The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 27, 1930
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Served by the ] United Press BLHHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANU SOUTHEAST MISSOURI IIOMR EDITION VOL. XXVI—No. 256 Blytheville Courier, Blytheville Hoi aid, Blytheville Dally News, Mississippi Valley Loader. HIATHKVILLl-:, AltKANSAS, MONDAY, JANUAUY 27, 1!WO SINGLE COPIES FIVE-CENTS CHARGE HELENA MAN WITH WOMAN'S DEATH School Directors Call Mass Meeting ILIEF DIRECTOR Conditions Not As Serious as First Feared; Everything Well in Hand, For the first time since Hhe swollen waters of Big Lake, 16. miles west of this city, pushed through the levee at Elk chute on Jan 16 and inundated thousands of acres of farm land, rendering many families marooned In a sea of ice and muddy water, the situation was considered well in hand with the announcement by Albert Evans, assistant national director of the Red Cross, that the routine of caring for destitute families brought from the area Had been well established and others remaining in the region are being provided for by the organization. Mr. Evans was optimistic over the outlook this morning. He slated that first reports of families affected by the flood and the area inundated had been greatly exaggerated and the problem at first believed to be an acute one of reaching and caring for the families in need has been effectively worked out with the aid of volunteer relief workers and the local Red Cross organization. Walter Over, field representative of the Mid-West office of the Red Cross will remain here in actlva charge of the work and will be assisted by Miss Katherine Monroe, social worker. Mr. Evans plans to m»ke frequent trips here to keep In contact with the work. B. A. Collier,-. B«i Cross accountant, ar- rivt-^hw* today to aid Mr. Evan? In Burl White ofShawnee Near Death Burl White. 37. of Shawnee. neai 1 Joiner. Is In a critical condition at Campbell's clinic at Nfemphis, suffering from five bullet woimds alleged to have been inflicted by Horvy Kinney at Shawnee Sunday. White, according to reports, was shot three times in the arm. ones In his side below the heart aiv.l one bullet entered his leg. Phone wires to Joiner are out of commission today and no details of the shooting could be obtained. Kinney was placed In jail at Osceola by S. H. Harrison, deputy sheriff at Joiner, and returned to Joiner presumably for a preliminary hearing today before Justice P. W. Holt although neither the sheriff's office nor the office of the prosecutor at Osceola had nny definite knowledge of any charges ngalnst Kinney. Ice May Thwart Return of Byrd's Ship i— in -H —1.1 - —. ——-—— . The national director estimated today that not more than fitly families are being cared for by the Red Cross at Roseland (headquarters of the relief work), Manila and Dell. A fourth refugee camp has been established at Brinkley brothers' l»nn and probably 20 families are at tnat place. Boat loads 'of provisions were loaded to be carried to the Brinkley camp today. Many Families Bemaln • Unless the water In the flooded area rises more than Is anticipated / many families still in the area plan to remain and the relief workers will carry provisions Into the region. A number of men who came out with the families Friday and Saturday were preparing to go back to their- homes today to care for their stock left behind. Sunday boat crews pushed their small craft as far Into the inundated region as possible and then packed provisions to houses where families unable to leave, waited for supplies. Several times the workers waded into the icy waters above their waists to reach the isolated groups. Boat Trouble Develops Excitement prevailed at the Roseland ditch headquarters for several hours Saturday night when one boat crew failed to return early that night. Another boat manned by Arch Lindsay, John COOK Robinson and Johnny Pepp went In search of the tardy Jxmtmen, Oliver Coppedge and Joe Felscn- thal, and discovered their boat had developed motor trouble. The searchers likewise found themselves in trouble when the propeller of their outboard motor was damaged. A third boat with Ray Elklns in charge took up the search for the two and discovered them six mites below the relief headquarters stranded. The group arrived bacK at Roseland ditch about midnight. . The guage at Highway 18 showed the flood waters practically at a standstill today but observers anticipate si slight rise tomorrow, when Ice from the upper regions melted rapidly by rains of yesterday and today Is expected to reach the road. n»ve Thrills, Hardships In writing and talking of the relief workers who are bringing the refugees out of tVlr flooded homes In the Little River bottoms, lew know Just who the "rescuers' are. Working under the command of James A. Bass are: Joe Felsenthal, Johnny