Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on November 5, 1961 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 5, 1961
Page 7
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Women's Role In TV Puzzling To Producer Portraying teen-agers caught up in the over-whelming power of their love for each other, Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty head the cast of Ella Kizah's provocative production of "Splendor In The Grass," opening Thursday at the Capri Theatre for a week's engagement. This Technicolor presentation of William Inge's first original screenplay stars Miss Wood, Pat Hingle, Audrey Christie, Barbara Loden and introduces Beatty. The Texas Board of Review recommends the picture for adults and mature young' people, Oscar And Emmy Awards Merger Favored By Star HOLYWOOD (UPI) — Dick Powell has offered to be best man, preacher and father of the bride at a wedding of Hollywood's Oscar and Emmy awards. , Oscar is filmland's highest oaward to a member of the movie industry each year and Emmy is the laurel bestowed on TV's top talent. Powell" says the couple have been courting long enough and it's time they strolled up a middle aisle. Dick, actor, producer, director and part owner of Four Star Television with David Niven end EVERY MORNING, MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY, 11:30 a.m. CHANNEL 7 ' roll .. 'i '. tli \ I'll r<\ NUTRI-BIO Vitamin & Mineral and Prolem Food Supplements For information about NUTRI-BIO Ida Sallee ......... i 5-2858 Odis Roles 4-6904 Bob Hatficld ...... 5-2687 Bay Jone*.. 4-6247 Dennis Dehn 5-4248 J. B. Bryant .,,.... 5-5024 Walter Spoonemore . 4-2244 Charles Boyer, has long advocated video's recognition on the part of Hollywood's movie producers. "I'm sick and tired of the TV industry being thought of as secondary to movies," said Dick from behind a desk in his board of directors style: off ice at Republic Studios, "There's a thinking in this town that has to be cured," he continued. "TV is not secondary to movies. There are many, TV shows which are better than some movies." Dick .cited production statistics of Hollywood's major movie studios and said TV filmmakers are turning out more products than those making shows for theaters. "I shoot more film here for my own show than the major studios do in a year for'their own pictures,"-he said. "We'll shoot;30 hours of film for my show this season." > Powell suggested the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences leadership put their heads together with brass at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and come up with a solution to their mutual problem. Dick wants the motion picture academy to grant an Oscar to any TV show which can earn enough votes in open competition with theatrical movies. "I got a letter from the motion picture academy saying that if any of my'TV shows are run in a "theater, they.'ll become eligible for an Oscar," he said. , The TV people have said that movies running on video are eligible for Emmy consideration if they meet the qualifications