Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 29, 1952 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, February 29, 1952
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 1952 Phone 4600 for » WANT AD Taker Mary lit* wort It V \iail Editor's NoU' Couple were to marry after three year's courtship, but man, 31. develops uncertainty About his feelings. DEAR MARY HA WORTH. aren't financially prepared. This has caused resentment in m«, and resentment has caused me to nag him, and nagging is something this spring, but a week ago he told me that he isn't sure whether he really loves me. When I asked how long he had been feeling this way, he said for the last five or six month*. I am 20 and ha is 21, and think he didn't want to marry at all; or, much as I hate to face it, that maybe he is afraid of the finality of marriage and the responsibilities Uiat go with it. Amory is the type of boy who [with Amory in candidly campaign- j ing for his hand and trying urgent- |ly to pin him down these last six j months. I am inclined to think a craftier technique wouldn't have brought him into camp either In all probability you have spotted the roadblock, in sensing that Amory is simply afraid to commit himself to the man-size undertaking of marriage for keeps. Financially you are pretty well fixed by average reckoning, so his pleas on that score are transparent excuses, not "real" reasoning. The fact that he has drifted this far with you, making joint purchases and otherwise encouraging The Worry Clinic By Dr. George W. Crone Our hearts will never let us admit! outside Interests. Keep busy. An j B oar J Rejects Appeal the "following fact at the moment,! active body prevents your mind from j but, we can be ideally happy In marriage to any one of i dozen desirable we have been going together for "ants a practically perfect marri- three years. We get along very weJl,i a 8 e ; and he likes ^ feel doubl y sure ihopes of wedlock, before backing fta we have tastes in common, andj 1 *^ 01 ' 6 he commits himself to any-j down at the eleventh hour, sug- think alike about many things. In our discussion Amory asked me If I knew the meaning of love, and I answered as best I could. Then he confessed that he didn't think he coyld define love; and he also said that he is confused about money as well as love. So far as money goes, I think we have enough for marriage. Our salaries add up to nearly six» thousand a year, and we have about seven hundred dollars saved. Also we have bought and paid for bedroom furniture. In the last six months I have been almost begging Amory for .us to marry, taut he always says we ! thing. More than once he has told me that when he marries, he wants it to ]&*t a lifetime. It't Easy! — It's Fun ! to Crochet Hati and Bags of BELASTRAW let IH «h»w you «ur f Icriaui n*w e»l»r«i Totally imart n*w ityl«i: Beginntr-Easy Directions for StaUi, lo»«. Her* »f fabuloui • Driti ttlosirow • Dritz Spcrklt Selastrow • fr'ilt Chtnillt, Cordt' end Mttallic Yornt N«w Instruction lathi FAY'S ART AND GIFT SHOT Op<n Sv«nlngt 111 I. Ut $t. fh.M tit geets that he is a weak sort of boy, inclined to follow the course of least resistance, until panic calls I love him very much and nothing | the turn would make me happier than forj us to be married and for him to be Relaxed Reins free of confusion. But I don't know how to meet the existing situation, and I would appreciate a prompt reply to this call for help, as I am at my wits 1 end. - C. S. Girl's Strong; Man Is Drifter •-. DEAR C, S.: Apparently you have been the aggressor in promoting | marriage-talk up to,this point; and it may be also that your forthright love of Amory was the influential factor in gaining his halfway consent to your planning. Some philosopher has acutely said that men don't love so much as they respond to being loved. But be that as it may,. when it comes to marrying, they like to feel they thought of it first, -wanted it most or engineered the decisive step. However, it is anybody's guess as to whether you muffed your chances SEE ... MOSKIN'S FOR ... CLOTHING ON ... CREDIT 82 BALTIMORE ST. Afford Test Amory's extreme caution in framing decisions, his desire to be doubly sure about everything before going ahead, his perfectionist dreams of marriage, these are neurotic traits of character—all geared to evasion of reality In contrast, you are a tower of strength, decisiveness and practicality, and I dare say the tonic, vigor of your personality has great appeal for him—because unconsciously he longs to be led by the nose, by a competent substitute-mother. But still he "don't wanna" get married —at least not while you are begging for it. I believe the all-around sensible thing to do about Amory is to turn him loose, in the sense of dissolving the engagement, with the agreement to be friends, openmind- ed to what happens next. It's been proved that you cannot coerce him into marriage; he slips through your arguments like quick-^ silver. But if he finds himself no' longer the one-and-only, after three years of 'your jcompany, he will soon realize whether he loves you or not—and if he anxiously sues a return to favor, you may No PURER Aspirin Than- St.Joseph am ^~ §*«• v^ • BKB ^ Editor's Note: Poets may praise Rojalie'i behavior, but psychologists regard It a< i toollsh vul« of in attractive personality. Learn how to forget your unfortunate love affairs of yesterday. Don't rebea/se them each night as Rosalie does. CASE G-383: Rosalie M., aged 22, is a lovely San Francisco girl. "Dr. Crane, she fell in love with a young engineer a year ago," her brother informed me. "They seemed very much attached to each other and we expected them to get married. out of the focus of your attention is to put another one there. We cannot concentrate on two ideas at the same j members of the opposite sex. Millions of men and women reading this column today have felt broken hearted over a love affair that didn't turn out right. But they resolutely went on and JTVml«»« Covered another and better sweet- * "pies deserting the present moment to dweil among the tombstones of yesterday's dead love affairs. 'Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.i moment. discovered Rosalie must not be asinine and| heart t ^ &n the, first. So march on!j Canadian Potato Shortage { product I 1 roauci try to drown her sorrow in liquor,!p ace the future! 