Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 29, 1954 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1954
Page 11
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PAGE TWELVE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, APRIL 29,1954 Livestock Prires At Kast St. Lmri* NATIONAL STOCK YARDS. H1. #-ttr§»A) -• Hogs 9.900; 180-230 Ib one 1 price 27.00; .crvrral hundred hogs 27.10: 100 hrad 27.25: 2JO-2BO Ib 26.25-R.i: 270-3(10 Ih 25 00-26 00: load 309 !h 24.50; l.iMTO Ib 26 IW 2700: sows 400 Ib down 22.75-23 7:>; heavier sows 20.50-22.25; boars Take The Work Oat of Mowing RPM Rotary POWER MOWER Cuft hfgh gritt— w««di wi)K MM. H*i tffleltM I'/j HP tngin*, «d. ; jutUbl* whitli, lid* gtttt di«; thirg*. llghtwtlght, «*iy »• htndl*. ;i MOTOR I CARRIAGE ;. J «H hi Hi* •itor »•* ;-ihU to Mrcta your IxMlt. U( . JBlfc* ~- - * l(W »n>M< wring* * «"»r J* wR matar to «o» ASK ABOUT OUR CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS 5 HP Deluxe SEA IEE OUTBOARD MOTOR 185 95 17.00-20.50. Cafllo 2,000, calves 800; good to choirr sfcrrs 20 00-2."i: few commercial and low good 1800-20; small lols pond hf>iff>rs and rn'ixfi yearlings 13.00-21.00; frw commercial and low good 16..~>0-1!1.00; utility and rommrrcial 12.fiO-14.50; frw at 1500: rannrr and cutter rows 9.00-12.r>0; (hin kinds 8.00 and bf-low: utility and commercial bulls 13 50-1.').00: nittrr bulls 12.0013 00: good and choice vpalcrs 18.00-22.00; frw prime 24.00; commercial and low good* vealers J.100-17.00. Sheep TiOO; frw choice and primr native sponsors 26..TO; no olhrr early sales. In 1953 infant modality In the. Unitrd Stairs reached a nrw low of 28 per 1.000 live births, a of G Market Sinks, i Bounces Back By WfM.IAM FERRIS CHICAGO /P — Grains started | nut firm on Ihr Bosrrd of Trade j toflny, suffrrrd a midday sinking I spoil, and then bounced back in 1 the closing flour. Old crop soybeans were stronger than anything else as traders put | a mildly bullish interpretation on statistics on March crushing*. | There also WHS some short covering prior to issuance of a government report on soybean supplies in all positions. Wheat's upturn was viewed as largely technical, coming after a ONE OF AMERICA'S FINEST [You'll git a thrill out ef lh« tmoolh way thtt* 5 hontt thurn up lh« welir 01 tp**di up la 11 MPH ar glv* you Itiody trolling pewtr. Equipped with th» lomoul fl»»l-Cluleh Standard Msdtl , , *159 95 18" MARAUDER ROTARY POWER MOWER, Only 89 95 ENDS TONIGHT Clniidollr Cnlhrrt In "OUTPOST IN MALAYA" — 2 FEATURES Dunn f'Jiirk niul The. tlnrlrm Olobn-TrnUrrii "GO-MAN-GO!" FRIDAY - SATURDAY — 2 - Features Shown nl H:lfl — 11:00 GLENN ANN FORD • SHERIDAN Appointment A low cot* — high p«r/orm«ne» model that will tult your n**di lor • wtll conitructtd »fficl»nl powtr mower. I.S HP RPM motor h*i pl«n)y ef power to h*ndlt the tougheif mowing jobi. Rail bearing wheeli. ] adjuitable tutting helghti. Eaiy to handle, Built lo five yeari o( lerviee, (.OOO,''Vl AH >^ TIHIS ^< WELLS TIRE COMPANY 833 E. Hroudwity—Alton—I'hoiip 3-3131 Wells-Schmidt Tire Sales 101 E. Ferguson—Wood Ilivcr— Phono 4-8828 2ND HIT — SHOWN AT 10:02 NEVER BEFORE FUMED! RACHEL L CARSON'S THE SEA US ACAOIMV AWARD WINNER •••I Doeum*nfor|r Faotur* of 1P52 TECHHICOLOR Adapted ind Produced I IRWIN ALLEN MKiiiiv-flo-RotiNn, AUTO RIOES, 'I'HUC'K KIUE8, UVK 1'ONV KIUICS finite srvpre rfecline »?ar!ipr in >hp wrrk. Absnncr- of important mois- turr in tho drought arra alw en- somf> huyinR. Fe^d grains a firm tone in the cash mnrkft. Carlot grain rrrcipts in Chira^o wr.