Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 30, 1935 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1935
Page 2
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M?*dNG, io, A: HERE'S WHY i .Several days ago The Herald raised the question why tier mail WPA allotment in Texas was lower than Stnef states. f t fa asked several persons in Plainview in official position to inquire of Texas Senators and the national ad- ftlihlstration jUst why this was so and what could be Bone to correct the injustice. Senator Morris Sheppard transmits a letter which he Deceived in reply to one he wrote after inquiries from Plainview liad reached him. His letter was to Harold Hopkins, WPA administrator. Mr. Hopkins sent the letter to Lawrence Wcstbmok, assistant administrator. Mi*. Westbrook writes Sneator Kheppanl, who in turn writes those who wrote him, who in their turn give the letters to The Herald, which started the inquiry in the second place and The Herald sent I hem on to the WTCC, which started the inquiry in the first place. Saj» Westbrook to Senator Sheppard: "Mr. Hopkins has re-quested that I reply to your letter * * * *. The average amount of money per man year available to Texas from the Works Progress Administration is, at present, somewhat, lower than originally because shortly after the inauguration of the program, a large Inumlber of meritorious projects such as the Buchanan IDam, running unusually high in man year cost, were approved. As a result, the average man year value of the remaining funds is lower than in the beginning of the program." And that's why—so they say.—Plainview Herald. f US NEW DEAL IN WASHINGTON ,By WILLIS THORNTON NEA Service Staff Correspondent • WASHINGTON.—With war headlines screaming ' at them every day, the peace societies aiv redoubling their efforts. >,. ;,^-»ii*i»i The campaig-n of the National Council for the Prevention of War to raise a million dollars to propagate ieace is only one of several. There is World Pcaceways, for instance, whose work is looking- up these perilous days. There are two interesting developments in the peace m.ovement. One is the way the churches are taking it up, particularly the evangelical denominations, which used to be so hot for prohibition. By Armistice Day the Methodist, Baptist, Congregational, and Christian churches will have completed a ihember-by-member canvass to determine the attitude of their members toward war under varying circumstances. The other development is the fact that the National Council for the Prevention of War is preparing to go direct to town in the coming congressional elections, organizing by precinct, ward, and district to defeat candidates who won't subscribe to their peace program, jhis is the old Anti-Saloon League technique right back again, and presents one more jitter for candidates for Congress. * * * * This "peace action" program is so reminiscent of the days when Wayne Wheeler had half of Congress jumping through his hoop that one wonders whether just 5Uch a forceful leader may arise in the interests of peace. The youthful Senator Holt is about to stump the country for peace, and arrangements are being made to stage demonstrations next spring just before the party conventions that can hardly fail to influence the party platforms that will be in the making then. * * * * Educating for peace is like all educating—discour- lagirig work at times. The Quaker Frederick J. Libby of fche NCPW ran smack into this one during a poll being •,aken at the Rochester State Fair recently. The question was "Shall the United States join the jeague of Nations on terms of the Pope resolution, vhich provides that we shall not be obliged to use irmed force to support the league?" The author of this )lan is, of course, Senator Pope of Idaho, currently in Europe and sounding off after each day's crisis. Two questionnaire-answerers had evidently never leard of the senator. One answered, "No, I won't vote. I oh't see any reason for bringing the Pope into this. The ther opined, "I think the Pope's judgment is very good." * * * * Newton D. Baker has lost neither his adroitness nor courtliness since retiring from public office. At a re- jent