Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 16, 1969 · Page 2
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 2

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1969
Page 2
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lULtthM V/td., July 15, DfATHS- * * * * and FUNERALS T. t. Keewy, 7S • Mitt June Smith, £i Apollo cftfl, FROM PASS i> Mffl&LS &e icd hu ttt^fttttlttt gift t.. r*»6f3f for f -' JS. *i*J be *f 4-»;s$. si Stgveft* Faner-: b* Bssge wffls Her, Gtrrte Be* of Hamlm Baptist Greetileal C«nseterv. Oasfcls, aBkiatft£. Burial will - - be ift Couetf&ft City Cemetery, Be diaJ «t $:£5 p.m. Monday fe Overall-Morris HosptUL Be twra tfec. 22, J«53, In Bell sill foartd the ISMoot ifts Saturn its pbfctt* call Hid f flfld of Arr>eficari3 owfltfy." 5 II saccseds, a ftext " afternoon will detadi a fiddly- Vietnam Fighting Continues to Lu fUCBAJU) HtS aofitti Of bsrt forts of Gxtitt? .^no» 19%. H-e 1 veteran, are his wife, <>{ Sants Anna cme daaghter, Mr?. H. B. Docfccry of Brwrr*o0d: three wtis, James and Leroy. IxXh of SanSd Anna, and Richard of Oihefto. Wash : three brothers, Doc, D#i and Zack, all of Cole-man; oag «&ter, Mrs Lela Campbell of Padacah; 12 grandchildren and zbt great- graftdchJidren. Mrs, James Miller, 77 SAN SABA fBBCj —Graveside rile* for Mrs. James B Wilier, 77, of Pampa were held at 2 p.m. today at City Cemetery here. She was a former San Saba resident before moving to Amarillo. Funeral was held Tuesday in Pampa with Carmlchael-What- ley Funeral Home in charge. She was born Sept. 9, 1231 in Sipe Springs. She had been living fn Pamps since February- She v/as a Baptist. Survivors are her husband; a daughter, Mrs. John Hansard of Pampa; a son, James of Florissant, Mo.; a sister, Mrs. Bill Lane of Angleton; a brother, E. C, Rye of Amarillo; lour grandchildren and one great- grandchild. In Oslernan Tyeswiay in a Rev. James R. Aaroc to officiate ?nib Wright's al Home in charge of arrange ifeeftl*. MJM Smith died at 6:SI p.rn e atid rtfij an hospilaf* foS- F unearthly how the scrub and the rooonport ie morater screamed on iU for 19 .second.* a; a «y to a Win- all er lowing a long illness. Bom April 10. 1914 at cbefi. she was 9 lifetime County resident. A member of St. Mary's Catholic Church, she. p j anp - tafc&tawfi in the of Traskjaffiity. leaving O/MifiS to orbit over- Arms sur- . «efieKJ S today as r ! « « G. from war. At 2 21 ; strong is to s oftt<) and ana -, will walk on swtl that is not of It wiij be an imprint ?rs include her p- Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Smith of Brownwood; four sisters. Mr*, H. G, Reese and Mrs. Belie Gober, both of Brown- worjd, Mrs, Jack Muir of Lake sensed ail was right, it corn- restrafning arms to flip back U> release the pulsating giant. fuel at the rate of 15 will foflow mir.utes later, and {wo men will plant an American flag that hopefully wiij remain there forever. But they will not claim the for the United States. to si^«ss (he sl<wdo«7i in the carne lo Saiswn for "at U.S fiekl locations, a cornihand spokesman U.S. commander in chief in the nfic. arrived shortly before . and t'.S. CoSftrnand said the ambushed Tuesday wa£ & Mies noftft of Saigon whefi S'orih Vietnamese troops opened fire from both sides of the road, Ttie truck* faced through the rocket grenade afid rifle fire and reached their destination, although some vehicles damaged, U.S. sources The U.S Command reported 26 enemy shelling! during lhe night and an ambosh of an American truck convoy north of American Artnored troops guarding the convoy and helicopter gunships attacked the enemy positions, but a ground sweep afterward yeilded only one enemy body. U.S. troops searched the northern scopes of Black Virgin Mountain near lay N'inh City into the heavens. Its millions of brothers. W. S. of Seattle. Wash. Weltori J of Abilene and Wendell of Houston: and a number of niece* and nephews. White House Services Set acted flawlessly and all three stages fired with precison to boost Apollo 11 lo its first orbital plateau. Among the thousands who watched today's launch at the scene were the Rev. Ralph Abenathy, president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, leading a group of poor people who would rather see space funds used to fight poverty. The group was camped outside the gates of the space- (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) landing module to the lunar surface. cr« Assn. According to her mother, the new queen was interviewed Tuesday afternoon and modeled formal wear and street clothing Tuesday night. .. The five top ewmtatants were C/7//CJ IS then asked questions at random ... . .. before the final decision was After POO/ Fall reached. I The award winning pecan exhibits will be moved to the Wonderland Shopping Center here with Miss Furry will act WASHINGTON 'AP) - President Nixon plans special rcSi- gioug