Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on April 1, 1968 · Page 2
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 2

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1968
Page 2
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-&R6WNWOOD BULLETIN Monday, April 1, 1968 DEATHS- * * * * and FUNERALS Montg TEXAS REACTION Governor 1 Stunned' PRt=S$ ,. ,„ * atlon wi » In Washington, presidential States." Stale Ally. Martin said. Gen. Crawford I think I would ByTHl Gov. John Connally declared: "I'm stunned." His reaction was an oft-repeated Oftiery , Mrs. Laura Jacobs phrase by Texas political leaders of both parties in response to President John• COMANCHE fBBC) — Funer-' Funeral for Mrs. Laura Leonn son - s decision Sunday night not to seek re-election, al for Susan Rene Montgomery, (Tip) Jacobs, 75, of 1039 West i Connally .longtime friend and 11. were to be at 2 p.m. today Commerce, will be Tuesday at,' p 0 ijtj ra | associate of Johnson's, in Siloam Church near Ouslinc. 2 p.m. at Davis-Morris Funeral' S j ( j «<j talked with the President Burial was to be in Siloam Home with thc Rev. Porter ^'j { j on - ( t , 1Jnk tnore Cemetery under the direction of .Simmons officiating. Burial will ^ M ^ 0 { n j s j n t cn tj 0r i " Comanche Funeral Hnme. be in Cox Cemetery near j As 90on as , he surpr i se Services were held Sunday Mercury. ' afternoon in Lubbock. Mrs. Jacobs died at 9:15 p.m. The child died In a Lubbock Sunday in a Brownwood hos-| hospital Saturday. ; pital after a short Illness. | chanccs of gctung lnto Survivors include her parents,; Born July 18, 1892 in Cook i } | ouse Mr. and Mrs. Preston Mont- County, she was a member ofj gomery of Lubbock; one broth-; the Holl Baptist Church and! 'Bfownwoad Bulletin ml, til Mry ivimfio I _. ,. *UftLI*HlNd CO...". 0. a?, »r<rlrfiw6«l. TiMi 7M01. Utc wboosos. *«nth»Y MORMAN FISHES, tdffftr .j-HJtron itilt. CARRIES BY WEEK: 40 c*r» t MAIL « ff* fOMOwIrifl i announcement wore par move as strengthening j- anv , - ,, . W y | news secretary George Christian; be for John Connally for Jexas ^ ^ t Conn a y was one of; favorite son for president now. prf i se / ^ S a ew people whom Joh*otl had! If we don't go to the convention of , Repub-,« e * ded .! ldc to Bhim a a favor , tc h yl p , h i consulted in making his deci-1 pledged to him as a favorite i«« PHP i sion ' i son ' Tcxas may be lcfl out in ling UUr .... _-l.-J ...U«lU— IMe 4Un n ^\A " Wnltc When asked whether this might make him a vice presi- the cold. There also was early specula- dential candidate, Connally re- tion that Connally might be. This doesn't make me j come a candidate for vice presi- cr, Perry of the home: two sis- 'lived in Brownwood for 14 years.: HOIK tori" npnirhlica'n' V nat l ionaH anything bul sad- ''. * l^tVn ^ « .in r, lers, Patricia Ann and Melody'She had spent most of her HfclSmUteeman I Former Ambassador Eugene Will parts o Austin, porno- Klainc, bolh of thc home; pa-1 In Brown County. She was a; _™ . _ I Locke of Dallas, a Democratic cratic slate chairman, said Con- lernal grandparents, Mr. and-housewife. mi , l . l , )l , state Chairman Peter; candidate for governor, Imme- nally was "a very hot prospect" Mrs. Perrv Montgomery of La-i She was married to David T. ! O'Donnell said in Dallas •Ml j dlatc | y endorsed Connally as a j for that office, mesa; maternal grandparents, Jacobs at Indian Creek Dec. 18, i f.PP 6 "™ Bobbv Kcnn «ft ) vl11 ^ \ favorite son for president at the j A high s ale official, declining Mr. and Mrs. H. D, Westmore-J910. | the Democratic candidate for^ part y s national convention in j to be identified^sald^^ Florida land of Lamkin. j Survivors include her hus-i P rcsldcnl -" '"'' ' ' ' "'"' ' "" J u '~ '" """' I band; three daughters, Mrs. C.i O'Donncli, who said the an w ,. . , , . . Vernon HGlms, 66 |F. Cof fey of Brownwood. Mrs. jnounccmenl was hard to believe, COLKMAN - Funeral fo r : B. E. Pinson of Santa Anna and, addcd lnat persons who - are Vernon Helms, 66, of Burketl, Mrs. S. A. Brown of Corpus : "concerned at the prospect ' of , , , . . . was to bo at 3 p.m. today in ChrisHl; two sons, Asa T. Jacobs': Iiohh y Kennedy for president Sim-one Fntv>r:il tlnmo ,..ilh n! Witt t.iikn nnH Mlllv .If«« SllOUld help tllO (10P nOW SO Chicago next August. stale senator called him to find , a close friend of John- out whether Connally would be son's and Connally's, said in a j available as a candidate for ei lelegram to the governor: 'I am shocked and stunned ther president or vice president, official said he , at the President's decision. 11 Bought that Connally, as a vice Funeral Home with of Big Lake and Hilly Joc'snouid help the GOP now so,, hp rccons jders. However, j presidential ™niinec, might burial in Btirkett Cemetery. Jacobs of Corpus Christ); two! wcl1 bc '' lblp lo sl °P Kcnncd >'Uhcre was a note of finality int hcl P Vice President Hubert Mr. Helms died Sunday after brothers, A. E. Miller of Mcr-i'" November. j wna , thc p ros jdcnt said and as j Humphrey carry the South, an apparent, heart allack. jcury and V. 0. Miller of Hangs; j Thc govenor got the word in a j a rcsu it 1 do not want to see 1 ' Davls sald ne tnin ks the Born Jan. 26, 1902, in Cole-;one half sister, Mrs. Lillic Mill-1 telephone call from White House man County, he had lived in cr of Brownwood; 13 grandchil the Burkctt area all of his life. Idren and five great-grandchll- He was a Baptist. dren. Survivors Include A son, Milton 0. of aide Marvin Watson while attending a statewide conference on the arts in Austin. his wife; Jacob Raloh Hudson C° nni % look the microphone the party Is to ask John Conna]Burkett; | Vlinnral , nf £.„,, „„,„,, MllH _! at the gathering and announced | | y to be the party's favorite son a split develop in the Democrat- j American people need Johnson ,",,_' t «4rttirvn*>nfnil* nr\A <'T thtnb- »^int» ic party in Texas. "The only way I can see for us to prevent a serious split in of Plains, Mrs. Nath Mrs, Underlie son. 73. of Main Hudnall both of Rotan, Mrs. Mildred Freeman of Lubbock and Mrs. Anne Mae Johnsen of Long Island, N. Y,; seven brothers, W. E. of Qultnque, Calvin of Rotan. Olin and Jim Jacob 2519 North at Davis-Morris Funeral Home with burial in Democrat Cemo-j i a \^^ the President's statement. Silence fell over the several thousand persons present. he; tcry. Tlie Rev. W. 0. Anderson was to officiate. told him that I am sorry for this nation, but that I rather sensed Mr. Hudson died at 8:40 p.m.! relief for him, for Mrs. Johnson Saturday in a veterans hospital of Burkett, Raymond of 3an j'" Temple after a one-week ill- Angelo, Clarence of Andrews, j ncss and Pallon of Blossom. Mrs Maaai and for their family." said "1 know it must a'tery dmTciltTnd for president of Ihe .Unilcd Ordinances On Agenda Ordinances involving t w o street names and new city ; of Andrews,! ncs s- have been a very difficult and J1]'° er I ,1,!!!^ r C »d\ lossom. Born Feb. 4, 1895 in Brown very (orluous decision for them i" " ul" „, ,,;„ „..„ ie Travlor Count >'' he was a rctlretl ranch - ! to mako ' \ am sorry for thc na 'i E thev meet at 7" ' e ,°Y IOr cr and served in the army dur-iUon ... thc country will have! ^l™ h, 5" " ^ H. / KMf 11.. - i«* »t i.f » . * * * i. .; t~_i _ ,._t ^ *.i__i i _ i i ucsuiiv in ine council desperately, and "I think they will come to realize that." Asked about the chances of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy of New York and Sen. Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota to win thc Democratic nomination now, Davis said; "They now have a better opportunity. Before, neither had a chance. Now, obviously, both of them do." | Dear Folks: i Have you ever thought about Iwhat you would do if an unex- Ipected accident happened in lyour home and someone needed professional medical aid quickly to save their life? You are probably thinking you would put them in the car and rush to Ihe hospital as ! quickly as possible, blowing the | horn all the way. j In the first place, do NOT ! put your hand on the horn and ;hold it there. In your excited \ slate, you need both hands on I the wheel. Remember, some j cars get stuck horns and the I car in front of you may not I even move over. When you ! need it, tap it in "Morse code" | fashion and if you don't know j Morse code who cares? At 1 least the driver ahead of you | will get the idea that your horn ain't stuck after all, and move I over. Next time you take a Sunday drive, TIME yourself and see just how many minutes it takes you to get from your home to the nearest hospital. We know Sunday is a lazy day and traffic won't be heavy then. So thc following week test it in heavy traffic. You might be amazed at the longer time it takes. I learned recently after sce- . Hsmntoft. Mm*. S»n S«ba, !co!«man »id Brown o« I *ls»«h»re IJ1.CO per year, i MEMBER OP THE ASSOCIATED Th« A»sx:l»l*a Pr*n t« exciuji to ** us* *or publication 5S'. f: tptctii ing an accident at 8 friend's j K^JBfA AM?? *J$^\ by AMBULANCE - with the| Mah)l a siren blasting— lo the near- j "Ww^ * _ est hospital! Someone could! die in 29 minutes when first-: PS- I *|ftrt Chflttlkor aid could save their life. |U6 LCOR V.namDer If you don't have a car or j I Uf* Offie^rc can't drive, it's best to pick up LISTS V^TTICeFS the telephone and dial "0" for ( DE Lr0 N (BBC)-New offic- operator and tell her your. ;ers for Ulc De j^on Chamhor problems. DON'T hang up the * of Cofflmcrcc were named ;-t phone unless she tells you lo. | the annual banquet saturdav In emergencies, people some- j n j_^ t times lose their "cool." ; The inc | udc Fred Wi ] lian ,, That sweet elephone opera- •• prcsident . j lm Webb, vice pn> tor will call the nearest doc-l^, denl . Jamcs PcrkinSi lrea! ,. tor, ambulance, fire departmenl ;urer and c . H. Lock, seer*. or police car. (Thay carry first- • tary . mana g er . aid equipment.) Thai operator I ^ lrcci()rs are Rcese Upsnflw wants to hear whM's going on; c M Caraway III, Sam so she can help you ; Weaver, Hiram Smith Jr., Rill One time when a friend had : Browi)( Lcnward Caraway, ami Wayne Hcathington. an acute atlack in our home a precious telephone operator called Ihe nearest fire depart- j ment. They got there before! R 0 bmson Retires thc ambulance did and saved i her ijf e j Jack 0. Robinson, son of I suggest making two lists of Mrs. Henry Campbell of 1411 telephone numbers — police, fire department and doctor. Al- Waco St. has recently retired after 20 years of service in the p^ -30 a m ^ i r M M • , ~'lns World War I. He had lived Funeral for Mrs Maggie Lee nll of hls llfc , n Brown County Traylor 92 of Goldl wnlie I Bnt , was mnrrlcd to christelle u'nti » i P .. m t(xl ^ 11fl1L |Wiite in Brownwood on Dec. Wilklns Funeral Homo withSi IOKI burial in Rock Springs Cemetery. Mrs. Traylor died Sunday in a Goldthwnitc hospital. Born Jan. H, 1876 in Bastrop, she married