The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 29, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1930
Page 2
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I I I ft I I it I THE ROYAL WAY WILL THE ROYAL" PROCESS thoroughly cleanses, supplies needful oil to the pelt, glazes by covering each filament of fur THE TIPTOIf DAlfcY TRIBUN2 aid Rqiairarfack Tear YOU MUCH WORE SERVICE with a microscopic * coating which restores the lustre and prevents the fur drying out and becoming brittle. Repairing and relhiing at moderate prices. Sealed in a Moth-Proof bag, on a shapely wooden hanger, shoulders and sleeves filled w#h tissue paper. SAFE FROM MOTH DAMAGE . ~ No extra charge. • ^ Propaganda dispensed by some furriers reflecting discredit on the .dry cleaning of furs, does not apply to the Royal process. Our process is a vast improvement over the antiquated furriers' method of cleaning furs in sawdust which has been soaked in gasoline—because it thoroughly cleans and; oils—Our . glazing protects and beautifies fur, while the old method of glazing'affords no protection whatever. If in doubt, write to the United States Bureau of Standards, Washington-, D. C, and ask for the Bulletin on Fur Cleaning. POLAND BY THE Bomb ~ Incident - Umbasay One of Manj -Occurrences. in Russian SO SAYS SHARP NOTE Royal Garment Cleaners, Inc. Largest in Indiana Outside Indianapolis C. J. Fox, Manager Tipton Brandt Phone 94 HOBBS. 108 East Jefferson St. i , • i Moscow, April 29.—The Soviet government, in a long note to the Pqlish government, pertaining to a bomb found Sunday in the ! Soviet embassy chimney','' says only an accident prevented its explosion and death to the entire personnel: ' The note alleges, recent anti- Soviet activity in Poland had for its* object the creation of a rupture in relations between Poland and: theVSoviet Union. Other ^"painful events" connected with Russian citizens in Poland are cited, the note saying, however, the bomb incident of April 26 "acquires exceptional significance, being one of the elements-of a widely-conceived program intended to provoke conflict between the Soviet Union and Po land." ' The incideut, : .it is added, compels the Soviet government to lay on the Polish government responsibility for actual measures taken to put an end to ;such dangerous situation!. I Knjoying the Warm Weather. j entertained Sunday, Rev. Harper | McCune and family;; of Anderson, ! Mr. and Mrs. Earl Weaver and family and Mr. and Mrs! Chas Gathman and family., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ackles had as their six o'clock dinner} guests Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Click and • Mr. and Mrs. Chester Powell. J Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dennis had Mrs. Byron Dennis and son of Montpelier and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rockafellar of Elwood. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Batzner had as their evening guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Truman Morris of The M. E. Aid will meet Wednesday afternoon at the church. - Mr. and Mrs. Harry Newman of Indianapolis wire Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Monroe north of Hobbs. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Re^her- ford of Windfall spent ' Sunday evening in Hobbs with Mr. and Mrs. Clinfon Legg. Mr. and Mrs. Eaton Book moved" last week to the Kennedy property in Hobbs, recently vacated by Mr. arid Mrs. Guy], Barnes. On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. j Book entertained Mr. and Mrs. i T ,. , .. , „, . i Indianapolis and Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Book"of Tipton and Miss;,,, I • „ . . . . , .- Clarence . Goodwin of Anderson. Ethel, and Cora Jeffries. j J „ . „. _ ... „ ... ! ! Mr. and Mrs. Emmitt Dellinger Mrs. Lloyd*-Scott and Mr. and an( j ^ n Gerald of near Hobbs "(Mrs. Chester Kirk of Anderson,' and Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Miller were :Friday guesis" of Mr. and, and ^ on of Lafayette', were. Sun- Mrs. George Brogdon. j day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed: Mrs. iCalvin Suits and children • Miller South of Hobbs. of Tipton were Sunday dinner. Mr^; and Mrs. Roy Batzner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. j were j entertained Sunday at the Barnes. In the afternoon they j home, of Mr. and Mrs. Elzo Per- visited near Windfall with Mr., ry in! Elwood. > I i ; "I and Mrs. Fred Barnes,! the latter j Mrj and Mrs. Tij.P. Downing being the proud parentfe of a new • had as their Sunday guests Mrs baby girl. Dona Dee, which was i Thelma Lawrence and daughter born Thursday! i Ruth,!'Mrs. Mary Gamball and Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Neely Miss JMary'Shipley qf Elwood.