Knoxville Sentinel from Knoxville, Tennessee on June 15, 1904 · 2
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Knoxville Sentinel from Knoxville, Tennessee · 2

Knoxville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1904
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- I V v- I - ' THE KNOXVILLE SENTINEL, WEDNESDAY. JUNE 15. 1904. THE WEATHER t TENNESSEE AND KENTUCKY. Washington, June 15 Tennessee-Fair tonight and Thursday. Kentucky Fair tonight; Thursday partly cloudy, probably showers and cooler In north portion. Local Data. Buffalo, 80; Cairo, 84; Cincinnati, 82; Chattanooga, 82; Chicago, SS; Clew land, 76: Corpus Christi. 86, Denver, SO; Dodge City, 84: El Paso, 86: Fort Smith, 90, Helena, 80; Huron, 76; Jacksonville, 76, Kansas City, 80'; Knoxville, 82, Lander, 80, Lynchburg, 76; Memphis, 86; Montgomery, 84. Nashville. 86', New Orleans, 80, New York, 66, Shrete-port. 88; St. Louis, 80; Bt. Paul, 74; Washington, 72, Williston, 72, Wythe-vilte, 76. River Bulletin. STATIONS Weather at 1 p. m, tlear. Barometer (reduced to sea level) 7 a m., 30 12; 12 noon. 30 09. Relative humiduy (per cent.) 7 a. m , 69, D noon, 40. Maximum terapr3ture since 12 noon yesterday. 82. Mean temperature for 24 hours ending 12 noon, today, 72. Mean temperature this date last year, 71. Precipitation (rain and melted anon) for 24 hours ending 7 a. m. today, .00. River at 7 a. ill. (feet) 10, Fall In 24 hours (feetj, 2. K T LARGE FORCE OF WORKMEN ARE , BUSY ON GRAND STAND AND DIAMOND-FIRST GAME -THURSDAY. Bluff City .... i Kogerswlle ... Lead ale Catlettsburg ... Knoxville ... .. Ashev ille Wytheville . .. 4 Local Forecast Fair tonight and Thursday. Maximum Temperatures. ID! Q.6! 0 O' F r CITY AND SUBURBS: CHILHOWEE PARK. 15 1. 0-0.2, F 8i 0.5, 0.0, F 29i 1 0-0. 21 F 6 0.3, 0.0 F F" falling. Below zero of gauge. RIVER NOTES. No rain has fallen In the river district and the in era are falling at all points. The met will continue to fall at Knox-tille, tonight aird Thursday. Weather Notes, Abilene 84 Asheville 70 Atlanta 78, Reoort of the Condition of THE CITY NATIONAL BANK. at Knoxville, in th Tennessee, at the close of business. June 9, 1994. RESOURCES. loans end dlsottnM 1,465, Blfl 22 Ovrurafts, secured and unsecur ed 2,440 74 fKJ0 0 1 0 000 (V) 30 0X1 09 21,000 00 ft,00 00 9 900 (M 1M0J 09 V.t. Bonds, to leisure rlrculatton V. a Bonds to secure U S. deoositfl tJ. 9. bonds on hnd . .. .... Premiums on U 8 Bonds Bonds. securitie, etc .... Furniture and fixtures Other real esiat-e owned . ... Due from Nationul Barnes mot Rejrve AgHouii'S? 389 73 Due fr m state bauasand bankers RT.Ojt 57 Dud from approved reserve agents 973,514 62 Checks aod other cash Items . ... 148,463 78 Notes of other national banks 6,660 0C Fractional paper currency, nickels and cents 2 801 37 Lawful money reserve In bank viz. Specie . , 48,357 50 Lf-irsl reader Nbtep . lJu.OOQ 00 liedemptlo- fund with U. 8. treasurer (5 per cent circulation) 6,000 001,075,33 07 Total ....... , . . iA&im4Q 0J LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in . $200,000 0) Surplus fund 09 Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid . . . 17,631 30 National bank notes outstanding 201 tX) Due to other National banks . $456 009 98 Due ui.tate banka aud bankers . 323,0tl 37 Individual deposits sub Ject to check 9H 7.6 31 Demand certificates of deposit ....( o46Sf 49 Ortlfled cbnks 37 Cash er'achecxs outstand ng . . .52 203 21 Unite . States deposits 70.QUU 00 2.378,488 64 Light shower are reported from scatteied points along the gulf coast wnd in the upper Miss sippi and Ohio liver vsllos. The heaiest rainfall re ported is .52 of an inch, at Kansas City. Mo Pair weather is expected for Khox-ille and vicinity, tonight and Thursday, with little change of temperatuie. J. F. VnonuiCERS, Assistant ObBener temporarily in chaise. ATLANTA, KNOXVILLE & NORTH .ERN RAILWAY COMPANY. Although work Is being rushed on the baseball grounds at Chilhowee park, it is stated that the grounds will not be finished by June 16, at which time the Knoxville baseball team -wMl play Sheffield. Notwithstanding the fact that the work will be Incomplete; the park will be ih condition to play the game there on that day. Fifty men are being employed by the contractors at the park and they are working over- i . fl a, Aft time. Monday, the force worked until 1..