'But the man got involved, with|sweetheart. as so many silly young people do| nowadays. That course only leads to greater sorrow next day , when a headache is added to your heartache. How To Forget It is tragic when we are jilted or (heartbroken by the loss of our best another girl of the wrong kind. He married the other girl and the child was born. "I am wondering if in your opinion. Dr. Crane, it 'is his duty to remain with this other girl the rest of his life, or do you feel that he owes Rosalie home happiness? "The tragedy of the affair is that Rosalie sits around and broods. She is still as much in love with him &s before all this happened." Face Forward The best thing for Rosalie to doj in this case is to forget the man and. chart her course toward some other romantic destination in the future. "But how can I forget?" she will cry, with tearful eyes aching heart Well, the only way to get one'idea And we are entitled to grieve for a few days. But no intelligent adult should waste hi» life by becoming a living shrjne to a dead love affair. Our brains must always be masters of our hearts! This means we must act our age, so to speak, and pick up the fragments to use as foundation stones for a rebuilt personality. Stop Mooning: Rosalie has been diligently "memorizing" her jilting by mooning around in front of this man's picture each night and re-reading his saccharine love letters. As a result, she cries herself to sleep with his tear-wet billetdoux upon her heart. Is it any wonder she can't forget him! She couldn't forget how to play the piano, either, by sitting down daily and practicing for hours! So go out among people. Force yourself to be gay, Be like an actress who must play the part of vivacity and happiness though she is actually ill and blue. Date other boys. Cultivate many . OTTAWA —ffl— An unusual potato shortage in Canada has pushed prices thr,ee times higher than a year ago, and placed new wealth in the-hands of the successful potato grower. ' It also reversed a traditional trading pattern. Canada, which usually sells most of her surplus potatoes to the United States, is leaning more and more and more on American supplies-to fill the gap .to her needs, The irony is that in this potato crop year which started last July, the United States has been prepared to allow a bigger quota on shipments of Canadian potatoes to the U. S, market. The Board of Zoning Appeals has rejected the application of Bart, Samuel, anci Nick Lisantl to operato a Junk yard at the rear of 126 Weet Third Street. The action was taken Wednesday night by Charles Paul Roeder, chairman, and James C. Gardner, secretary. settle on your terms then. If he lets things slide, you'll be saving time that might have been wasted, hanging on.' M.H. Mary Haworth counsels through her column, not by mall or personal Interview. Write her In care of The Evening Times. (Copyright, 1962, The Washington Post) (Distributed by King Features Syndicate) ASPIRIN WORLD'S LARGEST SEIUR AT IOC SOON/ Sensational GENERAL MILLS COOK BOOK and $4 A.95 IRON for only. . . IT 1 BOOK-IRON DEAL ms TMJ-HEAT IRON General Mills Trafleat Iron «M U ^*c u <iM V y^u>>-i W JL JEV^-*-,—•_*-**•" Creates ACHING CHEST COLDS tc rtlle«» cough* «nd tort muscl«t Mvtsterole Instuntly creates » wonderful protective warmth, right where applied on chest, throat and bsek. It not only promptly relieve. coti"hlne and inflammation but breeka up painful local congestion. CUKL'S CAMCKA CLICKS I mad* good movie*—that I know, and thtn gav» my own MOVIE SHOW. I draped a shatt upon th* wall but -repeatedly the thing would fall. ... It foiled and wrinkled—store and ripped—got underfoot—and then I. tripped;\the evening fined, my wife wai ior*-"«- 1'm buying a icrcen from Carl't Camera Start CURLS CAMERA SHOP 20 N. Ccntre CUMBERLAND MURPHY'S rings You Savings 50c DOWN 50c WEEKL Y 9-IIN.C€NTR€ LOOK AT THIS WG VALUE! Cay Rag Rugs 24x45 inches 66 Colorful rag rags com*, in » bright block phld pattern ta red, green or Woe. They have self [ringed ends and come in a popular 34x45 Inch size. MANY COLORS AND STYLES! Lamp Shades 12 inch size 67 C each Yoor big opportunity to save on lovely liunp Rhndes! Fabric, plastic and paper shades in many dl Re rent styles and colors. AH come in the 12- inch bridge lamp size. Sore on them! TAILORED RAYON MARQUISETTE Flocked Curtains 82x78 inches $1,97 B e a n 11 f n 1 rayon marqtilsette c B r - taJn* have an all over flockM floral pattern. They are tailored and come In a soft e % c » h e 11 shade. Completely washable and durable, Won't shrink. Brightty Decorated Kitchenware 77 c each All metal Idtcbenware in a gay red apple design. Waste- bwket, step-on refuse can and bread box. Lithographed Metal Cannister Set 57 FOOT piece metaJ cannlster set in a sparkling lithographed red apple design. A remarkable saving. Enameled Metal $177 Baked enamel metal cabinet to Ilxl6x4i/j Inehefu Three handy shelve*. Clear n<isnr>r hinged door. SAVE ON COLORFUL CHENILLE Bath Mat Sets Colon 97 Pretty bath mat «et of thickly tufted chenille. Cboloe •i rote, red, yellow, bloc, maroon, aqua, orchid, green. 18x30-in. mat. Solid color sea* cover. Lots of Wear in Cannon Dish Towels for 25 Sturdy Cannon towel* are a wonder at this low price. They have a multi-color striped border and eorne hi IZx Vt inch eat idr/n. Stock op at this Hg saving. A WONDERFUL SAVING ON Lace Curtains 54x81 inches Those lovely lace curtains are mado of durable rayon and e«>tton fabric. Color* are irnarantwd ira»h- aMe. TTiey arft 54 x 81 Inched. Thrilling beauty for every window. STORE HOURS: Mondoy 9 to 9 Tu««. thru Frf 9 to 5 Soturdoy 9 to S 138-148 Baltimore St. Cumberland, Md.

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