Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 25, 1959 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1959
Page 6
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6 - Wed, Mar. 25, 1959 Redlands Daily Facts Two High School Students To Go On Navy Cruise Two students will be representing Redlands Senior High. School aboard the Navy's cruiser Toledo Thursday when more than 450 reporters for school newspapers spend a "Day in the Navy.'' Leonard Holecek. 12995 Sixth; street. Yucaipa. and Milton! Houghton. 32974 Avenue D, Yucaipa. will represent RHS on the third annual all-day cruise off; Long Beach. It is sponsored by Public Re lations Company 11-2. U.S. Naval Reserve, and rear Adm. C. C Harlman, Commandant 11th Naval District, in cooperation with local school officials. The boys will compete in a writing contest about their experiences. The program will begin tomorrow afternoon when the boys arrive at the Long Beach Naval Station by 2 p.m. After they check in. they will be taken on a tour of the station's facilities be-! fore dinner. In the evening they will see a movie and then sleep in a Navy barracks. They will embark in the cruiser and two destroyers, the Benner and Thursday day's activities. On the program;number of The Christian Science Fighting Rages In Tibet, Capital Revolt Quelled RICHARD L. CLENDON Christian Science Lecture Friday Richard L. Glendoo of Los Angeles will be the featured speaker at a lecture sponsored by the members of the First Church of Christ. Scientist, on Friday at 12: IS p.m. at the Fox Redlands theater. Mr. Glendon's topic will be Christian Science: the Healing Comforter." The lecture is open the Collett. at 6 a.m.ito the public without charge, for breakfast and the! Now on nationwide tour as will be mine-sweeping operations as the three ships clear the harbor, a rendezvous with a submarine which will make simulated torpedo runs on the surface vessels, a helicopter demonstration, fly-i overs by jet planes, anti-aircraft and off-shore bombardment of San Clemente Island, a simulated launching of a Reguius missile, and refueling operations while under way between the Toledo ,and the accompanying destroyers. RECESS WARSAW TALKS . WARSAW. Poland < UPI'-U.S. Ambassador Jacob Beam and Communist Chinese Ambassador^ Wang Ping-nan have agreed to a two-mon^i recess in their- drawn- out talks on the Formosa Strait issue. Board of Lectureship. Mr. Glendon was a moderator recently on several television programs in the series "How Christian Science Heals." A native of Denver. Colorado he became interested in Christian Science as a boy. He withdrew from business in 1934 to devote his full time to the public practice of Christian Science healing. During World War II, he was active as a Christian Science Wartime Minister. FIND OLD SKELETON ASTI. Italy <UPH — Experts said today that a huge petrified skeleton unearthed near here is believed to be an ichthyosaurus of an extinct prehistoric group of marine reptiles. I KALIMPONG. India — Tibetan Frontier <UPI) —The Chinese Communists have crushed an uprising in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa but fighting is raging more fiercely than ever in other parts of the Himalayan kingdom, it was reported here today. The Indian government political agent at Gangtok, Sikkim, told a 26-member Tibetan delegation today there had been no fighting in Lhasa for 18 hours. He said he had no information on the whereabouts of the Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual and temporal ruler. Tibetan sources in Gangtok, about 30 miles from the Tibetan border, said the uprising had spread to other areas and that they believed it was more widespread than on March 20 when the uprising reached a peak. 'Nationalist intelligence reports reaching Taipei said a well-armed Communist army of 50.000 men had driven the Tibetan insurgents out of Lhasa but that the fight continued elsewhere in Tibet. Formosa was studying means of aiding the anti-Communist movement Three hundred Tibetan leaders gathered in Kalimpong announced they would stage a protest march on New Delhi in anger against Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's refusal to intercede with the Chinese Communist government onj behalf of the Tibetans. | colony from the Chinese Comma nist capital of Peiping. The dispatch said the Communists asked India to close down the consulate or temporarily suspend its work in the Tibetan cap­ iat because its presence encouraged the rebels and because it was the chief source of information to the outside world. There was no clear indication :n New Delhi whether heavy lighting continued in Tibet but informed source* said the Chinese moved large numbers of troops into Lhasa and have ordered them spread throughout Tibet to bring the situation under control. The Chinese troops were reported armed with modern guns and machineguns tut unable to make the fullest use of them because ol their lack of knowledge of the mountainous terrain. The Tibet ans were reported fighting with guerrilla tactics. Officials in New Delhi said pri vately they jelieve the Dalai Lama, spiritual Ind temporal ml er of the kingdom, was still in Tibet and that the Chinese would Jiot dare remove him because that would cause the revolt to spread. A group of traders. Tibetan noblemen, and Tibetan lamas priests! were reported heading for New Delhi to ask Prime Minster Jawaharlal Nehru to intervene with the Peiping regime G. Tharchin. editor of the TibctJ.