The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 30, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Wednesday, April 30, 1930
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Entered as second class matter, Oct. 4, 1895, at post office at Tipton, Ind., under, the act of March 5, 1879 x:- >• VOLUME XXXV, XO. 17». TIPTON, INDIANA, WEDNESDAY EVEXIXG, APRIL 30,1030. MEETING OF GOMESTO Brillian Playino; of Caryl Oakes, Violinist, Feature:! Progra'y-. ON TUESDAY EVENING Officers of District Elected—Wednesday Program I Interesting. Eat With Wife, Judge Orders, Regardless of Poor Cooking Vienna, April SO. -— "A husband," declared Judge Backer in Vienna central criminal court, yesterday, "is obliged to.take meals with bis wife, either at home or outside." and supported his ruling by inflicting a fine on Helen Pokorny for alienating the affections of the husband of MaTie Gross. According to Frau Gross' charge, her husband refused to eat at homo, lint look luncheon and dinner every day in the rooms of Frau Pokorny, a cook. The man declared that no affectionate relationship existed between him and the cook, Cut that he could not eat at home "because I can not eat what my wife cooks, and am being ruined in health by attempting it." Th .2 judge was unsympathetic. PACT BEFORE PRES. HOOVER U. S. Delegates at the White House to Receive Congratulations. LindberghLandsiiiCaiialZone TREATY IS MAIN TOPIC FEARED HUB ROAD LOST THIS YEAR Ratification Will Be 'Urged by Executive in His Sen-!•• ate Message. Washington, April 30.—Formal presentation of "the official copy! of the London naval treaty today held a place of outstanding importance on President Hoover's engagement list. '':. Three members of the delega- J tion whiclf represented the Unit- j ed" States at the arms conference pOttimittee From Tipton Be- ! were invited to the White House fore Highway Commis- | t0 deliver lhe tre « ty t0 the Presi_ ; dent, received his felicitations I and join in a luncheon table'dis- ! cussion. j Henry L. Stimson, secretary of I state; Charles F; Adams, secre- I tary of the navy, and Senator j of the navy, and Senator Joseph j T. Robinson, of Arkansas, the re; turning envoys, arrived in Wash­ out sianding .features of the Wednesday sessions of the Mun-! eie 1'ri'sbyterial -meeting at t.hoj i ^irsl Presbyterian church were: ' i Reports and reviews of the year's; work and the ricomplishment of; the aims have been very sue-' cessfnlly carried_ through; the election and installation of the' new officers who will carry on thei work: the nuiet hours spent in j devotions in which the spirit ofi "Working Together With Him"! and "Witnessing For Him" wore; the themes: aifd the exceptional-! ; ly fimv addresses brought by out-1- standing women of the church, j Mayor Lee F. Griffith,, Jesse There has been an exceptional- j Addlcman and Dudley Fielding j ington late yesterday after a pub ly line interest manifested during! welU to Indianapolis Wednesday j 1'Cj-eception in •ffew York, all the sessions. Miss Nora Mc-j to i earll if poss n ,le, tile exact Neal is the local president and, statns - of the pl . oposed ' i' mpr ove- sioh Wednesday, TO LEARN THE FACTS much credit for the -success of the meeting has been due to .her untiring orforts.. Mrs. Charles Stevenson of Wabash is district I 'liiiirman and'.presided at all the sessions. Airs. Campbell McKay of Elkhart is Synodical .president! . ment of the Huh Highway east of Tipton. It is feared, this improvement is lost for this year but the Tipton men drove down to make a last appeal for its construction. All indications point to a delay in the new'road. The highway ! superintendent for this district did little work on the road this in accordance with orders and active in all the sessions: Carol Oakes, violinist, was ,a speciiil feature of the Tuesday i ,i sprin ~ night prom-am* playing with a I, " , , ., i -.. -T „ : which contemplated the building superb tone, an exquisite Flat! .... 1 m , x . . .. , ~, - „ „ . !of the road this year. Then re- Nocturne liv Chopin. Followinj.'