The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 6, 1969 · Page 17
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 17

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1969
Page 17
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If Bagtupa ftua Thursday, February 6. 1969 ARMCHAIR SKIERS will enjoy vicarious thrills when they view film taken fay camera strapped to leg of Egon Zimmermann. The former Olympic champion recorded a breath-taking run on a course in Austria. OUR WORLD TODAY + Viet Cong's .National Liberation Front tells negotiators at Paris peace talks that progress is impossible so long as present South Vietnamese government riTiinins in power and Americans refuse to negotiate with the Kront. + Kederal Communications Commission's, plan to sweep all cigaret advertising off radio and lelevison — if it gets authority — draws strong criticism from tobacco and broadcasting industries and praise from American Cancer Society. -f- Charred wreckage is all that remains from flaming crash of I win-engine commuter plane that killed III persons at Port Angeles. Wash. + Gradual progress is reported in ironing out local issues lo smooth way for speedy end to seven-week dock strike at K;isl and (iulf coast ports. + Sen. Jack Strong of Longview makes two legislative proposals which he says should "come very close" to bringing about iMjiial and iniform property taxation across Texas. -f (iov. Preston Smith says lie is salisliedl with qualifications of .Murray I.. .Me\\liorter, whom he appointed lo the Texas Veterans Land Hoard. This was challenged by the Veterans of l-'ori'ign \\ars. + Slate finances remain the main business of the Legislature as committees continue questioning agency heads about money requests. + The congressional pay boost (hat goes into effect next week «ill provide a J-12,500 yearly salary lo Capitol Hill lawmakers already comforted by extensive Iringe benefits ranging from liberal travel allowances to free haircuts for senators. -t- President .\ixon sets out the lirst broad outlines of his policy toward the Soviet Union and the .Mideast as he prepares to embark on one of the most extensive Irips to Ueslern Europe ever Apartment Men Here Post Reward For Thief Arrest .Not long back, ihicves stole a tjuiicii ul slereo lapes Irom a B.iyiuwn apartment dweller's car while the car was parked al 11 it- apartment complex. Tlie man reported the theft 10 Hie police department. That liiglu, thieves came back and biulu Hie lape recorder from his car. Last Friday night, thieves made oil with $l'M in stereo tapes Irom an apartment manager's car. plus a pair of $30 cull links and a bottle of Scotch. i'lagutd by a series of thel'ts like tlicsc, and several incidents i>! vandalism as well, the liuyiovvn Apartment Owners Association this week posted a standing SlCRJ reward for in- luriualion leading lo the arrest ,nid conviction of persons commuting thefts and acts of vandalism al apartment complexes in ihe cily. I'frsonsi wilh information are asked 'o call ihe number of the bayiown Apartment Owners Association, -,.:i-»r>if>, and give ihe necessary mlormation. If i tit:re is no answer, call the Kayiown Police Department, a spokesman lor the association S.I 1(1 planned by an American president. + Postmasters across the nation hail the Xixon ail- ministration's first move to divorce postal affairs from politics. Hut Ihere is some move (he traditional marriage will be broken up. + Europeans felt slighted during the administration of President Johnson by a Irend toward bi-lateral U. S. - Soviet moves. Sen. John Tower of Texas says. + A velcran Army field commander of the Vietnam war, Lt. Gen. Kred C. Weyand, will become military advisor to the Nixon administration's peace negotiating team in Paris. -f- The defense has asked for a guarantee of court protection for a reluctant witness in the trial of Clay L. Shaw on a charge of conspiring (o assassinate President John K. Kennedy. + In a switch from Johnson ad ministration tactics, President Nixon has given a qualified "yes" to France's proposals for Big Four power talks on the explosive Middle Kasl situation. -t- Attorneys continue examining prospective alternate jurors at the trial of Sirhan Sirban. 2-1, charged with the murder of Sen. Hubert P. Kennedy. The alternates will occupy chairs flanking the eight- man-four woman jury sworn in Wednesday. + The penetrating smell of crude oil seems to he everywhere and beautiful beaches are blackened by miles as a runaway undersea well six miles off the Southern California toast continues to spurt oil at 21.uu« gallons a day. + American oilman Paul Bail and his wife are expected to leave for the United States as soon as possible following his release after a month of captivity in Baghdad. + Junior officers from the USS Pueblo facing five admirals on a court of inquiry have declared support for their skipper. One says. "I'd follow him aiiywht'rr." -t- Conrad "Nicky" Hilton Jr.. son of the hotel magnate and the (irst husband of Actress Kli/.abelh Taylor, dies from a cardiac arrest at the age of 42. WORLD ALMAMC FACTS New York's Roxy