The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 30, 1961 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 30, 1961
Page 12
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12 •mglumtt Monday, January 30, I96I AK Views Films Made At Reactor Explosion IDAHO FALS, Idaho tAP»- Tn<? Atomic Energy Commission says it has filmed close-up shois of a nuclear reactor which ex- pirwkfl Jan. 3 and killed (he throe men operating it. The building housing the ro-iet- tir stil! contains a hi«h level oi radiation, and this has prevented experts from making pcrs-iivil examinations. The AEC .'ni.'i it hopes to install closed-circuit leie- \-ision cameras in portholes of the re-actor container to gather further information. DOCS GETTING UP NIGHTS MAKE YOU FEEL OLD Thousands are now discoTerinn ho^ much stronger and better they c&n feel by combaiitiK ordinary Kidney or Bladder Irrtt&tion5. Ti3£$e irritations often occur After 35, snd mar make you tense ar.d nervous from loo f refluent, burninr or itrhir.c urination both day scd :::;:hi. ^Secondarily, you may lose 1 5;ees ana sul- ler from Headaches. Backache and *eei clfi, nred, depressed. In such irritation. CYSTE2C usually brings faFi. relr.Xir.jr comfort by eyrb:nj? irrHatii:s prr:!is in Mronct acid urine ana fey srivinji u n a. ? s <?<•.; c pain rotie'. £a*e lor youns or old Get. CY5TEX at druggists. Pet! b?iter fast. The Sun's Television Log By CYNTHIA I.OWRY AI" TV-Radio Writer NEW YORK (API—It \va two hours," he said. "I think I'd like a Sunday night snow. It looks so easy to the audience, and no few minutes, alone. the Picture," there wasn't any panel. There was just Jackie Gleason talking about what a terrible show "You're In the Picture" had been the week before. Jackie was wonderful — funny, sad, PMP hns been ; other of working on an- early- witty every and time frank. But suppose a program proved a 'liis host's diaii- on the J ni^hf show and walked .program nnirmurir.s. "Surely,other of his occasional ! 2t aT-n* * bCUCT Wa> ' "v^of S'^ai-'^-hiS^lni-t show to discussing it. it the Imm-onine !2 -nth, |* gp« Tuesday nfehr on NBC; .The, Sunday night on th e many things have happened to ' U ; 1J • iPaar. including a triumphal re- ' .If llPm ;, c f' s l° " > \' h ':."' di : o 'l "p"'* 'fencer's mask over his head, a (turn to his show. But Paar has; Jus regular show. \\ h> does Paar. ; _ u ._ ^ f- i ____ j ___^ _ _-_ | not retreated one inch from his! take on extra periormmg lobs. I cane j belief about a better way to make] "One thing the walkout did was dud. the management devoted the Ed j Sullivan Show there was Salva- over-woi'keddoing| dore Dali - Hie painter, with a in his left hand and a vet, jerinarian pistol, designed to shoot living. i He is !threaten! n wants anpthesja ai ] inglions _ in his ' bul- eving show by the end of this year, oven jup and emotional just thinkirifi uch'his contract runs to the| a i> thou end of 1%:'. 