The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 7, 1985 · Page 56
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 56

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 7, 1985
Page 56
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Thursday The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, April 7,1985 Page 16 EVENING 6:00 ( CE)©(10)CBCBS)13ffl News G Business Of Management (9) Barney Miller 9CD MacNell - Lehrer Newshour 4 Star Trek CD Mork And Mindy (D) Wonderful World Of Disney (HBO) Braingames Viewers are invited to test their mental skills in a series of fast-paced animated games. B Chuck Connors' Great Western Theater (N) You Can't Do That On Television (E) SportsCenter . (U) Radio 1990 6:05 (DGDQD Wild, Wild World Of Animals The studies of animal behavior undertaken by Karl von Frisch. Ot Sanford And Son 6:30 GO M.A.S.H CDQDSD Wild America A survey of the landscapes and wildlife of Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon and Utah's sandstone arches. (CO O Entertainment Tonight Featured: Billy Dee Williams. ®O®C!D13 Family Feud CD Taxi OOO®X'0)(BQJ Wheel Of Fortune G Business Report (9) Benson CE) P.M. Magazine Richard Dreyfuss; modeling agent Nina Blanchard. CE> Private Benjamin CD WKRP In Cincinnati (HBO) Fraggle Rock B Cisco Kid (N) Dangermouse (E) Speed Week (U) Dragnet 6:35 CD Baseball Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies 6:45 (D) DTV 7:00 GGOCDGD Cosby Show Cliff and Clalr are furious when De- nlse's boyfriend puts.down the medical and legal professions while dining at the Huxtable home. (R) gXDQD Nature Of Things ®®OflDSD13 Wlldside The Wildside Chamber of Commerce hopes Brodie and Bannister can put their disagreements aside long enough to rid the town of persistent arsonist. O©O©00)CBCB Magnum, P.I. T.C. is In the hospital in a coma as a result of a helicopter crash, and when Magnum investigates he finds evidence of foul play. (R) Q MacNell - Lehrer Newshour (9) Movie ** "Death Of A Gunfighter" (1969) Richard Widmark, Lena Home. A small-town marshal stubbornly refuses to relinquish his position even though the town no longer needs him. 9 Governor's Office Governor Carlln takes part In a live Interview and answers phoned in questions CD All Creatures Great And Small "Practice Makes Perfect" Tristan falls his exam, James uncovers a guilty secret and Siegfried embarks on a physical fitness program. (Part 12 of 13) 4 Rockford Files CD Purlin' On The Hits Lip-synced renditions of "The Glamorous Life," "War Song," "Can't Drive 55," "Lover Girl," "Rip It Up" and "Too Much Too Young." (C) Movie **" "Midnight Express" (1978) Brad Davis, John Hurt. 'R 1 (D) Five Mile Creek (HBO) Movie " "Hurricane" (1979) Mia Farrow, Jason Robards. 'PG' a Circus (E) SuperBouts Of The '80s (U) Golf (S) Movie " "The Survivors" (1983) Walter Matthau, Robin Williams. 'R' (CO 7:30 OOOODQ) Family Ties When Alex announces that his talents ••i<i are;being wasted In-a part-time • '•' [oV at the TV station, 'Steven's plans for their future go up in smoke. (R) CD Anything For Money B Circus 8:00 OOOCD® Cheers Diane reluctantly decides to leave Cheers and travel to Europe with Frasier, who has a temporary posi- ton in Bologna, Italy. QX3D0D Ten Outstanding Young Men Awards The ten 18- to 36- year-olds who exemplify the best attributes of the nation's young men are honored. ®®OOD©'3 Eye To Eye When a glamorous actress friend of Tracy's is found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning, Tracy and Oscar Investigate. (CO QOO®)(10)CB(0 Simon & Simon Rick and A.J. are hired to investigate the possible sabotage of an Indy-type race car. (R) G Nature ""The Flight Of The Condor" Host George Page narrates a journey from South America's Cape Horn Island north to the Andes, observing wildlife along the way. (Part 1 of 3) (R) (CO 9(D Frontline A chronicle of the 1979 Nicaraguan revolution in which Somozan 'rule of nearly five decades was overthrown by Sandinistas. (Part 3 of 4) (CO 4 Movie *" "Lawman" (1971) Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan. A lawman arrives In a strange town determined to apprehend an outlaw gang accused of murdering an old man. CD Movie ** "FM" (1978) Michael Brandon, Eileen Brennan. The disc jockeys of an album- rock-orlented Los Angeles radio station protest the management's dec4sion to add more commercials. (D) Movie ** "Make Mine Music" (1946) Animation and the talents of such artists as Benny Goodman, Nelson Eddy, and the Andrews Sisters are combined to create ten Individual segments within this musical fantasy. B 700 Club Scheduled: origins of life; economic survival in the '80s. (E) Top Rank Boxing Terrence Alii vs. Charlie "Choo-Choo" Brown and Bret Summers vs. Chris Calvin in lightweight bouts. 