Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 9, 1963 · Page 15
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 15

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 9, 1963
Page 15
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'^ Sunday Morning Kohler-Faulkner Wed In Chapel 5GTH VKAK THE PAMPA DAILY SUNDAY. JUNE fl, 15 • • . * . .Wl e. w. The Danforth Chapel in Lawrence, Kansas, was the scene for the exchange of double-ring vows of Miss Susan Losscn Kohlcr and Second Lieutenant Siler Fmilkner III of the United States Air Force Reserve on June 3 at ;i:,"!fl p.m. John (i. jVdrvin was the official- ing minister. Miss Kohler is the daughter of Charles Edward Kohler of lola, are • -•If you happen past Central friendliest people he has ever met • Park on Monday afternoon late, j anywhere. "Isay, around six thirty o'clock, you ' He and Mrs. Cradduck moved iwill be bound to nolicc a large i here from Te.cum.sch, Okla. in IflS.'i Igroup of people having a picnic, i to be near their children and Hi won't be an ordinary picnic, ' grandchildren. In December of (he Kan - '-'• Faulkner's parents '.though, but a gala birthday cele- j same year, Mrs. Cradduck passed! Mr - an(1 Mrs - Sller i ' aulkncr Jr - ;bration honoring a beloved mem-j away. of Dcnton. 'her of the Cradduck Clan, C. R. j Mr. Cradduck was born in Ark- or Charlie, as he is fondly called i ansas and continues as co-owner by many. Charlie's 89th birthday ', of a farm near Chester where be lhcr - the hnclc won: a tlrcss of ' was born. He was employed for a lvnr y cotlon ^Sanely designed with number of years by the Frisco' « J flckct of lacc wlth shorl slccvcs Railroad. At the age of went to work for the Skclly .... Company, where he continued in cc " lcd w ; ilh a dc °P hcm ' lin e of employment through World War i Alencon lace. BRIDE Given in marriage by her fa- 50 he w ' 1 ' c ' 1 covered the strapless bodice of the dress. A tunic skirt was ac- II and did not retire until he was 72 years of age. There is no double-talk Her only jewelry was a pair of gold drop earrings, which h a d w hen been hand-wrought by the bride- discussing politics with Charlie. At: groom. the drop of a hat, anyone's hat, he She carried an arrangement of will tell you that he is a sta»nch Orange Delight roses and steph- Republican and takes special care anotis atop a prayer hook. to use his voting privilege. ; ATTKNDANTS Since 1907, the birthday honoree ; Miss Jancy .loan L.ayle. bride's has been a member of the Ma- cousin, attended as maid of honor. sonic Order and some time ago She wore a short dress of pale was given the honor of a lifetime blue cotton trimmed with blue and paid-up member. ; complemented with a headpiece Reading the Bible occupies a < fashioned as a bow of matching great deal of Mr. Cradduck's lei- "~ sure time and the First Christian Church is his first "love." He has seven living children: John M and Garrett I... both of AnDOU/lCG Pampa; Mrs. Lou Mugge of Berkley, Calif., Mrs. B. H. Little of Wellesley. Mass.; H. F. Cradduck of Berkley, Calif.; Mrs. M. W. Bevins of Tulsa. Okla.; Henry K. Cradduck of Chathan Township. N. J.; l(i grandchildren and 2$ great- grandchildren. One son, Charles R., died in 1952. Out-of-town relatives, whose ar- The engagement of Miss Alice Surratt to Robbins Rowan Dawson of Houston has been announced by her mother, Mrs. Robert F'r e d Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence, Kan-1 versity in Lawrence, Kan., where sas. she was a member of Alpha Phi, The bride attended B a r s t o w social sorority. School in Kansas City; Lake For- They will make their home in est College in Lake Forest, 111. and Laredo, where the bridegroom is was graduated from Kansas Uni- stationed with the Air