Theater, with 6,214 seats, was the world's largest when it opened in 1927, The World Almanac says. Named for owner Sam "Roxy" Rotha- fe), the theater was a conglomeration of Gothic, Renaissance and Moorish styles. Theatricality extended even to ushers. Each evening 125 ushers marched into the rotunda, white-jacketed day ushers transferring their flashlights t& gold-hraided evening men. Sun Want Ads Bring Readers, Results; i. rr.o.t. LOOOE NO. 1*4*, regular meeting at 1:00 p.m. Thursday, February e, 196? Henry T. Taylor, Exalted Ruler Henry L. Sadlk. Sec'y CALLED CONVOCATION OF Kenedy Commandery No. At. K.T., will be held in tt\« Goose Creek Masonic Hall, Baytown, Friday, February 7tti., 7 p.m. for purpose of drill. Memders urged to attend, visiting Knights welcome. E. F. Smllh, CnxJr. W. R. Ashwood, Rec. STATED COMMUNICATION ol Goose Creek Lodge No. 1IW, A.F. & A.N. Thursday, Feb. t, >M9, of 7:30 p.m. In ttie Goose Creek Masonic Hall. All members ore urgad to attend, visiting Brethren cordially Invited. J. A. Bayer, W. M. E. E. Wajgh, Secy. 1 A. Special Notices HOUSEWIVES, RELAX cmd hove fun while learning to be beautiful! Makeup cm, wardrobe styllno, voice diction, walking, sitting, vocabulary development. Private or group lessons, mornings or ade;noons. REDUCED price tor February only, 422-72)7, 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Mory-Lynrte Johns School. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISERS or* wgte o cneck fh* first Insertion of on aa fix possible errors. The) Bavtown Sun wfli no-charge for an Incorrect ad It me a» <erllser colts the, classified department wfore trie second InterHoft. TIMBER WANTED — Pine OIHf vood, lag and pulpwood arxt estimated. Purchased In bulk or per thousand and units. HERB TIMBER CO., Box 15, Liberty, Texas 77575. Phone 334-3841, Libery or 5>;-4476, Roywood, R. B. Evom. 1-C Garage Sale 'ARAGE SALE — S S. Whiting, Friday and Saturday, antiques, baskets, books, bodies, bowls, dresses, fabrics, pottery, etc DON'T MISS THIS ONE — Hwy 1« » miles South of Tunnel, at La Porte), ihurs. and Frl., 9 to 9. SEE SIGN. Lots of furniture, dishes, clothes, hond tools, nick-nacks, antiques. No trash. GARAGE SALE — 5477 Lillian, Appliances, Range, refrigerator, some furnl- urt, etc. Call 424-5245. GARAGE SALE — 2300 New Jersey, Tues. thru Frl., S to 9 p.m. Clothes, aames, table and choirs, "JUNK»I WHITE 3PACI INCREASES READERSHIP BAYTOWN JAYCEES GARAGE SALE H N. Ashbel, Thurv, Frl., $«». PmonaU " U J «T, HE .. F , E * RF UL »nd unbelieving arid the oboclrtoble and murderers and whoremonoers and sorcerers and Idolaters ond all liars shall have their part In the akc which burneth with fire ond brlm- lorferwfilcn Is the second death. ALCOHOLICS ANOrrrmows — information on Alcoholism Happy Birthday PAT STAPLES Shopping ForQ.V.D.??? call Dick Ooran far details en how you con a»t It. 4224KI. Lost-Found LOST — oil Painting of old Cedar Bayou Methodist Church, painted by Warren •Hunter, owned by Dr. C. H. Longford, any Inlormntion about Its location will be -ewarded. Write Dr. C. H. Lonoford, Flo- tnce, Texas. LOST — 2'* Months, black and tan Hound, female, from 110 Greshom. Coll 422-W9. LOST — in Pelly, large Cur dog, fawn color with while neck and stomach. Answers lo "RiKtv." If seVn, pleas* call, 422-8824. 7. Instructions JOHNSON'S COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL -icensed day and night care Preschoal- : irst Grade - Fleldtrlps - Swimming Inst. Bus Service. Summer Program, Jimmy Johnson, Owner, Ph. 575-1539. 10. Help Wanted DINNER COOK — Straight days, eff Sundays. Apply In person to Mrs. Pace, Ken's Food Bor, 211 W. Texas. EXPERIENCED COOK AND SALAD GIRL — Apply |n person to Mr. Eric Christian, Houston Yacht Club, La Porte, ^ I-I2J5. LEGAL NOTICE PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE United states Steel Corporation, P. O. Box 179, Baytown, Texas 77520, has op- plied tor a permit from the Texas Water Quality Board to discharge an average of 184.222.000 oallons per day of treated ndustrlal wastewater and treated (ac- yoted sludqe with chlorfnation facll- tiesl domestic sewage Irom Its sleel mill ocotcd In Chofnoers County, Texas, on he peninsula between the mouths of the rrnity and San Jactnlo Rivers, sourh of nlersfate Highway 10. The wostewater will be discharged from the plant via hree (3) outlets. Outlet No. 1, consisting of an overage f 4,251.000 gallons per day (cooling wo- f • 70 per cent, process waler — 26 er cent, sewage effluent • 4 per cent), fill be discharged from a point 1125 feet ';tw from the Intersection of the former McKlnney Rood and P.M. 1405 Into C^c*ar Bayou, thence Into Gafveston Bay. Oullel No. 2. consisting of on overage I 52,994.000 gallons per day (cooling wo- er • 38 per cent, process water - 61.7 per cent. «ewaoe effluent • 0.3 per cent), will be disclwraed Irom a point 4000 feel south en F. M. 1405 from Its Intersection wilh Ihu formtr MeKtnney Rood, Into Cenar Bavou, thence Into Galveston Bay. Outlet No. 3. consisting of on average o' 176.977.030 oallons per day (Iresh cooling water - 5.9 per cent, process water 5.7 per