Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 5, 1969 · Page 19
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 19

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1969
Page 19
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Want Ads "Action Number" 793-3221 4 HdpWirted IB hr Rett II FbrlNt IS iB-HOUStS O-FURNITURE larwhSpot !15 BargatoSpot SIDE GLANCES lyGlFei , nent oo Ambltiqia man to dctclap at. man- Waafr-aaiorakd i badwom. «uo J^S* nidiad or unfumitnaO. «duttt on^. FOnxA pai. mim. I EWM. JOHNSON -^"^BETowruBJnaa «» c- "^iE** B"if*. M - BOATS aseiial anittant for MemalionalDr knoiMi company. AOov* avaiasc _ , _ , _ t ^ . . t^D^S-rS^r^ Bob Parker. Real &t«fe WW* •nadiataly. Sand iMuma to P. 0.1 "TT?*'?'*^*'!!'- •ok 2«t. Biwuide. Caw, watt. ^'SSS*oiMn^Sr\^Sy^£sui£ no pcii. tk PMiiiOraoli, N.w. oer> ner e«Beln«da and Am. 1t2jm. , rouCE DISPATCHER Nidi achool cnduata — I year o- < parianoe eperatinf communication r •Quipment or equivalant mpoRti-: Wa public contact mark. Soma eii.l PMwnca opaatinc umpia radial nansniittins aoulpmont, ability to: type. Salaiy sm-tOS. Apply City Mall. Hadlaod. bv luiardi U. 13 Waited If iMtLeise OEsraumy maaid. 4 to s foom MUM, in Mdlandi i IS2-I7U. GENERAL cMica. fiUnS. be cxpatienced. Afiet UNIVERSITY MANOR Garden Apfs. UOO Square f L - 2 r UI Uni«enity St. ; 15 BafgaftiS»ot PATIO APTS. A —AUTOmiOTIVR ii9Cr(()a>S~» patsanarVatcnTTiSvu vny dean. ?M-<HO. refsteoTBnraisnt"'" tuoo. m-su. BCPERIENCEO o«^ printer, photof- 2 bedrDoms. Caipatinc drapa>. ansa, rapher. A(et 2IOS. «>ermanant. ; and «africe>ator. U>sa coMiad '«. (tick tnlC -tr^rt^tER'^^awpoct t-dooc aadan. power tteerinf and brakat, tactaqr air. tUK. WJS J5J. *I5 Hettingtiam Or. McMAHAN'S USED FURNITURE 7 piece dinette i ««•« 1 piece Mctional tlM.M CheM I UJS Admiral 23~ ooier TV SSSa.^ Sar:::: Admiral portable TV »" ran«a .. .. C.E. vacuum deaner MMoroU portable TV tJv^OKlf American tolai! 4 piece braided'liii'sel'!!! Mvinatar rdriaralar FREEOELIVERY 127 E. State . tmsi .. im» .% tits . * nsi ..t 9MS . t 4MS ..SUMS . » a «.9s . SUMS ..I 3Ui . $ USi ..$1»JS WOW-WHAMO! Boat Show BIGGER DISCOUNTS at PRAH BROS. Redlands MERCURY MOTORS STARCRAFT BOATS CHRYSLER BOATS TAHITI BOATS NEW STARCRAFT BOATS taw ir Holiday. uMd n h.p. Evin-; rude motor, new dcluie trailer. Wa» iZm. Now f22SS lew 16- Newport Mercury Cruiser, Jr^^^si&rrsrr-^.ss .EXECUTIVE TRANSFERRED . iN^U!*' ^HSHS^^S 'v5i,*"»2 Applicant i . - mt Thursday. MarcJi «h. 10 ajm.-4 p.m. National Field: Aictiery Assoc J14U Hidmiy 99. (Frontaae Road. Interstate 10). II fwlMt A-ARARTOENTS UKL.iurnisina: •uena Vista. Adults. »• 7»3^5«6. 'WW^B^slnsIa aparimeni Ca]on f URNiSHED i room fauncabw. dean. Emett Court. »2.22M or S^^SDS 2.bedfeom loMr.^'^^ patio witJi "SidiRt doors'ftoiB kitch-1, GARVEY MOTORS _- , . Unfumlshtdi* NEW YORK ST. APTS. 25 New York St. z Btntom^.ies. new able April L Tg-Blt. rBEDMMt, 3 baihs. o rpaU.22m: 7W -10I5 «rt«m»7nssMr«siBn: tieUUNIK (pedal -• U luidi 4- door sedan, automatic power -— inc radio, heatv. SSH. mn 41S oranc?