\pliru already has received many {night. Holy Thursday Services In Catholic Churches Low Mass celebrated in the morning and High Mass of Exposition in the evening, commemorating the institution of the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Holy Orders, will be celebrated on Holy Thursday in most Red-; lands area Catholic churches. ! Adoration ol the Blessed Sacrament will continue at the Altar of Repose in the evening hours. Redlands Sacred Heart church has scheduled Mass for 8 a.m. to morrow morning and an evening. Mass at 7:30, lollowcd by the hearing of confessions and Ador ation. Confessions will also be heard in the afternoon from 3 to 5 o'clock. Sacred Heart church in Bryn Mawr will have High Mass at 6:30 p.m. with Holy Communion distributed during or immediately after Mass. Conlessions will be heard tomorrow Irom 3 to 5:30 p.m. and also after the evening Mass. The schedule for St. Mary's church, Redlands, includes confessions .'or children from 10 a.m. to noon tomorrow and for adults from 3 to 5 in the afternoon. At 7 p.m.. Solemn High Mass wil. be celebrated, followed by a procession and a Holy Hour, conducted in English, to start at 9 o'clock. Adoration of the Blessed Sacra -i ment will continue throughout the 7 President Appeals For Stable Steel Prices WASHINGTON (UPI) - President Eisenhower strongly appealed to the steel industry today to avoid a price increase which might lesd to an inflationary wage-price spiral. 'J tie President told his news conference that normally it was not ; the function of the federal gov-i ation in Florida, will be able. as. he put it, to return to work in one capacity or another. —He agreed with Senate Finance "Chairman Harry F. Byrd <D-Va.) that there must be no let-up in the drive lor economy ii. lederal spending. But he said no one. including myself, was in MARTIN LUTHER THOMAS, 32 Maundy Thursday Observance At U.R. Chapel The San Bernardino Scottish Rite Bodies will hold their annual Maundy Thursday observance at the Chapel of Redlands University at 8 p.m. Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m. in the Commons preceding the ceremonies. A. B. Drake, general chair-: man. has announced. I Martin Luther Thomas of River lernment to inject itself into col-! any position to It -rcast veto of Mcctive bargaining. But he said hcUpccilic appropriations bills until i could not Keep silent in the lace (the measures are actually Uclore of what a reporter described a.- 1 him lur action I union labor plans lor a steel strike I —He would nut recant his 1953 j this summer. | election campaign criticism of Eisenhower said it would be some Democrats in Congress as 'completely out ol character fori being ri-ckivsa spenders, but he did him to wash his hands of this issue 1 say that he had not meant this la- like a Pontius Pilate. I bel to be applied to the entire par- He said if {he United Slates was ry. going to continue on the road oil Cardiac Club Member a progressive, Iree economy, the] —Asked whether he thought Sen- price of steel must not go up and ate Democratic Leader Lyndon B. thus lead to demands for higher-Johnson was well-qualified to oe a wages. ! presidential candidate next year 'ine President made no direct reference to steelworkers dropping wage increase demands. He said the impending wage price picture in steel made it necessary for labor and manage ment to exercise the fullest qualities of economic statesmanship in dealing with their differences. Atomic Bomb Report The President's 10th meeting and whether Johnson would be difficult lor the Republicans to beat. Eisenhower answered crisply that the Texas Democrat had been his warm personal friend for years and, like himself, belonged to the Cardiac Club. This was a reference to the fact that both had suffered heart attacks. —He said there has been a great deal of guerrilla fighting against Mirror in Kalimpong. pleaded for help for the Tibetan refugees who have streamed into India. He said an Indo-Chinese agreement permits only pilgrims and traders to come to India and that the refugees may suffer as result. In New Delhi, the authoritative Times of India reported today the Chinese Communists had asked the Indian government to close down its Lhasa consulate which has given the world much of the news of the Tibetan revolt. There was no government confirmation of the report which came from the newspaper's Hong Kong correspondent. The correspondent quoted an Asian visitor! recently arrived in the British cables urging his intervention toj Low Mass will begin at 7:30 a.m. secure Peiping's assurances it ; 'n St. Frances X. Cabrini church will not interfere in Tibet Nehru told Parliament early this week India would not interfere in the internal affairs of another state. Mrs. Mathias Mother Of Year PALM SPRINGS 'LTD —Mrs. Lillian Harris Mathias, mother of a daughter and three sons including former Olympic decathlon champion Bob Mathias. was California's Mother of the Year today. Mrs. Mathias. 