Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 29, 1954 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1954
Page 19
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fr-AUn, AL1U* THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1954 Somclhing Nrw for TotV C Time flf CtTTLT cup these f*» «ffl yftur family and lie pleased. It'* a fVoffte, mftrlr with cottage cheesfe. tfie cheese. combined trtth margarine ns the shortemrlf. helps fo Rive these cookie* a&Hghffol flavor. This tesMiffte treat is ta*y to make. Jfost cream the rnwi-Rft- rfne nflW it's fluff ly. blend in the otter higmftent* until yon have A SfrWbth fhfcttnrr and drop the cookie flough from a spoon. No rolling and cutting! Serve the cookies crisp and warm frSfn tf» twen "us is". Or cool th*m and decorate as suggested In the recipe. Cottage rhrr«i> Drop Cooltli-s Ingredients: Ti cups sifted flour, ty teaspoon baking soda. 's teaspoon salt, 'j cup marRa- rine. U *up creamstyle cottage cheese, 1 cup sugar. 1 PRR, 'i teaspoon Vanilla, U teaspoon lemon flavoring, 1 .4 cup chopped candied ptaeaplle, confectioner's sufffr" frosting, extra pieces of candled pineapple and sliced candied cherries. Method: Sift together flour, baking soda and an It. Cream margarine unlil fluffy; blend in cottage cheese. Beat: in augur gradually and well. Beat in PKR i thoroughly, vanilla and lemon; I flavoring. Add sifted flour mix-1 I lure to creamed Ingredients. ' aboufc one-fourth at a time, mix-1 ing smooth after each addition. | Stir in 'a cup candied pfneappir. ' I>rop by tea spoonfuls, about 2 ' inches apart, on greased hak- \ Ing sheets. Bake In moderate f.TTFi oven 1f) to 12 minutes. Remove to cookie racks and serve warm "as is". Or cool and | decorate with confectioners' ' sugar frosting nnd extra pieces ' of candied pineapple and sliced ', candled chmien. Makes about 3 \ do/en cookies. I Irately I've been using margarine in »n old Viennese renipp with excellent results. I cream a quarter pound of the margarine with a three-ounce package of cream cheese and a dash of salt; if you have an electric mixer let it do the creaming. Then wilh a wooden spoon 1 Work in a cup of sifted flour gradually. I chill the dough and roll it out on n prepared pastry rlolh: I also use a floured cover for my rolling squares, put n dab of pineapple preserves, in the center of each and fold over to make turnovers -crimping fby» edges with a fork. I bake we turnover* in a very hot (450F) 'oven until lightly browned — about 10 to 12 minutes. All my taste-testers are highly applying of these flaky little sweets! They say... MEADOLAKE Is the BEST Spread! am happy to welcome your Meodolake to our St. Louis shelves . . . Strongly prefer Mrs. Tucker's products." Mrs. Floy Jones, 3448 Cambridge Avenue, Maplewood, Missouri. "Meodolake Is wonderful . . . has the real flavor . . . spreads 10 nicely right out f the refrigerator." Mrs. Donald H. Lee, f, O. Box 164, Bunker Hill, Illinois. "We are steady users of your wonderful Meadolake and say without hesitation it h the best." Mrs. I. B. tundy, Route 3, Hannibal, Missouri. liked your Shortening so much better than ony other brand, I tried your Meadoloke . • . Now I like it better than any other Margarine." Mrs. Marjorie Carter, 564 Whitlow, East Alton, Illinois. "I