cent, salt cooling water • M.3 oer cent, domestic *cwooe - 0.1 per cent), w tl be discharged from a point 2500 reel V/5W of the Intersection o' P.M. 1405 ond F,M 2354, Into Galveston Bay. A public heorlno on this ooollcatlon will b* r>eld lo the Auditorium of The Bonk of the Southwest on ttie Third Floor, 910 Travis Street. Houston, Texas r 10 00 AM. on February It, 196» to 0>- frrmlnV the conditions, If any, unc»er which the permit may be granted. Additional data will b* developed al the hearing, but further technical Information concerning any speclllc aspect o' the dlscharae. If available, can be ob- laloer) bv wrltl-ig the Texas Water Oun r If/ Board, 1108 Lavoctr Street, Ausfln, Texas 78701, Baytown Employment Secretary, S/H 7«, Type 51 $425 up Engineering Records Clerk, Type M WPM, S/H M $400 up Cltrk Typist, Light S/H $150 Receptionist, Light Bookkeeping, Fee Paid $325 up Housekeepers and Cooks Acct. Clerk, 12 Hr. Calleae Acct., Budget Preparation $500 UD Acct. Clerk, Construction UOO up nwronca Investigator $440 up Plant Trainees J2.M-13.31 hr. Production Helpers $2.2* hr. up Fee Paid. Temporary ond Part Time Jabs 1:1* lo 4:M Monday Thru Friday » le 12 Saturday 2W Decker Drive Craystane Bldg. 4Z7-2040 Suite, 101 CLERKS PRODUCTION PLANNING, SHIPPING, METALURGICAL Slartlrtfl salary, S450 plus annual bonus. High school diploma or equivalent. No experience necessary. DON M. HULLUM Employment Service 2701 West Main Phone 422-12*3 BAYTOWN SUN C LAS SIRED RATES Effective October 1. 1968 Deadline*: Ad or Cancel, 6 pjn. Day Before —9:30 ajn.—Monday—Clote Saturday Not Minimum Ad 3 Lines $1.08- Words To 15 15-20 20-25 25-30 30-35 35-40 40-45 45-50 50-55 55-60 | Lines | Rate ! 3 i 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 t 8 1 9 I 10 1 11 1 12 1 36 1.08 1.44 1.80 2.16 2,52 2.88 3.24 3.60 3.96 4.32 i 2 | 36 I 2.16 t 2.88 | 3.60 | 4.32 | 5.04 | 5.76 | 6.48 | 7.20 | 7.92 | 8.64 1 3 1 34 | 3.06 | 4.08 | 5.10 | 6.12 | 7.14 | 8.16 I 9.18 I 10.20 | 11.22 I 12.24 1 4 I 29 | 3.48 | 4.64 | 5.80 | 6.96 | 8.12 | 9.28 | 10.44 I 11.60 | 12.76 I 13.92 1 5 I 26 | 3.90 1 5.20 | 6.50 | 7.80 | 9.10 | 10.40 | 11.70 | 13.00 I 14.30 | 15.60 1 6 1 24 | 4.32 | 5.76 I 7.20 | 8.64 | 10.08 | 11.52 | 12.% | 14.40 I 15.84 I 17.28 CONTRACT AND CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES ON REQUEST. PHONE 422-8324-^22-8323 10. Help Wanted NEEDED — Waitresses, Cooks, Bus Boys, Dishwashers, and also Assistant Managers, at "TERRY'S RESTAURANTS" on Interstate 10 between Walllsvllle and Hankamer Exits. Apply In person al Restaurants. THE BAYTOWN SUN has a Home Delivery Route available In Anahuac. If you off a High School Student with a car In Anahuac you can make a goad part I me Income. Niltt lo John Fairbanks, Box 473 Jcytown, Texas 77530. DON M. HULLUM Employment Service WOMEN'S DIVISION Secretary, Typing 55, Shorthand 10 *4M Secretary, Typing K, SKornionrf tb »4«o start Clerk Typist, U Words $400 Clerk Typist,, Teletype Exp. M Net Words *3SO Receptionist, Type Sff Net Wards*2 COUNSELOR—Retina Hollawtry MEN'S DIVISION Lab Technician, Some Chemistry . Mas Shipping Clerk, plant experience MOD plus Prelecl Engineer, CHE Degree SIMM plus Drattsman, Mechanical, Piping .... Open Soles Management Trainee S550 Instrument Tech »»s» Quality Centre), Welding 1700 Plant Help Permanent ... 11.74 to 13.31 Lab Tech, Hlah School Grad tS37 Consultants: Dan Hullum, Don Henderson Lei An Experienced Personnel Man Help Plan Your Career I a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday Thru Friday * a.m. ta Neon Saturday Phone 4224V1 m3 West Main 11. Female Help Wanted EXPERIENCED CASHIER — Must have waitress experience, Immediale employment, apply in person to Holly Inn, 1102 Alexander Dr. WOOL AND SILK PRESSER — Must experienced, permanent work, 426-2310 or after 5 call 426-3307. DENTAL ASSISTANT WANTED — Experience tvelpful but not necessary. Age not more than 35. Personable and some bookkeeping and typing. No encumbrance Send late picture that need not be re urned, if possible. Send resume In cart- of The Baytowr, Sun. Box 23W. LAWHON, R. L. — 102 Scett —Please be our ouest to attend the movie "THE MPOSSIBLE YEARS" now appearing al the Brunson Theatre. Present this od and your identification ol (he twx ol- Ice for your two free admissions. SALESLADY NEEDED — No phone calls, aoolv between 10 to 6, SUM TEX PACKAGE, 508 W. Moln. and .IVyecr-old LECAL SECRETARY — Excellent bene- 'lr«, chance for advancement. S-H 70 fo 80, yplno 60 WPM. Salary $500. BAYTOWN EMPLOYMENT, 427-2040. COCKTAIL WAITRESS NEEDED — Mu«t be 21, hive gooci personality, aood ref- ercn- * In appearance. Apply IP o . i. Hargrove al The Holiday Inn. . calls, please. CAR HOP NEEDED — Must be over II years of aae. Apply In person only, BROWN'S CHICKEN SHACK. SALESLADY READY TO WEAR Immediate opening lor experienced sales ladles In Baytown's newest dress shop. Phone for appointment. Mr. Davis 422-M17 Graves Dress Shop BAY PLAZA CENTER EARN MORE!! Shew notalooolly advertised, prestiae cosmetic*. Makeup methods used In H»nywoad. We leach you FREE - And It's fun I 11 hours weekly should give •au M5 profit; full lime SIM and up. •hOM VIVIAN WOODARD COSMETICS, far appointment, 422-5M. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO CREDITORS Eitnte of ORUC1LLA PHIPPS, Deceased Notice Is hereby olven that on the 15th day of January. A. D., IMP, Letters Testamentary were granted TO the under, sltjred under Ihe Will ond upon the Estate of Orucllla Phipos, Deceased, by the Probate Court No. I of Harris County, Texas, In Cause No 162. 401, pending on 1h<< Probate Docket of sold Courl. All persons having claims ooolnst wl* Cstole are hereby reaulred lo present samr within the time prescribed by Iov lo the underslqned whose residence Is 5W2 Tautenhahrt Rood, Moujlon, T«">» Bv: J. O. Savell, Sr. Executor of fhe Will of Orucllla Phlnps. Deceased Reid. Strickland, Gillette (. Ramsey •05 North Goillort) Slreel B-wlnwn. Texas, 77570 Atlorncyi for sold Estate EXPERIENCED SALESLADY Full or port time For Children's Dept. AIM assistant cashier and to help in office work. A0a(y In person only Abe Rosenzweigs 114 W. Texas Ave. NEEDED Immediately! Waitress. Please apply In porsen ro rue TOWER RESTAURANT, Decker Or. 12. Male Help Wanted CRAPENTERS - HELPERS — 1 monlh lob, 14.50 hr. Craftsmen, S4 Hr. minimum week. Apply Everett Construction. 2V; miles fcoul ol Hwy. 14« on FM 545. SALES - SERVICE - CLAIM WORK - Slarllnq salary S5C9 per month. Minimum aoe 22, excellent company benefits Ex fer.jive frolnlno proqrom. 42J-9452 or 427-4150. NEEDED IMMEDIATELY — S4MCioll> rrtn. Utopia has arrived!! No leods fo chase, lust hana oround Ihe alike a! 1 doy. We have the prospects come lo yo on appointment basis. Minimum o< 3 ore senfotlons per dav In your own privolc office. Call 427-1701 for opoolnlmcnt. MECHANIC NEEDED!! Some experience necessary. Full time, plenty work, good company b«nH1H and working conditions. Apply In person. FULLERS/ Datsun-Volva, 912 Market 12. Male Help Wanted BUTCHER NEEDED — Full time, W hours weiek. Union scale, good conpany benefits. Apply In person to store man- aeer, Henkc & PHIot Inc. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. WANTED — Spanish speaking brick layers to build noon-holes In Pasadena. Coll Pasadena, 477-155". PLU R/VMNfElp —Apply E 4ftl.UA.CTjG, Sea- MAINTENANCE MAN for private club. DELIVERY AND WAREHOUSE PERSONNEL Experience In Appliances helpful. Apply In person to: White Stores, Inc. 1401 N. Pruett 13. Sales Help Wanted FULL TIME real estate salesman need ed. Will discuss draw, Emery Huahes, Huahes really, 106 N. Main. PEARCE, W. — Furnished oarage apart- rv.ent. S6S month, no bills paid, no children, no c«ts. 422-2642. SALES OPPORTUNITY Full or part time. G.M.S. automotive, vapor Iniectors. Earning limited ta your time and ability. Call Jerry, 4S2-72M or 422- 2&4I. IS. Work Wanted LADY NEEDS BABYSITTING — In her home 2 evenlnqs a week. Phone 422-6582. BABYSITTING, IRONING — In my home, 6 years (experience. Fhone 422-5026. WILL KEEP CHILDREN in my home tor working mothers, Craigmont area. 424 8957. LVN — Office, General duty. Doctors of- lice experience. Wants tull or part ti-ne In Doctors office. Write Box 2391 In care of The Bavtown Sun. BABYSITTING — In my home. $ .50 on hour. 5 days week. I-hone 575-1125. IRONING — In my home. Old Polly area, Plione 427-4134. CANDY CANE NURSERY — New nursery. Kind, intelligent, loving care. Hot meals, kindergarten, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. $12 per we-k 1 child, etc. 47.7-2581, 213 E. Texas. HAPPY HOUSE OAT NURSERY — State Krensed. working moltiers enroll y o u i child now In day care nursery. Cnll 42/-28S7 for appointment. SWINT'S KIDDIE CARE — JIB W. Heman. Stole licensed, snacks, hot meals, supervised play. Ages 3 thru 10. 6:30 a.m <i t> o.m. 422-9666, after » call 427-4244 Sewing And Alterations Experienced. 47.7-1546. Mother Goose Nursery State LIcenMd 422-M72 15-A. Bldg. Contractor HOUSE LEVELING — Bell bottom type piers to builders clay. Slabs our specially. All work guaranteed. A-ABA FOUNDATION CO., 674-8111 or 424-7910. CONCRETE WORK OUR SPECIALTY— Drives, walks, polios. We are craftsman. C. G. "ROCKY" ROQUEMORE, 1604 Wright Blvd. 422-9179. ALL KINDS OF CARPENTRY and paint- Ing No |ob too small or too large. Phone 427-1047. PAINTING AND REMODELING — Resll- dential and co-nmcrcial, fast, dependable service. Call 452-9172 or 422-5868. BONDED ROOFING Siding — Repairs, 427-2514. THOMPSON BUILDERS Remodeling — cobfnets — windows — corports — new homes and old — Financing. 103 John A, 4W-56S7. F & S Remodeling And Cabinet Shop ALL TYPES OF CARPENTER WORK! From hanging a door to completely remodeling your whole house. We special- lie in small lobs. No iob is considered loo small. Call Us Today! 4234061 or 422-4403 Hasty Builders TOTAL REMODELING — FREE eSTIMATES 40t S. Main, Highlands, 4U-2H7. 