Joseph Morris Traylor Dec, 6, 1898. She moved to Mills County In Survivors include his wife; Iwo daughters, Mrs, Johnnie Ruth Pierce and Mrs. Ramona Franks, bolh of Brownwood; one son, George H. Burroughs of Brownwood; threec sisters, Mrs. Luln son of Zephyr, f Mullln, and of Eola; and a Goldtliwaile hospital. Survivors include one son, Oliver of GoJdlhwnilc; Mi s s "Myrnii Traylor and Mrs, Morion Robertson, both of Gold JOHNSON- (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) tliwaite; Mrs. Beryle Turner I vcrsies rending the nation at of Hamilton and Mrs. A. D. this time, including Ihe Vietnam Kirk, of Marble Falls, Mrs. war. Shirley Nickols of Pampa; one brother, C, S. Miller of Goldthwaite; nine grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. REV. r.tlCKEY WARLICK . . . evangelist Youth Week Is Underway BROOKE SMITH (BBC) —Youth week is being observed hy the Brookesmilh Baptist ,«™ - should not permit the presidnn-1 C h t| r c h ami will continue (AP) — Two sharp icy to become involved in the through Thursday. climax Two Quakes Shake Japan "There is division in Ihe American house now," he snid in solemn tones. "There is divisiveness among us all tonight." Then, after appealing lo all Americans "lo guard against di- vislvencss and nil its ugly consequences," he came to the key passages: J have, concluded that 1 , Tuesday n ! her of city hall. All three ordinances were passed on first reading last v.'cek. The agenda: l.—Invocalion, 2—Approval of minutes of the previous meeting. 3—Approval of claims and accounts. 4—Consideration of an ordinance on second reading changing the name of Ave. P to Slnydcn St. 5—Consideration of an ordinance on second reading mam- ing n strcel in South Oaks and Meadowbrook Addition. B—Consideration of an ordinance on second reading placing the rates for water service. 7—Presentation of first and final pay estimate in the amount of $1,978.71 to Little Manufacturing Company f o r the marking of the 600 foot extension at the Brownwood Municipal Airport. Also approv- j al requested to permit the return of cash bond in the amount of $2,000 held by us on this project. 8—Presentation of Pay Estimate No. 2 for Powers Corp. for work done on the cross HOSPITAL earthquakes jolted Japan today, j partisan divisions that are de- The first killed one person aiid veloping in this political year, injured 22 others, hut there was "With America's sons in the no immediate report of damage fields far away, with America's or casualties from the second. Both quakes had an intensity GETTING UP UlflUTC MAKES MANY IllVni J FEEL OLD Common Kidney or HUuliliT Irrltn- tloiiK injikc many men urul women fce| tense jnul nervous (ruin (rvguent, burning or Itehlns urination night and slay. Secondarily, you m«y lose *Icen an4 have Meiulaclie. Huettaehv An4 leel older, tired, depressed. In *uclt cases, CYSTKX usually brings relaxing comfort by curbliiK Irrltm- ins terms In add urine and quickly rasing pain.Get cysi'KX in druggists. future under challenge right here at home, with our hopes and the world's hopes for peace in the 1 balance every day, I do not believe that I should devote an hour or a day of my time to any personal partisan causes or to any duties other than the awesome duties of this office— the Presidency of your country. of four on a Japanese scale wilh a maximum of seven, the meteorological agency said, but the first, al 9:44 a.m., was slightly the stronger. W. A. BELL & CO. BRAYTON SMITH 301 PROWN STRUT 643-4378 The week will climax with a revival scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The B,ev. Mickey Warlick, evangelist, will lead thc services. Music for the revival will be directed by Steve Faulkner, a Howard Payne sludent from Baytown, Rev. Warlick is al present in fulltime evangelism. He has had five pastorales and has been camp director for several youth camps in Brownwood and Midland and he has acted as camp pastor for seven youth camp?. He attended Howard Payne College and is presently enrolled at Luther Rice Seminar at Jacksonville, Fla. •syutivroniJ choo$a 4 doctor Have Vour Poctor Call OPEN 7 4-M. . 