uses a fountain-pen. In the last six months three pens have walked off. Must I start to say "NO"? What's the answer?—DAD ,T\J , n licit, a uiic ana wet . —— ut\u • , , , Since you're an "old-fashionediP™ turue l,. a _ nlJ Deranged Farmer Shot in Blazing Duel With Officers ' MADISON, Ind. (UP)—A Jefferson County farmer who • believed "the Communists have taken over the" whole country, and now they're after me" fought a gun duel with law officers at hts home near here Wednesday and was wounded seriously. Basil Dean, 45, former mental patient at Madison State Hospital,! barricaded himself in his home. Units of the Jefferson County sheriff's office, the state police and the Madison police converged on the home a few minutes later. Dr. William Murray, a staff physician at Madison State Hospital, pleaded with Dean through a loudspeaker to give himself up. But Dean shot at the doctor and used a shotgun, pistol and rifle to hold off the officers for about 40 minutes. He then emerged from the front door, blazing away wilh a pistol in one hand and a shotgun in the other. He was felled with bullets in the back, hand and ear. A tire on a police car was Josephine Lowmon Dandruff Can Be Dangerous; Control It at Early Stage remedy" When people borrow your fountain pen always koep the cap and just hand them the writing part. A person would never put a naked, uncovered pen in Ills pocket (or her purse). The cap which you hold will remind you to get the rest of the pen back if they forget. * # » CONF1DENTIA LLY: D IS A P POINTED: I didn't print your letter because I can't discuss this problem in print. If you'll send me your name and address I'll try to help you. (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressod envelope.) Copyright 1957, .Field Enterprises, Inc. Birl but this thing to her rocky.} Say HeOVV RolflS Will you please say a word on tho _ ' _ ' , .._ ,, Once every 1UU Years Be Ready for Compliments "ST. LAFAYKTrK (UP)—A weather expert lias reported Uiat heavy rain which poured (! to 7 inches of precipitation on at least two Indiana towns last week "occurs about oi'.rct in a hundred years." State climaU>logisl Lawrence A. Schaal said in his weekly report a (i-inoh rain at Jamestown and 7.1)5 inches at Whiieslwwn, part of a storm which drowned six persons and created flood havoc over Central Indiana, caused overflows of "terrain never know>n to have been flooded bufore." Kagle Creek and Raccoon Creek "\|!"had highest stages on record," iSchaals aid. 8460 9-18 As cool and refreshing as a soft drink—and delightfully young. Low- necked date dress for juniors with narrow trimming. Sew a collared version, too. No. 84RO with PAIT-O-KAMA included Is in slx.es !), 11, 12. 13, 14, 18, Jit. Size Jl, 31% liust, 5% yards of .'tf-Im.'li; 2'/2 yards trimming. For this pattern, send H5c In COINS, your name, address, si'/e desired, and tlia f'ATTKMN NUM- HKK to Sue Hiirnelt J'haros-Tdb- une, ;i7H W Quincy Htrecl, Chicago «, III. Diin't miss the late.it issue of our fascinating pattern magazine Baa- ic FASHION. The Spring & Summer Ti7 issue is filled with smart, now designs for all sizes; special features; gift pattern'printed inside the book. 2H cents. Hint Showdown Fight Imminent in Cuba SANTIAGO DE CUBA (UP) — noporls here today Indicated a showdown battle may be imminent between government troops and rebel forces in the Sierra Maeslra Mountains, There were reports of heavy troop movements on I'alir.a Soriano, in miles northwest of Santiago. Other reports told of Ilia sudden "disappearance" of "numerous" Cubans and there was sneculntlon thcry had joined the rebels headed by Fidel Castro. Authorities in the rebel - ridden mountains In southeast Cuba were were broken but none of the officers was injured. Missouri Senator Undergoes Surgery WASHIXGTOX (UP) — Sen. Thomas C. Hennings Jr. underwent surgery Friday for removal of gallstones. At the Capitol, the Missouri Democrat's office called the operation "successful" and his condition "good." An aide said Hennings* appendix also was removed as a precaution against future trouble. Hennings, 54, experienced several gallstone attacks earlier this year and has been under periodic treatment since. Woman Who Died Is Revived on Delivery Table, Bears Son CHIPLEY, Fla. CUP) - A 25- year-old Negro woman died on the delivery table, was revived three .minutes later by two Chipley doctors and then' -gave