- were relative guests Sunday of- Mrs. J. N. Dennis 3nd Mrs. El- Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mitchell of la Downing attended ihe last day Windfall. Mrs. Mitchell- and! of school: at • Curtisvjlle Friday daughter "Betty accompanied! and visited for a short time with them home, remaining over Mbn- 1 Grandma Kinder and: Mrs. Allie of Elwood. w,efe Saturday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brog-! don. On Sunday the two families' were guests of Mr. and ,MrsJ Clyde Maxfield near Sharpsyille. Misses- Lela, Mary and Betty Good Were Sunday '" afternoon callers of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Warne near Cedar Corner. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. : Hobbs and family were at Fairmount Sunday XEW LANCASTER. as their Sunday guestsr Mr. andj guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Terwilliger. Bible School at 9:30. Morning worship at 10:~0. Mr. and Mrs. George Hinds, Mrs. Lottie Hinds of Elwood, Miss Addie. Click of Tipton, Mrs. ElWo'od Darrow of this place were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Click of Kokomo. Miss Edna Stage 'was Sunday guest of Miss Evelyn Hankley. 1 Mrs. Lottie Hinds of Elwood Mrs. Flora Ter.williger .4nd son'spent Sunday and Monday with day: | Riley George Cuppy of Tipton visited j Mr. near Curtisville.; ~ • and Mrs. J. B. Smith vis* over the week e*nd at Hobbs jited Sunday in Atlanta with their with Mr. and Mrs. -Ezra Smith. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hartman entertained Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. son, Guy.Smith and wife. Mr.] and Mrs. Willie Mullen of near Windfall, were ;. relative ' Orville Hartman and Mrs. Gene! guests; Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. 1 ' v Utterback and children of Indian-i Joe Mullen west of- town. apolis. j Paul Monroe ^ind Miss Betty Garver Downing Was the Sun-l'King jof Anderson were..Sunday flay guest of' Ray and Arthur! guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Legg. Mr.: and Mrs.; Fred : Cook and son Max were at Goldsmith Sunday, guests of,Mr. and Mrs. Roy Foutch. • .. Mr. j and Mrs. O. W. Negus of, Plainfield visited Wednesday in Hobbs! wtth Mr. and Mrs. Roy Alton.and wife, entertained over the week end Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Terwilliger' and baby of Camby. Other Sunday guests were Mr, and Mrs. Ed Terwilliger and daughter of Tipton. Mrs. Frances Edmonson visited Thursday with Mr. ~and Mrs. Ransom Ault. Mr. Ault who has been confined to his / home for several months, shows no improvement. Mrs. Hoy Hobbs and son Robert were at Wabash Thursday spending the day with Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hobbs. Garland Lewellen and family who had been residing in Hobbs in the Carter property, moved Saturday to Tipton. | Mr. and Mrs. Basil Swinford entertained Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Elyin Rosier, and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Legg and. family of Windfall. - - ' j Mrs.. Maude- Darrow and daughter Leahette and Mrs. Ellen] Ressler of New Lancaster, and | Mrs. Jeanette Longfellow of Mar-! tinsville were Thursday guests of ( Mr. and 'Mrs. Elwood Darrow. . Mrs. Mary Yarling and Miss Esther Yarling were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hall of near Frankton. 7 Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shaw spent Sunday evening with; Mr. and Mrs. -Clarence Julius west of this place. • T ..... . Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Julius of Elwood entertained at .Sunday dinner,' Mr. and Mrs. Royal Julius' and family of Kokomo, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Julii/s, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Julius and son i Robert of this place. -. Calvin Straley, civil war veteran, was down townj Tuesday taking advantage, of the fine spring like weather and was greeti friends. The veteran says that his general health is splendid but his legs give. him much trouble and he uses a cane in 'each hand to help support his,weight. Mr. Straley was grieved to hear that his comrade John [Miller,'had been in an accident' and injured. These two, William E. Devault and Henry Clay Graham are the only civil war veterans in Tipton. Mr. Devault who.has been ill for some time is still -confined to his bed there being little change in his condition. | Mrs. Pcn.wcll 1 home. Virgil Ray spent Monday in Kokomo on business. - 'George Ensil, Miss Minnie Lamm of Muncie, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Warne of this place were Sunday guests of Miss Minnie Lamm and William Lamm. Mr. and Mrs. Loeson Dellinger and Miss . Jessie Dellinger, of Hobbs, Miss Glendora Dellinger of DeKalb, 111.', j were Sunday guests of Mrs. Dallice Haskett and family. . , ' Mr. and Mrs. . Claude Horton Barnes. » Mrs. Ezra Smith and son Jack were Friday guests of Mrs. Paul Gillum of Tipton. Mr. and Mrs. James Liwellen and family -visited Sunday in Tipton with Mr. and Mrs. Garland Lewellen. Mr. and Mrs. Harvel Crull had I Batzner. as their Sunday guests, Mr. and- Mr.: and Mrs./Ruel Good and Mrs. Wayne Crull of Omega and j daughter, Helen of Muncie were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bangle of | Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Elwood. . J Mrs. B. F. Good. 1 -Mr. and Mrs. Ceril Dickover Mr.-; and M?s. William Brogdon t « H i I • . \ who uie feeding ourioaih'sit diWka ai» doiaf fin*. It •111 Mrs. Thula Delong. , , „ . • . • , t - • : . „_ _ - spent Sunday evening with Mr. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Powell and, 1 • „ _. 1 - _ - - . „ _ '• , . .„ • . and Mrs. Thomas of Cicero. Mrs; Dorothy Jack spent Sunday, • : • • : - ; , _.';.- ,.J \, ~ Mr. and Mrs. Bert Conard- of in Tipton with Mr. and Mrs. OHn - J „ i ^ Evans ' ' | Blw ° 0,, were Sunday guests • of ^'and Mrs. J. N: Wllburn hadj Mr ' * nd - Mrs ' Claude Btchi^n.: as t/neir-dinner fiesta ~ Sunday! Mr-and Mrt. William Ra yi Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Davy Daniela of an<l Mrs. Cyrus Ray accompanied near Tipton and Mrs! Harry Tay-j Miss, Ruby Ray toi Muncie Sunday lor and son Jackie ol Elwood. I evenin f wne «^ M ! 88 Ra * • ft Cage Hunt of Fairmount wa6 ; te r tne *»» \ Teachers college the Tuesday afternoon guest of Monday tor the summer term. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Frances. ! Mt - an * Mrs. Jesse Myerly and Mr and Mrs- Floyd ^Harris I""* 1 " Were Sunday guests of, Mr, daughters Virginia arid' Helen of ««»<• Mrs. Clifford Legg of this InianapoUs ; visited Sunday altr ;Place. . ; ^. , ernoon In Hdbbs with Mr ' and Tha New Lancaster school Mrs. J. N. Penwell has returned from Wabash, where she had been "with Mrs. Critchfleld. of • r \ 1 - ; Princeton, state president of the Ladies of the G. A. R. and assisting in instituting a new circle, to be known as the John R. Hackleman Circle No. 72, and organized with twenty-five charter members. A Mrs: Case is president of the new circle. ' j- Mrs. CritchJield was also asr sisting local committees in Wa-_ baslKin the plans for the annual Indiana encampment] there June 9. to be held DOUBTFUL (Continued From nees, in addition to ornor. Roosevelt,, that have ured most prominently- in Page 1.) [that of Govj fig -i the speculative gossip among Democratic Senators and r Representatives and others o'f party^prominence here are those of Owen DJ Yoiing. of New Jfork, Newton, D.[ Baker of Ohio, Governor Albert C. Ritchie of Maryland", -Senator; J. T. Robinson of Arkansas and! former Governor Harry - F. Byrd of Virginia. . | INVITATION TO Sr-St'Tft. Past N'ational. Comniander of Legion Asked to Delivor Address.; 12 YEARS AGO Monday-^Senator George H. Gifford, president of- the Ninth District Bat Association, delegated Judge C. W. Mount, a committee of lone to secure Paul V. McNutt, past national, commander o£ the American Legion to deliver the address before the-Ninth District! Bar Association meeting, in Tip-, ton. The--meeting will be held here August 14, at.which time the local bar association, will entertain the members of the Ninth district. This