Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 27, 1971 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1971
Page 3
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Gardenia Garden Club To Install Officers Installation of officers will be held by the Gardenia Jtmior Garden Club at the regular meeting Saturday morning. The session will be held in Prosser Hall of St. James' Episcopal Church beginning at 9:30 o'clock in the morning. The following Saturday, May 8, members will meet in the home of an adult leader, Mrs. Henry B. Horn, 305 E. Garfield Ave., to take a journey to Brackettville. The time for the excursion will be announced later. PAULA JAN SMITH Paula Jan Smith, LM.-Miller Engaged The Rev. and Mrs. Forrest. Smith announce the PR School Cafeteria Menus engagement of their daughter, Paula Jan, to Larkin Myles Miller, son of the Rev. and Mrs. V.W. Miller of Cljnton, Ark. ' The wedding is planned for June 26 in the chapel at Laughlin Air Force Base with the Rev. Mr. Smith officiating. Miss Smith -is a student in Del Rio High School. Her fiance is a 1968 graduate of International Bible School in San Antonio, holding a bachelor of theology degree. Elite Club Plans Ball Menus for the remainder of the week in elementary school and- junior - high school cafeterias in the Del Rio Independent School District are the same and include the following: WEDNESDAY, hamburger on buttered bun, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion, buttered corn, potato chips, ice r- i "I cream and milk; THURSDAY, I- Q I" J U H 6 I oven fried chicken and gravy, savory rice, zucchini squash, buttered rolls and honey and milk; FRIDAY, bean calupas with cheese, Spanish rice, Cole slaw with pineapple, fruit cocktail cake, buttered corn bread and milk. Two lunches and a la carte orders are available in Del Rio High School cafeteria. Assorted sandwiches, salads, corn dogs, milk shakes, ice cream and iced tea may be ordered a la carte every day in the week. Lunch One includes the following: WEDNESDAY, hamburger on bun, lettuce, tomato, pickles, buttered corn, fruit cobbler and milk; THURSDAY, baked meat loaf with tomato sauce, parsley buttered potatoes, buttered green beans, hot buttered rolls, pumpkin pie with cream and milk; FRIDAY, fish sticks with Tartar sauce, parsley buttered potatoes, chocolate cake, hot buttered rolls and milk Lunch Two includes the following: WEDNESDAY, the same as Lunch One; THURSDAY, chalupas, Spanish rice, tossed green salad, pumpkin pie and milk; FRIDAY, enchiladas, pinto beans, Cole slaw, hot buttered rolls, chocolate cake and milk. WIN AT BRIDGE Tickets for the annual Coronation Ball of "the Elite Social Club were distributed to members of the club at the meeting in Holiday Inn. Mrs. Hector. Rocha was hostess for the meeting and Mrs. Reynaldo Paredes presided. The Coronation Ball will be held June 12 with ten candidates competing for the title of Elite Club queen. Chris Sandoval of Laredo will play for the ball. Applications for the scholarships offered students in Del Rio High School and San Felipe High School by the club are being taken now and information is available from members. The hostess served refreshments to the members attending, Mesdames Reynaldo Paredes, Noe Borrego, Robert Barcia, Donate Rodriguez, Robert Cuellar, Mauro Paz, Johnny Olivares, Victor Paniagua and Rogelio Musquiz. SOCIAL CALENDAR SATURDAY The Gardenia Junior Garden Club will meet in Prosser . Hall of St. James 1 Episcopal Church in regular session at 9:30 a.m. for installation of officers. Take Care at Trick One NORTH * 10 76 4 2 VAJ6 • 105 4.J83 27 WEST 4>Q83 VK105 4QJ92 4,1076 EAST * Void V9872 4K8643 *A954 SOUTH (D) West Pass Pass VQ43 4 A7 *KQ2 Both vulnerable North East South Hk 4* 2* Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—* Q DEAR ABBY Long-Distance Affair Not Good Idea By Oswald & James Jacoby The monthly bulletin of the International Bridge Press Association gives some interesting hands prepared by Swedish expert Jan Wohlin. The point of today's hand is care at trick one. If South Is careless and wins the first diamond, good defense will defeat four