Force Base. Daughter Worries Over Final Exams By MRS. MURIEL LAWRENCE Dear Mrs grade girl is worrying over final exams. We don't understand thi^. She has always passed them. Bui she gels nervous and upsrt even over monthly tests. Before Lawrence: Our :<i\ih powers, they Mart kicking up. They won't let us sleep and refuse to let UP eat until we stop and listen to what they are trying to tel! us. In the rase of your little girl, her final exams, she sleeps badly and nervous system is telling her that can't eat without throwing up. Do she is exaggerating the challenge, you have any ideas of how to help blowing it up out of reality. It is her through her exam periods 0 saying to you. "I will support my ANSWER: Yes. I have an idea, owner's responsibility for her own Can you completely detach your- performance in final exams, but self Irom all interest in what your I'll take none for her own per- daughter's teachers will about her exam papers? If you can, you can help her to avoid worry over what they will think of her papers and enable her In concentrate on review and study. I don't know if you can do this, kill I ' I Many of us secretly entertain /V\QtnGrS-L.I HK grand notions of our powers. Act- , ors imagine that they can control DQtrOtflOl I Old critics' opinions and because they can't, suffer from stage fright. ' ! Ml '. and Mrs. Clark Mathers of Businessmen imagine they can M.ami announce the engagement • nf their daughter, Jennie to think formancn in final exam*, but I'll take none for her teachers' opinions of it. I'll keep her awake at night, reject food and generally harass her until she comes down to earth and understands the extent of what she can ask of me." Mrs. Siler Faulkner III . nee Susan Lessen Kohler control competitors' bids f o r clients' contracts and because Thomas E. Link son of Mr. and ulcers a n d Mrs ' John Ral P h Lmk of Pres.d.o. Staley Faulkner served brother as best man. contracts thev can't, develop heart attacks. Parents imagine children can determine what some teacher will h j s think about their test papers and, this demand for magi- Chorlie Cradduck 89 years young ... , i • i will be noted in the nicest possible. . .at a picnic with the , arm | v honoree surrounded by family and friends. His birthday was really June 8 Surratt of Panhandle. Mr. Dawson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John lace. She carried a crescent bou- Coleman Dawson of Houston, and quet of Orange Delight roses, the grandson of the late Dr. rival will be a signal for birthday Geor ? e W - Purvines of Dalhart ' festivities to start, are Mr. Crad- Both Miss Surratt and her fi- duck's niece and family. Mr. and ance are members of families who Mrs. Dave Honegger, David. Me- "e™ pioneers of the Golden i lissa. Holly, and Heather of Oak- Spread. She is the granddaugh- sihle task thev have been assign way :ley, Calif.', another niece and her ter nf thc lale Carroll Purvines of Manners Make friends ed. Immediately following thc cere- Miss Mathers, the granddaughter of Mrs. J. W. Collins Sr. of Amarillo, was a graduate of Miami High School; attended Oklahoma State University, and will be August graduate of Texas she cal power, cause them to lose Tcchnologlc ;i Co n ege where ,„, ^^^^_ s ^r^d f:;t £„• — i'" K ->" A " h » 10 in order thai some out-of-town relatives could join the happy occasion. Mr. and Mrs. .1 R Troxell. Terry. Dana. Jana and Sandy of Mcdford, Okla . a daughter. Mrs. M. W. Bevins and her (laugh- but the picnic was moved to June , er Mrv M, c | lac l hes, both of Okla. ; If you know I wo u ld please him more (Ivan to Mr. Cradduck has no( lived in ; have you as a guest at his picnic the Panhandle area lon'g hut he ! party. . . .but no gifts, please, he contends that Pampa has the i says, just yourself! _.., , . 