Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 7, 1957 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 15
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"/ 1 /A 2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker Critic Pans Two Shows, Playhouse 90 r Climax By JACK O'BKIAN NEW YORK-(INS)-J U sl before going on vacation se- don's girl of the'Old West wa more Mae West . . . The who was totally ridicule **".uuuu wu si> u^-siivudiig was toiauy ridicuiou 'Playhouse 90" as the in every department, inclutlin " - *Hjjivu3u yu as me best TV drama show and Ihe firsl one \ve witnessed since coming back-last nighfs-was the inglcss. the musical score, which w loud, blaring, cheap and mca worst cowboy-Indian drama we have ever seen . . . The stars— Errol Klynn. Ann Siieridan, Julie London, John Ireland-should go • "'tor their agents with loma- '»'ks . . . It's title was "Without Incident," the sort or title «'hicli led the late drama critic Kelcey Allen to say a show "earned its own critic." It was without everything . . . Julie Lou WHAT IS IT? WHERE IS IT? Answer Page 8 "Climax" last jiight pre-sente a rare dramatic item, an a tempt to put the lale Danr Runyon himself into a drama a full size character ... It w not very successful, neither drama nor as a very effects reflection of the late great r porter and columnist . . . Ralp Bellamy did far more with I! shallow', coniball grasp of historical nonsense written b Leonard Spigelgass than the fie iweiglil script about pri/.efigritin suggested ... It was full of a ciont gangster types thrcatenin jlinnyon, which not only didn [happen to Damon but to an j newsmen of the era. | It collected a puzzling coi ibination of "style," at once tr jing to grasp the gently ontsi; dialogue written by Runyon f his-short_fiction pieces, again which was 'balanced, or bashe the completely realistic chara ler of Runyon hirasolf From Our Take-Out Window (Open from 12 Noon) A Bucket of Fried Chicken rcncli Fries, mm f Ketchup. / *^ ft •uttered Roll * tJ^ft Repeating Our Grab Cake Special -.3 far *1.00 Dave Gunter's Good Food in LaVale Phone PA 2-0244 Buck Kite Round & Square DANCE SATURDAY NITE Muiic By The Delighters Bowman Addition Fire Hall PAY YA0s u PLAY! A New 1957 PHILCO TV Call far full detail* STEINLA MOTOR COMPANY 218 South Mechanic Sf. PHONE PA 4-2600 OPEN EVENINGS ««epl Saturday GENERAL. ELECTRIC Thin-Line AIR CONDITIONERS Ask About Our "GE" 1-TON SPECIAL Model R60-P Cumberland Electric Co. Virginia Are. at 2nd St. 47 N. Centre St. PA 2-6191 PA 2-6862 NEW... PLUS YOUR OLD FAVORITES (Clip far reference} DEBUTS Dale in Wnshingfon 11:25 P.M. SIon-Fri. (4). SPECIALS Jerry Lewis 9:00 P.M. Sat. (4) Slarriagc 10:00 P.M. Sat. (4). : G. E. Theatre—Drama—"THE INVITATION" 9:00 P.M. Sun. (2). Alcoa Hour—Drama—"MRS. G1I.LING AND THE SKY. SCRAPER" 9:00 P.M. Son. (4). , AHrcrl Hitchcock "THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MR. WEEMS" 9:30 P.M. Sun. (Z>. Robert. Montgomery—Drama—"THE LAST TRIP OF THE HINDEMUJRG" 9::30 P.M. Mon. (4). Sfadio One—Drama— THE MOTHER BIT" 10:00 P.M. Mon. (2). Panic! Drama—".MAY DAY" 8:30 P.M. Tuc. (4). Jane Wyman—Drama—"TWO SIDES TO EVERY; THING" 9:00 P.M. Tue. (4). Telephone Time—Drama—"LINE CHIEF" 9:30 P.M. Tue. (3). • Xrafl