Pepp, John Cook Robertson, Oliver Coppedge Scott • Harris, Arch Lindsay, FIney Nipper, Stanley Ingram, Charles Ingram and Jim Crlttendm. Along with their numerous thrills there are plenty of hardships. Working from early In the morning until sometimes past midnight, In zero weather, they break ic« barriers, push their frail motor boats into the heart of C\< flooded district and reach the most Isolated of the stricken people. There their work only starts. With those who are in Immediate danger and refuse to leav* their Previous Decision Reaffirm ed; Licepse Fee for Public Autos Upheld. LITTLE ROCfC, 3an. 27 (UP)— The state' supreme court toda denied 9 petition for a rehearing of suit 'to test the constitutiona' Ity of the optional county unl school law passed by the last leg Islature. The law was held unconstltu tlonal in a ruling of the Pik county chancery court and the de clslon was upheld by the suprem court In an appeal of a case style Webb vs. Adams. Although denying a rehearing Chief Justice Hart wrote an exhaustive opinion given today and explaining more fully why the court held exemption of Faulkner and Sharp counties made the act one of local legislation. The opinion today removed the last hope of sponsors of the law t put it into force without further legislation. The state supreme court today denied a rehearing of a suit to test the constitutionality of the legislative act requiring payment of a license fee on publicly owned motor vehicles. The high court recently upheld a decision of the Pulaskl county chancery court declaring the 1929 act of the state legislature Imposing a fee on city and county owned vehicles to be constitutional. Marooned behind 3TXTmiles of solidifying ice at "the bottom.of the world" and unprepared- to face-1. rigors of another Antarctic winter, p.ear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, upper rlght ( and his 39 compai Ions in Little America may be in dire peril unless one of the Norwegian or British whaling vessels the region break through to their rescue. The Byrd ship City of New York, en route to bring bni the stranded party, was halted more than 600 miles from its objective, as shown on the map. upper Ie! Tt is'feared that this craft, seen lower right, Is loo light to penetrate the frozen waters. Lower le you see a typical view of the great ice pack which surrounds the Antarctic continent. In the center are Bendlk Johnson (top), ice pilot for the expedition, and Capt. Frederick C. Melville, skipper of the City of New York, upon,whom the safety of the explorers may depend. DF FEEJ1BL[M II Interested in Schools Invited to City Hall Auditorium Tomorrow. Comes 6,000 Miles to Pay ForJ921 Murder MEMPHIS. Tcnii., Jan. 27— (UP)—Jack Ilradfanl, who was brought li.OOO miles to answer for u mm iliT .committed nine years HBO, today plnulcd guilty and was MMUtMHTd to 21 years In prison. Bradford ami William Tliccdo killed Jack Atkins In an al- leraptcd holdup In 1021. Tliucde was cnuuht and sentenced to 21 years In prison. He already has served eight. After nine yenrs of trailing him detectives urreslcd Bradford In Hawaii last summer. An open meeting of public schoo' fflcluls nnd patrons of the school ir a discussion of tho tultlor icsllon. was decided at a meeting f the school board this afternoon rdlnn to Crawford Greene, su- MrhUciHlent. The meeting will take lace at the city hall auditorium omonow evening at 7:30 o'clock. The attlon was decided In orde i provide nn opportunity for (In wd to more clearly explain the Innnclrd situation of Blytheville mlillc schools at tills time, which s such ns to make necessary the eccnt tuition charges affecting oth Junior mid senior high schools. No stiidenls have thus far been orccd to mill school for non-pny- nenl of the tuition, which went nlo effect last Monday, says Mr. Orccne but tho question will be llscnssed from all angles Tuesday light and the board hopes to .atlsfy all patrons opposing the measure of Its Justification and necessity. Approximately J1.300 has aeen collected during the past week on tho amount clue for the first monlh'.i tuition. Mr. Greene stated that he expected a large crowd present at the meeting and that all were cordially Invited to ask questions pertaining to the school's finances and offer nny practical suggestion* for the solution of the problem. FIITIEI1 UPHELD IN VOIDING SflLE DF LIGHT PUNT upreme Court Rules Ac- iton Proposed at Osceola Would Be'Illegal LITTLE ROCK. Ark.