The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 29, 1930 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1930
Page 6
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\ ! P^GB) SIX THE TIPTON DAILY TBIBUN3 \ Tuendajr, April 3», IMP. THE WOODS Body of Man, Dead for Six Weeks, Found by Mushroom Hunters, COrXTBT HOME RAIDED. Pino Residence of William Rooker Is Looted. IS NOT IDENTIFIED Indianapolis, April 29.—While searching for .mushrooms, three '•women yesterday discovered the body of a in-jp / ~wlip apparently had committed suicide, hanging from a tree in an isolated woods about one mile west of Speedway. The body had been hanging on the tree about six weeks. Coroner C. H. Keever said. The body had not been identified last night. A scarf end a leather' belt had been used as a iioose. The man appeared ' TO be between nr> and -CO years old. His hair was gray and he had a mustache. A sheepskin coat, with "'I. • U." painted in re:! letters on the back, and a lumberjaekot were lying on the ground beside him. \\e wore a felt cap. kakhi shirt, j gray stripyd trousers and work I shoes. I Hamilton county officials are investigating a'raid made on the beautiful country home otWilliam V. Rooker, Indianapolis attorney, who is well known in Tipton by his frequent appearance here in the local courts. ! Attorney Rooker visited the place Sunday and found that the interior of the home had been wrecked.', Brass thieves'. had smashed the plumbing fixtures and carried away brass faucets and fittings, and. had even torn the brass chandeliers from the walls. Much damage was done to ..the interior of the house, in addition 'o the property stolen. The resir idence has been unoccupied for some time and is visited at intervals by the owner. * PARKER DEBATE OPENS IN SENATE 10 WOMAN Mrs. Anna .Nutter, 70, Instantly Killed When Cat-* ! Hit Trucks. Miller home in "Tipton for several weeks. She';is' said v to.have a daughter residing in the east. When the news of the crash reached' Tipton 'many'from' this city drove to. the scene of the accident, which is being investigated by Coroner Evans of Hamr ilton county. 'Warred Bafcer who was driving the car, is a son of Mrs. Cora Baker, formerly of Tipton. His father, ! Harry Baker, deceased, formerly conducted a bakery in j Tipton. For several years he'hasi been residing in Indianapolis. | IS •'. • p' '/ . • •! Melyin Traylor,. Member of Board, Explains Scope of the Bank. [Returned Koine. JI'XUTT ACCEPTS. ANOTHER BADLY HURT Will He .Kcvnotcr For Democratic. Meeting. State IS RELATIVELY SMALL Washington, Indications Point to Close Vote on Man Selected bv Hoover. Tipton People, From Indianapolis, Injured in Smash ". T Indianapolis, April 29.—Paul :V. McNutt, dean of the law scobol Returning" of Indiana university and last •year national commander of the j American Region, and Chester ; hanker, and Montgomery of South Bend, yes -'j member of April 29.—A warm, defense a!nd an explanation of the bank forj international settlements as evoked under the Young plan was made last night by Melvin A. JTraylor, Chicago a! United States; the international 1 jterday accepted appointments rs : keynote speaker and permanent | bank's organiza ion committee. Another' horrible accident the Range Line road, -near He said the international bank; |chairman respectively, "."'of thejwas "not anrinternational the | Democratic state convention here ! cial octopus,? but rathe! "k Operated Saturday. Charles Snyder, residing" near Arcadia, was operated Saturday at the Xoblesvillc hospital 'for bladder trouble and is reported ,to be getting • along well. Air. MUCH OPPOSITION SEEN Bnyder has not been in good •Jhealth for several years. During the lime he is in the hospital Prentis Pearson of Sheridan is staying with the family and managing the farm work. Mrs. Waller • Leisure residing- near Windfall who ! has been ill for the past' three weeks, was taken to the Howard county hospital Monday afternoon to undergo a major operation 'Tuesday. She was accompanied to the hospital by Mr. Leisure and j her sifter Mrs. -Grace Hiiitt. who will remain at the Leisure home during her absence. jlroken Lej Little Ada Merle Thomas, two year oid daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. Merl Thomas of Curtisville had the misfortune to break one of her legs v Snnday while visiting at the home of Ray Walker and family. The children were playing in a 'pony, buggy. The pony suddenly stopped throwing the little one breaking her leg. Sliarpsvillo Won. The Sharpsville Merchants won a fast game of baseball on the home grounds Sunday from the Logansport Roofers. Lowell Cage, pitching for the Merchants, allowed only three hits and struck out -nine batters. The score was 3 to 2. .'