8:30 QOOdD® Night Court A computer whiz is brought before the judge to explain how he managed to gain access to his school's computer system. (R) 9:00 GOO®® Hill Street Blues Hunter dispatches a modified tank in a narcotics raid; Coffey poses as a male prostitute; Fu- rlllo plans to make an extravagant anniversary purchase for Davenport. CDOGDQD Frontline A chronicle of the 1979 Nicaraguan revolution In which Somozan rule of nearly five decades was overthrown by Sandinistas. (Part 3 of 4) (CO ®®OOD©13 20 • 20 Scheduled: Barbara Walters profiles heart'surgeon Dr. William DeV- rles. (CO OOO®)00)CBCB Knots Land- Ing Karen fumes over Dr. Ackerman's evasiveness about Val's babies; Gary signs on with Empire Valley; Ruth Galveston tries to undermine Laura's relationship with Greg. (CO (9) News 9CD Mystery) "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes" Watson and Holmes try to prevent the kidnapping of a young heiress by a mysterious man. (CO (HBO) Movie " "Misunderstood" (1984) Gene Hackman, Henry Thomas. 'PG' (U) Play Your Best Golf (S) Bizarre (CO 9:10 (C) Timesllp In this adult science-fiction thriller, two lovers become the target of a security computer that's determined to eliminate them. 9:15 (D) DTV 9:20 CD Movie ** "Track Of The Cat" (1954) -Robert Mltchum, Tab Barbara Walters (left) profiles Robert DeVries on "20 — 20," zine show. famous heart surgeon Dr. ABC's 9 p.m. news maga- Hunter. Because their cattle herd is being destroyed, the owners attempt to capture the mountain lion responsible. 9:30 (D) Scheme Of Things B Cancer Today A discussion of current cancer research and an interview with Olympic gold medalist Jeff Blatnlck, a former cancer victim. (U) Sports Camera International (S) Steambath A famous baseball player joins the club, and a wealthy minister learns what the hereafter is really like. (3X9)9(000 Business Report Q New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers (9) WKRP In Cincinnati 4 Alfred Hitchcock Presents CD Bosom Buddies (C) Movie * "Angel" (1984) Cliff Gorman, Susan Tyrrell. 'R' (D) Movie ** "Walt 'Til The Sun Shines, Nellie" (1952) David Wayne, Jean Peters. The town barber acts as the central figure in a history of his hamlet's last 50 years. (U) Gong Show (S) Movie •" "Racing With The Moon" (1984) Sean Penn, Elizabeth McGovern. 'PG' 10:30 BOOGD8) Tonight Guest Host: Joan Rivers. Scheduled: Catherine Oxenberg, comedian Garry Shandling. ®®© Capitol View ®®CG)(S)13 ABC News Night- line i Trapper John, M.D. BdO) Barney Miller O Bob Newhart O M.A.S.H (9) Love Boat 9(D Latenlght America Scheduled: Broadway producer Allan Carr talks about "La Cage aux Folles"; Paul N. Strassels, coauthor of "Strassels' Tax Savers." (R) CB PGA Golf Masters Tournament. First round highlights. 4 Movie "* "Night People" (1954) Gregory Peck, Broderlck Crawford. An American colonel attempts to help a Gl across the border into West Berlin. CD Bizarre B Best Of Groucho (E) SportsCenter (U) Make Me Laugh 10:40 GDGD0D MacNell - Lehrer News- hour (HBO) Movie " "Moscow On The Hudson" (1984) Robin Williams, Maria Conchita Alonso. 'R' 10:45 CD Barney Miller 11:00 (IXSflDlS Rawhide OO@00)(B PGA Golf Casters Tournament. O A Performer's Diary O Barmy Miller , CGI Charlie's Angels CD Movie *** "The Jazz Singer" (1953) Danny Thomas, Peggy Lee. A young Jewish boy defies his father's wish that he become a prayer leader and turns to the stage as a jazz singer. B Burns And Allen (E) PKA Full Contact Karate (R) (U) Prisoner: Cell Block H 11:15 OO®)00)tB Newhart CE) Magnum, P.I. 11:25 CD Movie ** "Rampage" (1963) Robert Mitchum, Elsa Marti- nelll. After they return to Germany from a safari, a big game hunter plans the death of the trapper to whom he lost the girl he loved. 