for competition. "I picked two of our hour long shows which I think are of Academy Award quality," he said, referring to "Doyle Against The House," starring Milton Berle as a down and out gambler and "Ricochet." "I don't think these pictures will compete with a Ben Hur, but they will compete with a lot of movies," said Dick, who revealed he may rent a theater and run the two segments of his show, a move which would make them eligible for next year's Oscar race. "Ive had good reaction to the plan," Dick said. "What's the difference, the time has got to come where there will be one academy for moving, talking pictures no matter where they're shown." (U°t) vision producer Aaion says movie and TV producers ar* getting away from the old time Hollywood concept t.' stories w'th glamorous actresses. Spelling, producer of "The ftiek Powell Show," said television "should take advantage of women stars, I won'< believe people don't want to see them." Aaron, who is married to actress Carolyn Jones, said his Dick Powell anthology show is creat* ing stories which will star the town's top actresses. "In our show we try to get out of the squad room and 6perating room," he raid, referring to the prevalence o* detective and medical shows <n TV. "We'want to do something glamorous. I'm getting a little sick of police uniforms and hospital gowns. "And those stoi'ves we do are not soap operas. We have showsj with Rhonda Fleming, Carolyn Jones, Eva Gabor Dorothy Ma* lone and Jan Sterling. Weld like to use Barbara Stanwyck and Bette Davis. "Powell, and I decided that we can' tell a story and not be drab, There is too much drabness on television. We've found that there are a lot of writers who like to do stories for women '' "There is such a limited field for an actress. About 50 TV shows are being filmed out here and there are only about six that a woman of star stature can work on, We looked at scripts we get here and found that ther» were 18 male roles for each MANOR TEXAS QUALITY ^* w • » iii i f ! • * mm inilt cake HARVESTER BAND MO Ulf woman's part. Tt's realty tough for women on TV, "The same tiling holds true fof motion pictures. When yon break down « picture, you'It find ttiaf practically all thu roles are' fos men. ! "I don't think anybody is find jirtg movie stories for women 'ex- c«>/t Ross Hunter and he's mnk- ing a fortune," Aaron added, re ferring ' to the front-running pro. ducer at Universal International Studios. Aaron cited a Hollywood rotion that men are stronger box office attractions thw women. He disagrees With that theory. "You give me Doris Day, L5» Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, T,an& Turner, Sandra Doe and Debbie Reynolds, and I'll make more money with them in a piclute than I could with male stars," he claimed. "I just don't understand i this apathy towards women." SURPRISING REQUEST BENTON, 111. (UPI) - Jailer Joe Browning blinked in amazement when he got the request from inmates of the Franklin County Jail here. But he obliged by contributing the 10 cents needed to purchase a small