services at the White House Sunday, with Astronaut President Nbeon phoned the Col. Frank Borrnan particlpat- spacemen from the White House ing in the worship as Apollo 11 on the eve of their launching prepares for the moon landing, and told them: "You carry with Members of Congress, dipio- you a feeling of good will in this mate and government officials greatest adventure man has have been invited to the 11 a.m. ever undertaken ... I want you EOT services jn the East Room, to know that my hopes and my where a Quaker minister will prayers—and those of all Amer- deliver the sermon and two Baptist members of Congress ^ ^ will participate. * The three astronauts of Apollo 11 will be preparing for the Sunday afternoon descent of the the moon as ambassadors for all of Earth. They bear with them small flags of 136 nations, including Russia, which will return with them. They will leave on the moon messages from the of 73 nations. left behind will be a plaque with these words: "Here men from the Planet Earth "First set foot upon the moon "July \m A.D. "We came in peace for mankind." the sheliings. and one was killed and six were wounded in the ambush, a spokesman said. The command also reported the loss of an OHS observation helicopter, downed by enemy near Phuc of caves and empty bunkers." a military source said. Enemy soldiers who had been holed up in the mountain "may have all .Apollo 11 Might Be Seen Tonight Apollo 11 should be visible to Moon Feat No Bother To Soviets MOSCOW (AP) - Hubert H. dreds of Russians he has talked to in the past week show no sense of having lost a moon race to the Americans. "In fact," Humphrey said the Apo!!o 11 moon mission "may contribute to the understanding of the need for international was crash, were Injured. The report raised the announced total of helicopters lost in the war to 2.851. American spokesmen clamped a tight lid on information concerning the visits of Wheeler and McCain. They were expected to meet with Gen. Creighton W. Abrams, commander of American forces in V—inam, soon after their arrival to begin assessing the current battlefield situation and progress in turning greater responsibility for the war over to the South Vietnamese. The chief topic of the talks was believed to be whether U.S. forces should reduce offensive operations because of the lull and what risks this would entail. the source said. "There are still plenty of hiding pi loaded wi bunkers." U.S. fighter-bombers artillery and B52s pounded the northern slopes of the mountain last week and again Monday after intelli- gene reports indicated that the offensive against Tay Ninh City. The South Vietnamese government claimed today that a record 85.6 per cent of the country's population now lives in areas under its control. The government's June report on the pacification program said the population controlled by the Viet Cong had shrunk to 6.9 per cent, with the other 7.5 during the month of 1.4 per cent in the population under government security. The government Says iU control has been climbing at an average fate of about 1.3 per cent per month. T I WO Sleeping Late Two youngsters, one 12 and the other nine, enjoyed the hospitality of Brownwood Police today and spent the mom- ing asleep on cots in a jail cell at the police station. The two, runaways from Pecos on their way to Houston and the Astrodome, were nabbed at the bus station here ea-ly today. According to Lt. Joe Robbins of the Brownwood Police Dept.. the boys were up all night Hospital Notes (EDITOR'S NOTE. Informa. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Admissions Monday thcir P afent3 ' Santa Anno Student Makes Dean's List SANTA ANNA (BBC) - Miss Ruth Ann Walker, daughter of Mrs. Add T. Walker of Santa Anna, a senior at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, has been named to the dean's list with a grade average of 3.4 out of a possible 4. She is an English and music major. Moisture One Tuesday Mishap Coggin and Ninth was the scene of a two-car accident re- An 11-year-old child was reported in good condition this morning at Medical Arts Hospital after suffering water inhal- Mid-Texans tonight en route to cooperation in space." the moon, according to informa- The former vice president is lion compiled by Harry Cochran, touring the Soviet Union in a local astronomer. private capacity but has met Binoculars or small telescopes some soviet officials and plans will probably be necessary to lo meel morc spot the space vehicle, how- as hostess for the remainder of ation Tuesday afternoon. the week. The 18-year-old Alice Garza, daughter of Mrs. elate pecan Consuda Garza of Wharton, has space ever, if sky conditions are favor able. He said the spaceship should be visible near the Leo constellation in the western part of the about 20 degrees orfzon. It should first queen was a member of the BHS been