Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 6, 1957 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 6, 1957
Page 18
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fc Lojansport, Indiana, Pbaros-Trlbuo* Saturday Evening, July 6. ISif. NOW IS THE TIME! LIVING CHECK THESE ADS FOR IDEAS, VALUES A SMAU HOUSE PLANNING tUREAU DESIGN NO. C-432-F E? FT 1 MT-om rn I I I re'«io-9 fc—i'rf l-J fctonoom I Btono L p*W«*">9 I ll'-OxO I Jl _J , . DESIGN C-432-F. This four-bedroom home featurcii larger than usual wardrobe closets, a bathroom with recessed tub and linen cabinet. The plan Is simple io frame and economical in material and labor. It has a lull basement, kitchen-dinette with cabinets on tliree walls, attached garage, lavatory and coat closet at rear entry. Exterior details Include asphalt shingles on hip roof, wide cave overhang, wood siding and planter under the living room corner picture windows. Floor area is 1414 square Icct, cubage is 26,159 cubic icct. For further Information about DESIGN C-432-F, -write the Small House Planning Bureau, St. Cloud, Minn, in Canada, the Small House Planning Bureau of Canada, St. John, New Brunswick. Leaky Roof May Be Aid No home-owner is happy to find he has a leaky roof, but it's a fact that prompt discovery of leaks can be a blessing in disguise. First, the early discovery of a leak in an old roof lets the homeowner prevent serious damage to tt« interior of his house by re- roofing right away. Second, he can choose colorful esphalt shingles for the new roof. Chances are that the old roof has given many years of trouble-free service, and was applied before today's exciting pastel, solid and blended colors were available. Re- roofing in one of these up-to-date colors results in a brighter, more attractive home that can give a lift to the entire neighborhood, Another advantage of mooting with modern colors available in asphalt shingles is that the new room can be used as a key color In choosing a new decorating scheme for the rest of the house. Third, the home-owner can stop worrying about leaks after the re- roofing job is done. Aspahlt shingles are durable and give a tight roof which 1 will resist years of harsh weather in all seasons. Why a completely new roof? Why not patch up the old one? The National Bureau of Standards has the answer: "A single'appar- ent leak in a badly weathered roof," the bureau says, "is probable evidence of other leaks that have not been noticed and is usually the fore-runner of other, larger leaks that will ap pear in a relatively short time." The bureau adds that locating the leaks in an old roof is difficult and that walking around on the roof to find and repair leaks terquently results in starting new ones. For these reasons, an old, weathered roof should be completely reroofed, since attempting to patch it is generally a waste of time, labor, and materials. The retina of each eye has about 130,000 cells or dots. To print this number of dots would require a piece of paper 10 feet long and 9 feet wide. Better than Brick Cheaper than Lumber Peru Brikcrete Co. similar|479 Adams Ava. Peru Ind. Wood Cabinets In Kitchen Is Latest Trend Eighty-Eigh't Percent of JN ew Homes Follow This Design The major "home shows" in cities all over the United States have reflected a dominant preference for the warmth and beauty of wood cabinets in the kitchen in what designers and fashion writers have termed the trend to the "furniture look." The trend shows up in the style and appeal of model wood kitchens in major furniture, builder and home expositions. It is further buttressed by the recent release o£ a U. S. Government survey showing that 88 per cent of new homes have wood cabinets in the kitchen. Referring to the "wide acceptance of wood cabinetry," a daily trade paper in the home goods field reports exhibits at the major expositions show that "kitchen cabinet producers have intensified their efforts to create the furniture look." Many Finishes Used Popular furniture finishes have been adoptee! by wood cabinet makers, the article points out, including a fruttwood finish on maple, honey and cinnamon tones on other hardwoods and charcoal and pink| stains on softwood cabinets. Strengthening the trend to wood kitchen cabinets and the "furniture look" are the following points, in the view of many observers: 1. The increasing tendency to regard