'And what would I do?" theme. religious .abou't all Those planes'leaving for "You are looking at an historic i places I'd like to go. In the past | moment in art." Sullivan informed ho re-i year I've been to Japan, Hong us. Mavbo if it wasn't historic it prated dreamily. "I'd take _ my ikong. England, Italy, Spain, __ an explosive moment. wife" and daughter and so off for! many. North Africa",'France and jfrom now on, if you can a Ion? time to some place where;Hawaii. \Ve made a lot of. film.: straight, you're an artist, nobody even mentioned television, j a nd some of it seemed pretty j Lioness Heroine Of 'Bom Free' Dies In Jungle NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Elsa tho lioness, heroine of the best- selling biography "Bora Free," has died peacefully in the jungle. Suspicions of foul play — that Elsa had died from a poison arrow — were disproved today. The government said a postmortem showed that Elsa's death was due to natural causes. The story of Elsa and her two cubs had aroused worldwide interest. Her biography, told by her owner, Joy Adamson, sold nearly a half million copies in Britain and the United States. But Elsa's carefree life as a pet around the Adamson homestead in the Kenya bush country had already been threatened. The local African district council ruled aim even mentioned television. I'd rest. I'd travel. I'd fool around; amusing. the house." , ,., , ! "I ficured out that if I couici And. after that, he'd like to re Recommended tonight: June vsJAIi'vson Show. CBS. 10:30-11 EST .1(1 »* f *-. 1 1 j _..__•__«_ _ .TV. ..M turn to his pro.Vss.o,,: entertainer. . i would ggt me lilm on a special show it the only way j cou id th(1 mone y I spent on —Lee J. Cobb starring in a Civil ,Var drama, "School of the Soldier." HARD OF HEARING? Do You Hove Trouble Understanding Normal Conversation? MR. WESLEY A. STONE—We!l-Ki\swn Hearing Aid Authority, WfW le In iaytown on WEDNESDAY—FEB. 1st 1 P.M. TO 5:30 P.M.—DEL MONT HOTEL You Are invited To Come In For A Fr»e Audiomttric Test And Analysii Of Your Htarmg Sonofone Of Houston 903 FIRST CITY NATIONAL BANK BLB<S. HOUSTON 2, TEXAS If you watch enough television, you'll be rewarded occasionally by the damdest experiences. "For instance, on Friday night in the CBS spot recently awarded ia panel show called, "You're In Mexico Whiskey Gets Costly When Stolen MEXICO CITY (AP) — Tne threat of a telephone strike loomed i Saturday. The National Union oi Telephone Workers rejected proposals by the Ministry of labor for a 15-day truce to permit talks with the company. MEXICO CITY <AP) — Whiskey I costs more in Mexico than in most ! other places about the world, but jfor Mario Valerio Guadjardo it was particularly expensive. It cost him eight months in prison. i That was the sentence, plus a 45-peso ($3.60) fine, he drew yesterday for taking a bottle of scotch from a supermarket. The store valued the bottle at 150 pesos ($12) And earlier this week that hte lioness was dangerous and that she must be banished or shot. Efforts were made to get Elsa "political asylum" in a game reserve in Southern Rhodesia. The Rhodesian governor general. Lord Tax Men Get Accardo As They Got Boss Capont CHICAGO (AP)—Fat, rich and smug, Alphonse Capone swaggered into a federal court nearly 30 years ago and wound up in prison for cheating on his income tax. Now Anthony Joseph Accardo— who used to sit in Scarface Al's Lexington Hotel headquarters with a submachine gun on his lap —faces prison for lying on his form 1020. The