have tried 6 different brands of Margarine but none come anywhere near the goodness of Meadoloke ... It U the real thing." Mrs. Frank Bower, P. O. Box 1,96, Bethel, Missouri. "I use Meadolake for my richest cakes . . « it is all you advertise it to be." Mrs. R. L. Merifield, 4673 Alaska Avenut, St. Louis 11, Missouri. "I think Meadolake is wonderful ... all other spreads have been forgotten since Meadolake appeared." Mrs. George Biernoth, 332 N. Edwardsville, Staunton, Illinois. "Meadolake Margarine smells and tastes like mother used to make." Mrs. George Rauschkolb, 518 East "B" Street, Belleville, Illinois. You'll say... MEADOLAKE Is the BEST for / Spreading 2. Seasoning 3. Cooking Yes, you, too, like the thousands of delighted homemakers who've written unsolicited testimonials to Mrs. Tucker in recent months, will sing the praises of farm-fresh Meadolake once you've tried it! Mrs, Tucker is so sure you'll like Meadolake better that she makes you this unheard-of guarantee: If you don't say Meadolake Margarine is — (1) The EASI- EST-Spreiadttig and FIWST-Flavored ... (2) The TASTIEST tor all seasoning ... (3) The Best of all Margarines for baking—send the carton end flap and your recipe, if any, to Mi* Tucker, Sherman, Texas, telling her what you don't like about Meado- lake, and she will pay you for ALL ingredient* PLUS a dollar for your trouble) Use the coupon below today. Get your pound of TRIPLE guaranteed Meadolake at less than you'd pay for ordinary margarine! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMA This Coupon Good for on the Purchase of Mb, MEADOLAKE MARGARINE GOOD EVERYWHERE Oegler; Mr*. Tucker will r*4e«m tbii coupon for Jl<, plu» 2* for handling, on the purchase of 1 Ib. of Mea4olal» Margsrin*. Payment to k» m»d» by our , or by m»ilmg4» Mrs. Tuckw, Shwnuw, Te*fe Will not bt T*^ H M Warn Ingredients: One 2-pt.und smoked boneless pork shoulder butt, whole cloves, ''« cup firmly packed dar brown sugar, 1/16 teasp'ion cinna mon, "i cup canned whole cranberry sauce. Method: Cover pork shoulder bull with water; bring to a boil; simmer 1l» hours or unlil tender in center when tested with n fork. Drain well. Insert whole cloves. about 1 inch apart, all over ham. Mix brown sugar and cinnamon; break up cranberry sauce hi can with fork before measuring, then fidd. Mix well. Spoon cranberry mixture over ham placed in ovenproof platter or in shallow baking dish. Bae hi moderate (375F) oven 10 minutes; baste with gla/e; bake 10 minutes more Remove from even. Spoon cranberry yla/e over ham while It stands for about 3 minutes. Serve at once. Makes 6 servings. Chocolate Mwrry Huff Ingredients: 2 eggs. '* cup com- merrially-prepared chocolate syrup, 1 cup milk, '4 pint vanilla ice r-rearn, 8 maraschino cherries. Mel IKK! : Beat eggs wilh rotary beater (hand or electric) until (hick and lemon-colored; gradually , heart rn chocolate syrup and milk. ; Pmrr rnto 4 chilled mugs. Top with ia small scoop of ice cream, gar; nish with cherries. Serve with .spoons. Mak^s -1 servinc? With Prnpfrpplp Toppt«K ' 2 cup cold light ; cream: ' 2 cup cold milk. "3 cup pineapple .juice. 