- President Hoover plans to submit the document, to the jsenate within a few days,; as soon as he has completed a message of transmittal, setting forth the merits of the pact, as he sees them, and urging prompt ratification. . An uncertain reception, how-, ever, awaits it on Capitol hill, where committees of, both senate and house plan to hold hearings. cently ho -received orders to put on more material and work on the highway. This leads to the this masterful technic and careful phrasing were evidenced , in Wienawakis' difficult "'Polonaise in I) Major." In'response to the! ^position that the improvement hearty encore he played the lov-< has ,,oe » delayed ely "Barcetlo" by Weber • lor. Wednesday addresses wora^giv-! en by .Mrs. J. C. Webb, Portland.; Mrs. .1." W. Nicely of Crawfordsville, Mrs. Andrew Todd Taylor, Mrs. W. H. Adams of Indianapolis, Synodiral vice president, Mrs. O. Ii. Campbell, Marion. Mrs. M. A. Drake of Kokomo. Mrs. John Ream of Peru, and Miss Esther . Landon of Asheville, N. C. The newly installed officers are Mrs. Charles Stephenson of Wa hash, president; Mrs. O. Ross of Winchester. 1st vice president; Mrs. Edward Fowler of Union CJty, 2nd vice president; Mrs Lewis Turkey of Marion, secretary! and Mrs. .Lileth Richards Stanjdford of Anderson, secretary of Young People 's work. More than sixty delegates^were registered for the first day of the sessions. Others having part .. in the sessions were the vested "choir of the church in special numbers, solos by Mrs.: Albert Tinder and Miss Mildred Laven—good of- Peru, Mrs: George Weaver, Nobiesville, Mrs. A. H. Baker ot Anderson, Mrs. D. D. Hensel ; of Muncie, Rev. and : Mrs. N. V. Andrews, Mrs. G. H. Warne and Miss Josephine Warne of the lo- ical church. • . ,i ; - -'A' free buffet supper was served • •^yaeadjjy evening to the visiting '< .''.''MtSjttes under the direction of '•'•^JinjP^Bttrles! Michel! and dinner i ^s ^'wnrcd Wednesday by Mrs. It&r ^V ^erTsTcius of the Sunday ""^^^SleSBvention tended*? Wednes- ^^^mination In addition to i Krcis-!^ n ' s ev 'dent trend of affairs in 1 | the highway, department, it .is known that the building program in lil 2 3 cost more than the revenues and that approximately $2,000,000 more were spent than taken in. This situation has en T forced a curtailment of the 1.930' program, no doubt. On; top of this S1EETIXG POSTPONED. HAS BEEN SET Jack Barstow, Sail Plane Pilot, Makes Mark in; California. BUT IT IS UNOFFICIAL' Motorless Craft Remained in Air'Fifteen Hours and ' - Twelve Minutes. All I*ny. Cash in Nebraska Town; No One Goes, in Debt Blocmfield, Xcb. April 'SO'.There is no credit in th.isl.tnwi.. One pays cash for everything bought at local "ore:-. Slow collections back in 192S compelled merchants to make a gentlemen's agreement to demand cash. ' And now, R.- I). Wilson, president of the retail merchants,- in a report has com to'the defense of the system. ",It has kept customers ouf of'debt for tivr: ears." he said. "Under no circumstances would we go-'ba-k to the old o.rcdi'. system. Moreover, custiu. ors :do not; send out for their need" 'now. They buy them from local merchants." If a'.-merchant violates the •gentlemen's, agreement he is fined 3100. No one has yet besn fined. LEGGE SCORI 0JFC.Fl Says Business Men's Organization Has Not Aided Farm Relief. PASSIVE RESISTANCE (Left to right) Bert Denickey, radio bperator; Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh and Basil Rowe, copilot of the Sikorsky amphibian plane, in which the three men flew: to Havana, Leaving Havana, Lindy continued his inaugural air mail flight from New York acrnm thn C»rihhpnn Seatjv the Canal Zone. The plane carried 41 pounds of mail for'Ha­ vana and 211 pounds for Christobal, Canal Zone. He blazed a new air mail route across the Caribbean Sea, linking New York and Buenos Ayres in a seven-day schedule. ! San Diego, Ca!., April ' '30.— ; Jack "Barstow. • sail plane '-pilot, •' landed at.Point Lorna today,';e!i<i! ing a flight of fifteen hou n-r-and I twelve",, minntes that unofficially. ! established a new. world record.