The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 28, 1930 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 28, 1930
Page 5
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' I V..'1V( . -| ...| >..» >.»f MJ Ml Ml Mt «• *A »MS Mt Wt -MS • '.'» >.<• ' RITZ Tonight Richard Dix in "7 KEYS TO BALDPATE'' Also! Sound News, Review, i Vitaphone Act. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY MAFILYN Xcw Sweetheart of the Screen. Prom Florenz Ziegfeld's musical comedy by Guy Bolton, author, and Jerome Kern, composer. Directed, by John Francis Dillon. Pliotographed by Technicolor process. Mat. 10c, 25c - Eve., 15c, 35c All that you've ever hoped for in entertainment— romance, color, music, dancing, singing, spectacle, society drama, •comedy and much mors iu one picture. THE REST- OI« I EVERYTIIIXG With JOE E. BROWN, who can't make his feet behave, and ALEXANDER GRAY, who can't make his heart behave, and Pert! Keltpn, Ford Sterling, T. Roy Barnes, Jack Duffy. . Nearly $100.00 in Prizes Given Away (May 9 and 10 ! s o U c i e t y Dinner Guest. Mrs. Donnis Denney of Clover appointed dinner party, lhaving as their guests, Mrs. Nellie Ellis and Lawrence Holman of Michigan City and Miss Ramona Goar and Wiliard Goar of Peru . and Harold Walker of Anderson. Sunday ..Dinner. Guests. t . dale, who'has been visiting at. the ! Mr, and Mrs. Claude Long, home lot" her parents, Mr. and j siding west of Atlanta had Mrs. T. J. Reese of Kemptoij, was the Sunday dinner guest ojf her uncle andj wife, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wells I on West Adams [street and also visited at jthe home of the late Mrs. M. S.; Honnold. Dinner: Guests. their Sunday dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Bockover and daughter Marthena of Tipton and Mrs. Ivan Falconberry and children of Akron, O., who are visiting at the Bockover home. Prairie 4-H Club. I Mr. and Mrs. Paul WaikerJpVh- tertained Sunday at their j home on Columbia Avenue at a prettily FOR SALE Beautiful Starr .grand piano that is just like new on which almost one-half of purchase price has been paid. We. would prefer transferring the' account to some reliable party, giving the'^ull benefit of money Jpaid. Please send references and we will advise where piano can • be seen. Address j C. I. SHIRLEY The 4-H club of the Prairie community will hold a meeting at the Prairie school Wednesday afternoon and all memhers and prospective members are urged to be present. This* will be the last opportunity for young people to join the club and a number new memhers are anticipated. of Box 1 Kokouiw, Iml. Condc Street Club. The North •Cbude street club will be entertained Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. John F. Albershardt at her home 222 Green' street at 2:30 (.o'clock. Every member is asked- ; to be present. NOW ON DISPLAY DON'T FAIL TO SUB THIS OUT-OUT CHASSIS You Oaa tk» All tiw Working and Moving Part* in fh« Chevrolet Six. 1_ THE TIPTON DAiL? THlBUWa ALUMNI BANQUET. Annual Event at Windfall.Was Held Saturday Xight. The annual banquet ot the Alumni Association of the Windfall high school was held in the Wood Memorial gymnasium Saturday evening! The gym had D/an beautifully decorated to represent a Japanese flower garden by the Juniors and was lighted with Japanese lanterns. Music for the occasion was furnished by the Kenneth McKinney o/chestra. The program was as follows: Toastmaster, Roy Cliftonr welcome to seniors. Miss Edith Yundt '29; response, Ralph Nash '30;. Alumni and School Activities. Charles Hite; Then and Now, Mrs. Grace Shockney, '98. Officers elected.for the coniinr year were Hugh McNew, ^presi dent: John Shockney, vice president; Miss Ruth Legg, secretary and treas. There were 250 in attendance, many of them being tc former graduates and coming from a distance to enjoy the splendid three-course banquet and favors were miniature Japanese umbrellas. FEDERATION MEETING. Important Meeting of Clubs at Li. brary Thursday. Birthday Dinner. A very happy surprise birthday dinner was given Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dewitt,. jwho reside about two miles west of Windfall. The surprise was arranged in honor of the anniversary of Mrs. 