Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on December 10, 1967 · Page 6
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 6

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 10, 1967
Page 6
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Rockefeller Says He's Standing Pat as- .JACK SELL AP Political Affairs Writer PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) Confessing he Is being pressed harder than ever before, Gov. Nelson A, Rockefeller says lie hasn't opened the door even a crack- wider" to a possible draft for the Republican presidential nomination. Rockefeller laughed off, in an too ePrly. Gov. John H. Chafee of Rhode Island, incoming chairman of 1 the GOP conference, said thai if developments should bring Rockefeller inlo the picture h* does not think that convention delegates would reject the Nel» Yorker despite the fact that I majority of them are likely W be conservative. Interview, a suggestion by Ore-' Chafec. a supporter of Gov. gon Gov. Tom McCall at the, George Romney of Michigan, GO! 3 governors conference here> said he thinks the New Hamp- that a national committee be shire and Wisconsin primaries might "break"' a losing candidate but would hot necessarilv Almanac Has New Lists This Year a formed to circulate petitions Urging the New York governor lo get into the nomination race. I give the winner an inside track McCall guessed that 15 million toward Ihe nomination. Signatures could be assembled. Chafec torpedoed a short-lived "Are they ail going to be dele- revolt against his taking over .JOINS lett ti of 2811 Coventry Circle left Monday for service to the United States Navy, Me wetil to Dallas for swearing-in tcfe- mony and will proceed to San Diego for hoot training. DALLAS — Nev? information on recreational and historical attractions, election returns by counties, U. S. Census data on agriculture, population estimates and many other features are found in the !9fi8-'69 edition of the Texas Almanac, just published by the Dallas Morning News. Published since 1857 and called "The Encyclopedia of Texas, the Texas Almanac is widely used in schools, libraries, business and professional offices and home libraries. Newspapers, county farm agents, chambers of commerce, trade assocU aliohs and many other Texas' individuals and organizations contributed Information for the gates to the nominating convert tion?" Rockefeller asked. Told thai obviously they would nol be. the governor replied; the conference chairmanship by assuring Ihe governors in a closed session that he would never use his position as chair"That's it. Now you've got it. I man to advance Romney or any That's What counts. 1 ' Rockefeller, who is expected to be designated a favorite son by the New York delegation, appointment of Gov. Ravmond,. . ,. . . , . . ... conceded he is being pressed i P. Shafer of Pennsylvania^ co-1 In ?, sl fj|j edr lo de f eraillie thcir harder at this meeting than i chairman with Senate Minority suitability for various uses ac- other candidate. In a cloed session, the gover* nors voted to recommend the Counfy Soil Under Study for Mapping Soils of Brown County are be- , identified by such characterist ever before on his noncondidate stand. McCall, who claims thai al least 15 GOP governors would be happy to have Rockefeller Leader Everetl M. Dirksen of Illinois of the 1968 convention platform committee. Dirksen. who opposes sharing the top job, told a news confer- head the 1068 parly ticket, said cnce he welcomes aid from the subsequently he will not push his proposal. Informed thai a statement he made at a Friday news conference was being interpreted in some quarters as a softening of his stand againsl a possible ty. If the parly presents you so. "I have not changed my position one iota," he said. In response to a queslion al the news conference of whether governors in drafting platform planks. He indicated he would be willing lo name some of them to head subcommittees. National Party Chairman Ray Bliss must decide the issue of whether Dirksen goes il alone or has a governor silting al his side. . series of hearings in all sections quesaqn. j naven i lacea u ue- sajd they probab , y wi]J bc ar _ cause I don't think it is a reali- In a closed session, the gover- with that fact, and I don't think It will, then you have to face it." While McCall said he thinks Rockefeller "is moving a lillle" toward a possible candidacy, Gov. Spiro T. Agnew of Maryland counseled others who wanl the New Yorker for a candidate against forming any draft or- ranged for February. HIS IDEA The idea of such an organization as the Red Cross occurred to Henri Dunant, a young Swiss, who saw the suffering of the wounded following Ihe clash of Austrian, Italian and French troops at Solferino on June 55, 1859. Four years later, the idea ganization. Agnew said it was (became a reality. WOOLWORTH'S Brilliant font pout ALUMINUM 4-FT.TBEE Lacy fringed aluminum branches with a pompon at each tip. Sturdy stajjd. 7-ft, aluminum tree, . . .12.95 Tit ink I?* »r ff/o«\ 50-U6HT MINI SETS 3 Smartest holiday lights on the Christmas scene, Push*' in lamps, Replacements cording to Marvin Daniel of the Soil Conservation Service. Maps showing the location of the many different kinds os soil are now being made by soil specialists of Ihe Soil Conservation Service. These soil maps are a basic tool for selecting a system of land use. The maps show the kinds of soil in each field, farm and industrial area. Soil maps are the basis with which Soil Conservation Service technicians help landowners develop a conservative plan. The maps show the caoahilities of the soil and their need for protection and improvement. Predictions can be made aboul how a soil can be made to produce under various systems of management. Predictions can also be made about the effect of different soils on building foundations, roads, pipelines, septic tanks and dams. "There are over 70,nf)0 different kinds of soil in the United States. Some are shallow, some deep, some hard and others friable. Some are suited to grow crops and grasses, others are not. Some soils can safely support a housing development or an.