- '.j for motorless sustained flight. . j - : i narstow took advantajrf;. ot- .a j pi 0S sibility That Truck-Driv- RQAD ACCIDENT SEEK SOURCE City Office Remains Vacant as Investigators- Work on Puzzle. NUAL MEETING OF FEDERATION ;md,| County Federation of Clubs Meets at Library Thurs day A: NOT SO NOTICEABLE Cicero- Township Sunday School Convention Will Be Ijiiter. a recent .supreme court decision makes it necessary for the com- mision to ray part of .the cost of a bridjrc-'to be built across the Ohio river at Evansville. As arrangements must be made to take care of this expense, it will be necessary to take funds which ordinarily would be'allotted to road building. The Tipton men went down Wednesday, morning hoping that some way might be foundto build tlie Hub this year but they were not optimistic. The Cicero township Sunday school convention will not be ['held next Sunday at the New Hope church as announced some .time ago. The date for holding this annual session will be selected later. Miss May Hobbs, county secretary was to have secured a speaker for the convention- and she was taken suddenly ill and forced to undergo an operation. PROGRAM ternoon. favorable breeze to . circle -- San Diego and Point Loma. JTe also ! exceeded the American glidorj niark of .'! hours 5 'minutes .'!2 2-5 seconds, established several months ago by Hawley TCowlns. j The official glider record is .11 | hours and 15 minutes, and I was j established -in Germany. Asj his j flight was unofficial and he rear-j ried no barograph, TSarstow j can not claim a new official hiarli. er Will; Be-Held for Woman's Death. PROBE JONES DEATH MOTHK OF MRS. ANNOUNCED Confined to Homo. Mrs. Ed Clark is confined, to her home on Oak street, suffering from a general weakness and poisoning of the system from her teeth. Mrs. Clark has had her teeth extracted but the system had already been infected by the poison and it will be some time before this can be eliminated and her health restored. 1 Life Discovered on "Roof" of Jungle; u Flowers Grow in British Guiana Trees I. of :onsClrcBh>) London, April 30.—Descriptions of strange life on the "roof" of tropical forests have been given by Major It. • W. ^Hingston, loader of the Oxford biological' expedition to British Guiana, recently returned from ; South America. "Up to the present,", said M1P- jor Hingston f > "naturallstR hare worked only on•: the Jloor of the dense tropical Jungles. Of the animals;^plants, insects, Urlngxln the almcetfolid' canopy above they. have., .'known -ftaetteaJfr nothing::<)ur; «tpe*ltWm '«••*!; in a -patch. of>printevai tmtmt'iki tte b«nk^^|lonlMll^W^r^ straight trees—has stood practically unchanged for centuries. For the first 78 feet the tree trunks are-branchless, but above that, the foliage spreads out and form a solid roof. "Never can the sun penetrate to that dlsmali darkness. -But 130 feet above-the floor of the, forest on this canopy we found an -amasing contrast. We ; looked out von a green plain raised a and lowered :lnto^ hills arid:;%altoy»V There ( was ptonty 1 *^ g«jr'-] color,;| •veir shade-ofl|green=renrMented; land mariy tfW yonn, leaVi. •Wi« r yellow ^-/BBd '-iCQPp«E."' *"* " atlfal floiran aim ' Gas said to have accumulated at the city building insufficient quantities to cause illness of several of the employes, was not so noticeable about , the building Wednesday, all doors being left open, but the offices remain vacated. Doors at the firebarn remain open day and night, but .Hillard Losey has removed his family' from the barn to apartments on North Independence street and will reside there until the trouble is located. Mrs. Losey is said to have been made quite sick during the night by the gas said to he carbon-monoxide gas.| Mrs. Irene Finley, ,_rcity clerk; Miss Hazel Swift, city treasured, Russell *Barrow, fireman and one of the state accountants who has been working on the city books for the past several months also are said to have, been made ill. ' Tests made by W. D. Hiatt, in charge o'f the- chemistry department of the Tipton school,, arc said to have revealed some carbon monoxide gas in th^ air in; the city building. Tests have been made by the Indiana Gas- Light Company showing' their lines were in good condition and no gas escaping. AnVappllance to test the gas if any, in the building was expected in Tipton, Wednesday by Manager: Floyd • Knotts and will.' be installed as soon, as it arrives. ' City accountant Paul Meyers has continued to . work, at the city offices saying he can detect no bad effects from the air but the; clerk and treasurer are located in the Shlel building across the street. .'Mayor li. P. Griffith sent a ro^ quest -tq the - --State* Board -of A very splenllid program is ah- noiinced for the annual meeting || • . i of the Tipton fjoiinty Federation of Clubs to be lleld at the library Thursday afternoon, May 1st :Jt 1:30 ' o'.clock. All the women iif • • l!. the county 'wiliether identified with the federation or not are asked to attendj this 1 meeting aiyJ all clubs, federated or unfederat­ ed are asked to send a full representation of members. J The program,; in charge of Mrs. fi. H. Warne, "county president, folio ws: - . Piano solo—Miss Alta Mount sing—"America.' " 0- U: Mayne. •Mrs. | - Dow Chappel, state. . hishway J policeman, war. in Tipton Tnes- —• 'day evening gathering data re- AICKKVAI". tgardiug the accidents in which —•' ! j Mrs: Anna Nutter was killed and Mrs. Xiincy >l, Stewart Died at • in 'which -Richard T. Jones, a Shrlbyville Tuesday Kvening. j highway worker met deal!'. . ' I ' i' The state, policeman s-..--med to Tuesday evening-George Arke.- Ltliink that- the. 'in.vestiscf!' IJ •>!' nan received'a telegram from his i the accident near the inter- ,-t: wife, who for the past I five i of. the Arcadia road, on Fed. al weeks has been at the bedside of j Road :il in which Mrs. N:itter her mother., Mrs. Nancy M. Stew- j was killed and others -seriously art. stating the mother. h:\A pass-.} injured would result i.: charges being ',preferred against the Cnmmu nity Prayer—Mrs.| Heading of Club collect- D. S. Phares. Appointment committee and by tile president. . Music by MrL, P : Reports — ( cjiairmen, 2 ni Federated minutes. Trio—Mrs. Mrs. Herbert of nominating other committees J. Pentecost [a) Departme it nntes talk, (bj Clilb \ presidents ' John Burkhar(|t ; , Morris" and Mi[s'. ed ' away at 5 o'clock, 'hie message stated fujneral services would bp held - at Slir-Ih'yville Thursday afternoon- with burial at that place. . Mrs. Stewart who was 71 years ot age bad resided at Slielby.yi.lle for many years. Her 'husband has i jp which Mrs. Nutter was killed lioen deceased for-a- number of and passed the two trucks going, years but she is survived, by j north, one towing the other and three daughters and : two sons: he visited the place after th> ac- and other relatives in Shelbyyille. I rident. Mrs. Stewart has been quite illMr.. Chappel also ! TIV stigated the. scene of the accident in whi:*h truck driver, of drivers who were parked on_ the road, not giving" the car in which Mrs. Nutter wa3 riding room to pass. The state policeman had' just passed the sCene of the accident for some time and the-daughter in this city has been-at her*, bedside fbeing with.-her during' j lief illness and at the end. : . ; j On account of the death the Richard T? Jones met instant death when struck by a truck of the Tipton Ice Cream Company, driven by Rnlla Conoway. It was A.rkenau drug store .will be - dps-r said, that Mrs. Jones,, widow of Horace Matthews, "Music—Mrs. i »i ft* 'Several suggMtioni as to the e.ofitltitlmtfBrityin the air Hp** health to - send an- inspector tiere to';• )ocate ithej trouble and he' was to^aTe >--arr ^vedv -WedneMay,.:r<£'- •ource have ohe of the" ntfl^t Lee Hobbs. - j Reading—^Mijs. E.; L. Meekei. I Talks ,l')y. visiting officerS--|- Mrs. Russel] Kramer, Frankfort. Ninth district chairman, for "Conservation''; Mrs. • Jolin Rousch ot Frankfort, -chairman ot Clinton County Federated clubs. I i I A special address will be; giv ?h by Mrs.: Curtis Hodges of Indianapolis state chiirnian of Indiana for the American Home. Department of the Federation -ill iClubs. Mrs.-Hodgeswill .have.;,-as - her topic> f "WJati*Womeni Are ;Doing/':: She is .one, 1 of-the outstanding T ^oi men, of j-hej state')/an unusuaUy pleaglng speaker ,jalid»tsvnot^ pearett'here oq programs'jTtie ciosing^feaiurea' 'of in ed all of Th,ursday. j. ' Hi With liiver Trouble. William Cqnley, 64 years i-: of age is seriously ill .at the county infirmary with ' liver trou unless there is soon a change, friends are fearful of '* tjte outcome.' Mr. Cohley who formerly resided in the Ekin .community has been making his home at the county farm for the "past, seven months. The attending physician pronounces his" condition as critical. ' . '".'".• -". ';'; • . - ' Chairman of Farm Board Says Marketing- Act 13 a Sound Principle. Washington. D. C. April .10.