Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on August 5, 1963 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 5, 1963
Page 4
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THE REGISTER-NEW^ — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS MONDAY, AUGUST 5, 1963 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS lit North Ninth StrMt, Mt. V«rnon, lllinon (DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY) MT. VERNON NEWS ESTABLISHED 1871 MT. VERNON REGISTER ESTABLISHED 1882 CONSOLIDATED SEPTEMBER 28, 1920 EDWIN RACKAWAY WM. C. RACKAWAY DRIAN METCALF IOHN RACKAWAY «. BUY HENRY ROBERT K. THOMPSON IRENE PURCELL . tOHN MeCLURE Editor Builnen Manager .New« Editor Sportt Editor City Editor ...Advertising Manager Society Editor ....Circulation Manager MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Anoclated Preu la •xeluiivaly •ntltled to ui» for the publication of •II newt credited to It or not other­ wise credited In thli paper and alio the local newt publlahed therein. Second Clatt Pottage pale) at Mt. Mt. Vernon, llllnola SUBSCRIPTION RATE: Subscription! must be paid In advance, By Mall, Jefferson County and adjoining counties, one year....$ 7.00 6 months $4.25) " months $2.75 > 1 month $ 1.00 By mall outside Jeffertjn and J ad|olnlng counties within 250 miles, one year, $10.00; 6 months $6.00; 3 months $4.00/ per tingle month $1.50. Outside 250 miles, 1 year $11.00 6 months, $7.00; 3 months, $4.50; one month $1.75. Delivered by carrier In city per week - .30 Today In Washington By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON (AP) - In the news from Washington: AS YOU WERE: The Army is scrapping its experimental program for rotating battle-group size outfits on six-month tours of duty in Europe. A brief announcement Saturday said the program—called "rota- plan" — was being dropped "be-! cause it generated considerable personal turbulence and did not produce hoped for reduction In the spending of dollars abroad. ''Do the Plans Call for a Living Room and Roof?' Sen. says Jacob Sens. A Thought for Today DARK HORSES?: K. Javits, R-N.Y., Thomas Kuchel of California, Clifford P. Case of New Jersey and John Sherman Cooper of Kentucky should be considered as potential compromise candidates for the 1964 GOP presidential nominal ion should a deadlock develop at the convention. However. Javits said Sunday In a radio-television interview, "it Is most likely it will be Rockefeller or Goldwater, because both are national and international figures, as things stand today." is A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck tip what Is planted.—Eecl. 3:2. -O- -O- -O- -0- Observe a method in the distribution of your time. Every hour will then know its proper employment, and no time will be lost —Bishop Thomas Home. Editorial Bumpy Road Of Love I ET'S CONCEDE that romance is wonderful. " It is obviousQy popular, Is undoubtedly here to stay, and nobody in his right mind is going to knock it. But lovers, PLEASE—not behind the wheel of a moving car In today's traffic. There just has to be a better—and safer- place to neck and nuzzle! But there Is increasing evidence that the driver 's seat replacing the davenport, the park bench and even the movie balcony as a favorite sparking spot. | No one has any figures so far to show how many accidents; have been caused because a driver was smooching instead of steering and wooing instead of watching. But you don't have to be a safety expert to know that high horsepower love can be lethal. Let's forget any bad taste involved and consider the problem from the standpoint of safety alone. Surely no one can seriously believe that a young lover— or even an older one—can keep his mind on traffic when he has at least one arm around a cuddling cutie and is driving cheek to theek. If he can, he just ain't much of a lover! If he can't, he ought to get out of the driver's seat. What to do about the problem? Legislation? Let's face it, you can 't outlaw love. You would have to put a traffic officer in every car and keep him there as a chaperone. For unlike alcohol, romance doesn't show up on the breath in a balloon test or in a traffic spot-check. Seatbelts? Do you think these lovebirds would use 'em— unless someone invents one that will buckle the lovers cozily together? Public opinion and education? Probably the best hope. If only a fraction of these immature exhibitionists could be persuaded