16. Apartments For Rent FOUR ROOMS FURNISHED — All bills tx.10. apply 107 E. Hunnlcutt afler 5 p m. CLEAN — 4 room furnished apartment, 2 large closets, ample kitchen cabinets. Walking distance to town. Water and gas paid, SAO monlh. Apply Abe Rosenzwei(v 427-1708. after 7 p.m. call 474-5818. HYDE PARK TOWNHOUSE — Two bed- rr-om luxury r/Dnrlmcnl, 2104 Bowie School Dr., 433-7M8 or 432.5MO, JOKES, »01Vi N. — J bedroom furnished ooroqc aporfmcnt. All bills paid, I9i. Phone «2 <9W, apply 603 N. Jones. BAYWAY DR., 4477 — Furnished opart ment* modern, oAsnlv closets and oulll- Irs, no children, 424-75*5. WEAVER, )10 — wooster, exlro nic«; 4- room (urn!shr>d aparfmenf, olr condition. c,l. Grjrape, bills paid, 424-S4U. 16. Apartments For Rent a /v/alftat-g.^Wnlaftt4fc- U LA PORTE, nt S. KANSAS — Smoll 2 bedroom ooortment, So5. Special this week only, 2nd month rent FREE to aood permanent tenant, GR 1-1191. MAIN, W S. — HlgtiMnax Apt. C. On* bedroom furnished, water and oas pold, $80. 426-3521. ILLINOIS, 3»i — Furnished 1 rooms, bills paid, couple. 575-1063. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR — 3500 Decker Drive, Section I— I and 2-bedrooms, furnished and unfurnished apartments. Electric kitchens, air conditioned; diaperies; swlmmlnj pool. Phone 434-8613. BLUEBONNET APARTMENTS — flow renting — One and two bedrooms, furnished. All bills paid, nwy 144. 422-4917. BARKLEY SQUARb TOWNHOUSE — Low cost luxury ond convenience. Swim- mine pool, central air, oatlos, carport, dlsnwasher, refrigerator, alsposci, carpet mo; furnished or untiirnlsned. Utilities paid. 1215 Park. 422-7635, 422-8707. FURNISHED — 1 room oarage apart- n.enl. All bills paid, no pets. 175. PPhone 424-8110. FURNISHED — One bedroom apartment, utilities paid. No pets. Apply 3213 Missouri. 427-4539. THREE ROOM FURNISHED APART MENT with balh, bills paid. As Is, some furniture. 309 E. Adoue, VIS. Phone 427-7114, 422-6769. GAILLARD, 3t3 N. — Furnished 2 rooms and bath. Adults, no pets. ly 303 B. GRAYWOOD ARMS One and two bedroatn apartment? Furnished and unfurnished. UTILITIES PAID LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE 4tt-e4a» DM Memorial IX Baywood Apartments l)M E. James, furnished or unfurnished apartment* lor rent. M4.50 to J1JS Phone 4£T~«t71. Creative Arms Apts. 3tOO Baker Rd. 424-M14 Built-in Kitchens Carpets One and Two Btd-ooms also Two-bedrooms with den FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED Two-Bedrooms $!35 WASHATERIA FENCED PLAYGROUND 2 SWIMMING POOLS (FENCED) IS HOLE PUTTING GREEN RECREATION ROOMS COVERED CARPORTS Separate Family and Adult Areas Call Now!! APARTMENT COMPLEX 1-2-3 bedrooms, electric bulll-lns; pool, parking, etc. WHITEHALL, 2300 Taff, 4Z7-1731 NORMANDY — GRANADA — COLONY .101 Trl-City Bench Rd., 4Z7-J473. Weickersheimer Manor Or*i and two bedroom aparrments far rent. Furnished ar unfurnished. Phaot TANSLEWOOD SQUARE teoutlfut apartments. One and Two-b*d- rooms, trees and pool. Phone 427-n 17. NOW RENTING Barcelona Apartment Vllraae — Live bel ler electrically In these "newest ol nv new" apartments. Unique Spanish orcti ilecture ond ultra-modern recreation facilities and exquisite living conditions. Oni and two bedroems, lumfched and unlut nlshed. Call far details. 417-5641, manoejei i'/. Houses For Kent CHARLOTTE, 2J04 — Colonial Park, 3- bedroom trailer wllh washer, $35 monlh. Owner, 2214 Charlotte, coll 427-2252. HWY 144 — Sunny Villa trailer park. 3 bedroom furnished mobile home, air conditioned. 452-4968 or check wiln trailer oark manager. NCOME TAX SERVICE — Abe Bern:an Consultant 713 Grantham, 422-4676, By oppolnlment. COURTEOUS — REASONABLE - DEPENDABLE-ACCURATE NCOME TAX SERVICE — Non Itemized and Itemized. Reasonable price. Book- kreplna olso, Frank Lambrecht, 422-6918, NCOME TAX SERVICE — $4 up, appointments at your home, call after 4 p.m., Raymond Bacteaux, 422-o?53. ARON, 805 — Small 1 bedroom unfurnished house, $60 monlh. 4252649. TWO BEDROOM — Furnished house, $27.50 weekly plus deposit. All bills paid, no children over 5 years old. 427-5427. SHELDON WOODS — Brick 3-bedroam, HVbath. Corpeled. Heal, single garage Vcferans, $50, empty. HU 8-2451. HUNNICUTT, (ME. — New mobile homes, 12x50. 2 bedrooms, central heal, air. Natural aas. Carpets. 427-4292. TWO BEDROOM, FURNISHED HOUSE — Adults only, no pets, references. Call 575-1160. MOBILE HOME — Furnished 2 bedroom 12 x 54 Ft., washer, air conditioned, large yard, swimming pool, $125 monlh. NEW TWO BEDROOM — Furnished mobile home, J24 week, S1J deposit. No pets, 426 2iW. KiCWCASTLE. 3004 — J oedreoms, I'/j balh, lorqe den, air and heat. References ana deposit required, 1140. Coll S75-1U« offer 5 P.M. NICE 4 ROOM furnished house, rent free, lo rellned middle aged couple or widow lody lo drive car for widow loxfy occasionally. No drinking; references ex chanaed, 427-U17, 4226817. JACK, 2U W. — Unfurnished two bed room, Call <f<ortu5beilff1orai TWO 3-room furnished apartments — Loslair* J85. downsla/rs, J90. Utilities Dold. CARTER H MILLER AND ASSO CIATE REALTORS, 427-7143 or Claire F Thnman, 4'/2-64S5. T H R E E ~~ K OO M FURNISHED AP ART VENTS, IM weekly, utilities cold, clost lo towrv. Claire Thamon, 422-4X55, CAR T EP H. MILLER AND ASSOCIATES, oosll required, •I7771U. TRAILER CITY, 2410 N. Alexander Dr. NEW MOBILE HOME — furnished, t* It wide. 2 bedroom, all bills paid. O* 17. Houses For R«nt COUNTRY LIVINO — Garden plot, 2- bedroom mobile home, adults only, »100 plus bills. 