Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 14, 1946 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1946
Page 8
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8 PAMf A NEWS Leaves From a Correspondent's Life Notebook By HA!, BOY IK CAlftO,. .March 14-f/i'i.-Krtypl IP the world capital of Hie "«o grlt-cr" street salesman. If you Chink you r:an net out. "V Cairo without buyin;; n liorsrttiil fly swatter,• a braided leather bbck.ktd; oi a 1937 <issus of -'Pnrls nishls" you reckon without these nightrobc, 1 abdullabs.j They are the most passionately Verbal peddlers on the t>.-e of the globe and make the average SERVICE Make Washer, Electric Iroc . or Motor—Any Ilourl Bfadshaw Washing Machine CD. 438 N, Can Phone 2072 boy brush salesman back home look like a shrinking mute with an in- ferinrity complex. The only place you are really safe from them is imide Cheops old tomb in th: biggest pyramid at Oi- zeh. Tlie other day T was riding along in n !,wo-horso |-,harry when one of Iheve porf.ui)lr native clime<4orps Lore down on me through the traf- Ik. BrJV-iv T ,:oliltl lenp out and run inln a :novie--th:it N slows down tiw.r f'll'Avs brauiso lliey hr.le to l..uv J'ckrt:-- -'i: 1 liricl climbed info llu-.'eal. opposit." ni ' niir! wav- inr a : isU'ul of ridin;: ,-rop.s and sv.n r a'cr stir!::; in my evebrow:;. "! 'inlc Abd'.ilhih.' I told him "f don't need a riding crop because T don't ovi u novs-\ Besides my im- port-cyport balance is Already, un- Uilrmcs.l." Then ho lecivd over at me and tiFkrd: "You like pretty girls?" "AUilb.h." I answered suspiciously, "who doesnt?" Mjdulliih reached deep into his , March 14, 1§4(6 ( swatter .to: "brush beggars ftwoy." "You waht to' buy sdftf6hin'g-gls«?" asked Abdullah. ''I." firid you any thing.' - -' T thought I ivovild stump him at last. .Matter of fact. Abdullah," I told him with a deadpan expression,/ 1 ! r.m in the market for a combination i i.f-box radio—and a phonograph wil.h niotlipfoof lower drawer to keep my Kffiiuv) :;oIl.->rHon. But it's so Uitr in Mir afternoon now T. don't Mippogp vnii find one for mo " ! MD," said AlKi.illnh, "what time von wint it tomorrow?" VARSITY LAKELAND, Fla., March 14.—f/P) --The Dull-oil Tigers expect to field ilieir VHi-.-sily lineup in exhibition "nines sometime next week now that Shortstop Eddie. Lake is reported to j come to terms. Lake was ac- j quired during the winter In a trade with the Boston Red Sox for First Baseman Rudy York. He is slated to be the Tigers' leadoff man." Nine '. For Chosen . 4 .ieo QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising front STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID FrtfBookTellsofHomeTreatmentthat rilo*t Help or it Will Cost You Nothing Over t*o mllUon bottlos of the WILL ARD TREATMENT liavo boon sold for relief of symptoms of distress arising from S tomach •id Duodonal Ulcers due to Excess Acid— M»r Digestion, Sour or Upset Stomach, CtoMnn*, Heartburn, Sleeplessness, etc., du« to Excess Aeld. Sold on 15 days trial I Ask for "Wlllard's Messege" which fully exnWoa this treatment—tree—at CITY DRUG STORE CRETNEW LRUG STORE FATHEREE DRUG COMPANY WILSON DIIUG0 STORE firmed kimono and pulled out a small iar which lie surreptitously SOUTHWORTH DECIDES handed' over to me after a well j FORT LAUDERDALE. Fla., March .-:t3Rsd ;',l!ince -wound as if to see no; 14.— t.V> —TC Manager Billy Scntth- liolicc - .\ enj looking. I worth's actions speak louder than "How miit'.i you give"' he his wnrcl.'i. he has made up his mind -very yood, very good. Many Yank | about lour nf his Boston's Braves' ' soldiers buy this from Abdullah.' The box contained- "Elixir of youth." which niDdeslly proclaimed itself to be a "v-jvitablc upon sesame to r-ldc'-ly peopi: 1 who would for a rinK rrr'iHcr the portals of the realm o: youth." "No 1 .'.'. Abclulah rcnlly." I said, hatidinp' back the bo\." "do [ look likr I ficod an Elixir oi' ynuth?" Abdullah shrufig^cl noncommital- ly. He iTurhrd drop into hir bathrobe 1 nnrl bewail pulliim out more wsiros. i'.Ty resistance crackrcl when he hauled out se/^ral horsetail fly fwnttprs. HP sni<t Hint even if there weren't many flies I could use the. iv'ulnr berths. Johny McCarthy will be his first-baseman, Connie Ryan his second-sacker, Johnny Hopp his centerfield and "Bair.a" Rowel! his Icftficldcr. Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry K;i1, tnlk, l.iiurli or sncoze without fear nf insecure falso teeth (li'npptupr, BlippinE iir wnhlilintr. KASTEKTH holds plnlcs firm, cr ninl mni-(- eomffirUihly. Tim plensunt pmvclcr IIMH im umniiiy. irooey, pasty tasle or iVeliinr. Dornn't nnnsu nnusctt. It'fl ALKAUNK liinii-iiciill. Chcrks "plntc odor" (ilunliil-L- brrulli). (lot. «l FASTEETH (Adv.) Grocers Offer You .Berlin school children tip their lunch pails to getr'tlie'lasl drops 6t the hot, nourishing soup served to them daily uri ; der Allied school feeding-program. Since start of this service in Berlin schools, evidences of diet deficiencies have declined considerably. Photo by Emil Reynolds, NEA-Acme correspondent Sports Sound-Up By HUGH FULLERTON, .IR. NEW YORK. Marcn 14— (&}— It's •a sure sign of spring when Cliff Bloodgood drops in to leave a few copies of "Who's Who' in Baseball" and Ray Dumont checks in with his "Non-Professional Baseball Annual" . . . Cliff admits he had the biggest task in years to decide on who's who for this season First he had to dig out records of dozen of returning servicemen and reinstate them to the book, which jumped to a new high of 96 pages as a result , . . Then there were athletes who "retired" then changed their minds and those who really did retire . . . For instance the name of Paul Waner is missing for the first time since 1927. Joe Cronin finally was dropped along with Bob Johnson and Larry French and Tommy Bridges, both of whom had only a few games to go to reach the mark of 200 pitching victories . . . Newcomers include Dave "Boo" Ferris, Hal Gregg, Marino Pieretti, Al Schoendienst, Lambert "Dutch" Meyer and Goodie Rosen . . . There's another newcomer, whose inclusion makes Cilff blush a little — none other than dangerous Danny Gardella . . .'cliff isn't ready to recognize the Mexican league as a major loop. SEMI-PRO STUFF Although Dumont calls his outfit "non-professional" his 1945 tournament at Wichita was so loaded with professionals that they picked two all-star teams . . . The second, listed as '-best prospects for organized ball" included Lou Kretlow, of the champion Enid, Okla., army team, who now is on the Detroit Tigers' roster, and Grady Hatton of the Greenboro. N. C., team, who collected something like $25,000 for signing with Cincinnati.. . . They may be worth watching this year. Southwestern Girls Meet Begins Second. Hound ai Celeste CELESTE, Texas, March 14.— (fP) —Follett and Celeste, winners in the opening round of the Southwestern AAU girls basketball tournament meet tonight in the second round. Also Grand Penelope vs. Quinlin. Savoy which defeated Miller Grove 23 to 13 last night does not play tonight. Follett had an easy time 'last night turning back Lone Oak 3T to 6. Celeste won over Yantis 11 to 9. SOX EXPECT TWO PASADENA, Calif., March 14.—<^P) —General Manager Leslie O'Connor of the' Chicago White Sox said he expected Infielder Don Kolloway and Catcher Ed Fernandas in camp this week-end. •' on the card tonight are Prairie vs. Campbell and Read Tampa Wews Classified Ails Now Every Package of Outmeal Adds to Your this Most Delicious it of Now you can have what yon have be'en waiting for —real Mother's Oats tableware! Pretty Dishes with thp quality and beauty you have Always admired. Your favorite grocer now has a it(jck of Mother's Oats with prcmi- ums. It is a combination that can't be.beaten—delicious Mother's Oats, the breakfast treat everyono loves, tPtAlti'li Vitamin fit, Food-Energy, with the beautiful high-quality, smartly styled Mother's,0ats tableware. Remember, re£l whole-grain oatmeal leads all other natural grains in elements* needed for normal growth of babies and children—for energy and stamina, too. Ask your grocer today for a package of Mother's Oats with premium. Mother's Oats (PREMIUMPACKAOi) „ The world's best»lasClng break/as I food IOW ANY OF* Ttff FOUOWINQ GROCfRS; & Mkt.. Young's Super Market Ideal Food Store ,No. 2 . ^de|n Market No. 1 :'' ''\' " (SnttJo tnre\Fe>rv X, Mlil-. ' 'M ^ H" Fuod Store P«it9A §r»ceiy fern Marker Ne. 2 tb« shoe t yi tb ^ be a«». ijtfl P COLLEGE isfAfiOtt,•', March 14. — (&)— IJine Texas A. &'M. college students will \represent, A. j & M. at the sixth annual intercollegiate rodeo sponsored'by-£he/University of Arizona at Tucson, it was'announc- ed by the. animal husbandry.depart- ment. The A. & M. representatives along with one; facility member will arrive in Tucson, March 15 for a four-day stay. >, • Schools entered in the rodeo are the University, of Wyoming, Colorado A. <fe M., Arizona: State at Temple, Texas Tech, and Texas A. & M. Representing'A. & M. will be Torn Roberts; Jimmy Henderson; Royce Riddle.' Ben Hopson, jr., 'Counts Cleveland, jr., George McAllister, Jay 