'H'ewitt, and was most complete in every way. The dinner was prepared and brought by the self-invited guests. A large birthday cake with candles graced the center of the beautifully-decorated' table, while tulips and other spring flowers added to its beauty. Guests for the dinner were Mr. and Mrs. William Hobbs, Miss Mary Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Siess and Paul Siess, Miss Amy Stewart and Mr. and Mrs. Charles M'ettlini and son Charles, Jr., of Tipton, and Mr. and Mrs. Levi Hobbs and son Frederick, of near Tipton. Birthday. Pinner. At 'the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Green on Conde street, Sunday there was a very happy birthday pinner party, which was given in honor of the birthday anniversary of Dallas Burkett. Mr: Burkett's mother, east of Tipton, baked the; birthday cake that formed the" centerpiece for • the prettily decorated table. Among the out-of-town guests present for the dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stark and son Low.ell and Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Stark, of Greenville, O., and Mrs. Burkett, east of Tipton. There were about thirty guests present to have part in the happy day. Mrs. Charles Stark and little son remained for a week's visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Greeii. Sunday Guests. Mr. and Mrs. Alva Ballard entertained Sunday at their home on Poplar street, Mr. and Mrs. John Ramp of Kokomo. Mrs. Ramp before her marriage was Miss Minnie Freeman of Windfall, and was employed in Kokomo, 1 -. making her home with. Mr. and Mrs. Ballard who- resided there at that time. Captain Paul Circle. Regular meeting - of Captain Paul Circle, ladies of the G. A. R. No. 69, Monday evening at the G. A. R. hall at 7:30 o'clock. It is urgent that all members ;be present as there will be initiation" of candidates. Stitch and Chatter. 1 The Stitch and I Cfhatter club will be entertained Tuesday evening <at-7:30 o'clock, at the homo of Mrs. O. C. Burton, 333 Kentucky Avenue. Members, all asked to be present. Merry Matrons. The Merry Matrons «lub will be entertained Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. T. A. Allen, 460 North Main street at" 1 :3d o'clock. Members-are all asked to be present ' ; . S _ Bvevjc Beaker The Tipton County Federation of Clubs, of which Mrs. G. H. Warne is president, will meet Thursday afternoon. May 1st, at the Library at 1:30 o'clock for a discussion of some county affairs. There is an urgent invi- tatiori"~"befng extended to all the women of "the county, and especially to all the study clubs whether members of the Federation br not. • ' Invitations have been extended to the following clubs: The Tipton County Home .Economics Association,^ Plum Grove Home Eonomics, Hopewell Home Economics, the Kempton Parent- Teacher, The Mother's, the Needlecraft club, Kempton Study, Tipon Musicale, Junior Art, Tipton '•rt Association, The Delphian, he Tipton Business and Profes- ional Women's, and the Helpful "hit club of Nevada. It has been hoped,to reach ev- •iry club, and if any have been omitted, it lias been unintentional. The speaker, who is from Indianapolis will have a message of interest to all. the .women, so that all are urged to attend the meeting. ' . •adaehe often relieved VftSSS OVEPJljt MILUOW JABS USED VEAWUf 1 GOES EVERYWHERE. Product Made By Kenip Brothers j - .Gaining Popularity. • ANNUAL 'DINNER. Local Officers in 8-lth Division O. R. C. Are Attending. Judge C. W. Mount, Lieutenant-Colonel in the officers reserve corps, Dallas Warne, a captain and Jesse E. Mcintosh, also a captain, went to Indianapolis Monday evening to attend The popularity of "Sun jtay,' the specially prepared tomato juice manufactured under