51, wife of Dr.j Yucaipa. to open the Holy Thursday observance. High Mass of Reposition and a procession will be gin at 7:30 p.m. Adoration will continue throughout the night and confessions will be heard after the evening service. Charles M. Mathias. Tulare physician, will represent California in competition for the title of American Mother of the Year in New York in July. She was chosen California mother here Tuesday. Her sons, besides Bob, are a "hysirian and a college student Her daughter is a housewife. wilh newsmen this year provided the Communists in Tibet and it these other highlights: !is obvious that the people there —The government this afternoon: are disturbed and restive under side will be the principal speak-!"'" nla ke an extensive .scientific'Communist control. The Chinese er at this annual observance. He report on the results of Project Ar- Communists have had to bring in holds the office of Prelate in the!s us - Tn 's was the project in which,reinforcements to deal with the New idea-from Security Bank: gives you money as you need it! Body of the San Bernardino Corf- sistory. Rev. .Mr. Thomas was born in Mcna. Arkansas on July 4, 1891 of a pioneer southern lamily. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Lake Forest, Illinois, and his Bachelor of Divinity degree from McCormack Theological Seminary i n Chicago. He also studied law at the University of Southern California. He entered military service as Chaplain and retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1952 with the rank of Lt. Colonel. Following re tiremcnt from military service he pastored several churches throughout Southern California- He founded and built the University Baptist Church at Riverside and is the author of many books, the most outstanding o f which is entitled "The Menace of Communism". Rev. Mr. Thomas is a member of LaBrea Lodge No. 650 F. & A.M.. Riverside Commandary No 23, and Royal and Select Masters. Pasadena. He and Mrs. Thomas live on Two Trees road. Riverside. three small atomic bombs wctc exploded at an altitude of more than 300 miles late last August and early September, casting a brief shield of electronic radiation around much of the globe. —He expressed the hope that Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, after a period of recupcr- situation. But reports are so sketchy that little more than this can be deduced. —Eisenhower said a continuing government study of oil import quotas was necessary to prevent the price of oil from going so high that it endangered national security. Living Costs Dipped Slightly In February WASHINGTON (LTD — Living!in Portland and San Francisco, costs dipped slightly in February! The Los An S eles over-all ris« because of some lower food prices, the government reported today. was set at 0.1 per cent. Most categories held almost exactly even between January and February, except for' a 2 per cent The Labor Department's consumer price index slipped one-:drop in food and a 1.2 per cent tenth of a point from its January | increase in transportation costs, reading of 123.8 to a February! mostlv caused bv the end of a level of 123.7. 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CuAfatttCfiedit SECURITY AVAILABLE ONLY AT SECURITY FIRST NATIONAL BANK • CITIZENS -DIVISION REDLANDS BRANCH 220 East State St. LLOYD EVJE Vice President & Algr. HIHtin: PBDKKA ^OCr &SIT IMSUfVANCC CONPOHATIOM • MOCRAL NSSCHVK SVSKW 35 Branches Serving the Citizens Division and over200 Branches throughout Southern California 1. 1 KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Ion 100 as a 1947-49 average. | At this level the index was II per cent higher than a year ago, th_' smallest 12-month increase in three years but still the highest! February, reading ever. I Only small changes in the index, probably upward, were predicted I for the next few months. Food prices last month fell 0.', per cent. Principal reductions were in pork, eggs and coffee. Higher prices were reported for) household fuels, some fresh vegetables, medical care, gasoline and barber and beauty shop services. The report meant 'a pay cut ol one cent an hour for about 80,000 aircraft workers whose wages are tied by contract to the price index. •The department said take-home pay and purchasing power of factory writers set a February record, but was somewhat lower than January and below the all-time high of late 1936. ! gas price war. Eisenhower Firm On Summit Meet SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) —February prices rose in Seattle and were virtually stable in Los Angeles, according to a Department of Labor survey released here today. The survey also showed that food prices were down in both cities for the month, as well as ( Engagement and Wedding Rlagf. Interlocking Mountlngi. 