that they are inviting death and disaster for themselves and others, and looking cheap and silly as they do it, it would be a big step in the right direction. Or we might pass a law that every driver and passenger must sit in an individual bucket seat. That might just do it! • • • The Easier Way— AS IF THINGS WEREN'T already tough enough these days, " many of us don't even know how to pronounce the names of most of the places and people we read about in the newspapers. And even when we get a clue from a bigtime radio or television commentator, along comes another commentator and gives an entirely different pronunciation. Maybe that's why so many of us are talking more about the current government difficulties in England than about the crises in other lands. Almost everybody knows how to pronounce Christine and Mandy and Ward! PROPAGANDA WAR: Russia and Red China are using the airwaves to step up the war of words over their ideological differences, U.S. officials report, and the Voice of America appears to be a beneficiary of the split in the Communist camp. Officials at the Voice of America, the U.S. government's overseas radio, say the Soviets and Chinese are beaming more short wave propaganda broadcasts at one another while the Soviet bloc has eased its jamming of American transmissions. DOG-HEARTED LION'S A PANIC—"Rhinoflex," a shepherd with a real cool summei haircut, gingers things up more than somewhat In Grand Junction, Colo. There nave been reports of a lion at large. Friends of the lion-dog are Tom Albano, left, and Gary DeRus. Quick Quiz in nzzv Washington Column Peter Edson require women to wear hats church? | ^ , A — The basis for this re- ! Q — What are the four things quircment in Christian churches that "come not back"? is found in the Book of I Cor- A •— They are: the spoken inthians. The veil covers not word; the sped arrow; time only the top of the head but also past; the neglected opportunity, the face and most of the body * • * to the waist. Q — What color is the common lobster when alive? A — As a rule it is a dark greenish purple although occasionally a light blue or green lobster is caught. HURRY—HURRY POSITIVELY LAST 2 DAYS TODAY, TUESDAY- Your Manners ratfication. the backlog of un- passed foreign aid and other appropriation bills for this year. Tho National Association for the Advancement of Colored Goals Too High, Civil Rights Petitioners Face Failure By PETER EDSOX Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON— (NEA) - WmrSn «r mm£ 2ivHconference in Wish- %J™$2t£. ™v h« H™H ln ^«n for Aug. 6-8, with a mass demonstrators may be doomed! " I)f ,„„, th ,„. to failure before it starts. \ m ^ K the lnst , dn >' JH t Leaders of the six national Th,s apparently will be a civil rights organlzntons spon- warm-up for the bigger march soring the march have set their ° n Washington three weeks The neighborhood gossip makes you wonder what she * • * tells others when not talking to Q — Why do most religions you. EXCLUSIVE FIRST MT. VERNON SHOWING Route 148 — 242-3733 Open 7:30 — Starts at Dusk Times Shown ROADRUNNER — 8:45 and 12:10. ESCAPE - 9:25. later. NAACP delegations would be sent to Capitol Hill to ask congressmen for support of the President's program. THE BIG SIX of the march on Washington also propose to take other direct action to influence Congress this year. "In the event of a filibuster before Aug. 28," says the Inst, little noticed paragraph of Organization Manual No. 1, "march machinery will be used to semi dally waves of approximately 1,000 people to Wash- program. ItTncludes S^™*' the duration ° f thc "Well, the earth may be two-thirds water, but I'll bet the water is two-thirds people!" World News By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Damascus, Syria (AP)—Prime Minister Salah Bitar today an nounced formation of his cabinet in five months • HUMOR objectives so high thy cannot possibly be realized this year. Getting anything less than what the groups want may be considered a defeat, calling for more drastic action later. Initial goal of the march was the passage of President Kennedy's civil rights bill as a bare minimum for this year. Now, however, leaders of the six predominantly Negro or: ganizations have issued a "March Organization Manual ! No. 1." In it they state their I full demands * Passage of the President's program without filibuster. * Immediate desegregation of all the nation's