loud-mouthed, imperious Capone and the soft-spoken stolid' family man, Accardo, both were brought down by pencil wielders— government crime busters faster with adding machines than machine guns. But from Capone to Accardo there has been a marked evolution in organized crime..It's the change from the goon with a flashy tie and a black limousine svith bullet-proof windows, to the organization man in banker's gray and a status symbol sports car. Capone was as well known as a matinee idol. Accardo could walk through Chicago's Loop at high noon and not be recognized by 1 out of 100 people. "That doesn't mean that Accardo is some smalltime punk," says Virgil Peterson, director of the Chicago Crime Commission. "Accardo is the head—the absolute head—of the Capone mob. Capone was powerful, but Accardo's power exceeds that of the feudal lords of old." Although Accardo tried to move in shadows, investigators—from federal agencies, congressional committees and the Chicago police department—have built up quite a dossier. Accardo once complained to an elder statesman of the mob: "I can't even take a bath without one of them college boy gumshoes is peeking through the Venetian blinds." When Accardo takes a bath, he has come luxurious choices. He can use the $10,000 tub cut from a solid block of Mexican onyx or settle his 195-pound, 5' 9H" framt into a tub where the water comes out of gold-plated faucets. His 22-room mansion in elite suburban River Forest was built for about a half-million dollars by the late William C. Grunow, a radio magnate! DR. ERNEST SMITH CHIROPRACTOR 507 W. GULF PHONE JU 3-5619 Dalhousie, promised to help. Television Log MONDAY NIGHT 6:00 CS Conaway News B World At Large § Whirlybirds Sports Weathergal O Newsreel 6:20 ffi Snorts. Guy Savage 6:25 O Weather © Conaway Comments 6:30 B The Americans § To Tell The Truth Cheyenne Pete and Gladys 7:30 IS burfside 6 Bring-mp up Buddy Wells Fargo 8:00 0 Klondike Danny Thomas 8:30 fl} Andy "Griffith Adventures in Paradise Dante Hennesey Barbara Stanwyck June Allyson Show Peter Gunn U.S. Marshal 10:00 B Grand Jury News, Weather News 1500 N. PRUETT < ADMIRATION COFFEE SO BIG BONUS STAMPS FREE Isenwc SPECIALS FOR MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY With Purchase of TEXEZE CLEANER LB. CAN LIGHT CRUST CORN MEAL . UNCLE WILLIAMS SAUER KRAUT LYRDEN'S CHICKEN FRICASSEE .... LB BOX KING SIZE COKES 8*1. Ctn. NABISCO CRACKERS 27c HOSTESS CUP CAKES Pkgs. Of 2 SWIFT'S PREMIUM LEG OF LAMB ARMSTRONG'S FAMOUS IRAND SLICED BACON CABBAGE 2 300 CANS 29 Ox. ..CAN SWIFT'S VIENNA SAUSAGE CAN RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT Each LI. 10:15 flj Late Show 10:30 £1 News, Sports GJ) Sheriff of Cochise 10:40 bJ Mann About Sports 10:45 Q Jack Paar 11:00 m Jim Bowie .11:30 (B The tnonetrs (12:00 CD News Final frj mc*tJictttl (0 Sign Off 12:05 CB Daily Word 12:45 B Sign Off TUESDAY MORNING Jan. 31 5:55 O Morning Devotional 6:00 fj Cont. Classroom' 6:30 G) Cadet Don Daily Word Farm Report, News Today Mr. Caboose Today In Houston Mr. Caboose Today News 8:00 (5 Cadet Don 8:15 (D CapL Kangaroo 8:25 B Today In Houston 8:30 CB Tumbleweed Time _ Today 9:00 O Say When ffi Our Miss Brooks fi| My Little Margie 9:30 O Play Your Hunch Video Village Jack La Lanne I 10:00 O Price Is PJght I Love Lucy Star Showcase Concentration The Clear Horizon Truth Consequences Love of Life Morning Court 11:30 0 It Could Be You Search For Tomorrow I (|J Love That Bob ! 