*"*" wam kr^in?~I3oor warn. New wuS- mm iH. ' 2.door haidtop. Terrific sliapa. SUO TOIF over LowBootTWJja ,iniBD&E Oatt Mmt •^..^mp Missile esecutive transferred and returned from LAY'A.WAY. 1 room roups. All in Spanisli decor. Ncoer use£ (Mup consists of sofa. 2 lane decoralor cliairs in tram veAet, 2 end tables, coffee table richly caverad, 2 Mmps. Spanish bedroom set. 72" triple dresser, mirrer. tteadbond, SeahrUn^eixe box aprincs end menrass end frame, 2 Snows, lap end bottom ibeen, piUow eases, matlni Manket, bedspread and 2 modes. Octaton table. ( diaifs hi avocado finish. All 31 pieces — balance due SUTI. Can gq^ $•> per month. On S127, or S1S7 furnished. 526 - _^.s<de. 7S3-(S77 or 793-WW.- sonabie 2 bedroom house, nicaly rtJWgr£HEO~Af>ARTME)«TsrMM«fifi; fwniShed. Adultt.7S2.asn. rales. S» end up. utilities inclwSe/.>NICaV himished 2 room CMMren welcome. 792-7SK. 1122; Utilities included. SB per west Palm, Apt a. i Enyioyed adults only. 7*7.4<;s. New It' Trident. t5 Kp. Mercury mo- tar, deluse trailer. Was S32S«. Now «S»S New U- PoUris. fS hp. Mercury motor, deiuiie trailer, was S29K. Now $2<9S New IS- Sprint. SO h4>. Mercury motor, new tilt trailer. Was $2415. NOW tt»S New 15- Jet Star, SO Kp. Mercury motor, new tilt trailer. Was S22St: Now sisasj New is- Star Trek. Was S72a | Ksdiay^New*' 14' Eiplorar. Was 5525!' Now! ""^ (with sleenng) 12991 New ]<• Seafarer. Was S3B. Now SU91 People's Ftirniture "^"'^ «*..,29. di^joMs:^^^; -tL ^Sv ^n^ Redlands Daily Facts Wddnwdoy, Ator. 5, 1969-19 55 Houses for Sale Radton* ' BY OWNER—4 bedroom. 2 baths, nice , comer, lenccd. sprinklers. All work done! l22J0a TaWTM aHer S P-m. $14,500 3 bedroom m bath, nice light kitchen. Larfe livinc room. Nice carpel- Ing. Completely ' ^ large and _ , lenced. double garage. Small easy monthly payments. Wanda Hale I2t W. Colton Realtor 793-247S Eve Dudley Owen 792.01S6 1. Percy TU 345M .New 12- Super Star, was 1219. itO Rambler. One owner, excellent condition. 782.133» after 4je. «resBinsirsBSoorsea«rae7Kne: Low mileage, speed control.. FM house, BtflySaRlFlCEj.Ouat sale. 19tl CteMje, CWiverad. 792-1018 ^ .New if Sea Scamp, was $219. RE)anSK»^=^Jow on sale. 25<olf. Now 1119 Pratt Bros- tSl E. Otrus Ave. New W Starfish. Was $l«9. Now 5159 New IS' Canoe. Wa» SJSO. Now iU9 "Your boss thinks you have charisma? Well, don't worry about it, dear. Now-a-days there's a cure for almost everything!" 2 OPEN HOUSES I to 4 p.m. Thrursday, 6th Friday, 7th Saturday, 8th 508 W. Fern 2 BEOROOM icTiSwd 55 Houses for Sale condition* And GARVETS GOTH SKE WORK OP LOCAL ARTISTS AT REOLANOS ART ASSOCIATION 12 E. VINE 1M DAILY '«3 PLYMOUTH SPORTS RIRY 2-dnr hardtop, V-l, automatic. Ml pnMT, bucket seats, redid, hesltr. Ue.N«.HUF«7. ^295 '4S FORD CUSTOM Mwr aedan, V4, automafic, pewcr stoaritifl, CVeiiiP HcUrt air. wMto walit, radio, haator. Wheel ^ 1 £Qm covers. Lie. Na. NHC aS(. MmTW^ 'U DODGE DART 270 2-dr. sadan, i cyl., automatic, power ttaer> lag, fact, air, iww while walls, radio, healer MMllant pamt, law miUaao. Lie. Na. TCX W. 