rubber ball and a set of jac.ks. He said the prisoners "seem to be having a good time" playing jacks, a game usually associated with small children. Patient Actor Finally Given Role As Star By JOSEPH FINNIGAN HOLLYWOOD (UPf) - A man who didn't know any better once said (hat good guys never win, but Cactus Mack McPeters did win, and that should prove something, Cactus Mack has been around Hollywood since the '29 crash and worked with such early day cow« boys as Tom Mix, Buck Jones and "a lot of the old boys who have gone." For the test, three years, Me- Peters has been appearing on TV with Matt Dillon, Chester, Kitty and good old Doc, the medic, on "Gunsmoke.".. Most of the time. Cactus Mack has lurked in the shadows of "Gunsmoke," playing what movie- makers describe as atmosphere scenes which call lot hint to drive a horse and wagon, walk ri6\vft * street or just slftnd around looking Western. But to all who wait long nough some good must come, and that's what happened to Cactus Mack, a patient fellow. After three years had gone by, Dennis Weaver, got- legged Chester on the show, thought it would be a good idea to take Cactus Mack from behind the general store apple barrel for a leading role. Dennis, who directs some "Gun- smoke" shows, had his choice of actors for a segment and insisted on Cacus Mack for the role of Pa Cathcart, a; hillbilly who kid- VUAR TiiL i'.UUVi DAILV SUNDAY, NOVEMBER I, ilfti us Mack WM elevated from -the ranks of background Crowds to series stardom/ t naps Kitty. "1 never smoke' till did this much role," on 'Gun- said the 62-year-old man whose real first name was Taylor until he got tossed from a horse into * cactus patch years ago. "Dennis went to bat for me," he said. "And it was pretty rough for him, because they hadn't seen me do much on the. show. Dennis won the day. and Cac- But starring roles ire'riot without their mishaps, and when Cactus Mack played his big Jfcene kidnaping Kitty, it was tfourJTe. Cactuc Mack picked up kitty, passed her through a window, and the scene was one of "G u n- smokcs" best. Cactus Mack was promised another starring tole In tht ierfei but thfc won't be buck for awhile. The old trouper i* recuperating from Injuries received picking up Kitty. Cactus Mack's doctor told him after abdominal surgery, induced by lifting Kitty, that he'd better take it easy for t while. The Hindustani word "jungle" means "uncultivated land," which tends to become covered with trees and long grass. $700,000 Chaek | Just Too Mueh! ;! . \ >' -* PtTTSBUrlOH (UPI) ,**§*$ Stein sent his secretary to thl bank Thursday to get t Cishteff* cheek for $39.86.