11:45 QJ Guiding Light I ill:55 O NBC News ! TUESDAY AFTERNOON 112:00 O Amos 'n Andy News at Noon Camouflage ; 12:15 CD Joyce Harvard il2:30 O Medic Number Please ffl As the World Turns 1:00 O Jan Murray § Life of Riley About Faces Loretta Young Ml House Partv (0 Home Edition News 2:00 feB Youne Dr. Malon Millionaire Day In Court 2:30 O From These Kool Verdict Is Youri Road To Reality 3:00 B Room For Daddy The Brighter Day Queen For A Day 3:15 flt Secret Storm 3:30 O Here's Hollywood Edge Of Night Who Do You Trait 4:00 O Looney Town Early Show American Bandstand {•.40 B People's Choice 5:00 m Kitirik'i Party 5:10 O San Francisco Beat 5:30 W Quick Draw McGraw Rather News 5:40 B Almanac Newsreel Chandler Sports 5:45 O Huntley-Brinkley Edward* New* KWBA PROGRAM LOG Monday S.OO ED. P. MORGAN— ABC 6;15 ON THE ROAD 6:55 ABC NEWS 7:00 ON THE ROAD 7:55 ABC NEWS 8:00 DOWN HEAT S:53 ABC NEWS 9:00 DOWN BKAT 9:55 ABC NEWS 10:00 LIKE LINE 10:13 KION OKK WEATHKR ON T11F IIAIJ- HOIR Tursday 5:"0 SKJX ON A.ND NEWS 5.-3S OOU.VTHV .MI/SIC 5:30 TI.MKKKKPfJR fi:00 CKN'JT.AI. EA1TIST «:15 UKK IJ.VE 6;M TIMKKKEI'KR 6:SO I-KO.N" HALK «:S5 U'OFILI) NflVVS— ABC 7:10 TEXAS NEWS 7:15 TIMEKEKI'ER ;11:00 1! .30 l!:<r> 13:50 12:55 i.-m S:M 5:45 5:55 TIMEKEEPER PAUL HAHVE7 ABr NEW. 1 -- TIMEKKEPKR ABC NEWS J'O.V VO'EALr-ABC ABO NEWS TAKE n J.ASY .\W NEW.-' TAKE rr EAST I.IKE LINK TAKK IT EASY ABf NEWS NOON NEWS r.M'i". HARVEY— ABC RuNCH TIME AUr NEWS JT.AIF: AW NEWS I,\ PORTE SHOW I'M CI.I'B AB<^ NEWS l.W) fUT? ABr NEWS ON THE ROAD TEXVS NEW.* ON TJJE ROAD ,\".r NEWS PAI-I. HARVEY— ABC .'-TORTS^'OPE MTVir MOVIES PREX'TEW .TOWN rur.Y- ABC I.ATE WEATHER T.ATK SPORTS V\N DOUBLE BIG IONUS STAMPS TUESDAY WITH PURCHASES OF 2.SO OR MORE Shop Weingarten's and Sive on Quality Foods, Drugs and Home Center items and get the LION'S SHARE with FRe'e Big Bonus Stamps. •~--™^£i??2M£S*£S^^ TENDER-AGED-BEEF Your response was overwhelming to our first anniversary of Tender-Aged Beef. In appreciation, we are repeating the same, low, low prices and high, high Quality! «TTHEUOOTSMAM £7 I STEBK 73 C TENDIR AGED SIRLOIN Tfitt* fticti Good in Baytowi;. Jon. M-l-eti. 1 Wt Rntrtt //it Right to Limit Quanlititf. DETERGENT GIANT SIZE PINEAPPLE JUICE TIDE DOLE ORANGES BOLOGNA T-BOME 46-OZ. CAN TEMPLE CROSS IETWEEN I •% ORANGES & TANGERINES LD* SWIFT'S PREMIUM SLICED LB. 9 39 A Colorful Library off xV-^jiirt Fascinating Knowledge IN 20 •IAUTIPUL YOLUMIS DICTIONARY FOR TOUN* for/ion in frtfy Ytlumt! Volume 4 NOW ON SALE 99c Instant Milk c^u 0 ." '^' 89c Dog Food ™ «N 6 £" 49c Choc. Pecans MACHS 4 Vf, 1 35c Choc. PeanutSi A .ACH NU s TS sv,o, 35c Asst. Cheese S% D D CL< " .o, 35c Red Potatoes 1 s i.... 10us49c Green Cabbage v. *. x°. I-M>. 3c Upside Down Cake """T? 69c Jelly Strip Rolls o'" 29c Waxfex Paper 2lc 100-Fooi Roll IVERYDAY LOW PRICI Northern Titiu* 37c •YfRYOAY LOW Northern Toweli 2 E 39c IVERYDAY LOW MICE Royal Lace Doiliti Pig. 2IC 1VERYDAY LOW PRICI

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