Theatre "FJRE AND ICE" 9:(W P.M. Wed. (4). • 20th Century-Fox Hour "THE MARRIAGE BROKER" 10:00 P.M. Wed. (2). toy Bolgcr 8:00 P.M. ThurS. (4). Climax! Drama—"THE MAN" WHO STOLE THE BIBLE" 8:30 P.M. Thur. (2). - Playhouse 90—Drama—"CLASH BY NIGHT" r 9:30 P.M. Thur. (2). Zane Grey—AVestcrn—"VENGEANCE CANYON" S:30 P.M. Fri. (2). Schlitz Playhouse "FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE" 9:30 P.M. Fri. (2). If you have a TV set or you arc thinking of buying one- >hy nol make good use nf your TV investment hy becoming ..» subscriber ol Cable TV—4 undupllcated programs lo choose '. yom with cltvia, clear reception! Why not coll us now for INFORMATION and your . ' FREE DEMONSTRATION! '"'.POTOMAC VALLEY TELEVISION CO. 100 S. Liberty Street Cumberland, Maryland Phone PA 2-6540 EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 1957 TV Programs VTOP (CBS), Cabl? 2, "*UL (ABC), Cable 3, AH television program listings arc supplied by ihe broadcasting stations (hpiusctvos, and arc subject to last- minute changes without notice. VMA WRC (NBC), Cable 4 VTTG (UuMoDt), Cable 5, Cable Chtnnrl 3:00-2-Big Payoff 9 3-PubUc Ilef'cler 7 4-Mal, Thelre 4 5-IJberace 5 IIJB Payoff 2 Mat. Iheatre 3 Mat, Theatre 6 Big Payoff 10 3:.30~2-Boh Croihy 9 3-Ectdy Cantor 7 5-Grandpa l s PI'e 5 Secret Storm 2 Sop Gujdc 10 3:4S— Valiant !<ady 2 4:00-2-PIck Temple 9 3-Brighter Day 7 4-Queen for Day 4 5-Life uith Ktiz 5 Queen tor Day 2 Rrtghter Day 3 Queen for Ray 6 Brighter Day 10 4:15—3'Secret Storm 7 Secret Slorm 3 Secret Storm 10 4;3&— 3-Kdge of Night 7 5-Unexpected 5 Edge of Night 3 Edge of Night 10 4:45—1-Mod<yn no'ces 4 Cartoons 2 Modern no'ees 6 5:00—2-Amos i Andy 9 3-AJJchoy -Mouse 7 4-Comedy Time A S-Mill Grant 5 Comedy Time 3 Carioon Capers G Mickey Mouse 10 5:15— Movie 2 5:30-2-Marfiie 9 J-Susie 4 Theatre Time 3 Buffalo Bill Jr. & 6:00— 2-Cfsco Kid 9 3-Brave Kagle 7 4-11 ay ASjJland 4 5-Bill Johnson 5 Sports 6 Cartoons 10 Channel 9 Channel 7 Channel 4 Channel 5 KDKA, , WSVA, llarrlsonburg, WJAC, Johnstown, WFJIG. Altoona, Channel ^ Channel 3 Channel € Channel 10 " FR1DAV Cable Chtnnei 6:15— West Marihall j| News 5 >SpotlUh! 9 3-Town & C'nlry 7 4-News, \Vealher 4 £• fun Ifous« 5 Lone Hanger 6 Pemia. Today 10 6:4$—2-Ed wards News 9 4-Sports 4 Mews, Weather 2 Kdwards News 3 Ktlw'rds News 10 7:00-2-Annie Oakley 9 3-Ncw.s, Spoils 7 •Htit I > arade 4 S Badge 711 5 U'hlrlyblrds 2 Shou'case 3 F'r Kno's Heal 6 Sage Ilidcrs 10 7:15—3-J. Oaly News 7 News. Weather 3 7;30—2-Beal Cioclc 3 3nIn Tin Tin 7 4'Helen O'C'nell 4 5'Insp. Fabian 5 On Trial 2 Rln Tin Tin 3 Helen O'C'nell G Beat Clock 10 7:45—VJVBC News 4 NBC News G 8:00—2-WCAt Point 9 3-Jlm Howie 7 -1-BIontJie 4 5-Movletime 5 West Point 2 Life of. Htley 3 lilontiie . 6 Weil Paint 10 8:30-2-2ane Grey S'w 3 3-Crossroads 7 4-Ufe o! Hlley 4 -Ufe of Riley Zane Grey S'w 2 Ufe of Rlley 6 Z'e (,'rey S'w 10 9^00—2-Ad am St Eve 3-Dr. Christian 4-On Trial Cable Cb*nn SBirds W. Sox 1 Spy The Lineup On Trial Adam & Eve 9:30-2-Slar s lH'houie 3-The Vise 4BLg Story Slim UryAtil Silent Service H'way I'atrol The Vise 10:00—2-Thc Uneup 3'Anxels Date 4-IJoxJnj; Boxing Boxing The Lineup 10:30-2-P'son to P'son 3-FavorHe Story P'son lo P'son IO;4S-4-Ite<l llarber Hi* Playback; ftcd