7 P.M. town water lines station. and pump (EDITOR'S NOTE: Information for this column released by authority of patient or relative.) MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Admissions Thursday Brownwood — Dallon E. Ferguson, Rt. 2; Mrs. Louis A. McCabe; K. J. Blankenship, Jennings Hall. Rising Slar— Mrs. Julia Ross. B 1 a n k e I — M r s. C. G. French. Dismissals Thursday Brownwood— Mrs. Neta Williamson, 609 Melwood Ave.; Mrs. Billie J. Franklin. Rt. 4; Bryan Keith Chambers, 1703 Ave. B. Blanket— Mrs. Lucille Seed. Rockwood — Mrs. Billie Lovelady. ...... Admissions Friday .... Brownwood — Mrs. Antonio Garcia, 1710 Ave. B: Mrs. Hattie Dorsetl, 1901 Early Blvd.; Mrs. Delia Johnson, 818 W. Austin Ave.; David Lee Cole, Rt, -1; Mrs. Arthur McFarland, 805 Beaver St.; Mrs. Carl While, Rt. 3. Rising Star r- Boggs. Work to date: $80,560.00. Less 10 percent $8,056.00 Plus materials stored 32,387.3-1; less previous payment, 36,216.75; balance due, $68,674.59 9—Recommendation from G. N. Harrison with reference to the sale of a tax suit property being a part of Outlet No. 389. 10-Presentation of a resolu- j provement Tor S lion authoriemg Ihe mayor to i £ ther eommuniti Mrs. Girlie Community Program Gets Certification SANTA ANNA (3BQ-A re- Anna and j other communities has been execute a pipeline license { ceived b Ma Ford Ba nnrivmpnf ivilh (ho Atplnsnn , n. ' . * „ „ ... agreement with the Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railway Co. from Secretary R. C. Weaver of the Pept. of Housing and Urban Development. _. _ . The recertin.ation enables Diocese Convention the community to remain eli- Discussed at Meet 8ible for several ^'P 68 of fed ' ™ M , ., o 9 5 eral aid wWch became avail- The May 1 and 2 diocese ab]e to it when the orj ,„, convention was discussed at a workab i e program was put in- meeting here Sunday evening ( 0 e ff ec t ^ - ? ' of the vestry of St. John's Episcopal Church with Bishop Charles Avpry Mason, bishop of the Pallas Diocese. Also discussed were possible local tional c i lems. ass distinction prob- ... ,. . ..... . „. , Attendmg m addition to Bishop Telephone, Mattress Reported Tq/cen Here A report of a telephone receiver cut and stolen from Lyons Priye-In was called jn to the Brownwood Police Pcpart- Zephyr — Miss Virginia A. Nesmilh. Dismissals Friday Brownwood—Mrs. Ceburn W. Johnson, 102 Abilene St.; Carl H. Adams, 1901 Ave. B Mrs. J. S. Bivens, 1808 Fort Worth; Grace Angelo Welch, 2310 Ave. I); Jerry Don Bennett, Sunset Terrace; Mrs. Lula Whitefy, 2618 Durham St.; Mrs. Maria Gonzales, 1710 Melsvood Ave.; C. D. Jenkins Sr., 1007 Holcomb St.; Mrs. Nancy Campbell, 208 Sunnydale Dr. Sidney—Jason Mack Person. Rising Slar — Mrs. Dorothy Fussell. MEDICAL ARTS HOSPITAL Admissions Saturday Brownwod — Mrs Bessie Florene Davis. Blanket—Milton Wayne Carruth. Cross Plains-E. E. Rich. Dismissals Saturday Brownwood — Mrs. Minnie Taylor. BIRTHS A son, Craig Stephen Kalel, to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Andrew McCabe of Wayside Plaza Apt., March 28, Memorial Hospital. Paternal grandmother is Mrs, Eliza McCabe of Kaneohe, Hawaii. BIG