—Tlic stale prcmc court today affirmed a de- slon of ihc Mississippi coimtj lanccry court prohibiting tb nyor and city council of Osceoh oin selling the clly water and ght plants to themselves. The plants belong to the Improve ent district and the city admlnls ators nrc without authority- to irchase them, the high courl lied. The sale would be against ibllc policy even 11 the plants be- nged to (he city Instead of the iiprovement district, the court said, he court was styled A. S. Rogers, layor, ct al, against F. M. Sang- cr and O. M. Farley. lyrd Expects to Leave His Base Next Month The fight on the law was launched and has been conducted by the county judges' association of Arkansas. At a meeting here two weeks ago a campaipn for repeal of the net was planned should the supreme court refuse a rehearing. homes and possessions, they have to argue and beg—*jnd In some cases It is useless. Others who want to come out are reluctant to leave their possessions—theit chickens and prized belongings have to accompany them. Knowing that the boats have to be as light as possible, It is necessary to dissuade them before they can leave. The return trips are dangerous. Mothers, oftentimes with crying babies In their arms, small children tugging al them and worried fathers, tax the small boats to the limit. There has been much trouble with the motors and on numerous trips It has been far into the nlgM before the second dally load was' safely unloaded at the Red Cross headquarters at Roseland bridge. No Accidents Mar Success There have been no accidents. Although amateurs at the work, the ten men have showed skill In their comprehension of the situa- lon and their team work has been so successful that no lives have Men endangered and not even a minor accident has marred their success. Yesterday Adoption of American Plan of Procedure, However' Is Anticipated. LONDON, Jan. 27 (UP)—The five-power naval conference, enter- Ing Its second week, wrangled politically but without making progress today on how to start its work. The "big five," or heads of the delegations^ met at Number 10 Downing street, the prime minister's residence and discussed t'.ie program or agenda of the conference The chief discussion was over insistence of the United States tha limitation of cruisers, submarines or other auxiliary craft be deal with before battleships or politlca problems are discussed. The American sroposal seemed likely to be adopted. France complicated It, however, by injecting the more fundamental problem of how limitation Is to be applied—whether each class of ships shall be limited separately or a nation shall be allowed a total naval strength oi so many tons to be divided among such classes of ships as It desires. OSLO, Norway, Jan. 27. (UP)— Admiral Richard E. Byrd. whose expedition has been cut oil by an ce pack In the Antarctic sent a message today saying he hoped to eave the Bay of Whales in February. The message was received by Anders Jan re, manager of the Kosmos company, whose whaling vessels are In the Antarctic. The message also said that Byrd would search the vicinity of Bal- leny island for the Norwelglan flyers lost in the vicinity. E Craighead County Farmers Ask Damages of Jonesboro Compress Compau; A number of Cralglicad count farmers arc seeking damages 10 tailing approximately »lli,000 froi the Jonesboro Compress compan for cotton lost In a compress fire i ?Punlu*M- F,'w> ATIMA.-PV* At- a suit which opened In circuit cour revolver rue /\ns\veis m | here today Thc C]Ulrc sesslon „ rpmnt it Prar-lirnl Inlfp lnc court today is expected to bi tempi at rracticai jose consumKl w|th lnc trlnl 0( the cns in Georgia. ATLANTA, Ga. r Jan. 27. CUP) — Out of a swift tragedy which claimed the life of an 18-year-old which was transferred here on change of venue from the Jones boro circuit. Due to the fact that the- "cotto case" had previously been set fo girl here Saturday night and re-1 10 ""* th <> suit of O. A. Hall agains suited In the probably fatal wound-1 the Frlsc ° railroad. In which tl ing of her alleged paramour, arose I fo ™« employe of the company today the belief that it all was a asking W5.000 for nn Injury, ha grotesque mistake. bec " suspended until Tuesday. Th Three families were apparently unwillingly involved. Otis C. Waller, employe of a telegraph com- tria! opened Friday. The suit by cotton owners again Ihe compress Is said to be based o pany, admitted to police thai he I ' he s "me set of facts contained shot and Inslanlly killed Miss COM a previous suit In which a grou A member of the French delegation admitted the discussion had been comclex and suggested it reminded him of the old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? He added hopefully, however, that he thought some progress had been made. to reach 10 persons marooned In a two-room house the men had to break through Ice up to their waists so that the boats could reach the house. Visitors to ft? relljf at the bridge hardly recognize the rescue workers, so red arc their faces from the exposure and so wrapped upi are they to buffet the cold winds, rain and snow. Airplanes Go to Relief of Indiana Flood Victims VIVCENNES, Ind., Jan. 27. (UP: —Airplanes again pushed out ovc the flooded and frozen lowlands o the