spades. If South ducks that first diamond he is going to win the rubber. West's best continuation is a second diamond. South wins this and plays his ace of. spades. East shows out and South- must find a way to avoid the! loss of a heart trick. He has already lost a diamond and nothing can be done about either the ace of clubs or the queen of trumps. ! His next play should be the king of clubs. He continues clubs until East wins. diamond. That will give South a ruff and discard. If he leads back a heart South must play low from his hand. If he leads back a club South just wins. In either of these last instances, South cashes his king of trumps, plays any clubs that are still left and throws West in with the queen of trumps. West must now lead from the king of hearts or give South a ruff and discard. If South makes the mistake of grabbing the first diamond East will be able to gain the lead, twice. Each time he gets in he must lead a heart and the second heart lead will insure a heart trick for the defense. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Tuesday, April 27, 1971-3 HINTS FROM HELOISE By Abigail Van Buren [<& 1W1 bf C*la*> Trlbv«*-N. Y. Niwi Smd., Int.] DEAR ABBY: I recently met a very attractive man 1 would like very much to see more often. He lives in Manhattan and I live about 60 miles out in Long Island. He doesn't own a car, but I do. He has told me he would like to date me more often, but he can't see himself taking the Long Island Railroad back to Manhattan in the wee hours of the morning after seeing me home. This I can understand. He suggested that we enjoy the evening together in Manhattan, where he will provide suitable overnight lodging for me, and the next day he will take me home. I am 25 and he is 28. I am interested in your ideas on how this situation could be improved. ANXIOUS DEAR ANXIOUS: If you live on Long Island and work on Long Island, you're a dead Long Island duck unless you get. a job in Manhattan and live there! DEAR ABBY: Several years ago my husband had an affair with another woman. It lasted about a year. I found out about it and forgave him on the promise that he would be faithful to me from that day on. Things have been going smoothly since then and I'm sure he is keeping his promise, but I am going out of my mind trying to figure out who the woman was. I keep thinking it was this one and that one, but I have no way of really KNOWING. I have begged my husband to tell me who she was. I even promised I would never say a word to her. My curiosity is killing me. My husband says he will not tell me so I should stop asking him. Don't you think he should tell me? STILL GUESSING DEAR GUESSING: No! And if you are wise, you'll let sleeping dogs lie. [And quit guessing. There's only one thing that could be worse than guessing wrong. And that's guessing right! 1 DEAR ABBY: I am planning my wedding, or perhaps I should say my mother is planning it. It started out to be a small church wedding, but by the time my parents included all their friends and my father's business associates, it grew and grew and really got out of hand. My biggest problem is whom I shall have for my bridesmaids. I have no sisters, but I have several cousins my age as well as some very close girl friends. My mother says I absolutely must have my fiance's two sisters. I like them, but I hardly know"them, as they live in another city, and my fiance assures me that they wouldn't feel hurt if they weren't asked. He says it's my wedding and I should do as I please. I would like your opinion. BLUE BRIDE DEAR BRIDE: I can think of no occasion which should bring joy, but instead creates more hard feelings than a wedding! I agree. It's your wedding and you should be allowed to do as you please. If parents would let their marrying children plan their own weddings, they would cost less and mean more. DEAR ABBY: I noted in your column the pros and cons of going braless. A few weeks ago I saw a small item in the newspaper, which may help to settle the matter. It read as follows: If a woman is not certain whether or not she should go braless, she should place a pencil under her bosom. If