Barber Red Barber 11:00—2-11 p.m. Report 3'Nens, Weather 4-Ncu's News Klub Kwli News, Weather News 11:15—2-Late Show 3-Sp'rts, Bowling 4-JVews, Weather Star Theatre Tctin Mayh'se W'thcr, Movie 11:30-4 -Tonight 5-News, Sports Errol FJynn 12:00— News, Sports 12:15— 3-Nigttt Show 1st Hun show 12:3O—2-l^te. Late S'w News, Theatre WHS— Th'Rht Today liOO—4-JnspiraHon 2^00— 2-Mcd Lint ion Named Inn ofi Joseph Lyons, larysvillo Inn, ...._ .,„„._ ampbcll lias been named chef " the inn. manager . Mld - UStllI11 P day which has been installed E the inn. He was formerly asst cialcd with ihe Fort Cumberlan Hotel . To Meet A meeting of Hie Fort Cum f (he inn. A , meeting of the Fort Cum- Campbell will demonstrate new berland Pl'ilalclie Society will bo ood preparation cquipmcnl Sun- '? Tuesday at 7:30 p. m at LEARN TO SWIM I guarantee to teach anyone. :iass now forming. Transporta- on can be'arranged. Celanese '"ool, none PA 2-9705. "Ike" Law. Instructor. \dv. N-T June 6.7,8.10,11,12 CUT FASTER AND EASIER WITH QUICK-CHANGE TRIPLE-PLAY, SPEED BLADES FALL'S POWER MOWERS Priced $ From 97- 75 - • 2'A HP Clmlon Motor Shafer Television Sales & Service 138 ' TridencV S PA 2-4181 Parade Winners Listed Winners in the parade held Wednesday at Grantsville during he Allegany-Garrett Firemen's Association's convention have >een announced. Goodwill Fire Company ot •onaconing won the $25 prize for he best appearing fire company. The Blue Angels from Victory 'ost, American Legior, in Westernport, won the ?30 prize for he best drum corps in the convention parade. Second best drum corps was :he Ali Ghon Shrine unit, which won $30. The third best drum corps was Fulton Myers Post, American Legion, of Cumberland, ivhich won 520. The fire company with the most men in line in the association was Barton, winner of a! $25 prize, ahaft won $25 as the fire company in the association with the argesl per cent in line., Froslburg was awarded the $25 prize as the lire company with most in line with band within the association. Rockwood, Pa., won i ?15 prize as the company with he longest distance with 10 or more men. The best appearing auxiliary unit with 10 or more women was Cresaptown, winner of a $15 prize. The Froslburg Arion Band awarded a ?25 prize as the >est senior band in the parade. Eockwood, Pa., also v/on $25 for laving the best high school band n the parade. Judges were W. D. Wise, Ronald Hill, Earl Glotfelty, Paul Lichty and Albert Bittinger, all Salisbury, Pa., and Charles Bender of Grantsville. •• DIVIDENDS COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY All money received by the Tenth of Month Credited from 1st The Family Savings and Home Loan Association 108 Frederick St. Cumberland, Md. 36 Moin St. W.itsrnperr, Md.' Commercially limited To $10,000 m. PA 4-5911 We are Headquarters in Cumberland for Westinghouse TV. Prices start of 5199.95. TERMS ARRANGED United Television SALES AND SERVICE 54 Bedford ST. PA 4-U66 ' * '000 !OR «^ W Hi-Rock DRIVE-IN .s. 220 Theatre »? TONITE IT'S ACOPS-AND- \Ve utilize our sense of sight The United Stales drinks ai ore than any other sense, ac- much coffee as the rest ot the rdmg to .scientists. j woi . ld colnbinea( , rCsl 0[ the RIOTI Big Fun Carnival Cartoons & Shoris Special Kid Show Alt Family Show AIR-CONDITIONED Saturday Night 8 to 11 p.m. I * ] Fort Cumberland Hotel! [COCKTAIL LOUNGE! m DfADIT CURSE OF *ZTE< TIIASURt i JMSiiei OF IHI... FIRST RUN That "Guys And Dolls" doll in anothe; racy musical-romance! JEAN SIMMONS PAUL DOUGLAS ANTHONY FRANCIOSA in M G-M'i "THIS COULD Bf THfMGHT* in CINfMASCOFE •» JULII *aso«. mm AOAMS • jo«« etoNotu J. CAJtROLNAISH-SAriH CAMPOS-ZASU PIHS AT 12:00 - 2 ; oo . 