-,. past 6 oclock and, Tuesday, their labors did not end until nearly dark. It being absolutely necessary to work overtime in ordei to have the pjirk in readiness for the opening game. The grandstand 's near completion, but 'it will not be done by June 16, although the spectators may be seated. The roof will be built after the game, Thursday, but in the meantime, boards will be placed over the grandstand to shade the spectators. The grandstand is 60x100 fet in front and 60-10 feet in tne rear, beins 'of sufficient capacity to eat a large number of spectators. Work was begun, Tuesday, at noon on the bleachers It is believed they will be finished by the time todays work is doe. S. P. Condon, th contractor, has a force at work, grading the hMl which skirts the south end of th baseball grounds and will finish hs vcork, today. This hill is being graded In ordei that the fielders may not be inronveni-emed by its steepness. For the present, the gtounds will be fenced in on the west side by an 8-foot fence, while afterwards the grounds will hkclv hn enurcled. The carpenters are pushed for tme and are compelled now to do some temporary work. The baseball diamond was placed in good condition, today. All things considered, the park wdl be well adapted to baseball games and will please the public, being conveni ently arranged. It is south of ! traction lines, on an elevation Friends of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. BUf-rier will regret to learn that they have decided to remain in Los Angeles permanently. Mrs. Samuel Hatcher is ill. teen Boyd is entertaining a number of gentlemen friends from the city, today. Misses Lillian Hose and Inda King, two attractive girls of Washington, l. C.,will be the guests of Nlisa. Marie Muffday during July. J. C. Monday and son, Alvin, will leave, next week, to spend some time in Buckeye, Ky. Mis. McMeehan is spending this week with friends in Sevierville. Miss Alice Duf-fleld entertained frends from the citsy Monday. Mr. and Mrs. William Sneed were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. I3en Bod, recentl;. Mrs. Ben Smith has ( returned from a pleisant visit to ffiands in South Carolina. Born, recently, to Mr. and Mrs. James Welcker, a daughter. A neat cottage is being erected at j rkiikA.. .. k.. XT. Pm-lriM All. ! MUNYONS STARTLING . DISCOVERY A NEW CURE TO PROLONG lft( Made From the Fruit of Atlanta. Ga.. AprH !5, 1904. Notjee is hereby g-en that a special meeting of the atoqkholde-s of th Atlanta. Knoxville & Northern Railway company has ben called by th board of di'ectors and will be held at the principal office of the company, room 112 Prudential building, In the city of Atlanta, Ga , at 10 o'clock a m.. on the 17th day of June 1904, for the purpose of considering and voting upon the acquisition by purchase or consolidation by thr- Louisville & Nash-vlle Railroad company of the rail-reads, rights, properties and franchises of the Atlanta, Knoxville ft No-thern Railway company, and for the transaction of su ffi other business as may properly come before said meeting. By order of the board of directors. II. W. OLIVER. Secie-ary. Total 8 916,349 0 1 State of Tennessee. County of Knox ss; I, Wm, T Marfleld, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly .wear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Wm T MARKIELD, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 14th day of June, 1904 W. K. ANDERSON; Notary Public. Correct Attest: Wm S SHIELDS, J P HAYNES, EDWARD HENEOAR. Directors. EXCURSION, KNOXVILLE TO LaFOLLETTE AND RETURN, JUNE 12. June 12 the Southern railway will operate a special excursion train, Knox-vi'lo to LaFolIette and return rate from Knoxville 75 cents round trip T-aln leaes Knoxville 9 a. m , p-rives Lf.Follette 11 a. m. Returning 1 aves LaFolIette 5 p m, arrives Knoxville 7 p. m. For tickets and further Information call on Southern railway agents C. A BENSCOTER, Ast. Gen. Pass. Agent