Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 29, 1963 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1963
Page 5
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Over the Backvard Fence By ELSIE BRANDEN Horn* Ecnnomiet Agent l.nok for the distinct fashion 'rend.- as yo.i shop for fall and Page 8 winter additions to your ward- iinrtlcn f.'lly robe. Tlie sport look leads in pop Thursday, August 29, 1963 ' id»ril\ \\jtn the soft l<x>k making ; its entrance into the fashion pic- stitching. Stitching bias tape to lure. So typical and practical for SPams wi || C(jn(rf) | any tendency the casual American way of life, lo stretch. Grade seam allow- 1 he sport UP look is usually a two anw .. s ,„ P jj m j naln bulk, and in- or three pircc oulfil. You 11 find torfa( . r | K ,Honhole s to keep them many jumpers, vests, and suits: from stretching. Hang garment vMK'n and coupled willi a long at jeaM 24 hours before marking sleeve shirt or sweater. homline Colors are rich and clnar with -siifh descriptive names as Ix'rry,. Wh«*i working with tlie new red. mallard and bron/e. Rustic, j stretch fabrics you might like lo <tpwl,y fabrics are a natural for'follow these suggestions., the now look and include tweeds, i stretch fabrics are now used to j plaids, herringbones, chalk add comfort and case, no special' s I ri p e .s. wale corduroy, loopy mohair, bulky knits, leatli- pattern is necessary. And cutting presents no probem either. Just; er.<, and suede. j he. careful not. to stretch or pull ! Chaneltype jackets, two piece i "'o fabric when laying out the dresses with V necked overblouse i pattern. And since most stretch and pleated skirl, shoes with' fabrics shrink when a steam medium height stacked line-Is and i iron is used, it is advisable to gold and enamel jewe.lery nil! shrink the fabric before 1 cutting, rate high in the new sportive look j 'f >' f>tl " sp a steam iron for shrink- The soft look is a bit dressier and j ' n K. do not apply pres/.ure. Infinitely feminine. The silhouet-1 A fine silk needle and medium le softly outlines the figure but i si/- stitch is hst for stitching. It never clings. Fabrics are soft '• size stiteh is best for stitching. It and drapablc. i will not be necessary for you to Colors for the soft look are llsp a s P cci al thread. If you have neutrals and new pastels potent a zl 't' /a K machine you might like and clear for winter wear. i to use'this stitch because it will Hold looks require careful co-i a(l<l elasticity to the seam there- ordination of each part to make i for ° '' wl " n ° l r 'P ** easily. I a pleasing ensemble. The many '' n °P c tlla t you en J° v tne garments separates used in sportive look ' " ta ' votl m "ke out of the new need to be related to each other I fi| bric. Do take care in handling in feeling, size and color Kach I any ty ' 1c of fahri(; ff)r tllc 1)nsl ingredient in the soft look must P° ssihlc finished product be delicate and carefully propor-' fioned to create a most feminine appearance. County Committee Work Outlined Also included in the new looks for fall will be new fabrics. We will be seeing ready lined fabrics, many more mohairs, and .stretch fabrics all in a variety of colors. We have new washable ver- Board Clears Police Officer Reserve Champ Telegram Ehoto Marvin James fo.ok reserve champion honors at the recent 4-H wheat show at Colby. He is shown with his physical sample of whaat and the mill and bake sample. He also captured two blue ribbons. Five Finney County 4-H'ers showed at the Colby event. , , , , ... ~ KANSAS CITY (AP) sions of double kmt s that will bet Robert Heinen, a veteran of 17 more popular than ever before. | ycars on lh c Kansas City police A fabric ha is titled a double | forcC( was c ] carcd hv the police . knit Is actually a fabric that is > brutality made of two layers of fabric knitt- Hc inen was accused of using wl with two sets of needles. These knits will come in a variety of colors, plains, twccd s and plaids. This type of fabric will 1> C avail- his night stick on a person during a raid on Prospect Avenue sev eral weeks ago. Police Chief C. . ., . .