-rc estimatrd at; wheat 31, corn 25l. oats 8, barley 26, soybeans 2. CfffCAGO A>— Cash wheat: none. Corn: No 2 yellow l.fiO; No 3 1 5750-%; No 4 1.56*4-37'.;,; No S 1.5656'>i: sample grade 1.3)1-5.1%. Oats: No 1 heavy while 82's; No 1 white 80, No 2 77. Soybeans: None. Barley nominal: malting 1.20-62; feed 92-1.14. Hljfh Low (;|<M/> Prev.ctose Wheat May 2M':' t 2.01 \' t 2.01- 1 , 2.0.1-02 r ;i •Hy 2.03 2.00'!, 2.0M, 2.01 •fi-'i S'-P 2.06',4 2.0.1 7 /, 2.(MV, 2.0')';,-••>>, Dee 2.11'i 2.09 2.09', 200'i-%! Corn May 1.5:1% i.r,2 r ',, i.r,:!',i, 1:52% 1.r)3 ;l -j, 1.52-% 1.53'.» 1.53-r>2% Sop l.')0% 1.4n\ 1.50 1.40 ; ;i,-7', Uee 1.44-14 1.431, i.43-i 1.431 .,.,-ij, Oats Obituaries Sister Florentia Sister Florontia. a nun on the «(aff of St. Anthony's Infirmary from 1H25 until 19?,2. died r-arly this morninp in T^Pnal Hospital. St. Louis, following a short illness. Sister Vlorentia, who came to Alton from Germany in 1925.. had hern a sacristian at the infirmary and after being transferred to The Mother of God Counsel House, in St. I/mis, had continued in that rapariiy. The body wtll be brought to Alton for funeral rites Saturday at 9 a.m. in the Infirmary Chapel. Burial will be ir. St. Joseph's Cemetery. The body will be moved from I'.urke Funeral Taylor Rite* The body of Millard Fillmore Taylor, 57, of Forrest Homes, who was killed by a jfunshot wound Tuesday afternoon, was moved today from Staten Funeral Home to the home of a sister, Mrs. Thurman Smith, in Pearl. Funeral rites will be conducted Friday at 2 p.m. at the Church of Christ in Pearl. West Berlin Industrial production has reached about 70 |>er cent of the 1936 level. Home to the infirmary rhapel where friends may rail after 2 p.m. Friday. $1 Donation* Btthaltt Bentfit Dane* American Ltgien fiord Friday, 9 P.M. for Airman and Mrs. William Johnson May .75 !i Rnp Ore Ilyt- May .71X .70 .70'i .72'i .71', .70 .7.V.i-l» .70 .96 Sep Dec Soybeans Mny 4.15 •JI.V Kep Nov .07'i 1.00'!, 1.0.1 'i 1.02 LOS'i 1,07 .72'i ,72'i .% .07 .98-% 1.00 1.02'4 1.0.1 1.071/4 1.08 Inn -1.10 4.11 4.10-09 4.12!'» 4.07 4.08 4.08-07'$ 2.84' 2 2.80 2.82U 2.79^.80 2.GO 2.56'i 2.58 2.56-tt-Vi 2.63 2.60'. a 2.6114 2.60-60V4 Profluce Prices At St. T.OHIR ST. LOUIS # - reduce and llvp poultry: Eggs, wholesale grades, mediums (fin per cent min Ai 31-3")) no grades and small 26-28. Fryers (2'i-3i.i, lh) whites 23-24. Other prices unchanged. News of Stocks Market Hits 24-Year High . NEW YORK /P-Hoavy IniylnR- P.spcdiilly in rloctronics—sent tho slock market iihrtid strongly Indny to the liighpsl levels in thn past 24 yours. Gains exlcmlpfl In nround four oints. nnd one to two points Rains •ore frequent in many areas of ic list. Volume built up to an estimated ,300,000 shares, compared with ,120,000 shares trader) Wednesday. There was a bullish air about ic whole market with all sections f I ho list in