The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 11, 1961 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1961
Page 2
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THE US A *OST>O*T »»«! County, Tern, Wed., January 11. 1961 Mr. nnd Mrs. Glenn Morris nit j , choir directors for the about 10; XrflTflflJl members. Morris directs eenernl) *»•«**»• •*• choir vvoik and conprega'ionii -i • • . |*|_ *,I. music, nnd Mrs. Morris has chars i 'PfiCT NcXT W6eK of special choir mu«ic. Brazoria Choir To Hold Social Choir members and their HUP lm , llullle „, ule ^ „,,„ „,„. binds nnd wives will hear .1 Inp? i Herman Coe will be the setting partment will meet on Thursd'iv, recording of the Christmas c tin-! for a Brazoria First BnptistjJan. 19. to elect otficers tor the fata during the evening, nnd re- i Clnirch choir social on Friday j coming year, trtshments will be served. i night, starting at 7:30 p.m. I A chief, two assistant chiefs itnl The home of Hie Rev. and Mrs. The Brazorin Volunteer Fire Du- | a secretary will be elert<-d by • >>palar . vole from nominaiiivis jmnde at the meeting. Hoidiag the posts nt present are E. E. Phillips, chief; Donald Ray Voll- haum and J. J. Splller, assistant chiefs; and Charles Stedmw, secretary. There are about 30 members In the organization and meothiKs ore held in the Brazorin Fire rfnrh. CONTINUING OUR BIG WINTER CLEARANCE CALL IT "DISCOUNT" — CALL IT "SALE" — CALL IT "CLEARANCE They are just words, choose the one that yo u like best. But it is the SAVINGS to you, and the QUALITY that you desire that really c ounts. We hope to sell you our regular merchandise of proven quality and satisfaction, a t a SAVINGS to you. We will not sell you something for nothing or a nothing for some thing. We hope that you will come to our SALE _and be satisfied wit the "good buys" you m ade as you have been in past years. 20% to 60% OFF On CLOTHING For Boys and Girl*. 20% to 50% OFF on LADIES SKIRTS, DRESSES, MATERNITIES ETC. District Governor Tells Pretoria Lions Of Travel The Brniorla Lions Club mnt Monday night for a program nre. sented by a Lions counselor,- Frank Cripliver of Rosenberg. Also present were Uom his observations on talks \vit). people he met during his trip*. Another guest of the mc?tiii» was Dr. Charles Kclso who to the Club at a Dorpmber me^t- District Governor Paul H. r,c. ing. Rcnde of Needvllle nnd five guosts Brnzoria Lions Secret a • y from tlie Bay City Lions Club, Robert Bealrd says plans nrr Cripliver presented a program | underway to Invite the Swonv on his travels In "•- ••->•--' - — •.-States and Canada, OBSERVATIONS: Prospects Once Good For Federal Building ,. - .r... . I ------ ...... - . ....... ••- - ..... •••• arpre »l?m= 1* ? C J Co ' umbt ? Uon " ^'»«;Freeport wns By H. KA8COM SIMPSON jcd and leased to the government | A larpre federal buildim* f« ' or " period of 10 years with along Brazoria Baptist Study Completed at a future (Into ns sidered n part of the Lions Intcrclub vis' I several sites at INTERESTING ECHOEfl An nnnoiincemcnt (hat cla!nv»d one time" om-'two five-year options, snld post-! considerable attention wfls mmia master Robert M., 1 '*' ! he Frwnort Sulphur Company The compnny set tside 'In Kta-p^-^rtTLK.;^^ m^i'a^S: i^T^^^^^I-W" to^idTZu^ nnva nli>Aiirlt> i?!0<infl »>4tl* ..!.». ... . ... * '"-KMOU Tnwn trnm ur n a i* a HA ^.ntvin *A I _t . .... ... .. . . , - -- , , nun wciu iiiiMiiiuneu iiiKI nisruaa- n j^ i. • :'—'— *" **"• '" "'"" * have already visited with ine. ^ by local citizens One of the lev! wn ' *""" w h e r * he rnin8 ° ' ptoyment for Its employees In West Columbia Club as pn,-t of,cations fnvornhly mentioned w:is| lhls ftrca ' tll<1 government tnvnil,service nfter the war. E. the then vacant section of »he property on West the prowam. .u Gt S rBe J 5 "*!