J. L. MEK, Dls. Pass. Agent. southeast of the stat'on. The public will have no trouble in getting to th grandstand, ns there will be seveial good entrances. The KnoxMile team, of which Moffett is manager, will on Thursday play Sheffield. Knoxville played Anniston, this morning, and left the Alabama city, this afternoon, for Knoxville, expecting to leach here, Thursday morning The Sheffield team is sad to be a strong one. a number of expert players having been added, and the team also has strong ilnanclal backing. A series of three games each will be played by Anniston and "Decatur, which teams follow Sheffield. and Mrs. James Smith entertained a number of friends from the city, Monday. SOUTH KNOXVILLE. Mrs. James G. Johnson, accompanied by her little daughter, Lula, will visit friends in Hamman the latter pait of this week. Mrs. William Wrinkle and daughter. Fay, will leave soon to spend the remainder of tha.summer at Alleghany Springs. Iili'Q Hardin Gentry is the guest of her mother at Concord. Arthur Seaton, a recent guest of South Knoxville relatives, has returned to Alabama. Miss Leila Rudder Is being entertained by friends at Greenback. William Wrinkle is numbered among the , guests " at Alleghany Springs. Misses Margaret arid Ruth Anna Craft leave, Monday, to visit St. Louise Mis. J. A. Ruble, of Johnson City, visited friends in Soui Knoxville, recently. The Ladies Aid society of the Baptist church gave a quilting party at the home of Mrs. J. G. Johnson, Tuesday afternoon. Th's is one of the many ways devised by the ladies of this church to ra'se funds for the completion of the church building. Mr. Lawrence, of Harrtman, ts being entertained by Dr. C. C. DeArmond and family. EAST KNOXVILLE. The Ladles Aid society of the Bell Avenue Presbyterian church is holding the ia very interesting missionary meeting an,j ' in the chapel of the church, this aftei- iiicKman & - Johnson. Insure With Your Friends If you ire Inclined- to give your Insurance to your friends to write, you can't overlook us, for we are the best friends any one can have in the Insurance business. No better or more faithful service , is rendered by any Agency. HICKMAN" & JOHNSON. T 4 and 6 Henson Building. Old Phone 1 New Phone 114. i. Stops All Wastes by Feeding the Nerves. REVITALIZES THE BLOOD. LOUIS EXPOSITION RATES Via Southern Railway. For the universal exposition which apened af St. Louis April 30th. and closes December 1st, the Southern railway will sell round trip tickets da'iy from points named at rates given, as (follows: i Knoxville 18.25. Limit 15 days from date of sale. Knoxville $21 60. Limit 60 days from date of sale. Knoxville $25.85. Limit December IS, 1904. Limit 15 days from CURES DYSPEPSIA, INDIGESTION AND STOMACH TROUBLES. noon. Miss Viola Fitzpatrick will entertain soon, comolimentary to her guests, Misses Lola and Viola Fitzpatrick. Lon Wright is ill at his home In East Knoxville. Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Huffaker have leturned from a pleasant visit with friends at Cumberland Gap. Mrs. L. M. Ewing will return to her home, this week, after a delightful visit with friends at Bluff City. Mis. Samuel Armstrong has recovered from recent illness. Misses Dora and Gwendoline Wallace, of Watauga, will arnve A Great Test to be Made in Knoxville 1C,QC0 Bottles to be Given Away From the Store of Sanford, Chamber-lain & Aberg Co., Cor. Gay and Uhlon Streets. XHIS FREE DISTRIBUTION EEGINS AT 9 OCLOCK FRIDAY MORNING. To the Editor of The Knoxville SenUnei. Having discovered a. new remedy, which 1 believe will revolutionise the practice of medicine. I must earnestly aslc that you assist me in Us introduction by announcing this free distribution in your columns. I want the public to know the truth, know it as I know it. . I believe there is a cure for every dis ease I believe tnat human life can be prolonged I believe that people should die only from old age, and I also be Report of the Condition of THE THIRD NATIONAL BANK at Knoxvl'k In th tate of Tennera-p, at tie do6 of buatne9 Jun 9th, 1904: KR'OmuiC. -ft1 (UsaOU um .. 