Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 28, 1952 · Page 23
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 23

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1952
Page 23
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1951 • TWENTY-THREE Plan Survey On Eastern Shore On Need For Treatment Of TB ANNAPOLIS. Md. — (/P) — T h e •tale's top health officials said today * caae-by-case study of the Eastern Shore's needs for tubercu- toai* treatment will be made this " lummer. The promise was made at a ses- •lon of the Senate Finance Committee At. it heard an explanation of the Btate Health Department's budget for next year. "What plans do you have for meeting the need for tuberculosis care on the Eastern Shore?" asked Sen. Adkins CR-Wicomico). Dr. Robert H. Riley, director of the State Health Department, started the answer: "It has been said there is a great need on the Eastern Shore. We are not sure the need is as great as has been said." Adkins pointed to the results of a •urvey made in 1947. Riley said the state's own authorities on the subject have reason to doubt the accuracy of what that •urvey showed. Dr..Leon H. Hetherington, chief Of the department's Bureau of Mother never thought of doing tome of the things rhot daughter does—that's why she didn t do Tonitt at 9:00 P. M. DRAGNET Tht trut ttory of a crime, from th« filei of the Lot AngiUi Polici Department. WTBO dial 1450 Tuberculosis, explained the survey figures were based on TB death rates and an esttojate that there should be 2% beds for each death. He pointed out the death rate In Wicomico County dropped from 69.8 per 100,000 population in 1947 to 24.8 in 1951. Dr. Hetherington, under questioning by Adkins, listed the latest death rates on the nine Eastern Shore counties, ranging from 13.7 in Queen Anne's to 72,3 in Somerset. Alkins then interposed: "Don't these figures show the death rate oh, the Eastern Shore is higher than for any other section of Maryland outside Baltimore? Don't you have fewer facilities for the (treatment of tuberculosis on the Eastern Shore than in any other I section of the state? j "Why do you then need a new survey to show what the needs are?" Dr. Riley said the picture is changing so fast because of cures, that the department undertook such an extensive job of rehabilitating the institutions it already • has, it hasn't been able to deal specifically with the Eastern Shore problem. He cited two reasons for going slow on new facilities east of the bay: . 1. .Negro patients particularly have a tendency to skip out on their treatment before they are cured so it is many times better to have them farther away from their homes. A large proportion of Eastern Shore cases are negroes and they are better off at the negro TB hospital at Henryton. . 2. There is a, disadvantage in having a TB hospital too far away- from' concentrated medical centers, where outside help can be relied on for the operations that a great many cases need. Scared To Death In Arizona, a 1,000-acre forest of junipers suddenly withered and 'died. Foresters are unable to explain it, but the Indians say the trees died of fear, but they are not in agreement as to what caused the fright. In Yemen, camel drivers planning long Journeys often force food down the throats of the camels, saying .their animals will not eat enough without the forced feeding. Robert E. Zimmerman SIT Caroline St. (When channels are properly balanced) "Channel 13, Johnstown seems to be much clearer when received on cable, than in Johnstown." Far Cablt TV InUallation St« . , , Potomac Valley Television 100 1 Liberty St. Phont 4»M Radio Programs THUESDAZ. FEBRUARY 18, 1W3 The programs listed below art mppljed by the local radio lUtlonj, which »eapon»lbl« for their accuracy. This