-airport .and others cannot. i-Somc are best suited for recreational enterprises," Daniel said. Soils are classified and named, jusl as plants and animals are named. Plants are identified by such characteristics, as the structure of the flower and shape of (he leaf. Soils are ics as depth, kinds and number of layers, lexture, color, minerals present and parent material. Most of the characteristics needed to classify soils can be determined in the field. In making the soil map, the soil scentist goes over Ihe land and digs with a spade or auger as oflcn as necessary to locale the different kinds os soil. The degree of slope and amount of erosion is also noted. All Ihis information is plotted on an aerial photograph. It is a general opinion that a soil survey consists of collecting soil samples for laboratory analysis, but such is not the case. To find how much and what kind of fertilizer is needed, a soil sample should be senl lo a laboratory for a chemical analysis. When the field mapping is completed, a report will be pub- ished by the Soil Conservation Service in cooperalion with Texas Agriculture Experiment Station. Postmaster Urges Early Yule Mail Postmaster J. H. Cbilds had a timely message for area citizens Saturday regarding Christmas mail, "If you haven't mailed your gifts and greetings yet, please do it now." The postmaster noted that the ancient historian Herodotus, wrote of the early post runners, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." That was before ice storms could freeze railroad switches, ground planes and make highway travel treacherous, he said. During winter severe weather conditions can be the deciding factor in mail delivery. That, coupled with heavy Christmas mail volumes, highlights the fact that early mailing of holiday cards and parcels is most important, Postmaster Chjlds repeated tiis please for early December mailing and the use of zip cod,e on all mail. Tower Sees End of War DALLAS (AP) - Sen. John Tower, R-Tex., said Friday the war in Vietnam might be selllec before the 1968 presidential election. Tower said unrelenting military pressure can help bring about the war's diminishment. He has just returned from his fourth visit to the Southeast Asia battlefields. "I mean hitting more targets in North Vietnam and stepping up ground action in South Viet- am," he said. Tower said Republican chances would not be hurt if the war is settled before the election. The senator said major issues would be civil disobedience and disturbances and a distrust of foreign policies. Asked if he might be a candidate for the governor's race, Tower said "On that subject I'm going to be like a famous baseball player. I'm just going to hang loose." Nixon Seeks Initiatives NEW YORK CAP) - Former Vice President Richard M, Nix. on urges new Initiatives in the war against racial injustice and says the struggle is more important than the ^yar in Vietnam. "The war in Asia is a limited one with limited means sod limited goals, The war at home is a war fgr survival of a free socje* ty," he says. Nixon, an unannounced candidate for, the 1968 Republican presidential nomination, told a dinner meeting of the National Association of Manufacturers Friday night, "the ultimate testing place pf America is America »W, tt "if w« art divided, if we de« fault on tl)g promises we nave t» fturgejygs, the founds whteh we are attempting to WML* fetter Muff* m - edition. , New and expanded features) listed by Walter B. Moore, editor, in this edition include: A history of the Texas High-, way Department which is observing its 50lh anniversary. Descriptions of the principal birds of Texas, prepared by the , Audubon Society of Dallas. i | Expanded descriptions of, ' Texas Slate Parks and major museums. New districts for Texas senators and representatives are listed and shown on maps, i Lists include stale, municipal , and county officials, state boards and commissions, statewide civic and business organizations i and many others. ' A calendar - with phases of ' the moon, and chapters on , weather, geology, plant, and ani- j mal life, minerals, banking and ' commerce, service industries Wildest Striki May Ind Sunday ARLINGTON. Te* ( APl-Thc president of striking Local 276 of the United Automobile Workers Union says negotiations with General Motors "look real good now." He predicted the wildcat walkout may end Monday. Willie Adkins said he thinks 'ihal by Monday we'll have our people back to work. . . Things look real good now. We'll know by Saturday afternoon," Adkins said Friday. The walkout involves about 3,400 men. The company said (lie strike was over "20 discipline cases which were approximately one year old and involved only four employes.'* and many other topics are found in the 704 pages of the 1968^69 edition. Moore said that the descriptions and economic information on ail 254 counties are among the most popular iealures of the publication and expressed appreciation to the thousands of Texans who participated in compiling of the information. Heart 'Refaction' Signs Are Found CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Routine tests on Louis Washkansky have shown '-some signs which may be interpreted as rejection" of the heart he received in an historic transplant operation, a doctor at Groote Schuur Hospital said Saturday. At this stage it is no more than a suspicion and further tests are being carried out. said Dr. T. O'Donovan, a member of the transplant team of doctors led by Prof. Christian Barnafd. Barnard has decided to intensify the Ireatment to counter the natural tendency of the body to reject the lieart because it is a foreign tissue, he said. Doctors had warned this weekend would be a crucial tiinc in the struggle against the rejection. Earlier Barnard said that Washkansky could survive a slight rejection. Drugs are being used to lessen the body's tendency to reject. but there is a limit lo which these can be used because they lower (he body's natural resistance lo disease. Donovan said that clinically Washkansky is in excellent co- dittoti. The patient was given another cobalt treatment today to further combat the possibility of rejection. It involved his second trip out of his sterile room since his badly fibrosed heart was replaced Sunday wMh that of a 25- year-old woman who was killed iti an auto accident. Barnard said Friday that although it would be difficult to estimate when Washkansky could be out of danger, he thought the over-all crucial period might last three months. If improvement continued, however, Barnard said the patient might be discharged from the hospital In about three Weeks. 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