9IC.230 68 O or&ft iiecttrd unwn'J 14 0 1T Hostl to cir clrrulai I tOO.O'M)' Ptwlumi on TJ. 8 Roods .. . 4.0 09 8 orfe. pfuntten. oto .. .. I . 20.6YO0J Rankin bouse furniture and fix ture Oi.irr ml owned Dae from National hanks (not reserve aeentai , 52,fi23 21 Dae from itate bauks and hankers , .... 7844 67 Due from anproxed re serve agents . . . 230.871 69 Exchance for clearing house 1,915 02 14ntea of other national banka 21,335 00 Fractional paper currency, blfkela and cents . 812 72 Lawful Mhney Uoserre to Bank, vli. fpecie . 61 92 40 Legal tender note 6,OOJ ul 373,638 79 Redemption fund wltbU. ft. treasurer & per cent of circulation) 6 000 00 Total . ... M LIABILITIES. Cspltal slock paid in 3X)000 00 8t.riuu.fuod... 45,900 00 Lsdlvldcd prnflts, lest ax ponses and Iss.t paid ! 37 04 Rational bank notes outstanding lOj.uiAi 09 Duo to other national banks I1A7 Duo to stoto banks and bankers.... 31 1 871 13 Duo (o approved rsserva eoenta lO.Sil 04 Individual deposits subject to 522.744 M Demand eeitldcaies of depnolt 27.8(11 54 Cashier's checss outstanding Tii M-Ult,81l4t Total ...... 11 485 90. 53 Blaea of Tennessee, County of Knox, : L I. M. Copley, e. shier of the above-named bask do solemnly swear that tho above statement to truedo the beat of my knowledge and belief. C. M. COOLEY, Cashier. ' Subscribed and sworn to before me thla 14th day of June, 1904. , CHAS. A. HUDIBfRO, Notary Public. Correct Atteat: ABA HAZEN, E. C. CAMP. , J. E. BRISCOE, Direct ora. We Close On account of Hospital Day picalc we close at one o'clock Thursday. JIM ANDERSON COMPANY. CONSTABLE SALE the latter part of th's week to be the j foT5.0 frjlisr'ir ' 've and know that my Paw Paw rein- for some time. The man. friends of edv will not only relieve much suffering Horace Angel, who recently went to . ad, manv ve&ra to the averase Cumberland, 1 Vo. will regret to ; aad manyye-r8 t0 lhe averaSe learn of hie se.ious illness at that place. , my opnlon dygpersta And ndljre(1. ! tion are the qause of most ailments. EMPLOYERS. A good cook wants work; can furnish best of references. Young man with experience wishefi employment as clerk. 25 men wish nrk as factory hands HARBIS0N & FIORL ' 367 N. Gay. Old Phone 14S. Mr. Angel was Joined bv his wdfe, this week, who will remain with him until his recovery. Children's day service was held at the Hell Avenue Presbyterian church. Sunday morning The church was beautifully decorated In daiaes and ferns, and art interesting program was rendered, to the enjoyment of the large congregation present. WEST KNOXVILLE. We Keep Your Measurements and if you have changed your residence and have not changed your snape, we can supply any garment you may want from our records. Write us. Bmrl mailed free anywhere. The great number of re-orders with which we are favored is the most convincing sign of the merit of our tailoring. If we havent your measure, see that we get It. 5ults$i5 to $4o. . IiOOS & CO. Incorporated. TAILORS 411 0y Street Knoxville, Tennessee. of household goods at Summon!' Auction houe Thursday at 10 a m at 208 Gay street. SAMMONS, Auctioneer. FIRST WARD REPUBLICAN MEETING. The republicans of the flrst ward of the city of Knoxville are hereby called upon to meet at the store house on the Charles Chapman has accepted a position with the Mcltee Trading Co.. Mrs. S. C. Stiies and daughters. Misses Llz-sie and Juanita Stiles, spent Sunday with, Oakwood friends. Friends regret to learn of the illness of Mys. Joseph Brown, at her home on Walnut street. Rev. William Rader, pastor of the Highland Avenue church. Is visiting indigestion means nervousness, sleeplessness, impure blood, catarrh, sluggish liver, kidney and heart affections. No person can be happy no person can Fee the beauties of life and enjoy Its pleasures, who suffers from afiy form of stomach trouble. . An eminent actor called my attention to the wonderful benefit he had derived from eating the Paw- Paw fruit, telling me that It had made almost a new-stomach for him. I began to experiment with this fruit and found It to be a most powerful aid to digestion I have taken the medicinal qualities of this fruit and combined It with other medicaments and