'a , Whon the heart speaks, however simple the \vords, the language is always acceptable to those who have hearts. j — Mary Baker Eddy j _,,'; _ | • NOW THAT SCHOOL is out wonder if other motorists driving to work miss the school kids as wo do! All of the school, houses have sort of a lonesome look those days. Coming past •the First Baptist Church one afternoon this week, noted a large group of cars painted with white vows "Glorietla or .BUST" and there were a lot of young people hustling about ;packing luggage in cars preparing 10 take off for the Baptist , Youth Camp in New Mexico. David Deck is among the teen; agers attending an Episcopal Church Camp near Amarillo I his • week. David is a handsome, strapping, food-loving young man and his mom and dad, Homer and Virginia, are hoping the camp cooks have enough groceries on hand to take care of all the hearty app;Miles. Dave's dad gave him some extra • cash .... just in case! Don Yale«, who is a championship 'salesman in the doughnut line, is another local lad attending a summer camp near Lake Texhoma along with more young people irom the Fellowship Baptist Church! LOST: The 2000 blocks of Banks, Faulkner, Sumner, Nelson, Wells, Dwight, Christy and Zimmers. On second thought, if ' found, don't know what you could do with 'em! It's too late ' to sandwich them in between the 1900 and 2100 blocks. . • HEY KIDS!!! Been wondering "whatever happened to Captain ' Kidd" that television fella who used to keep small fry glued 'to sets for hours? Well, for the next two ueeks, "Captain 'Kidd" alias Allen Grant, will be managing a local jewelry ''. store, while the regular manager, Gary Neal is away for two . week's army training! ' .. Sunday clears away the rust of the whole ; ' week.' -- Joseph Addison. i . Harvester T w i r I e r s, Twilla Donna Rath. pla\mg a Tenor -iPruess, Lamoyne Clark. Donna Saxaphone. won a chair in the i ^ - r-> r. v White Band Conner and Donna Rath, are en- .,,,,,, , ,, 1 IIP high school students will re. rolled in a Music Camp at Mastcrn , (urn hom( . af , p| . a C()ni . er . (>n For- in,!-, Panhandle, and a great-niece of S (i Sun an. Pampa She graduated this spnnp from ihc University "f Texas. Austin, with a degree in languages, having earlier attended the University Charlie nothing n ' Mexico City and also studied in Mr. Dawson will receive his degree from the University m July and will attend the University law school this fall. Prior to his enrollment in the University he attended Washington and Lee University, Lexington. Va. ' The couple will be married, July 27, at the First Methodist Church in Panhandle. ii is healtln for us a pfrience some degree of The girls now apply lipstick at the table after dining out. But it is still a major sin to comb one's hair at the table. Mr. Link was graduated from Big Lake high school and Tc.vas to ox- Technological College, where he tension ua - n m(?m ber of Phi Gamma Del- brfnre any new test of our pow- , a fraternity, and has served with ers. Our friendly nenous systems \\-, c f s. Arim. He is presently rally to the challenge bv cnhanc- with Floyd West Insurance Co.. ing our alertness and sharpening Corpus Chriii. our witv An e«rly August wedding is plan- But when we assume impossible ned. Hmmmm ... Where is everybody? New Mexico University in tales for the session June 2-15 and l.amovne in a letter this week they've been doing themselves, as to her parents, the A. 15. (Marks. well as their school band, mights 1 proud. 