schools. * A massive public works program to provide jobs for all the unemployed and federal laws to promote an expanding economy. * A federal fair employment practices act to bar discrimination by government and private industry. • * A national minimum wage THE GREAT ADVENTURE BEGINS WITh I m NOW! SHOWING! SMASH PERFORMANCE A distinguished old gentleman, holding a gold-headed cane, was standing on the curb on a main 01 .v ran ,il™ r ™ „„„„„ c ,. „ third street in San Francisco, waiting AL L THESE PROPOSALS for the traffic signal to change. nave been made to Congress be- The cabinet shuffle came dur-IWhen the light changed in his fore m one form or another ine a heated war of words be- ! favor, he stepped out onto the, and have failed. Few, if any, tween President Gamal Abdeljstreet, only to jump back in!congressmen would admit that Nasser of the United Arab Re-alarm as a car came speeding! these extreme measures could public and Syria's ruling Ba'athlup in the lane next to the curb.]be passed this year. Digest Of The News Socialist party. But it indicated The woman driver slammed on no changes in Syria's foreign and economic policies. Three Americans slightly. are wounded TEST BAN TREATY I United States, Russia and Britain sign nuclear test ban treaty in Moscow. Sen. Kenneth B. Keating, New York Republican, predicts over whelming aproval of test ban treaty if Secretary oT State gives assurances no "under the table" deals are involved NATIONAL INTERNATIONAL Mississippi Democrats climax Thirteen Americans and seven a "Cuss the Kennedys" cam North Koreans battle for two paign Tuesday by picking candi- hours in demilitarized zone, date for governor. WASHINGTON Congressional committees may start making major decisions this week on two key bills in Kennedy program — tax cuts and civil rights. her brakes and stopped with a squeal of tires right on the white line that marked the BOLZANO, Italy (AP) — Three pedestrian walking zone, then explosions peppered the heart of' slie leaned back and grinned at Bolzana today, just 24 hours after the old gentleman. He smiled terrorists in the troubled Italian back - stepped in front of her South Tyrol dropped a bomb down car - swung his gold-headed canei |a police barracks chimney andij. w,ce . and knocked out both of gravely injured two prisoners. iher headlights. Then he straight- No one was hurt In the three 5 n P d U P smiled at the woman new blasts driver again and marched across The dyn'amitings appeared to'*f,Poking more dis- signal a new wave of agitation toy "nguished than ever. German-speaking residents of this north Italian Alpine region that was Austrian territory until World War I. Terrorists are demanding greater regional autonomy. This is especially true in view of the lateness of the session and the compettion with major legislation such as tax reduction, the railway labor resoiu "If the filibuster has not begun by Aug. 28, march participants will be asked to return to Washington at the time of the filibuster in waves of 2,000." These threatened actions go far beyond restrictions being put on the big march of 100,000 or more sot for Aug. 28. The planning for this event empha-. sizes there is to be no interfer-l ence with the operations or daily routine of Congress. WHILE STATE AND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT delegations from the Aug. 28 marchers may be sent to the' Senate and House to present! petitions for the President's minimum program, the instructions are that all marchers are to be off Capitol Hill before noon, when Congress normally convenes. Only a small delegaton will ask to be received at the White House. All marchers are to be ; s>TfiE GREAT ESCAPE MIRISCH COMPANY.™., STEVE MCQUEEN JAMES GARNER RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH "THE GREAT ESCAPE'* WW STORMS' IN COLOR and 2. ADVENTURES OF A ROADRUNNER and Color Cartoon ALLY ACCLAIMED HIT! THE _ MLHT 'DAY Times Tonight and Tut*. "Longest Day" at 7:80 Opens 7 — Phone 212-2175 —Matlness Tuesday 1:30— TOCHNCOef nam u.*.