Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 7, 1957 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 11
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* KUS IB URG-KE YSER And Tri-Stutu Area News (H) livening Times, Friday, June 7, 1957 Morgan County School Levy Election Planned Tuesday BERKELEY SPRINGS _ An'voaled Ihe financial conditions election Ip authorize additional and problems of Ihe Board of Morgan County clistnct school Education lo a Cilizens Commit- levies, beginning July 1, 1957; tee Th n ™^ m ;L, T...T :".!!.' « ly 1. 1058 and July 1, 1933 will iield Tuesday. Herman Goeite has been appointed chairman ol a committee to organize residents and . ..*. ^WIIIJIIIIL^I; Wets 1 tjJI t- senlative of all the districts of the county and was asked lo par- ticipalc in the 'Solution ito Ihe problem of leacher losses. Ho work Ihe I'aw Paw end of iho^'" - al l " e . DC «'""'"S of l "'s county. Passage of Hie levy would' guarantee heller educational facilities, lie said. J. The purposes for which ad- dilional funds 'are needed are; ta) To increase lhc salaries of teachers, bus drivers, custodians and oilier employees of the Board, Ihe approximate yearly amount being $45,000; i|» To purchase equipment for the buildings of said Hoard and lo repair and maintain existing buildings. scnooi year l»e county system lost 15 leachers to industry, other school systems and for oilier rcusons, He said dial to maintain a leaching force in an area surrounded with other school systems and induslries becomes more difficult each year and he fears it • will gel worse unless s-ome way is found lo supplement the state minimum pay for teachers. He suggested a mini- facilities and .equipuieii! now '"i!! 1 !^ 1 !!! 111 " 11 supplement ol 5500 owned or hereafter acquired. in-K cr a ' niasVfer-*s~degrcc,and -$400 eluding transportation equip-! for a bachelor's degree and $300 menl, Ihe approximate yearly amount being, .$11,000. 2. That (he amount for (hesc purposes, after making due allowance for uncollencd taxes tor lesser status. The eslimaled cost he put at about $30.000. Snyder said that this provides nothing for enrichment or for mainlainance and repairs to the sliull be approximately S.%.000 physical plan! for which be said for Ihe fiscal year beginning July S$l5,OfW is needed annually. 1, 1957; approximately SSG.OOo' Snyder said lhat the national for the fiscal year beginning .lulviavcragc spent per pupil for cdii- 1. 1953; and approximately $X,. cation is S2M and that slate av- 000 Tor the fiscal year beginning|era»es range from a high of over Jllly 1, I9j9, <JA/l iirir nil, ill in Vr.,i- \'*-...|, * «. ^ 3. That (he separate and ag- giegale assessed valuation of each class of. taxable property within the County of Morgan for the fiscal year beginning Julv 1. 1956 is as follows; Class |-l$-> 1 230,760; Class 11 _ $3,064,4 fs'- Class 111 _ S10,34'J,76«. and Class IV — $1,953,310 lor a total of ?17,598,24.5. 4. That tiic proposed addilion- low of $123 in Mississippi. Morgan county is now spending an average of $180 per pupil. Low tOHchcr salaries lie said' was the main reasop why the county av- < f, i national a\er- age. He said that modem education includes many programs not a pail of a school system a few al rate of lew in cents on each •«"'" -<•-'•"•"""""• "^ *<""• .., _, • , "»«••> «ii i-dcn Moraan Cnunfv sr inn s servo State Agency Over Potomac Being; Urged ~ ~ BALTIMORE W — Gov. Me- Keldin, miffed at Ihe licensing of a Potomac Uivcr casino by officials of a Soulhcrn Maryland counly, has suggested lhat a Stale agency handle licensing of all commercial enterprises on Ihe river. "11 would not be too extreme, " said McKeldin in a letter .lo the Legislative Council, "if the licensing of and jurisdiction over all commercial activities on the Po- lomac were placed in Ihc bands of a State agency rather Ihan those of Ihe respective counties." Referring lo "(he embarrassment visited upon Maryland by officials of Charles Counlv" in the licensing of a driiikijjg and gambling boat which plansioTiperate off Prcesto/ic Point Va the i'ov ernor asked the council to consider changes in (tie