The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 31, 1961 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1961
Page 2
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1 gfrr »«gtaum frtm Tuesday, January 31. 1961 BRAZIL'S NEW PRESIDENT TAKES OVER ON TUESDAY Editor's Note — Brazil, most among despairing farmers living.test populous nation in (he U'estr-rn on the razor «tae o' srrtrv.-nion. ' n'^s Hemisphere after thr- Umte<l The Communists are relatively r.r,? Slates, c-nters a now era Tuesday .small in numbers— possibly W.C*^ with inauguration of a president or so— tot a nation of ft) million. exactly the age of President K-~r.- i>ui th; : y make up for that in or- nedy. Here is a report on tne ganszation and discipline. They prospect?, written by AP's trlobe- have a ho)d on the leadership of trotting news analyst, currently many a labor union. on a tour of Latin America. Braz;!i.u:s -"jr.- concerned, toe.. 'with a perceptible undercurrent By WILLIAM L, KV.A>" • of unrest'tha; Van rise to the sur- Associated Press News Analyst face any time, particularly RIO DE JANEIRO <AP> — A;there should be a new new leadership is about to take crisis. over in Brazil, a stirrrne pant of Brazil imports here wheat. But a country" where thinking people now she no longer can .-"ord ihe seem suddpnJv aware of Ji.* vast cc'iay •>' forfizn exchange tor Dossibilitips aid its L-rorlr:;; corn- import of food. Only hasty fiction T-'VA of poiificaJ and economic by the United States is s'.?.vini Qundros. c-.nd his election \vi.-.g ,i sftteck ;cr thorn. Tiiero indications thf-y will do !hr:r in'st to jsri'.v him a bad time' as quickly as possible, primarily in the fit-Id of labor. Soffit' Brazilians sav Quadros'- rxprw-O'd intention of renewing' d;iiion;a;:r relations with the iL'.S.S.R. ;,nd m-ocnizmi; R«-d Chi-' r,a indicates an r-.ttt-n'.:>! to buy rime, to keep extremists off his ,back while he turns attention to: \vheat! cures for Brazil's major economic; troubles. Quadros \\oa3d be unworried byj th<~- iabo! of "nr-utralism." a vague i word at best. In Brazil, recosr.i?-, ing the Red nations likely would' regarded as an expression of! dangers. Janio Quadros, off a wheat crisis now, and an-: national sovereignty and independ-! school-teacher- other may riso again in six more^ent policy and not necessarily! ish, enigmatic man sometimes months. j turning away from friendship with [ called a political genius, takes his Communism is considered, both ' the United States. j oath as president Tuesday. He by Brazilians and foreign ob- Given a little time, Quadros{ will plunge into a sea of iroubk-/ servers, a much sreatc-r danger i jike!y will attack the biggest prob-' Time is his most urgent need, aiw than Castroism.. Communists have;; ern inflation he hasn't much of it in which to been making alliances with na- perforra on the promises and. tionalisi elements, hopes which elected him to office, grows stronger may have been a factor in de-; Communist union leadership. Quaaros to maKe jestures j i qmre some first. This may re- austeritv measures. Just a few of his problems: its. The party; \Vhen he tries this he can expect' rapidly, and this;trouble from labor, egged on by! Brazi; suffer? from a variety of agricultural crises. A viok-nt inflation outruns lower and middle incomes. A struggle is in pros- ; peer with labor, now the target; of increased Communist pressure.; There is a dangerous bread crisis in the olfins. A variety of external pressures can force ros to copromise with and extremists. And some of the potentialities: in the direction of Fide! Castro of He visited Castro in Havana i as t'March but said later he would !; have Brazilian late' limits union ac-i tivity. The labor ministry can in- i terrene in union affairs. Yet there' strike-s recently, even ; be the first to condemn a Com- -against the government m deli-: munist Cuba. : ance of, the law. And mere will; "Castro hiniself' normally would ^ a ° rive : ' or union independence • - " - — •""— the labor mirJsiry. whose! have ii tt i e impact m Brazil. be The; f rorn . . . Cuban prime min- i ef fons under President Juscelino! lelusts ; ister is considered an unbalanced jKubitschek kept Communist influ-i young upstart by many Brazilians, j enc-e £ro™ growing more swiftly. I " j n a< jaj l i on _ Brazil has been a j It seems likely the Communists . Many Brazilians seem deter-: good friend of the United States— land extreme nationalists will try! mined" to awaken trftir country