attending camp at the, a cappella choir and the Co-Ed = Baptist Encampment at Lake;"? seen near the brightest star Brown wood. According to George Joslln, Boosters. She Is a member of the Future Homemakers of America and wag the FHA'er of the Mon- of the Leo constellation. spaceship should be most state mifisionery for the deaf, visible to this area between 10 th for December. She expects toj 40 children are at camp being and 11 tonight, he said, and will <mter Texas Tech as a freshman j sponsored by the Baptist General be moving west or to the left fall. He spoke lo correspondents during a walk around Red Square. i The 1963 Democratic presi* ! denlial candidate attracted large crowds of Russians who were strolDng on Red Square. Most of them apparently did not' recognize him, however, and none of them dared approach. : Humphrey met today with Ni- Patolichev, Soviet minis-! of foreign trade, for a gener-; troop withdrawals beyond the 25,000 .Americans slated to leave the country by Aug. 31. , In Washington, Defense Secretary Melvin R. Laird told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Tuesday that U.S. forces are still under orders to maintain maximum battlefield pressure on the enemy. But under senatorial prodding, he said: ; "This whole matter is under re-! view." This was taken in Wash-' to mean that the Nixon ! is considering; U.S. offensive operations in response to the slack-off in enemy 1) peciaiiy for this early in the in peanut fields, borer still can damage the peanuts," Key said. "A characteristic of the borer is that it does more damage in dry years than wet ones." 1 Brownwood — Mrs. Erasmo D. Gonzales, 118 La Monte Dr.; Miss Myrtle Brick. 1001 Main Ave.: Pamela Gayle Deeds, 1107 Holcomb St.; Mrs. James i Wilson, 2805 Ave. C. j Rising Star — Orrin D. Williford. Goldthwaite — Mrs. James Moore Carter. i Dismissals Monday Brownwood — Mrs. Dailey McLean, 2017 Vine St. Bangs — Robert Willie Pierce Jr. Admissions Tuesday Brownwood — Mrs. Ray Von Bledsoe. 2601 Vincent St.; Mrs. M. 0. Smith, 3419 Durham St.; Roger A. Carlisle, 801 First ^St. I Comanche — Mrs. Gary $on Swearengin. ' Rising Star - Mrs. Elizabeth S. Cowley. Dismissals Tuesday • Brownwood —Mrs. Billie «R. Aycox, 1408 Oakland Dr.; Mrs. Hazel Coker. Sunset were a 1965 car driven by Ernesteen M. Tupin of Comanche A. McCabe of Wayside Plaza here. , . , Comanche County and peaches 65 for Ice Cream have a lot of fruit. Baird Fires Burn More Grass Grass and brush continue to go up in smoke and Brownwood firemen keep on the move chasing grass fires in the area. Three more bruah and grass fires were added to the Jist Tuesday afternoon and several acres of grass were destroyed by flames. Trash and lumber burning near the Chapel Hill road caught nearby grass on fire dc* gtroying an acre of brush before the flames were brought under control. City firemen Convention of Texas. Jpslin said of Lt-o. It should gradually drop al review of Soviet aims in this! the child apparently fell into the i toward the horizon as it speeds field. pool but was noticed by one of < toward the moon. two lifeguards on duty during j ~ swimming hours. A nurse at car to the hospital and a Brown- the scene administered prccau- wood police unit escorted tionary lifcsaving measures. emergency auto from the The child was taken by private l limits to the hospital. the cify Agnew Seeks Mars For Next Landing By F. T. MACFEELY Associated Press Writer CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP) - Vice President Splro T. Ag- which was answered p.m. Tuesday. at American space goal of a manned flight to Mars even as The 700 block of West Baker [he Apollo 11 astronauts were was the «lto of a city grass beginning man g first attempt to fire Jn which Vt of an acre of grass was burned, Here city firemen were out for 45 minutes. Finally a call was answered at 5:18 p.m. to the Carter Hold fdrrn In the Indian Creek area. According to Wayne Hartman of the Brownwood, Fire Dept, 25 acres of grass and brush went up In flame from this blaze, A city unit wa$ out an hour and 20 minutes from this afternoon fire. land on the moon, "Someone is going to do U," he said. Agnew said he chose Mars over Venus as the next celestial body to visit because "it seems a more compatible planet," The vice president, one of some 1500 special guests at the Apollo 11 launching, admitted he was in the minority of a four-man presidential committee now devising America's future space plans. The committee is to report to President Nixon (his fall. Other members of the com* mittee are Dr. Thomas 0. Paine, administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Air Force Sec- Gas Use To Be Halted WASHINGTON (AP) - Sccre-! tary of the Army Stanley R. Resor announced today a suspension of the use of poisonous gases in defensive training at Ft. McCJellan, Ala. He confirmed also that open