licensing laws. "Obviously Ihe floating bar, close (o a so-called recreation intended lo circumvenl Virginia law," lie said. Virginia Dermils neither slot machines nor liquo ' by the drink. While he made no specific requests for law changes, McKeldin did make some suggeslion's including (he proposal for 'a Stale' licensing agency. He also said it mighl be well to have members of Ihe Charles Counly liquor board appointed by the governor instead of by the county commissioners. Only the liquor hoards of Charles and Queen Annes counlies are not named by the governor. I HKKMhN'S AUXILIARY KUiCTS-Officers of Ihc Auxiliary of the AIlegany-Garrctt Counly Volunteer Firemen's Association were elected (his week at Cjranlsvillc as follows- Sealed left Jo right. Laura Shuhart, Barton, secretary; Francis Comp beer Park, senior vice president; FJizabclh Zemboivor La' Vale ph-ii A '' V f Ila 1 '°" r ' Midland ' jlmior vicc P'-« idc " 1 <"«i 1'hilhp.s, i-onaconing. Ircasurcr. Slanding are Delia Wade, Homcmakers List Meetings ~ "OAKLAND—llomcmaker clubs re fealuring "Making Lamp shades of fiber Glass" at Iheir June meeting. The home furnishing chairman will give the dem—'•—-•-„. international relalions chairmen have a pan in Ihe program.- They have contacted a war bride to (ell of her home- laud. The Grantsville Homemakers' Club met yesterday at the home -Mrs. Raymond and Ollie onstralion. Mrs S Mrs. Allen Baker class of property per $100 , - u j . ~ u^f|ji\,u>i,jii. lu Lilt jJi(j:^(j;iiL blcllU d:> "jI,Ml meals daily in the hot lunch!minimum salaries. As they arc .'cssed. valuation is as follows-' ,.,• — - —~f — Class 1 — 11.475>cenls- Class ] jj I>rogram - lhere arc 15 bussesjosl he is forced lo replace them _ 11 a; „„„»,.. ^.i-_-_ .'.. ._ ^operated daily which transport!wilh teachers wilh temporary Layman is the inlernalional relations chairman. The Swallow Falls Club met al the home of Mrs. James Pen- mnglon last night. Mrs. Pennin"- ton and Mr.?. ( ret Martin gave lhc demonstralion. Mrs. Luke Boivman, president, presided al relations pro- the international Irani. - 22.95 cents; Class -ill - 45 J 0 P era '«l daily which transport wilh teachers wilh temporary cents, and Class IV — 459 cents i'' 280 pUpl ' S l ° anci from scnool jcertificates or by teachers work- 5. That Die proposed years to a ricfinitc lime schedule, ing out of their fields. Shaft, colorbeare:; Anna Kobcrls. Bedford ffoad, Cumber- and, guard; Alma Will. Disiriel 10. piimisl; Mary Lee Golden Urriganvillc. Ijistorian; Kelt,;, Jlouashell, Cresa,,town. chaplain' Uara Upton of Shaft. Li-la Henry of McCoole and Klda Scheli hJ™ .'°' ,"',", S ', Ces "'"' Mar fi'' lret Arnold, Lonaconing, color- bearer. Paul llaherlein of Froslburg was elected president of lhc association during (he Garrctl County convention Wesleyan Service Guild Phtns Church-Wide Event Mrs. Kryc, Mrs. Ahlfeld and Mrs. Ivan Wilson. The July meeting will be an WESTERNPOBT - Weslcyan Service Guild decided at the monthly meeting Tuesday eve- in Trinity Methodisl Church to sponsor a church-wide shower for Miss Ernestine Harmon of Petersburg. W. Va.. who is going lo LePas, Bolivia in South' America as a Methodist missionary The event will he for Ihe purpose of securing necessary articles and equipment, which she will need. Officers were installed at a by ficv. L. E. Crowson. pastor. Invested were Mrs. Donald Fleck president: Miss Catherine Crawford, vice presidenl: Mrs. Orva Kazlo. secretary; Miss Anna Lee Wilbrow, treasurer; Miss Helen Wagoner, secretary of promo lion; chairman, spiritual life Airs. George Daddysman; mis sionary education and service Miss Pauline Whiteman; Chris ,,,.;* * mimic ^lineman; t-nns t lie Casselman Valley Club will tian social relations, Mrs. Pan 5. That Die proposed years to ..-,,• which the additional' levies shall! Thls apply are Hie fiscal years beginning July 1, 1957; July 1, 1958 July 1. 1959. ,., Vcrl W. Snyder, superintendent of .Morgan County schools, re- For Sale: 6 room: modern hom& 59,000. 