1-t'oyner, Lucien Kruse, and Hub Ellls. v Dallas, New York Air Route Is Proposed DALLAS, 'March 14—(/P)—plans for a new air route to connect Dallas with New York, offering single carrier service. which will eliminate necessity of passengers changing planes during! the 1,500-mile trip, were announced by officials'of.,Del- tp, Airlines. Dan D. Dale of Delta's planning and research department, said the routo will offer service "from Dallas to Chattanooga, Asheville. Richmond and Wilmington, Del. An application now is before the civil aeronautics board In Washington. THE STATE 03* TMAS, . Gray. TO THfc S&ERIFF OR. AfrY CONSTABLE OP GRAY COUNTY— Doyle F. Osborne, Executor of the Estate of James A. Jackson, Deceased, having filed in our County Court his final account of the condition of the Estate of the said James A. Jackson, Deceased, together with an application to be discharged as executor, you are hereby commanded, that by publication of this writ once in a newspaper regularly published in the County of Gray, State of Texas, said publication to be not less than ten days before the return day hereof, you give due notice to all persons interested in the account for final settlement of said estate, to file their objections thereto, if any they have, in said court on or before Monday, the '25th day of March, 1946, when said account and application will be considered by said court. Witness, Charlie Thut, Cleric of the County 4 Court of Gray County, i Texas. Given under my hand and seal of One-ninth of the mass of an iceberg appears above the water. SIPTOL (PLAIN) G!res yon Instant relief to a stuffed-up head-cold and cough, throat Irritation and hoarseness due to a cold. Siptol loosens the phelgtn in the nasal and bronchial tract, and makes breathing easier and checks oxcoas coughing. GET SIPTOL Supplied in TSvo Form* Plain—With Ephedrin« said eouti at ffiy 6fff6S te l of P'mp&, -.this; 14th Say of Mifch, (SEAL) '• CHAttLlf TlftM Clerk County. Court, Gray Coiinty, Texas. ' , ; A true copy, t certify: G, H. KYLE, Sheriff of Gray County, Texas. By C. M. TUCKER, Deputy. March 14. BROWNS NEED BttEAK ANAHEIM, Calif., March 14.— (IP) —Rain disrupted the St. Louis Browns' training schedule for the first time this season yesterday, but Manager Luke Sewell Said the team needed a break in the rigorous roii-» tine. THREE JOIN CARDS ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 14._(/p)_Manager Eddie Dyer welcomed Shortstop Marty Marion, Ma* rion's brother Charley and six-foot five-inch Jack McLain to the St. Louis Cardinal camp today. LOSE WEIGHT SAFELY WITHOUT EXERCISE Take off weight each week* Eat plenty. No drugs, No laxatives. Don't wear yourself out with exercises. Don't Rive up nil , . the foods you like. Eat plenty—not loo much. In clinical tests under the I'ireclion of mciiical doctors more than 100 hcisons last 14 In ]R His. average in a few weeks time with the AYDS Vilamin Candy Reducing Plan. Try the AYDS Vitamin Candy way yourself. 30 day-supply, $2.25, Pftone or call at CRETNEY'S Prices Effective Friday, Saturday and Monday CORN White Cream Style No. 2 Can . . OFA Order M-81 forbids use of tin for packing: all dry .beans, kidney beans, pork & beans, red beans, lima beans, blackcyc peas, beets, carrots, mixed vegetables, hominy, Kraut, soups, spaghetti, sweet potatoes, canned meats, chili, corn beef hash, polled meats, Vienna sausage, Trecl, spjjced luncheon meals, etc. We have a good stock of those items today! \ ARMOUR'S 6 small or 3 tall cans Cut Green No. 2 Can . We srill have a good assortment of Fancy Green Beans, Fancy Corn, Fancy Peas, Fancy Tomatoes and Tomato Juice.. ' ' S~ \ IN GABARDINE A little pump that fits like a dream. Bow with tail in its mouth. Black gabardine. h eg's PEAS Early June No. 2 V |Q( Can B V GERBER'S All, Varieties for 4-Pound Carton ^mwm^mym^m^^ -mm ••;„.•• Round Red, 3 bunches Gri$p oftirf $^©§t, bunch encias, Ib. OR WrtiTi ItaUrWMto STEAKS, Extra Fancy, IB 53c Sirloin, Porterhour.2 or T-Bone cut your favorite fhickner.i, BEEF ROAST, !b. 29c Fancy 7 Cut PURE PORK SAUSAGE, Ib. 29c Cellophane or cloth bags. Your fqvorite brand. CHILI, Hot or Brick, Ib. ' 39c Genuine Mexican Stylle. Pur Own Make. It's Delicious! CHILI (Packing House), Ib. 25c Pinto Beans 16 Ounce Cans &*,"..*$*' IPlfcf iSip Face Cream*, Faee Pewders, M«nd' IPH'OOS, Hair Tonics^ Shampoos, Te«fh Paste, Te9*h Pewd^rs, SOAP Powders 24 0¥, . . ., 39 limited quantity Other soaps. .?' fi \&tf -, '.s&> ^. f & t '' fr'Yt'£\&rJ,

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