birth to a 6- pound, 12-ounce boy, it was reported here today. Drs. Hugh Thompson and Walter Shehee of the Washington County Hospital said' Mrs.' Nellie Atkins, who has one oth'er child, suffered a heart attack while in Saturday Evening, July 8. ISTT. Convict Steelworker In Robbery-Murder • LAPORTE (UP)—Judge'John J. Davie was scheduled to pronounce sentence today on Marshall Roberts, 38, Gary steehvorker, who was convicted of manslaughter by a LaPorte Circuit Court jury of 10 men and two women. ' The jury deliberated about two hours Wednesday before returning its verdict in connection with the robbery-murder, of Edward Turk 63 Porter County farmer Oct. 7 195C. Roberts Stanley Broski 42 and Roby James 30 also .of Gary are accused of the slaying of Turk at his farm home about seven miles northwest of Vincennes. James earlier was tried for his part in the crime but the jury deadlocked and no decision was reached. He and Broski face trials Former DP Denies He Set Fire to House APPLETON, Wis. (UP)—A former displaced person has pleaded innocent to charges of setting fire to his girl friend's parent's home because she agreed to marry another man. Valdis Krastins, 21, was released on $3,000 bond Friday to face trial Oct. 2. He was charged with burglary and arson, Police said Krastins was angry with Valiga Alksnis, 25, and that he set fire to her father's home. They also said he stole cash, checks, and a pistol from the home. Valiga, unperturbed by the fire, married the other man. the delivery room late Tuesday ' at a later date ' night and was pronounced dead.: Roberts was tried here Thompson said he" and Slieehee| c!lan « e ot v «>™ from immediately opened her chest and County, massaged her heart. Three minutes later she was revived. The doctors then delivered the boy by Caesarian section. The doctors said that Mrs. Atkins breathing had stopped and | got into the delivery room. They said she had been in. labor, few- two days and had been unable to deliver the child normally. Easy-to-Crochet! 5585 There are products which control dry anil oily dandruff after several applications. While dandruff is not usually a serious disease it can be most annoying and very embarrassing. There are three kinds. There u dry dandruff (the simplest kind), oily dandruff, and the most severe version which is called seborrlicic dermatitis. Practically everyone lias dry SMALL MEDIUM LARGE You'll finu this beautiful slipper and bag set Indispensable! It's ensy-lo-crnchet and so nice to wear with sporls-or-clnylirrm outfits. 1'allern No. 55115 contains crochet directions for slippers—»|/KM small, medium and law included — and dandruff at one Lime or another. The skin is constantly shedding old dead cells as now ones are formed. This is a natural process and is invisible when the process is normal. However, due to illness, extremes in the weather,' strains, anasthetics and other causo.s some- limes the shedding may become extreme. dandruff in Its earliest and .simplest stage — dry dandruff.. In the past, many treatments have been used and many of-them have beun discarded. At best they only brought relict for very short periods. Sulphur was perhaps the most effective. It has strong antibacterial properties and control* the rate of shedding to some degree. Naturally, shampoos arc important in removing loose scales anc oil and dirt; also some of the shampoos right bacteria. Great Bury Body of Man Said To Be British Frogman PORTSMOUTH, England (UP)— j tumbled into the creek not far there was no heart-beat when she The body of a man identified as from lne s P ot (rilere two brothers British frogman Lionel (Busier) Recover Body of Man From State Park Creek ROCKVLLLE, Ind (UP*—Searchers late Friday recovered (be body of George Washington Milton Jr.. 19, Indianapolis, from {he swollen waters of Sugar Crock in Turkey Run State Park where he drowned Thursday while 011 an outing wilh a church group. Milton slipped from a rock and Crabb was buried Friday without military honors or even an official Royal Navy representative on The hospital reported Thursday i hand, night that both'mother and child; Crabb, a former British naval were "doing fine." I officer, vanished in the murky waters of' Portsmouth H a r b o r Appnintud At Muscalntuck INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Richard . Kage 28 administrative assist- an'., to the warden at the Michigan City State Prison since 1952 Thursday was named director of personnel at Muscalsluek Slate School. 