a patent issued to JKemp Brothers, former residents of . Tipton,; who operate plants at Kempton; Frankfort and Kokomo is, grov.'r ing daily. I I ,.Walter Kemp 1 , one of the brothers who is associated in the business. and manages the Kokomo plant, stated that Thursday of last week, orders were shipped to Tokio, Japan,, Cordova, Alaska; Houston, Tex.; Chicago, 111.; Newark, N. J. 1 ; Boston, Mass.; New Haven, Conn.; New York i ' . ; . i city and .Hot Springs, Virginia, j Walter Kemp, graduate chemist, is the patentee of the product which is selling at all soda fountains and other places where refreshments are j served. LINDYJ LANDS. Reaches Crestohal to Open New Air Mail Route. ! Cristobal, Canal Zone, April 28.—With Characteristic swiftness, Col. Chaijles A. Lindbergh yesterday blazed a new air mail across the Caribbean sea, "njnd Buenos Aires in- a seven-day mail sched- route j linking New ^ork the annual meeting-and banquet j ule. of the officers of the 84th division. The meeting and ,banquet is held at the Columbia Club and i/ficers from many places will be in'attendance. Left For Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Myerly and daughter Margaret entertained Sunday at their home on Green street Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Foster of Dubuque, Iowa, Mrs. Nancy Newlon „ of Indianapolis, Mrs. G. .D. Foster, and Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Myerly of Tipton. Mr. and'Mrs. Foster who have been visiting with lthe relatives here since Wednesday returned home Monday morning, motoring through. They were accompanied home by Mr. Foster's mother, Mrs. G. D. Foster and Mrs. Newlon who will visit with them for a few weeks. Leaving Havana, Cuba, at 5:33 o'clock Eastern standard yesterday morning the ! flying" colonel split the famous ! Lindbergh Carribbean circle route, j striking the Central American mainland at Cape, Gracias a Dios, I Nicaragua, instead of at Yucatan, on his old route. He landed -at France field here at 4:04 o'clock yesterday : afternoon, completing his flight of 1,033 miles from Cuba i in 9 hours and 5S j minutes. He was not scheduled jto. arrijve until 6 o'clock. | • The plane brought.215 pounds of mail, destined for various parts of SouthjAmerica. He plans to return to the United States the latter part of the week, j Home From Florida. A GOOD GliAFT. Anderson Man. Planned Bottled "Rye." to Sell J, M. Ertel 'of North East street, who has been spending the winter in West Palm Beach, Fla.,| arrived home Friday evening. Mrs. Ertel and their granddaughter, Miss Helen Brady of Tipton, will remain in West Palm Beach for a few days or until the weather here is,warmer and more settled. All have had a. very enjoyable winter and have enjoyed their stay in the south. File Mortgage Exemptions. Monday, May 5, is the last day for payment of taxes and is also the last day for 'fijing mortgage exemptions. Inquiry at the Au- ditqr's office reveals that there are a number, of mortgage exemptions which has not been filed. The auditor states that the claims ,are to be filed , between March 1 at the first Monday in May. and parties who have not attended to this sljould get busy, i *»• Visited In Tipton. . Mr. i and Mrs. G. D. Rogers of Frankfort visited over the week end-with the former's ( brother, Smith Cox and wife on Kentucky Avenue, Mr. and Mrs., Paul Smith of. Indianapolis • were,. Sunday guests also < of Mr land Mrs; Cox, Mrs. Smith being a daughter. Mr, Smith; also .visited : neaj-: Sharps- viUet Snn'dar. jrlthv,. his .mother, Mrs. Lottie Smith and -family v Boo^t Property. Anderson, Ind., April 2S.