have made a preparation which is called vJ'MUNYONS , PAW PAW. I cannot recommend this remedy too friends in Sevierville, this week. Alfred . . . - ------ Adkin and Peadrlck Cross have return- ' highly for all fprms of Indigestion and ed from Ball Camp. R. C. Cultsshaw nervousness. This remedy also act is entertaining his brother, who has wonderfully vvell on the liver, blood and Just returned from the Philippine is- I kidneys, hut I believe Its greatest office lands. Miss Nettle Dunn entertained a ,B ,n ll marvelous effect upon the stom. number of friends at her home on East ! ach "nd rterver It Is really a nerve Bristol $20.75, date of sale. Bristol $24 90. date of sale. Bristol $29 85 904 Johnson Citj- $20.75 . Limit 15 days from date of sale Johnson City $24.90. -Limit 60 days from date of sale Johnson City $29.83. Limit December 15, 1904. Greeneville $20 45. Limit 15 days form date of sale. Greeneville $24.60. Limit 60 days front dat- of sale. Grenevtlle $29 35. Limit December 13. 1904. Morristown $19 50. Limit 15 days from dat of sale. Morristown $23.25. Limit 60 days from date of sale. Morristown $27.85. Limit December 15. 1904 Rogrt-svllle $20 45. Limit 15 days from dale of sale. j Rogersviile $24.50. Limit 60 .flays from date of sale. Rog-rsvllje $29 35. Limit December 15. 1904. New port $20 15. Limit 15 days from dale of sale Newport $24.10. Limit 60 days from date of sale, -t Newport $28 90. Limit December 15, 1904. Sweetwater $18.25. Limit 15 flay from date of sale Sweetw ater $21 0. Limit 60 days from date of sale. Sweetwater$25.85. Limit December 15. 1904 Athens $18.25. Limit 15 days from date of sale Athens $21 60. Limit 60 days from date of sale Athens $25.85. Limit December 15, 1904. PROPORTIONATELY LOW RATES FROM OTHER POINTS. June 2d, 7th, 9th. 14th. 16th. 21st, 28d, 2Sth and 30th, Coach excursion rates will be authorised. Tickets limited ten days from date of sale and will be good only in roaches. - Round trip rates for these dates from Bristol will be $14 40; Knoxville. $12 80. Proportionately low rates from other points SOUTHERNS ST. LOUTS SPECIAL Solid vestibule train consisting of elegant day coaches dining cars, and Pullman sleeping cars. Leave Knoxville 8 45 p m., arrive St. Louis $5.00 p. m DAT SERVICE. Leave Knoxville 9 80 a. m. Arrive St. Louis 7.30 a. m Route via Southern railway and Queen and Crescent Route. For ticket and complete information call on Southern Railway agents. C. A. BENSCOTER. Asst Gen'l Pass. Agent, Chattanooga. Tenn. J. L. MEEK. District Passenger Agent, ' Knoxville, Tenn. GIG FOUR ROUTE Direct Line to Only Depot In City. Three Trains a Day. Only Through Sleeping Car Line. Private Compa rtment Sleeping Cars S3SJ Three Trains a Day. CT I nC Only Noonday Train, ul. LUUlJ ITequaled Dining Car Service, Modern Equipment, Fast Schedules, J. E. WARREN J. LTNCH. ' Gen. Pass, ft TkL Agt. REEVES, Genl Southern Agt. Cincinnati, O. Southern's St. Louis Special Solid through train of elegant flrst-class coaches and Pullmans latest drawring-room sleeping cars in operation April 26. Dining cars operated on these trains between Legington and St. Louis. Leaves Knoxville 8:45 p.m Front avenue, Tuesday evening. Music corner of Cumberland and Henderson 1 B'1 games furnished amusement for streets, at 7 o'clock Thursday night, j ue guests. Toward the close of the June 16, 1904. and there participate Uevemngs entertainment, the guests an election for county committeemen ( w ere invited into the dining-room, and delegates to the county convention i " artistically decorated irr food and vitalizer. It gives exhilaration without intoxication. It does what whiskey or beer rannot do. It relieves the nerve tension. It stimulates every fibre and puts Into active force every tissue of the COACH EXCURSION TO WORLDS FAIR, ST. LOUI3, IN JUNE. On June 2, 7, 9. 