* Sh* with a check made out $tOO,039.oO. Stein returned check to «mb*iTas,««d bank ciiiU. Read the News Classified Ad* m tht offii School Director Certain Of Thelt MONTGOMERY, Alt, (UPI)-The white Persian mascot of thj school of nursing at St. Margaret's Hospital h*s disappeared ana Sister Delphine, the school'I d& rector, is fairly earttln tht' <i<l WM stolen. ,^ "Jdsephin* WM t«» f«t «*)§ lazy to leave of her own aecord f ,j| she told police Thursday. ' ." £ CLIP AND »AVI KGNC-TV, SUNDAY 4:30 diet iUmtley NBC B:00 Meet Tho Press Franklin Pierce was-president of the United States when the Republican party was organized on Feb. 28, 1854. Open 5:15 — Show 6:30 NOW-MON. ii »i i^; ALL-FAMILY FUN FILM! • -^ff^^ MICMAtL CAUJW • WBORAH WALLER ____ _ RAINBOW CO^M' Also Cartoon & News . Mo 4 HOI i "UNCOMMONLY BOLD ->• N. V. TIM63 Open 12:45 Today Recommended for Adults Only — Children Tickets' Will Not.Be Soldi bngitte bardot ilOBR STWS-HIE11ESI WI«5>" MORE: Walt Disney's "Litter Bug" & Late News r^f^--:-,,. M O 4- ? 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College Bowl 1 i30 Hem Id of Truth 8:00 Assembly of Goil Church 2:30 Broken Arrow 8:00 Brief In* Session' 3:30 New York at San Dlepo 6:30 Vollow The 7:30 Lawman fUOO Una Stop 9:00 Adventures Pnradtun 10:00 Dam Uusteri ABC Sun In KFDA-TV, SUNDAY CBS r,:00 20TH Century r. :3fl Dnn True Weather 5:40 News B:IIO LnH«lo 6:30 Dennis The Menace 7:00 lid Sullivan Show 8:000. K, Theatre 8:30 Jack llonny «:00 Candid Camera 3t30 What's My T^lne 10:00 Dan True Weather 10:10 News 10:25 Mrs, CJ does to OolleKO 10!5B Waterloo Brld/ce Channel 4 6:00 Continental Clan- room 7:00 Today Show 8:00 Cnpt. Kldd's Cartoons 9:00 Sny When 9:30 1'lny Tour Hunch 10:00 The Price Ts 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Truth or Conner). 11:30 H Could h« You 11 iS." News 12:00 News 12:15 \VoiUher Channel 7 I0:;t0 Funis-A-Poppln 11:00 The 'JVxan 11:30 Love Thut Boh 12:00 Camouflage 12:30 MiiUn A Fne* 1:00 Day In Court 1:2.) Mid-pay Report 1:SO -Hetty-' Mac Show 2:UO Number Please Channel 10 6:20 Mlnlslerlnl Alliance MlnlstorH Of P'hdi 6:26 SunrliiB Claiisrooni 7:00 .lack Tonikln* 7:2011 Happened Last Night l:OOCitpl. Kangroo 9:00 The Jack LaLa:ine Show 3:30 I Love Lucy 10:00 Video VlllnRn 10:30 Surprise Packngt* 10:55 CBS. News 11:00 Love of Life 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 11 MR The Guldlni Light 12:00 Dun True Weather KGNC-TV, MONDAY ABC 12:25 Women's World 1:00 Jan Murray I:3o Loretla Young 2:00 Young Dr. Mnlone 2:30 From Thcso Hoots 3:00 Make Room For Daddy 3:30 Here's Hollywood 3:55 News NBC 4:00 Cnpt Kldd's Car- loons !>!tr> Huntloy -Brlnkley fi:00 News fi;15 \V>ather «:2"i Sports «:30 Jooy Dlohop 7:00 Ndtlonnl velvet 7:30 The Price Is Right 8:illl 87th Precinct 9:00 Thriller 10:00 News 10:lli Weather 1(1:25 Hporti 10:30 Jack Pasr Show 12:00 Sign Off Chonntl 10 6:20 Ministerial Alliance Ministers Of P'hdl «:3fi Sunrise CUnsraom 7i00.1aclc Tomklns 7:!OH Hsppened Ij«st Nljtht SsOOCnnt. Kanirroo t:00 The Jack LaL*.iin* Show 9:80 1 Love Lucy 10:00 Video Vlllneo 10:30 Surprise Packart 10:ftR C»8 News 11:00 Love of Life 11:30 Search Por Tomorrow 11:4ti The CJuldlnir Light 12:00 Dun True Weather KFDA-TV, WEDNESDAY CIS 12:10 New* 15:20 li*arm A News A 1J;30 As Th» Ranch Markets World 1:00 Amo» A Andy t :30 Art Llnk1ett«r'« HAU** P»rty 3:00 The Millionaire 3:30 The Verdict la Tnlirs J:. r ,S CBS News 3:00 The BrlRhter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 The MittfB