1 lot $1,000. Parkersburg Road, Eckharl; Phone Frostburg J5: Adv. N'-T—June 6-8-10. taurant and Ihe largest transportation business in Ihe county." Snyder said lhat Ihe currcnl budgel of S3f)3.000 injjurrcnt expenses and $8.000 in permanent improvements is derived froni two -sources: State aid S252.000 the largest res-| Snydcr also said citizens should Fishing Equipment Headquarters for Your Fishing Supplies Chouoal _ pi tr i t Suppliei . e s mae ,the average .Morgan County tax- would cost in the neighborhood ipayer pays?10 local property tax, of 5373,000. At Mounl Garfield , mnsralon - »'"• Bernard I for the support ofyscbools. It was j he said, a new elementary school' ?! ' C ? U " (y and C ' ub interni '-i ointed ou th ' onal rclat -'<ms chairman, will be concerned about a long-term plan to meet the future needs ol the schools lo avoid another emergency. He said lhaf the most urgenl overcrowded condition is al the Berkeley Springs High School >'meet at (he home of'Mrs. Guy k - Hardety Monday at 8 p.m. Mrs Clyde Trcsslcr and Mrs. Bayard Miller will give (he demonslra- Daddysman; local church activi ties. Miss Phyllis Adams; supply work. Miss Adair Weston: mem lion. Mrs. Donald Newman is;i international relations chairman r The .Mars Hill club will mceti at the home of Mrs. Dan Folk. Tuesday al 1:30 p.m. Mrs. John' 1 Dursl and Mrs. Alvin Bowser will 1 , _.. , __,. rn acnool «• n j ----and local laxes Slll.QOO. Local where 557 pupils : are aending i n nna M p ."."""'wtration. Mrs. taxes are collected as follows: a school designed for ahou 4M I "-" '" '" Chairman ' ,-,,, ' c ues , an non- e said that citizens should be , T ,L, ^ Germany Club will, public utilities S48.000. Wilh thellooking to the building of a junioV S V , 6 h ° me ° f Jliss Zella "" "™ U " 1;3 e or aou 4 Public utilities SG3,MO and non- He said that citizens should be , T , public utilities S48.000. Wilh thellooking to the building of a junioV adult population at about 5.000 high school which he e s Umated M R H ' Broadwalcr will give. * monslra!lon - . • Bernard . jpointed out that the county spent $138,000 for whiske'y" wjth an av- jerage of S27.50 per adult. In a review of the salaries of teachers, Snyder -presented a list of counties headed by Brooke is needed. need two more rooms and one additional room' win soon be! needed al Greenwood. Berkeley! Grade School will soon be" over-: soon!i.,. r - . h ' ' hC Chrysler Plymoutri Sales & Service Morton's Garage FRCJSTBURG Phone 300 Store Opens In Frostburg<~} FROSTIiURG - A now children's wear slore to be known Jis ll.e "l.acl and Lassie shop" was. opened here yesterday at 31 Broadway by (wo sisters, Mrs. f.ou Davis and Mrs. Isabel D. Winner. The .store, which will feature a number ol nationally advertised lines of children's wear, lias been completely rc-dceoral- Icd and slocked with all kinds of youngsters' clothing tor infants to children of eight. Mr.s. Davis has been reception- is! wilh Dr. Adam Hacr for several years and will continue lo work with him during the morn- inp hours, taking over the management of (lie store in the afternoon while Mrs. Winner, a housewife who resides in Consolidation Village, will operate the business in Hie morning. Brief .Mention Charles Grahame, New York City, lias been visiting Mrs. Saul Hobison and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Eichhorn, Kasl Main Street. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ilarncl bcrship. Mrs. Waller Uhl; pub •ieily, Mrs. Harry Kohne; litera :ure and publications. Miss Jean S'nfsinjjer and status of women, Mrs. John Ahlfield. Mrs. Vernon Frv-e. coordinator, assislecf. Mrs. Kazlo led the pledge ser- 'ice with a talk on "What Is That In Thine Hand?" Al. the! justness meeting $10 was donated' fund for summer; _Misses Anna Lee Withrow and Catherine Crawford were ap-i Minted lo head the committee! for arrangements with Miss Ilar-i mtm's shower. The dale will be announced later. Secret pals were revealed and new ones selected for the com- .ng year, served ant: l-'or Kent: 'I'liree room furnish ed apartment. All utilities fur nishcd. Phone Frostburg 202-W Adv. N. T. June 7— lo Ihe youth camps. Refreshments were hostesses included Aluminum Storm Windows $14,95 HINGES ,,,„.