^ iS P rcs1dcnt ^iTm-pon Inn Brazorir st Bnptist Church ; the Brazorla Lions Club nnd pro-; second and Cherry Streets. members -leted a five-night ^^^^ ^ ,^ ?^ B *; . Anotlier probable location study of "The Book of First M. the second forth was the south end of the with good; attendance at each of the sessions. The church study course Was Under direction of M. B. Barrow, Sunday School superintendent, who was assisted byj others in teaching the course which began the previous Monday night., Other teachers were Mrs. Ima' Barrow, Mrs. C. C. Reed, Mrs. D. N. Roberts, Mrs. F. F. Foster, P. Rutledge, Mrs. H. C. rest the Methodist Church Hall. the post office buildings In must Henderson, former supervisor o( every county seat and In some ot the larger cities. Miss Annette Oreer, Lake .Inch son postmaster, said the #im« plan was used In Retting the ouiM- Brazoria Notes Freeport City Pnrk, but wime p 1 "" was used In Retting the twill- J" ns '" "iier service, objections were raised to this, ;x?-l' n K there. The Masonic Lodge of appreciated hy Ihem, cause it would take away a pnrt' I ' n ' {e Jnckson owns the building j Uons following tht wn personal relations, recalls th» action. It wns R good mwp fir men who had to abandon J Jobs to enter service, and lj* but war were"*! were ready to J. P. Rutledge, Mrs. H. C. rest after *** Flowers and Mrs. C. F. Aben-|Year holidays were a drothSr. Stretch Your Budget With These Thrifty Foods From BRAZORIA LUCKY SEVEN FOOD MARKET BRAZORIA, TEXAS THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATIJflDAT. JANUARY 12-13-14. -¥- -¥- WASHDAY DETERGENT Breeie Giant Size HUNT'S - Sliced or Halves ^ Peaches A—. $100 No. 2i Cans I ROBIN HOOD WHITE FLOUR Camellia, Mellorine gal. ctn. 49c Priority Chunk Tuna Libby's Vienna Sausage Libby's Fruit Cocktail No. 303 cans Rosedale Bartlett Pears No. 303 cam Hunt'i Tomatoea No. 300 cans Hunt's Tomcto Catsup 14 02. Hunt's Tomato Sauce 3 at. Lite Fluff Biscuits Cans Baora Peach Preserve* U oz. Alma Green Be&ni No. 303 can Dncls Williams Pork 'n Beans Spred King Margarine 1 Ib. Le Grande Cut Green Beana No. 303 Libby's Cut Beet* No. 303 cans BAYER ASPIBIN 1 0 0 ct. bottle 49c HELENE CUETIS-59c Size with Free Applicator CEEME BINSE „ „.. 45,. LEAK MEATY, MEDIUM SPARE RIBS LB. Carnation FRUIT PUNCH ONE HALF 25 FRESH MEDIUM 2% to 3 Ib. average CHICKEN HENS u 29 FROZEN FOCD3 CHEF'S FROZEN WAFFLES pkg. of 6 10 LIBBY'S FROZEN FRENCH FRIES GUT OKRA SPINACH CUT CORN iOUtt CHOICE: FKESH NORTHERN PORK STEAKS Ib. 49c SAMUFL'S MOHAWK ST JCBD PICNICS Ib. 39c ICCKY 7 SLICED BACON Ib. 55o LUCKY 7-TinCK SLICED BACON 2 Ib. pkg. $1.09 FRESH NORTHERN-FIRST CUT PORK CHOPS Ib. 49c LUCKY 7 FARM BEST FRYERS cut up Ib. 39c LUCKY 7 FARM BEST THIGHS & LEGS Ib. 49c LUCKY 7 FARM BEST FRYER BREAST Ib. 59c for CALIFORNIA. LONG WHITE POTATOES 10 TEXAS SWEET ORANGES 5 Ib, bag 29c TRAPPEY'S MEXI-PEP 3 02. bottles 2 for 25c AUNT JEMIMA PANCAKE MIX 2 Ib. bag 37c DENTLER MAID SALAD DRESSING pint 29c FISHER MIXED NUTS w M . can 77c PINE-0-PINE pint bot. 53c PII.LSBURY CAKE MIXES 19 oz. pkga 2 for 69c Pillsbury CAKE FROSTING caramel choo. fndse 31n American Beauty EGG NOODLES ........ 10 o*. pkg. 23c Wishbone SALAD DRESSING ...... 8 oz. bot. 2 for 69o Wishbone FRENCH DRESSING ............ 8 oz. bot. 31c Diamond Luncheon NAPKINS ............ 80 ct. 2 for 25c MORTON SALT ........... plain or iodized 26 oz. 2 for 25o Scotties FACIAL TISSUES .......... . ...... 