212 Orange Harry G. Wilson Jeweler py 34806 VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS In a wide aelection of colort. collar itylei and sleeve lengths. Fowler's Men's Wear 107 Orange St. PY 3 5623 Magnificent MAGNAVOX High Ndelttr Television. Ridio-Phonograpni. 109 E. State Siiger's Music PY 3-2S27 Spring Air Mattresses fine Furniture. Carpeting, Decorative Service 17-21 W. Stat* McEwen's Dial PY 3-2457 Bar To Study Speedup Of Auto Accident Claims SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -The California State Bar Association has named a special committee to recommend possible methods of expediting personal and injury claim cases, including those ar riving out of automobile accidents Graham L. Sterling Jr., Los Angeles, president of the State Bar, said the committee will examine various proposals to improve the nethods of handling the claim and injury litigation "which make up such a large part of the business of our courts." The committee will report its findings to the group's Board of Governors. Sterling said the study was in line with the association's "Ion; established policy of being in the forefront of movements to improve the administration of justice. Appointed to the committee were Edwin W. Taylor, chairman. Ray mond G. Stanbury, Pierce Works, and Peery Price of Los Angeles; Lester W. Roth, Beverly, Hills; Leonard A. Shelton. Pomona; Ingemar E. Hoberg, vice chairman. Eugene M. Prince, Casper W. Weinberger and George E. Lieberman, San Francisco; Gerald H. Hagar. Oakland, and Fred Pierce, Sacramento.. Judges Can Still Run SACRAMENTO <UPI>— California judges will be able to continue to run for partisan political office without resigning from the bench. The Assembly Constitutional Amcndments i Committee Tuesday voted down an.attempt by Assemblyman Charles Conrad 'R-Sherman Oaks) to defrock jurists who sought political jobs. j 'Continued from Page one) summit, that is different from what he meant. Khrushchev Has Authority The President acknowledged that it would be difficult to resell really worthwhile agreements with Russia unless there were a meeting with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev himself. He said it was clear that only- the Soviet Premier had any real authority to negotiate, and anyone representing him would have to hang on to a telephone to Moscow all the time. There probably is some validity to the argument that if the major powers were going to reach any valid agreement, Khrushchev would have to be brought into the picture at some point, the President said. He added that this does not mean that anybody will be forced into a meeting with Khrushchev by blackmail. The summit conference the President said, has to represent a group ol people acting voluntarily in the belief that real measures of agreement can be discussed. Change in Position Eisenhower's willingness to acknowledge the necessity- for talking with Khrushchev tor binding agreements appeared to represent a change from his previous position that a summit conference should be held principally to ratify agreements previously reached by the foreign ministers. His willingness to consider the possibility of a series of summit meetings, assuming they could take place in an atmosphere conducive to progress, also appeared to be a softening of his position. But he qualified it by pointing out the difficulties of visualizing truly informal and secluded meetings of the top world leaders and the corps of interpreters and others who would have to be there. State Assembly Change Sought SACRAMENTO (UPI>—An anti- gerrymandcring measure which would allow the Assembly to increase to 120 members received Senate committee approval Tues- aay. , The proposal <SCA7> was introduced by Sen. Richard Richards ID-Los Angeles) and would stipulate that the Assembly be made |\ip of three times the number of representatives from California in the lower house of Congress. The proposed constitutional amendment also provides that at the time of apportionment no Assembly district shall vary in population from any other Assembly district by more than 15 per cent. Congressional districts could not vary by more than 10 per cent in population at the time of apportionment. Congressional districts also would be composed of three contiguous Assembly districts. . • TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready martet through Classified Ads.

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