The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 30, 1961 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 30, 1961
Page 10
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iv.onday, January 3U, iVol Mil HITS FLATS By Frank Roberae ft THE BRAVE. KNIGHTS ROOND6DTHE BEND THEY C/S.MC UPON THE U&UV TWO- HtAQED MONSTER. IMW«ED\ACrEXY THE. WHITE KNIGHT CRItD • DARN IT! "THAT ^ w »* DRESS IVE BEEN IS CHARGE IT!" BEETLE BAILEY By Mort Walker S y WA .' MY e&\- MAPE \ / VOU OU&HTA THESE COOK'SS, ) ( MARRV THAT :-, 35ET- * THERE'S MORE TO CHOOSES A WIFE THAM OUST H-OW WELL SHE MA<£S COOKIES.' THERE'S CAKES AMP PISS AMP-. NUBB!N By Jim Burnett & George Crandall MR. ABERMATHY By Frank Ridgeway and Ralston (Bud) Jones NOW HE'S GIVING INDEED HE DOES, 4 MR. A0eRNATHY 'U WfTHUS WEGAVEHIAAABATH GOINGTO GET EVEN VONTY'CERTAINLY HATES TD GET VASHEOJ HI AND LOIS •y Mart Walker and Kik Brown* \Vi,5 ONE OF THO5£ 5PUi?-Or •WH5N Pip VOU PSCIPETh'AT? SJUST < g? MV => NKPSP Retiring Treasury Secrefary Roberf B. Anderson (left) and the new Secretary of the Treasury, C. Douglas Dillon, joined in ringing a replica of the Liberty Bell to signal the 20th anniversary of the U. S. Savings Bond program. The recent ceremonies took place on the west steps of the Treasury Building, opposite the east entrapce to the White House. Americans now own over $43 billion in series E and H Savings Bonds. This is an all-time record high. The Liberty Bell replica in the Nation's capital has counterparts in every state, donated by leading American companies as a feature of the Independence Savings Bond drive in 1950. State governors, as honorary bond chairmen, will rally their volunteer forces with similar bell- ringing ceremonies this spring. Noon Caff Rep. Casey Defines His Stand On Rules Changes Stock Quotes (Courtesy, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smifh) \Ileg Ludlum Wi •>fi.V I Congressman Bob Houston said Sunday Casey of tho. chairman of the House Rules Commit- Aliis-Chalmers .............. 2C r \sitep has "taken the attitude that Amer Cyan ................. 45% il is the sole judge of what measures the House should consider." This view is "usurping the 116' ^Ymer Tel & Tel I Am Visco 46 s i Amnex 21'i Complete authority of all the other Anaconda"Cop" '.'.*.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'.'.'. 40 i 19 standing committees," Casey Armco 69'2 L ' DO YOU EVER Y NO, BUT TO STOP TO THINK V LIKE ABOUT THOSE 1WN6S? 00 YOU JEVER WONPER. WHAT WE'RE ACCOMPLISHING WTTHOUR I MEAN, WHERE ARE WE 60INS? WHAT & OUR •ARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By Fred Lersswell THflT SHIF'LESS SKONK CflN'T TELL ME NOTHIN RBOUT PRESSURE COOKIN VEP- ' I RU^) ZELoy-DiOTH'pcrrs Pft^)S PEiX>LER COME BVftN' SHOW VE THflT NEWFANGLED PRESSURE By Paul Morris •RICK BRADFORD DONT PARE *HOOT WAIT-..WHAT'S THAT , ROAR!?/ SPACESHIPS! THAT MU*T S6 By Walt Kelley At Tp & SF 24 Beth Steel 43 The Harris County lawmaker's comments added fuel to the cur- Celanese 27 ri sj ront congressional family fight over how its business should IK' .conducted. All bills headed for the I floor must, pass the Rules Com- Celotex Chrysler Cities Sen' Cokimb Gas ... Creole Diamond Alk .. Dow Chem Du Pont Eastman Kodak El Paso Kord Free-port Sulp 31% o',, 7 . jmittee which has jurisdiction over ^'i* the order of business of the- House. *'* ' * ''In Mil* f M'ii P^i/iM tlli. Rill lit.' f\'.t>l _ 62 207 whole or the society as a whole will consider with reference (o the conduct of its business," Casey said. In my opinion, the Rules Committee should as to when p; should hit the floor of the Housi in order to avoid consideration ofj legislation when the Mouse is e-th- Hew Orleans Schools Still Having Trouble NEW ORLEANS. La. (AP.i—A drug store clerk continued his defiance of a white boycott at integrated McDonough No. 10 school today—sending his 9-year-old son to the school for a second day. John N. Thompson. .'