'M PLYMOUTH FURY 4dr. sedan, V4, Power (tecrinf and brakes, tect. air, eicollont whito walls, radio, haator. 4 | ^V*% Leeal ana awner. Lie. No. KDY Stt. M^Wn0 GARVEY MOTORS 4IS V4. powerelide. 5375. 793-4fiS(l «~l>SDSE'~ba?r'i<foorieclan. aulo- matic 6. new tires, radio, neater, MOTORS 415 Orange 7M.2M I.O.. deiuie American tnrier. was SUnicr Sewing ma-' "o" t*295 '^•'*i^"£-TSb.fe N« .nh"i^"^^§5" S-SJltarcury. 1225 Monterey 4 BEOROOM Call 793-2033 for directions if needed. Campbell & Ketcherside il3l Caion 793-2033 CrSfM* OWCAl Paymanto 55 Hammit lor fn Low Down- gV WHEft - 4 bedroom. 2i, baths., 2500 so. ft. Family room, recreation ~ wet oar. healed pi Just been con us to see It re- room with sJt't. 544joa m-taio. KISfBERLV-MOORE By Owner — 4 bedrooms. 2 baths, built.ins. refrigearted air conditioning, nicely landscaped, fully carpeted. Vt'i FHA loan. 109 South; Ave. 792«01. RENT A REFRIGERATOR RANGE OR WASHEK lOMA UNDA D—puRRmmk- ^! JIM DANIEL • Realtor I NEED 4 BEDROOMS? ^^W .ilJZ '~^'''S.^:&er».!i,!"A"g, Immediate Possession tt BUICK eran"5port SOOTAIr con- SCHfODZOl p u p p i e sTmlmatwe. Now t«»al!Snl*A cSS dnltining. pow» steering, power champ«n sired, cars cropped. Ne« 17- Courier 229. 125 hp. Mi oecoraiwi. i-aii brakes, radia bucket seatv coo- 792«a. motor. Chrysler trailer. Was Etcellent condition. 793-4735. if^ftA DVrie~«Af» No* — 'S?^;S^^SS;^VS^"^"}r"''^'^^ 3jKi"-£S= ^'"•"Sl^'^Sfay r,.shlyp,in,«,..„side.,ndou.,.ha.,d, '^hjrr^'^ifSi, ^ »^ many other Ne, a-Commodore 415, 210 h* Vt, Ci.mU Ae A — , Chrysler 10. deiuie heavy duty rreSn AS A ' Chfysier trailer, was 510J». Now . 5»«95 NEW TAHITI BOATS New 1&- Custom Tahiti. 125 HAD LOWS I 79S«n: ^ . to numerous to mention. ONE PAY ONLY — March S. tHrWtRTX«iiE*lTS ~ on this 3 leom ireup canshlin* of sola, diair. 2 end tables, coffee ^^^^^^^^^^^ table. 2 lamps, badmom .has 9 ^^^^^^"'^'^ drawer dresser, mirror. .2 nito dl l|la|Mr fa loM stands, heacttoard. boa springs and 1 1> iwe^l l» WW mattress. 2 pillows. Oadspiead. Breath of Spring walnut table and 4 chairs. Balance i due 549040. Can pay 52aja. par month. PcedC-s Fumfture. 2U Orange St. Redlands. TIGHT MONEY PROBLEMS New It' Custom Tahiti, used IW h.p. wercury motor, deiuie trailer. i Priced now fully eaupped . 51995 We still have clients who will maiie We nave JETS. i.O.'s and SUPER Siri™ SSS"<wJilI'-.,i2, •» Harolwod floSs Pr1S%<;7^iy^S3Ud'.^»2S9S SJS^'SS^'""-'" Covered paba 3 bedrooms, bath and a half. 517J0O. Easily financed. 10 For Rett A —APARTINENTS Pine Cresf Monor AptSe 1001 PINE ST. Mgr. Apt 22-7S2-Un NGWRBITING Just newly completed • Bachelors. I. 2. 