— Members of the Chamber of f'ommerce of the United Stat-s attending the annual session in this city today heard the organization- condemned by Chairman Alexander Legge ot the Federal Farm Board, who charged that the ('. of ('. had failed to get behind the Marketing Art which is design*'! to aid agriculture, that '••rir l. isu'res were support.-d i. .,il it became evident; thei? measures wer working anid th»n ofiosition developed. Mr.; Leggf? iliampin .i .-d the Marketing;Act the logical system to aid the farmer and .is sound in principl?. Part • his address follows: i>; talking 'n you about the wori- of th' i -'ederal Farm! Board it is perhaps unnecessary: to go n.ii details and statistics to show : that there is an agricultural problem since that has been w.MI stablished by the many studies .ml year? of public discussion with v ' ; i •' members at the (''hambt-r of f'ommerce it th? Unit '.M! States are familial. I am sure that most of yo:i will i agree that you know more about th? agricultural situation and how to meet it than I do. JA considerable percentage olj your I membership have made thdt qi'i'e ! clear, and perhaps the best answer I can make is the staltem«'at that if this be .true, and you reality do know so much about it. th it I the situation presents a very !••-•• vore indictment of the organiz.i- \ tion which, having full informa- ! tion of the facts, has made so !lt- j tie effort to remedy the situation. Certainly none of you haj-e sr^n any evidence of constructive .ir- :tion on the part of the Chamber i of Commerce or the parti of any of its affiliatr.d organization. ion -"if years for and In tlte with the doubtful except taking a referendum two ago. looking tp a remedy the unfortiinate man stated shefj wanted, no charges preferred i against the driver, who'accord-, . ' .. • .. • - ,, , 1 permanent improvement mg- to witnesses did everything, . . ., , . • ," .situation, which your own inveft- possible to avoid the accident,; , I i - „ ... ' . : tlgators had warned. rNnirjd 1.1 „<, even to ditching and wrecking his r . f ble arid — - - substantial assistance if nit fro«i truck. / " • {you. then trom the Govjniment. '-..'_ ! One might find much justlfica- Hail Storni. ' ti on j„ tne statement thlt your ' , ".';•' iattitude generally has been one -Wednesday afternoon a severe of Indifference if indeed not ot rain; storni broke over the city and 1 antagonism; that, yod regarded some hail. fell. No. damage^ was; the farm problem like the poor as done, as the' hail stones' were .something "we have with] us kl- sinall. French Soldier Has 55th Operation; Minus Arms, Legs, Is Still Cheerful ways. . For a period of years fcjllowlnfc the deflation oT 1920 arid 1921 you probably had some Justification for the belief that the rest of the country could go on being l happy and prosperous regardlew gMMMlry a«eepted- be|og that %tt will be the reports of tbt Mglft- a^fc-Wtte Urge opening tr.tion cn.UU. and ito-Mh Geneva, April 30.—A former soldier of theFrorifch Foreign Lesion, Albert Frojdevaux; 42 years old, has just becin operated on for the fifty-fifth time for an; unknown- trpplcal disease.-. v;i ?|j^ n ^,^ahd:;>Swissi: surgeons: J !W^^«l'.^iheAn'nfo.rtnna"te/'mah';'."to- bit by,bit, during tjhe"last •nd^toea;^nd;;no^r Froldavaux is both^legleM' anlfl-armlwis bnt^-hli •• • """""Wi mn-^h^n N?<*W*d regularly every jfear and years old he enlisted in the For-1 of the wretchedness and] misery eign-Legion and served In North | of those who were producing your 'Africa! Ho received several dec- j food supplies. Anyhow,| other o'ralidtas for bravery,' including !business did prospar to a meaifur- thb Military Medal iand the rib-jablo extent for a considerable" bon 6f< Chevalier of the Legion of t period; before there was #«3T Honor;-before he was -"sent to Tonkin in IndorChlna.; i There his troubles began owing to' ; a.alight accident iwhile, cutting dQwn^a' poisonous: bamboo bush. A splinter of bamboo entered his Jiand and the ' poison'' gradually had Iheriatteat. became so" |used N&anM anesUeUcr that ,thr« time..the *.Mtw<?r provement in the agri|eult»ral position. In the present siun. however, there far that one of the prime ca unemployment a"nd lack ness activity fa the lack chasing power.. Many ot the' lamber the. country ,-arev •; others' are'opV' " anA few^lf any ef Mi em: «».iht ill

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