will' be. during the. bis' Tipton county fair, and one of the features of the . entertainment, program will be a visit to the fair grounds for the speed events •ofithe afternoon and - a showing through the different exhibit de^ partments, which' will give the visitors an idea of what Tipton county can produee' \ ' ' Past Commander McNutt is Dean of "the Indiana Law school atilndiana University and one of the best platform speakers .in the country. Last.week he was .at Cicero and delivered the address to the graduates in the joint" commencement exercises of the Cicero, Arcadia and Atlanta high schools. Judge Mount is a personal friend of the past commander and in all probability he cure the speaker. The banquet to the visiting-bar members will be served in the armory building, where .the program and business meeting will be held. -\ •" . R. T: JONES. April 2!Hh. Claude Mas.sey, employed at the Moore & Moore market resigned;^ enter different work. • * * * The .report'in the John Gritton ditch" proceeding/was filed giving the estimate as S7,0(i7.00. * * * ' ;• I'anl .1. Smith, Ferris YaiiHovn and Verne Parker left for Purdue to enter, a federal training school. * * * . Perry Adair closed his grocery at the corner of Jefferson and Independence streets on account of a lull in business. ..* * '* •The Kessler trucks removed the household , goods of James Hilton former Lake Erie employe to -Marion. . - * * •* L. J. Bonccutter'candidate for assessor on the Democrat ticket in the primary wits confined to liis home by illness and unable to make a ca'mpargn. I j; M. George of. Atlanta was advertising for a buck skin pock- etbbok containing about SIS in cash. . * * * •'.'Richard • Rayl • executor of the Will of Sainu.ei.Uayl was advertising SO acres nf land and Tipton property for sale on May 11th. Sells Todd Land. (Continued From Page 1.) tuhate man, had been a resident, of the Goldsmith community all of his life. For many years he was employed on the railroad section, but for the past two years had been an employe of the State Highway department. The unfortunate man is ' survived by a wife and several children^ Mrs. Jones was overcome when the sad news was broken to her and it was necessary to- call j j. The Christian JCndeavor -sori.- a physician. The..; children arjjj^y , of - , nft ' Xormauila Christian I CharJjs W.'.IJa'nisay. appointed cominissioner to.sell 77'- - acres of land northeast of Tipton lie- longing to the estate of the late •Francis 5\. Todd, has succeeded in disposing of the tracts, at more than the appraised value. Gi-oi-gc U. Todd inirchased 10 ai-ics in Madison tiAvnship fijr $!)n.rin per ai-re. ' Lemuel S. Todd purchased the thirty-acre 'tract in Cicero lowiiship for $70 per acre, and the 7 '.a-ac-re- tract in Wildcat township'was "sold to Nnol Todd fp'r- -551 per acre-. Political 4nnounceHenna. The Tribune,' from now until the date ot the primary election, will carry political announcements'; in this column; payment for the same must be made in advance. For Judge. As a candidate for the Republican nomination for judge of the Tipton circuit court, I hereby re-, spectfnlly solicit your suDport. S. A. CULVER. For County Treasurer. I am a candidate for the nomination of treasurer of Tipton county, subject to the Republican- primary, May G, 19:50.. I shall appreciate any assistance given me in my campaign. THOS. B. BARTHOLOMEW. Foe County Clerk. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for clerk of the Tipton circuit court subject to the decision of th>; Democratic voters at the primary election to be held May S, 19:;'.'. PARKER DUNHAM. I have announced' as a Democratic candidate for the nomination for clerk of the Tipton circuit court, subject to the primary election May ti, inso. Any support civen me will be sincerely appreciated. JOHN" F. HEATH. For Trustee. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for trustee, ot Cicero township, subject to the decision of the Democrat voters at the primary election to be held Tuesday May 6, 1930. RKX L. HASKETT. I am a candidate for the Democratic nomination for trustee of Cicero township and will . appreciate any aid that is given me in my campaign and in. the primary election. JOHN' C. BOZELI.. I am a .candidate f"f the Republican nominal ion fur trustee] of Liberty' township. Your .support at the" primary. May «, l!K;o, Swill be fully -appreciated. | UTEIKlt ROLKIt. •XorniaiMlii Kiilerraiiiineiit. Drake Beauty Parlor Graduate of Rainbow Acadenij Call 15 for Appointment Second Floor, JLi.