j possibly the best in the hemis- 'j to engender anti-Yankeeism, a de-i from a long apathy that brought i phere. Brazilians themselves are' vice "by which many a politician! economic stagnation. They see ' peace-loving, outgiving and j blames his own failures upon the j now a charce to open up the huge j friendly. . j United States. They can claim, for undeveloped interior and make j But Castroism has an indirect ! example, that U.S. failure to take Brazil, in a matter of a _ decade. , ; impact by demonstrating the po-j anything but a trickle of, Brazil's glut of sugar had a direct bearing on the grain crisis by making it impossible for Brazil to find the j foreign exchange needed for a mighty force in the world. They | tency of violent action in focusing see a" chance for reforms attack-j attention on nations' woes. That ing the enormous evils of, poverty j is how the Communists of Brazil and disease. Brazilians express concern with j the growth of Communist strength i in the labor movement and—espe- 1 daily in the poor northeast — .j For Washable Inks... Juse Castroism. The Communists appear to de-1 wheat. Lie Detector Tests Used By Employers DALLAS (AP) — The rubber! who took 556 from the cash hose is stretched across your I register, who took the bottle of from Rocm ^ of ^ chest. Then the electrode is placed in your hand. The gray cloth ofj (the blood pressure machine isj by wrapped around your arm. the chambermaid who wants to prove she did not take the whisky-, the sales clerk who says ... tt*lft nmtftr ii • Mlmimt M" k.ri, tne *«;it»ti fibrin. Quick as: * < 1. MAISTtM 2. IKUSH 3. ItMOft SPOT AWAY ttw Ht*«t n*t MUWMT— IMt You look straight ahead at a blank wall. ihe didn't take the money and I In a quiet, slow voice the man j the three shipping room clerks I asks you questions: (who claim the radios were gone "Is "your name Jack Collins? j when the - v camc to work Monday "Are" you 38 years old? mormnc. "Have you ever stolen (rom A company using Keener s your employer? matheme's 207-211 West Pearce THRU WEDNESDAY • 2 COLOR HITS 2 • ENDS TONIGHT CAXDY MOORK "TOMBOY AND THE CHAMP" Wednesday Thru Saturday JF The HILARIOUS f inside story of those M wild spring vacations! t «EIRO-60LIM'Y)(-MITERr«..M I 'WMeFe 1 •'Do you have a police record?" All the time the questions are asked and all the time you think, and answer, three metal arms make small zig-zag lines on an endless roil of paper. You're taking a lie detector test. The test is not to determine whether you go to jail. It will help determine if you get the job, I services sends all job applicants to Truth Verification after they have filed out their employment applications. Not all agree to the.tests, however. Mrs. Claudine Johnson, manager of an employment firm, says three out of four persons asked to t.'ike the tests object. Two of the three take them nevertheless. Other employment firm mana you seek. |gers sav they have had no corn- Giving lie detector tests to job; p i a j n t s about the tests. applicants is a growing national! Keener says, "About 2 per cent trend. In Dallas this year about ! 0 f the applicants fail to show up 20.000 persons will be tested by [ Or th e test. We have checked on these 2 per cent and we find Truth Verification, Inc., the lanjc-st firm of its kinds in that 95 the nation, says its president, Lee KceJier. lem per cent of them have of background prob- that would have prevented ing six BRUNSON LAST DAY SAY ENDS TONIGHT I MARTIN im DEBORAH ROBERT • UYNI» JOHNS • D>NA MERRILL CARTOON Truth Verification's sen-ices i them from getting the job." are also used by employers try-j \yh at about a man with a past to determine who stole the (prison record who wants to go radios from the stockroom. [straight? What about the persons 'u-ith •' !r'-t'->"-v of recessive drinking? Don't the tests prevent such persons from ever getting a job? Keener says just the opposite is true. "Most employers are prone to CTj ve everybody a chance if they feel they are not taking too much of a risk. If a man with a pas? criminal record says he wants to KO straight — and the lie detector test shows he's telling the truth — the employer may hire him because we have shown the man has honest intentions. "If a man with a drinking problem says he hasn't had a drop in eight months— and the machine proves he's telling the truth— he stands an excellent chance of being hired," says Keener. One of the other uses of the lie Hftfvtor tf>st — or the Truth Verification test, as