the pencil stays there she should wear a bra. I would sign my name but my wife still has my pencil. SEATTLE READER DEAR ABBY: Our daughter, Jessica, just turned IS, and for her birthday she accepted a diamond from a young man she's been dating for about a year. [Bob is 22.] She really didn't want to become engaged, but Bob surprised her with the ring and she didn't want to hurt his.feelings. [They never even went steady.] Now that he is pressing her for a wedding date, she is sure Bob is not for her and she has tried to give the ring back several times but he won't take it. She said he actually breaks down and cries when she tries to return the ring. Jessica doesn't know what to do. We like the young man and even know his parents. We don't want to interfere, but something has to be done. Would it be all right if Jessica's father gave the diamond to Bob's father? JESSICA'S MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: No. A girl who IB old enough to accept a diamond from a young man is old enough to return it herself. And it's time Bob learned to face a few major disappointments in life without breaking Into tears. It IB plain that both Jessica and Bob are too Immature for marriage, but only Jessica realizes It, YVONNE BEST Seeks Title Youngest entry in the Cinco de Mayo queen's contest is Zaundra Yvonne Best, 13-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Best and an eighth grade student at Lamar Junior High School. Miss 'Best is sponsored by the Greenleaf Palace No. 25, Branch of Heroines of Jericho, which she serves as secretary. Her favorite subjects in school are civics and math. She is a cheer leader for the Ponies and is slated to be a cheer leader for the Mustangs next year. Miss Best will be 14 years old on the eve of Cinco de Mayo, May 4. : . DEAR HELOISE: I used to dread asking my husband to make needed repairs around the house on his day off, and then one day I started making a list of things that needed doing as I came to them. I anchored my little list to the side of the refrigerator with a magnet. Now he can check the list and is able to pick up needed •parts for repair or whatever without making extra trips, and, in nothing flat, I found that everything on the list was taken care of. He even finds time to call a repairman if that is necessary and seems to really appreciate knowing ahead of time what things need doing. It's been fun for me—especially when he says, "Better make a new list. Everything on this one is done." It's been fun for him, too, because his time off can be his own. Many of the smaller jobs are done in the evenings if he feels like it. It took me a heck of a long time to start doing this. I used to be dumb enough to spring them on him all at once and I bet you know the results. Husband's Best Gal Indeed I do! And I know another thing. It's gals llWe you who are worth their weight in gold. What a lucky man has you for his wife. Bless you both! Heloise * « * LETTER OF LAUGHTER DEAR HELOISE: You published one of my hints and I became an instant celebrity with my family. M. White . » « * DEAR HELOISE: I have several ideas to share with your readers that Ten certificates for reading 25 library books in English and in Spanish have been presented to pupils of Mrs. Kenneth Ridley s second grade. The certificates were presented by Mrs. Martina Sotelo on behalf of J.B. Pena, director of the bilingual S rogram In the San Felipe idependent School District. Certificates were presented to Marin Cummins, Mario Sauceda, Rosalinda Mendosa, Norma Coronado, Sandra Fuente, Irma Cardenas, Shirley Griffin, Sandra Smith, Denise Salazar, Billy Williams. have been a help to me when working with recipes. When you use a recipe card from your file, lift the recipe card behind the one you want and It'll be easy to return your recipe to its proper place in the file. Also another idea that I have employed when using my recipes (to avoid duplication of recipes in my file and In the cookbook) is to underline the recipe I use in my "cookbook" index. This prevents duplication and also provides an easy reference for which cookbook your "wanted" recipe is