4-00 . 5.52 . 7.53 . 9 . 55 OfilDRV^QUEEN Route 28 Ridgeley, W. Va. OPEN DAILY 12 Noon to 12 Midnight JIMIIllllllllllllllllllllllllHIHIill!!i Money'* Horn* CooVed Plate Lunches SOc 60c 7Sc = fUll COURSE DINNERS .. ?1.25 (Nol.d f or Dih'cioui Coffx) NANCY WHETSELL'S RESTAURANT Open Monday thru Saturday 119 SOUTH CENTRE ST. Jutt a f»w »t«p» from Eollimora ST., op. Medical *ldg. __ STAR Restaurant 31 BALTIMORE STREET SERVED — 10:30 A.M. 10 8 P.M. SATURDAY DINNER SPECIALS ! ROAST YOUNO CHICKEN . D.«,,in 9 - G '^ r - b ^ s «h;^'^^-^^d-B^r ' HAH STEAK (Swill', Pum.i ? , 0 BREADED VEAt STEAK, Tomafo Saut. ' $, TAPE RECORDERS ter! far Tap« R*conf*n, Supptia* and R*cord«d Tap*«. HI-FI SHOP Ownad and Opcrattd by Enterprise Amusement Co. 153 N. Mechanic ST. — PA 2-0050 LET US KEEP YOU IN GOOD SPIRITS MARTIN'S Liquor Store 15 Baltimore St. Next to W.M. Crossing FREE DELIVERY Dial PA 2-1459 ONE HOUR OF CARTOONS OR THE KIDDIES STARTS AT 9 P. M. ^ STARLIGHT! 3 * DELIGHT FOR fAMHY NIGHT MOTOROLA TELEVISION PORTABLE RADIOS CLOCK RADIOS TABLE RADIOS RECORD CHANGERS HiFi PHONOGRAPHS POLING'S 1!0 FREDERICK ST. DIAL PA 4-2161 REXAIR World'* FJnBif Vocuurn Cfeancr SALES & SERVICE POUNG'S EIECTRONIC SERVtCB 110 FREDEEtCK ST. GIANT DOUBLE DANCE REVUE ON OUR STAGE Wednesday, June 12th FEATURING MOYER STUDIO'S 'Ounce Parade' STAR STUDIO'S 'Starlets of '57' 1 PLUS THIS LAUGH RIOT CO-HIT "fTyrVr'r-SZr™ '',/ *£/24 f ' f / A Double Feature For Everyone THE KING OF BOCKNROU ALAN FREED >-FRMKI£ LYMON wiKira Km , ~r « -^- t *M-I m ^ LA VEHN BAKER . / tf * *^ A BI»B k., .1., VIA-LA-IA- <^f* ,i v , *«-». i«ik CHUCK BERRV ? f >' HIAR H- .;•» TBB CJX7CJICI »£' I » >tx ^» * Plus Real Big Western BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW FROM STUDENTS OF EITHER 5TUDIOI < MlttS WEST OF CUMBERLAv 9:00 JaniceHChillWILLS NOW! * POTOMAC Untamed! Unconqueredf A savage world of exotic splendor! PIUS ARROW-9:00-12:45 HUli; lUIUmmj CARTCON-10:35 ON THE WINCHESTER ROAD BABYDOLl-10.45 H . •' 2 SMASHING HITS 2 ! Hit NO. 1 "ArrOW in the Elia Ko^or, iMroauc., Ca,,oll iok.r in Ih* (III. »)«, "Boby Doll," hf, g,«al Dmt Written in Blood and Warn., B,o,. promotion i1o,,m B Karl MalJ.n end EM Wollaeh! Th. ,t.,y S ' h / Tennen.e Wrilliami i. reportedly Ih, aulKor't br>ldi>l Migrt^y Spcxloclo in Color by " TECHNICOiOK TENNESSEE WILLIAMS ibWJest story' See T. V.'s Favorite Western Star TERRIFIC TODAY! ANDY GRIFFITH . . . SENSATIONAL AS THE NATIONS TV IDOL WHO REACHED PEAK ... OF POWER MADNESS! EllA KAZAN WtOOUCTIOM BUDO SQfULBfRGS rowel in*He PATRICIA NEAL - C01IIN • sM*s W .,.^,w»'- • — — , j. •<• -•-' HAYDEM'CRAY. WARN ER'BROS. KARL MAIDEN CARROLL BAKER -ELI WALUCHI EXTRA! Sal. -12 Noon! Mickey Mouse Fun Show!' Games • Prizes - Cartoons Our Exciting Rock 'N' Roll Features!

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