14, 16, 21, 23, 28 and 30, Arrives St. Louis 5 p. ni. rate efjectlvs to be held on -fresh, nenm under the ruleB and call made for mud me-tings by the county Reupbllcan executive committee. S R. RAMBO. Chairman First Ward Commute This June 15th, 1904. SERVICE AGAINST FROST. An Information process has been filed in federal court by Will D. Wright, the United States district attorney, In rem Wm. H. Frost, who is under indictment for alleged violation of the law In refilling stamped barrels at his distillery In Momoe county. The process Is filed attaching the proceeds of the sale of eight barrels of whisky which were seised by the officers when Frost was arrested. This Is the regular process in order to place this fund In the hands of the government. were served. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Dunn, Misses Laura Dunn, Margaret Vandergriff, Hattie Gentry, Rosa Dunn, Anna Langford, Mamie Shar-mon, Stella Johnson, Nettle Dunn: Messis. Woodward McHaffy, Grnndvtlle Porter, Edgar Whedbee, Logan Dunn, W. B. Baker and Lon Dunn. OAKWOOD. DRY WEATHER PROVING VERY INJURIOUS. DR.PItRCfcS (GOiLE&Etti MEDIC gi tEJOmVERY - 108 TIIC pLOfi3.llVtR.mWGS, m;: mvj tUisSSf ftteedv ef (Met, 4vi ml ReeeleM MeJk I. OmiM r M Re-. Bankrupt's Petition For Discharge. In the mstter of John McFarland, bankrupt. In bankruptcy. Order of notice thereon.- Eastern district of Tennessee, s. a. On thla. the 14th day of 'June, A. D 1904, on reading the foregoing petition, It la ordered by the court, that a hearing be had upon the aaine on the 25th day ot June, A. D., 1904, before said court at Knoxville, In sail district, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, end that notice thereof be published in The Knoxville Sentinel, a newspaper printed In said district, and that a'l known creditors and other persona In Interest may appear at th said tme and place and show cause. If any they have, why the prayer of the mv'd petitioner should not be granted. And It la further ordered by the court, that th clerk shall send by mall to ell known creditor copies of said petition and this order, addressed to them at their places of residence as aisled. Witness, the Honornhie C. V. Clatk, Judge of th said court and th, seal thereof, at Knoxville, In suld il Utile' on th 14th day of June, A. D 1904. (Beal f the court.) . HENRY O. EWING. Clark. 1 Th dry weather is injuring crop very much. Alex Dailey, a truck grower who has a highly cultivated place .east of the city, was, today, asked aa to the effect of the drought, and he said: The dry weather la doing much damage and unless there is rain. In ten daya, th effect of it will be wlde- spread. There In a mistaken idea with 1 regard to the persona who suffer from these droughts. It is th buyer shlef-ly the people of the etiy who suffer. Thla is because they buy the stuff that is grown ana the prices ere always higher when there has been much dry weather. Where ground 1 In a high atate of cultivation, th effect of dry weather la not so great and as a result th owners of this kind of soil always profit from th dry season. John L. Rhea has New, Pure Torchon Ijices, (Linen), and Valenciennes Laces, Nainsook Embroidery, Irish and India IJnens, Persian Lawn, Whit Chiffon. French Lawn, Organdie, Nett, Colored Lawns and Batiste. A variety of Bilks and white and colored Woolena. Mr. and Mrs. 'William Madgelt, of Barboursv ille, Ky arc the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Madgett. Henry Brown le spending this week in Jeillco. Miss Anna Madgett visited Knoxville friends, Monday nnd Tueeday. Robert Brown left, Tuesday, for a visit to Harriman fi lends. Miss Howell has returned from a visit to relatives at Mascot. Mr. and Mrs, James Low's are entertaining relatives from Ohio. Mr. J. B. Burnett remains 111 at her home In Oakwood. Master Clarence Curlis is III, this week. The revival service which are being conducted at the Presbyterian church by Rev. A. J. Colle. continue with great Interest. Mlse Elsie Mae Ford, of East Knoxville, was a recent guest of Mrs. J. M. Lowe. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Fogarty, of Cookeville, were visitors at th home of Mr. nnd Mrs. John Madgett, Sunday. Miss Mary Alexander, of the city, siient Saturday with Miss Llllta Davis. Mlh Craven hHs returned to her home In the city, after snendlng two weeks with her sister, Mrs. J R. May. Mrs. Wj H. l)ohmernnd children have returned from an extended visit to friends in lnd'ana. M'ss Lillian Rurger, an attractive girl from Marlon, N. ('., Is the guest of Mrs. James Kmtth. Munsey Chlely, of Hurnsldo, On., hn returned to his home, after a visit wlih Mr. end Mr. A. E. Chiely. Mr. and Mrs. John Smoker-spent Sunday with friends In LaFolIette. Mr. James Smith and her guest, Miss Lillie Rurger, are visiting friends In Jeillco. Mrs. B. T. Curtia and children spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives at Third Creek. Mis Minnie Haynes and Messrs. B. T. Curtis and F. J. Buffet were entertained by Clinton relatives, recently. SCHOOLS NOW RUNNING , AT HIGH SCHOOL Miss Norms R. McCIsnahans summer school at the High echool commenced a term of ten weeks, Monday mormrg. A good alxed class attended. Miss McClannhan say ahs will posl-t'vly not teach after th's ten weeka term and that nil who want In attend must enter ns early as porulbl. Prof, W. T, While will continue hi Chryttal Algebra class until th opening of th summer school of tbs south. COMPANY C ELECTED ALL NEW OFFICERS. . The election of officer In Company C or the second battalion of the Third regiment, which was held Tuesday night, resulted In the election of R. E, L. Hellers to succeed Chas, Glenn as Captain; Jaa. (Unison- a flrst lieutenant to succeed Heller, while Frank C. Coffey ws elected second lieutenant to succeed Glenoyu, Coffey was fit at sergeant, and the promotion ws In regular order. Th election ws very I fnnnul, but was attended by all of the I June 17th, at I a. hope and holds him there.' It Is a bridge that enables the weak and sickly to cross dangerous place. It feeds aad nourlsnes the nerve, so that th blood corpuscles will be constantly revitalized, and the losses of the vital forces will be almost Imperceptible. In other word, It will supply a Sufficient quantity of life matter to take the place of the waste. Instead of irritating the herves ana stomach, it soothe and strengthens them. 1 Almost every human being some time requires a stimulant NOT AN ALCOHOLIC STIMULANT, not a stimulant that will buoy up for a moment and then cast down to lower depths of depression, but a stimulant that will give an abiding strength and lasting force. My Paw Paw aids the stomach to digest hearty foods, and to make good, rich blood, which again. In turn, strengthen the nerve. vilBlIsInr all the tissues, and soon produces muscle, tissue, bon It is my opinion that the clergymen In this country could do no greater service tn the cause of temperance than to advocate th general use of Pstr Paw forby Its use drunkenn-s would be lessened, and the moral and health of lhe community greatly Improved. A wife whose husband ts addicted to drinking can do nothing better for herself or family than to get a bottle of this Paw Paw. and whenever her hus. band feela the need of a tonic give him a tablespoonful of Paw Paw. Hlic will find that he will soon lose all cravings for strong drinks that his Hppetlt will soon become natural, that hla nt-r vnusnesa and longing for excitement will disappear, and he will be perfectly satisfied without alcoholic attmulunta and harmful beverages. I have so much rnnfldenc In this remedy that I propose distributing trial bottles free throughout the rountry. want everybody to try It, feeling confident that It will bring relief and happiness. 1 everybody to try It, feeling confident that It will bring relief and happiness. Trusting you will aid me In this In veetigation, 1 beg to remain. Yours faithfully, J. M. MUNTON. Professor Munyon has adopted the same method ot introducing thl remedy that has characterised the Introduction of alt hla other remedleo by dlstrlbut Ing free sample and Inviting the public tn make a thorough tent and then re port the result through tho columns of the newspapers, druggists, and Inviting the public make a thorough test and then report the result through the columns of the newspupers We cheerfully open fhe columns of our paper to this Investigation and hope that every person suffering with r' neiv or stomach trouhle will glvt this remedy g.irefui test, Thl free distribution bSgln Friday from th store of cheap coach excursion rates have been uthorlzed to St. Jamls and return and through coaches will be operated from KnoxvlUe via Harriman Junction and Louisville on these date Leave Bristol 15 p m., round trip rate $14 40; Johnson City. 1 07 p. m , round trip rate $14.40, Greeneville. 