- , M. Kelley told the board the to the home sewer, it is im-j cha| , gc ,,„',, bocn investigated and ant to take a few pcrcautions hc roco m mended that no action in handling Ihe fabric. When cutting be sure lenthwise folds are along a single rib of the j knit. Be careful not to stretch the mediately. Use a normal sli d, be taken. The board unanimously approved the recommendation. Ileinen heads the morals and gambling squad. Kelley also no action be Farming in Finney By: KENNETH FROMM County Agricultural Agent Have you ever wondered why the term "ton" is applied to the size of air conditioners? This comes from the old ice house term "a ton of ice." To melt a ton of ice in one day requires of ents 12,000 BTU's of heat per - ' area that should be of interest are: Sept. 5 — Sandyland Experiment Field, St. John Sept. 9 — Minneola Experiment Field Sept. 10 — Garden City Experiment Station ivviiun, ift \jsti_ ei liui I Hit l till I "II /~» ii i i ^'"A!^ 'rT 0 "' I""'! "S'ed o'f'Snlity. 1!Slv"" Jho ^ A... ro,ult we flnd that "thel _ Sept. 11 - Colby Experiment t'Olfl Sif PtrniTirt fhn fnl\»*irt nrlwm ' ^ * . I « . ' »- lirtt-il \JL 1/lULtllll fabnc when board votc( , to NEW LINCOLN 180-AMP AC WELDER Now $110.00 WELDERS SUPPLY PtiOM BR 6-4861 hold a formal in Grnntham'.s case Sept. BTU rating on an air conditioner is a better comparison of cap'a- """""! "•"'«•"»•»» * L- a .Nr oi u. it , pol . formnnce for a nced . b because It involves a racial dis- „,,•:„.,.„',!„. pute. A human relations committee appointed by Gov. John M. Dallon i » r ill sit with the board in the future on iinalters involving racial 1 dispute or police brutality. SEE MURDOCK FOR ALL YOUR GRAIN STORAGE AND GRAIN HANDLING EQUIPMENT THE SAFEST GRAIN DRYING FLOOR... another reason why Butler Stor-N-Dry® is the best grain drying system No oil't-f drying Hoor h.ib jll these advantdges. They ijfeguard your tiuin .. .and youi piotit; • rb% open space toi unrestricted air (low • Clear • punched perfora- tioni- no tougn edges to bond ihut • HiMvj-R3ut;e ailvimzed • in:tolled in tx'lt fn-e ie I iuris tluil c,in be e.isi rt'iT-ioveo for i • Spec 1,11 stc-el floor tup- ports hold up to 24' of l^rjin talely, |>uide drying dir to jll pirts of trie bin • Unloading sump ,ind auger tube built ri^ht into the door, j;, iljnrj.ird equipment at no extrj cost. Ilie option,)! auto- in j tic bin un loader matches this tluor e»dc(ly Come in todjj,! Let us, recommend the itot-N-Dry syitein tlut fits t-xatl c/op dno climate needs. MURDOCK Steel and Engineering, Inc. 1216 E. Fulton Garden Ciry, Ks. Pho. IR 6-5380 Station Sept. 2G — Tribune Experiment Slation We are sure you will want to Flies arc pcrsistant pests in (lie attend the field day in Garden cattle industry and dairymen arc. \ City and possibly one or more of especially plagued with flies at' the others, milking lime. Two new fly sprays No other class of farm animals ar e giving good results at the • is so well adapted to utilize max- Mound Valley Branch Experi- innim qualities of pasture as ment Station. Dimcthoatc, sold i sheep. Roughages constitute 100 under the trade name of Cygon, ' per cent of the ration of the vast j has been good as a residual spray ! majority of sheep during most i used inside dairy barns. Three or J seasons of the year, four sprays per year are adequ-1 Sheep have a decided prefer- atn to control flies. The second spray Is Dimethyl Phosphate of Aloha Meth.vlben- ence for short fine forages and thrive- on year-around grazing of either permanent or cultivated qyl :M1 y d r o x 'y Ciserotonatc 1 pastures. Feeding of concenlra- (which is a mouthful), sold und-i tes is usually limited to the fat- er the trade name Ciodrin, has tcnin« of lambs, and for use by given excellent rcsultc when .--•prayed on cattle. These sprays the br.eding flock at such special periods as the lambing season have been recommended by the j or just before and during the Mound Valley Station, but all j breeding season. Ha'ys are, the Grade A markets have not yet I standard winter feed for sheep cleared them. Investigate i n this 1 when they crnnot be out on the case before you buv. Thev arc! pasture or range or when the reported to be slightly higher in! conditions of the pastures are cost than the older spray mat- such as to require supplemental feeding. The choicest hay for The fall field daYs of the various experiment stations are com. ing up in September. Four in this sheep is a legume, with a grass- legume mixerj hay the second choice. Garden City Sale Co,, Inc STOCKER«FEEDER CAHLESALE Friday, Aug. 30th Estimating 2,000 Head 1 54 quad fo choice whlteface iteers, 750 to 800 Ibs. 103 choice whlteface feeder steers, 700 to 750 Ibs. 57 good fo choice whitefaco sfeers, 700 Ibs. f 5 choice whlteface steers, 650 to 775 Ibs. 40 qood to choice black steers, 700 Ibs. 202 choice whlteface steers and heifers, 400 to 500 Ibs. 118 