6R2 N. Main, 575-1416. EXECUTIVE HOME — J-oedroemv 1 baths, air, heat, UOO. Plus security de P0!.ll. McCANDLESS. 427-1219. WEAVER, 101 — clean 3-room furnished house. For more Infot motion coll 18. Bedrooms • Board NICE BEDROOMS — Men only; plenty parking. With or without air conditioning PARKS MOTEL, 427-9722, Ml S, Main. 19. Business Rentals BUILDING AT IMt N. MAIN - Ideal lor small business. After 5 p.m. coil COMMERCIAL SPACE - New K Mori ££«>• Call JOHN M. SHEARER, REALTY, 422-4517 or 422-64M. MCTAL BUILDING or Goroge, 910 N. Main. r-none, 427-7721. WAREHOUSE, 317 Noiro, — *«xl» fl. masonry building with office space. Will rent or lease. Mrs. Lambert, 422-4904. 21. Trailer Space COVE MOBILE HOME PARK — $30 monlh, water paid, wooded lots, 5 miles oK Hwy 146 on FM 565. 573-1086 or 5731061. STOP PAYING RENT! — Own a 1st lor your mobile home. Community swimming pool. $50 down, $25 monthly. Also hove ocre tracts, same terms. HIGK- 4 , . LAND5. CHARLIE RAMSEY, 426-1521. JOHNSON'S TRAILER PARK — CeriMI of Ave. B & Hwy. 1*4. All city utilities natural gos) 576-io20 Mt. Belvley. Services Otlereo ALL APPLIANCES SERVICED -ree Service Call Repairs In your home. Color Specialist —No Fix — No Pay TV JOE — 135 Fifth St. lemah, Texas 877-1232 day or nlaht. NCOME TAX — Notary, add houri, weekends. 21 yrs. experience, reasonable. H. A. Menette, 411 Pamela, 422-8997. 'JNEMONT ENTERPRISES — Boats. Seles and service, hull repairs. Let us se 1 : your boat. Decker Dr., 424-5546. NCOME TAX — Nsn-llemlted 1*40, *4; .Imple Itemized 1040, ]10; Detailed prices at request. JAMES DUVALL BUSINESS, 22-9434. J. H. BERRY, ASPHALT CONTRACTOR Enulomeni & Truck Rentals. Sewer and Water Lines Fltose call ROACHES? Average i room haute, 113. Also termites, ants, fleas, etc. Co-nmer- clal, residential. Bonded, licensed. Hcrvey's Pest Control, 422-9846, 422-S357 AYTOWN AIR CONDITIONING * HEATING CO., 1314 N. Main, Days 4274012, NiOhls 427-5465 — TWENTY FOUR HOURS SERVICE. Expert Installation ana servicing, commercial and residential. MELVIN JONES, OWNER. "No equipment Is better than the Installation ond •ervlclng." TRENCHING AND BACKHOE WORK AIM equipment and machine moving. Call 422-8239 Electric Motor Repair Rewinding, any kind, >lze, modern ment. Qualified mecnanlc. MA5SEY ELECTRIC, »» S. Pruett, 477-77*1. ASPHALT PAVING Al) types-streets, parking lots, driveways. BAYTOWN ASPHALT CONTRACTORS, 427 «41. Backhoe and Loader Bulldozer Work—Top Soil—Shell Yard Olrt — 427-15T5. Loyd Burr hi 23-A. Welding Supplies BAYTOWN WELDING SUPPLY—Soles Rentals, Repairs. Oxygen and acetylene anesthetic oases and equipment. 24-houi service. 802 N. Alexander, 427-1M2. 24. Soil - Fertilizer FOR BEST RESULTS — Try Fertilome rVinlerlzer for new or established towns. Hove the prettiest lawn this spring. LYNCHBURG FEED AND HARDWARE TOP SOIL-FILL SAND SHELL — CLAY — PINE BARK 477-W94 26. Plants - Seed* NEW SPRING SHIPMENT — Red buds, flowerinq peach, weeplna willow, many niore ready to plant NOW! DAVIS NURSERY. 6411 Decker Dr., 424-7171. FRUIT TREES — Peoi, peach, plum, Japanese persimmon, sattsuma, kumauat, orcnge, lemon. SMITH BARROW GAR DENS, 8802 Thompson Rd., 426-3215. 28. Pets - Supplies FRENCH POODLES—Tw» white toy Poodles, 3 months, AKC, S50 each, 4J<-7347. SIX BEAGLE PUPPIES — For sole, 7 weeks old, wormed. Please call 424-8037. NEONS, BLACK MOLLIES, MIXED MOONS, 5 tor $1. Red Velvets, Red Wags, Mixed Swords, .39 each. GREENWOOD'S PET SHOP POODLES — Registered toy bred puppies, 6 ond 12 weeks, blacks and creams, one aocket size. 175 and up; also T.'i In. silver champion size stud stervlce, 424-5049. POODLE — 3 year old black female mlnltoy. AKC registered, pedigree, all si.oil. Has had Iwo litters of 5 pups each, good Investment, $75; also 3-monlh- old lei black teixile toy AKC realstercd, $60. Papers furnished on both. 427-2565. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES FOR SALE — Bo'h mole and female. Coll 424-7080 or 424-7111. TOWN AND COUNTRY KENNELS — Grooming and boarding. Poodle puppies, terms available. 4506 N. Main. 422-4978. $)0« OFF «n all POODLE GROOMING M. & R. PET SHOP 2801 N. Main Phene 422-44*0 PROFESSIONAL POODLE GROOMING CLAIR LAC KENNELS 4M-33SI eventnoi and weekends. 29. Livestock • Supplies HOGS FOR SALE — Butcher, feeder ui'js, 2 oood sousaae hops, 126J005. REGISTERED POLLED HEREFORD BULL 4?6 2668. } QUARTER COLTS — One registered one tirade, holler broken, oentle, 175.1049. QUARTER HORSE TYPE — One mare, one gelding, anyone can ride, $150 each 575-1574. BEAUTIFUL — Point Shetland', 7 y«.ri >lrj aeldlnq Perfect Kids horse and Iran lorsc. Parodo saddle, hlnnkcts, bridle- Vtosl slrap, all for »I10 Coll 3S*-2i69, ">r.y1on. HORSE — ihecelate aeldln*, S years, Toon wllh cofllc. Competitive roplno, donnlna, having. Good disposition. Aboin 15 hnnclv 1100 IDS. 1250 4248810. 29. Livestock • SuppliM QUARTER HORSE — I menth eU bay, stud coll, King Leo breeding, call otter 6 p.m., 422-9456. QUARTERHORSE MARE — Registered. For Sale, Reasonable. Excellent condition. Call 251-2341 Dayton. HAY — Bred, planted and fertilized tram maximum protein content, 1.80 bale. Corner Slolonder and Walllsvllle Rd. EXCELLENT RED TOP CANE HAY — Larae bale $1.20 under 100 bales. 