1 package vanilla instant pudding, angelfond cake Slices. Method: Pout cream, milk and ; pineapple juice into mixing bowl. ! Add pudding mix and beat with egg heater 1 minute, or until well mixed. Let stand until set— takes about 5 minutes. Just before serv- : mg». stir topping until creamy. ' Serve on angel food slices. spoons lemon Juice, '4 teaspoon salt. \ teaspoon dry mustard. *k teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, pepper, paprilta. lettuce, extra mayonnaise or French dresstng. Method: Cut eggs in half lengthwise. Remove yolks and pot rn mixing bowl: mash fine with fork. Add mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt, mustard, Worcestershire and pep- ppr to taste; mix well. Spoon yolk mixture back hito whites, piling lightly. Run sharp tines of a fork over yolks to flute; sprinkle with paprika. Arrange 3 staffed egg halves on lettuce on eafli of 4 salad plates. Serve with extra mayonnaise or French dressing. Makes 4 servings. Fratfc Baktl ftttit Dill* t*k« Ont Amp!* pftffctoft Atftftebte. DUKE iAKf Pf StfVfetft Savory RRH Salad Ingredients: 6 hard-cooked eggs, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, 1'i tea- DRESSEL YOUNG DAIRY GRADE A HOMOGENIZED MILK FOOD STORES SSA&JZJL i i (dikon- &JL Cans i JlavcMit 2 No. 2i/ 2 -If e CANS || NATION WIDE WHITE LABEL CREAM STYLE GOLDEN CORN 4^f 'LITTLE FARMER SWEET PEAS 4&T TOPMOST TREE RIPENED—IN EXTRA HEAVY SYRUP HALVES YELLOW CLNNS PEACHES TOPMOST—X?UART BOTTLE PRUNE JUKE —„_ i___37 e TOPMOST !? PICILES-RiH w iMber ___^39 e TOPMOST FROZEN ORANGE JWCE 23.2T TOPMOST PEANUT BUTTER ________ ____ JS?I TOPMOST fc SALT-Pfain of Mad ______ ^° NATION WIDE YELLOW RED ROBE DOS POOD SOX VEL AJAX CLEANS!* Can PALMOLIVE SOAP Regular Bars SOAP PALMOLIVE CHARMIN TOILET TISSUE •ROLLS DIAL SOAP REGULAR •ARS WAX-RITE aooR WAX •IAMAM CtACUtl AMOWIOOT IWIMACir* 6y 4 -0», ft* - - ABSORENE WALLPAPER CLEANER The Cleaner Withlhe MA^IC TOUCH HUNTER or SWEET HOME SLICED BACON C Lb. CHOICE CUTS CHUCK ROAST C Lb. KREY TEENIE WIENERS C 10-oz, Pkg, KREY VISKING BRAUNSCHWEIGER By thi Piece ...... Ib. HUNTER or LUER BREAKFAST LINK PORK SAUSAGE Lb. Large Sunkist LEMONS Sunkist Navel—Nice Size ORANGES Home Crown RHUBARB 4 Florida Pascal CELERY J s»t° r>oz. Dn/. Bunch PUREX QUART BOTTLE ARRAS MARKET T. Lynn Arrai) 1591 CUwion II. bAn.KV'8 GROCEHf «0'J1 Cenlr*! BERT1ER. M. P. 1101 E. Seventh , BROWN re'8 GROCEKT Codas* Ulllt }. E. FRICK 1«1 C Maduon, Wood Rivtr DOTV. FA» C. • Godfrey, Illlnoli CAST ALTON GROCER T. «S EdwwdlvlU* Rd.. BMt Altoi EAST END GROCERY 1 3«t E Broidwar. Alton, llllnoli FERGUSON AVENUE MKT. VO* E Fer»u§on v . Wtovd Blvtf GREENWOOD MABKET ' 1001 Browo St. GOLDMAN S MARKET HAUTER'S MARKET Brlibtoa, HUosJi BOH.OWA?'* MARKET 4 B«vmaD, But 4lt»«i HORN * BORN qjp, Ul SI sure* MARKET t 6tb fl. »t 4ttf AU««. IU. -I. W iV«T btvmiB. lUift«| U W F«ffW4C«, SJfff KENNY'S IUPER MARKET 7«0 EdwardivllU •*., W. R. ' DON LEACH MARKET 1109 Milton Real MAPLE. H. L. Modora, Illlnolt J. A. W. MARKET il< Sinclair AT*., lovlk ReiaM MoGUIRE. JOHN U .JeratTTlllc, lllinoli ' MEGHAN'S MARKET Dwnker Hill, III. EPW MOTTER ritldvo. III. REHBEIN GBOCERT Sod • Jenotnfi. Wood Rlvtr ROBERTSON and McMANUS «• B.ll. it; ROSEWOOD GROUERT U E. 4Jrli»» Or., •«wv«t4fl(ti, BUST. fREP • !•«} Itot? it. JI Ct» Kail RIOGR MAiKET o»«w»», EwllWl SMITH Jfc, wrt M»rMlT UtolMl *>«. uft IlL C0AS, Or»fU». ltU»«i*

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