Keener prefers I to call it— is to determine why i a person wants a particular job. "It costs a long distance truckling company hundreds of dollars jto train a truck driver," Keener •says, "and before a company 'starts a man on a training pn> : gram it wants to know if the ' man intends to remain with the ', company or try to sell his newly- acquired skills to some other 'firm. The test will show what ;the man's intentions arc." j Persons bring considered for | promotions to such positions as ;vjr<? president have also taken tests to determine their loyalty 1 jo {he firm, habits of work, at- Itentior to detail, honesty, and ; intentions of staying with the company or using the promotion i as a stepping stone to a higher paying job with another firm. Keener claims the machine? never make a mistake, but the man reading the results can miss an important sign or misinterpret the results. This is one reason Keener is not anxious to appear in court to testify about results. "The element of error," he says, "could cause nndue dam- ag<> to a person." If he must appear in court ho would prefer to testify on behalf of the defendant. As far HS intuition is concerned. Keener says "you make a mistake «Vn you tend to believe th<~person rather than the machine." After years of trstine he te"ls that he is not much bettor •••qijipp'-d than th* average p«r- t son in de-tf-rmining if a person ; is telling tJv truth by the oM jfashwrwd look-me-right-in-the eye ! method. "THE 39 STEPS" • HIT NO. 3 • "THE SAD HORSE" DAVID LADD \VK WILL BE CLOSED WEDNESDAY Days Wednesday Saturday i •ttfATLIUU, the HEADLINE TOUR takes you by KLM jet direct from Houston to EUROPE 17-DAY DELUXE ALL-EXPENSE TOUR INCLUDES AIR TICKETS GUIDES, TRANSFERS SIGHTSEEING EXTRA FEATURES TOUR PRICE 1030 30 Visit the House of Parliament with a guide in London. See the Tulips in Holland. Attend special Party in Switzerland. Lunch and special briefing at Supreme Headquarters ARied Powers in Europe (Near Paris). Special features in Paris. Plus dining in tome of Europe's most famous restaurants. CASTLE SAINT ANGELO is one of the majestic sites of Rome. Three days will be spent in Rome by Baytown area residents who take advantage of the 17-day Baytown Sun-Citizens Bank Headline tour of seven European countries which begins .June 18. Reservations are now being taken for the trip which begins with a flight by KLM * Royal Dutch Airlines to Amsterdam, Holland. A TYPICAL EUROPE STREET SCENE—as you can see they have their traffic problems too. So while strolling the boulevards and streets of Paris, London, etc. you'll find your biggest problem will be the hundreds of cyclists. IMPORTANT Reservations for Hoadine Tour are made on a first come-first-served basis. Since these tours are such outstanding values, if you are interested, it is suggested that you make your reservations right away. WINDMILLS AND CATTLE— FAMILIAR SIGHTS IN HOLLAND ORGANIZED BY lagtotun The Baytown Sun Headline tour of Europe is being organized by The Baytown Sun staff and representatives of the Travel Department of the Citizens National Bank and Trust Co. This tour will give many Baytown people an opportunity to see Europe as few have in the past. Tour members will be handled on the de luxe KLM Royal Dutch Flight, and they will have the best tour service that can be obtained on the tour of the big European centers. Only first class hotels will be used, and the tour package includes everything you will need to spend to have a grand holiday. Any expenses above the price of the tour will be left to the individual taste of the tourist. Headline tour members won't have to worry about any of the details. Your trips from the airports to the hotels will be planned. Your baggage will be waiting for you when you reach the hotel. There will be no charges for transfers from airport to hotel, not even tips. This will be hard to believe - this 17-day economy-priced tour of Europe •• unless you write for the folder and study it for yourself. It has been the experience of many that nobody likes to travel alone or merely with members of the family. This tour will give you a chance to see the things in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Copenhagen and other centers and with congenial homefoiks in the party. i SEND FOR COLORFUL DESCRIPTIVE FOLDERS: THE BAYTOWN SUN TRAVEL EDITOR BAYTOWN, TEXAS Please Send Folder Describing Headline Tour To Europe NAME ADDRESS CITY

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