9106 Wode Rd. HORSE STALLS FOR RENT — Including 25 acres for grazing. Newest and nicest In Baylown. Lorry Enderll, 4274416, 575-1161. HORSES Twe-yeor-etd bay horse, »75; Shetland, US; Palomino mare, (225. Coll 424-4OM. SADDLES Buy. Sell and Trad* ANDERSON'S, 1*1 E. Texas, 423-4*1) RENT IT!! Sunbeam animal clippers, $3.0* per day. Franklin heavy duty fence stretcher, $2.0* per day. ALL YOUR VETERINARY NEEDS IN ONE STOP. GULF COAST PHARMACY 2«00 Gai-Ml Road 423-H17 FREE CITY DELIVERY 30. Articles Wanted WANTED — Radial Arm sow, flood condition and reasonable. Call 422-4510. 31. Articles For Sato PARTIN'S USED FURNITURE Cane Chairs S3.P5 lo S 4.95 Large Antique Mirror and Frame J25.CC Solid Maple 5 Drawer Chest On Chest Dust Proof Drawers . $48,00 S-nall Poster Bed, Full Size $17.50 Old Style Low Back Rocker $ 5.00 Antique-Chair, 1 Only J 9.95 Llkt New Late Model 30 In. Gos Rortoe, New Thermostat ... 579.05 Chest Freezer 169.00 425 W. Main OLD PELLY 422-5049 CHAMBERS RANGE GOOD CONDITION, US. Phone 427-1304. POOL TABLE - RANGE — Regulation poo! table, all accessories, 5300. Electric range, 135, 427-3950. LARGE — Air Compressor, 1 K.P. motor with double piston compressor. 55 oat. tank, $125. 424-4038. RANGE — Kenmore gas, copper tone, 3 years old, grtddle, timer, good condition. 422-7709. SMALL — Pnllce Refrigerator, S25. Please coll 427-5435. AIR CONDITIONER — ll.OCO BTU'S, ^ year old, 1165. GE AUTOMATIC WASH- tR—J75. Call Curtis at 422-8258, 8 to 5:30. TV SALE — 1 sets tto each. Table model 150. 1 set SM, 1 color set (SO. Others $25 up. Shop repairs. WORLD TV. 1311 S Main. 427-1436. •GET WELL" EQUIPMENT — For rent, iptlon To buy, Let us answer your Medicare Questions, we wit! file vour claim, Trl City Pharmacy, 422-8291. ELECTROLUX — •eouftful new model; shampooer, floor waxer. Sales ond Serv- ce 422-9944 otter 3:30. 1' Horvey. UY OR RENT prutesilanal reducing julpment from A TO i RENTAL CENER, 1610 N. Main. 427-5629. Reasonable We Deliver. BUY ea START IXt With all bookkeeping sup- piles you need. Call MATHERNE'S ai J27-1719 for Immediate delivery from argest stock In Baytown area. CARPE corpetli 14X - S'VJ1 TRUCKS FOR RENT — Drlvl yourM4f. •aulpoed with hydraulic lilt gates. (New rucks). Local and one-way. 2101 Market, 422-5815. BAYTOWN RENTALS. Neexl lo Kllgore's Ready Mix. Condition, couple. USED — Coldspot Refrigerator Freezer Very good condfllon. Call 422-8812 afler 5 p.m. FOR SALE — Dinette Set, $25.00; Vinyl Couch, 130.00. Phone 422-5575. SICK?? Recuperate with hospital supplies UNITED RENT ALLS Weekdays 7-4 p.m., Sundays t a.m.-I p.m. "ruelt and Peorce 4R-M1V CRAVES WAREHOUSE Anllaue Wood Bed 5 15.00 Brass Bed $ 25.00 Arliaue Settee , $25.00 Built-in Oven $39.50 N'ew G. E. Washer fW.Sfl New G. E. Electric Dryer $"29.95 5 Piece Dinette $ 22.50 Kroehler 2-Pllece Living Room Suite $ 65.00 Apartment Sto\/e $15.00 New 36 Inch Ronae $124.50 New 30 In Electric Ranoe And Cabinet J135 00 Gas Dryer $ 35.00 New Sink Faucets $ 9.95 Double Sink $ 14.95 New Commode S 24.50 C-ood Used Refrloerator $ 35.00 New Polyfoam Box Spring And Mattress $ «-50 214 W. Main OLD PELLY CHAIR — Upholstered swivel rocker, sic. Lonq velfow formal, size 5, 35. 422-4760. DIAMONDS are a girl's best Iriend— unfit she finds Blue Luslre for cleaning ccrpers. Rent electric Shampooer $1. Baytown Hardware, Old Bavtown. TV — Mognavox 13 Inch, block wh'le. Maple veneer cabinet. Call 422-5447. and TWO BEDROOM SUITES — Triple dressers night stand, -nlrrors, bookcase heod- nrds^ motlress, box sprino. Call 422-4660. 1 PIECE BEDROOM SUITE — Twin bed. double dresser with mirror, nlghl stand. White finish, Ideal for teens, J75. 204 Grontbam, 427-5121. STONES CUT — MOUNTED — Watch, lewelrv repairs. BAYSHORE ROCK SHOP, 5500 Shepherd Rd. between Gorlh and John Martin Rd. 575-1471. ADMIRAL HI-FI RADIO COMBINATION — Mahooany, plays, beautifully, S45, Coll 422-8475 MISCELLANEOUS — Winchester model 94 level action 30-30; G.E, .TO In. ronoe, sell cleaning oven; two G.b'. oir conditioners, 2-ton and 1-ton; also Magnovox portable slereo. 424-8974. OWN A NEW ELECTROLUX Vacuum cleaner. Jus: J5 monthly. J. WILKINSON. 427-3523. CHAIN HOIST — One-Ian Catting Chain hols' In excellent condition. Cost 1300 rrw. will s*ll for $150. Coll 422-8302 and ask for Mr. Kyle. GAS RANGE — O'Keefe and Merltl, Beautiful cooperlone, call, come by for o look, 422-6712. STORAGE BOXES AVAILABLE NOW- Calendar relills available. All office sup piles you'll need to start 1949 rlatit. MATHERNE'S ot 117-119 West Peorce. ADOINO MACHINES - CASH REGI! T£RS - TYPEWRITERS Soles, Rental; Service. All mokes, electric and -manual BLOOM SALES, 33O5 Market, 427-2325 AS ALWAYS — Your supplier of Needle Work and Crofts. MCDONALD NEEDLE ARTS Bob Smith Road. 427-12/2. TELEVISION Good portaole. Coll 427-41*. DIAMONDS -ire a olrl's best friend—until she finds Blue Lustre for cleaning carpets Rent electric shampooer II. WOOD'S HOME CENTER, 900 E. Texas. FOR "a lob well done feeling" clean ccfKts wllh Blue Lustre. Rent electric shompooer SI. S R. WILLIAMS CO.. In Mont Belvlcu ELECTRIC DRYER — Noroe. UO. Call 422-24M. CERAMIC GIFTS — Ceramic oreenware Nsque, supplies, gifts. 