Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 25, 1978 · Page 47
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 47

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1978
Page 47
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O BANG-SHANG LALAPALOOZA O ONCE UPON-A CLASSIC "Robin Hood, Jr." A n#w version of the legendary hero includes the Sheriff of Nottingham and the Friar Tuck. All tfie characters are portrayed by Children. (60min.) C0 PEACH BOWL (LIVE) Iowa State vs North Carolina State(3hrs.) © WORLD OF SURVIVAL 9:30 O REVISTA DE LA SEMANA QQ (B BATMAN-TARZAN;. IN THE NEWS O ADVENTURES OF MUHAMMAD ALI CD WRESTLING 10:00 0 OUR MEN IN THE CAPITOL O THUNDER; JR. HALL OF FAME ' 0 O KROFFT SUPER- SHOW; SCHOOL. ROCK O PARENT EFFECTIVENESS "For Life Goes Not.Backward' In this final episode, .the pit I 'allfc of .praise and children who "hire" parents as con­ sultants in the field of values are discussed. ©MOVIE "I. Monster" 1972 Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing. Doctor in Victorian England takes a serum which turns him into a monster. (2 hrs.) 10:30 Q TOP CAT DOGS NCAA FOOTBALL CBS Sports will provide live coverage of the Sun Bowl featuring Louisiana State , University vs' Stanford University. O CONSUMER. SURVIVAL KIT "Bipeds: Two Wheelers" The pros and eons of owning a motorcycle for low cost transportation are covered. Tips are offered on how to select the best one for your needs, insurance coverage • and the importance of safety equipment and instruction. CD MOVIE "Champions Of Justice" Clayton Moore, Jay Sifverheels. Champions 'of .justice, framed for murder by a ruthless band of outlaws, -BY JOEY SASSO- CONFIDENTIAL REPORT. A famed star of a popular TV game show lives in fear of his life and has a bodyguard wherever he goes—even as he soaked up sun on the beach during a recent vacation in Florida. "My life has been threatened in' the past,-" said the star, "and 1 constantly fear lor my safety. We live in crazy times. If you don't believe there are crazies out there, you must live in atave 1 " . . . It's no problem to figure out who'll be boss when Anson Williams of 'Happy .DayS' marries girlfriend Lorie Mehaffey next spring. They |ust bought a house together i.p Pasadena and the first thing Lorie did was to lire the interior decorator hired by.Anson . . . Star Angie Dickinson fled from the set of Police Woman'' when she learned her Iriend and publicist Richard Gully had'suMered a heart attack She's been spending every possible moment at his bedside . . . What was Angel Kate, Jackson doing in Philadelphia'.' Well, boyfriend Sam Elliott did some guest shots there and Kate got so lonesome for him she flew in over the weekend. |ust to hjve dinner at Bookbinder's with Sam. So it looks like he the troht-runner against Nick Nolte now . Another Antjei. Jaclyn Smith, so captivated Prince Charles oh his rei enl I>>s Angeles visit that he asked her to come dlong to San Francisco' She had to work but promised to drop in on the prince in London next spnng. i INSIDE THE TUBE. Quote from Henry Winkler, the Fonz: 'Tin 32 and lots of my Iriends have two or three children already—and I want to catch up " Which is why he and Stacy Weitzman have agreed that when they marry, they'll start a family right away . . . This could be the last season lor The Bionic Woman .''Lindsay Wagner said all along that she wanted a family and when it came she would." devote her time to it She's expecting in May Hollywood Squares' regular Paul Lynde is^ developing an off-stage reputation as a tantrum-throwing, insuft-flinging so and so. Hi's bizarre behavior backstage at the popular game show.has been^documented several times. [.Recently a black professor''at Northwestern University, Lynde's alma mater, claims'the comic lashed out at him with racial insults at a fast : food restaurant when Lynde was in Chicago as guest of honor at the school's homecoming parade . Michael Brandon, husband ot 'The Bionic Woman' star Lindsay Wagner, will star in the movie FM.' Martin Mull! who played Barth Gimble'on TV's 'Fernwood Tonight,' will, portray,a disc jockey in the film, „ ' * ON THE TV SCENE. It sounds like a storyline from one of her TV shows but it wasn't fiction whenthe Los Angeles County Sheriff's office booked Mackenzie*Phillips, 18, on charges of public drunkenness and investigation of possession.of a.controlled substance. Miss Phillips, who plays the older daughter on television's 'One'Day at a Time.' was found sprawled on a west Hollywood ' street Suzanne Somers, the blonde beauty on TV's Three's Company 1 married when she wa°s just 17. She's now divorced and nearing the altar with longtime boyfnand Alan Hamel and Suzanne reasons she married the first time sp young because she was anxious to expeuence men after being sheltered In an all-girl Catholic high school. "In fact," Suzanne remarks, "my sex education was limited to watching the flasher who'd come by the school once a week, stand on top of a h1 11 in his raincoat and expose himself. That was the most exciting thing that ever happened at school." . . . Valerie Harper ot Rhoda' bought husband Dick Schaal a case of ^Hennessy V.S.O.P. ACROSS Hullonal amend- 2 3 4 6 7 i • 8 9 ; 0 10 11'. 