kitchen- cabinets as furniture, 2. the variety of styles, which wood kitchen cabinets can assume in their basic design and in the choice of hardware, finish and accessories, • -3. the compatibility of wood kitchen cabinets and built-in appliances, 4. the "open plan" in'architec- ture in which the'kitchen may be. visible from adjacent rooms, requiring a-unity of decor with the rest of the home, • 5. the wide variety of sizes and designs in wood- kitchen cabinets which simplifies kitchen planning, 6. the emergence of the kitchen as the focal point of family life, requiring a warm and pleasant atmosphere, and 7: the ease of maintaining wood kitchen cabinets. Similar to Furniture That the; emphasis on the "furniture look" is n'o accident is evidenced by the pattern of manufacturing in the wood kitchen cabinet' industry. The plants are similar to furniture plants with the same kind of machinery, craftsmanship, and production line efficiency and economy. The conclusion on the part of many leading designers and decorators is that the "furniture look" in today's Ititchen is the' dominant favorite and will remain so for a long time to come. Wrought Iron Is Investment In Home Beauty .The grace and richness of wrought iron railings and columns can do much to enhance the appearance and value of your home. Modern methods have greatly reduced the' costs involved in the fabrication • of wrought iron. In jfact, the cost of wrought iron railings and columns is often' less than ' masonry and wood where good design and construction practice is followed, Adyantagei of Wrought Iron While'wrought iron railings and columns offer, a grace and charm not duplicated iin other structural forms,j.hisjs but one of many advantages. They are equal or superior in structural strength to wood, afford no gathering places for destructive moisture and concealed rotting. They are compact and do not require heavy bases and construction necessary where masonry is used. They are quickly and easily installed. Wrought iron railings can be used in many places where wood railings are impractical and masonry would be too costly, such as around uncovered platforms. Landscape By Direction The best plans for remodeling a house include careful thought about orientation. Just as when you plan a new house, there are proper places for picture windows and window walls, paved patios and terraces, covered porches, roof overhangs, i garage or carport, a fence or latticework—even trees aud shrubs. The right location for such in* provements can add comfort, econ>my of operation and lasting value to your house. While it is not practicable to ;urn an existing house on its foundation, many of the advantages that might- be obtained by such drastic orientation are possible Jirough the right planning of additions or alterations. Aside -from making the most of a view—distant or garden variety- orientation can be used to combat prevailing winds and to control the hot summer sun as well as to capture desirable breezes and the warmth of the winter sun. This is largely a matter of studying the compass directions in rela tion to your lot. Here is what you can do about the way these directions affect your house: NORTHEAST—Sun exposure is short. Best solution is shading by walls, latticework, high fences or low trees. Awnings help. EAST—Exposure is intense. Tali .and medium trees are needed. Oth er solutions (in their order of effectiveness) are a porch or versa dan, awnings, reflective screens roof overhang. SOUTHEAST — A proper roof overhang is the best solution. Others are reflective screens and awnings. Avoid ground slabs, such as paved terraces, that reflect the heat against walls. This is a gooc side of the house for large windows, SOUTHWEST — Both tall and medium trees are needed. Provide s The 'third world-wide, coppera- tive attack on-the earth's enigmas since 1863, is being made in the current International Geophysical Year. • ' • ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS BUILT and REPAIRED LIMESTONE FOR DRIVEWAYS Agricultural limestone (High testing. In calcium and magnesium.) CALL US FOR FREE ESTIMATE! STUDEBAKER CONSTRUCTION CO. PAVING CONTRACTORS R. R. 6 Phone 5-6358 WE GUARANTEE OUTSIDE WHITE HOUSE PAINT TO BE KQUAL IN QUALITY t COVERING CAPACITY TO ANY PAINT AT ANY I'JUCE UNOKIl ANY BIIAND NOW ON TUB MARKET. SALE! HOUSE PAINT REG. $4.35 GALION American Marietta