meeting here of a commission of the American Do'uncll on Education to study and make recommenda- iia on a better program for youth, Baker was ap- Jro'ached by reporters for a statement. He demurred, protesting, "If you want to talk to jdineone really distinguished, you'd better talk to Mrs. ^isher." He referred to Dorothy Canfield Fisher, author of 'The Bent Twig," "The Brimming Cup," and many )1;h'er novels, who is the latest literary light to turn to blic service'by asserting that she is willing to give all ier time to the work of this commission if necessary. AUSTIN, Sept. 27 (/TV-Ways and moans to provide additional space for rapid expansion in state departments and to house federal emergency agencies is receiving close attention in official quarters An appropriation of $200,000 to •implement prospective federal funds for a supreme courts memorial building has been suggested. Jovrrnor Allred and the Texns Bar association gave their support. A spocinl committee of the bar association has been working for months on the project. The building would house tile supremo court and its extensive library, the third court of civil ap- prnls and the attorney general's icpartment. Their removal from the capitol would release needed space other departments that are lammed with desks, employes and lies and crowded into corridors. The last legislature added ma- 1 .erlally to the state's law enforcement agencies but made no provision for housing. The new de- >artment of public safety, combining the highway patrol and the Texas Rangers, Is so badly crammed that efficiency of the organization s said by officials to be impaired. The chiefs of the bureau of identification and bureau of intelligence until recently shared one desk with the senior captain of the patrol. They worked at the desk In relays and none knew the probable length of occupancy. This situation lias been Improved to some extent by rearranging highway department offices to provide additional space. A similar condition exists In the secretary of state's office. Establishment of the securities division almost doubled the personnel but they were crowded into the same space. Likewise the assistants attorney general are jammed together. , The public safety department hopes to edge into the new courts building if it is constructed. The basement of the building could be made into an excellent headquarters for the department, an official said. The lack of space is credited with turning gray the heads of members of the board of control. They are constantly harassed by department heads and the cry of "more room" is almost continuously ringing in their ears. BARBS II Duce rages at league's peace offer of two African . It is possible the Geneva statesmen misinter- the phrase, "just desserts." writer locks himself upon his farm to write book- If it's poetry, we'd suggest he also post an lookout. y§J8jf widely shared belief among Italian people existence of a war chest. If-the one in question is of JJ Puce, it has been thrown out. .«ru.elty" is basis of Wprceste_r, Mass., di- the bride should be given a cook^ ( Jraq pll," Another remecly would be CAPITOL CHATTER BY CHARLES E. SllVtONS Shadow .Star HOBIZONTAIj 1, 6 Who Is the girl In the picture? 10 Dregs. 11 Fetid. 12 meals. 13 Mjnclc| Harmonious. 15 Empty. 16 To daub. 17 Due to motion 23 Workman. 29 Summoned forth. 31 To linve origin. 32 Dating . instrument. 33 To plant. .35 Nasal openings. 36 To beivitcli. 37 Silk-cotton. 41 Snaky fish. 42 Biblical word. 47 Last word of a prayer. 48 Old •womanish. Answer to Previous Puzzle 50 To split. 51 Passport Indorsement 52 To sharpen as a rnzor. • 53 Crystal gazer. 54 She is a topnotch . 55 Her best, work wns done in VRBTICAlj 2 Enthusiasm.. 3 Tissue. 4 Termination signifying ten. 5 Existence. 0 Periods. 7 Astringent. 8 Climbing plnnt. fl Thought. 12 She specializes in characters. 14 Bees. 18 Bugle plant. 19 Negative. 20 To piece oat. 21 Sandpiper. 22 Structural unit. 24 Road. 25 Wigwams. 26 God 'of war. 27 Male courtesy title. 28 Hall! 30A joint heir.' 33 Perfumes. 34 To waddle. 37 Species of pepper. 38 Pertaining uirilne. 39 Nuisance. 40 Heavy blow. 43 Formerly. 44 Stead! 45 To affirm. 46 At this place. 