-onic BIdal Carl, Howard GuyT Flora lily, all at home. Another son Fred J.ones lives in Chicago,' Clyde ;Jones', is at Michigan City and Glen.Jones lives in California. "»\\. Jones is also' survived by three brothers and one sister, Will Jones and Mrs. Delia Bouse of Kokomo; Elmer Jones, a member of the Elwood police force and Albert Jones who is in' one of the western states. His parents j Mr. and Mrs." Thomas ,R~,; Jones were pioneers of tile—. Goldsmith community. . Church is' inviting ;in entertainment, except ionally . fine the church Friday the pifliTT" ic> promising' an program at evening May 2:.Enos Dowling of,Advance.."entertainer and magician-will bring ah . entire'erening of fun.'. ML & N. SHOE STORE Nothing Over $4.98 COURTESY OUR MOTTO Is Back Home. Mrs J A. Harris. Little Miss ^Co|«en. Brogdon|l^/clos»d,FHday?iIn tjje •Toning •pent the week en,4 |" ^Pto)l'S' , P!tAln*«ipper" 7 w»» ^rjgdV toj with, her grandparents,' Mr. and tW ,»»PHr %nl^ Mrs Henry RUey v _,/ ^ -> p «^r <fplradi^rograntigltra oy , Mre. 0. B>Po 1 w-U W 4 U^m^S^ P™ Af T \ th. »t^\^i!r »ffiJS> • t>r ^^M^y- r Mrs. Jennie Newton, who has been spending t,he 'winter at Kenosha, Wisconsin with her. daughter, Mrs.- J. C.-Cameron, returned to her home, in Tipton, over the Economy - grocery on West^Jef- (ersQiL atreet,.'-Sun4ay. Mr. 'and Mra-/ CamerW' accompanKd ^Mr^. Nevtoji'. tQ".Tipton.: and: spentthe diyiwHh Mrs N ,D. Byown^an ^-taniilyuon West -Mad- tiy.-on »!wr+ Obituary, i (Contributed) Mrs. Pansy Goodnian.tlaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Faleonberry, was born in Tipton, Tipton county, Indiana, June 22, .1885, .-and departed this life April 23, 1930,. age 45 years. • She; was united ill. marriage to Herman Goodman in November, 1910. She leaves to morn her loss, the husband, Herman Goodman, five children, Mrs. Odena Crabtree, Allen, Ivan, Harold and Georgia, all at home; her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Faleonberry; three brothers, Shir^j ley and Ivarf, of Akron!' O., • arid Fred, of Chicago; also three sisters, Goldie, .of Yourigstown,' O., Fay], of Detroit, Mich., and Winifred,' of Tipton, and two small grandchildren with a host of other relatives and friends..'' - ; The na «Hing of this - heiintifii! life closes the gate down the lane of a -beautiful road, burdened wfth flowers' of thought fulness and: kindness to the rehutves and' many friends-who knew her. Her passing leaves a-, memory liko the • lingering fragrance 'or- some rare old ^perfume that -will grow sweeter as fhe years; go, by.* Those who. love and cherish'-, her -memory must look u,p and take freslyeo'ur- age[~ , j - 1 ..She was a member o( the Wes- Ieyan Methodist .church,' and was a regula 'r -rattendant;until, failing health? kept] her away, ' : • ABleep^lil. Jeaua, blessed.-Bleep, • -< P>ironii'jrhich: -none • ever' wake; - and Insurance of All Kind3 Life — Auto — Accident Protection for -Whatever Yotjur Pei-sonal or Business • Xccda May Be. • LEE F. GRI1TTH INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 57. $f .50 •f) /' * VALUE FII £ K ; I .»'- ,;.' With every purchase of a pint or more of Jap -A .-:Lac. Tjhe fibre board waste-basket (50c value) is unfinished so that you can enamel and stencil itany colors yOu like. The Blue. Bird stencils ($1.00 value) can also be. used for breakfast sets, walls and other places. 1.. t Tfhis-offcr is good for limited lime only. . J* P. SMITH Lumber Co/ i Phone 72. W. A. Pumphrey, D. C CHIROPRACTOR Office Over Foster Jewelry Store. -Phone 25-1. Tipton, Ind. Automobile Insurance FULL COVERAGE tixt Theft V ;Winditorm Collision ... PulJ^c LiibiUty Ftr^al^djflitment of LOANS $25 to S30O—Your Own gecnr ity—Quick and Confidential Peoples Loan & Credit Co. Km. I, Masonic Ultlg. N. Main See— YOUNG & MASON Suits and Funushings 6 East Jefferson St RADIO SERVICS We C'o An >-where -i^ Aerial Work—Full Line Accessories! McJunkin Radio j&hop Phone a»X7.1 Our New Spring Wooiena Arf Arriving—Come' 1 CHARLMKTOCH Tailor andHes'i - 10O N9fta>]ialj| LJH W«et JeiTt

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