High Gradi Whil. $4.65 HYMANS' STORE HOME OF LIONOIl Point-, Wollpop.r, Radio* TV 530 N. Cltott Phont 4«3 or 2IBI3 lOGANSPORT'S COMPLETE AWNKNG CENTER • Canvas - • Fiber Glass • Aluminum FREE ESTIMATES THE GRAY-MILL CO. 1302 E. Bdwy. Phone 2218 CARTER'S Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME and INDUSTRY MONTICELLO, Ind. Phone 624 fetlie time to MODERNIZE! STOP WASTING BljUCfl iTWKIi • • * MING TOUR HEATING KANT UP-TO-DATE WITH AM I. Iroadwoy Phon* JUT LUEIL-mcLAIN OIL BOILER Weil-McCain Oil Boilers a*e designed apect- fically to burn oil with greatest economy . . . with large capacity engineered into compact, space-saving units. Back and forth /ire Kavel through deep-tinned flues prevents heat waate up the chimney . . . cast iron construction assures years of dependable operation. Enclosed in handsome, easily cleaned jackets. Available in MZ« for hornet, apartments, com ' aod indtutrial building!. rwoM TODAY Mo oblig-Mino in finduig oat hnw ttmonMy you cao have nodcro, lutomMk V«il-MdL»ia ml Wtt- CALL YOUR HEATING GONTRAOKMR FREE HEATING SURVEY Your h.allng cbntroclor will iury.y your horn. °nd r.e»mm.nd ih. kino of h.atln9 .quipmint . which will moil •conomleally i«rv« your rnxh. TERMS Baker Specialty & Supply Co., Inc. Phone 3887 I 5th & Market Logantport Distinctive Iron Railings Ornamen'tql Iron railingi will accentuate the beauty and charm of your home. Many graceful deiign». Get free Logansport Metal Culvert Co. 320 Hanna St. Dial 5157 DISTRIBUTORS 701 life Av». loganiport, Intl. VETERANS! HOME OWNERSHIP CAN NOW BE YOURS! U, S. STEEL HOMES Make if possible with only 2% down. Approximately $300 elating coit. 4Vi% interest on balance. F. H. A. loans also available. WAYNE MYERS STEEL BUILDING SALES, Inc. R. F. D. 1-Vi Mi. North on Old Royal Center Pike DIAL 2397 shade by an attached garage or carport, a porch, awnings, reflective screens. Avoid paved areas here. WEST — Sun exposure is short but strong. Walls, latticework, high fences, or low trees give good shade. Other devices here are a porch, carport or garage, and awnings. Glass area should be kept to a minimum. ' NORTHWEST-Little sun-shading is needed. NORTH—A good side of 'a hous» for a cool kitchen and laundry. Read the Classified Ads AMAZING NEW WINDOW SCREEN KEEPS ROOMS UP TO I5°COOLER! ShodcScreen magically block* »un'» heat and glare ou(»i'd«( Not an ordinary screen! With ShadeScrccn, thousands of tiny louvers slant downward — block and deflect hot sun rays tiway from your rooms. You see out, but others don't sec in during daylight hours. And ShadeScrccn prevents sun-fading,.. screens out insects... lowers air-conditioning costs. Won't rust. Looks attractive, too. Available in rolls 18" — 48" wide, cut to lengths you need. only 2 90 per iq. f». Abo avaitabfo in woorf Of «kmMnwm from*!. i mKtcKm »_^,_j.», CASS COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP. 108 E. Ottawa St. Dial 3141 on Lumber and Building Materials .^-^ SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. ^#8$ See for Yourself !w^ »--^ During July we are clearing our stock of ^1jrt&SB*!iliT&*l<AW, *r\ * . i • _ PLYWOOD Exterior and Inferior •types. 4 x B x y<" AD 13csq.lt. DIMENSION LUMBER A size and grade for every job. Let us help you select. Thi« means extra value for you. for all your summer needs. ^2^ ^^^f wm^*" SHELVING BOARDS tow In Price High In Value 1 x 12's ll'/ac sq.ft. odds and »n'dt. Come in and itoek up ROOFING Select A Roof From our complete roofing stock. PEG BOARD | Uiufful, d.corallv* pagboard. Idval for home and iliop. 4x8x14 $5.75 60c worth of liooht and fix. lut.i FREE. OAK FLOORING No. 1, BTR. Oak Shorts Red Cadar Oosel lining Limited quantity, beautiful red cedar. AA1/ c Idea) for do,- XX 72 et>. per ft. A fine selection of doors ar real money saving value. While It Lasts fjirjf quality, knotty pine paneling. flAl/ c Limited XV 72 quantify. $q. ft. For BUILDING REPAIRING REMODELING TOOL MENTALS GARDEN AND LAWN SUPPLIES PHONE 2319 OTHER MY VALUES Ceiling Tile 11c .White House Paint $4.50 GALION ' Insulation (pouring) $ 1.05 PH BAG Wood Combination Door Complete $20.50 Plaster Board 4x8 $1.68 Sakrete concrete mix $1.30 Lawn Fertilizer Special $4.25 801b . bo j Open Sunday Morning 8:30-12:00 SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CQ. •11 Burlington Av«nu* BACH

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