3 Bedrooms. • $100 to $190 per onth. Al rt. la.Ir KWCIfIC GoM Real Estate Loans and or buy I 1st or 2nd T.D.'s ' Cent (no us. see or call RAY ARROWOOO. REALTOR 35U1 VucaiPB Bh«. Yuea<pa 47 Uxtm Property BY OWNER - RIalto. S units with pool and citias. Income 510JM e year. SISjOOO down. Trade tor bai. SI Uhaad Acreage Price Reduced LIGHTS available. USED BOATS "J«*",;'?fT2; J? 5£JS'!!2r'«1S » P"" « b«lroom. 3 bathroom ll'^fhSS^'n- hmin"SS.".S N«« Oh-Sun-t-.W" ^300. Now tor. n,ce trailer. Priced now S995I It Caom Cruiser. 50 n.p. Jotmsoni motor, nice trailer. Sale priced 1795' SACRIFICE »i acre lot PameU Crest and E. Sunset Submit olfen sub- wdinate. 7S2'«3tt after f pjtu BUSINESS LOT Excellent comer. lOOi and State, berderinc Redlands Blvd. Will really sacrifice for quidi sale. 792-4itl. 53 Real Estate Wanted CASH FOR EQUITY We pay cash for the cauity In your Bob Parker Real Estate 37 E. Olive Ave. OtKe Yau don't haw to I. CiMn" at Halfiey Ivick. Every car in hat been priced down to save yew money. eur larfo kiventory 196S MERCURY COLONY PARK station Wapon. Auto. I, pawar otaerinp, brahee and windows, air. tintad elatt, whito wallt, radia, haator. •eautihd ana awner car. Stack Na. I<1A THIS WEEK ONLY 1M7 EUICK WILDCAT 2 doir hanUap. V-«, auto- steerins and brakes. One ao^No. 6965^*2699 'M KAMELBR 6 olinder. aulonulk. radio, beater. SIk. flMA No. 3SA. 'M CHEVEUS MALIRU SS CoBvcftiUe. aotomatp ic. coatote. power steer- iafi and brakes, budnl seats, air. tinted {lass, tstile walls, radio, beater. 1M7 EUICK WILDCAT 2 doir hanUap. V-«, auto- steerins and brakes. One ao^No. 6965^*2699 'M BUICK SPORT WAGON Automatic power steer- ins and brakes, air. tinted sUss. «fei(e waUs. radio, heater. One •mcr. Ue- $1199 ^Tier •1199 'il PORD MUSTANG S^loar haidlop, VS. auto., bttckct seats, console, power steciiii£ tt brakes. factors air. ttitcd xlass, radio, beater, \iiiyrtop. white waUs. $1M0 lie. BHU9S. ton 'M BUICK SPORT WAGON Automatic power steer- ins and brakes, air. tinted sUss. «fei(e waUs. radio, heater. One •mcr. Ue- $1199 ^Tier •1199 'il PORD MUSTANG S^loar haidlop, VS. auto., bttckct seats, console, power steciiii£ tt brakes. factors air. ttitcd xlass, radio, beater, \iiiyrtop. white waUs. $1M0 lie. BHU9S. ton 'M BUICK SPORT WAGON Automatic power steer- ins and brakes, air. tinted sUss. «fei(e waUs. radio, heater. One •mcr. Ue- $1199 'M PORD K Ten PU Heavy duty sprinu and sbodu. Cardinal C&ovcr camper. Ice box. S fanraer stove, sleeps 4. Vacatioa 'M BUICK SPORT WAGON Automatic power steer- ins and brakes, air. tinted sUss. «fei(e waUs. radio, heater. One •mcr. Ue- $1199 'M PORD K Ten PU Heavy duty sprinu and sbodu. Cardinal C&ovcr camper. Ice box. S fanraer stove, sleeps 4. Vacatioa 2 door banUop, V4. aule- malic. bndMt eeeli. ceo- sdc*' |iQfv. slwr.. fankBS and wifidoWto tttiotf bIt. tfaded (last, radio, bMter. «Ute snBs, tilt «teL CU2ZS. T«fT WMRO FaMue 