—Al­ bert E. McLaughlin, 5S years old, veteran employe of a steel mill here, was taken into custody here Saturday by police pending investigation by Federal prohibition officers of an alleged plan ; to sell liquor through printed circulars that he was. having prepared for him at a printing office here. The letter were to have been sent from Detroit, Mich. Mc- Laushlin has admitted haying the letters prepared and stated that he planned to collect advance payments of $40 "per case" and send his customers bottles filled with rye grain instead of alcoholic beverages.. Federal officers will determine whether McLaughlin can be. heldV on any ; charge since no letters were mailed. Curtis and Longworth Have Started a Little Tiff of Their Own. OVER SENATE RULING Washington, April 28.-—The social precedence - "war" between Mrs. Dolly Gan'n and Mrs. Alice. Roosevelt Longworth is - threatening to have its reverberations on the floor of the two branches of congress. - . Nicholas Longworth, speaker of the house, has indicated that the ruling of Vice-President Charles Curtis;' brother of Mrs. Gann, on the right-of a senator to denounce the speaker of the house under the senate rules; would not go unnoticed..: 1 It was learned that friends of speaker Longworth are preparing to raise the parliamentary question of the rigfit of a house member to attack a member- r of, the senate. In that event, the speaker 'wilLadopt the policy 6t turning the other cheek. He will hold that the rules of procedure in Jefferson's manual apply to the housed and that member^ must refrain from saying anything- which, in thej slightest way njight be interpreted as ^jlerdgatory of a, senator. The speaker's positioni .is that if the members of the two branches of congress are permit- ,,ted to denuoouhce one another, it • cause ill feeling and thereby, seriously impede legislation. . In a recent attack- by' Senator George W.; Norris of Nebraska on Speaker Longworth', -Senator Simeon D. Fess' of Ohio objected pointed out that Jefferson's .manual prohibited it. Thereupon the vice-president ruled that. Jefferson's manual did not control in the senate, -and that the senate rules did not prevent .a senator from speaking his mind freely concerning a house member. The ruling of -the vice-president has not resulted in improving the feeling; between the presiding officers of the two branches of congress. Strained relations have existed between-the . Curtis and the Longworth familie.s since the wife of the speaker raised the social presence -question last year with Mrs. Gann. numnvi STORK FOR MNDYS SOON. Flying Colonel and Wife Expect the Arrival In May. Purchased Property. Garland Needier, who has been residing erty on Maple! in the Harter prop- street, has purchased property at-227 Kentucky avenue from L. ,W; Fuller: ; Lee! Leavell and E. A'.I Foster, real estate agents were in Indianapolis-on business Monday. New York) April '28.—Mrs. Charles O. Lindbergh, it was learned at the ' Presbyterian - IIOSA pital recently, will go-to that institution today in anticipation of a new arrival-in the Lindbergh family. The same days Mrs:. Lindbergh's father, Dwight. W. Morrow, will return home from the London naval conference and Colonel Lindbergh, will have ; com: pletdd; a hazardous airpian flight. ' - ' •.•'•'._, i .The arrival of the : famous pair's baby is hot expe.cted before the second or third week in; May, .according to friends of the Lind­ berghs. - ''''- • [•' . Morrow, according to -present plans, is due to reach New lYork tomorrow on the. liner Leviothan. On the same day, if his schedule is maintained. Colonel Lindbergh will have, completed a 1,200 -mile water hop-over! "'the Caribbean Sea, and will be waiting at Cristobal, Panama-. Canal Zone, for the cargo of air ; mail with which lie will' take off on th& ! return journey to the United States May 1. ' . i j INTERBaTINO TAOTS.} Did yea kwnr that -state sta tictlcs show hat Tipton' county "it within an area th&t ahoMja per- sisWntly .high death ^rafe f from dlptitheriai ;Dld yqu/law*, that statistics; also 8ho*rJthatIna«ana l^|hW ,M epM»mte:^.jl*UtUa. OlPARTMIMT • I T O I I Ur>-118 Sonth Main Street, Tipton. Tjbe flowers that bloom in the Spring are reflected in our new Spring Wash Other wanted cotton fabrics, tod—at substantial savings. "Fasheen," Prints, 32 inches •wide, new spring"!"