'Hie appointment was announced by Dr. Stewart T. Ginsburg state mental health commissioner. early in 195S while three Soviet from Dana drowned recently while on a picnic with high school classmates. Milton's body was discovered about 30 feel from the spot where he drowned. TOAST ALARM BOSTON - Seven pieces of fire warships were anchored tl-.ere. A apparatus answered an alarm headless and handless body, en- .sounded by a passerby who saiv cased in a rubber frogman suil,' smoko P ou ""« f rcim Ule was recovered recently and iden- No. 47 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 11)57) tified as that of Crabb. In the absence of confirmed facts regarding his mission, Crabb's activities have been the subject of considerable speculation. British newspapers said he | might have been "doing a job" for the United Slates, or some other foreign power. Read the Classified Ads There are products which control dry and oily dandruff, after sev- Instead of .shedding cells, .large cra ) applications, for from four collections may slough off' at once .so that they arc noticeable to the naked eye. Thus you have dry dandruff, liad Situation If the secretion of oil Is excessive, the dead cells may mass together and adhere to '.he scalp. This ;.s a bud situation becun.se it provides such a perfect scLting for the growth of bacteria. When this occurs treatments by a skin specialist is usually required, The three factors governing dan- weeks to four months. You apply this before shampooing the hair. Many simple defects of skin and scalp develop ini.o more serious ones with neglect. While we require natural oil in JuJirlc/ite our .skin and scalp, excessive amounts of it can speed the process of deterioration. This is true of the formation of blackheads. An extremely oily skin is much more apt to develop blackheads than a drier one. If you would like to have my (Iruff are the amount of oil, rate! leaf let "Your Outer Coaling" send of scaling, and infection. As you'.a stamped, self-addressed enve- can^readily .sue, It is important lollopc with ynur request far leaflet •. -ii 1 IM AY HOI Si; located on Enil Shore, Lake MaxinkucloB, Culver, Ind. For llckili coll VIMno J-1300 Prlc.i TOOL, $1.35—W»d,,-Sun. $1.50. Cu toln llm« 8l30. PUnly (red parking. home of Mrs. Rita Stone. It proved lo he tel a slice of burned toasf. Hilltoppers Plus Tex Beneke Orchestra At Indiana Beach Wednesday, July 10 The Hilltoppers The Indiana lUmch Hnllroom, Sh.'i- fcr l.iikt) will present » sncrhil nUrnclinn Wednesday, July 10. when Urn IHIllopiiors rccordiin; slurs lire feiiliired with llu; MVx Huncke Orrliustrii. Th« Wall Lofli.vs nrujipslni is ciim-nlly playing ul Hit! Hnllroom. The Knur Spades, youthful nick and roll urtisls, open n l.w«-wpc)< eiifjii/jeinwit In UK.' Monday. Pil. Adv. said to have already taken spo- t bag; stitch Illustration.?; material cial measures in anticipation of a!requirements. major clash. j Kund 2!ic in COINS, ynur name, I address and the PATTERN MUM„ , , , 'I HER to ANNK (JABOT, Plmrnn ^ „n? m,; 3 "^ i Z ,, n ! Tribune, 1172 W. Quincy Street, Chi- GArtY (IJI')-Cheryl Kallns, 9,, „ ,, TH im)is w;is killed Kriday when her bicycle ' It's ready 1 The 18.17 Needlework was struck by a truck In a city ! street near her home. She was at least Indiana's cighlh traflic death since the Fourth of July holiday period began ' Wednesday night. Show Starts At Ouik Gam Open Half Hour Earlier SUNDAY-MONDAY DOUBLE FEATURE "LOVE ME TENDET?" (color) Elvis PretUy » D«fara PaQ«t alto "AMAZON TRADER" (color) TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY "A Face in the Crowd" vfinl lun) OrlfflHl — folrlela N««l ALlltJM—fifty-six colorful showing many pretly designs; plus directions for making :i crochet items and a quilt. Only 2iie a copy I Box Office Open 7:00 Show Starrs at Dusk CHILDREN FREE Final Today -2 First Run Features 2 First Time Shown In this Vicinity FltMEO 6) M G M IM MAI) MtlJ ::fji|MlRi UNDER MIllTAftl PRimCllUN' SOMETHING SUNDAY & MONDAY He blew a fortune on the wildest spree in history. pOMAlD AHK OWtWOR-BLYTH VISTAVISION"' . iBUSTER KEAfO ' sronv Come Early and get a free lample of Beef Bar-B-Que Sandwlchoi an Saturday Today—Golden Mistreii and Wyoming Renegade* Sunday, Monday Open I P. M. 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