!/!. father of six, sent his eldest child Greg-j use its discretion °''. v lo -^cUouougb in a cai articular measur.-s W° L - s - marshals. Gregory went to the school for e first time Friday. It was the reiie of angry mass picketing in er in an inflamatory mood or f;i ( to;- of some other nature are in jGen Electric 6S 3 -i existence which would prevent 1he| Meeting Cancelled 42 iGen Motors 44 JGen Trln 27 Tirp .... Georgia Pac . Gillette Saf 101 ^ Goodyear Tire Si 1 2 Greyhound Grace .... Gulf Oil . Gulf State Util 37 H I., and PO !>3'.i IBM 642 Infl Hnrv Wi Int'l Nickel K'K •Tones & Laugh .-• «'•'( KoiT-MeGec 7314 Libby MrN H'j: Liggett and Myers ••••• Wi Louis Land fa 1 * Monsanto 44 1 -.- Xat Dairy Prod W'-t Nat. Dist 27T 8 Xewp News . Ohio Oil Olin-Math Pancoastal Oil Phillips Petr .. Pure Oil Royal Dutch . Sears hell Sinclair ••• Socony-Mob Sou Pacific S'perry-Rand .. Stan Calif Stan Ind Stan N -I Stan Ohio Snide-Packard Sun Oil Sunray-Mid Cont Tennessee Gas . Texas Co Texas Eastern . Texas Gulf Prod Texas Gulf Snip Tidewater Timken Union Carbide . Un Oil of Calif United Airines United Carbon . Upjohn Drug ... U. S. Steel Westinghouse •1-J •M is 52'i 2fi'. 91 "i 32 34 51'i 29 4G*H ?,9' •'• GGTi 80% House from calm and deliberate consideration of legislation," said Casey. "The present situation is similar to your own society or club or the board of directors of a cor A SPECIAL meeting of Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union, Baytown Local '!-!5P., .scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the union hall, has been cancelled. ! Kennedy •- (Continued from 1'ago Out 1 ) growth, and nine years ot falling farm income." Kennedy sketched in general terms a program for dealing with this nutter, saying his administration "does not intend lo stand helplessly by." He promised to detail the program in special messages to Congress during the next two weeks. The remedies he outlined broadly are largely he advocated during the presidential campaign. The 1'iesideiit said that barring development uf urgent national defense needs or a worsening of the economy, proposals he advances in all fields "will not of and by themselves unbalance the budget'' hi- inherited from the Eisenhower regime. It calls for outlay of SS0.9 billion and a surplus "of SI.4 billion in the ifscal year st.'irtim; July 1. However, Kennedy made it plain he is not blindly wedded to the idea of a balanced budget. "We will do," be said, -'what needs to be done. For our national household is cluttered with unfinished and neglected tasks." In the monetary field regarding the balance of payments problem and the related flow of gold from the United States, Kennedy promised new steps to ease the situation. But he also said: "This administration will not distort the value of the dollar in any fashion. Ilia! is a pledge. This administration intends, in short, to back up all our efforts abroad, and to make certain that, in the future, as in the past, the dollar is 'as sound as a dollar.' " Speaking of the Communist threat, Kennedy said that during his first 10 days in office ho had been staggered to learn of "the harsh enormity of the (international) trials through which we must pass in the next four years." As a result of a global review with key advisers. Kennedy said, he has instructed Secretary of Defense Robert S. MeNamara "to reappraise our entire defense strategy" and make a preliminary report by the end of February. Kennedy pictured the Communist menace as so serious that he has ordered an immediate strengthening of defenses on three fronts—Polaris submarines, missiles and the air-lift operation. "I speak today." Kennedy said, "in an hour of national peril and national emergency. Before my term has ended, we shall have to test anew whether a nation governed and organized such as ours can endure. "The outcome is by no means certain. The answers are by no j means clear." with ^'' nnw 'y s ' ut ' " ue must re-ox- jamine and revise our whole arsenal of tools" for dealing with the threat io the free world — .economic, political and diplomat , ic as well as military tools. j "We are moving into a period of uncertain risk in which both the military <md diplomatic possibilities require a free world force so powerful as to make any aucresson clearly futile." Kennedy said. In the field of economic aid abroad, be called the problems Sun Classified JU- JV 0% Bagtmim Want-Ad Rates 8 Consecutive nay* IT" 3 Consecutive Days 20* Slnglt Insertion J7o PER LINE PER DAT TIIIS IS A 4 LINE AD coat I2.+0 for .1 days; »4.08 for « days. Phon» JU 2-8234 or JU 2-8235 Just »ay "Clinrja It." 18 PL i _^ . , .. -^ .-, i, • i - T n i M * * 111 in v ' i i i\ \ J 'in- j -i I.M ;ii i i ..- poration being in the position of j President J. K Coulter said Mon- (oWPnni r anr j unprecedented, having one member or two or:day. He snid the next regular •• Tnc ,- rcspon , : p mus , be tower- three nv-nibcrs having the final membership meeting will be_held . ;)nd unp^^a,,,,^,! ;1S w( ,|i. say as to what the board as a!at 7:.7) p.m. Tuesday. freb. ,. mm , h , (s lrnd ., pa< . ( , fjn Wnr|r! \ V ar PONYTAIL SAME RATE a» 3 llnei ot ordinary type I *) DT SAME RATE u 1 if. ~ l • lfne« of ordinary typt CONTRACT RATES ON REQUEST For Best Results I'M thi! economical 8 day rite. When you icet result*, cancel the ad and b« charged onlv for the number of iUy« that the ad actually ran. THE CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT 1* OPEN DAILY FROM 8 A.M. until % P.M. and until NOON on SATURDAY. CARDS Of THANKS A.ND IN MEMORIAM 15 cents per line All cliMliledi appear under their proper clanclflcatlon and The Baytown Sun reeervea the right to claHlfy and edit all adl. Adi placed betore 9:30 A.M. appear la Th» Baytown Sun that aame jilternooa, Classified Department JU 2-8234 JU 2-8235 1. Lodge Notices MKKTTXC, CAKCKLUiO - - (Jiv-ne Creek Loilire -No !IM. /V K. an'! A. M.. will n»t. mrc'. on January 31. 1961. n.t I'TYioiisly HriiMiiled.. <",'cort,'f! A. -Vnsser. W.>L F.. K. WnllKh. Se<:>. 4. Monuments-Lots TRl-CITY MONUMENT Co. - Granite, marble, bron/.c monuments and j:ravp markers. Cemetery work. Terms, no car- rylnq ehames. Market at W. M:nn, next to People's State Bank, JU 2-1702. 5. Personal ARK YOi' I.OoinriO f,ir a n.'-.v l:;i:-- ilrf.«s-r" Try ,\ir. J.uii'-s .it riiri'' RiMUty SJ^ri. ()J.,-M Mnn'l.U'.s iiii'.l fvc- Il'llg'. 6H-1 l',:iv.