Of. Nlfht <tOO Cllnnt Kids Mat- I tie* fi :00 I lopalonjr Casaldy B:30 Dick Traer Edwards II iOO Weather « D»n True «;10 New* • Ralph Wayn« «:JO Tli» Alvln Show 7:00 father Know* Rest 7:/iO CheckmAt* ^-» S:3fl Third M»n- 9:00 Arm»tronj Tn»»t- • ere 10:00 Weather True ' Din W»yn« 10:2S Clmmaron U;25West Texa* Sl»n Off Ralph City Tatki i i i Channel 4 KGNC-TV, THURSDAY «tOO Continental Classroom 7:OOTocUy Show 8:00 Capt, Kldd 1 * Cartoons fliQO Hay When n:3n Play Voui- Hunch 10:0i) The Prlne Is Right tfl:!!0 C'onneitli'flllon 11:00 Truth or Lloniien. It ,-SO It Could he You KVII-TV, MONDAY ABC 2:30 Seven Keys 3:00 Queen For A Day 3 :JO Who Do You Trust 4:00 American Bandstand 4:30 The Velvet Touch 6:00 nud Wilkinson Show 6:30 C'hoyenn* 7:30 Rifleman XtOO SurfaMe Six 9:110 lien ('nie.y |ihimTn!lnlix«o« 7000 10:30 K-7 News A W>»- Iher 10:10 Almiinao N«ws- rn>\ 10:45 Mlk» llammor 12:00 N«w» Channel 7 10:30 Kuni-A-PoppIn 11 iOO The Texuu 11:30 Love Thiil Bob 2:00 CsmoufliiBe 12:30 Make A Face 1 :0fl Day In Court I ::S Mld-Diiy Report 1:30 Hetty Mnn Show 2:1)0 Number Pli*ivs« 2:30 Seven Keys Channel 10 fi:20 Mlnlsti-rliil Alllnncp MhilHlers Of P'hdl f>:25 SiMii'lnf ClaxMroom 7i(io.?iiclc Toniklns 7: I'd it Happened Ln«t 13:15 Weather- 12:25 Woman's World 1:00 Jan Murray Show 1:30 Loretta Young 1:00 Younif Doctor M»lone 3:3ft 1-'rom Then* Root* 3:00 Make Room For Daddy 3:.*o Here'* Hollywood S:55 Xews NBC 4:00 C.'spt. Kldd's Cartoons Biii Huntlfy -Brinkley 6:00 News 6:15 Weather Bi2r> Hports B:30 Outlaws 7:30 Dr. Klldar* 8:30 Marel 9iOO.SInK Alonr Mltoli Ifl;i.i0 News lfl:IS Wtallur 1fl:;.i Rnortu 10;Sfl .tar.k Pair UiOO Slfn Off With Show KVII-TVJHURSDAY ABC 3:00 Quetn For A Day 3:30 Who Do You Trust 4:00 American Bsnd- stand 4:30 Walk Softly S;flO Shotgun Slade fi:30 O7.r,l» and Harriet 7:00 The Donna Reed Show 7:30 Real McCoys 8 iOO My Three Soni 8:30 .Nlargle 9;0o Peter (lunn 9:.t» Untouchables 10:30 K-7 News tc. Weather 10:40 HM F»«hlonett« li);t.i Mokenxle's Raid er» KFDA-TV, THURSDAY Tnii Wea- i;00 KFDA-TV, MONDAY CBS Ttsnch Markets World 12:10 News 12:20 Kiirm ft N«w» A 12:30 AH The Tunis 1:00 Amos A Andy 1 :30 Aj*. Link-letter 1 ! House Party 2:00 Tho Millionaire 2:30 Th« Verdict Is YourH •1:W, CTS Now* :i:OOThe nrJKhler Day :i:15 Hecrnt Storm 3:30 Tha KdBB Of Night 4:00 Olnnt Kids Mat- Inee f>:no Yoel Hear 5:30 Dick Tracy 5:15 Douelns Edwnrds 6:00 Wonthpr - Dan True 6:10 .N' - Ralph Wavue 6:30 To Tell Tin Truth 7sOO Pole and GlKdys 7:30 Window On Main Street JlOO An Hour With Oiiniiy Knye 9:0(1 llemipaey 9:30 1'VB Hot A Secret 10:00 Weather • Dun Tru« 10:10 News • Rnlph Wny nt IO:2S Di>iHh V«ll«y nhys lil'.TiD Conunanrl Decision Hlgn Off K:0flf'n(it. Kangroo 9:00 The Jack Lnl.nnm Show 9:30.1 Love Lucy 10:00 Video Villnge 10:30 Surprise PHckag« 10:5;. ('IIS News 11:00 Love of Life 11:30 Search For Tom- OITOV 11:4S The Guiding Light 12:OU Dan ther 13:10 News 12:2* Fnrm ft risurh Xews A Al»rkei.s 1S:30 As The World Turns l:on Amos A Andy liSOArt Llnklotter't House Party 2:00 The MIHIonnlrt 3:30 The Verdict I* CBS Ho- Huckleberry u ltd 5:30 Olok Tracy 5 :(."