1121 Ncal Read, wrote: "I'm just so excited about it! Let me It'll In addition to placing high in you . . . .everywhere 1 wear my twirling tryouts, they have done band jacket, everyone recognises it well on musical instruments also, as being great, fabulous, marvel- For instance. Twilla playing a li- ous. wonderful. Everyone says, Flat Clarinet, won a spot in the "Why that's the best band in the Green Hand Lannnne, playing an nation." You think we haven't F.-Flal Clarinet, made the Blue been struliin' high! They even Band along with Donna Conner, know the Harvester Hand in New who plays a B Flat Clarinet, while Mexico!!! I feel so proud!" THERE'S A WHOLE lot of fun going on around the hometown now that the teenage social cluhs Kit Kats, Sub Dehs and Las Cresas are in full swing of rush season. Sub Debs have a clever series going with parties planned around a "story book theme" and decorations for each party carries out this theme . their second party at Mai-ion N'eslage's home was a "Hansel and Gretel" motif complete w,th a gingerbread house. On Tuesday evening, the rolling thunderclouds didn't dampen the hilarity of the Kit Kal Klub's Kid Party on LuRae Nations' backlawn on Mary Ellen. There was a gay carousel for the "kids" to go 'round and 'round on and adorable doll-head invitations with yarn pigtails bid prosr ,ive members to this one. Invitations in the form of a red and white checked bib are going out this week inviting sophomore girls to a Kit Kat Spaghetti Supper with Janie Leverich as hostess in the home of her grandparents, the Roy S. Bsurlands on North Duncan. Should be spicy fun! — d.e.w Everybody has gone to LEWIS HARDWARE to buy their gifts for Fathers Day. Free (iift Wrapping Of Course! 311-317 S. Cuyler MO 9-9851 PORTRAIT OF A LADY IN A nOMANl KMT Dexpned by Claire Mara One. tun. tliiee hmh \oltape, long mileage fashionable pieces ih.ii pui >parkle in MHH wardrobe JactiUHnl cardigan. I'on- IIM-.I. o>|.n uvfrl)lKu>e and >kiri pn'k up i-nlors from each oilier foi sou and > ou 'alone Oui pure double knu wool fmni nmnani has great savoir faire Red I haiToal. Peacock Black, (jold Black $39.95 'PAMPA'S FASHION CENTER' WILSON-BELL Sunday Monday Tuesday Justin Billfolds $3.%toS7.5Q Timex Watches tt.MW5 Signature by Max Factor- For Men 125 E 50 After Shave Cologne 2 25 M 4 ! Old Spice Sets $1.00 to $7.50 YardleySets SI .00 to $7.50 LENEL New Distinctive Fragrance for Men AFTER SHAVK 4-o/. 81.00." 8-o/. -St.75 Pro Electric- Sportsman Sots $1.00 to $3.00 Reg. 2.29 Razor For Any Shave GILLETTE SETS Combination Tie & Belt Hanger $ Epco Brown and Black SHOE SHINE KIT Leather Belts All Sizes Brown & Black $2 98 m^m '1 •»».• i •% I f j. fl*1 AP F-ITTftH KM1P*! VfllTP \* «!*» riTTPU DiUSal JclS J)«J./3 i I I I V»U WIWJII t*Vr I J V"s * W Handkerchiefs Set of 3 $1.25 Clothes Brushes $1.25-$2.95 4 Facts about TODAY'S BEST BARGAIN IS THE PRICE YOU PAY FOR DRUGS! While it's true that prescriptions cost more than they did twenty years ago, it is also true that they do a lot more. Modern medicine can save you much misery, discomfort, lost income . . . and sometimes vour life! .Ml ltmln?r \\nli |il:iMi'- Fitted Travel Cases 4.95-8.50 «r I t«mfl ami Tra\» 1 Jewelry Cases For Men 2.25-7,95 Pro Brush Sers For Men $1.00 Ronson Butane Lighters 9.95-17.59 Scripto Sportsman Lighter s 3.95-5.00 5.95-10.95 Eveready Lanterns Kiwi Shoe Shine Kits 6.00 Boxes of Cigars 2.80 to 7.95 Kaywoodie Pipes 5.95-17.50 Medico Pipes 1.95-2.50 Yellow Bole Pipes 1.95-3.95 Leather Tobacco Pouches 1.75 to 2.50 Humidors 5.95-7.95 Pipe Racks 2.95 Varaflame Zippo Lighters 3.50 FOUNTAIN SPECIAL HAM SALAD SANDWICH With Potato Chips UegiMor Will) us FOR A FKKK TKIP TO LAKE CITY, COLORADO June 12 & 26 - July 17 & 31 — Aug. 14 COSMETICS BY BONNIE BELL MAX FACTOR YARDLEY LENEL DuBARRY COTY DANA D'ORSAY WILSON-BELL ft I? 11 1*1 mi l\ W ^^ 300 S. Cuyler m W 4-6868 Open evenings (Until 8:30) ior family shopping

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