The Paris News from Paris, Texas on May 7, 1957 · Page 9
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 9

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1957
Page 9
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THE LABOR PICTURE Organized Labor Appears At Relations Crossroads By RELMAN MORIN WASHINGTON Iff) - Is organized labor nearing a new cross' roads in its relations with the federal government, management, and its own members? To many leading figures, in and put of'unions, the answer already is at hand—an emphatic "yes." Not since the fiery debates over the Taft-flartley Act, a turning point 10 years ago, has sharper controversy flared over questions ot new legislation to meet the problems of union and employer. How to supervise pension, welfare and union funds? What about a federal "rigfat-to-work" law banning the union shop? What penalties for corruption initiated by either management or labor? What rules to govern their respective financial contributions and activities in political campaigns? Some state governments, in different ways, already have taken action in these fields. What next from Uncle Sam? Testimony in the Senate on mal practice in the Teamsters Union highlighted the problems and touched off an explosion of jagged- edged words, "betrayal of public trust . . . scandal . . . serious crisis ... shock." They came from union officials, mea describing themselves as friends of labor, many newspapers. In Detroit, Frank Rosenblam, secretary-treasurer of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of Ameri- ca, said: "The labor scaudal will prove to be a Roman holiday for labor haters and reactionaries . . . Already a barrage of antilabor bills has been submitted in Congress and tile various state legislatures." In Atlantic City, a Catholic priest, Msgr. George C. Higgins, bluntly told the United Automobile Workers convention: "The labor movement is confronted with perhaps the most serious crisis in its entire history . . Labor is now discovering that no particular class of people has a monopoly on virtue, not even the workers . . . In the long run it undoubtedly will be good for its soul." In Chattanooga, Sen. Kefauver (D-Tenn) told the Southeastern Building Trades Conference: "The fact that corruption is not a one- way'street, asd thai labor racketeering and corruption frequently involve collusion with employers, is no excuse." An editorial in The New York Times said: "Organized labor faces a hostile public opinion much like the antibusiness sentiment of 50 years ago. Another parallel-is sure to follow: the regulation of unions by the government." Some segments of labor acted swiftly. The AFL-CIO Executive Committee suspended Teamster President Dave Beck as one of its vice presidents, and set his hearing for today. Among the letters applaud- ing AFL-CIO President George Meany was one signed by over 200 members of Teamster Local 604 in St. Louis. The UAW appointed a watchdog committee of prominent nonunion men and gave it authority to investigate and review union actions. David Dubinsicy, president of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, set a 10-day period for officers to disclose whether any had accepted gifts from employers. One did. Had the Senate hearing! affected union organizing efforts or representational elections? "I have the impression that fewer elections are being sought right now," a National Labor Relations Board official said. in the South, unions lost some elections to be certified as worker representatives. Labor officers denied, however, that these setbacks resulted from antilabor sentiment stirred by the Senate hearings. "The South has always been tough to organize," they said. One union reportedly told its' field men to "forget organizing for awhile." Another union official said, by contrast, "in both Texas and the Southeast our people report bigger attendance at meetings of the locals, and more organizing going on." The central figure