11:30 GOO® Late Night With David Letterman Scheduled: comedian Steven Wright. 8 $100,000 Name That Tune All In The Family (9) Sadat An older and wiser Sadat (Louis Gossett Jr.) becomes disillusioned with war after the death of his brother and considers that peace might be possible. Co-stars Madolyn Smith, Barry Morse, Nehemlah Persoff, Christopher Lee. (Part 2 of 2) 9 McLaughlin Group CD Sneak Previews Neal Gabler and Jeffrey Lyons look at Hollywood's new sex symbols, including Rob Lowe, Debra Winger, Kate Capshaw and Prince. (R) B Love That Bob (U) Radio 1990 11:350 Hawaii Five-0 11:40 (C) Movie *** "Against All Odds" (1984) Rachel Ward, Jeff Bridges. 'R' (CO 11:50 OO®(H»(B Movie " "Start The Revolution Without Me" (1970) Gene Wilder, Donald Sutherland. Two sets of Identical twins meet on the eve of the French Revolution after years of separation. (R) 12:00 O Late Night With David Letterman Scheduled: comedian Steven Wright. ®®(3I)13 News O ABC News Nlghtllne CE) Vegas . B I Married Joan "Jitterbug" (E) SpeedWeek (R) (U) Sports Camera International (S) Movie ** '<The Dead Zone" (1983) Christopher Walken, Brooke Adams. 'R' (CO 12:25 CE> McGarrett 12:30 O Eye On Hollywood 8 How To Master The Art Of Selling Anything • (U) Cancer Today 12:40 G Movie *** "The Cruel Sea" (1953) Jack Hawkins, Donald Slnden. Men aboard the vulnerable Corvettes must face the perils of Nazi sub warfare. (HBO) Movie *** "Dressed To Kill" (1980) Michael Caine, Angle Dickinson. 'R' •' 1:00 OO News CD Monkees (E) Fitness Magazine 1:25 CD Movie *** "The Furies" (1950) Barbara Stanwyck, Walter Huston. A strong-willed girl of the West clashes with her stronger father. 1:30 (9) Sea Hunt CD Flying Nun (E) SportsCenter (U) Play Your Best Golf 1:45 (10)CB News (C) Movie ** "The Man Who Loved Women" (1983) Burt Reynolds, Julie Andrews. 'R' (CO •(S) Movie " "Chained Heat" (1983) Linda Blair, John Vernon. 'R' 2:00 (9) Independent News S Starsky And Hutch 700 Club Scheduled: origins of life; economic survival In the '80s. (E) Horse Racing Weekly (R) (U) Wrestling TNT 2:30 (9) Movie • "Once Before I Die" (1966) John Derek, Ursula Andress. An Army major orders his troops on a dangerous mission when he and his fiancee are caught In a Japanese attack. (HBO) Movie "* "Twilight Zone - The Movie" (1983) John Llth- gow, Vic Morrow. 'PG' (E) Australian Rules Football (R) 3:00 G CBS News Nlghtwatch Joined in progress. CD Emergency (U) Movie * "Two Graves Of Kung Fu" (1980) Liu Chia-Yung, Chen Hung-Lieh. A gangster plans murder when a stone carver refuses to make him a tombstone. 3:30 a Ross Bagley (S) Movie ** "The Survivors" (1983) Walter Matthau, Robin Williams. 4:00 CD Agriculture U.S.A. CD Hogan's Heroes (E) Portrait Of A Winner (R) 4:15 (HBO) Little River Band In Australia The popular rock group performs a selection of their hits in a concert taped in Melbourne. 4:30 (9) Movietone News CD Jimmy Swaggart CD Daredevils Of The Red Circle B Another Life His hideaway wasn't hidden LOS ANGELES (AP) - For John Forsythe it was meant to be his private hideaway, a refuge from the hurly-burly of "Dynasty" and his many other activities. He and his wife, Julie, had lived in the same Bel-Air house for 24 years, but their two daughters had left, and they wanted a more compact place. They found ideal property in a Pacific Palisades canyon, just off Sunset Boulevard. The building of their dream house was staUed for five years because of litigation with the contractor. The For- sythes finally won the suit, and they moved into a new house six months ago. "So what happens?" says Forsythe. "One night I came home from the studio and found the street filled with movie trucks. My next-door neighbor, with whom I share the driveway, had rented his house to be used in a new TV series starring Cybil Shepherd. Far into the night we had the lights and noise of a movie crew at our doorstep. "Some hideaway."

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