-*mm* »i n»n i, m KIDDIES' VACATION MATINEE WED. at 1:80 MICKEY &SOM! tion, nuclear test ban treaty out of town before dark Detours Answer to Previous Puzzle 19 Upset 21 Aviator 22 Epochal 23 Chinese province 24 Remove 25 Norman city 27 Wolf 28 English school 29 Indian timber tree • 30 Wheel track 31 Understand 34 Drudgery 37 Before 40 Man's name ACROSS 1 Sunken ditches 6 Short cut 12 Apology 13 Actually 14 Ability 16 Flag 17 Knack 18 Hawk 20 Stain 21 Court sessions 24 601 (Roman) 26 Endangered 30 Erects 3?Woux Indian „ . „, 33 Moslem scholars 41 Nostrils 35 Toil 36 Defensible 38 NegaUve prefix 39 Approaching 42 Wreath 45 Feminine nana 46 Haul 49 Akin 62DryguDy 64 More inquisitive 55 Anxious 66 One lost 67Turt DOWN 1 Jap general 2 Winged 3 Sword handle 4 Male nickname B Depressions 6 Hurried (slang) • 7 Longing (slang) 8 Short-napped fabric 9 Fetid 10 Boy's nickname (var.) 21 F OFO 6 tnrit 15 Poetic contraction 5 I 0 r 5 M E W A R R R 1 IOITI H E« R A M A D A 1 IAIB A T 1 6 S Nl E E Z el SI O M E. K) R A E P U S R A l_ S AIM |6| M S H A A P 1 Efc El 1 eJiEl A N 6 E E DIE R. s EIL. e M E i- R 1 M A £ T D 1 E IT m E R 1_ A p e s M E R 6 E 9 E R E A E R A T E A R D E S E $ 6 N NI i_ A S H S E Ki D BARBS By HAL COCHRAN The careless season is when it's the pheasants, duck andi MANILA (AP)-The leades of*" 8 " that are supposed to be Indonesia and the Phil- shot - Malaya, ipplnes ended their summit meet- . ing today with a pledge to work , A together for peace and progress slie in Southeast Asia. In a solemn ceremony at the Philippine Foreign Ministry, offi-l lf .,.„,_. n1 ' nni „„ . cials signed agreements designed t " X 0 " ™ ^""K *° to bring the three states closer JS??-?^ ? 0U1 (ocerher and solve the Malaysiai ,h s , fal ! be RUie to bl 'y ^noURh (ogerner ana soive me Malaysia paint to cover part Qf hJs 42 Dirt road 47 Legal term 43 Selves 48 Brief remark 44 Present month 50 Atmosphere (ab.) 51 Bevei ..^e 46 Roman garment 53 Unrefined • » » Kansas girl of 17 said got married because she got tired of working at home. What a rare sense of humor! let a house i sr i 12 14 17 r* 8 9 10 11 \i 16 20 dispute. One agreement presented a detailed outline of Instructions to U.N. Secretary-General U Thant on how to ascertain the wishes of the people of North Borneo and Sarawak concerning Malaysia. The two British territories are scheduled to join Singapore and Malaya in the Malaysia Federa tion Aug. 31. clothes. PILES And Other Ueetal Disease Successful!; Treated with Office Methods by DR. w. c. MCGREGOR Who Cnn Be Consulted at Mt. Vernon, Hotel Emmerson Thursday Forenoon AUGUST 8th HOURS: 8-11 A.M. AND WED. EVENING, AUGUST 7th HOUKS: 7—8:30 P.M. Dr. McGregor treati Varicose Veins and teg Ulcers by non-confining methods. Also diseases of thc Stomach, Bowels, Liver, Gall Bladder, Nerves, Heart, Blood, Skin, Kidneys, Prostate, Bladder, Catarrh of the Nose and Throat, Asthma, Bronchitis, Rheumatism of the Joints and Muscles, High Blood Pressure, Goiter and other chronic diseases. Trusses filled. Write for free booklet. Address— MS Aldinn St, Chicago, Illinois W. C. McGregor, M. D. SAIGON, South Viet Nam (AP) —A Buddhist monk in his early twenties burned himself to death in the second fiery suicide protesting alleged religious persecution by President Ngo Dinh Diem's government in South Viet Nam. Nguyen Huong set fire to his gasoline-soaked robes Sunday in a public square in Phan Thiet, a fishing village 100 miles east, of Saigon. IF YOU CAN REPAY $47*-° MONTHLY, YOU CAN QUALIFY FOR A $1,000® VACATION LOAN NEWSPAPER WtnUtWB ASSN. Timely Quotes The artist, if he is to create out of his heart's blood, must be free to assail any institution any status quo, any sacred cow, let the chips fall as they may. —Abby Mann, U.S. film writer, to an audienct of Russian i moviemaker*! PUT MONEY PROBLEMS ASIDE and enjoy a dream vacation toil year with % Traveloan from as. VACATION LOANS are jnst one of the many services available through oar personal loan and family financing facilities. Your good credit is die key that opens the door to better living. Phone or stop in our office today. CASH YOU RECEIVE MONTHLY PAYMENT NO. MO. $1,000 $ 47.50 24 1,200 57.00 24 1,500 58.75 30 1,800 70.50 30 2,000 67.22 36 2,500 84.02 36 4,000 106.66 48 5,000 112.50 60 L I E/R I C K 1000 Main 242-0210 Frank Logsdon, Manager MEMBER AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL BANKERS ASSOCIATION BIG STAR Where Maw Saves Paw's Money OUT ON THE ASHLEY ROAD KRAFT'S MIRACLE WHIP SALAD (Limit 1 Wirh Purchase Of $5.00 Or More) Jiffy CAKE MIX — 2 0 .25 LARGE SOLID FRESH HEAD Gerber's Strained BABY FOOD Large 24 Sizo TIDE BLUE BELL SLICED Box .29 UPTON TEA PRICES GOOD M0N„ TUES., AND WED. OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 9 PHI)

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