in all this is a dry, slow-spoken, hard-working Arkansas lawyer, Sen, John L. McClellan. He it, chairman of the'Senate Racket Committee, "The magnitud* of this picture hasn't yet appeared," he »ays, "A conservative estimate would be that we have at least 100 complaints of major proportions that should be investigated." Ha pointed ti> a stack of letters on his desk. The total is now over 30,000. "Most are from union men," he said, "and they're giving us still more information all tKe time." As the Senate inquiry moved along, UAW President Walter Reuther said, "The overwhelming majority of the leadership of the American labor movement is composed of decent, honest, dedicated people ... but unfortunately, in certain unions the gangsters and crooks and racketeers have moved into position of power." General Nathanael Greene, who was Wellington's most trusted general in the Revolutionary War, built a house in Anthony, Rhode Island in 1770. It is still preserved as it was in his day. "•"a THE HAVT IS DOIHC BESMUCH ON TH£ DEVELOfMlMT Of A STANDARD EJECTAM.E COCKPIT CAPSULE TO fIT JtT AIRCRAFT. IT WILL -CARRY THE PILOT AND HIS EXPENSIVE CLKTHOKie CCAft SAftLT TO THE tROUHB «Y PARACHUTE. TEXANS IN WASHINGTON Two Texans Hold Key Post in Foreign Ag By TEX EASLEY WASHINGTON </R~Two Texans hold key posts in the Agriculture Department's Foreign Agricultural Service. The FAS's assistant administrator is Gustave Burmeister, 56, native of tlie McMullen County ranch country. Another South Texan, Burt Stugard, 55, is in charge of the agricultural attaches in Latin American countries. Owners ofa Rio Grande Valley farm, he once served with the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine at San Juan, Tex. Burmeister joined the department 34 years ago and knows about as much of its operations as one man can know. Days after he graduated from Texas A&M in 1923, he was back at the family ranch when a long distance call came through telling him his application for a job was approved and he should report to work in Houston. When the FAS was organized in 1953 as the successor to the Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations, Burmeister was charged with handling programs to help expand foreign markets for U.S. agricultural products. He now is responsible for trade policies and agricultural analysis. From July 1950 to April 1955 Stugard was the U.S. agricultural attache at the American...JMrtliassy in Spain. In 1954, incidentally, Congress shifted the agricultural attaches from the State Department to the Agricultural Department. They still are attached to the U.S. embassy staff in the foreign land where they are assigned. Stugard, who has J.3 Latin American attaches under his supervision expects to go to some embassy assignment "south of the border" after another year on duty here. Late in May he attends a "market development" conference in Rio de Janeiro, New Optimists Special Guests For Meeting The Optimists who have bacome members of the Paris Noon Club during the term of President Horace Cranston were special guests for Monday's luncheon. The heard. the history, structure and purpose .of Optimist International, as described by Optimist Dick Eben. "Optimism is more than just a service club," Eben pointed' out. "It is a way of life." Speaking especially to the new Optimists but to the entire club in general, Eben give then? a complete insight on the meaning and purpose of Optimism. President Cranston introduced Eben, then briefly thanked the .new members for becoming part of the club during his tenure. The mem- THE PARIS NEWS, TUESDAY, MAY 7, 1957 — berg 'who have come in during the past year are Frank Condr,ay, Odie Adams, David Kcnnemer, Abe Raphael, Rayford Walker, Souny Fagan, Tommy Duncan, BUI Hutchison, George Smith, Bill Bone, CM Lamb, Bill Llghttoot, Harry Crawford and Carl Smith. Kennemer was introduced to the club as a new member Monday, and received his credentials from President Cranston. Guests for the luncheon included Breaki'ast Optimist B. Ray Steelman and an honorary Optimist, Mayor Jim Gill. Young Driver Presses Gas Instead cf Brake WARWICK, R. L, \y^-m» Jou E. Ablsttdt, 18, of Cranston «ot into « convertible at tbe vM*yf*hr ; Motors showroom to move ft;, ! Police said Miss AMstedt, who got her learner's permit to, drivi> 11 days ago, apparently stepped or. the accelerator instead of the . . , . : . Result: The car crashed through four plate glass windows and struck a 1957 model car. She was not injured. --Gene, Mr*. R*d«r, Roger and Yield at GBNK, , THE JEW'ELBR? 