!prints, large selection, yard— JJv* .36Jbch Cambtic Percale in many tub- •* Q _ fast colors. A yard J.VC ^KoooV Cambric Percale, | tub-fast /j g _ prints aad plain colors. Yard JktjC m tboeUW Dnm fihgham m plaids and check*. 32-inch. Yard........ 10c 36jH.Dns$frh$u, jmil.. . 19c 264*, AproiKfach Gmghtm, ymi 10c 324*,Drt*s Gh$gh *M, ycrd 17c 294m, Cheviot ShkHmg, 'ytrd..... 15c 364*, n t^bwrf' Crttotme.ytri,. 19c. REALTY CHANGES. Few Transfers of Real Estate For Week Ending April 20. An examination of the records in the office of Mrs. Merlin Maish county recorder, show but few transfers of real estate in the county for the week, ending Saturday, April-26 and there was little activity in other matters touching the title of property of the county. William A: Jackson has conveyed to Malinda. M. Hinds 19% acres northeast of Hobbs for a •consideration of 32,000. • The Farmers Loan & Trust company as Commissioner has sold to John McEntee 10% acres of real estate northeast of Atlanta, being part of the Emily J. Bo.zell- estate for a consideration of $757.82. George Shortle has conveyed to Ray V. Moore, part of outlots 29 and 30 in the original plat of Tipton for a .consideration of 51. • Wilmer Woods.-has conveyed to Vern Smith property oh East Jefferson street Tipton, for a consideration of SI,500. L. G. Seright has conveyed to Hugh Culbertsbn, lot 6 in block 1 in -the-K. & W. addition to Tipton for a -consideration of $1. Ray V. Moore has^ conveyed to C. A. Bates part of outlet 30 in the original plat of Tipton for a consideration of 54. The Washington National bank of Indianapolis has conveyed to L. W. Fuller, lot 21 in Shirk's 6 th addition to Tipton for "a consideration of $1. -During the week four mortgages amounting to S7.725 were placed .against real estate of the county and -six mortgages amounting to $6,000 were released^ • " Five chattel mortgages amounting to. 596C.98 were placed against personal property in the county during the week and two amounting to 5150 were released. - Two mechanic liens were recorded during the week, they amounting to $219 and two amounting to $39 were released. Zeppelin's Xext Trip. j-.'Friedricnshafen, April. 28. — The -start of the Graf Zeppelin's flight to South America' is set for May; 18. The Zep landed here early Sunday morning after completing the round trip to! London. Moose Meeting. Regular meeting of Moose Lodge Tuesday evening. Members are urged to be present. j GEORGE WEBBERI Dictator.. Mr. and Mrs. Max 1 Bluffto)}, visited over with Mrs. Marley 's pa and | Mrs. Wm. McGrav William on West V street. lirkley of Sunday tents.! Mr. r and son 'ashingtoo 1 • : mm* Sterol Phone 55. BtJRKHAl tor IT* CO MORE VESSELS. Italy ...Launches Five More Boats For Vaty. Rome, April • 28.— Two cruis- The letters were to have been submarine were . yesterday officially added to the Italian navy. All -Bye "units • were recently launched at, separate shipyards. The cruisers are the Zara and Flume, named tor towns recovered ' from. Austria-Hungary after the. world war-; the light cruisers are the Giovanni -Delle Dande Nate and the' Alberto Da. Glus- aanap christened in honor of popular Italian heroes ot the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries,and the submarine is the Delflno (Dolphin.) :. ' - ( ' All^Haly la taking an amasias lataraat in lla{ : tf«w|a«';a *«r ia^: the laancklas eMbe n>e ships ^raia attended by 1 great pabue L escite- This Camera and Film FREE IwTio 1930 To Youngsters Become 12 in : Fiftieth ANY boy or girl whose twelfth ^T\. birthday coma in 1930 is eligible to reca roll of film FREE—t Anniversary gilt of t Kodak Company. Wk hmwm a limited number of theae gift < era* fee disuibutioo LfcTs m*f lost during the monthl of Mar- Act promptly. Fy|ent|orglieeij ian muit eccoap Rexall Dref Sltie Wll of mwn or jemdiTr •* if it is jut. CU4M iMtiott lad JM «v^tkiai«at- 1^ wj*«:r »VJ&P*.>^* — ^^^^^^

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