< Douglas Bdwsrds 5:00 Weather ^ Dan True 1:10 S'ewn Wayne 6:30 Frontier Clrcu* 7:110 I'oli Cunimlugs 8:flrt Th« Investigator! 9:00 CBS fUports Ralph ' Day 2:, p ,5 3:00 The Brighter 3:in Secret Htorrn J:30 The Kdg« Of NIrht 4:00 Olant Kids Mat- ln«* 10:00 WtAlhcr True • 10: 10 News Wayne 10:2.1 Rlvt-rhos.t 11:25 Highway Sign Off D»n | Ralph Patrol KGNC-TV, FRIDAY NIC Also Cartoon & News •• mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm t| | TV PROGRAMS FOR THE WEEK ENDING NOVEMBER 11 1 THW NEWS IS NOT nESPOXSIBLra FOR CHANOR8 FltOM THR POBLtSHBD 8CHKDULK AS SUPPLIKO IN ADVANCR 9T THR TV STUDIOS II I Channel 4 "11:00 Polk Street Moth H odlst Church • 12:OOA-OK • 12:30 Cotton John 1:00 Pro Football I I I I I I I I I I I I I I • I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I NO. I I BALLARD I at Browning , MO Channel 4 6:UO Continental Classroom 7:00 Today Show 8:00 iVpl. Kldd's Cartoons 9:00 Say When .9:30 Play Your Hunch 10:00 The Price Is P.lghl 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Truth Or Conse- duenreH II :.'!0 It Could Be Vou 11:5S N«w« 12-00 Niws Channel 7 -10:311 Kunz-A-PoppIn 11:00 The Texnn 11:30 Love That Bob 12:00 Carnoflaga 12:30 Make A Kac* 1:00 Day In Court 1:25 Mid-Day Report 1:30 Betty Mac Show 2:00 Number Please Channel 10 8:20 Ministerial Alliance Ministers Of P'hdl 6:25 Sunrise Classroom 7:00 Jack Tomklns 7:20 It Happened Last Nlsht JjOOCapt Kangroo 9:00 Th« Jack LaLann* Show 9:30 1 Love Lucy 10:»li Vl.len VllhiB* 10:30 Surprise Pnrkag* 10:5.1 (M3S New* Love of Life ll:30Hearch l-'or Tomorrow 11 M The GuUilng Light 12:00 Dan Tru* Weather KGNC-TV, TUESDAY 12;iri Weather [1:"'i Wom«n's World 1:00 Jan Murray Show 1:10 Ijoretta Young Hhow 2:00 Young Doctor M«lone 2:30 Krom Tlies* Roots 3;00 Make Room l'"or Dadtl-v 3:30 Here's Hollywood S:.'i'i News NBC 4:00 Capt Kldd's Car- loons 6:1,1 IliniHey (|:MII New* r,-,r. w«xUi*r ff.'^'i Hports NBC • Drlnkley 7:::u Alfred 8:00 l>li:!< l'ow»ll Show 9:iin I'tiinx Hundred Hl:0il New* 10:K> WenHier 10;';r> Snorts I0:?.n Juck I'aar Show 12:OU Hl(tn Ofl Channel 4 5:»0 Continental Clam- room 7:0o Today Khow 8:00 Capt.- Kldd'K Cartoons !l:00 May When B:ao Play Vour Hunch HiiiiO The Price In night 10:3n Concentration It, '00 Truth Or Oonatq- \\e\ief* II :.'tn It Could Be You 11:511 New* 12;00 i;;ir> Weather 13:25 Woman'* World 1:00 Jan Murray Show 1:30 horetta Younr Hhow 3;QO Younc Doctor M»Ion* 2:30 From Theae [toot* 3:00 Mal(« Hoom For Daddy 3:3ii Here'* Hollywood 3;f.:. N'ewa NHC 4:00 Capt Kldd'i Car. toon* 5:45 Huntley 6:00 N»w» «:15 Weather K:25 Sports «:30 International Show Tltn« 7:»0 Dctei:tlv«» 11:30 Telephone Hour 0:30 Here $ Now 10:00 Now* 10:15 Weather ' ';".'. Sport* lfl;!)0 Jack Pnnr 12:00 Slen Off Channel 7 KVH-TV, FRIDAY KVII-TV, TUESDAY 2:30 Hfiven Key* .1;iiO Qnnon Knr A Day 3:30 Who no You Tm*t 4:3M Step Mvely 8:00 T(Jinl>»ton« Territory 6:30 Th« nag* Bunny Show 7:00 Bachelor Fithtr ABC Th* ! 