The Paris News from Paris, Texas on May 7, 1957 · Page 10
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 10

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1957
Page 10
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1O- THI PARIS NEWS, TUESDAY, MAY 7, 1957 VOTE FOR COURTESY My nctmt is My address is .... ................. ...... I vote for the following for the awards: "Friendliest, Most Courteous" WOMAN EMPLOYEE Nam* . ...... .-..* Place of business "Friendliest, Most Courteous" MAN EMPLOYEE — Name .............. . ..................... Place of business "LET'S GET ACQUAINTED" will be held in May with a theme of "Let's A!| of Us Get To Know More of Us" —YES, LET'S MAKE PARIS THE FRIENDLIEST TOWN IN TEXAS ! Clip out; fill in; and, please send or bring the above to "Friendliest, Most Courteous" Employee Award, at The Paris News, Paris, Texas, or the Chamber of Commerce Office. Voting ends Sat., May 18. Announcement will be made in the "Let's Get Acquainted" edition in May. Vote as often as you wish; use only this award voting ballot. LAMAR CREAMERY MILK Homogenized Grad* "A" Pasteurized YiHmiin D Fortified 2>0 YOU KNOW- —the office secretary's name at HOMER WALTERS' INSURANCE AGENCY? 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Beautify your posture, reproportion your figure into more youthful looking lovelier lines by trimming away unwanted inches with the famous STAUFFER HOME REDUCING PLAN of effortless exercise «nd caloric reduction. nmt HOMC A Stauffer representative will show you this modern reducing method in your home at your conventafwe. No obligation. SU 4-3978 •*- * PC* i MOTH—MW * ten x*. A MT Maft Covoon ~°~~ MRS. T. W. COLE, V 817 CJarksviUe St. Bavt Starter rapreteMMht ewrttct *w for FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION wrtbo* (Mtftttoa. -MM McCarthy Interview Parts Give Insight Into Views NEW YORK W~At the height of this Army-McCarthy dispute in 1954, Associated Press reporters Jack Bell and Relman Morin in- ;erviewed the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Follov/ing are some excerpts [rom this interview that give an insight into some of McCarthy's aims, methods and his personal philosophy: Q. In your own mind are those people (people who think like Communists) as guilty of acting against our government as a Communist himself ..... ? A. Let's not talk about "thinking." Let's take the people who do all the things the Communists would do. If they are teaching school, if they would teach the way they would teach under Communist discipline, if they follow the Communist party line, if they are as a Communist is acting, 'Hi thsv 2rs fcllov/in** u CQ jectionable. The record is available for anyone to see. We call a man. in. We give him every ight to counsel, give him every ight to rebut the testimony against him. I can't think of any- hing we can do in addition to hat. If anyone has any further uggestions, I would be glad to hear them. You find people screaming about methods, but hey never tell what methods they have hi mind." Asked whether he thought there was rising opposition to him with- u his own party, McCarthy replied: "I think you would be just as :ood a judge of that as I am, There were times in the early days of this fight when it was not oo popular in the eyes of some Or a senator to be seen talking o me on the floor of the Senate. 'Then there are times wfcen a line, certainly, anyone who is teaching conspiracy and treason should not have a captive audience in a school. Q. Suppose they are not teaching conspiracy and treason but merely teaching what communism is? Is there a difference in your view? A. Of course there is. I think it is impossible to fight communism unless you know all about it. Unfortunately, many people have confused teaching what communism is with advocating communism . . . There is no comparison. It is like the difference between teaching and about the dangers and the evils of crime or advocating murder. McCarthy was asked about criticism that hearings of his Senate committee were not to obtain new information but to expose information already obtained. He replied: "The principal purpose of a public hearing is to let the public know what is going on. As far as getting information ourselves is concerned, we could get all that information beffind closed doors. "There are two theories, of course. There is one theory, followed by some, that it is a favor to the American people to let them know what their elected officials are doing. I don't follow that theory. I think they have an absolute right to know what is going on." "I think we have an absolute duty to bring all the facts in regard to any misconduct on the part of public officials to the attention of the public. If there are Communists handling defense work, the American people should know it. That is the way you get them." Q. Senator, there has been a great deal of speculation on the question of whether you are running for the Republican presidential nomination in 1956 or a later year. A. The answer is definitely no. Q. Along that line, are you trying to capture the Republican party in any