-,,.— ' ' - Is Wry I;o \v. Mrs. Dea Sharpe of Omega, is reported to be 'very low. She is suffering with cancer and death has been expected for several days. She is-SI vears old. A. A. Bridge Dentist Tipton, Indiana. Washington, April 29.—Before crowded -galleYies' arid an intensely attentive ' membership, debate was begun late yesterday in the Senate on confirmation of Judge John J. Parker of North Carolina as an associate justice of the Supreme court. Senator, Overman (Democrat, Xorlh Carolina,) .lauding the personal character and judicial qualifications of the nominee, opened with a" plea for. confirmation'. Senator Borah (Republican, Ida- liol. severely assailing Parker 's decision upholding the "yellow dog" contract for employes, demanded his rejection. . Senator Borah had : not i. concluded at nightfall - and?.the debate upon which leaders believe •will hinge the ultimate fate of President Hoover's second nominee to the high .tribunal is expected to continue for several days. The Senate is eoncededly closely divided over Parker and the two speakers received the closest attention, interrupted occasion- illy by inquiries. June 10. residence of Joseph Kinder, about 9 o'clock Monday night in which Mrs. Anna Nutter 70~years of age, a sister of Mrs.'Jolm Miller of 117 North East street wajfj killed instantly. "Mrs. Miller who' 'was in the* automobile which sideswiped a truck on one side of the road and careened into another truck parked on the other side, suffered a broken left arm, both bones being broken Tiear the wrist. She also suffered ser- j ftgf ers Recommendations tOl world, ious bruises and, hurts. Her hus-i Committee Without'Read- ''.States finan "a rela tively small bank .created to perform a' specificj function"—collection for creditor governments of German reparation payments. "Except (for the problems involved hi the collection and dis- •' I ' . . tribution of reparations," Traylor said, "there would not be at this (time an international'bank. It is ;in!no sense a reflection of the fdesire of international bankers or ! • I political intriguers to involve the ! Mr. and Mrs: Roy Sabeng, Cleveland, 0.,.who have been ijjng with the former's mother, Mrs! Mary Sabens and family West. Washington street, and' with Mrs.lSabeiis' parents: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Paul and family southwest of Tipton arid hftr sister,' Mrs. Gene^Goar and family on -South ' West street, returned home Monday night. Mrs. Goar and two 1H- j \le daughters. Betty - Jean a Nancy, accompanied .Mr., and M Sab^nS" to Cleveland : and will-v it for a couple of .weeks .in sister's home. lb Caring for Courthouse. Fred Cook was looking after the janitor's dittos at the court,hoi; Tuesday .during the absence Georgje F. Schulenborg. The la pi 1 t-; is-off on account of the fii- jof Mrs. Louisa Ilonnold, ter- \\- neral sist'erljof Mrs: Schulenborg. Relieve in Pastor. Mendota^ 111., April 29.=—The First Methodist church here will continue to .pay the salary of the Rev. James A. Wilson, despite his conviction Ottawa on a charge of assault with intent to kill. "The Rev. Wilson was'an innocent man and lie received an unjust trial," declared Deacon Charles Powell of the church board. "We expect to pay his "salaTV for some time to come, for our church is ninety- nine per cent behind him." Oclcjtntes Arrive. New York, April 29. •' — The KteaniSjMip Leviathan, bearing the linited Slates delegation from >he London naval limitation conference, arrived off Ambrose light at the entrance! to'.New York harbor at 11 :20 o'clock laatnight. „ v Tribune classified ads nj.. ' si? If You Need a Security loan Or Money to Pay Taxes See r. , band, a Civil War veteran who is S5 years of age, suffered a severe scalp wound and injuries tp his side and legs. Mrs. Alice Hbstet-j ler,. wife of Charlton E. Hostetler of -1017 Southerland Ave., Indianapolis, another occupant., of the car, suffered several broken ribs and