7:30 Calvin * ('oluntl d:oO The New Breed a :00 Alcoa rrea*nl» 10:00 Miami Undercover 10:30 K-7 N«w§ & Weather 10:40 KM FnnhlonAtt* 10:45 ThU MRn l>aw«on KFDA-TV, TUESDAY CBS IMO Newi 12:20 I'nrni * Hanoh New» & Market* IJ:J» A« Th» World Turns l:ii'l Amos & Andy 1:30 Art |,lnl:letUr'» Hou«e Party f.Htl The .Mllllonulre 2:30 Tli« Verdict 1* Yours 2::i5 CHU Sow* 3:00 The Brighter Pay 3:15 8«cret Storjn 3:30 The Kd«» of Night 4:00 (Jhuil Kld» Matinee 5:00 Quick Draw Me- 6:30 Dick Tracy True S:U DoviKlsi Edwnrdd g;00 Weather • Oan 8:10 N'ewc • Ralph Wayne K;30 Mardhul Dlllun 7:00 Dick Van Oik* 7:.10 noble CillllN 8:00 lied Kin-lion (;30|cabi>d & M* 9:00 (Jary Moor* Bhow 10:00 Weather • Dan Tru* 10:10 New* • Kalph Wayne 10:25 Sheriff Of Cochl»* 10:55 High Harharee Sign Off 10:20 1'uiis-A-Poppln 11:00 The 'J'runn 11 l,ov* That Bob 12:00 C;tinouflnK« 12:30 Make A l-'nct 1 :00 Day In Court 1 ::»."• Mld-Day l!ptK,rt 1 ill" Hetty Mac Show 2:00 Numl'tr riea«* Channel 10 4; 2(1 Mlnlttttrtiil AIH.>tn -r MlnlKtei-H Or rhd) li:25 HunrlBc Clantsroorn 7i»)OJnck TomkliiB 7:20 It Happened I,ast Nllfhl 1:00 Capt. Kan^rpo Hhow 9:30 I hove 1/iioy I0;oi» Video Village 10:30 Burprlfte Pnrkace 10 :.',:, CHS New* 11:00 J.ov« of \Mt 11:30 Search Kor Tom tllTOW U :4ff Th* Guldlr.g l.lghi 12:00 Dan True Wtn- ther J:,lo Sevnn 5;0'i Qu»»n For- A D»y 3:.1(l Who Do You Trust 4:40 American Blind- stand 4:30 Th* Man 1* Armed 7:lio Tlit 1 !!:nft 77 Sunset S 0:00 The Corrupt* ••"••• lM:Oii Sew Hunt 10:30 K-7 New* A W**- ther 10HO Almanac N«w»- reel 10:15 Ulnr'.vheard th* Plral* KFDA-TV, FRIDAY 5:30 Dick Tr»cy ' N«w» ft ^^llrk«t^ I3:.1o An Tin World Turn» l:0'iAniot ft Andy 1:30 Art Unkletter'* Homo F'.irty 3:<>0 The Mllllonalr* 3:30 The Verdict U 2:'>". I'HS ."^ooTlia HrlRhtcr D»y 3:l.'i Herrel Ktorm 3 :io Tti* Kdtm nr xirin 4:011 CUnt Kld> M»t Inct 6:00 M Inter Mnjoo S:C> «:00 W**ther Tni* <:10 N'ewa W«.vn« «i3o Unwhid* 7:30 Roillft S5 1:30 M8<|uad S:00 TwillKhl 9:30 Kyewllne** 10:00 W«ath«r True 10:10 \>w* Wayne 10:2^ Track'lown 10:5& *»n Kr»nc Sign Off i I I I I I I! 11 -Brlnklty I i Show ABC CIS Kdwurdt • D»n Ralph Zone - CBS Dan Ralph Channel 4 f!;00 Continental Clan- room 7:OuToday Hhow 8:00 rapt Kldd'n Car- tO'JII* 9:00 Say When 9:30 Ilav Your Hunch 10:00 Price Is lUctit 10 :M Com i'iitraU<>n 11:00 or Cuiist'i. 11:30 H Could U» You 11 -J,r, New* 12:00 Nfc\v» 13:15 Weather Chonnel 7 KGNC-TV, WEDNESDAY NBC IS:2.'. Women'* World 1 :00 Jan Murray Show 1:30 [«oretta Ynung 2:00 Young D'wtor Malone 2:3il Krom Thsu* (tool* 3:00 Mak* I'oorn Kor Daddy J-.:'.ij llvrc'n Hollyw<xxi 3:,"i". N'ewd NlJf 4MIO Capt Kldd'* Car- g:15 Weather «:2fi Hport« 6:30 Wagon Train 7:30KliiK "' DianiQUd« S:iiO I'erry (.'oino S:fio IJI.IP Newliarl Show J;7,0|Javl.| ilrlnkley'* I ' Channel 4 S:OOIndu*try on f'rdi' t):U (MirUtlnn H<:lenrc 8:30 l»lp The Piper 9:00 Sliarl l,e»vl« Hhow 9:30 Klnc iieonardo'n Show IO:OH Kury 10:30 Maki; Itoom Kor Daddy ll:OUCapt. 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TO 10 P,M, »» * f««^E HF •- ~-*m ' AAD A~ •i in •• MI •• IB mi iii MI 'm* S. CUYLSR II M0444W

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