314 W. Main, Old Pclly. 4229978. DINETTE TABLE — Formica (type) top, Icrqe. $10. 510 W. Francis, alter 4 p.m. FURNITURE — Pair ftf coral tub choirs, $15 each. Turauolse lounoe chair, $15. Extra large walnut and maple coffee table, $35. Molchlno end table, J15, 2 loroc lamps, $15 eacn. CROSBY, 574-3I4J GAS RA, 30 In Call 474 V-BELTS AND PULLEYS tor relrlfera rors, olr condllioners, pumps, compres sort., washers, attic end window fans. 3, WC bells In slock. MASSEY ELECTRIC. m S. Pruett, 422-77«l. FIGURING YOUR INCOME TAX?? Rent or kuy an adding machine tram Baytovrn Typewriter Exchange H. Main, 427-2*71 Take odvantaae of our reduced ari an all atloing machines In stack. Ices 31. Articles For Sal* Color TVs — SWTH ofld up Gene's Hi-Fi I! E. Texas 422-1154 CULPEPPER'S Warehouse Showroom Maple Finish Two Drawer Credenio 529.95 Maple Finish Ccrner Desk S 24.95 Dixie White French Chesf t 79.95 Spanish Sofu. Matching Chair .... $219.95 Spanish 7 plocc Dinette Set * 99.95 Maple Swivel Rockers S 53.95 F.arlv A-nerican Sofa Bioyhlll Triple Dresser I 89.95 NEW-USED FURNITURE Mil Market 4X7-V49e NEW PERMA-POWER Radio Contrel Oarage Door Openers BEVILLS 2-WAY RADIO, Phone 427-Bt* TRUCKS FOR RENT Equipped with Hydraulic IIH fate*. We Sell Custom Hitches BAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS, 422-StlI (Next l» Kllgore's Heady-MbD 31-B Building Material SPECIAL ON ROOFING 240 Pound Self Seal Roofing. White only. $7.50 per sauore. BRITTON-CRAVE.NS LUMBER, 2609 Mkt. 412-WiS. ALUMINUM SHEET* — 25 -In. fey Jen hloh grade, .009 In. thickness. Ideal or insulation, roofing, siding. $.25 each. Can be seen at the Baytown Sun, 1301 .\emorial Drive. Jl-C Musical Instrument* ALTO SAXOPHONE — $JM Butfet. ore- csslonal model. One year old, excellent condition. Sell for 1395. Call 471-4368 atler i p.m. or oil day Saturday and Sunday. PIANO — Small, uprlohl, practice plane. Good condition, 1125. See ol 808 Gresnom afler 4 p.m. BALDWIN PIANOS—ORGANS House Of Music Pork Ph. 4Z7-X14 Small Upright Piano Completely rebuilt annd reflnlshed. B«... Hul lane. Nothing down. Assume m*nm- V payments ol $10. Fully guaranteed far t years. Balance due $295 Halbert Music Co. II E. Texot : ree Bench 477-J4M Free Delivery 32. ,Articles For Rent Travel Trailer Rentals S4M RfeMrd DAN HUTCH1NS MOTORS Hwy 1W at Texw FOR RENT Reducing Equipment ower Tools, power Post Hole Dlogcrs Floor Sanders and Polnhers Sewer Cleaning Equipment Mrwirs, Tillers, Edgcrs, Hedai Trimmer* Tow Bars and Cor Tops Fans, Ladders, Chain Saws Rug Shampoo Machines Television* Utility Trailers Trucks We Rent Most Everything BAYTOWN RENTALS Nexl lo Kilaare's Ready-Mix 2101 Market 422-5111 33. Sporting Goods PICKUP COVER — Fit wide bed pickup, has jalousie windows, $58. 575-14)6, 6822 N. Main. YAMAHA — IK7, M CC'S With big back wheel. Good condition. Coll 4225447. 14 Ff. Starcralt Bool, 13 hp. Evlnrude electric starter malor, trailer. See lo ap- jreclote. 120 Rldcwway. Bavlown, HONDA — ISO Scrambler, selling at (450 oss. $550 ctjsh or will arranqc financing. 7.BCO miles, veiy clean. 4J2-5W6 or 422-5242. DAY LAKE FISHING CLUB — Finest fishlno and camping, 2 miles ol bcautl- ful lake front, limited membersnip open, key la aate. $75 fxr year. 422-7277. PISTOLS — SiW and Rugers, .2 lo .4K mags, used rllles and shot guns, gun repairs and scope mounting. HOLZAEP- FELS FUN SHOP, 15 W. Cleveland. HOLLYWOOD BOAT, li Fl. — Woed, 40 HP Mercury, big wheel trailer, 2 gos tanks, $345. Wide bed pickup cover with jalousie windows. $58. 575-1436. 4822 N. Main. PINEMONT ENTERPRISES — Welding (Inclutilno aluminum 1 sandblasting, polnt- im, 7001 Decker. 424-554A. GUN REPAIRS Precision barrel and chamber work. Apex, Douglas ond Ackiey Borrels. Hand Inuders supplies. 6UJ E. Jack —HUNTER'S DEN—Boytown NOTICE SPORTSMEN New Oiler, Only 130, Dec. M permanent Family Membership Area I miles wide, n mitts long In NechM River Bottom, 1M lakes. Fence, itackeaV deer, fish, and turkey, good squlrral hunting. 2 permanent wolchmen. Mun, wile, oil minor children |ust SM lor «U first yeor. U* y*aily dues second year. Sept. 1, 1X7. Cuaronleed renewable. Guided tours our office, each Sot. and Sun., 1 p.m. Write for lull details or nme le Eaft Texas Wildlife Office, XI5 N. Ird St., Sllsbee, Texas TTUt Pliant EV J-44tl Reel and Rod Repairs Gun Repairs — THE OUTDOORSMAN 3*7 S. Moln, Highlands Converse "CHUCK TAYLOR" All Star •askilball LIS1 BTlC« JIJ.H ••r *».•» Jim Nelson Sporting Goods 473-41 T7 FrM Parking 1M N. Main 35, Good Eating FROZEN QUAIL — SI5 down, live auall SI.00 each, 424-3716 or J26-J513. PLENTY certified oysters and fresh at Msh, Copt. Osgood's, 427-1437. FRESH FROZKN SHRIMP CRAB AND FISH. E S. L WINFREE SEAFOODS FM 565 (Cove) S73-1SM. Rex's Live Farm Fed CATFISH JR.'S ORIVE IN, HIGHLANDS 39 Busineis Opportunity TO MOVE - All twiwmn, fcullojno nnd nwnlnos. To be moved Th« Wall Shop, 1501 Alcxonrter Dr. Will sell scpuralc or looellicr. 427-26J4 or 4J7-4JM.

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