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This house is really priced right. Owner leaving town, $4000. FOUR room house at 1071-16th N.E., $3500. , . __ LARGE 2-story house, 10th S.E. DUPLEX FOR SALE. 833 East $ 4000 - To s 0 " 1 " estate. 47 0 74 S Xr St rn et m SU4 ' 2849 ° f SU4 'iTHREE bedroom house. A dandy. 4774 after 5 p. m, 2 9th N.E., $5750. MODERN 6 room house, asbestos siding, new roof. 1049-lOth N.W. $2350. Easy financed. WE HAVE buyers for nice 2 and 3 bedroom homes. List your property with us for quick sale. BILL & ROBERT IRION REALTORS 202 First National Bank Building SU4-4821 SU5-1534 3U4-8738 FOUR ROOMS with bath, lot 80 x 225, at city limits on highway, $2150. B. A. Adcock, SU4-4630. TWO BEDROOM HOUSE to be moved. Built 1950. Garage. Asbcs tos siding. SU4-4163. FOR SALE or trade—Equity in 'our room modern house, !i acre lot. 2530 West Sherman. SU4- 8584. ATTRACTIVE APARTMENT, best neighborhood. Reasonable rent. Partially furnished. Dial EU4- 7200. THREE ROOM apartment, 433- 8th N.E. Clyde Parham, SU4-6631. FIVE ROOM unfurnished apartment. 1332 Mapls, FOUR ROOMS and bath. Private entrance. Water paid, $30. 868- 1st S.W. NICE FIVE ROOM unfurnished apartment, close In. Dial SU4- 7219. 53— HOUSES. UNFURNISHED NICE two bedroom home. 829- 24th S.E. Clyde Parham, SU4- 6631. SIX ROOM HOUSE, wall to wall carpet, Venetian blinds, washer connections. Inquire 2005 Umar, NICE SMALL unfurnished house. 1951 Hubbard Street. Dial SU4- 2230. MODERN 2 bedroom house East Paj-is; duplex. West Brame. SU4- 280«. TWO BEDROOM unfurnished hous«, 40-28th N.W. Inquire SH Bonhain day, nlfht <!l»l SUS-1MO. SEE THIS Modern five room home in East Paris. Hardwood floors, wall to wall carpet, inlaid linoleum in kitchen and bath. Garage. Large lot. Shown by appointment only. DAN BILLS REAL ESTATE Dial SU4-8003 BUILDING LOTS In East Paris and West Parts, Clyde Parham. dial SU4-6631. FOR SALE O Your opportunity. $500 down, $50 month, good clean 2 bedroom home, cloice E. Paris location. Total price, $4,750. ® Out-of-town owner says sell 8 room bungalow, 2 baths, close to town. Can use as duplex or single family. G Beautiful 2 bedroom home, hardwood floors, double garage, close to school and store. Prominent E. Paris corner location, $9.750. ® 3 bedroom home, hardwood floors, beam and pier foundation. Choice E. Paris location on large lot. Shown by appointment, WHITS & DEHAVEN , Liberty National Bank Bldg. Dial SU4-7390 or SU4-3279 SPECIAL Nice seven rooms, two baths, Venetian blinds. A-I condition. Carport. Near school. Immediate possession. BILL ABSHIRE SU4-6480 SU4-6528 THREE BEDROOM Jiome with washer and *!ectrle range connection*. 140-lOth N.B. SU4-8PU. 65—LOTS FOR SALE FOR SALE — Desirable building lots in West Paris. Ben White. IX--Automcbi!es 71—Automobiles for Sale 1951 NASH 4-door Statesman, trade for jeep or pickup. Woody Electric, SU5-1110 day, SU4-6161 night. 72~Trceks. Trailers. Tractors EXTRA CLEAN 33 foot single axle trailer. See at Wayne Briscoe's Station w«<t nf Paris. FOR SALE—House trailer. 57 foot, factory built, electric brakes, $200 cash. 1947 Studebaker truck, $85. 511 South E, Hugo, Oklahoma. FOR SALE—1956 Chevrolet 2-ton truck; also 28 foot Nabors platform trailer. R. M. FRY LUMBER COMPANY, Hugo, Oklahoma. Get the most for your money... Use Wont Ads ! Dial SU 4-4323

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