demand. General Electric was strong a. ie lop of the rising electronics rou p. CIARK has it! Tri-Tolyl-Phosphate Me gasoline at any price gfv»< you bcfftr performance, or fasfer ttortlng —. fhan CLARK SUPER 100 wifh HP. The amazing additive TIP in CLARK gasoline removej deposits from ipark plugs tnd the combustion diambci aiea You'll notice an improvement in tht performance of your car after 10 to 20 gallon* of CLARK with TTP Start improving your car'$ performance today Get yooi first 10 gallon* of CLARK TTP right away! And All Aces PORTLAND, Conn. /P _ Mr. rut Mrs. Joseph CunninRham's irst Rranflchilrlrcn wore all RJ -11 of thorn. Tho 121h was my. Commontod the happj irandmolhcr: "A king after 1: lucens." TONITE - FRI. Victor 1MATDKK Mnri HLANCIIAUD Virginia IIKM) "VEILS OF BAGDAD" TECHNICOLOR IliOt Joseph Cotton, ,i,. U ii retorn, (Jury Merrill "A BLUEPRINT FOR MURDER" 7:38 Selected Shorts CIARK Sttpw 100 Clirk Dealer - Alton Clinton Smith '125 Belle St. ALTON, ILLINOIS UlOffr SfOJNO INOfffMPfNr QAJOUWI IM FH| AUOOU WIIT. TONIGHT - FRI. - SAT, THE STORY OF THE FIGHTING THUNDERBIRDS ... AND THE GALS WHO LOVE 'EM! HERBERT I. YATES PilSintl .^ Stirling JOHN DEREK • JOHN BAIftrMORE, NONA FRCEMAN • 6CNE EVANS EllEEN CHRISTY • HARD IONO CUW AND FANG SIVA6E DEATH ST. LOUIS POLICE CIRCUS ARENA 8700 Onltlnnrf. St. I,nul», Mo. April 29th Thru Mav 9th 11 KvcnlrtR PirformanrM fl Matlnpps Krl., Sat., Sun. p^ 2:00 — Kvpnlnc* 8:00 Sunday at, «:30 P. M. Renerved St»t Orrtern can h« kb- lulnfd at raalntlrh ClKxr Storf — 110 Murktt. Alton; or Ch* Arena or Arcnrte nid«.— St. tools. Bos Rcnfn 91.00 Mil* Gen. Adtn. 80** PI in Gen. Adm Oon. Adm. 75* Children 5 to 12 BELAIR ROUTE 66 tut _ TONIQHT _ ESTHER WILLIAMS in "EASY TO LOVE" Technicolor * FRIDAY—SATURDAY * DOUBLE-FEATURE PROGRAM! FANTASTIC—STARTLING H G. wnis TECHNICOLOR AND starring NUN WITHE- MAUREEN O'URA A REPUBLIC PICTURE ALT-WOOD OLD ST. LOUIS ROAD - TEL. 4-2114 OPKN 7:00 .Lore-Mil ENDS TONITE DOUBLE FEATURE START DUSK John ForNythe "IT HAPPENS EVERY THURSDAY" John Audrey laiml -fc Totter "WOMAN THEY ALMOST LYNCHED" Due to the length of thin prognun thore will ho one full show only tonite FRI. - SAT ALL ACTION DUO Clurk Ava Gardner Rroilerlrk Crawford SIAIMlN* 'JOIDEIEI -» BARBARA RUSH-u ttmt rw IT MB Otta MI >teui»i thai USTEELlAOY ROD CAMERON • TAB HUNTER • TONITE LAST TIMES • WAR ™ BF-*Tff>S?BH Shown 0:05 Sliou'n 7:30 OI'EN 8:30 STARTS FRIDAY SQUARE DANCE FREE FRIDAY, APRIL 30fll AT THE GODFREY TOWNSHIP VETERANS' CENTER 8 miles from North Alton Route 100. Music By •timotE" and th* MIDWEST SMNGSTEHS Port 1218 PobUc Welcome RIO if THEATRE Cottifi Hills TONire • rut. Stewart Gnngtt fteborah KPN- KING SOLOMON'S MINES" Technicolor — fl:10 7 M.Q.M, TECHNICOLOR CARTOONS Shown 1 :00 HURRY! 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" - — ****• THf YUE IN L THE MOVIES NOW) Shown Ii08-3!50 • 6:3 PLUS __ Lawless Adventure Blasting Out of the Texas Cun Belt Shown 9:40 * 5:25 . 8:10 CARTOON Donations SO Cents DANCE ' AT BETHALTO LEQlftN PAVILION Friday, April 30, 1954 t|> I/MI (lullil) Jlamrnmi Orttntri Iran I (bin. . I «.in. MR. IND MM, OIMOCR4TIC SOCIAL CLUI

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