air testing of lethal chemical THE RIOHT SIZE TO IE FRIENDLY Southwest State Bank retary Robert Seamans and the Lee DuBridge. The vice president did say "By the end of the century we're going to put a man on Mars," he said, "That's my judgment." "I'm sure the way science has developed in the last 50 years, we'll have the capability." Former President Lyndon B. Johnson was among other special guests at the launch. "It's kind of Uke standing around the hospital room before your baby Is born," Johnson said before the lift off. "You must be pre- _ pared to accept the worst, but j riesor"s The U.S. Command has shrugged off the possibility that the lull, which began June 21, might represent a de-escalation by the enemy or have other political significance. U.S. officials in Saigon say the slowdown more likely is for regrouping and reorganizing before another "high point" in the Communists' summer campaign. Captured documanets and other intelligence data suggest strongly that another "high point" will occur before the end of July, officers say. Allied field operations have continued at their usual levels. The sources said U.S. strategy is one of "pre-empting enemy operations and stirring up the battlefield" by conducting many MAY (BBC) -The May Com. munity Improvement Assn. met ' Monday night at the club house i for the ice cream supper and entertainment furnished by Pop j : Whitaker and other musicians : from Balrd. ; ZEPHYR (BBC) - Approximately 65 persons attended the ice cream supper Saturday of Zephyr Community Improvement Club. The next meeting of the club will be at 8 p.m. July 22. Members of Brownwood Police Dept. will present a program on law and order. The meeting will be at the community center. Cleanup Scheduled Rising Star—Carter N. Jones. BIRTHS A son, Jesus to Mr. and Mrs. Erasmo Gonzales of 1118 La Monte Dr., July 14, Memorial Hospital. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. M. Saucillo of Brownwood. Paternal grandfather is Ascencio Con! zales of Brownwood. ' A daughter, Jana D'Anea,' to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Don Swearengin of Comanche, July 15, Memorial Hospital. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. :F. H. Carlisle of Blanket. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Swearengin of Comanche. j The Owens Entertainment! : Club was represented with 14 By Class Members ; members present. There were j also visitors from Brownwood j i and Baird. ,,, ^ , C]a ^ ce ?• Long. The suspension follows con- you hope for the best." cism about the Army's use of lethal nerve gases in the open at military bases. The .Army recently reported to a House Government Opera- Uons subcommittee that it was conducting the open air tests at the Maryland and Alabama facilities as well as the Pugway Proving Ground in Utah, where 5,000 sheep were accidently no es while keeping the enemy moving and off'balance. Informed sources said pre* emptive operations in the first | The Owens club announced I that it has entertainment and recreation every Saturday night in the old school building at Owens and extended a invitation to members of the May | club to attend their meetings, i The business meeting was j postponed until the August j meeting when Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilson and Miss Elizabeth! Robertson will host the meeting. In bird symbolism, the gamecock represents aggressiveness. ; SANTA ANNA (BBC) - A clean up program is scheduled Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at the Santa Anna First Baptist Church, sponsored by the Homemakers Sunday school class. All members are urged to attend and to wear work clothes. Mrs. Glenn Scarbrough will serve as hostess. Blanket Couple Off to Tunisia BLANKET (BBC) -Leaving via Brownwood Airport on the first leg of a trip to Sousse, Tunisia this morning were Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Crouch of Blanket. The Crouches will spend approximately three weeks visiting with their son, Marshall, i who is with Texas A&M Foreign ! Extension Service in Tunisia. On their return trip they will tour Rome. Agnew and Johnson arrived in ties. mention of the Dugway actlvi- the jam-packed Cape Kennedy area on the eve of the flight to the moon and attended a private dinner party given by Paine. The Army said all other testing at Edgewood and training at Ft. McClellan using nonlethaj chemical agents will continue. BLUFFVUE PB1VE APULTS I.QO FREE SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT CAMP BOWIE DRIVEIN THiATRE Adults 1,00 Children Free NOW THnu OPEN 12;15 ADM, 1,25 -1.00 . 75o AU PISNIY PROGRAM SEE AT — JiOO VjjjJS • 5;35 - 7:55 . JQ:JO HE'U FRACTURE YOUR FUNNYBONE WHIIC HI STEALS YOUR HEART! fsca - TICHNICOLOR iu(K» vnu DiniiuncMt co. ADVENTURE AS BIG AS ~ THEPRAIRlgHERODEl \\.\ITKISMiV

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