The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 7, 1985 · Page 43
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 43

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 7, 1985
Page 43
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Don't let talking tip off your hand By ALFRED SHEINWOLD • Los Angeles Times When an opponent has opened with one notrump, promising .about 16 to 18 high-card points, your side normally cannot make a game. Often you canlt make anything at all. Bid against the opponent's no- trump with an unusually long suit and a singleton or void suit. The opponents will be unable to judge their defensive strength accurately. But pass with high cards and flat distribution. Test your friends with two bidding problems. Dealer, at your left, bids one notrump. The ne# two players pass, and it's up to you, with the king, jack and four of spades; ace, queen and three of hearts; king, jack, seven, four and three of hearts, and king and five of clubs. What should you say with your 17 points? Pass! Since the opening bidder's cards are at your left, all of the finesses are wrong for your side and right for his. If you bid, you'll be slaughtered. If you double, your partner will bid, and then he'll be slaughtered instead. (This is all right if you dislike your partner). Take a second hand in the same situation (one notrump followed by two passes): you have the ten, nine, eight, six, five and three of spades; the queen, jack and three of hearts, the jack, ten, nine and six of diamonds and no clubs. What do you say? Even though you have only four high-card points, bid two spades. Your partner has at least 12 points, and his high cards are favorably placed. You'll probably make two spades. If you pass, your partner will lead a club (your void suit) against one notrump, and the opponents will romp home with one notrump. You know your partner has at least 12 points since sensible opponents would make a move towards game if they held 25 points or more. If they hold only 24 points, your side must have 16 points since the deck always counts to a total of 40 high-card points. Hence if you have only four points, your partner must have 12 points (perhaps a couple of points more). You can afford to bid with good distribution when you can depend on "your partner to turn up with high cards. You can't afford to bid with high cards because you can't depend on your partner to turn up with a long suit. Don't laugh triumphantly if you disregard this advice by stepping into the auction with a silly bid that the opponents fail to double. Bridge NORTH *>AQ VKQ3 OAQ8 4A10S73 WEST • 1094 V1074 OK97632 *5 EAST *>K <?AJ65 OJ104 +KQ864 SOUTH *J876532 7982 05 +J2 South West North East Pass Pass 2 NT 3* 4* All Pass Opening lead --*5 South dealer; North-South vulnerable. You may be punished in a different way for talking too much. When today's hand was played in a match between the English and Canadian women at the 1964 Bridge Olympics,-one of the English women made that silly bid of three clubs at the first table. East thought she had escaped scot-free since nobody doubled. Still, South made four spades because of East's bid. West opened with the five of clubs, an obvious singleton in view of East's bid. South put up dummy's ace to avoid a ruff. Since East's bid tended to locate the king of spades, declarer saw no sense in getting to her hand to take a losing trump finesse. Instead, she led dummy's ace of spades. The singleton king dropped, and the rest was easy. Declarer continued with the queen of spades, the ace of diamonds and a diamond ruff, and then the jack of spades to draw the last trump. She could later afford to lose a club and two hearts. At the other table of the match East kept silent, and South didn't make game at spades. In fact, although South managed to stop at three spades, she didn't even make that. West opened with the five of clubs, and declarer couldn't read it as a singleton. She played low from dummy and dropped the jack on East's queen. East shrewdly returned a low heart, and the ten forced out dummy's queen. Since there was nothing to warn declarer about the king of spades, she cashed the ace of diamonds and ruffed a diamond to reach her hand for (See Bridge, Page 7) The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, April 7,1985 Page 3 Sells lor Lesi . Wai-Man Soils lor less. « Wai Man Sells lor loss . Wal-Mart Sails for Less . WAL-MART Sale Dates: April 7-April 13l Location: 2420 S. 9th St. Store Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9 am-9 pm Sunday 12-6 pm Auto Center LOW Prices every Day—That's "THE WAL-MART WAY"! 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