12 13 14 •« 15 e 16 18 19 20 21 s / 22 f s 23. 24 ' s w 25 " \ / 26 27 ) 28 29 30 ' 31 32 33 ^ J 35 ' s 36 37 38 ' 39 1 Belonging (o director Josh (clue to puzzle answer) \ 5 Gallop (clue lo puzi\p answer) . 8 Raw mineral 9 Proposed coa menl (abbrev.) 10 Capital of Crete 12 Moneylender 13 Bergen or Buchanan 14 Nervous reaction 15 Despised' 17 Wipe 20 Shazam's partner 21 Before appointed time 22 Choose 24 Kenton 25 Artist's showroom 28' Myrna 29 Is not (slang) 31 Mr. ' 33 Compensation 38 Therelore 37 Highest point 38 Political or social 39 Caesar DOWN CXXXXD oooooo 1 Permit • 2 The — Show' 3 Location " 4 Close 5 Evaluation 6 Vase 7 Bare 11 Newspaper unit 12 Prejudice 14 . Distrustful age 18 "Power of mind (abbrev) 17 Strangely amusing 18 Hlrt 19 Beside 23 Paced between run and walk 24 Not junior (abbrev.) 25 Speculate fl 28 Greene 27 Sight organ 29 Appendage 30 'The — of March' 32 Medic (slang) 34 Army woman (abbrev.) 35 Expert nearly find themselves swinging by a rope. (90 min.) , 11:00 0 PEACH BOWL (TAPED) lawa State vs North Carolina State (3 -hrs.),, 0 O ABC WEEKEND SPECIAL "The Secret Life Of T.K. Dearing" A story bf how love overcomes the generation gap between a young girl and her •grandfather. (R; 60 min.) 0 FRENCH CHEF '^Spaghetti Dinner Flambe" AFTERNOON O COLLEGE BASKETBALL Notre Dame vs University of Kentucky © EAST-WEST SHRINE GAME QD "Beauty And The Robot" 1960 Martin Milner, Louis Nye. Electronic brain picks a brainy stripper to head a college science department. (2 hrs.) 1:30 O SPACE ACADEMY; IN THE NEWS 0 I BELIEVE- CD SKI LIKE A CHAMPION r 12:00. Q Q AMERICAN BANDS-; TAND Host: Dick Clatk E0 WRESTLING CD 700 CLUB CD MOVIE "Cat Girl" 1957 Barbara Shelley. Kay Callard Girl inherits horrible family curse which, has her soul enter body of a leopard. (90 min ) 12?3tk, O MOVIE / "Once Upon A Time In The West" 1969 Henry Fonda.- Claudia Cardinale. Gunslingers fight to acquire a tract of land. (3 hrs.) O MOVIE "The ,Great Ziegf.ield" 1936'' William Powell. Myrna Loy. .The life and death of the great showman - his follies, loves and'spectacular Broadway shows, (3 hrs., 30 min.) 1:00 QX3XD@@@ EDDS BHdEHlLiJB • HB ••DC DE2D ID H • mnwm H n ®B • •Dsn s 0 QDE! E1QE1BE1 •••CD QBCiaEl mmm ©QH D mum EI (2. QEIE .B .I8MSXTB talking about TV PRIME TIME SCHOOL TELEVISION Here's a specfal Christmas present for junior high and high school students that you can't buy at any store at any price. It's a chance to be'a TV critic'and reach millions of readers across the nation through this column. TALKING ABOUT TELEVISION. We're Sponsoring a contest exclusively for-seventh through 12th graders. The rules are simple. Just watch one of the police or detective shows and then write a critical review of not more than 400 words. We will print the six best entries in-the column you're now reading, published weekly in hundreds.of newspapers throughout the United States. ' In addition the six winners will receive a $10 prize and a year's membership to Prime Time School Television,,.a not-for-profit organization that helps students learn how to use television as an educational tool. To enter the contest, just send yourcritieal revir.w to: Contest, PTST, 120 S. LaSalle St., Chicago, III. 60603. Be sure to include your name, age, address, phone number and the name of your school. Unfortunately we cannot return your entry so remember to keep a copy! Kojak,' 'Baretfa,' 'Police Story' and 'Starsky and Hutch! are just a few of the police shows" you can select for your review. Some of the areas you may want to include in your review are: How realistic was the program? What kind of image i's given of law enforcement Officers? Too glamorous or realistic? Was the'program pure entertainment or did it have educational value? If you liked the show, why? If you didn't, what could be done to improve it? What about the acting? The setting? The'dialogue? Critical viewing of television is a primary objective of PTST. Nowhere is this rtlore essential than in monitoring programs that portray our basic constitutional rights, and the men and women entrusted with guarding and upholding .these rights. For millions of American's the only contact 'with .a law enforcemejit officer is through'TV so we want to know how you think television is doing its job in this critical area. Whatever your opinion, tell us in 400 words or less and maybe you will be one of the six winning "television critics" to have your review published in newspapers across the country. We think it's time to hear from young ^viewers, don't you? CD MOVIE "Tarzan And The Green Goddess" 1938 Herman-Bruce Bennett-Brix. Ula Holt Taf- • zan quests for the legendary "Green Goddess" if acquired by unscrupulous friends, it would be ' a menace to humanity. (90 min.) 2:00 0TARZAN 0 SECRETS OF ISIS; IN THE NEWS 0SOLESVIDA 09 MOVIE " "Voyage Into Space" 1970 Johnny Sokko. Man and his flying prevent the monster Dracolon from destroying Tokyo. (2 hrs.) IF YOUR WATER ACTS BAD- TASTES BAD- LOOKS BAD- Automatic Conditioner WILL TAKE CARE OF IT'FAST 1 . Call us nowfor a free water • analysis and installation estimate. l HEV CULUGAN MAHr Call 462-2974 Ukiah Hardware 1198 N. State St.

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