SPRING-A daughter, Allison Kay, to Second Lt. and Mrs. John B. Davis of Webb AFB in Big Spring, March 11, Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Amos of Sunray. Paternal grandparents are Mrs. Walter A, Davis and the late Walter A. Davis of Brownwood. so jot down HOW MANY MIN- i Air Force. Robinson and his UTES IT IS THE NEAREST family are living in Houston. HOSPITAL. Tape one list on your telephone and the other on your first-aid kit. Seems like we always rush to the kit first. So you can just bet your boots this might save a loved one's life. Heloise Dear Heloise: Has your baby's chair or table cause a black mark where it has rubbed against the wall? I just put a strip or two of cellophane (or masking tape) over the, metal edges and prevent a damaged wall. Sue Dear Heloise: To keep my little boy's blue denim tennis shoes looking nice between washings, I clean the white rubber part with rubbing alcohol. That alcohol cleans 'em in a jiffy. No trouble at all. Mrs. T. E. Hill Dear Heloise: Have you ever tried putting leftover rice, which has already been cooked into your pancake batter? It's really good, Christie Bromme men1; weekend Mason were the Rev. Thomas Also Marvin Nichols of 402 G. Keithly, B, M Bennett, Fred j Bailey St. reported items are Drays, Leon Mortin, Stewart missing from a storeroom he Cunningham, A. I. Button, Max ren ts at 209 Main St Head, Jerry Tongate, Lance 1 Nipnojs ^d articles ^^jng include one almost new mattress, three or four chairs, anc| Whaley and H. B. Trainer. ELECT Bert Massey YOUR 5TATI Representative There Paid Political Advertisement | one gas. heater. j Police are investigating both reports. Wimpee to Speak On Next Monday ZEPHYR ~ Dr. A. C. Wimpee, publjc relations director from the H. L. Hunt Oil Co. of Dallas, will address the students and faculty of Zephyr High School next Monday rather than today as originally reported. The program will be presented in the community center at 7:30 p.m. Never thought about it but I tried it. Christl, you have really hit on something Number I One. You ARE a cutie pie. Heloise Dear Heloise: For those musty mothball j odors in clothes, try putting the garments in the clothes dryer and letting them tumble for five or 10 minutes. They will come out like they've been freshly laundered or cleaned. Granny Wallace Dear Heloise: When hand-sewing patches on the knees of my little boy's jeans, I always insert an aluminum ice cube tray into the leg of the pants. It makes a good solid surface against which to sew... E. E. J. Dear Heloise; If a bedridden person becomes sensitive to a hard mattress, place a small, fluffy, cut-pile nylon rug with a soft rubber backing under the sheet. Helps prevent bed sores and. acts as a cushion. " Lillian Auger Heloise welcomes all mail, especially household hints which she can pass on to re a d e r s as space permits. However, because of the tremendous volume of mail she receives daily, Heloise is unable to answer all individual letters, She will answer readers' questions in her column B .- irJTtRSTATES' M^^B owiE NOW THRU TUES. OPEN 12:45 ADM. 1.25-1.00 OUR 27th ANNIVERSARY ATTRACTION FEATURES !:00-3;05-i;15.7:2J.9 ; 3S 'Pj; is a hundred minutes of murders, brawls, broads, and sizzling action. GfORGEPtPPARDis'PJ: GAYLEHUNNldJIT-RAYMONDByRR TECHNICOLOR* A UNIVERSAL PICTURI COMING THURSDAY OF TECHNJPPLQR9 A UNIVERSAL PICTURE ELLIS & ELLIS OPTOMETRISTS Pill lor or 91$ Citueiu B»nk Bldf. Bluffvue IA$T TIMES TUISPAYI . IN THIATRf W. Commerce 645W3 i. Adult, 90t 4 WS-PAUL BERTRAM Production ORIYEIN THIATRI 443-4441

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