20 ct. 2 for 29c Hoftweave 4dUUUiUUUUIiUlUlU^ rolls 27o u of the park. Interest In the project Increased until In 1943 Congressman J. J. Mansfield Introduced a bill m th« House of Representatives, providing for $250,000 for the purpose of erecting a federal building m Frecport. Most of Brazori.Vs residents' It looked like the town was golns down Jor " :ln «« °* buildin 8 tor » w" 11 "". but It turned out to be en tnao- . propriate time for launching wich a project. World War H was still land leases to the government. "* severe as they might In Angleton a new building ins (been. Many of them resumed been erected according to plain of the government which lewoi It from the owner. In Braznrla u similar new building Is planned. Flaniken said thflt the post oftk-c Udlngs at Rosenberg, Texas City, Bay City, and at Galve.iun and Houston are owned by the government. thing the past, but the Jack home has oeen full of visitors. \ needs arising from the war, this J. L. Eason, son of Mr. and proposal was postponed and final|Mrs. Jack Eason, recently ar- i rived home from Mayport, Fla., where he is stationed with the |Navy aboard the Aircraft Carrier j Shangri-La. ly dropped. Funds for It wew never appropriated. The building was to have been used for a post office, and fur offices of branches of the go<rern- He has just reenlisted for an-|ment, including that for th« cua- i other six years of Navy duty, and toms collector. will be visiting his parents until about Jan. 20. Other visitors during the nnst for the !two weeks were the other Eason | children. They included Mr. and POLICY CHANGED It is not the general policy now government to put ap buildings, especla«y in small cities. In the past Mrs. J. J. Zak ana children of j of these were built through a pr> Laredo, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mar• ley and son of Houston, and Mrs. i Winnie Hodges, all of Houston. Other recent visitors to the Ea- gram of the U. S. General Services Administration. But now, according to postmaster Tex R. Flaniken, It seems i son home were Mrs. Peter Homes that the government finds it more 'and daughter, Artie Ann, Mrs. i economical for the government I Carolyn Connen and Mrs. Mirny Strlbllng, all of Galveston. government to approve a site, obtain an option for its purchase at a certain Mr. and Mrs. Felix Giesie a«id price, furnish plans and gpedti- daughter spent Saturday in La- j cations for the building, and then Salle, visiting Glesie's sister iu i call for a lease bid for the building to be erected by the success- John Hallmark, now working in Houston, was a weekend visitor in Brazorla where his wife <iiid new baby and parents, Mr. ind jMrs. J. S. Hallmark, reside. ful bidder on the ground he would buy at the price for whicn a government representative nad made arrangements. Clute post office was thus emct- Inr employment with the compan, on returning from service. -.Some found other jobs without difficulty. A 11-miln four-Inch double p'pi>- line was laid from Carbide & Carbon plant at Texas City m 1943 to Brnzosport ( 0 convey .etny- (Continued On Page S) TUNA FRITTERS Approximate C»tt—We 1 cap nnftoked Adolphtu Rice 1 can tuna 2 tbs. flour Cook thi Adolphus Rice following the easy directions on the package. Remove from heat. Add tuna, egg yolks, flour, milk, ult MMn n- h Srrvfs 4—8 Vi enp milk t tits, wparated ult and pepper to tMtC and pepper. Mix well. Beat || egg whites until Btiff and I fold into mixture. Drop by I tablespoons Into hot fat * (355 degree) and fry until I brown. WATCH THIS SPACE FOft ADOIPHUS' UNUSUAL MENU MAKERS U BROWN NNUAL IMPORTANT SAVINGS ON Glamour Debs Regularly priced $6.99 to $8.99 NOW ONLY and SHOES PRICES I BUY NOW AND SAVE! 54.99 and 55.99 REGULARLY PRICED $5.99 to $8.99 Now Through January 16 Mother, here's your chance to make the boy of the taoton in children's shoes. Famous Butter Brown*... shoes that fit, really fit... at wonderful savings. Come early for best selections, a* wanted patterns in DEPARTMENT 207 E. PARK BE 3-1622 FBEEPORT

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