\ ,y ])r:vr-.' J.I.I tl-77'Jti. ""COULD i HAVE My irrm? BACK FOR A FOMENT? I FORGOT TO SEAL IT WITH A KlSS." II) and thn Mnrshall plan (nf the. post war years) were." KentK-dy singled out Latin- American countries for special aid after saying that "Communist acents seeking to exploit that region's iieaeeful revolution of (hope have established a base on I Cuba, only 90 miles from our i shores," Poll Tax -- (Ciinliniird from 1'atc One) exercise the rit;ht of voting. In Ihe diary of ('ol. AK xaniier Horton. aid-de-camp to <!en. Sain Houston at the Hattle of San .Ia- cinto, one entry (old alxmt a man r,amiHl Spears and his two sons walking IS milef to town to vote in an elex'tion f?T' county judiv. Two voted for one eandiiiate and one the other. They had fought i for tin- ri,t;ht to vote. • At midniyhl Tuesday. Many !B;I> tomans will have lost the riuht to \-(\'t* becausi.' they could not ifind time to ride IS blocks in their automatic tivinsini.s.sion automobiles t 1 ) the place where poll taxes are beint^ paid. vlavcoe Change NOTE TO B a y t 0 w n Jaycecs: Richard R. Wadsworlh. pri'sident of the Texas Jaycees. has announced the resignation of Dun C. Raker as executive vice president, and the appointment of M. W. (P.ill) Davis Jr. to the position. Cancer Detection Film Showing Set "Time and Two Women," a mo- lion picture illustrating bow can- eer can hi.- cured by early detection and prompt medical attention, will be shown at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Bn.y Theater. The movie will lie followed, by a panel discussion by four physicians. The publii- is invited to the five showing, sponsored by tho American Cancer Society. .Mrs. Robert A. David, piv-'idenl "f the Oak Addition Garden Club, is in charge of .'ild'iidance. This is till' securid i-iinw the film. The firsi. ai tlir son The:il< r l;isi \\et'i<. \S ti-nded by several hundri'd women. Woman Injured MRS. U. R. IVwva!!. 19. of Chan- nelvji''\v, a passenger in a car driven li\' her husband, suffered rlvM and kin'e injuries in a collision at _:0j a.m. Saturday at the inicr- Sietion uf Missouri Street aivl Saiir 'JO!, pul'ce filed a failiin- to y i e I d ncli(-of-\vay charge against Kraneis Marion Adams, 71'J S. Third, La Porte. Mrs. Dew- vail was taken to Tideiands Iln<;- pilal in Oiannclvn'w. Neither her husband rmr Adams was injured, police said. Assault Charged PKTKR McGKK. Ill-year-old Ne- 1:11) of SOI Oak, uas ehar^'d Sunday in Justice of the Peace Walter Queen's court With .'i^nivali-d assault on Mrs. Pearl Mae Thompson, -9. of the same address, after (he woman complained (o police I hat McGee- stabbed her in the neck. She was treated mid released from San .lacint'i TIoMiitai. New Orl Cotton ........ Up 3 On 3 THE REVEREND •y BiH O'Molley 4*7 SV IPOMT5EE Jamaica Is Stop For Cubans Flying To U. S. KINGSTON. Jamaica (AP) — j Cubans fleeing from the Fidel! Castro regime are using Jamaica as a stepping; stone to the United | States since U'ashinp^on broke) diplomatic relations with Havana.' A phne-load of 22 Cubans—men.; women and children — who left i Hav; na ostensibly as tourists; landed at MontfRO Bay Tlmrsday. They s;iid they had left Cuba "because our country no'-v is 101 per cent Communist." Jamaica granted them an extension of up to two weeks on; their initial two-days asylum. They hope to obtain visas to enter the United States from Ifie. American consulate here. Nothing Missing MRS PAULA Montgomery of 102 Chandler reported to police that someone entered her living room after removing a front window screen sometime during the weekend, but that she could find nothing missing. There may ho as many as 100 i thousand worker bws in a bis; I nivn. I 1 YOUR INNER-SPRING MATTRESS RENEWED NEW FLORAL COVERING • COTTON FELTED INTO LAYERS • BUTTON TUFFED Call JU 2-4165 UALITY SAN-O-VATING

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