way? A. Definitely not. Any such attempt on the part of any one senator would be ridiculous. Asked about President Eisenhower's batting average in efforts to rid the government of communism in reference to a 1953 Me Carthy speech, the senator replied: "I think President Eisenhow er's batting average was ' gooc then. I still think it is good. I don't expect we will ever have a president, no matter how good he is, who will be perfect all the time. That is one of the reasons why you have a Congress. "If you could elect a presiden who was a perfect individual, he wouldn't need the checks of the Congress." Asked if President Eisenhower hadn't indicated unhappiness with methods used by McCarthy, the senator replied: "I can't conceive why he would be unhappy with that. You have to name some method that is ob- great number of congressmen and cenntorA were clamoring lor me to come into their states to speak. I have seen times when some of them definitely didn't want sie in their state. "If I were to be concerned about my personal popularity, with the ebb and flow of personal popularity, I couldn't do a job down here. I just have to go ahead and do this job—it is unpleasant —and not worry much about what effect it has on personal popularity." Peyton A. Ellison Attorney At Law (New Address) S. Side Court Hous* 21 W. Houston Notary Public—Tux Service Dial SU 4-4488 Mothers Are FHA Guests Powderly school's chapter of the Future Homemakers of America held its annual mother-and daughter banquet last week at ths school, -where these awards were presented: Chapter degree, Jane McFadden: junior home'makers, Betty Kitchens, Patricia McCann and Shirley Smallwood. Peggy Beard and Doris Jones represented the chapter at the state FHA meeting in Dallas last month,-taking part in the program. Wendell Home was quizmaster for the television • type program, "Don't Be a Poo-Boo," Shirley SmaiUwood, •chaprer president, ssidisig. Patricia McCann gave the invocation, and Wilma Conder played the FHA Prayer Soag for dismissal.' The chapter beau, "Butch" Smyers, and the chapter parents, Mr. and Mrs. Buford Conder and Mr? and Mrs. Bill Beard, were introduced. Guests included schod officials, trustees and tiieir wives and th« women teachers, as well as the girls' mothers. Mrs. W. C. Frankis instructor-advisor. KAN Oil Husbands! Wives! Get Pep, Vim; Feel Younger Thousands of couples are weak, worn-out, exhausted because body lacks iron. For new younger feeling after 40, try Ostrex Tonic Tablet!. Contain iron for new ftp, vim; flat high-potency dose Vitamin Bi. In * single day, Ostrex supplies as much iron as TO doz. raw oysters, 4 Ibs. o£ liver, 16 Ibs. of beef. 3»dav 4 'get-;(cguainted" size only 69<?. Or Set Economy size, save J 1.67. All druggists. FFA Banquet Held at Hugo Oklahoma News Bureau HUGO, Okla. — David Houchcn received the DeKalb agriculture award at the Hugo Future Farmers of America's father and son barbecue chicken dinner last week and also received the chapter star farmer award. The DeKalb recognition is given annually for the outstanding F.F.A. senior. FFA Foundation awards went to Ronald McKenzie, for soil and water management; Glen Janoe, for farm machinics; Marvin Tedder, for farm electrification, and Troy Payne, fnr dairy farming. Chapter award for excellence in the all-around FFA program was won by Dale Kelly, who also received an award for swine breeding. Other chapter awards went to Jack Testerman, for beef cattle production, and Ralph Fluellen, for baby chick production. Three Hugo business men—B.M. Gurley, Homer Eppler and 'Al Alexander — received honorary chapter memberships. The program also included crowning of the FFA chapter queen for the coming year, Madeline Finch. The chapter presented the retiring queen, Pat Griffith, with a gift of costume jewelry bearing the FFA emblem. W. D. Wyatt, Jr., Grant, was the speaker, discussing agriculture in Russia as observed by him on a tour of the Soviet Union last year. GENERAL ADMISSION 12TH ANNUAL JAYCEE MINSTREL WEDNESDAY—THURSDAY- FRIDAY NIGHTS, MAY 8-9-10 Paris Jr. College Auditorium 50 RESERVED SEATS CHILDREN'S TICKETS.... PATRON TICKETS . . . £5.00 • COMEDY • SINGING • SPECIALTY ACTS TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM ANY JAYCEE — CHAMBER OF COMMERCE- PARIS PUBLIC LIBRARY OR AT THE DOOiR, (Proceeds Go to the Paris Public Library) REPAPER YOUR HOME NOW AT EXACTLY HALF PRICE! WALLPAPER SALE * ALL NEW PATTERNS * NOTHING WITHHELD * SALE STARTS WEDNESDAY MEWC MR PRICE PENMAN'S 114 Clarksvill* Dial SU 4-8070 Small budgets lore You don't have to be rich to enjoy fine-car luxury. The new kind of Ford is America's lowest-priced* big car... yet it offers the beauty, V-8 GO and luxury ride of cars costing far more! If you love big-car performance you'll love our '57 Ford. If you love thrift you'll love our '57 Ford, No car ever before has offered such perfect, blending of big-car luxury and small-car price. Once you take the wheel, you'll discover how the "Inner Ford" gives you the kind of ride you have experienced before only in cars costing far more. 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