8-13 p. m., round trip rate $14 30, Morristown, 4.35 p. m round trig rate, $13 65; Knoxville, I 45 . m., round trip rat $12 80; arrive St. ,ouls, 5 00 p. m. without change. Pro portonately low rates from other points. Tickets good only in coaches. Morning train leaves Knoxville 9 30 m., arrives St. Louis 7 SO a, m.; evening train leave Knoxville 45 p. m., arrives Bt. Louis 5 00 p. m. This Is the Southern's Bt. Lnuls Special, solid through train of elegant coach-, Pull man sleeping car Dining cars be-tween Lexington and Bt. Louis. Only double dally through car service between East Tennessee and Bt. Louis For ticket and complete Information call on Southern railway ticket agents J. L. MEEK, District Passenger Agent. member of th company, who showed i Sanford, Chamberlain ft Albert Co., and much Interest in tho proceeding. closes Saturday at I p. m. TO THE LEGAL VOTERS OF THE MAYOR AND ALDERMEN OF THE CITY OF KNOXVILLE You w-IU hereby take notice that ou June 16th. 17th and 18th. 1964, the re g lstration hooks will be opened fop supplemental registration In all the wards of the city to give those who have not registered or have moved sine last reg Istered, an opportunity to prepare them selves to vote as to whether or not Ih Said city ahall Issue bonds for the pur pose of building and operating a system of waterworks. And we hereby appoint registrar In th wards aa follows: 1st ward Jno, Sneed and T. C. Eld' ridge. 2d ward Jno, C. Gunn and Chas. E. Rogers. 8d ward J. M. Duncan and R. Hickey. 4th ward R. P. Williams and J. Hudlburg. 6th ward Chai. Youngblood and Al onto Folding. 6th ward Joe Chestnut and Rob. Osborne. 7th werd (north) J. A. Biggs and Ira Roberta. 7th ward (south) Oreg Ash and Ed Turnsr. 1 (ih ward M. D. Sullivan and 8. D, Bhnttuck. Pth ward (north) J. T. Joy, Jr and S. H. Tilley. th ward (south) A. C. Kennedy and Will Cnnsler loth ward W. W. Mot r lion and J. R. Johnson. - , 11th ward J. U McOellard and Chat. Rrown. tu This June 82th. 1964 W. M. EPPB. Chairmen. JAB. A ADAMB. E. E. MrMILLAN. Commissioners of Registration and Llestlon for Kncx county, Tenia Worlds Fair April 25. Coach excursions June 1, 9. 14. 16. 21. 23, 28 and 30.' T. F. T. Bciiham, C. P. ft T. A. J. L. Meek. District Pass. Agent 614 GAY BT KNOXVILLE, TENN. LOW RATES TO Hot Springs, Ark., AND RETURN Via RocK Island System (Choctaw Route.) One fare plus $2.00 from your home , town. Final limit 60 days. Tickets on V sale every Wednesday and Saturday during June, July, August and Septem- ' ber, 1904. . For further information' Write- ee call on F. D. BLACKMAN. D. P. A., Chattanooga, Tenn. EXCURSION RATES TO HOf SPRINGS and EUREKA 8PRING8, ARKANSAS. The Bouthern Railway will sell x-v eurslon ticket to the above points on each Wednesday and Saturday Ju months of June and July, August and September, et rate of one firgt-claee ' fere plue $2 00 for the round trip, tick- ' eta limited 60 days from data of sale, a with privilege of extension to 90 days ' upon payment of th difference between -rate et which tliket was sold and th4 regular all-year' tourist rate For tickets and complete information 1 call on Soalhern Railway agents. ) J. L MEEK, J District Passenger Agent . C. A. RENBTOTER, Aas't Genl Paes. Agent. UNITED CONFEDERATE VETER-1 AN S REUNION, NAtHVILLE,-TENN, JUNE 14-1J, 1904. For th above occasion Bouthern Rail) ' way will sell round trip tlcksts at vei low rates. Tickets will he on sals Jun . 10th. 11th. 12th, 13th. 14th, and 16th, ( limited to return Jun 18th. Extension, of final limit ran b secured until July, 10th hy depositing ticket with spelal' agents at Nashville, Tenn., on or before Jun 18th and payment of fee of fifty cent. Bouthern Railway coupon ticket , agents will quote rate and atll ticket on as-illcation. i J. U MEEK. lf District Passenger AgenL C A. BENBCOTER, Aas't Gsn'l Pass. Agent. - J

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