a fractured skull. Warren Baker of 4024 Southeastern Ave., Indianapolis, a former Tipton resident and his wife were both hurt. Mr. Baker suffered cuts-and bruises and his wife several broken ribs and a-compound •fracture of the right arm. The party was coming from Indianapolis to Tipton and between, the residence of Joseph Kinder and Martin Mullen 7% miles sonth_of the intersection of State Road 2S and the Range Line road. Baker who was driving- a Ford sedan ' endea.vored- to pass a truck belonging to Jesse Ross & Son of Kokotno. The truck headed south had stopped opposite two other trucks which were going iiorth. One of them had trouble and the three 'driv­ ers'\vere discussing.-what to do. When the truck headed south saw "Baker approaching the driver started ahead. Baker endeavored to drive between the trucks, alnd sideswiped the south bound one, his Ford ear crashing into .the rear of the parked truck going north. Although the emergency brake was set on the parked truck, the impact drove -. it into the truck jn front with sufficient force to mash in the radiator and front. The Ford car of Baker was demolished. Mrs. "Nutter was killed • instantly, her chest being crushed. and she. sustained fractures of the ilimbs and other injuries', including a deep scalp wound. •^Following the crash, drivers of •the trucks endeavored - to stop motorists passing the scene Jiut \(\ was some time before they could get assistance. John Heyboyer-fof Grand Rapids,-Mich., who was accompanied by his wifo and small child, vas the first to stop and brought Mrs. Hostetlef and Mr and especially the United in some kind of a myster- ing Them. i ious financial oligarchy." " i 1 / •• SOLONS ARE TOO BUSY _ .Washington, April 29.—Adopting the unusual course of writing to Congress urging completion of his legislative law ' enforcement, program. President Hoover yesterday found a Senate so busy with other matters that it even waived the formality of having the executive message read. N.U was referred to the judiciary committee without a word of discussion. Calling attention to the approaching adjournment of the Congress, Air. Hoover asserted "substantial progress" ha.d been made on some of the relief measures he propsed, but, he added, that early adoption of the complete five-point program was necessary "if I am to perfprm the high duty which falls upon the exceutive of enforcement of the Federal laws. The five points stressed were transfer' of prohibition enforce-- ment functions from the treasury to the Justice Department, methods to relieve congested court' dockets, j extension of Federal prison '.facilities, consolidation of •border patrol agencies to more effectively prevent illegal entry of aliens and goods and. an "adequate" dry enforcement law" for the national capital. Inhaled Poisonous Fumes. inhaled the opinion that he enough^of the poison to" bring about his illness.! He is carrying a high temperature and has beep quite sick. i -. HAS CONFESSED. Batik Messenger Admits Planning Robbery. Served Will Tell Yon. ' i^Onr scrupulous atten- x ' tlon id 6wr >v0 «taJl as- . Bares-Aft funeral »which* Muncle, April 29.—Albert Gray, 19-y£ar-old bank) messenger, .for the W. A. McNaughton Company, confessed .to. Sheriff ^ckettt4ljere hiEt. night that be planned to' be .kidnapped; and robbed pf, ; $7,000 yesterday morning by Jack' Miller, and Mrs. Warren Baker into the 1 "* 0 23 ^ of Dayton, O.. and. Paul cilice of Dr. A. 'B: BnrWiarat: Haggard .t .age j30,, .of Scranton Mrs. Hostetler' suffered'tf froc- pa - v Hagpard and Miller ,wer^ ar ,tnred - skull' and >WveralS broke^ ribs. : : Her condtyon Isi^onslder^d extremely critclal.-'Shet reinainfecl; i -aVJthe ^fflce ot IDr. Burkhardt; '-daring ihf ril^ht'ind >as( not jy^ regained cons^onineas.- J x ^The Young?ambuUnM,Was at tbe scene^and ^roughttbe bodycol Mrs:,^tntter.