9M. Mr., aoto- matic; ndio, helcr. Dee oeav. Iw mikiai. Ws X *ni99 'M PORD K Ten PU Heavy duty sprinu and sbodu. Cardinal C&ovcr camper. Ice box. S fanraer stove, sleeps 4. Vacatioa 2 door banUop, V4. aule- malic. bndMt eeeli. ceo- sdc*' |iQfv. slwr.. fankBS and wifidoWto tttiotf bIt. tfaded (last, radio, bMter. «Ute snBs, tilt «teL CU2ZS. T«fT WMRO FaMue 9M. Mr., aoto- matic; ndio, helcr. Dee oeav. Iw mikiai. Ws X *ni99 WT«IRO Aidaaalie. ooBsole. bade* ct aeBte. flin poMtr. air, sfjhSlA. *1*^ HATFIELD OPEL 301 E. lUICK 7t^323l THE MC MIICK •LOCK" 15' star Crait 35 hp. Johnson motor. NEW trailer. Priced now 5995 IS' Performer cao<n cruiser, 70 hp. Mercury motor, nice trailer. Priced now 5lt9S U- Inboard Hull with tmdem trailer. Priced now ai S4M 14' Fieetlorm. 40 hp. electric start Mercury motor, dduie trailer. Pr«ed now at t5U 14 Caiamarran trailer. Priced now 5J95 r Super Oink wiin trailer. New 599 It* Fleellorm Inooard with mce trail. er. Priced now SI495 17- Cutler boat 70 hp. Mercury motor, deiuie trailer. Pnced new 5Ii95 15' Performer with trailer. Pr<ed now 5295 23' Cnsscraft Inboaid. deiuie heavy duly trailer. Pnced now 11295 It' Birchcralt large wheel trailer and 35 h.p. Johnson motor. Priced now 53M OVER 100 BOATS DISCOUNTED OPEN SUNDAYS Who Is the Largest? 79349U 10% DOWN 3t MONTHS TO PAY , PR AH BROS. _e! BOAT YARD t50 Redlands Blvd. REDLANDS ir='MoT&iirc?crE's : 'i7~TRlUMPH~tRt«~t50~ee:~F« or dirt Immaculate, eitra UAM. Owner leaving city. This home lias complete privacy. Finest view. Has hobby room and olfica in tarage. 2 patios, outside B8Q gas piped. floors, carpeting in living room and hall, lireplaca. Family sin kitchen has built-ins and dishwasher. Patio: back yard fenced for privacy. Asking FHA appraisal 520JSO. Only 51090 down, plus closing costs. RENT SAVER 3 bedroom, family room, Mentone home, has carpeting in living room and hall, cooling, oatio. carport plus werkshoa Try 5350 down with gaymants 5105 monthly, including COUNTRY CLUB AREA Attractive 3 bedroom. 2 both home on a large nicely landscaped view lot Features hardwood floors, plaster walls, forced air heating, carpeting, fireplace. Large - patia 2 car garage. All only 52Sjao. this for Campbell and Ketcherside 131 Caion Rcaitore 793.2033 Eves. Joyce Lawrence 792-7t33 leone Wogen 7925210 Dudley Ketcherside 792.9134 Ed Campbell 79^3S49 Harold Dykstra 792.7ttt 2 car garage. . t2Sjao. Twms flexible. C. KOOIMAN Realtor 1024 N. Orange 792 1022 er 792.2fi32 EVES: JIM VANOER HOOP 7^^293S LEE BUCHER 793-lOtl WHEN YOU CAN OWN ' UNRESTRICTED VIEW This well kept three bedroom home has wall to wall cartels throughout Large living room with coqr fireplace. Huge covered and screened patio for family enjoyment The large lot Is well landscaped and the panoramic view a; not be impaired. $22,000 Don Arnegard. 310 E. Citrus Rea-ior 793.2341 Tim Mason TaJSlSi Leo Couch 792-1051 J. N. Oliver 733-3170 Chris DesMarets 792.