in. Heloise Friend DEAR HELOISE* A good use for an old plastic place mat is under your floor scrubber when you store it after it has been used. Sometimes there might be a few drops of water left on the scrubber and this can be easily wiped up off the mat thus protecting the floor in your cleaning closet if this be the case. A Reader AQUARIUMS FISH & SUPPLIES 908 E. 6th 775-4998 The bidding has been: West North East South 14> Pass 14 Pgss 2# Pass ? You, South, hold: A 7 543 V8632 •AKQ 4>74 What do you do now? A—Pass. Only a magician will look for game here. TODAY'S QUESTION Ypu do pass ahd West bids two Spades. North and East pass. What do you do now? ^ Answer Tomorrow **************** * •K VOGUE PATTERNS Mrs. Blanks Oglesby 775-4798 * * * Christian Environment Small Classes Creative Curriculum Readiness Program Applications Accepted Now For Pall Term Mrs. John Foster 775-3730 Testing For Elementary Grades Being Scheduled Now Mrs. Charles Howell 775-4072 Wood Jewelers 25th Anniversary WEDNESDAY LAST DAY MOREtDIAMOND SPECIALS ' /- A C-TT c? tTr r> ^kivTT *7 (exception: 90 days to pay on purchase over $150.00) CASH SALE ONLY ALL SALES WILL BE PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL LOOSE COLORED DIAMONDS Size Reg. Price Sale Price Round Brilliant Canary Diamond Round Brilliant Blue Green Diamond Round Brilliant Golden Canary Diamond Round Brilliant Natural White Diamond 1.09cts .98 cts .53 cts .5 1 cts $1200.00 $ 912.00 $ 345.00 $ 347.00 MAN'S COLORED DIAMOND RING (must see this fantastic ring) 14K Orange, Green, and White Diamond Ring 2.47 cts T.W. eg. P ttJO.C Round Brilliant Diamond Round Brilliant Diamond Round Brilliant Diamond Round Brilliant Diamond Round Brilliant Diamond Round Brilliant Diamond 14K White Diamond Pin 14 Dia. and Sapphire Pin 14 Dia. and Sapphire Circle Pin 14 Dia. and Ruby Pin 14K Diamond Leaf Pin 14K Diarnond Circle Pin 14K Diamond & Pearl Pin 14K Diamond & Pearl. Pind 14K Diamond & Pearl Circle Pin 14K Diamond Mounting 14K Diamond Mounting 14K Diamond Mounting 14K Diamond Mounting 14K Diamond Mounting 14K Diamond Mounting STRAND OF CpLTURED PEARLS 14K Diamond Cluster Ring 14K Dia. & Sapphire Cluster Rg. 14K Dia. & Ruby Cluster Ring 14K DiamondrCluster Ring 14K Diamond Cluster Ring 14K Diamond Cluster Ring 14K Diamond jPin 14K Diamond Pin 14K Diamond Crown Pin 18K Diamond Leaf Pin 14K Diamond & Pearl Pin 14K Diamond Pin 18K Dia. & Pearl Leaf Pin LOOSE DIAMONDS Size 1.24 cts 1.22 cts 1.12 cts 1.02 cts .99 cts .91 cts DIAMOND PINS Diamond Braclet Diamond Drop Earrings Size 3.20 cts T.W. 16 Dias. 16 Dias. & 16 Saph. 16 Dias. & 16 Rubys 21 Diamonds .70 cts T.W. 7 Diamonds 7 Dias. & 7 Pearls 7 Dias. & 7 Pearls LADIES DIAMOND MOUNTINGS Size .84 cts T.W. .65 cts T.W. .54 cts T.W. .58 cts T.W. .33 cts T.W. .12 cts T.W. CULTURED PEARLS DIAMOND RINGS Size 3.00 cts T.W. 2.50 cts T.W. 2.50 cts T.W. 2.00 cts T.W. 1.60 cts T.W. 1.25 cts T.W. DIAMOND PINS Size 3.50 cts T.W. 2.00 cts T.W. .26 Dias. 1.25 cts T.W. 1.00 cts T.W. .90 cts T.W. $400.00 Reg. Price $ 895.00 $1600.00 $ 895.00 $ 695.00 $ 995.00 $ 595.00 Reg. Price $2200.00 650.00 650.00 650.00 350.00 295.00 275.00 250.00 250.00 Reg. Price $850.00 $595.00 $495.00 $450.00 $295.00 S145.00 $500.00 Reg. Price $1995.00 $1900.00 1900.00 1400.00 1200.00 $ 850.00 Reg. Price $2200.00 $1495.00 1095.00 695.00 625.00 525.00 495.00 $2200.00 $ 595.00 $895.00 $750.00 $275.00 $275.00 Sale Price $2600.00 Sale Price $ 625.00 $1295.00 $ 650.00 $ 495.00 $ 695.00 $ 395.00 Sale Price $1600.00 495.00 495.00 495.00 275.00 225.00 225.00 205.00 205.00 Sale Price $585.00 $395.00 $350.00 $295.00 ! 1225.00 Ml 0.00 $395.00 Sale Price $1295.00 $1295.00 $1295.00 $1075.00 $ 875.00 $ 550.00 Sale Price $1595.00 $ 995.00 $ 795.00 $ 495.00 $ 495.00 $ 395.00 $ 350.00 $1400.00 $ 495.00 AT WOODS you can look at your diamond through our diamond scope. You can be sure that WOOD'S DIAMONDS are exactly as described. WO CERTIFIED DIAMOND APPRAISERS from the Gemological Institute of America Drury Wood & Mike Hayes • II JEWELERS 601 S. MAIN Buy with Confidence-Own with Pride 775-2823 •••'-•'• - ••-

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