-ind Mr and" Mrs. John^MHIerto Tipton The body. rested^and are held on strength of Gray's confession! . A'vwoman, whose '.name..the sheriff declined to.f ublisn; was arrestddtwltli Hag gard.' ''VA * ^ •V.V"' 1 ^Oray reported fo police he had iMien kidnapi^sand^riobbed,- of,] tTiOOfr nel ^W^aacarrylng to-a •wmaiUke'i^'to' the Leat,henun vB derUMnk,>rlor. and Mr n« nom. x o B ^oL^ak^r»k Herbert, the l|0-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy. Johnson of Windfall, is suffering ; from a poisoning thought to , have been caused by inhaling poisonous fumes from explosives used in toy pistols. , ' Friday he and a number of other lads from.Windfall attend 1 ed the track mee^t at Tipton. ;The boys were riding in the* closed car of Emory Smyser and they had a quantity of caps and! toy pistols/shooting theni often until the'car was. filled, with ] the fumes of the explosive. I The attending physician, is of Returned For Treatment. Mrs. S. G. Young, who has been at her home^on j \yest . Jefferson street since Friday evening,; re-, turned to Indianapolis Monday, morning for a short stay and to have treatment frbm a surgeon, who. recently operated—upon ] her right eye for removal of cataract.. The operation was performed by Dr. Clark, specialist, and the j visions of the eye has been restored. Mrs. Young was in the Methodist hospital for^hout • three weeks following the operation. • , • • 1 I " Funeral of Mrs. Scnlley. Funeral services for Mrs. Margaret Scalley, widow of John E. Scalley, will be held at tlTe St. John's Catholic church Thursday morning at 9 o'clock. Rev. F. Jos. Bilstein. will conduct the services and burial will 1 follow in -J the -. • i -.. Catholic section of Fairview. WEATHER-^Generally'fair tonight; slightly farmer; in I extreme north; -mostlyitcloudy Wednesday; : -probably! showers west and north. ' : t ' v • -••'• I-' - THOTIOB. JI Wo Haie a Well lighted Park> tncSBMein'the Rear of J5m Mr. and -Mrs. William Niemai n !. of Sliarpsvillo were Sunday cli i- j ner guests of Mrs. Niemann's sijs- ter, Mrs. . Frank Graham family on North Main street. Eve-- ning guests were Mr. and Mi Roy Oslor and sons of Jackson K. of P. Lodgoj "SITTING PRETTY" FINANCIALLY —is the usual condition of the man with a savings account. With such an account there is no fluctuation of values, no chance of sudden catastrophe. Your money is always ready and waiting for yoa when you want it. - ' Why not place yourself in the enviable position of 'the man with "ready money" hy opening a savings account in this hank today. Farmers Loan & Trusl Co. THE BANK OF THE PEOPMJ A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System Only Bank in Tipton County Under Both State end Federal Supervision. Regular meeting of the. K P. lodge, tonight at 7:31} o'cloel. Members all be present.! of Euchre party, Moose hall. j j Wednesday night. e-lfHl-j I See "Now Adolf," Lutlui eran school, Wednesday, at! 7:45 Piaf'^' -;•" c- V7V); TOP PRICE AVAS .<!1(j.:50. Ilogs (Jcneriilly Steady Tiicsday-r— ! Cattle Kids Lower. Receipts on hbirs • Apr'r -cattle. IT'S TfiVIE NOW TO CLEAN UP AND BRIGHTEN IIP—MAKE YOUR HOME ATTRACTIVE WITH A NEW Living Room Suite Suite & Barrnm WE EXTEND CREDIT 2,000-;' calves. [1.100:- slijeop. '.HOJO.| Hog prices early today jat ;ho( local live stock market w*re just j steady with the general sales -rui. ?10.2!>: top price $10.30:'under-| weights sold at ?10.00 down, and sows at $!).2a down. ' ' \ Tiids for cattle were about'.5jr. lower than .last week, no eai - .l> sales beingreporied: -calves weivn steady at ?io.50 down, and.."h'-fp were quotably steady, witl'i.sprirjK lambs at $14.50. down.. Chicago, 111., April-2!). — Re- ceiptson hogs, 3,000:-the market was 10c higher willji the t(f \i S10.2-5; - there, were 7.000 cattle and 11,000 sheep. . • .1- Local (irnin M.irfect. [ (Hobbs Grain Co.) -' , • No. 2 Soft Wheat —^.S '.0" Oats J _.-«35 New Corn, No. 4 yellow, '\ r per 100 lbs. ___1.0'd Loc»f ITOCCM: 'Markerl - ,' ' (Moore & Mooce) Butter . 3Ek Eggs L____—,—22c Indianapolis Produce Market. , Eggs—Indianapolis jobbers .offer country shippers • for strictly fresh stock delivered at Indianapolis, loss off, 22c a. dozen., j ' Poultry — Jobbers paying f6r. fowls, .4% pounds up. 21 pound; Leghorns, 17-lSc; broilers, 1% to 2% 'pounds, '24-2Sc;' sick, cull arid liumpback poultry not bbught; roosters, 7-10c;/ ducks, S-10^: geese, full-feathered, 1c;- guineas, young, $6 a - dozen; ^_ old,- ;.S.4; snuabs, 11 pounds : to the dozen. $4>-50; old pigeons, 75c-dozen. ( Butter—Jobbers' selling: prices for creamery butter, fresjb flrata, N'o. 1, 42-43c a pound.- .1 Batter Fat — Indianapolis buyers are payiug 39c a pound deliv' ered at Indianapolis. •:. •' •. r THOR and EASY WASHERS Wife Saving Service ' i" ; 1£8 E. Jefferson •• —. 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