«336 This Moore-Mariposa JUST LISTED truly Early American Quality custom 3 bedroom — PLUS den — PLUS study -- PLUS laundiy — PLUS beautihjl 15x30 heated Barton pool — PLUS workshop PLUS 2 lull baths and two a< baths. Quality carpeting tlmugh- out custom drapes, and the newest buill-ins in a kitchen you ever saw. Oh yes. PLUS a formal dining USED CARS '68 CAMUC S5495 SEDAN DE VILLE F«C Aia CONDinONIMS. POWER SMeriag. BtakM. Wiadews, Seet fUt-FM Radia. riii staetiag vmeel uc No. vuM sas. '47RIY«A $3795 •Y MIICK rac. AIR coHDmoNiNe. power SieafiaB. Brakes. Windows, Astro •actet Seats. Ceaiaie. TM Steer- kg^meeL itJH artes. Uc. Na. V PONTIAC $2795 GRAND PRIX FAfc AW —.^.aad Heater. Hn«llB>li. Ue. Ha. 'U BUKK $3195 RIVIIRA fACe AIR CONOmONINOe MWBR V OLDS $2495 DEUHONT NT SEDAN SS'SSSbJ '42 CAMUC $1295 HARfjTpP COUPE am tiwimeinHB. nam FAC BROWN CADUAC INC Tadery Aidbariged Daaiir" «00 E sr. TU f40M SAN HUIAIOMO Let us make an appointment to show you this and the many extras we havent mentioned. All S393S0. for only street _ chrome. 5(00. 7»(-2U9. Don't Overlook This One Immediate Possessieit •^^S^WrJ^^S^^nK'SW; This lovely custom built home Is Houses for Sale RtdUndt 523M0. Stk'S loan. 792-1319 eves. ~BTr*rMfi~SEllJN3 - RENTING" VIRGIL J. SIMS. REALTOR It W. Citrus 793.37771 SVnSffNER — 3 bedfocm. UrBaths. lireplace. carpets, drapes, f< vara, 117,S0a 792-7705. B¥"<»NER~3-bearooSnSid"Tl room. On E. Crescent Carpeieaj 519J0O. Owner transferred. 793-S39a BVOWNER — vacant and owner is anxious to selL It has 3 large bedrooms, 2 bathe, plus lovely den with fireplace. Quality carpeting and drapes. Built'^n range, oven, dishwasher, and ra- friccratar. In the SmiieyXope area. On5 525.750. _. VIRGIL J. SIMS F,S2!d"y.5. *pSS!'^' "tSt " «• Citnj. , Hwltor 793-2777 iBY'^E%^'^:^{^?y^^ '"^J^- ^2SJI«» 1 sSSr oSSVTueJC ^_ "^.liS?" BirWTOER~nriJearoo<Sri<»Ta(f5; separale dining and lamihr rooms, POOL, >s acre. view, cul-de^ac in Kimberty district many tine fca- tures. sisjoa 792.^237. "wSfiaSu^sEKSt* ' FOWLER'S 210 W. Citrus REALTORS TSMt NEW! Extra Value Nottingham Estates 3-4-5 Bedrooms Prices Start at $25,950 NO WEATHER DAMAGE Including carpels, drapes, built- ins, air conditioning, fences, front lawn sprinkler system, etc Surprisingly excellent terms. IN REDUNDS Fern at Nottingham Ave. OPEN 'TIL DUSK Every Day Except Wednesday Ken B. Smith & Associates 422S Sierra Way San Bernardino NELSON Realty GET IN THE SWIM 20 x 40 Barton pool —lenced play yard with sturdy couipment 3 bedroom. 2 baths, family room. New tile in built-in kitchen and baths. Nicely landscaped. Fantastic buy at 5X.950. COUNTRY CLUI AREA Freeway father is commuting more and enjoying it less. So will sacrifice for a quick sale this immaculate 5 bedroom. 3 baths, lamily room with wet bar. Large service area, dinii and^ breakfast room. Bea ing room. lutiful carpets and drapes. 