48 Onager. 49 Covering for roof point. to \ Table 'I Reservations 51.00 Now Pla-Mor Mack Rogers •Mid his Gunter Hotel,, Orchestra ^ WEDNESDAY W October 9 ^** S1.CS Adm. Inc. Tax — FOR RESULTS READ THE WANT ADS DAILY — RAM PA DAILY NEWS except Saturday, and Sunday morning by t>kmp& Dalit NEWS, toe i 322 west PosteJ, Pampft, Texas. „,.,.;..,. ft. KOTTO, Qen. Mgr.; PHIIJP B. PCOXO, B\ndhe& Mgr.; OlJN 8. HlNKlJS, Biftiagln* fcditel MEMBER OF THE-ASSOCIATED PRESS.—FUII teased wire. The AwoctttM Pt&» U tteftttttty e»- titfed tt> Khfr.ilsS fee jSlibllcatidh^ all <mm dispatches Credited to of not otherwise credited la ttOt newspaper aAd al«6 the localne*s pufrllshted hetieitt. All rights for rt-publicatloB of ipfefciii dtt^ patdlttg Hereto aistf r are -resefted. t ;•.« j • ., . Entered AS sefiond-elasa mattet Marcn 11, ifcft, ti tht tSWrtofflc* at Pampa, Texas, under th» &et «t Mar'ch I, 1879. SUBSCRIPTION BATES OF Tiffe PAMPA DAtLf NEWS: By Carrier in PampH ....teal Biz Months (3.00 Orie Month | .60 One WMsk ........til By Mall In Gray mid Adjoining; Codntlfcs ....16.00 BIX MbtttHs 12.75 TWeS MffiilHs $120 Dfi8 MflUtB ......f "M By Mall Outside GrajrAnd Adjoining Counties • t» ....V7.M Blx Months $3.76 Three Months 12.10 One Month ....... .ft On* cms Y«i One fear NOT1OE—It la not the intention of this newspaper to cast reflection upon the character of anyon* kbowlngly ana If, through error It should, tile management *1U appreciate having attention called to same, and will gladly and fully correct any erroneous statement made. OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS / ITS ALL YOUR FAULT'. 1 VOU SIDED IN WITH HIM WH&W HE WANTED TO QUIT SCHOOL' ASJD Go TO VWORKl AT FOURTEEN, NAIMD YOU! A BABY, YET! NOW, LOOK AT HIM -A WEAKENED HTTLE.OLD MAW.,HE HASMT GROWN AW (WCH SINCE! LOOK AT -tH' HAM OW HIS BACK, TH' HOLLOVW CHEST, AMD THESE HANDS -RUIMED- B-HOO H-H- WHY, EUEK1 H\S KNEES ARE GET TING SAGGY LOOKIN'-! AMD HE WALKS LIKE HE'S EyPECTIN!' A KICK IMTH' PANTS, AN; YOU KEEP OUT OF THt-3, YOUNG- LADY! YOUR MOTHER WILL THINK OF ENOUGH TO RUINTH 1 SUPPER, '^•l r, I) I) (I VjS 1935 BY ME* SERVICE. INC, BORW THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOM.'.VJ IUUI fl|M e, <\-tO T. M. REO. U. a. PAT. OFF. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES & A. O VOOKiCb \Y<b /\ TO TV\£M A 6AV. T OAKiG, OTV I'O VM2.T OF \T AYA. , \e TWEAR Human Nature WOW ArNtRfe /tVvAH? . T V\rX\ '•& A ,OT SOVA^. eoQT '. A ,WE VOPVb COCWOO By MARTIN OUT "EXACTLY <3\6H TV\ TV\' BE/AVVTr\'T\V\'E,V\\e A AL\\it ,1 A 60VO . BACW VA\5O — \F it's ! MO-bT OF O'b AVT AW OY.O OSE © 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Shock Is Too Great By BLOSSEHI POLICE DEPARTMENT.... HURRY! THERE'S A STRANGE CREATURE IN MY SON'S WORKSHOP..,, I WOULDN'T EVEN TRY TO DESCRIBE HIM... BUT, HURRY OVER ^ CALLIWG CAR 6C... ^ CAR 61 ! INVEST/GATE A STRAWGE PROWLER AT I2i ROCKLEDGE ^ DRIVE.'.' ^ ^ A IA v^\ ^ >v ^ MAYBE WE'D BETTER SEND THE RIOT SGJUAD...THAT LADY WAS FRIGHTENED HALF TO DEATH / MOM, I HEARD THE POLICE CALLS ON MY RADIO /AND ONE OF 'EM WAS DIRECTED ID OUR HOUSE / WHERE IS THIS GUY? OH, GOSH, MOM ....IF YOU'VE ONLY FAIMTED, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE TELL ME .'// THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Going Down By COWAN f TMOT LOAFER,TRYING TO < ; GET AWAY WITH MY 1UOOSAND COLLARS, INSTEAD OF PUTTING IT IN TUE BANK I ALLEY OOP Just a Cotipla Bums NOPE.' AINT SEEN NOR WDE OF UICA ALU DAY, WAVE YDU SEEN . ^ ANYTWWO. OF TtlAT NO-GOOD OOOLA-HAVE YOU \ /WEUL-HE'S ALL RIGHT, HEARD THE NEWS?/ •/ SO fvM2-OWLY,A PLYING- WWG Gu?zLe XTHEV XlfzACpS GOT HIM - AMD DINNY / DID? WELL, \ BUT TH' BOVS ARE UUSTGOT rf WHAT ABOUT ] GONMA SAVE BACK, ALL < \^ ALLeyOOP?/^, HIM - ffi C'MOM, OOOLA-WE'RE ONE ^~x &OIM&OVERTO OF THOSE ) TELL QUEEM AWFUL ZUMPATEEPLE FLYIM& ^\ THE NEWS CEpTILES? OOOH/ OH, QUEEN -HE'S RIDIM& WQTTER YOU SMIFFLIK) DJNNY AFTe,l?\5URPgr5ED?;OF COURSl ^ ------ ABOUT, OOOLA? THE MOT/. I KMB/V FOR YOU.' KING THAT'S GOT SAME APPLfES TTHAT NO-GOOD ALLEY OOF- FRIEND QF YQURS HE'LL BE kICW 1 'ROUNP Y'CANTKILLAN OLJ HIM/HE WAS MANY A RAY/ 1

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