apace b provided without chars* bj th« Haw it a xrvlu to TODAY 118 I8 119 6:00 C:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:45 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 9 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 '12:00 WTBO 14150 KO Backstage Wife (NBC) SU1U Dallaa (NBC) Young Widder Brown Woman In Hotua (NBC) Five O'clock Show News Wills Cmk Hwdown van Roby Sport* News Dick Hiyjnti »how Play Radio Richard Harkneu (NBC! David Ko» New. (NBC) One Man's Family (NBC) Dangerous Assignment Mr. Keen (NBC) Dragnet (NBC) Counter Spy (NBC) Your HH Parade (NBC) Montgomery; Music Box Answer The C*ll News News of the World (NBC) Still of the Night News—Sign O!t WCUM UM KO FM irt.t tto St. Louis Matinee (CBS) n t> Th» Brighter Day (CBS) Treasury Bandstand ArtUtry In Musle Serenade in Blu« Hillbilly Hit* News sport* Roundup Old Timers' Club You and World (CBS) Jack Smith (CBS) Marine Danci Paradi Ed. R. Miirrtm (CBS) Stars fUvlew Hits The Playhouse (CBS) Night Ride Stars In The Air (CBS) Hollywood Sound Stag* Red Cross Program News; News Analysis (C) Chuck Foster Band ICBS) Weather; Sign OtI WDTK van KO Valiant Lady (ABC) Thy Neighbor's Vole» Mugsy's Movie Mitlnee Sgt. Preston Sky Sing (MBS) ; Cecil »rown Local, National Mtva Sam's Sport Spotlight Dinner Date Big John and Spark; Fulton I^wis (MBS) I Love A Mystery Sliver «ag!t (ABC) The Red Head (ABC) Defense Attoruey Original Amateur Hour Let There Be Light News; Hod & Gun Club AifsKer The Call (MBS) Adventures Casanovs, Prank Edwards (MB*) Moonlight Reveries Reveries; 1:00 Sign Oft AJ«. TOMOEBOW 6:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:45 9:00 S:15 »:30 9:45 10:00 18:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 Noon 12:15 818 1:15 1:00 2:15 2:10 2:45 3:00 m 3:4$ Newa; Mai Jonei Show World News (NBC) Mai Jones Show Morning Meditations Coffee Tira« Merry Go Round Helen the Homemaker Wdc'me Travelin (NBC) Double or Nothing NBC Strlkt It Rich (NBC) Kings Row (NBC) Da.v> Garrowajr (NBC) .Muale at Hld-D«y Mld-Daj Ntwa Nawi; Thi Baniitand Play Radio Katt Smith (NBC) Merrill Mueller News Lorenzo Jones (NBC) Ralph Edwards (NBC) AiUrnoea station Life can Be B'tlful (NBC) Road of Lift (NBC) Pepper Young (NBC) Right To Hp'oesa (NBC) 6:29 Sign OB Sundial World N«ws (CBS) SuadlM Newt of America (CBS) Friendship Bour (CBS) Morning Melodies Arthur Godfrey (CBS) Memorabli Mu.ilo Rojtmary (CBS) Noon News Roundup Perry Mason (CBS) Helen Trent (CB8) Our Gal Sunday (CBS) Big Sister (CBS) M» Perkins (CBS) Susan Smith Time Guiding Light (CBS) News; Melody Ballroom Houseparty and Adams This I Bellev* News Musical Roundup; News First Call With Carroll Martin Agronsky (ABC) First Call With Carroll Brtakfa'st Club My Trut Story; News Marriage Tor Two Ag'nst The Storm (ABC) Lone Journey When A Girl Marrlei Break Tht Bank C'rt Massey Tlmi (MB8) Capitol Commentary Jack Berch Grandstand Bandstand Paul Harvey (ABC) Ted Malone (ABC) Queen For a Day MBS Udles^Fair; News (MSB) Take A Number (MBS) Poolts Paradise; News Joyce Jordan, M.D. Erelyn Winters ABC Television Highlights; STATION WTTO (Washington, Chaanitl 9) (Cumberland, Cable t) 'TODAT 5:46 Tony Wakeman Sports • :30 Moppet Movies 8:45 Time lor Beany 7:00 Captain Video 7:30 Candid Camera. S:00 This Is Music 8:30 Broadway to Hollywood 8:00 Theater. Time 9:30 "Who Ys, Laffin' At.7 10:00 Author Meets the crttlci 10:30 Red Cross Drive 11:15 Night Ow!. Theater TOMORROW 10:15 Cartoon Theater 10:30 Early Bird Theater 12:30 Take the Break 1:00 johnny Olson's Kumpus Room 1:30 Matinee Theater STATION WJAO (Johnitottn, Channel II) (Cumberland, Cable 4) TODAT 4:00 K*l« Smith Show 5:00 Hawkins Falls 5:15 Gabby Hayes 8:30 Howdy Doody • ' 6:00 Sagebrush Tratl 1:15 Sportscholar ' • ' 8;30 The Lone Ranger - 