2X0 sq. It Priced 52.000 under appraised value. Loan may be assumed at low interest rate. 539.9sa Call 793-2041 lOS E. Citrus REALTORS Multiple Listing Senrice VENINGS AND SUNDAYS Fred Hooper 792-7758 Wiliette Steely 792-7801 MollieGabbert 792-4383 Doreen Nelson 793-5478 792.30U Elsie Webber 792'a5ao MORE FOR YOUR MONEY! OWNER selling 4 bedroom home.witti pool, family room, lefiigeiated air, ouiltHns, — 512.750. carpetmg. drapes, etc Southeast Redlands. BY OWNER - 3 bedroom, lie baths, covered patio, carpet forced air heating and eoolinc. Fenced, 2 car •taragc. SltJSa FHA. SiOS Near Clement-Luaonia 792^71. Well locatad Northsida 3 home. Slate Ule entry . . . lerge living room with weod4)umin( fireplace, wall to wall carpeting . . . bright kitchen with breakfast arae. UalS covered well UnAiopM^and immacuiata condition. Priakl~ to sell at 513.290 with SlZJiO new FtiA loan. NEW PRICE! $26,500 ,Utm sues balew FHA amaM This home must sfflsoon. SELL OR LEASE StUOO CliamHng newly d bedroom. FH* appraisal Piesant asistins SUOO loan al per montfL Shown daily U to 4 mnLTM^StSiaSHlS)S pm. 150 MuhithiM. R«liZ«t». ) ^i^^^^^^MetiM^ Home of Distinction Attncttv* stoM flrabiira Springtime Freshness baW noma. Hf»j(M MK-to in MtCftAHa A tovAlJf WW DOSS Realtors 33 E. Vine 793-3354 Open Saturdays Need Room To Breothe? Alt the family will enjoy this fully air conditioned, carpeted and draped 5 iMdroom. 2ti balh two story home. The spacious living- dining room has warm walnut panelling and a volcanic rock fireplace. The step-saving kitchen beasts a pantry, copper tone built- in oven, range, dishwasher, breakfast bar and adjoining family room that opens with sliding doors onto a large patio. The rear entry 3 car garage has an alley entrance. Conveniently locatad to Crafton- Moore and senior high schools. GOOD Living at 529J0O EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS! Paul Meines 792-2740 Ellen Boyd 792-4996 Cari or Maxina Dau 7SM100 MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE mhbim^^^ Buena Vista is the street where yeu-u Hnd Ws Bob Parker, Realtor VIA VISTA $25,750 s 'A y. BuiN^i rmandngl Asaumo i FHA loan M the amount of and pay SU7J& prineieil. taxat and kmiranoa. 3 baumwm.i 2 bolhs. brtaM mawn wHfi bum-ll ms, carpeted and drapod. 2 car atlacMd .'i<!*<WJ^. **••* l«<dK<P*d «i«v lot Call. LAMBETH mBE OCMMNUnON Real Estate Sales Buy One — Build One On a Quiel southside street within walking distanca of town is this plaaiint 3 bedroom heme: vine<e«ered on the outside and spie and span inside with Iresh paint and new sink and counter in kitciMn, PnveM patio. bar4ie<ue and little garden. R .2 lot has room lor additional unit Yours with r«iible financing SIOJOO 1 Woif Sfolt or Nit* 793-2841 Pat Nawnhsm I1^7122-leI Plati 7924100-Bonnie Rook 713-1301 LOIS Lauar }S3.UH-Maiy Peola 7S2-2U7-Halan Johnson 71>«t«

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