choice whlteface calves, 350 to 400 Ibi. 320 qood to choice whlteface, red and roan calves, 300 to 450 Ibs. ITi butcher hogs. 70 stock und feeder pigs. Many more small consignments Sale Starts at 12:00 a.m. Hog Sale — 11:00 a.m. Friday FAT CATTLE SALE Tuesday, Sept. 3rd Estimating 615 Head For Further Information. Listen To KIUL - 7:45 a.m. Tues. thru Fri. Call Jerry Chmelka, BR 6-4721 or Jack Paly, BR 6-71 f i Melvin Turner, .Finney County farmer, has been namH ID Farmers Home Administration Finney County Committee. The appointment is for three ycars beginning July l. Richard Deyoe, county supervisor, siad thr> pu-wri cf •'•" county committee is to review applications for I- HA IIMHS. Composed of three members, the committee is set up on a rotation basis with one new member appointed each year. Turner succeeds Clarence G. Katz, Deerficld, who has served on the committee the past three years. Other committee mem-1 bers are Dale R. Dickenson and : Fielding Hands, both of Garden i City. i The committee determines the i eligibility of individual appli-, cants for all types of loans. It I also reviews borrowers' prog-1 ress and aids the county supervisor in adapting the agency's ! loan policies to conditions faced : by farmers in this area. Members are selected and appointed so that, so far as possible, different areas 01 neighborhoods arn repeseiitrd. The Formers Home Adminis- tration makes annual or intermediate term loans to farmers who net?d adequate funds to buy equipment and livestock, and longer 'orm Iciins to build or repair houses and other essential farm buiulings, and to purchase or improve land suitable for familv-typ farm operations. It also advances credit, to farmers or their non-profit associations to establish and carry out approved soil and water conservation practices, and (o install and inipiove irrigation and farmstead water facilities. Rural Housing loans may be made to non-farmers in ru« aieas for constructing or r< modeling mnck-st housing if the are unable to obtain credit fron rpgular I'ninmerical sour ce; Loans nvi.v also he made to ir dividual or associations or dt velopment of rental housing fo senior citizens in rural area; Rural areas arc considered a open country or towns of les than 2500 population. The modern castle or rook c chess developed from an India elephant carrying a turrot-shap ed howdah. Dole Chunek Pineapple U Cans Small Size Quaker Oats 2 <">*<* 49* Large Size Quaker Oats 47< French Mustard Detergent Vel Liquid 67< 22 Oz Htl. Budget Pak Gooch Macaroni 39< Northern Tissue Ajax Liquid Cleaner IK oz. Btl. 39< Detergent Quick Solv 89< With Amonia Liquid Ajax 28 OZ.; Btl. 69< American Beauty Roni Mac 25 Oz. Pkg. Gem Or Pal Razor Blades Pkg. Of 20 79< Armour .Star Tree! 49< Carol Cookies 29< Floor & Wall Ajax Cleaner Size Detergent Super Suds u. A0( size ^w Home Style Gooch Noodles Wastes Wax Rapper 23< 100 Ft. Roll Budget Pak Goooh Spaghetti 2 Ib. 39< 25 Ft. Roll Reynolds Wrap 35' Heinz Ketchup k Heinz 57 Sauce 33< 8 oz. BtL Sandwich Size 33< Dole Pineapple Juice Booth Bait Shrimp K 39< 36 Ct. Bufferin 59< Cains Coffee Can Carey Salt 2 l20z. Boxes Adhesive Powder Fasteeth Snowflake Durkee Coconut Large Limas 300 Can Ellis 2 - 27< Baby Limas 300 Can Ellis 2 F °- 27< Blackeyed Peas Ellis 25< 300 Can Ellis White Beans 300 Can Ellis Heinz Strained Baby Food 4 F ° Bayer Aspirin 50 Ct, 43' Instant Cocoa Mix 32 oz. Instant Cocoa Mix 45< 1 Ib. Pkg. Bosco Milk Amplifier 39< 22 Oz. Semi-Sweet Choc. Dainties 12 oz. Pkg. 49< Sweet Milk Cocoa 39< Vz Lb. Pkg. Colgtne Dental Cream Family QO/ Size 00 S Quest Deodorant Powder 39< Palmolive Bath Soap Palmolire 3 Soap Rath Size Cashmere Bouquet 2 ** 31< Pinto Beans 300 Can Ellis Tamales 300 CaruEllia 29< Spaghetti 300 Can Ellis 29< Spanish Rice 300 Can Ellis Beans N' Ham la'/i Oz. Can Ellis 33< Johnson & Johnson Cotton Buds 59< Sav-A-Maid Chinet Plates 48 Ct. 98< Ssrm Lee Banana Cake 79< Kitty Clover Potato Chips 59< 12 oz. Pkg. Pepto-Bismol 4 Oz. Bottle Jumbo White Softee Towels Musselman'« Applesauce 35< Jar 25 Oz. Purex Bleach Half Gallon Giant Dry Trend 49< 22 Oz. Liquid Trend 49< Giant Fab Large Size Vel Powder 35< Fishers Mixed Nuts 14 Oz. Can 89< Gillette Sun Up 79< Supreme Sandwich Cookies H Lb. Box Schilling Black Pepper 4 oz. BtL Soap Vel Bar 2 *» 39< Beef Stew b. Can 53< IVz Lb. Can Ellis Libbys Canned Kraut Prices Effective Thru Saturday August 31 At Your Nearby Safeway Store. Sales Rights Reserved SAFEWAY

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