„., $46.00 ,,, Hasting Awnings ARTHUR BOND Phone 531 FATHER'S DAY JUNE 16th Remember Dad with one of our . . . SPRING NECKTIES 1.00 4 1.50 Prie.J In a Gift Box J. B. Shannon & Go, FROS7BUBG W« Giv. $ t H Gietn £"""" ' > "i minim iimimmi mnmmr DID YOU KNOW | We Can Outfit Your Boy To Size 12? | E » Suits Jackets Slacks Shorts Shirts PoloV Raincoats Umbrellas Headwear i KIDDIE TOWNE • I A SPECIALTY SHOP FOR CHILDREN 1 9 EAST MAIN ST. | tiiiiniiiiiimiiiiimiiii iniiiliiiiiiiiiiiuiiiuiiiiMiinrtiiiiiiiinnti ..SPECIAL. ' YARD' eoobs' 3 YJ'. f« $^00 roo. J1.4? yrf. ..NOW $|19 * HOUS'E PASNT " *1°° Off on a Gal, One lo a Customer '/z PRICE SALE Discontinued Colors Flowcote-Gloss Semi-Gloss WHLE'R'S 5 E. Main St. Frostburg Phone 562-W ucmmcni bnUo. PAINT and HARDWARE H9 S. MAIN ST. PHONE 360 "28 Years of Service" PALACE AIR-CONDITIONED FRI. - SAT. Kt : *" ROCK li& ALL *•* |||NiGHT A Sunsel P/6iJ.jc(ron *fi **ner>can'1ntern3ttOfi3l Pietur* '" Plus , Special Featurette "THE AMAZON TRADER 1 ' BUILDING MATERIALS SLEEMAN'S Phone 318 Frostburg Follow the. crowd to the PARKLANE where PETE HARPER will sing ymir favorite song while you cat (he finest fried L chicken. E 1 Home Delivery— Rcservatinns 85 Bcall St. Phone Kbg. 391 that pays a $5&5 supplement to the stale minimum.- Not all -the competition comes from neighboring Maryland. Snyder said, because Berkeley. 'Jefferson and Hampshire all pay above the minimum of the state. He said that a teacher with a Master's degree in tlic State of New Jersey with 10 years' experience is paid $7.300 and the maximum in this state without any supplement is* S3.024 for IS years' service. A icacher in that state with a Bachelor's degree starts at $-1.000 which is more than the maximum for a Master's in this. state unless supplemented. In Hagerslown. he said, teachers with a Bachelor's degree start at S3.-100 and can advance in 10 years to $5,200. He said lhat (he movement of leaeh- crs to out of state and to olher counties in the state would continue unless he can offer some For Sale: 2 double block homes on First Street. Phone Froslburg 5I6-J. Adv.-N-T-June 7 BUILDING SUPPLIES Neilson Bros. McCuljoh St. Phone Frostburg 429 Headquarters for KEM TONE PAINTS Over 300 >ha<J«s lo <ho«i« from mixed fa your color thoice, "Watch Repairing Our Spccioft/' Burns Department Store 22 Main Sf. tonaconing Phoni HO 3-3411 CUSTOM RETREADING . 14-15-16 fnch Tire Size* . >•. PIDCCTAHIT FACTORY METHOD r IHC4 1 UHC APPROVED MATERIALS EXTRA Allowance For Good Casings on New Firestone Tires ' • LES' TIRE SERVICE Phone 396 . Foot Of Big Savage Mt. crowaca again. He estimated long term needs in the neighborhood of 5550,000. Presenl schoo! revenue is needed to pay bare minimum salaries required by state law. For Sale: Top soil, fill dirt, bull- Cozing. Phone Frostburg 742-W-l. Adv. N-T—June 6-7. USED POWER MOWERS FOR SALE Hiomoi Giaci« and Evir*| Worn* WE pice up core AND otuvts mtt Glarysville Motors , PHONE 1100 SAVE! -Buy DASHIELL'S Enriched Grade "A" HOMOGENIZED MILK in the economical GALLON JUGS available at any of these neighborhood dealers: — Via's Food Market 143 E. Main Si. Pram's Grocery • Bowiry Sfrt«l W. W. Sluss & Son 110 W. Mqin Sltt.1 FROSTBURG Filsinger Grocery Store ECKHART * H. P, Staup Grocery LONACONING Kenny's Sanitary Mkt. Marshall Jones Self-Serve Market WESTERNPORT * Partisan Service Station BLOOMINGTON • • - • * Tell Gate Fruit Market Rt. 40 Weil of LA VALE "I've killed a child!' "Never had an accident before. Never been in trouble with the law. Always tried to do right by my family and friends.,Now I've killed a child—just by taking a foolish chance." Every day it happens, often just like that, to drivers who thought accidents happen only to the other fellow—never to themselves. Remember this. No one expects to meet death on the road. Certainly no one expects to be guilty of causing it. Yet last year, 40,000 men, women and children died in traffic accidents. Thousands of drivers—many who never had or expected to have an accident—found themselves guilty of killing someone on the highway. Most of these deaths can be prevented —wit' your cooperation. "

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