7:oo . Kukla, Fran ind Ollte 1:15 Bob and Ray Show 7:30 Dinah Shore Show • :00 Stop The Music «:00 Herb Bhrlner Ttm» 0:30 Big Town 10:00 Martin Kane — Private Eye 10i30 Crusade in Pacific 11:00 Playhouse of Stars. "Fifty Grand' TOMORROW 10:30 Bride and Groom 10:45 AI Fearce Show 11:30 Strike It Rich 13:00 Langford-Ameche Show 12:15 Love of Life 12:30 Search For Tomorrow, 13:45 Lingford-Ameche Show 1:30 Garry Moore Show 5:30 The First Hundred Yian 3:45 Mik( and Buff 3:00 The Bin Payoff 3:30 The Bert parks Show VIC FLINT By Michael O'Malley (... THOSE JEW5L* WERE ^ errs TO PKCMA MY HU60 f+XZ TWEY WBeE WJT rf& WOT THE • *\OWBV THAT MATTERS, r^ MAYSE YOUV H THAT IP VOU RNt7 TW6AA, IP YOU CAN KIAME PQUCB CAirc AHJKPEfER VOUE OWN F£&vvouve |<W1?. PUNT'W&je IA 15 A EETAIWEei/MI?5. ite- ^a.^a^W AAOEE/ THOSE WORTH MOKE JEWELS, ALLEY OOP By V. T. Ham/in 7/6OYDUSAYWE CAN'T BEGIN OUR. PROJECT UNTIL' OWN NOW.OOOLA. WELL MtGHTY SOON LOOK.HOU.IS, I WISH YOU'D MOT REFER TO ALLEY OOP AS A MI661NG LINK// IN TH' FIRST PLACE HE....- CUTOUT TKSTEwIN 1 , OOP CONVINCED ME HE KNEW WHAT «ND OUT IF HE DID OR NOT/ WHATS WRONG, DOC? YOU RND THAT.« ER...M15SING LINK OF YOURS. CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner WHOEVER TOOK YOUR CNR GOT WNW.) tXJM'T A^K ME. BUT BUT WHY THE 8L&ZE5 DIP HE STOP < WHILE VOU'RE PUTTIMG HERE XNt> TAKE OFF THE WHEELS? J^MET, PLEASE! 1 . DONTYOUGONEAK A COP ANYMORE TILL I'M 5AFELV HOWEl IT ALWAYS LEAP5 TO OHi ALL RIGHT/HfAMl... HE DIDM'T BOTHER THE SPARE. SAY! WE OUGHT TO GET IT FIXED NOW/ AMD PUT IT BACK ON PROMT. REGULAR. BEEM TH 1 RISHT PROMT CUE. ALl WELLi THEY'RE ABOUT SET TO GO.,, WE BETTER BE; REAOV TO FOLLOW 1 . VOU OUUWO HOW I DREAD ir,M!CKl rue AGED TWENTY YEARS OW 'EM TELL THE POLICE- By Al Vermeer PRISCILLA'S POP 29 DAYS IN FEBRUARY; IT'S A PLOT TO MAKE US -SPEND AN E.XTRA DAY IN SCHOOL! DO YOU REAzE, . THEY'RE SQUEEZING AM EXTRA WORK DAV OUT OF .CHILDREN SURE HAVE STRANGEST LI'L ABNER By Al Capp THEVRETOO7 LAZY fO E IN, AND COM PLAIN? USE YOUR NOODLE B^TABOODLF; MHUTX AmJCATlOM {rtwrxis —all USE smell III* a millionainrl!! WILL HAKE YOU and th»> NICE -to you RUSTY RILEY By' Frank Godwin HE CANT 60 ANyWHERE RUST// .1 THAT TAKES CACT OF HIM ..NOW FOR THC K JttsHfcRS/THOSS TWO 6WS KEP SBNsS MUST/. LET 60 OP TEX/ STEVE CANYON By Milton Caniff WHX DONTieOTDTHEWWDER. ON SECONP THOUfittT/STB/e^ I THINK WE OUGHT TO LET ROAP TRIP Tb SEE HIM, j I THE UNDERGRADUATE* DO BROUGHT HER TO THE J I TWINS? i« THEIC OWN WAY ! ROOM FOR A PMiCE OR TWO ANP YOU CUT IN ON A COUPLE OP ARE5CARSPOF RIP KIRBY By Al*x Raymond UNTIL TOMORROW, MONICA... GOOD NISHT, RiOty OARUNS BUGS BUNNY I'M TO HW/« \ THI* TV* HONOR OP ] aOTTA / r TH' WOKTKV AIN'T GOOP WHERB •»». HEACW \CAPTAJNJ WITH ..._..._. HA.* UXX AT THO*E TRIM A «»6AUTV? By Edgar Martin BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WE/=> Mi OVO VfXVCfc , rSKi'O We TIM TYLER'S LUCK By Lyman Young VES/ UKITIL \ MESSAGE-! JUST STATES THAT /LABMIMGLVLACSe .THIS RANSEP UP AMD POWN TWE RIVER UNTIL THE M^ 5 ^V-^sSk T' »V LAW, AMP dLMOSnx&jf^f UWTIL *<v <*r WHAT BECAME FLOCKS OF TMr WMITC PLUMES HAV£Ta UP AT POST ; THEY POSS£$S~D EXQUISITELY , SUIWV5 WHITE PLUMASs FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser STDN /$ ABOUf e-i/wf wrru X3HG-- WITHOUT VAM-/ Bar ^A CT/KE HERE "TO / MA.VBE" | UN-JINX US, WE'RE BEHINJO WELL. HE BETTER. GET ON T^E snac- TME JOIMTS SURE: US TOO BAD WE OOMT HAVE A RAIR.OP . HEX STARTS RABBIT'S FEET.' r "°°}^'- L , 1 WILLMAvg/ ' VJITM TOMIGHT/ THERE 60E5 TME WWiSTLE-/ MYRTLE By Dudley Fisher 'WHJkT HAPPEMED?.'' P0° vjST ,\\ X53 L 1 ? AIL :? A>i?3'-eS A( THAT'S AU." ••-' THERE, NCW/ I'U. XBcP AU. MY MiZg-ES OVEI? HERE AND YOURS OVEI? WEf?E, Av; •BEtL 6S N'O ABSUWEMTS ^P

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