Wabash and White rivers to day to carry food and medicine ti the last of the marooned sufferers Most of the Isolated families hav been reached with supplies droppc with parachutes, but there still re malned a few whose fate was un certain. Relief efforts were concentrates on the Claypool hills district o the lower White river where man case* of Illness were reported amon the marooned. Local People Suffer Severe Cuts in Accident Near Wilson Sunday Night, John Waterman, local manager or A. S. Barboro company, -had Is nose almost severed from his ace and his wife received cuts nd bruises about the face when heir car plunged Into a truck, aid to have been parked un- ghted, on Highway 61 near Wilon early Sunday night. The Wat- rmans were enroute from Mem- ihis to this city when the accl- ient occurred. They were rushed to Wilson, where first aid treatment was administered and were brought to Blytheville last night in a Cobb ambulance. After treatment they were dismissed today. Severa' stitches were required to close the wounds made by flying gloss on Mr. Waterman's face. Bell Brown and gravely woundded T. A. Watts, whom he knew as William Warren, when they appeared at the door of his home' and commanded him to "stick up your hands." For weeks, Waller said, his wife of plaintiffs were awarded appro* metely $36,000 by a circuit cou Jury. The case Is now before tl supreme court on an appeal. A Jury selected this morning try the case here Is composed O. L. Smith, Earl Kcnnelt, J had been hounded by mysterious I Welnberg, Archie Pierce. O. C elephone calls and a demand for 1 Stuart, Clyde Armnntrout. W. 1 1,000 in cash which he said she | Coates, J. C. Chapln, B. G. Gl Cremenceau's Donkey Dead; 30 Years Old PARIS (UP)—The old donke; A'hlch once carried Georges Clem enctau has died, Just a few week after its famous master. This donk ey, which was more than 30 year old st Its death, formerly pullet the small cart which carried Hi "Tiger" about the small town Bernouville, where he was a coun clllor. An ordinance was passed by the Ity council of Osceola several lonths m,'u. leasing the propertlM Df 'the - Osceola Light. arKl-Poirer company to a board of trustees' or a period of 20 years, but was oided, and the members of the ouncll, members of the commission under which the plant has operated for a number of years, and lie newly appointed board of trus- ees, were severally and Jointly en- olned from carrying out the ordinance, and from leasing the utlll- ies, in a decree rendered by Chan- :ellor J. M. Futrell at an adjourn:d session of chancery court. No,'ember 21. Colcman and Rlddlck of Little Rock represented the plaintiffs, and A. F. Barhain of Osceola was counsel for the defendauls. Was Exhibiting Automatic Pistol When Shooting Occurred. HELENA, Ark., Jan. 27. (U!') — [rs. Jewel S|>encer, 30, wife of ,x West Helena lumber mill foreman, led in a hospital here shortly core noon today of three pistol shot •omuls sustained at her home last iglit. Alton Smith. 25, was arrcsled and >laccd In jail on a charge of i.rsl egrce murder In connection wllli he shooting. He Is to be g'lven a. ircllmlnary hearing Friday. Tlie icily of Mrs. Silencer Is to be taken o Pine Bluff for burial tomorrow. Was Acrldrnt, Victim Says • Smith, u member of a prominent nmlly here, told officers the shoot; ng was accidental. He had been •showing the loaded pistol to Sam' Spencer, husband of the slain wo- 1 nan, when it accidentally discharged, he said. Mrs. Spencer, shortly before her death also told officers the slioot- Ing was accidental, but her husband said he believed Smith deliberately shot his wife, according to Sheriff J. O. Bnrlow. Smith said he had gone to the Spencer home to see a sister of ' Mrs. Spencer and that after finding she hud gone to Pine BUiH called her on the Spencer telephone. After the call he returned to the Siwncer living room and talked with the couple. Walter Walker also was at the Spencer home but said he was playing with a police dog at the time of tho shooting and did not see what happened. Polk* Find No Motive Smith Mid that tiK..ii4omotlc pistol suddenly lUrtod flrlnt .while he was examining it. One shot struck Mrs. Spencer In.the stom- tlte stomach and entering • h"n? v .-i breast, inflicting three .wounds. Spencer was Eliot through the hand -' when he grabbed the pistol out of •'• Smith's hand. Police had not accepted the ther ory the shooting was accidental though they admitted they had no motive for the shooting.' A thor- • ough investigation will be made, Sheriff Barlow said. Called Out For Trial of Alleged Attacker at Bolivar, Tenn. Will Award Membership Prizes at Poit Meeting Prizes for American Legion membership *ork during the past two weeks, one oi $7.50 and one of $5, will be awarded at the regular post meeting tomorrow night. A number of members have been putting forth extra effort during the period, and the membership committee indicated today that it expected to be able to report tomorrow that the post's quota of 274 had been reached. Legionnaires who attend tomorrow night's meeting will enjoy re- ecently had deposited with the at- orney of a friend. Thursday night •hen a threat of death readied M. N. Nunn, J. F. Smith and Carl TIpton. Both the plaintiffs and the dc- BOLIVAR, Tenn., Jan. 27. (UP) —National guardsmen have been ordered here to preserve order at the trial of Carey Gunn, 21, negro, charged with attacking a white girl. Seventy guardsmen from Jackson and Memphis will report for opening of the trial tomorrow when Gunn goes on trial for his life for the alleged attacking of Ada Cornelius, 15, a high school girl. Sheriff W. A. Neely, the trial Judge, and counsel for the negro petitioned the governor to authorize sending the troops. Fear of moo arrangements having been made to provide sandwiches and drinks. Among the matters of business to come before the meet- Ing will be an application from an organization at Wilson to conduct boxing matches under Legion sponsorship. Four Ships Reported in Distress at Sea frs. Waller, he said, he armed him- fendant In the suit are represented self. ' ' Inquiry otter the shooting reveal d Warren to be Watts, married i here for trial of the case, .nd the father of a child living in I Among the out of town lawyers I by groups of counsel. Approximately . 35 witnesses from Jonesboro are Atlanta. Waller told authorities the here for the trlnl of the case are lain girl had attempted to play a Eugene Sloan, Paul Mathis, basil iractlcal Joke upon him but that • Baker and Gordon Friersou of '.e realized it too late. He never ; Jonesboro. would have fired If he had known, he said. LONDON, Jan. 27. (UP)—Four steamships ore in distress in the Atlantic, messages to Lloyd's from the Lands End wireless station said today. action led to the petition. The ne- Tne Drltlsh steamer Armadale gro, held In a Memphis Jail since j Castle relayed an S. O. S. from an- Ihe attack December 7, Is said to have confessed. He 1s held pending outcome of a coroners inquest. Mr$. J. C. White 111 With Spinal Meningitis Mrs. J. C. While Is seriously III at her home on Kentucky avenue jchlded them. Parliament Speaker Chides Woman Members LONDON (TJPI—wmcn members of Parliament are n-.eeting with a esrles of rebuffs. Attacks have been made In the press about their attitude and now the Speaker has c with, cerebro spinal meningitis. She j All of the women members of Raymond Cooper Here Raymond Cooper, former county treasurer under five year sentence or embezzlement of public funds, visited friends in Blytheville yes- erday. He Is at temporary liberty from the state, penitentiary under a furlough which expires February , became sick two days ago, apparently with a nervous breakdown believed to have been the result of her nursing her grandson, John Howar'd White, 12, from an Illness of the same disease. Her condition grew worse quickly and developed into meningitis last night. Her grandion Is now convalescing _ after three *-eeks Illness. the House of Common?, with the exception of the Duchess of Athol. signed a petition to give women seats In the visitors galleries When they presented '.heir peH llo:l the Sptaker announced that more seats have been reserved for women visitors than men and that the galleries can't !>• thrown open 'only to women. other British vessel, the Everleigh, enroute to Brazil. The position of the Everleigh was given as 25 miles off the northwestern coast of France. The vessel was b&dly damaged an doul of control, the wireless said, Three other ships sent messages saying they were in distress but In no immediate danger of sinking. WEATHER Another Sanity Hearing for Howells Scheduled LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan. 27. (UP)—Another hearing to test tho sanity of W. H. HowelJs, Crawford ARKANSAS—Cloudy tonight and j county triple slayer, will be h«ld Tuesday, preceded by rain this aft- within a few days, It was on- ernoon and tonight In cost portion; pounced today. colder tonight. According to the official weather i Kowells Is held at the state pcnl- 'tentlary here and is sentenced to be electrocuted February' 28. Tho observer, Brax Smith, the minimum state supreme court has affirmed temperature here yesterday was 30 I his sentence and refused a rehear- degrees and the maximum, 46 de- ing. grcss; tloiidy with .69 Wchts oJ rain and southeast wind:. On the At a s&nity healing last Friday the Jury was unable to agree. The same day a year ago the minimum | governor was appealed to In an temperature was 20 degrees and the i edort to have Howell's death sen- maximum, 41 degrees; cloudy with tence commuted to life Imprlson- ,24 Inches of rain and north winds, 'ment.

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